Episode 2 The National Lottery: Who Dares Wins

Episode 2

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Reigning champions Chrissie and Joe took on two challengers. I have to


tell you Justin Bieber is on the list.


The Descendants is on the list. You remain champions. They added a


fortune to their prize fund. Can anyone defeat them? Find out now on


Who Dares Wins. Hello. Thank you and welcome to the


National Lottery Who Dares Wins. It's the show where completing a


series of list cans make you very, very rich. On Who Dares Wins we put


together teams of complete strangers and ask them to fill in missing


answers on a list. If I asked you to name dinosaurs. How many could you


list? What about gastonia, is that on the list? That's what Who Dares


Wins is all about. We're fully interactive. Just shout answers at


members of the family, at the telly or explain how you'd be doing so


much better than me or the contestants. In the last show, our


reigning champions fought off another two sets of challengers and


managed to add another ?25,000 to their prize fund. Please welcome


back Chrissie and Joe, our champions.


APPLAUSE How are you doing? Not bad. How are


the familiarily reacting to the extra winnings? Very positive. Quite


stunned. What is it about the way you're playing that's working so


well? I think we're a really good team. I think we're a really lucky


team. You've done a lot of swatting up. Yeah, we've worked very hard at


it. Congratulations on your game so far. Please make your way to your


sound-proof pod. Well, Chrissie and Joe could


continue to add money to their fund tonight but only if they beat the


challengers. Please welcome Marian and Colin.


APPLAUSE Nice to see you, how are you? Very


well. Let's start with you first, what do you do for a job? I'm a


training consultant, self-employed. I have been for nine years. What


would you spend the money on then? A lot of travel. There's lots of


places I haven't been and lots of places I'd like to go back to. I


have a really good friend in Australia that I haven't seen for a


wee while. I would like to see her. Colin, tell us about yourself, what


do you do and what about family at home? I'm from Birmingham. I have a


wife and two boys, eight and five. What is the key to beating the


champions? R The key is by getting all the questions on the list. (! )


-- Yes (! ) We need good tactics. We need to have a chant. Challengers,


make your way to your sound-proof pod.


APPLAUSE The teams are in their pods. When


they turn red, like so, they are completely sound proof. They can't


hear anything I or their opponents are saying. They'll only be able to


hear what's happening when I turn their pods on and they turn blue.


Here's how it works: In a moment, I'm going to give the teams a list.


Whichever team bids more will get to play. If they reach their target,


they win the list. If they fail, their opponents win. The first to


win two lists good got to -- gets to play for ?50,000. So teams, if you


are ready, the first list tonight is... England's top goal scorers. We


are looking for the names of any of the 54 footballers that have scored


at least ten goals for England men's football team. This is according to


the Football Association historian David Barber and is accurate to


November 26, 2013. Challengers you get to start the bidding. Champions


I'm going to switch your pod off. I'll be back to you soon. What do we


think of this, do we like sport? Yeah. I do. Football in particular?


Yes. . 15. If you're confident. As an opener, yeah. Thank you very


much. How do we feel about football? We did OK with football lists


before. You won't be upset then by the challengers bid of 15? I think


we could up that, don't you? She said! 18. Thank you. The champions


say 18. Are you still comfortable to say 20? 19? ? 19. Thank you. You're


keen to play this are you? Yeah. 19 is the new bid. Too rich for my


blood. They can have the list. Name them, please.


The champions have said "name them". It's time to play the first list on


Who Dares Wins. 19 top goal scorers are required.


Off you go. Bobby Charlton. Number one on the list, absolutely right.


Jimmy Grieves. Alan Shearer. Yeah that's three. We go for Teddy


Sheringham. Yes. Wayne Rooney. Gets Taufiq five. Frank Lampard. Very


good pick at number six. David Beckham. Bundling along strongly


here, very well done. Steven Gerrard. Takes you to eight. Peter


Beardsley. Sure are you of that? He played quite a few games for


England. The question is whether he's amongst England's top goal


scorers. If he is, you're almost halfway. If he's not, I'm afraid,


you'll have given the list away to Chrissie and Joe. You certainly have


done well so far. Marian and Colin, I have to tell you there Peter


Beardsley is not on the list. You've given the first list away. The


champions go 1-0 up. That's extraordinary. I'm with you on that.


