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Episode 1

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Previously on Who Dares Wins, the long-standing champions faced a new


set of challenges in a nail-biting tie-break. They went on to play


their seventh Money List. Can they remain in control tonight? Let's


find out, in a brand-new series of Who Dares Wins.


Thank you. Hello and welcome to a brand-new series of the national


Lottery Who Dares Wins, the show where completing a series of lists


can make you very which. On Who Dares Wins, we put together teams of


complete strangers and ask them to fill in missing answers on a list.


For example, if I asked you to name characters from the Muppets, how


many could you list? That is what it is all about. You can play along at


home as well. We are fully interactive, in the good,


old-fashioned way. That means, all you have to do is to shout out


answers at the telly . with you be able to do better than our reigning


champions from the last series? Des won a staggering ?105,000. They have


probably been swotting up since last time, let's welcome them back! Nice


to see you, say hello. A very warm welcome for each other, obviously.


So, normally, we go ladies first. But I understand the big news is


actually with you, Joe. Since the last show, I have got married!


Congratulations, what is her name? Nicole. So you can afford to go that


extra mile further, I suppose? Yes, we did not have to compromise, we


had the day we wanted. While she is watching at home, remind us what you


do for a living? I work in public health, I am working at the Royal


Free Hospital in London. And what have you been spending your money


on? A very nice. Last time we were talking, your husband was saying


that he was falling in love with you even more every time you came home


with more money. His latest thing is that if I win any more, he wants to


renew our marriage vows. OK, seven money lists played, ?105,000 so far.


Lets see how you get on now. Champions, please make your way to


your sound proofed pod. Well, Chrissy and Joe may be on the


way to another big win, but they will have to see off a new set of


challenges first. Please welcome David and Leanne... Nice to meet


you. Let's find out a bit about you. What do you do for a living? I am a


business manager. And where did you meet? We met in the toilet of a gay


nightclub. It was a unisex toilet, however. And you thought, that is


the man for me? He let me go first. I understand you are a bit of a


hoarder? Yes, I have over 200 dresses. What do you do with them? I


store them. My children want me to keep them for them, but I do wear


them. Will you be buying more dresses average of course. What


about you, David? I work in a bank. I looked after the customer. That is


my line of work. And your other half is Michelle? That's right. She has


got one child on the way. We have got one on the way, I mean! And what


would you spend the money on? It would probably go towards the baby,


but I would also like to go and see the Gulf, the US Masters. -- the


Gulf Jet. The big question has to become a can you beat them? I think


so. Challengers, make your way to you're soundproofed pod. When the


pods turn red, they are completely soundproofed. They cannot hear


anything. They will only be able to hear what is happening when I turned


our pods on like this, and they turn blue. In a moment, whichever team


bids more will get to play. If they reach their target, they win the


list. If they fail, their opponents win. The first to win two lists gets


to play for ?50,000. If you are ready, the first list tonight is...


To clarify, we are looking for the names of any female celebrities that


have appeared as contestants on the first 11 series of Strictly Come


Dancing, up to and including the 20 13th series. Please note, we are


looking for the names of the celebrity contestants, not the


professional dancers. Finally, this refers to the main Strictly Come


Dancing series, rather than any spin offs or Christmas specials.


Challengers, you can start the bidding. Champions, for now, I have


to turn your pod off. Do you watch it? I do like Strictly. There have


been that mini-series, that I think I can do more than ten, what about


you thank you. What do you make of 13? I would say we could do that,


between us, definitely. So what are you saying? 14. They are saying 14.


We 16. Thank you very much. The champions say 16. We will say 17? We


will go with that. It appears that the challengers do not want they are


saying 17. OK, they can name them. Thank you very much. You will notice


that the blue light is on behind me, which means the champions have said,


name them. It is time to play the first list on Who Dares Wins. I


require 17 correct answers from you, so, let's get started. Abbey


Clancy. Off to a great start, she is on the list. Rachel Riley. Lisa


Riley. That takes you to three. Deborah Medon? She is also on the


list. The Bond girl, Fiona Fullerton. You save Fiona


Fullerton, she is on the list. Very well played. A good, solid start.


Zoe Ball. That's right. Quite right. Alesha Dixon? Yes, she very


famously took part and then went on to become a judge. Denise Lewis.


