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Episode 5

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and Darren returned to Who Dares Wins. You have just won ?10,000.


They played two money lists. You have just won ?30,000! They've


earned a total of ?60,000. Can they continue to succeed tonight? It's


time to find out on Who Dares Wins. APPLAUSE AND CHEERING


Welcome. Hello and welcome to you and to the National Lottery Who


Dares Wins, the show where completing a series of lists can


make you very rich. We put together teams of complete strangers and ask


them to fill in missing answers on a list. For example, if I asked you to


name the most common words ending in CH how many could you list? You


might say such or which? What about Lynch? That's what Who Dares Wins is


about. Claire and Darren remain champions. They're working well as a


team and have an interesting dynamic going on. They've won ?60,000.


Pleads welcome -- please welcome back Claire and Darren.


APPLAUSE AND CHEERING How are you? Hello. Nice to see you.


Where are you from? Southampton Who is at home? My husband Jamie and


little girl who is four. ?30,000 is your half so far. It's more than


like a year's salary for me being a part-time teacher. It's crazy money.


Jolly good. Nice to see you again. Tell us about that phone call after


the show. Your share of the winnings, ?30,000. It's all gone!


That doesn't surprise me. Remind us you are a teacher? I am. I work from


home, live in Blackpool. Lisa my wife and the kids. More money on the


way you think? I think so. Best of luck. Champions, make your way to


your soundproof pod. APPLAUSE


If they want to be in with a chance of winning more money, they'll have


to beat a new set of challengers. Please welcome Tom and Mike.


APPLAUSE How are you doing, nice to see you.


Hello. Say hello to each other. Let's find out about you. Where are


you from and what do you do? Newport in Wales. I work for a cricket club.


Who is at home? Fiancee. We have been together four years, lived


together for the last two years. Yeah, she's expecting our first


child in April. Fantastic news. Baby on the way there. Let's find out


about Tom. Where are you from and what do you do? Portsmouth,


originally from Nottingham and I am a fitness instructor. You were in


the Navy? For a couple of years. You have travelled the woshld and saw


countries -- the world. England and Wales. Up and down the coast? Pretty


much Are you able to bring down the champions? Hope so. I want to


enforce misery on teachers like they did to us all at school. Best of


luck contenders. Make your way to your soundproof pod. OK the teams


are in their pods. When the pods turn red like so, they are


completely soundproof. They can't hear anything I or their opponents


are saying. They'll only be able to hear what's happening when I turn on


their pods like this and they turn blue. In a moment I am going to give


the teams a list, which ever teams bids more will get to play. If they


reach their target they win the list. If they fail, their opponents


win. The first to win two lists gets to play for ?50,000. The first list


tonight is: We are looking for the 25 largest cities, towns or urban


areas in Australia by population. This is according to the Australian


Bureau of Statistics and is accurate to December 31st, 2012. Challengers,


you start the bidding. Away we go from the champions, I need an


opening bid. I probably would be skruching at strawles -- clutching


at straws at five or six. A push, we go ten. Ten. Tom and Mike say ten. I


kind of had seven in my head. We will let them do it. Thank you. Tom


and Mike, the champions have said name them. It's time to play the


first list on Who Dares Wins. Right. Ten largest Australian cities


is what I require from you. Sydney. Sydney is on the list. Melbourne.


Also on the list. Business bane. Bris -- Brisbane. On the list.


Perth. Gets you to number four. We will go Adelaide. That's right,


you are halfway to winning this list. Hobart. Hobart is on the list.


Well done. Canberra. Is this one of the four?


Yes, it is. Melbourne is a big city, I lived on


the outskirts and Geelong is a city outside. It's got to be, 25, yeah.


It's a great answer. It's on the list.


Gold coast. You know what, gold coast gets you one away. You are


correct. One more city. I am sure Cairns. If


it's right, you have taken the first list and put the pressure squarely


on the champions. If you are wrong, you have given away the list on the


10th answer. Tom and Mike... It has just won you




An unfinished list is unfinished business as we say here. Let's look


at what other answers you could have given.