I'd have thought he would have been on the list. But he only scored nine


goals. You have to be ten or over to make it onto the list. Let's look at


some of the other answers: Marian and Colin, if you want to


stay in this, you have to win the next list. So, the second list


tonight is... 80s UK number one singles. To clarify, we're looking


for the titles of any UK number one singles between January 1, 1980 and


December 31, 1989. Champions you start the bidding. Challengers we


will turn off your pod. Champions, I need an opening bid. Ten. Ten. Thank


you very much. The champions say ten. I think we should push them up?


I think we should probably push them up a bit. 12? 12 and then see what


they say. OK. Yeah we go 12. Challengers say 12. I think if we


say more than that, they might ask us to name them. I think it's ease


why I to slip up. Yeah, let's go name them again.


Give them a chance to name them. Yeah. Marian and coolin, you have


the opportunity with this list to draw even because as you can see,


the light is on behind me and they have said name them. So it's time to


play the second list on Who Dares Wins.


12 answers are required to push it to a tie-break. Let's have the first


answer. Do they know it's Christmas. That should sit very comfortably in


the 80s. And it does. Relax? Yeah, it's on the list. The power of love.


It is on the list. Last Christmas, wham. Is that a definite number one?


I think so. I'm happy if you are. I'm doubting myself now. Shall we go


with "I should be so lucky". You are lucky, it is on the list. Shall we


go "last Christmas"? How sure are you on this one? Fairly sure.


Trouble is every time I ask you, you start to doubt. If that's on the


list, you'll be one step closer, if it's not, you'll have given the


second list away and Chrissie and Joe will be champions one more time.


You said "last Christmas". It is not on the listment


You've given the list away. Chrissie and Joe are champions again.


Last Christmas got to number two. Let's look at some of the other


ones: Well done Chrissie and Joe. You


could be about to be a lot richer. Marian and Colin, you had a go at


both lists, unfortunately slipped up on both and as a result you're not


going through. Did you enjoy playing? Yes. Yeah. Let's hear it


for Marian and Colin. APPLAUSE


Seems you are unstoppable Chrissie and Joe. You are the champions and


now you're playing for another ?50,000 on Who Dares Wins.


Congratulations, champions. It's like a regular home for you now. You


bank yourself ?130,000 so far. You've beat nine sets of


challengers. In that game you won by not doing anything effectively. You


passed on both lists. We were a bit cagey. You seem to know which ones


to let go. So you're here and able to play for more cash. Let's see how


much you could earn on the first money list. It could be ?50,000. As


we always say, as you know only too well, that's just for starters. If


you keep on winning on Who Dares Wins you keep on getting a chance to


come back and earning. I'm going to give you a list and you must fill in


the gaps. Give me three missing answers and I will give you ?5,000.


Six answers, ?10,000. Nine answers, ?15,000. 12 answers, ?25,000. Of


course, all 15 answers tonight and I will give you ?50,000.


Ready? Yeah. Let's play for the money. The list is... Britain's 20


busiest railway stations. We are looking for the names of any of the


20 busiest railway stations in England, Scotland and Wales in the


financial year 2011 to 2012 according to the estimated number of


passengers entrills and exits at each station, this is according to


the Office of Rail Regulations. How do we feel about that? I think it's


pretty cool. Something we can give a good go at. Let's have the first


answer. There's lots around London. Let's start with Euston. You are off


to a good start. Victoria. Victoria station. You're right. Paddington.


Is it that ease why toy win 5,000 -- easy to win ?5,000? It is for you.


It's on the list. In order to press on, you need to


risk the ?5,000 you have won. Are you pressing on? Yes. More in


London, yes. They are going on. Next? Waterloo. Very good answer.


King's Cross. Yes. King's Cross, it's on the list. Charing Cross. OK.


Charing Cross you're saying, if you're right, you've just won


?10,000. If you're not, you've lost the lot on this one.


I have to tell you Charing Cross is on the list. You've just won


?10,000. You have a decision to make now, do you want to press on. Three


answers for ?15,000. You're sounding fairly strong. I have to remind you,


you are risking the o ?10,000 the moment you move on. There's Glasgow


central. There's Manchester Picadilly. Are you sure? I'm not


100%. Yeah, three more. I'm sure London Bridge would be there. We've


got three more. Pressing on? Yes, please.


They're risking their ?10,000 and pressing on.


For sure? Yeah. Manchester Picadilly. Is that on the list? Yes,


it is. Glasgow central. You are right. Just


one away from that ?15,000. London Bridge will be on there for sure.