Also on the list. Denise van Outen. That gets you over halfway, well


played. Emily Walsh. That gets you into double figures, yes. Anne


Widdecombe. She is also on the list. Still six to go. They still think


you might trip up. Stephanie? We will come back to that one. Lisa


Snowdon. Yes, that does ring a bell. I will tell you somebody, Billy


Connolly's wife, Pamela Stephenson. That is your 12th correct answer,


very well played. Stephanie Beecham. How sure are you about that? 70%. I


have to tell you, she IS on the list. Just four remaining. Lisa


Snowdon. That is a very good answer. You are now just three away. We


think Sharron Davies might have been on it. If you are right, you are


just two away. David, Lian, I have to tell you, Sharron Davies... Is


not on the list. You have given the first list away. The champions go


1-0 up. Actually, Sharron Davies has done other reality shows, but not


that one, strangely enough. Let's take a look at some of the other


answers. So, Chrissy and Joe, you have taken


the first list, and looking very happy about it. David and Lian, you


need to win this next list if you want to stay in the game. The second


list tonight is... To clarify, we are looking for the


200 men and women with the most followers on Twitter worldwide. The


list is accurate up to mid-day on 28th November 2013, and is according


to the official Twitter followers counter. Champions, you get the


bidding started. Do you do Twitter? I did when we won the series. What


about you, Joe? I checked it occasionally. Where are you going to


pitch it? Shall we start with 12? Thank you very much. David and Lian,


do you fancy playing the game, given that you need to win? The bid that


is coming at you is 12. What do you make of that? I feel they may be


bluffing us. You are saying name them? Yes. Thank you very much. You


will notice the blue light is on behind me, they have said, name


them. It is time to play the second list on Who Dares Wins. I need 12


correct answers from you, please, champions. Well, we thought, Stephen


Fry. You think he is one of the most 200 most followed people on


Twitter, worldwide, and you are absolutely right. We think all of


One Direction are on there, but what are their names?! I will go for


Harry Stiles. That he is on the list. Beyonce. That is your fourth


correct answer. Lady Gaga takes you to five. You are halfway there, very


well played. Taylor Swift. She IS on the list. All of the Kardashian 's,


definitely. Kim Kardashian. . She DOES make the list. And he has just


got a divorce, hasn't he... ? Absolutely right, he is on the list!


Britney Spears. Very well done. Katy Perry, I would have thought. Yes,


definitely. If this is right, you will be just one away from taking


this list, and winning the game. If it is not, we will go to a


tie-break. I have to tell you, Katy Perry... Is on the list!


Justin Bieber Is on the list. You remain the champions!


So, David and Lian, we have enjoyed having you on the show.


Unfortunately it did not work out on this occasion, but let's hear it for


them. David and Lian, ladies and gentlemen! So, you have won again,


you are the champions. And now you are playing for ?50,000, on Who


Dares Wins. Congratulations on making it this far. You are now in a


position to earn yourselves a good deal of money, as you know. It could


be ?50,000. I am going to give you a list, and you must fill in the gaps.


Give me three missing answers, and you will get ?5,000. . Six answers,


and you're looking at ?10,000. Nine answers, you're looking at ?15,000.


If you're brave enough to go for 12 answers, I will give you ?25,000.


Get all 15 answers, and you will bank yourselves a cool ?50,000. I


will remind you, there is a danger. If you make a mistake, it is game


over and you drop right back down to zero again, so you have to be


careful. You know how it is played, you have been on this more than I


have. Are you ready? Yes. Let's play for the money. The list is: to


clarify, we are looking for the names of any of the 23 countries


that have finished last or joint last in the final of the Eurovision


Song Contest contest from 1957 to 2013, according to the official


Eurovision website. What do you think? Don't like this one. It is


difficult to know for sure. 23 countries. That is quite a big chunk


of Europe. We know we came lost once. But normally I'm paying


attention to the winners, not the losers. Bit of a twist. I guess the


question would be if we want to save ones we know of one we are higher up


the list. OK. How about France? Yeah, France have been in it the


start, from when there were six countries in it. They have become


bottom at some point. We will say France. If France is on the list,


you are only two away from ?5000. If it is not, you will have fallen at


the first hurdle, but how likely is that, to give a wrong answer first?


Oh, Nick! Chrissy, Joe... France is not on the list. If you


had started with United Kingdom, you would have got off to a good start.