Champions, Claire and Darren, they've taken the first list. That


means you need to win the second to stay in the game and force a


tie-break. The second list is: To clarify, we are looking for any


of the 22 most commonly used two-letter words in written English


around the world. Please note the word is, is often shortened or


joined with other words such as he's or isn't and therefore, does not


appear on the list. This is according to the Oxford Dictionaries


Website. Champions, you bid first. Tom and Mike are now unable to hear


anything. Let's have a chat. I think we go 12. We will go 12. Thank you


very much. Tom and Mike, how are we feeling about this? Claire and


Darren said 12. When we list them... If we are 1-0 up and have a crack at


it, I say go high, confident. 17. Thank you. The challengers say 17.


That's a big bid. I wonder if they're trying to push us up, I


think we should go 18. I am in your hands. 18, nothing to lose. Claire


and Darren go 18. I don't want to give them the round, 19. Thank you


very much. 19. 19. If they do it, fair play, they deserve to win. Ask


them to neighbouring them, Nick. -- ask them to name them. Their light


is still blue because they have said name them. Time to play the second


list on Who Dares Wins. So let's get started. That's a good


start. As. Also on the list. Be. Takes you to three.


Go. Gets you to number four. It. It. A good answer. Is.


That isn't clarification... Tom and Mike, you said is and is... Is not


on the list. You have given the list away. It's 1-1. We go to a


tie-break. I read please net the word is, is


isn't often shortedened and therefore dz not appear on the list.


You used it anyway and it means that you lost out on the list. I am sure


you would like to know some of the missing words from that list.


That's one list each. The game is tide and we play a sudden death


tie-break. We go back and forth between the teams until one team


gives a correct answer and the other team gives a wrong answer. The


tie-break list is: We are looking for the name of any


of the 37 countries that the England men's football team has played at a


World Cup finals tournament from the 1950 tourn inspect Brazil to --


tournament to 2010 South Africa. We will accept the name of each country


as it was known at the time of the tournament. This is according to the


official website of the Fifa World Cup. Challengers, we start with you.


West Germany. A good start. Well done. Claire and Darren. Brazil.


Takes it level. It's on the list. Portugal. Portugal you are saying.


Also on the list. Argentina. Draws you level again. Sweden. Also on the


list. You are back in the lead. Claire and Darren? I need another


answer. Columbia. Takes it level. The pressure is back on Tom and


Mike. USA. Did we play them in the World Cup? Yes, we did. It's on the


list. The pressure back on the champions. Uruguay. It's on the


list. Back to the challengers, Tom and Mike. Cameroon. You are back in


the lead. The pressure is on Claire and Darren. Nigeria.


Nigeria is on the list. Very good answer.


Italy. Italy you are saying. It's a great answer. It's on the list. Back


to Claire and Darren. Holland. Is on the list. The Netherlands.


Germany. Is that separate? You are saying Germany. Germany is on the


list. Very well done. We are going to say Paraguay. On the


list, it's another one. It's back to Tom and Mike. Some tie-breaker this


is turning out to be. Go on, say that. Ecuador. It's on the list.


It's a good answer. Picked out of nowhere. Goes to Claire and Darren.


Got a country? We are going to go with Morocco. I have to tell you,


Claire and Darren, it's on the list. Back to Tom and Mike. Belgium. Platt


scored a volley. Without any consultation to Tom. Straight in.


Tom is looking happy. Yeah, it's on the list.


Once again, Claire and Darren, I need a correct answer or your Crown


has gone. What's it it's going to be? Poland. Poland is on the list.


Extraordinary! All right, boys. What are we thinking now? Go for that


USSR. You said. USSR. It's on the list. Soviet Union. Let's do it.


Costa Rica. Is it on the list? If it is the pressure goes back to Tom and


Mike. Look at their faces! They're stressed to bits. If it's not on the


list, you will have lost the tie-breaker and the game and we will


have new champions. Claire and Darren, I have to tell you... It's


not on the list. We have new champions! Epic tie-break. Let's


look at the other answers. There weren't a lot left to be honest.


Nonetheless, we have enjoyed having you on the show. You can comfort


yourselves with the fact that you are leaving ?60,000 better off. I


know it's going to make a difference to you guys. Let's hear it one more


time for Claire and Darren the champions!