110%? Yeah. I'm going with this. OK. London Bridge. London Bridge you're


saying, if it's on the list, you just won ?15,000. If it's not,


you've lost ?10,000. London Bridge... Has just won you


?15,000. Wow. That's a lot of money and you


are now just three away from ?25,000. You put it at risk by


heading on, if you have three good answers in you to go from 15 to 25,


a jump of ?10,000. Shall we risk it for a biscuit. It's more than


?15,000, a biscuit. That's a lot of biscuits! Yes, sorry. Don't


apologise to me. It's a ?15,000 risk. Let's go on. You want to go


for it? Yeah. You only live once. Ladies and gentleman, they're


risking ?15,000 to go for the ?25,000.


Give me the one you're most confident on? Birmingham. Birmingham


New Street. You're right to be confident. It is on the list. Very


good. Clapham Junction, fairly sure. OK,


yeah. If it's there, you're one away from ?25,000. If it's not you've


blown ?15,000. It is a lot of money. It is. Clapham Junction is on the


list. You are one away from ?25,000.


That's good. This answer is a ?25,000 answer. The other one would


be another London one like St Pancras. Is that very busy? I don't


know. It's international. I don't know. We've got to say one. We've


got to say one now. Edinburgh? Or St Pancras. Let's say St Pancras.


That's a big station. Massive. Huge. St Pancras.


I'm taking that as your ?25,000 answer. Well, ?25,000 or zero,


depending on whether you're right or wrong. Well, Chrissie, Joe, I can


tell you St Pancras is a great answer! It's won you ?25,000.


Very good. Now you have another decision to make. Do you want to


risk the ?25,000 and go for 50. Yeah, we're happy. I'm happy. Happy


to go? No. Stop. OK. I know you're happy in general. Happy to stop,


yeah? Let's stop. Out of the 20 top ones by going for 12, I think that's


incredibly brave. To walk away with another ?25,000 is fantastic. That's


yours no matter what else happens, alongside the ?130,000 that you've


already won, making your grand total for earnings so far ?155,000.


APPLAUSE Of course, we play what if now. The


other three you mentioned. Cannon street. If you had said that, it


would have been on the list. The other one you were going for,


Edinburgh? Also on the list. Could you have thought of one more.


Liverpool Lime Street. If you had said that, it would not have been on


the list. Let's look at the other answers:


Ones, please return to your sound-proof pod.


Can anyone steal the champions' crown. There's a couple of


challengers coming up. Please welcome Steve and Shirley.


APPLAUSE Hello. How are you? Say hello to


each other. You need to bond. Hi. Let's find out about, you Shelley,


work and home? I'm from Aberystwyth and I have two beautiful boys at


home. Do you enjoy your work? Yes, I work for an insurance company and


I'm the manager of the shop. So what would you spend the money on if you


got the opportunity? I'd love to go back and study to be a paramedic,


but with two kids and working full-time, it's very difficult. So


I'd do that and I would also round the girls up and take them to Vegas


and it would be like the Hangover, but the female version. I'd want the


tiger in the bathroom. I would want the works. Maybe not a tattoo on the


face. No, my dad would kill me. Let's find out who your partner is.


Steve, tell us about yourself. I'm a Londoner and I now live in


Sheffield. I'm more or less semi-retired, but I support a


gentleman with learning difficulties a couple of days a week. That keeps


me ticking over. If you won a lot of money, what would you spend it on?


Just learned a little while ago that I'm about to be a granddad for the


first time. . I'm sure a bit would go that way. Probablery most of it,


to be honest! Can you finally beat our champions? We can do it. We are


going to do it. You're the team, are you? Challengers make your way to


your sound-proof pod. APPLAUSE


Teams, if you're ready, let's play Who Dares Wins. Your first list


is... The world's most beautiful women. We're looking for the names


of any individual woman that has featured on the American magazine


Maxim's annual list of the 100 most beautiful women in the world from


2006 to 2013. Challengers you get to start the bidding. Champions, I'm


going to switch your pod off so you can't hear anything.


Away they go. How do we feel about this, do we keep up on that kind of


thing? Not really, no. Would you say nine? Let's go nine, then. We'll go


nine. Thank you very much. Chrissie and Joe, how are we feeling about


this one? Pretty good, Nick. Nine is the bid. They don't know it. I say


go 11. We're not going to go too high. 11, that sounds good.