Let's look at some of the answers you could have given, or you could


have given at home. A The good news is, you live to fight another day,


because as champions, you always get the chance to play again, you just


have to see of another couple of challengers. In the meantime, please


take your place act in the soundproof pod. Hoping to steal the


champions' crown tonight is a brand-new set of challengers. Please


welcome Trish and Craig! How are you? Say hello to each other. You


have not met before, but you need to make a team quickly. Let's find out


about a bit about you. What do you do? I live in London with my partner


Daniel, and I work for a media agency. Doesn't sound like a London


accent. No, I'm originally from Strabane in County Tyrone. If you


won some money, what you spend it on? I have a list of holidays. So I


need to win some money. Let's see if your partner can help. Craig, what


do you do? I work as a process manager. Family? I have a wife and


two little girls. You got married very young in an unusual ceremony?


Yeah, we got married in a playground at five years old, and then we met


again later in life and actually got married. Isn't that lovely? A proper


love story. What would you spend the money on? The priority is to move to


a new house, so we would love a bigger house for the family. Best of


luck to both of you. Please make your way to your soundproof pod.


Good luck to you all. If you're ready, it's time to play Who Dares


Wins. Your first list is: To clarify, we are looking for any


of the 217 names beginning with the letter B that were given to baby


girls in England and Wales in 2012. This is according to the Office for


National Statistics. Challengers, you start the bidding. Champions, I


will come back to you in a second. Challengers, obviously, you have


children, Craig, so you have had to think about girls names. Is it


something you have considered, Trish? No. I am too young. How many


do you want to bid on this list? Let's go to 16. Why not? Chrissy,


Joe, they say 16. I would be happy with 18. Thank you very much. The


champions say 18. Let's go 20. Thank you. They said 20. 20 is getting


pretty long. It's easy to slip up. OK, name them. Thank you very much.


Trish, Craig, the champions say name them. It is time to play the first


list on Who Dares Wins. First name, please. Belle. If Belle is on the


list, you are off to a good start. If not, you have fallen at the first


hurdle. You are off to a good start. It's on the list. I think we should


go Bella as well. Bryony is on the list. Good. Is Beth on the list?


Yes, it is. You had a nice Welsh one? Bronwen. You think Bronwen


makes the list? Yeah. It is on the list. Well done. Famous people,


something like Britney would be there. You think Britain knee is on


the list, and you would be right to think it is there. Bethan and


Bethany.- Guess you to number six. Bethany. We are on a roll. Going


through with variations on Beth. Third time lucky for you, well done.


Bridget? I think there would be. Bridget. Bridget is your next


answer, and it is your next correct answer. What about Betty? Good,


traditional name, but is it popular at the moment? Yes, it is. Bonnie?


If you're right, this gets you to halfway in the list. And you are


halfway there. Brianne. I know we have got Bryony. Number 11. Have we


said Bella? No, we haven't. OK, we will go with Bella. Bella is on the


list. Good. How are you feeling, champions? Chilled out, Nick. You


still think they will make a mistake? Yeah. Billie? Beyonce?


Brittany? We will go with Brittany. It's your 13th lucky answer. I'm


thinking Beyonce. It's the one that keeps jumping out. I think Billie.


We will go with Billie. It gets you to 14. And it is. I think we should


go with Beyonce. Let's go with Beyonce. If it's there, you only


need five more to win the list. If it's not there, you will hand the


list Chrissy and Joe, which is what they have been expecting. Trish,


Craig, I have to tell you, Beyonce... Is on the list! Five


more. We'll go with Briege. It is an Irish name. If it's there, it will


be one step closer to winning the list. If not, Chrissy and Joe take


the first list. Trish, Craig, I have to tell you, Briege... Is not on the


list. The champions win the list. Well, an unfinished list is


unfinished business. Let's look at some of the other answers you could


have had. So you have taken the first list,


Chrissy and Joe. One more list, and you're playing for the ?50,000


again. Trish, Craig, you know where you stand, you've got to win this


next list to stay in the game. The second list is:


To clarify, we are looking for any feature film that has won an Oscar


between January one, 2000 and Nov 30th 2013. This is according to the


official website of the Academy Awards. Champions, you start the


bidding this time. See you in a mo, challengers. What do you think? You


like your films, don't you? This is a great category. They are looking


at us. 20? Yeah, but we will not go that high, we will go with eight.


