Episode 3 The National Lottery: Who Dares Wins

Episode 3

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merchandising Chrissie and Joe retained their champions title.


I have to tell you, Utah is on the list. You play for the money again.


They played an incredible money list. St Pancras is a great answer.


It's just won you ?25,000. Can anyone in the country beat them?


It's time to find out on Who Dares Wins.


APPLAUSE Hello and welcome to the National


Lottery Who Dares Wins, the show where completing a series of lists


can make you very rich. On who would, we put together teams of


complete strangers and ask them to fill in missing answers on a list.


If I asked you to name Clint Eastwood films, how many could you


list? You might say Dirty Harry or the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. What


about the Gauntlet? Is that on the list? That's what Who Dares Wins is


all about. Can you play along at home. Gather friends and family


around and shout the answers at the telly. That's properly interactive.


It's that simple. Last week, our champions, Chrissie and Joe,


remained undefeated once again. No-one has come close to stealing


their crown. So far, across this series and the last, they've beaten


ten sets of contestants, played 23 lists, given over 230 correct


answers and won ?155,000. Who or what will stop them? Please welcome


back Chrissie and Joe! APPLAUSE


how are you? Not bad. I think what we should do is re-introduce you for


those people who haven't got to know you. Chrissie, tell us where you're


from and what you do? I'm from Black Rod and I'm a a merchandising. ?


Near Bolton. It's a lovely, little village. You've hardly got an accent


at all (! ) I think I talk very posh. Some people would agree with


you, in Black Rod. I'm from Canterbury originally and living in


London. I work in public public health. 55,000, it's ridiculous.


It's fabulous. Long may it last for you. You will have to beat another


couple of challengers. In the meantime, champions, please make


your way to the sound-proof pod. APPLAUSE


Chrissie and Joe may be heading for another big win, but maybe they


won't, because they'll have to beat another new set of challengers.


First, please welcome to the stage Kim and David.


APPLAUSE Hello David. Pleased to meet you.


Nice to meet you Kim and David. Kim, let's learn about you. Where are you


from? Originally from Dublin. Now I live in London. I have been for 12


years. Husband and two children. Let's find out about your partner


here. David, where are you from and what do you do? I live in


Shrewsbury, but I come from a place near Swansea. I'm in the Royal Air


near Swansea. I'm in theRoyal Air Royal Air Force. You the people to


stop this run from the champions? I think so, we need some new faces.


Losing is not an option. Exactly. Lovely. Kim, David, please make your


way to the sound-proof pod. APPLAUSE


The teams are in their pods. When the pods turn red, like so, they are


completely sound proof. They can't hear anything I or their opponents


are saying. They'll only be able to hear what's happening and going on


when I turn their pods on, like this, and they turn blue. In a


moment I will give the teams a list. Whichever team bids more will get to


play. If they reach their target, they win the list. If they fail,


their opponents win. The first to win two lists gets to play for


?50,000. Seems simple. Teams, if you're ready, the first list tonight


is... British boxing world champions since 19363. We are -- 1963. We are


looking for any male British boxer to win a WBC, IBF, or WBO World


Championship title since 1963 in any weight category. Please note, the


list includes the names of boxers who were not born in the UK, but


represented the country when they won their respective title. This


list was compiled by the boxing historian raffle Oats and is --


Ralph Oats. Champions, for the moment, I will switch you off so you


can't hear anything. There they go. So, boxing, how do we


feel about this one? It's not my sport. No, me neither. It's going to


be a struggle, I think. We need to be daring though and push them to it


really. I would go for maybe five. Five. Opening bid of five. Thank you


very much. Chrissie, Joe, how do we feel about boxing? You pick up


names. These people are all celebrities. Kim and David have gone


five. Eight? Yeah. The champions say eight. I think we should get them to


name them. Or shall we push it up one more? No, I think they'll make


us name them. Name them, OK. Chrissie, Joe, Kim and David's blue


light is still on, because they have said name them. It's time to play


the first list on who who. -- on Who Dares Wins.


