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Episode 4

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I have to tell you, polo... I not on the list. We have new champions.


They played their first money list. The 13th is not on the list.


They didn't win any money last week. But can they win big tonight? Find


out on Who Dares Wins. APPLAUSE


Warm welcome, hello. Welcome to the National Lottery Who Dares Wins, the


show where completing a series of lists can make you very, very rich.


On Who Dares Wins we put together teams of complete strangers and ask


them to fill in missing answers on a list. For example, if I asked you to


name male characters in the plays of Shakespeare, how many could you


list? You might say Romeo or Hamlet. What about about Benvolio? That's


what Who Dares Wins is all about. You can play along at home by


shouting your answers at the telly. Last show, Claire and Darren became


our new champions. Unfortunately things didn't go quite according to


plan. They haven't Putney money in their prize fund yet. But, there's


?100,000 on offer tonight. The are very keen to get their hands on the


cash. Please welcome back, Claire and Darren.


ome I'm from Southampton. I'm a primary school teacher. I'm from


Blackpool and I teach the pinot and guitar from -- piano and guitar from


home. An enormous number of children who are screaming on your behalf.


You don't go into teaching for the cash, do you? No, it's really a


rewarding job. I have a little girl, so I work partime. So partime money


as well. Anything extra is helpful. For yourself, if you won a chunk of


money here, presumably that would make things easier? Yeah, yeah. It's


not a cash-rich environment, teaching. That's the thing. Good


luck to you champions. Please make your way to your sound-proof pod.


If Claire and Darren want to be in with a chance of winning more money,


they have to beat a new set of challengers. Please welcome Dan and


Jayne. You're perfect. That's exactly who I pictured. That doesn't


happen to me often. Wouldn't it be nice if you got that reaction


everywhere you went. Let's find out more about you. Tell us about what


you do and where do you live? I live in south London and I'm a palliative


care staff nurse. I work with terminally ill people in the last


months, weeks, days or even hours of their life. Amazing work that Jane


does here with palliative care. APPLAUSE


Very glad that people like you can take on that kind of job. You like


to travel a lot. I do. I love this afternooning. What -- I love


travelling. I would like to take my younger sister on holiday from


Seattle to San Francisco in an open-top car. Great trip. Let's find


out more about Dan. Where are you from and your job? I'm from


Tunbridge Wells and I work in construction. You are about to


change jobs. I am working for young epilepsy. I will be working as a


student care worker. Spend your money on? For me, again, travelling.


I've been to east Africa and loved. It I'd love to go back. That sounds


like a great plan. You just have to beat our champions. Beatable?


Definitely. Easily. You're the sne. Champions in waiting. We are. Please


make your way to your sound-proof pod.


The teams are in their pods. When the pods turn red, they are


completely sound proof. They can't hear anything I or their opponents


have saying. They'll only be able to hear what's happening when I turn


their pods on and they turn blue. The moment I'm going to give the


team's a list. Whichever team bids more they will play. If they win the


target, they win the list. If they fail, the opponents win. Whoever


wins two lists gets to play for ?50,000. The first list tonight


is... British summer Olympic Gold Medallists since 1980. We're looking


for the names of any of the 123 British sportsmen and women that


have won a Gold Medal at the summer Olympics in any sport since the


first of January 1980, according to the official site of the Olympics.


Challengers, you start the bidding. Champions, for the moment, I will


switch your pod off. I will be back to you soon. What do you think? I do


know a lot to be honest. Ive would say 12. -- Honest. I would say 12.


Thank you very much. What do you think about this, summer Olympics,


good subject? Yeah, sporty. Sport is good. Dan and Jane have come up with


a bid of 12? I would go 16. Thank you. Champions say 16. They're


playing a long game. We'll' do 22. 22? I just think I've got it in me.


Let's do it, 23. Bring it on. Wow. The champions say


23. Stunned silence. I'm thinking under pressure, whether I could get


as far as I would hope to. We'll let them name them. Yeah. OK. Claire,


Darren, you'll see the blue light is on behind me, which means they have


said "name them". That's an interesting sound you made there.


It's time to play the first list on Who Dares Wins.


It's a long list, 23 to get. Lets ehave the first answer. -- let's


have the first answer. Jessica Ennis-Hill. Yes. Mo Farah. Also on


the list. Andy Murray. Takes you to three. Sir Chris Hoy. Number four.