The champions say 11. I don't think I can do 11. Let's let them do it


then. Name them. Chrissie Joe, you can see the blue


light is on behind me, they've said "name them". It's time to play the


first list on Who Dares Wins. 11 correct answers, so let's fire


away. Katie Perry. You're right. Beyonce? Also on the list. Rihanna.


Yeah, definitely. You're absolutely right. Taylor Swift. Yeah. You're


right. She is on the list. Anyone else from the pop world? I'm not


sure about Lady GaGa. No, I am! No. Film actresses, I think Scarlet


Johansen. You're absolutely right. MilleKounis. I've not heard of that


one. She was in black swan. Oh, yeah, yeah. She is on the list.


Five to get. I'm thinking superhero movies. Emma Stone? Ann Hathaway.


Oh, yeah. Probably both. Happy with Emma Stone? Yeah. She's there.


Ann Hathaway, Chrissie thinks she's good looking. How sure are you? Joe


said it, not me. She's there. You've got to number


eight on the list, if she's not, you've given the list away and Steve


and Shelley win the first list. She is on the list.


Very well played. Three more to go. Kim Kardashian.


Does she get you to number nine? Yes, she does.


What do you think? Still time. I think Gina Korano, she's in the Fast


and Furious movies. Yeah... Happy with that? Yeah.


She is on the list. You are just one away from taking the list.


Jennifer Lawrence. She's got to be. You're 100% sure? Yeah. Yeah, she's


the biggest star at the moment. You'd be gob smacked if she didn't


win you the list? We would. You're right to be confident.


Jennifer Lawrence has won you the first list. Congratulations.


APPLAUSE a very confident performance there.


I wonder who you've been shouting out at home. Here are some of the


other answers: The key was to find the one that's


were on the list and you did very well. Steve and Shelley, it's


important you have to win this next list. One way or another, by hook or


by crook, to push it into a tie-break. Let's find out what the


next list is going to be. The second list is... The largest 30 US states


by area. We are looking for the names of the


30 largest US states by area, this is according to the


encyclopaediabury tan awebsite. -- encyclopaedia Britanica website.


Fancy this one? I'm pretty happy with this. Yeah, Texas. I think


generally the further west you go, the bigger they get. Yeah, ten.


That's good. Ten is a start? Yes. Opening bid from the champions of


ten. Do you fancy this one? Yes. Yeah. 12? Go 12. Thank you very


much. Challengers say 12. 13. I think we can push them more.


Champions say 13. One more? Let's go one more. We will go 14. You'd


rather play rather than watch somebody else play this. 14? Shall


we let them go? Do we want to go one more. I think they want to name this


list. One more to 15. One more, please. The champions say 15.


I think we'll let them do it. Do we let them name them and hope they


trip themselves up. You're saying name them. If they don't slip up, it


means up go out of the game without actually having played a list. Yeah.


All right. Thank you very much. Chrissie, Joe, you'll note that the


blue light is on behind me. That's because they've said "name them".


OK. Time to play the second list on Who Dares Wins.


That's interesting, Joe, I've not heard you make that noise before


going into a list. Yeah. We read them wrong. We thought they'd go one


more. You think? Well this is going to be interesting then. Let's start.


Texas. Absolutely. It's a good place to start, it is on the list. Alaska.


I think that's the biggest. Yeah. It is on the list. Very well played.


California. Yeah. Takes it to three. Oregon. Uh-huh. Yep. Washington.


It's on the list. We're following my honeymoon rout. You around America,


did it? We went to California, Washington. We also went to, and I


believe it will be on the list, Arizona.


Yeah, definitely. Arizona gets you to number six.


New Mexico is big enough. Yeah, that's big.


If you're right, then you get to number seven, if you're not right,


then Steve and Shelley have judged it right and you've lost the list


and they equalise. Then we go to a tie-break. I have to tell you New


Mexico... Is on the list. I think the Dakotas... North and


south, yeah. North Dakota. That's on the list. South Dakota. I kind of


knew you were going there! Also on the list. What about the Carolinas?


I don't know about the East Coast. I would go for Minnesota.


No Montana. Yeah, Montana. A bit of hesitation


there. That is on the list, your tenth


correct answer. Wyoming. Wide-open spaces and on the


list. What do you think at the moment? I


don't think they'll get 15. They're not as confident. Nevada.


Is that on the list? Yes. Colorado. Yeah, that's big. Does


that get you two from the list? Yes, it does. ( Minnesota is one of those


empty states. Lots of fields. Yeah. Minnesota.