So, foyer away with the first -- fire away with the first. Henry


Cooper. Was he a champion, I know he fought Muhammad Ali when he was a


champion. Let's leave him off the list. I know Lennox Lewis


represented Britain when he won. He's on the list. David Haye, recent


heavyweight. Yeah. Also on the list. Rickie hatton. Yeah, fine, Rickie


Hatten. It's your third correct answer. Joe Calzaghe. Yeah, he's on


the list. It takes you to halfway.. Nigel Ben. As your fifth correct


answer. How are we feeling? Slightly


nervous. Frank Bruno. How sure are you of that? World champion? There's


lots of World Championship belts flying around with boxing. He might


have picked one up. On the list, it's your sixth correct answer. If


he's not you'll have given the list away to Kim and David. I can tell


you, Frank Bruno... Is on the list. Very well played. Just two to go.


Bolton's favourite son. Amir Khan. Is he a world champion? Has he been


a world champion? Yes, he has. He is on the list. You are just one away


from taking the first list. Carl Froch. I think so. Yeah, we're


happy with that. If he's on the list, you've taken the first list


and put the pressure on. If he's not, you've given away the first


list. You talked about Henry Cooper, if you had said that, you'd have


lost the list. You talked about awedly Harrison, if you'd have gone


for that, you'd have lost the list. In the end, you went for Carl Froch.


We accepted your pronunciation of "frock" as Froch. It's a knockout


punch in this list, certainly, you've won this list. You go 1-0 up.


Very well played. An unfinished list is unfinished business. I'm sure


you've been shouting at the screen. There are plenty of them around. All


you needed was eight. Eight is what you got. You've taken the list. One


more and you are through to play for the money. Kim, David, you have got


to win the next list, whatever happens, to push it to a tie-break.


The second list is... Artists who recorded Radio 2's top 100 albums.


We are looking for the names of the 100 artists on BBC Radio two's 2013


top 100 favourites albums poll. Over 100,000 listeners voted, picking


their favourite albums from a short list of Radio 2's most played


albums. We are looking for the names of the artist, not the name of the


album. The list features solo artists, duos and groups from the


1950s, to the present day. OK, champions, you get to start the


bidding. For the moment, I'm going to turn Ofakim and David's pod --


off Kim and David's pod. They go into silence, whilst I ask you how


you feel about Radio 2? How will you play it? All the big bands from the


60s, Beatles, Stones will be on there. I think we can go in quite


big. OK. Like 12 or something like that. Yeah. 12. Thank you very much.


Kim, David, Radio 2? Yeah, we do listen. An opening bid from the


champions of 12. What do you make of that? 15? Yeah, 15. Thank you. Kim


and David say 15. It's one of those where it's 100 albums, so how many


actual acts is that? It could be about 50 artists. Then it starts to


get ease why I to slip one in who's not on the list. Exactly. I don't


know if we want to push them any further. No, I think they're trying


to push us. Shall we tell them to nail them. I think 15 is ambitious.


They can have it. Yes, please. Kim, David, you'll see that the blue


light is on behind me, that's because the champions have said


"name them". It's time to play the second list on Who Dares Wins.


You'll have to give me correct answers to force the tie-break. I


think we start with the big ones. The Beatles. I have to tell you, you


are absolutely right. Rolling Stones. Also on the list. Pink


Floyd. You're right. Led Zeppelin, maybe? Yeah. Very good, it's on the


list. Michael Jackson? Yes. Yeah, in at number five. Madonna. Yeah. Is it


your sixth correct answer? Yes, it is. Coldplay? Coldplay, yeah. Up to


number seven. Well played. It's looking good.


We have to think about really, really prolific albums. Bat out of


hell? Very good. That's a good one. Meat loaf. How sure are you about


this one? Pretty sure. It was a big album, big time. Massive album.


They've got to like it. Actually, yes, they do have to like it. He is


on the list. You're over halfway. Fleetwood Mac. Brilliant. Massive


album. Happy with that? Rumours is a brilliant album. It certainly is.


It's on the list. Six more and you take the list and force the


tie-break. Jimi Hendrix. OK. Is that going to take you to double figures?