Bradley Wiggins. Also on the list. Steve red gave. -- Redgrave. Very


solid. Matthew Pinsent. They seem to go hand in hand. They sit next to


each other comfortably on the list. I know Nicola Adams, the boxer.


Absolutely. Awedly Harrison -- Audley. He's on the list. James


degale. You're absolutely right. Rebekah Addlington. Also on the


list. Let me slip one in, Victoria Pend leton. Good one, yeah. That


gets you over halfway. Sally Gunnell. Lucky 13 on your list. Dame


Kelly Holmes. Yeah, of course. Number 14 on your list. Very well


done. Worried yet? Not quite. There's Luke Campbell. If you're


100% sure. Anthony Joshua. Also on the list. And Luke Campbell. You're


doing very, very well. He is on the list. You know your boxers, don't


you? I've got a husband that watches Sky Sports a lot. I don't get a say


in what goes on. Well, despite not wanting to, it might have worked


out. You're doing very well. What about Gregg Rutherford. He won last


year. He did indeed. Let's go for him.


Yes, he's also on the list. What a fantastic moment that was. A


fantastic moment for you. Colin Jackson. Did he win gold or silver?


I think I know... Jonathan Edwards. Obvious! You're at 18. He's on the


list. Only Fife remaining. -- Fife remaining.


-- five remaining. Jason Kenny. They were in the pursuit together. Let's


go for that. How sure are you about that? Pretty


sure they were in the team you are suit with -- team pursuit with Chris


Hoy. Darren you're a keen cyclist. Yeah not really track cycling, more


Tour De France. If this is right, you're one step closer, only four


from making the list. If you're wrong, you'll have handed the list


over to your challengers, you said Jason Kenny. I have to tell you...


Is not a bad answer... He is on the list! That was very naughty. It's my


job. This is what I have to do. There you are, up to 19. You only


need to get four more. Very well done. Rebekah Romero. She's on the


list. Three more, just three more. The


shooting guy won. Peter Nicholls. Was that him? I I'm pretty sure


Linford cysty has won gold. -- Christie has won gold. We have to


take a risk. Female runners? Paula Radcliffe? Christine Ohuruogu,


definitely. 400m. She is on the list. That's your 21st correct


answer, two more. Did Linford Christie win? Any more


ro rollers -- rowers? James Cracknell. He is on the list. Juf


one more correct -- just one more correct answer required. We've got,


did he win silver or gold. Linford Christie won something. What about


Trott? Did she get gold? Yeah, I think she did. OK. Laura Trott.


Interestingly, if you'd have said Linford Christie, you'd have just


won the list. You talked about Peter Nicholls. You were thinking about


Peter Wilson. OK zb. If you'd have said Peter Nicholls, that would have


lost you the list. You went for Laura Trott. Claire, Darren, I have


to tell you... It's a Gold Medal winning performance. You've won the




Other answers on the list: Dan and Jane you have to take the


next list to force the tie-breaker. Other-wise they're going through.


The second list is Graham Norton Show guests. We are looking for the


name of any celebrity that has appeared as a guest on The Graham


Norton Show since it first aired on BBC One in October 2009. This


includes any musical acts that have appeared on the show. This is


according to the British comedy guide website and is accurate to


November 29, 2013. Champions, you get to start the


bidding. Away they go. What do you think about this one? I could have a


good stab at a few. There's a lot of comedians, actors that have been on


promoting films. Yes. Let's go 13. 13, what do you make this afternoon?


Not really my thing, to be honest. I do watch it. Shall we say 15? They


say 15. If we go 17... No, let's push them up one more. 16. They say


16 this time. Do you think we can go much higher. It's Who Dares Wins, we


have to dare something. We'll say 17. Thank you. They say 17. Let them


do it. We're going to let them do it.


Claire and Darren say "name them". It's time to play the second list on


Who Dares Wins. It's nice to see you happy to be in


the game. 17 correct answers required. Let's have the first one.


Cher. Yes, she is on the list. Den tell Washington. -- Denzel


Washington. Also on the list. Steve Mangan. He is on the list. Bradley


Cooper. You think he has visited The Graham Norton Show. You're


absolutely right. I think he's had DustinDustin Hoffman. About


comedians. Al Murray. If he's on the list, you've got to number six. If


he isn't, you have given the list away. I have to tell you, Al Murray


is not on the list. You've given the list away. The


champions have won the game. APPLAUSE


That's really hard on you. Let's see some of the other guests. You may


have been shouting answers at the screen.