Thanks very much. Trish, Craig, the champions say eight. Do you fancy


this category? Yeah. Let's go to 12. Thank you very much. The challengers


say 12. Want to go 14? Thank you. The champions are saying 14. Want to


go for it? Shall we go for it? We will go for 15. Chrissy, Joe, they


said 15. 17. They have said 17. I think we should let them go for 17?


It's so easy to slip up. Yes, we will make them name 17. Thank you


very much. Chrissy, Joe, the blue light is on behind me. They have


said name them. It's time to play the second list on Who Dares Wins.


This is your list that I need 17 correct answers. Fire away with your


first. The Hurt Locker. Very good start. Argo. You would be right to


think that. The Artist. Takes it to three. The King's Speech. Yes, Colin


Firth. That's on the list. Slumdog. Millionaire. Slumdog Millionaire.


It's there. A great film by the Coens, No Country For Old Men. Did


you like that? I hated it. But it won. No Country For Old Men. I think


you will like it more now, Chrissy, because it is on the list. Good.


There Will Be Blood. There Will Be Blood, you think is on the list. And


you would be right. I think The Departed won. It definitely got


director for Scorsese. That is your eighth correct answer. Million


Dollar Baby. Go for it. Million Dollar Baby gets you over halfway.


Crash. Crash is on the list, and you're into double figures. The Lord


Of The Rings: Return of the King. Yeah. Is on the list. You're


sounding very confident on this. Chicago. Chicago is also there and


takes you to 12. I really just want to do the ones I absolutely know, if


that's OK. It's 99%. I would like to go for Lincoln. Lincoln is a very


good answer. Chrissy, you got diverted. I believe and Hathaway won


for Les Miserables. Of course, it is on the list. Have you not seen Life


Of Pi? I have not seen it, I read the book. Do you think there is a


chance? Let's say Black Swan. Only two more required. The Dark Knight.


Howell sure are you about that? 100%. You are absolutely right, one


away. The Descendants. What about Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon? I am


happy to go with The Descendants. If you had gone with life of pi, you


would have won the list. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon would have won


you the list. The Descendants... IS on the list. You remain champions! I


am sure you still want to know what is still missing from the list...


It means we have to say goodbye, I am afraid, to Trish and Craig. I


hope you enjoyed playing. They are very tough to beat, aren't they?


Yes. Let's hear it for Trish and Craig. So, Chrissy and Joe are about


to try to win ?50,000, but they are not the only ones who could win a


fortune tonight. Will you win big? It is time for tonight's thunderbolt


draw from the National Lottery. Good luck.


And we are live at Lottery HQ, with our brand-new host, Gaby Roslin. I


am very excited to be here. Tonight's Jack put -- jackpot is a


quadruple rollover, making it ?13.7 million. Now, Alan, I know how you


love a stat or two, so I have been doing my homework. Did you know that


last year, the National Lottery made a total of 335 million heirs? You


have been doing your homework, haven't you? I have, I told you! The


total prize won between them was... How many zeros is that? That comes


under the category, a lot. You do not know, do you?! It is now time to


make some more winners, as you could be about to win a top prize of half


?1 million. Tickets at the ready, here is Thunderball.


Lovely to see you. Please start up the machine. Yes, our draw master


tonight is Paul Cartwright. Tonight's straws are being overseen


by an independent adjudicator. The balls were selected earlier on today


by Steven from West Dulwich. Congratulations to all of EULA key


winners from the last week. Are we ready to start? Yes, we are. Good


and the first one tonight... Don't forget, a total of 39 balls to pick


from in this first machine, you just choose five of them, that is how the


game works. And three opportunities to play the game, Wednesdays,


Fridays, and of course, Saturdays. And we need a couple more from


this, our first machine. Here is the first of them... And finally, which


is it to be? There is the answer. OK, start that second machine, if


you would, please. In a moment, we will be picking one of those


Thunderballs. If you have not get any numbers yet, you can still win a


cash prize by just matching the Thunderball. Good luck. Let's see if


we can make this a weekend to remember. Here they are again, this


time in ascending order... Thank you very much. Now, we still


have tonight's quadruple rollover. But first, it is back over to Who


Dares Wins, where Chrissy and Joe are proving themselves to be a


formidable duo. See you soon! Welcome back. We will have more from


the National Lottery later. But first, congratulations to you too on


making it this far. You are now in a position to earn yourselves a lot of


money. It could be ?50,000! And the last money list did not go according


to plan. We are not talking about that, it is gone. Buries an all-new


list here. Let's play for the money, shall we? The list is...