I don't know, Nick. Tell us. If he's there, you'll be one step closer. If


he's not you'll have given the list away and indeed the game away to


Chrissie and Joe. Kim, David, I have to tell you, Jimi


Hendrix... Is not on the list. You've given the list away. The


champions have won. APPLAUSE


Well, Jimi Hendrix not on the list. Let's see the other ones you could


have gone for: As a result, Chrissie and Joe, you


are going through to play for more money. In the meantime, Kim and


David, you went for it. But they are tough to beat. It has to be said.


Very true. They seem to have a knack for knowing when to leave a list


alone. Nonetheless, I hope you've enjoyed playing. We've loved having


you. Let's hear it for Kim and David.


APPLAUSE Chrissie and Joe, you dared and you


won. You're the champions again. And now you're playing for another


?50,000 on Who Dares Wins. Champions, congratulations on making


it this far. You're back to play for some money again. A lot of money is


what we're talking about. You have ?155,000 banked already and another


?50,000 on offer. You are within touching distance now of being the


highest winners ever on Who Dares Wins. If you continue to stay on the


show at this rate, you'll need to get an agent. You are currently the


most famous person from Blackpool. Probably, helpfully. Let's see how


much exactly you could earn on tonight's money list. I'm going to


give you a list and you must fill in the gaps. Give me three answers and


you'll get ?5,000. Six answers, and I'll give you ?10,000. Nine answers,


?15,000. 12 answers, we're talking about ?25,000. And give me all 15


answers and you will bank yourselves a cool ?50,000. But, here's the rub.


Make a mistake at any point, and it's game over and you drop right


back down to zero and take nothing back home with you out of this game.


Let's play for the money. The list is... Countries visited by Michael


Palin. We're looking for the names of any countries visited by Michael


Palin during his seven globe trotting BBC travel shows. Please


note, we are not including his TV series Brazil, because he only


visited one country in that show. This is according to the official


website of Palin's travels. Have you watched any of the shows? I watched


Around The World In 80 Days when I was a kid. Yeah. I watched that one.


It will be interesting to see how we go. We lose nothing by heading off


towards ?5,000 because you lose nothing if you make a mistake


towards it. Let's have the first answer. Where shall we start off.


Must have started in the UK. United Kingdom. A very good place to start,


it is on the list. Then you go on to somewhere in Europe. He must have


gone straight to France, maybe? Yeah. France is your answer. Is it a


good answer or bad answer? It's on the list. It's a good answer. One


more and you get ?5,000. We could name things... He went to Spain. Oh,


yeah. OK if Spain is on the list, you've won ?5,000. If it's not you


win nothing on this money round. Chrissie, Joe, Spain... Is on the


list. You've just won ?5,000. So you fancy going on? You have to


find three more answers. You risk the ?5,000 if you do. The USA is


definite. He must have gone to China? He went to India. If he went


to Tibet he must have gone to China. Are you pressing on? Yes, please.


Yes. They're pressing on, ladies and gentleman. So, let's have your


fourth answer. India. India. Has he been to India? Yes, he has. China?


Huge country. You'd think he would have gone there. And he did. It's on


the list. One more gets you to ?10,000. USA.


You're both confident? Yeah. If you're right it's ?10,000. If you're


wrong, you've just lost ?5,000. Chrissie, Joe... You've just won


?10,000. APPLAUSE


The question is now, would you like to risk that money in order to get


to ?15,000? You need to be confident of three more answers. It's one of


those things that there must be so many countries on the list. What


country is the Himalayas in? Where did hemming way go? Do you want to


risk it? Let's put some in the kitty please. You're stopping there? Are


you sure? Yeah. Discretion being the better part of valour, they've


decided to stop on ?10,000. APPLAUSE


That's yours no matter what else happens. That's waiting to be spent


along with the ?155,000 that you've already earned, making a grand total


of ?165,000. The largest ever win for a pairing


is ?170,000. You are ?5,000 away. If you'd have told us that, we'd have


gone for it. I didn't that it appropriate to tell you at that


point. Answers you could have gone for: It doesn't have to end there,


on Who Dares Wins, the more you keep winning, the more you continue to


earn. You just have to beat another set of challengers and get a crack


at a new money list and another ?50,000. You've played fantastically


well and I think you were brave to stop to make sure you had the money.