There are loads. Great frustration for you. Fantastic news for our


champions. Well done Claire and Darren. You could be about to get a


lot richer; unfortunately, it's gooing to Dan and Jane -- it's


goodbye to Dan and Jane. It's been fantastic. Thank you. Let's hear it


for Dan and Jane. Claire and Darren, you are the champions and you are


now playing for ?50,000 on Who Dares Wins.


Champions, congratulations on making it this far. You're in a position to


earn yourselves a lot of money. Let's look at how much you could


earn on tonight's first money list. It could be ?50,000. That would be


nice, wouldn't it? Very nice. That's just the start. On Who Dares Wins,


if you keep on winning, you keep on earning. How do you win the cash? I


will give you a list. You must fill in the gaps. Give me three missing


answers and I will give you ?5,000. Six answers and I will give you


?10,000. Nine answers will earn you ?15,000. 12 answers and I'll give


you ?25,000. If we hit a subject category you like and you go up to


15 answers, you'll bank yourself a cool ?50,000.


Make a mistake at any point and it's game over. You drop right back down


to zero again. The list is... # songs from Andrew Lloyd Webber


musicals. Am I allowed to go "get in". We are looking for the names of


songs from Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals as featured on the show's


official websites. We will not accept incidental pieces such as


overture, reck we yep or finale. The song from the musical jeefz or the


Jeeves or ByJeeves or from Stephen Lloyd the musical.


This has got to be good for you. For me. It really is. Therefore it's


great for me too. It's difficult to be a piano teacher


and not learn a lot of Andrew Lloyd Webber songs along the way. I loved


them growing up and did them at school. We lose nothing by heading


off towards ?5,000. He wrote Josef and the amazing Technicolor


Dreamcoat. The big song from that is Close Every Door. Your first answer.


It's your first correct answer. Memories from Cats. Massive hit. It


is on the list. He wrote Jesus Christ Superstar, the


opening song of that is Heaven on their Minds. If you're correct


you've just won ?5,000. If you're incorrect, you failed on our money


list again. You just won ?5,000.


APPLAUSE I'm so pleased for you. After that


lass money list, it was such a disaster. I'm pleased. Do you want


to go on. You need to risk that ?5,000. If you make a mistake, you


lose the ?5,000. I'd like to go on. I can tell you three now that are


definitely. You know the titles are definitely right. Fine. Yes. We're


going on. They're risking their ?5,000 that they were so pleased to


win. Off we go. Phantom of the Opera.


Your fourth correct answer. Jesus Christ Superstar, I don't Know How


to Love Him. OK. You are absolutely right. It is on the list.


OK. Let's go for Gethsemine. Are you certain about this one? 100%. It's


so nice to say that. You're 100% right. You've just won ?10,000.


What do you think now? It gets harder. We're going. Maybe not to


the top. But to 15 definitely. They're risking the ?10,000. Let's


have the answer. Masquerade. It's on the list. Well dope.


-- Well done. All I Ask Of You is from Phantom of the Opera. Yes. It's


your eighth correct answer. One more for ?15,000. I know there's


one in Josef called Those Canaan Days. OK, fine.


If it's right, you've won ?15,000. If it's wrong, you've blown ?10,000.


It's a lot of money. It has just won you ?15,000.


This is interesting, this next jump is a ?10,000 jump. I have three


more. OK. Sure, going on? Yes. Yeah. They are going ahead.


I need your tenth answer. Sun set Boulevard.


It's on the list. Starlight Express.


It is on the list. Pilot's Dream. Straightforward this,


you've either won ?25,000 or you've blown it.


You said Pilot's Dream. You are ?25,000 richer!


Here's the big thing, ?25,000, you work hard to get there. You can


double it. Instead of being ?25,000 shared between you, it could be


?25,000 each. But only if you've got three answers that you are


absolutely sure of. Evita. I don't know any songs from erotament Don't


cry for me Argentina. We're going to go on. We're goi to do it. You're


going to risk the ?25,000? Yes. Don't cry for me Argentina.


Yes, say it. As your 13th answer, I'm taking


don't Cry for Me Argentina. It's a correct answer.


Very well played. As if We Never Said Goodbye. You


just said like Fife. I know! I'm not sure you're helping


at this stage. I sorry. Oh, What a Circus. Going


for that? Yes. Oh, what an answer - it's on the list! Come on! One more.