Happy? Yeah. Minnesota gets you one away. ( It's all down to this last


one. Kentucky is that big enough? Yeah. Or Utah? Is that big? It's a


toss up, Kentucky or Utah. Got a preference? No. Let's try Utah.


Yeah. I like the sound of that. Utah. If you're right, you've taken


the list and the game and you're through to play for the money. If


you're wrong, Steve and Shelley equalise and we go to a tie-break.


If you'd have said Kentucky you'd have just lost the list. You went


for Utah. Chrissie, Joe, I have to tell you, Utah... Is on the list.


You've won the list and the game. You play for the money again!


APPLAUSE How extraordinary was that. To be


fair, challengers, you thought they'd slip up and they literally


had a toss up between Kentucky and Utah. If they'd have gone the other


way, you would have lost out and it would have been an equalised game. I


am sure you want to know about the answers that weren't in the list:


That's really interesting. Guys, looking very disappointed there. No,


do you know, wishing them all the luck in the world really. They do


pull it out of the bag time and again. I hope you enjoyed playing


the game any way. It's been gre having you here. Lovely to meet you.


Let's hear it for Steve and Shelley. APPLAUSE


Chrissie and Joe are about to play for the money list, where they could


win ?50,000. But they're not the only ones who could win a fortune


tonight. Will you win big? There's only one way to find out. It's time


for tonight's Thunderball draw from the National Lottery. Good luck.


Thank you very much. Hello everyone and a very warm welcome to the first


of tonight's chances for you, at home, to win big. Now, talking of


winning big, congratulations to the 23 lucky ticket holders who after


last Saturday's Lotto quadruple rollover won over ?500,000 each.


Wow! That's a big wow. Two wows. Indeed. Now as no-one matched six


numbers, that means the jackpot was shared between the ticket holders


who matched five numbers and the bonus ball. Now amongst those


celebrating were Michael and Margaret Sampson from Warrington.


Alfie Crosbie from Dumfries and Barry and his fiance from Rosshire.


That's not including the 250 winning Lotto raffle ticket holders who


scooped ?20,000 each, massive congratulations, if you were one of


the plethora of winners. But who will be celebrating tonight? There's


a top prize of ?500,000 up for grabs. Here's Thunderball.


Here we go. I'm loving all these winners. Good evening draw master


Matt. Good evening. Are you ready to make more win snerz Absolutely. Very


much. Please start the first machine.


The draws are being overseen by an independent adjudicator.


There have been over 426,000 winners on Thunderball in the past week,


congratulations if you were one of them. Are we ready to start? Yes, we


are. Good luck everyone. Round and round they go, which will


be first to appear. There's the answer, 22. A total of 39 balls to


pick from in this first machine and you choose five of them. There's the


next one, 16. Three opportunities per week to play this game -


Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. That's an eight. We need a couple


more from this our first machine. There's the first of them, 24.


Finally, how about it, do you have on your ticket a chance, that number


there, 36. Matt, start that second machine if you would, please. Now


there are 14 Thunderballs in this second machine. In a moment, we're


going to pick one of them. Every single ticket is still in play


because if you match with the next ball, you will win a cash prize. So


I wish you the very best of luck everybody.


Here we go. Now there are 14 in there. One of them is about to leap


up for us. There it is, number two. So here are tonight's Thunderball


numbers again in ascending order: Thank you very much, Alan. Tonight's


Lotto is coming up shortly. Now it's time to go back to Nick and Who


Dares Wins. Welcome back. More from the National


Lottery later. First of all our champions, congratulations on


getting to this point. First game tonight, you didn't play a list.


That game you played both lists and won both. Yeah. This team just seems


to work. Yeah, we do, don't we. We're on each other's wave length.


?77,500 each and you're in a position here to earn a lot more


money. It could be another ?50,000 right here, right now. So, are you


ready? We're ready. The list is... The 50 highest grossing rom-coms. We


are looking for the titles of the 50 highest grossing romantic comedies


at the United States box office since 1978. This is according to the


box office and mojo website accurate to November 28, 2013. Do we like a


rom-com? Yes. I like zom rom-coms. If zombies are in the mix. It might


be down to you Chrissie. I'll see if I can help. Chip in. Let's head off


towards ?5,000. We lose nothing by heading off in that direction. Your


first answer, please. Something like Sleepless in Seattle. Oh, yeah all


the Meg Ryan ones. That is on the list. Good start. There's the one,


erm...... You've Got Mail. With Tom hanks, yeah. Is that big enough? Oh,


yeah. You've got two correct answers. You're one closer to the


?5,000. I was thinking When Harry Met Sally. Yeah. Or Pretty Woman.