Please return to your pod. Can the champions be knocked off


their perch? Please welcome Clare and Darren.


APPLAUSE Let me ask the question straight


away, are you going to be the pairing that finally beats these


champions? Yes. Enough is enough. Yes. So let's find out about you.


Clare, where are you from? Southampton. And what do you do? I'm


a primary school teacher in year 3/4, eight and nine-year-olds.


They're just getting interesting at that stage. They're eeger to please


and -- eager to please and happy. What would you spend the money on?


My daughter has to go to Disneyland. She's just four. We won't let anyone


near her hair. It's got to be long. Yeah, Disney princesses all the way.


We know where the money is going there. Tell us about yourself. I'm


from Blackpool and I'm a pinot teacher. In fact you teach -- piano


teacher. You teach youngsters to play piano and guitar. The youngest


is about six and the oldest is 65. A lot of people say they fancied


trying it. I try not to turn anyone away. Try something new. Do you have


family? My wife, Lisa and two boys, Dylan and Sid. Where does the money


go? Presumably on the boys? I did say if we won money we maybe go to


New York. I've been promising that for a while and then fly them home


and me and the wife go to Vegas. Nice, a special time together.


They're old enough to fly on their own, so off you go. Fingers crossed


that you can make this interesting. Challengers, please make your way to


your sound proof pod. If are you ready, let's play Who


Dares Wins. Your first list is... London stage productions 2012. We


are looking for the names of any of the 325 shows that were performed


across London's major venues in 2012, please note, each show will


only appear once on the list. And the list includes the diverse range


of plays and musicals performed across London's venues from the West


End to the National Theatre, Shakespeare's Globe and the Royal


Opera House. This is according to the don theatre. Challengers, you


get to bid first. Champions, for a short while, I will switch your pod


off. Fancy this one? What do you think? There's a lot. Have you seen


any of them? Not really. Were you in the West End in 2012. There's a few


we could give a stab at, nine or ten? Let's go for ten. There's 325.


There's quite a lot. We'll say ten. The challengers say ten. How do we


feel about this one? Don't go to the theatre quite as much, but I get the


underground and everything tends to be advertised there. Up on the


posters, yeah. I think we can go higher. Yeah? 12. 12. Clare, Darren,


the champions say 12. OK, they're probably bluffing as well. Let's go


back with 14. Yeah, OK. They say 14. That's a lot. I think they can slip


up. I think... Let them name them. They can have a go.


You're going to have trouble with this pairing or not? Yeah, I think


they look strong actually. I wouldn't be surprise today they're


the ones who knock us off the perch. No. At this stage, that's an early


shout. Clare, Darren, you'll notice that the light is on behind me and


the light is blue, which means they have said to you, "name them". It's


time to play the first list on Who Dares Wins.


14 answers correct is what I require. Let's have number one.


Let's try Les Mis rabble. -- Miserable. It is there. It's been on


tour. It was in the West End for a long time. Yeah, Mamma Mia. It is on


the list. Brilliant. I'm pretty sure that the Queen musical, We Will Rock


You. That's number three. Pretty sure that at the new London


theatre War Horse is on. It's going on tour this year. I'm accepting


that as your answer. It is on the list. Brilliant. I was in London


recently, and I think that Matilda was on. Definitely. It gets you to


number five. Chugging along nicely here. Tom chambers musical Top Hat


has had a change... What about... We'll come to that in a second.


That's a top answer. Wicked. You're right. It gets you to halfway.