Wishing you were Some how Here Again. I did that at college. You're


happy with that one? Yes, As if We Never Said Goodbye. It's between


those two. Or The Perfect Year. That's from Sunset Boulevard. I know


that one. I remember that. Well then we're not going for it. We will go


for Joseph's Coat. That is 100% the title of the song. What about the


goodbye one you said? Let's go for that. You've talked me into it. As


if We Never Said Goodbye. I'm accepting that as your ?50,000


answer. Yes. You tried a lot of options. One of the ones you spoke


about there was the Perfect Year. It would have won you ?50,000. If you'd


have said Joseph's Coat. You'd have just won ?50,000. In the end you


went for as If We Never Said Goodbye. Claire, Darren, You've just




Congratulations. Well done. ?25,000 each. It's like


more than a year's salary for me. It's crazy. It is fantastic for me,


because my wife's not well. And the winter's are incredibly bad on my


wife. It's horrendous. Hopefully, we can get away. She's going to Spain


any way, which we planned. But now I don't have to worry about the cost.


If I want to fly out for the weekend, I can just go to see her.


That's awesome. That's fantastic. Let's look at some of the other


answers: I don't think I've ever seen anyone


do zero on their first list and ?50,000 on their second. Now beat


another set of challengers and you can have another go. Champions, very


well played. Try and calm yourselves and return to your pod.


APPLAUSE We have a brand new set of


challengers, welcome Ben and Amy. APPLAUSE


Say hello to each other. Pleased to meet you. Let's find out about you.


Amy, tell us where you're from and what you do. I'm from just outside


Edinburgh. My husband and I recently ran a coffee shop and now I'm at


home looking after our three beautiful daughters. Do you want to


give them a name check? Zoe, Maisie and Isla. I'm from Plymouth and


Devon. I am an English and PE teacher. I have my beautiful


girlfriend Suzanne and my one-year-old son Noah. Hello, Noah,


I hope you're watching. Time to go to bed. Beat the current champions.


Teacher, versus teacher battle. Oh, yes, didn't think of that.


Challengers, make your way to your sound had of proof pod.


-- sound-proof pod. Teams, if you're ready to play, your


first list is... James Bond actors. We are looking for the names of any


top credited male actors in the 23 official James Bond films. By top


credited we mean the names of any man that appears in the first 15


names on the first cast list of each film. Please note actors are listed


in order of importance with the biggest stars first, this is


according to the official credits of the 23 James Bond films.


Challengers, you get to go first. Champions, I'm switching your pod


off. Away they go. How are you on James? Yeah, all right, pretty good.


Seven? Yeah. Thank you. The challengers say seven. I think 11.


Thank you very much. Ben, Amy, they say 11. I think we can make them


name that. We will make them go for that one. OK, they say "name them".


It's time to play the first list on Who Dares Wins.


Right, James Bond actors. I need 11 names from you. Let's start with


James Bond... Daniel Craig. Don't say that. That's the one I know.


Sean Connery. . Roger Moore. Also on the list. Timothy Dalton. . Followed


by Piers s Brosnan. Daniel Craig. You can do that. Definitely on the


list. George Lasenby. The sixth. Let's go for the baddies.


LySevalles. Absolutely right. I know YafikKoto. That's on the list


Christopher Walken was a baddie. That's your ninth answer. That's


correct. Jonathan Price vment -- Price. That's on the list. Ben


Wishaw. If he's on the list, you've won the first list and put the


pressure on Ben and Amy. If it's not on the list, you've lost the first


list. I have to tell you... He is on the list. You've won that first


list. Congratulations. I'm sure at home you were shouting


at the scene. Let's' look at the other answers


Ben, Amy, the pressure is on you now. You need to win the next list


to push it to a tie-breaker. The second list is... Capital cities


whose names are six letters long or less. We are looking for any


official capital cities of the world, whose names are a total of


six letters long or less in English. We are looking for the national cap


talds, not state, provain -- capitals, not state, pro vain shall


or county capitals -- provincial. Champions, you get to start the


bidding. That means this time, I switch you off. We can bluff them.


They're desperate to do a list. Let's go for nine. Really? Yes,


nine. The champions have an opening bid of nine. What do you think? I


think we can push up to 11. Challengers say 11. I think push


them one more. I don't know. I think they might make a mistake. 12.


Champions say 12. OK. We can do that. You need to win a list here as


well. Whichever way you go about it. 13. Thank you. Darren, you appear to


have succeeded here in as much as they've gone to 13. I think we can't


risk going any higher, in case it back fires. I think we will ask them


to name them. Thank you. Ben, Amy, they've said "name them". Time to


play the second list on Who Dares Wins.