While you were Sleeping. OK. Yeah that's the Sandra Bullock one. It is


on the list. You've just won ?5,000.


Good start. ?5,000 and you can walk away with that now if you want or


risk it for an extra three answers and get it up to ?10,000. Yeah,


we're going to risk it. Ladies and gentleman, they're going


to risk it and go ahead. Pretty Woman. You're right. Notting


Hill has to be there. Yes. Did it make it onto the 50 highest grossing


room comes? It's got Julia Roberts in it. Hugh grant. Yeah, it's got to


be. Let me put you out of your misery, it is on the list.


One more to get to ?10,000. What's the one they're all at the airport


and things like that and there's a big cast, hue Grant is the -- Hugh


Grant is the Prime Minister. Love Actually. Yeah, boom. Love Actually


will get the ?10,000? If it's there you've won ?10,000, if not you've


lost ?5,000. It is not on the list. You've just lost ?5,000.


It was 65th on the list. You risked it and it didn't work out


this time. You've been very brave in the past and made it work for you.


On this occasion, it hasn't worked for you and I'm afraid it means that


you don't win anything in this round. Let's see some of the other


missing answers: Unfortunate that you picked one that


was just outside the top 50. It's not the end of the world. On


Who Dares Wins, as long as you continue winning, you continue


getting a chance to earn. Beat another set of contenders and you've


done it a few times already, you could be back here playing for


another ?50,000. Chrissie and Joe didn't add to their prize fund this


time around, but will it be your lucky night, fingers crossed. It's


time for tonight's Lotto draw. See you in a minute.


Thank you very much Nick. Well done again to Chrissie and Joe. Now


tonight's big rollover Lotto draw is coming up in a moment. So keep those


tickets handy. Before that, I believe you have some important


information for us, Alan. I have. Thanks to all of you playing along


at home right now, phenomenal ?31 billion has been raised for National


Lottery projects. That's incredible. Alan, can we fact swap. That's more


than 420,000 projects funded so far, an average of 135 projects in your


postcode district alone. Well done. Thank you for the wow. Well done


everyone. Remember, you're making a difference to projects all over the


UK. So a big, big thank you. OK, are you ready for Lotto? Here it comes.


OK. Let's release those rollover balls. Tonight's Lotto jackpot is


estimated at 6. .8 million. There have been over 587,000 winning


tickets this week. Congratulations if one of them was yours. This is it


everybody. Are you about to become a millionaire? I do hope so.


We all hope so. Here we go. There's the first one, number 22. Drawn the


Wednesday before last as well, New Year's Day as we call it. Next this


Saturday night, number 23. Drawn on Wednesday just gone. The third one,


28. Good night for the 20s. Completed millionaires row last


weekend that one. Here's the fourth one for you, another 20, this time


27. Bonus mid-week. The fifth one is numberer 46 with us the Wednesday


night just gone as well. They're all coming back. And this, forts Jock


pot, there -- for the jackpot, that is number 25, brilliant. And the


bonus is another big one, 24. So millionaires row this Saturday night


looks like this in ascending order: Wow. Thank you very much. Don't


forget every line of Lotto gives entry into lot row raffle for your


chance to win ?20,000. Tonight we have a rollover, that means 100


prizes of ?20,000. Full results are available later via the red button


or online. Early indications show that the two top regions with the


most winners tonight are the south-east of England and Yorkshire


and Humber. Have a good week. Let's go back now to Nick.


Welcome back to Who Dares Wins, before we went to the National


Lottery, Chrissie and Joe played the money list. But unfortunately they


didn't win any money this time around. This eare consoling


themselves with the fact that they have won a total of ?155,000. That's


very good. No crying in your beer tonight, I imagine. Definitely not.


Very excited family at home looking up how to spend the money. Would you


have done any better? Are rom-coms your speciality? Could you have


walked away with the ?50,000? Join us in E week to see if anyone --


join us next week to see if anyone can beat our champions. Once again


Chrissie and Joe reign supreme. Let's see if they stay in the game


after next week's show.


Nick Knowles hosts the National Lottery quiz where two teams of strangers play against each other to complete a series of lists and win up to £100,000.

Includes the Lotto and Thunderball draws with Gaby Roslin.

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