Nervous champs? No, these are the obvious ones. Viva Forever. It is on


the list. Oh, brilliant. Two gufers in one. -- Guvners one. I think it's


called a Man with Two Guvners. You've gone with that one. How sure


are you about that t? I've seen it, but I can't remember if that's the


exact title. If it's on the list, you'll be one step closer to winning


the first list, if it's not on the list, you'll have handed the first


list to Chrissie and Joe. Clare, Darren, the Man with Two


Guvners is not on the list. The first list goes to the


champions. APPLAUSE


This is tough. But it's one of those things. You were thinking of One


Man, Two Guvners. Let's look at some of the other answers:


A lesson learned there, perhaps. Chrissie and Joe you've taken the


first list. You need just one more list and you'll be through to play


for ?50,000 again. Clare and Darren, it's crucial that you understand,


you have to win the next list to take it to a tie-break. The second


list is... Live at the Apollo comedians. We are looking for the


name of any comedian that has appeared as a performer on the BBC


comedy show live at the Apollo, since its first episode in September


2014. We require first names and surnames for each answer. We require


the comedians real name rather than the name of any character that they


portray. This is according to the IMDB pro web site and is accurate to


29 November, 2013. Champions, you get to bid first, challengers, I


will switch you off. What do you feel about this one? Do you watch


Live at the Apollo? I don't, I'm afraid. All the big comedians are on


it. Yeah, since 2004. If you name any comedian, they've probably been


on. I don't know, ten? Yeah, ten. Clare, Darren, opening bid of ten


from the champions. Do you fancy this one? I've seen it occasionally.


Have you seen it? Good Saturday night viewing. Watch a good quiz


first and then go on to that. Exactly! Ten is the opening bid.


What do you make this afternoon? They can probably go higher, we're


not going to go too high next. What do you think? 12? Yeah, I think so.


The bid has come back to you at 12. If you go above 12 you're really


going into guessing territory. Let's throw it back and see if they'll


slip. Let them play again? Over to them. The champions say - name them.


It's time to play the second list on Who Dares Wins.


12 required, let's get started. Your first answer please. Michael


Macintire. That's a solid one. He is on the list. John Bishop. Also on


the list. Jo Brand. Has Jo Brand appeared at Live at the Apollo? Yes


she has. Sarah Millican. Fourth correct answer. I think so. Ed


Byrne. And you're right. Yes. Frankie boil. Also -- Boyle. Also on


the list. Alan Carr. It's a great answer. And Jimmy Carr. Also there.


And gets you to eight. Just four required. Dara O'Briain. You're


right. He is on the list. How are you feeling champions? OK.


Comfortable? Yeah. You still think they'll slip up? Yeah. I think he's


lesser known, but Stephen KAmos. How sure are you of this one? I'm not


100% sure, but I'm pretty sure I've seen him on it. You said you'd seen


him! I'm never 100% sure when I'm in a television studio. To be fair, you


could be not 100% sure of your own name at this stage. I know what you


mean. If he's there, he takes you to double figures. If he's not, you've


given the list and the game away to the champions and they remain


champions. Clare, Darren, I have to tell you... Is not a bad answer.


It's a good answer. He is on the list.


Russell Howard. That's a good run. -- That's a good one. If you're


right, you're one away from winning this list. And you are right. What's


the one who is very dry. The older one? I know... I know who has been


on it,al Murray. -- Al Murray has been on the programme. That's your


12th answer. If he has appeared Live at the apolio, you'll have --


Apollo, you'll have won this list and force the champions to a


tie-break for the first time in a long time. If he's not, you've given


away the list. Chrissie and Joe are champions again.


Clare, Darren, I have to tell you, Al Murray... Is on the list.


You've won the second list. Yeah, come on! Those of you watching


at home, you will want to know some of the other names:


Fwheer unusual territory for the champions here. It's been a while


seen you've been in a tie-break. What happens? I'm about to explain.


Just don't answer anything. Sudden death tie-break time. To decide


which team goes through to play for the money. It's like a penalty


shootout, we go back-and-forth, between the teams until one team


gives a correct answer and the other gives a wrong answer. Be careful


what you say, both of your pods are open throughout. So you can be


heard. The tie-break list is... Ball sports at the summer Olympics. We


are looking for any ball sport that will feature at the 2016 Olympic


Games in Brazil. We do not consider a shot putt to be a ball. Therefore


athletics will not be included on the list. This is according to the


official Olympics website. We start with you challengers. Football. Is


on the list. Very well done. I need an answer from the champions.


Basketball. You draw equal. It is on the list.


I go back to Clare and Darren. Handball. It is on the list. Hockey.


You draw level. Tennis. It's on the list.