13 correct cities will win you the list and draw the game and put you


into a tie-break. That's what you need to do. Let's have the first


answer. Let's go for the easy one. London. Great start. Paris. Dublin.


Berlin. Good answer. Rome. That's number four. Prague. Yeah. Also on


the list. Let's slow down. How about we do African countries, let's do


Africa. OK? Tunis. . It is there on the list. Let's think. Back to


Europe and do Dublin. Yes. Over halfway. It's on the list. Berne.


Yes on the list. Let's do Bulgaria, Sophia.


Yes. That takes it to nine. Just four more required to take the list


and force a tie-break. Kiev. Into double figures. Only three required.


Worried? Sounds like they've done a journey around Europe at some point.


A lot of air miles there. Kigali.


How sure are you of this one? I'm not, my partner is. I think it's the


capital of Rwand If you're right you're only two away. If you're


wrong, you've blown the list and the champions go through to pla I for


the money one more time. I have to tell you, Kigali... #6 is


on the list -- Kigali, is on the list. Very well done. Although,


interestingly, the spelling is "K". But we ask for the name, so we can


overlook that. Asia. Beijing. BEJING. That's definitely right,


isn't it. Tokyo. Tokyo. Tokyo, you say. It's the 12th correct answer.


You are now just one away. One more correct answer, be


absolutely sure. You want to go for that one, does China sound good?


Yeah, ask Claire to check our spelling. She's a primary spelling.


Beijing. If you're right and it's on the list, you'll have won the list


and we'll go to a tie-break. If you have it wrong and it's not on the


list, then you've given the list away and Claire and Darren have won


the game as well as the list. Ben, Amy, I have to tell you,


Beijing... Is not on the list. I'm afraid the champions have won


both the list and the game. You spelled it incorrectly. This


time it matters. It's B-E-I-J-I-N-G. Let's look at the missing answers:


Great news for you, you get to play again for some more money. Bad news


for Ben and Amy. I hope you enjoyed playing. Thank you. Lovely to have


you here. Ben and Amy. APPLAUSE


Claire and Darren are about to play for the money where they could win


?50,000. They're not the only ones who could win a fortune tonight.


Will you win big? There's only one way to find out. It's time for the


Thunderball draw from the National Lottery.


Thanks very much Nick. Hello everyone and welcome to the National


Lottery Live. In just a moment, you're in with a chance of winning a


top prize of ?500,000 in the Thunderball draw. Get your tickets


ready. First, congratulations are in order for a syndicate from


Warrington, who' cently discovered that -- who recently discovered they


had won the Lotto jackpot. The former work colleagues, who have


been playing the same numbers since lotto first launched, are


celebrating a win of over 1. .7 million. Hello guys, enjoy your


prize money. Now thankfully, they eventually claimed their winnings.


Could you also have won a fortune? Well, if you bought a ticket in the


Lincoln area for the Lotto quadruple rollover on Saturday 4th January,


listen up. You could have won a prize of more than ?580,000. Check


those tickets. Perhaps it is your mum, granddad, best friend. Spread


the word, because it could make someone's week. Time for the first


of tonight's draws. Here's Thunderball.


OK, start up those Thunderball machines, please Matt.


There have been over 409,000 winning tickets on Thunderball since last


Saturday night. Congratulations if yours was one of them. Thank you


very much Alan. The very best of luck everyone.


Here we go. First one to appear before us


tonight is right there, number three. A total of 39 balls to pick


from in this first machine. Choose Fife of them. -- five of them. Next


is 34. Three opportunities per week to play the game itself, Wednesdays,


Fridays and Saturdays. There's the next one, number one. Yes, the top


prize, ?500,000. Next up - 23. We need just one more from this, our


first machine. Which is it to be? The answer is right there, number


four. Brilliant. That's the Fife main Thunderball numbers -- five


main Thunderball numbers done. If you haven't matched any numbers yet,


don't worry. You can still win a cash prize with just the


Thunderball. Here we go, then. Let's see if we can't make this a weekend


that's a little bit special for you. It's number 12. Here are tonight's


Thunderball numbers again, this time in ascending order:


Thank you very much, Alan. Not long to go before tonight's big Lotto


draw. Before that, it's time to rejoin Nick and Who Dares Wins.