Tom and Mike, you dared and you won and now you are through to play for


?50,000 on Who Dares Wins. Champions, congratulations on making


it through the most gruelling and epic tie-break I think I have ever


been associated with. Good team. Now you stand here with a chance to earn


yourselves a lot of money. How do you win the cash? I am going to give


you a list and you must fill in the gaps. Give me three missing answers


and you will get ?5,000. Six answers and I will give you ?10,000. Nine


answers you are looking at ?15,000. 12 answers and I will give you


?25,000. If you can give me all 15 answers you will bank yourself a


cool ?50,000. Be careful, make a mistake at any point and you lose


the lot. The list is: We are looking for any credited


actor or actress that's played or provided a voice for a name


character in the Avengers series of movies. These movies are Avengers


Assemble Thor, Thor The Dark World. Ironman, Ironman 2, Ironman 3,


Captain America, The First Avenger, The Hulk, The Incredible Hulk. Film


buffs? I have seen a couple. You look terribly nervous. Remember to


breathe. Let's head off towards ?5,000. I would be happy to start


with Ironman actors. Robert Downey Junior. A great start, of course.


Geoff Bridges. That's right. Takes to you two. One more and you have


won ?5,000. Micky Rourke. If you are right you have won ?5,000 that


quickly. If you are wrong, you go away from this list without any


cash. It's on the list, you have just won ?5,000.


That was easy, wasn't it? You could make it five each if you get to


?10,000. If you get something wrong you lose the ?5,000. I can name the


three Hulks. They're going to head towards ten.


I need your fourth answer. Eric Bana. He is on the list.


Edward Norton. Edward Norton is on the list.


Mark Ruffelo. If you are right, you have just won ?10,000. Tom and Mike,


you have just won ?10,000. Chris Himsworth. Tom Huddlestone. Jeremy


Renner is Hawkeye. And Scarlett Johanssen. Let's crack on. They're


risking the ?10,000. They're going to go for it. Right. I need your 7th


answer. Scarlett Johanssen. Both very confident. It's a great answer.


She is on the list. Chris Himsworth. Chris Hemsworth. He is on the list.


So, one more to get to ?15,000. Gwyneth Paltrow. 100% certain? If


you are right, ?15,000 is yours. Tom and Mike, you have just won ?15,000.


APPLAUSE AND CHEERING So it's a big risk because you have


?15,000. The temptation is to go on with another three if you can get it


because it gets you a ?10,000 leap to ?25,000. Crack on, mate. We will


crack on. You will go for it. OK, they're risking ?15,000 to go to


?25,000. So let's head on. Tom Huddlestone. If he is there you are


two away from the ?25,000. It's a good answer. It's on the


list. Actual Actually it was Hiddleston, that is close enough.


Ben Kingsley. It's another great answer. One away. Captain America.


Samuel L Jackson. Definitely. He is confident. OK. If you are right,


it's ?25,000. If you are wrong, you have just blown ?15,000.


Tom and Mike, you have just won ?25,000.


It's a lot of cash. But, how often will you be three answers away from


double doubling up to make 50? I would be more than happy to cash out


but I know you probably have three. Jeremy Ren Renner Chris Evans... Am


I getting confused with the DJ? Is it like a similar name? Am I brave


enough? If you are confident, mate, you go for it. Let's go for it. Let


me have your 13th answer, please. Tim Roth. Has he just lost you


?25,000 or is it another great answer in this extraordinary list


you are playing? You said Tim Roth? It is on the list. Jeremy Renner.


Jeremy Renner. If it is there, you are one step away from winning


?50,000. If he is not, you have probably


taken the worst bet of your life. You said Jeremy Renner.


He is on the list. It's all down to this one answer


now. I have seen him so many times. Who


are you most confident with? Chris Evans. I think he is Captain


America. Chris Evans. Is that the answer I am taking? Yeah. This is


it. ?50,000 or bust on this one answer. Have you got his name right?


Or have you confused him with someone else?