To clarify, we are looking for the 20 largest cities or towns in Spain,


by population. How do we feel about cities in Spain? Well, there are


only 20 on the list, they have said that. I feel pretty good about it.


So, let's kick off, shall we, I need your first answer? Grenada. That is


a great start, it is on the list. Barcelona. Also on the list.


Madrid? Yes. . You have just won yourself ?5,000! That is a really


good start. Remember, if you choose to go on, you put that ?5,000 at


risk, but there is ?10,000 beckoning if you think you know another three


big cities. Yes, we have got our three, thank you. Let's go on. They


are going on, ladies and gentlemen. Risking your ?5,000. Surveil. If it


is on the list, and it is on the list. Valencia. Valencia, also on


the list. One more to get to ?10,000. Bill barrel. Are you sure


about this? Yes. You have just won ?10,000.


I have to remind you, if you make a mistake on the way to ?15,000, you


will lose ?10,000. Would you like to go one? Yes, please. They are


carrying on, ladies and gentlemen. Alicante. It is a great start


towards ?15,000. Malaga? Malaga, you are saying. Are you right? You are


right. Cordoba. If Cordoba is on the list, you have won ?15,000. If you


are wrong, that will be the second money list in a row where you have


learnt nothing. So, you have gone for Cordoba. Chrissy, Joe... You


have just won ?15,000! The question is, are you brave enough to go on to


?25,000? It is a big leap now, to come up with three cities. I think


there is Valladolid, Parma, and Las Palmas, in the Canaries. They are


risking it, ladies and gentlemen! Valladolid. Valladolid is on the


list, very well done! Palma, Mallorca. It is on the list. It is


now this last one, for ?25,000. This was where we flew into on our


honeymoon, Las Palmas. The place where you went on your honeymoon in


the break between the last series, where you won ?105,000, and this


series, where you now stand to win another ?25,000. Have you made the


right decision? Chrissy, too more. San Sebastien? I do not


think it is begin off. -- big enough. We will stick, please. That


money is in your bank account, waiting to be spent. You can add


that to the ?105,000 you have won so far. It takes your earnings to


?130,000. If you are brave enough, if you had been brave enough, to go


on, if you had said Vigo, you would have been right, it is on the list.


If you had said your second one, San Sebastien, it is 28th, so it is not


in the top 20, so you would have lost at that point. Let's take a


look at the ones you could have chosen... So, Chrissy and Joe have


just added ?25,000 to their prize fund. Fingers crossed, for all of


you, it is time for tonight's Lotto Tour. Welcome back and a huge


congratulations to Joe and Chrissy and stopped it is time for the big


one. Ladies and gentlemen, it is a quadruple rollover, which means that


250 of you could win ?20,000. More information coming shortly. But


first, the wait is over, it is Lotto. Alan, please tell us what is


into my's jackpot? How about a massive ?13.7 million? What a way to


start the new year. Best of luck. Let's release those quadruple


rollover balls. It is only our second group will rollover. We are


using Launcelot and set of balls number one. What a fantastic way to


start off 2014. Here is hoping your lucky numbers are drawn tonight.


Good luck, everyone. Remember, every line of Lotto gives


entry to the lotto raffle, which this week has 250 prizes of ?20,000.


Winner, full results will be available later via the red button


or by visiting the lottery website. Early indications show that the


region with the most raffle winners tonight is the south-east of


England. I will be here next Saturday, but for now, we can go


back over to Nick and Who Dares Wins. See you next week. Bye-bye,


everyone. Welcome back to Who Dares Wins.


Chrissy and Joe won ?25,000, bringing their total prize fund


?130,000. Enjoying it so far? Want to make some more? How did you do at


home? Would you have gone all the way to ?50,000. I hope you have


enjoyed playing tonight. Join us next week to see if you can do


better than our champions. Mind you, they take some beating. See you next


time. Now tonight's winning Thunderball and lotto numbers are on


screen. The raffle numbers will be available later tonight on the red


button or via the website. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Good night!


Nick Knowles hosts the National Lottery quiz where two teams of strangers play against each other to complete a series of lists and win up to £100,000.

Includes the Lotto and Thunderball draws with Gaby Roslin.

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