Welcome back. We'll have more from the National Lottery later. First of


all, congratulations on making it this far again. You are now in a


position to earn yourselves a lot of money. It could be up to ?50,000.


APPLAUSE Are you ready? Yes. Ready. Play for


the money. The list is... Open golf winners. We are looking for any man


that has won the British Open golf championship since 1945. This is


according to the official website of the Open. You've said were forced to


watch a lot of sport, does it involve golf? It does, but there's


the masters and it's getting it, making sure it's the right


competition. Do you know golf? I don't know the Open. I can remember


a lot of players who have won it. Let's head off towards ?5,000. I


need the first answer. We will say Tiger Woods. Has he won the British


Open golf championship? Yes, he has. Jack Nicholas. Yes, your second


correct answer. One more and you've won ?5,000. Nick Faldo. If you're


right, you've won ?5,000. If you're wrong, you don't win anything on


this money list. You've just won ?5,000.


APPLAUSE Three more to ?10,000. Are you going


on? Yeah, we will do three more. Yeah. OK they're risking their


?5,000. Which is your next answer? Sandy Lyle. Confident? Yeah. You're


right to be confident. He's there. SeveBallesteros. Yes, he's on the


list. Gary Player? I think Paul Laurie. If you're right you win


?10,000. If you're wrong you lose ?5,000. Claire, Darren... You've


just won ?10,000. APPLAUSE


Have we got three more? I don't want to risk it. I think we'll play it


safe. We're going to stop. Ladies and gentleman, they're going to stop


at ?10,000. That's yours now, in the bank now,


waiting for you to spend it. We combine it with your ongoing total


of ?50,000, making your total ?60,000 winnings so far.


Well, ?30,000 each. That's not a bad night's work. Let's look at the


other answers on the list: It doesn't have to end there. On who


would, as long as you're winning, you can continue earning. Claire and


Darren have added ?10,000 to their prize fund. Will tonight be your


lucky night? Fingers crossed for you. It's time for tonight's Lotto


draw. See you in a moment.


Thanks very much, Nick. Well done Claire and Darren. Now, news of even


more winners as this time it's a couple from Chingford celebrating


after last Saturday's draw. A big congratulations to Carl and Donna


Trainer who are one of Fife lucky ticket holders to match all six


numbers. Hello, you two. They discovered their win after watching


last Saturday's draw show. Now they're better off to the tune of


over ?540,000. I bet they're glad they were watching. Will you be


next? The wait is over. We're ready. Are you? Here's Lotto.


So, Alan, tell me what's in tonight's big Lotto jackpot? An


estimated 4. .5 million. Thank you very much. That will put a


smile on someone's face. Good luck everyone. Let's release the big


money balls. Over ?23 million has been won on


Lotto and Lotto raffle this week, shared amongst over 635,000 lucky


winners. What a week it's been! OK. Looks like everything is in order.


So let's get things under way. Good luck everyone.


Here we go. There's the first one already, the top banana, 49, bonus


four weekends ago. Next, how about that one there, number 15. The


number of years with your support that the National Lottery has been


behind British athletes. Next, number four. Thanks to lottery


players over 420,000 grants have been awarded to the good causes.


That's number 30, drawn last weekend as well. You may recall if it's one


of your chosen few. The fifth one, number 21. Also drawn a matter of


Fife Wednesdays back. The six dfive Wednesdays back. The sixth number is


number 41. Excellent. And finally, this weekend's bonus, if you need


it, right there, number 11. Millionaire's row this Saturday


night looks like this in ascending order: nally,


Thank you, Alan. Every line of Lotto gives entry to the Lotto raffle.


Tonight there are 50 prizes of ?20,000 up for grabs. To find out if


you're a winner, full results will be available later viate red button


or -- via the red button or following the links at


bbc.co.uk/lottery. The results of this week's draws are available on


BBC One, straight after the Ten O'Clock news. I'm away next week.


But now back over to Nick and Who Dares Wins.


Welcome back to Who Dares Wins. Before we went over to the National


Lottery, Claire and Darren won ?10,000, bringing their total prize


fund to ?60,000. How did you do at home? Would you have had the nerve


to go all the way to ?50,000? Is your golf knowledge good enough? I


wonder. I hope you enjoyed playing along tonight. Join us again next


week to find out if you could do better than our champions. In the


meantime, good night.


Nick Knowles hosts the National Lottery quiz where two teams of strangers play against each other to complete a series of lists and win up to £100,000.

Includes the Lotto and Thunderball draws with Gaby Roslin.

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