Table tennis. Also on the list. It's eefb Stephens again. Volleyball.


If that's there, you take the lead. It is there.


In Brazil, you have to have a beach, so beach volleyball. It's good logic


and it is on the list. Water polo. I have to tell you, your


whisper was comfortably audible. Just as well she said yes. It's on


the list. Do you have another sport for me? In terms of what was at


London, that's all there. Unless there's something I'm missing. The


pressure is on the champions. I need them to come up with a ball sport in


the summer Olympics to draw level again. There's possibly baseball,


but I don't know know , want to say that or polo? Polo. If that's on the


list, the pressure goes back on Clare and Darren. If it's not on the


list, you'll have lost this tie-break and your champions' crown.


Chrissie, Joe... I have to tell you, polo... Is not on the list.


We have new champions. Well, well, well. What a game that was.


Incredibly, you thought these two might knock you off your perch, and


that's how it turned out. In the end, there were only three other


answers on that list. Now rugby, gymnastics, and the other one that


might surprise you is golf. Do you know, 25 lists you played in


total, ?165,000, that's ?82,500 each. When you walked in here, due


honestly think that there was any chance at all that your life would


change the way it is now? No, not for a second, but it's been


brilliant. Loved every minute of it. Absolutely brilliant. We have loved


having you. You have been great sports, ?165,000 they leave with.


Let's hear it for our ex-champions, Chrissie and Joe.


APPLAUSE Clare and Darren, you dared, you


won. And now you're playing for ?50,000.


APPLAUSE Clare and Darren are about to play


the money list, where they could win ?50. -- ?50,000. It's time for


tonight's Thunderball draw from the National Lottery. See you in a mo.


Thank you Nick, hello everyone and welcome to the National Lottery


Live. Hope you've had a good week. We've just seen Chrissie and Joe


being dethroned. Well done, a huge amount. Their winning streak may


have come to an end, but yours could be about to start right here, right


now. A little later we'll have this weekend's big Lotto draw and in just


a moment, you'll have the chance to win ?500,000, courtesy of tonight's


Thunderball. But before that, congratulations are in order for


another winning duo, Doreen Haye and her son John from Middlesbrough


scooped the entire rollover jackpot from last Saturday, after matching


all six numbers. So Allen, how much did they win? Over 7. .5 million!


Wow, that's incredible. I know that Doreen watching the show. Hello.


Congratulations to you and of course to John on becoming our newest Lotto


winners? Who will be next. I do hope so. It's time for the first of


tonight's chances to boost those bank balances. Here's Thunderball.


Matt, start up those machines. Our draw master tonight is Matt and


tonight's draws are being overseen by an independent adjudicator. There


have been over 431,000 winning tickets on Thunderball since last


Saturday. Enjoy those winnings. Thank you very much Alan. Good luck


everyone. Here we go. Eyes down, look in. Let's see how you get on


this Saturday night. There's the first one. That is number 38. We are


off to a good start. There are 39 balls in all in that machine. Next


is number 33. There are three opportunities per week to play the


game itself, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Next up number nine. And


we need a couple more from this, our first machine. Here's the first of


them. That's number 39. Finally, how about this next one, do you have


this on your ticket? Number five. Excellent. Next, tonight's


Thunderball. Now every ticket is still in play. Will yours be lucky?


Time to find out. Absolutely, here we go. Round and round they go. We


are looking for one of them to appear before us, number three.


Here are tonight's Thunderball numbers again, this time in


ascending order: Tonight's Lotto draw is coming up


very soon. First it's now time to go back to Nick and Who Dares Wins,


where two new faces, Clare and Darren, are in with a shot of


winning ?50,000. See you shortly. Welcome back. We'll have more from


the National Lottery later. First, we have new champions.


Congratulations. APPLAUSE


Isn't that good. It's really weird. It's been so long since we've had


somebody new. Hopefully you will get used to us. Are you now in a


position to earn yourselves a lot of money. It could be up to ?50,000.