Tom and Mike... I have to tell you, you have just


won ?50,000! Absolutely incredible. ?25,000. You


talk talking about it, a baby on the way. I can put money down for a car


and security. It's massive. It's a huge change. ?25,000, I can put a


deposit down on a flat. That's all I have wanted to do. Unreal. Let's


look at some of the other answers. Listen, that's ?50,000. That's


yours, no matter what else happens. It's in your bank account waiting to


be spent. Take yourselves back to your champions' pod and have a think


about that, ?25,000. Each you go lads. -- ?25,000 each. Off you go


lads. A brand new set of challengers, please welcome Hayley


and Ranjit. APPLAUSE


Hello, how are you. Say hello to eacher. You need to make a team. --


hello to each other. Tell us about each other. I am from Hull. You like


motorbikes and kick boxing. You have seen ?50,000 be won. That would be


great I would love to be scuba-diving. If I win 50 I will


take my brother and his family with me. Where are you from and what do


you do? I am from rugby and I am a financial advisor. Family? Big


family, five children. All under the age of nine. Only been married for


ten years. You have got on with it a bit. We didn't waste any time. You


obviously don't have as many hobbies. If you won money what would


you spend it on? Take the children to India, Australia, have family out


there. Best of luck, challengers. Please make your way to the


soundproof pod. APPLAUSE


Teams, if you are ready, let's play Who Dares Wins. Your first list is:


We are looking for the names of any of the 259 males that appear on Heat


magazine's celebrity A-Z database. Owe bagsly occasionally a boy band


that has appeared on the X Factor appears. We will not accept the


band's name as a correct answer as we are only looking for individuals'


names. This list is accurate to November 2013 and according to the


official website of Heat magazine. Champions, for the moment, we will


switch your pod off. 12. All right. Tom and Mike, an opening bid of 12.


That's really low. You have boy bands, you have got singers, sports


players, presenters. We will push them up high to make a mistake. Do


you want to put 16? Or go higher? I think high. 25. Thank you. 25 is the


new bid. I don't think they know. Name them. Thank you very much. Tom


and Mike, you will notice that Hayley and Ranjit's light is still


blue because they've said name them. Happy with that? OK, it's time play


the first list on Who Dares Wins. I need your first answer. One


Direction. The names have got to be there. Harry Styles. It's your first


correct answer. Zain Malik. Olly Murs. David Beckham. It's a good


answer. Brad Pitt. Brad Pitt you are saying. It is there and gets you to


number five. Johnny Depp. Also on the list.


Robbie Williams. Robbie Williams is a very good choice. Gary Barlow. He


also makes the list. Simon Cowell. Your 9th correct answer. Russell


Brand. Russell Brand, does he take you to double figures? Yes, he does.


Or lan doe Bloom. -- Orlando Bloom. Is on the list. Bradley Cooper. You


are saying for your 12th answer. It's your 12th correct answer.


Ryan ray noteds -- Reynolds. 13th answer and over halfway. Dermot


O'Leary. Will get you to 14 and you would be absolutely right.


Ant and Dec. Declan Donnelly then. It's Declan Donnelly. Go on then.


Declan Donnelly. Declan Donnelly is on the list. Come on. Surely we can


plan this out. Steven Gerrard is there and his wife is famous. Frank


Lampard. Back of the net, he is on the list. Wayne Rooney then. Yeah.


How sure are you of Wayne Rooney? His wife's quite... Probably is


photographeded a lot and in a lot of magazines. If he is on the list you


are one closer to completing your list. If he is not on the list


Hayley and Ranjit have taken the list. I have to tell you Wayne


Rooney... Is not on the list. You have given the first list away to


the challengers. APPLAUSE


So, Hayley and Ranjit, you have taken the first list. One more and


you will be playing for ?50,000. Tom and Mike, if you want to hang on to


the champions' Crown you have to win the list. The second list is: We are


looking for any of the words that feature in the lyrics of the song by


Queen. This is according to the Queen Songs Website. Champions, you


get to bid first. Challengers, you will switch your pod off. You need


to win this list. What's your opening bid? I am happy I know a


few. And how many are... Like scaramouche. 30. Thank you. How do


we feel about this song? We both know it really well. We have an


opening bid of 30. We can do more. Let's go 3 approximate. Thank you.