Consider your answers, consult and then tell me what you think. Let's


play for the money. The list is... Greatest horror films. We're looking


for the names of the 25 greatest horror films, as voted for in a 2012


poll by Time Out magazine. Films from all eras are represented on the


list. So greatest horror films. How do we feel about that? I hate horror


films. I don't watch 18s, because they're too scary. I agree with you


personally. I never have understood why people watch horror films. I


know a few, in my head. I know some. I don't like them. My youngest son


adores them and is studying them and will scream at the telly. Tune into


him mentally now, see if he can help you out. Let's head off towards the


?5,000. Yeah, well you've got to think there's been a lot of


Hallowe'en movies. But the very first one... That would be a well


known one. Let's go for that. Let's hope it's on the list and gets you


off to a good start. It is there. The Friday the 13th series. That's


good. There's been loads of them. Best to say the original. Yeah, that


sounds good. Is it on the list? If it is you're one step from ?5,000.


If it's not, you've fallen at only the second hurdle.


S the 13th -- Friday the 13th, is not on the list.


Who'd have thought that. It wasn't in the top 100. For those


of you at home. Let's see what other answers you could have given:


You live to fight another day and you have knocked the champions, who


appeared to be unbeatable off their perch and you are the current


champions. On Who Dares Wins, you always get a chance to come back and


play again. Clare and Darren didn't add to the prize fund this time.


Will it be your lucky night tonight? Fingers crossed. It's time for the


National Lottery. Thank you very much. That was rather


short and sweet. Though, not so sweet for Clare and Darren, who


unfortunately, will go home empty handed tonight. Hopefully, you


won't. Shortly, it will be your turn to be in with a chance of winning a


fortune. Just this week alone, 24. .6 million has been won in main


Lotto prizes together with the further ?3 million in Lotto raffle


prizes. If you haven't checked those tickets yet, what are you waiting


for? You could be in for a pleasant surprise. The moment has arrived.


Are you feeling lucky? Get ready. Here's Lotto.


So Alan, what's in tonight's big Lotto jackpot. Tonight's jackpot is


estimated at 4. .5 million. I like the sound of that. Best of luck


everyone. I thought you would. Matt release the weekend balls.


Did you know, you help to raise an incredible ?35 million every week


for National Lottery projects. In the last five years alone a


staggering 1. 4 billion has gone to health projects around the UK. So


well done you. Tonight, we are using goo win Veer and set of -- Guinevere


and set of balls two. We are set to go, are you? Good luck.


Here we go. There's the first one already, number 27, with us last


weekend as well. That's our first ball. Next, number 23. Drawn a week


ago as well. Third to be drawn: 31. To date, National Lottery players


have raised over ?31 billion for good causes. Number seven. Drawn


five Wednesdays back. And the fifth one: 30. Last drawn three Saturdays


ago. The sixth next, for the jackpot, here we go, number 12. And


finally, this weekend's bonus, it is 33. Millionaires row this Saturday


night looks like this, in ascending order:


Thank you very much, Alan. Don't forget, every line of Lotto gives


entry to the Lotto raffle, for your chance to win ?20,000. Tonight,


there are 50 prizes of that ?20,000. To find out if you're a winner, full


results, as ever, will be available later via the red button or by


visiting bbc.co.uk/lottery and following the links. Early


indications show that the two top regions with the most raffle winners


tonight are the West Midlands and the south of England. I'll be back


here next Saturday, but right now, time to go over to Nick and Who


Dares Wins. Have a good week. Welcome back to Who Dares Wins,


where before we went to the National Lottery, Clare and Darren played the


money list, sadly didn't win any catch. They have -- cash. They have


knocked our champions off their perch. That's something to be proud


of. I think so. Join us next time to see when our champions can win some


cash. Hope you enjoyed playing along. Good night, seven points the


difference you then. Bye. -- good night, see you then. Bye.


Let's see how they fare next week. Tonight's winning Thunderball and


Lotto numbers are on screen right now.


The full Lotto raffle results will be available later this evening on


the red button or via bbc.co.uk/lottery. Enjoy the rest of


your weekend. Good night.


Nick Knowles hosts the National Lottery quiz where two teams of strangers play against each other to complete a series of lists and win up to £100,000.

Includes the Lotto and Thunderball draws with Gaby Roslin.

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