-- 33. Thank you. They're saying 33. 40. It's a lot of words. 40. Thank


you. I tell you what, let's go 46 then. Then we will start singing it


as soon as they cut us off. Tom and Mike, 46. I say 50. I could get to


20. 30 more and what comes in my mind? You seem more confident. We


will go 50. 52. Thank you. 52. Name them. Thank you very much. You will


notice the blue light is on behind me. Tom and Mike have said name


them. It's time to play the second list on Who Dares Wins.


52 correct answers to get. Whenever you are ready let's get started


Mama. Is on the list. Just. Is on the list. Kill. Also on the list.


Man. Number five. Put. Gun. Against. Against would be your 8th correct


answer. His. Is on the list and gets you to


number nine. Head. Is your 10th correct answer and gets you to


double figures. Good start. Hold. It's there. My. Yeah. Trigger. Your


13th correct answer. Now. Is another correct answer at 14. He's. It's


there. Dead. Gets you to number 16. Life. On the list. Leave that one.


Begun. Is correct. And. Is on the list. I've. Is on the list. Gone.


Gets you to 21. Run. Is correct. It. Is on the list. All. All is correct.


Away. Is your 25th correct answer. Didn't. Gets you halfway. Mean. Mean


is on the list. To. Is correct. Make. Is on the


list. You. Yeah, it's there. Cry. Is your 31st correct answer. If. If is


also on the list. Not. Is also there. Back. Yeah, it's there.


Again. Yeah. This. It's on the list. Time. Time, it's there. Tomorrow. Is


also a very good answer. Carry. It's there.


On. Is your 40th correct answer. How are you feeling at this stage?


Annoyed. Still 12 to go. Nothing. It's on the list. Really. It's also


there. Mattered? Matters? Leave that one. Leave that one. See. Yeah, it's


there. Little. Is on the list. Silouetta. We will go for


scaramouche. Is on the list. Will. Is on the list.


Oh, yeah. It's on the list. Have we had the? It's also there.


Fandango. Is on the list. I need three more to complete this epic


list. Lightning. Takes it to 50 correct answers.


I need one more correct answer. Gallileo. Can you sing that bit of


the song? # Let me go! It was an epic list. It's an epic win.


Congratulations. You are the new champions. For those of you at home


let's look and see what other answers you could have given.


There's loads. It doesn't really matter because Hayley and Ranjit you


are the new champions. Tom and Mike, you can comfort yourselves with the


fact that you are leaving after a very good night's work ?50,000


richer. It's a life-changing amount of money for me, I can't believe it.


Ladies and gentlemen, let's hear it one more time for the fantastic Tom


and Mike. APPLAUSE


Hayley and Ranjit are about to play the money list. They're not the only


one who is could win a fortune tonight. It's time for the


Thunderball draw from the National Lottery. See you in a mo.


Good evening and twok the National Lottery live -- and welcome to the


National Lottery live with Kate Garraway.


Good evening to you all. I am so thrilled to be here at Lotto HQ. How


about Who Dares Wins? A tense turnover of champions there. We are


going to be finding out how they get on with that important money list in


a few minutes. First, lots of ways to win a whole lot of cash tonight.


In a moment you could find yourself ?500,000 better off if you get lucky


with Thunderball. Plus later on the chance to win a fortune in the Lotto


jackpot draw. A jackpot this week is worth an estimated 4. .4 million.


If that wasn't enough, there are 50 prizes of ?20,000 to be won in


tonight's Lotto Raffle. Without further ado let's get cracking with


my first draw, it's time for Thunderball.


OK, start up those machines, please, Jefferson. Our draw master tonight


is Geoff and the draws are overseen by an independent adjudicator.


Thank you. The best of luck everyone.


Here we go. If you haven't matched any numbers


yet do not worry because you could still win a cash prize with just the


Thunderball. Is this going to be your special weekend? We are about


to find out. There it is, number 11. Here are tonight's numbers again:


Well not long before tonight's big Lotto jackpot draw. Before that it's


time to rejoin Nick and Who Dares Wins. See you very shortly.


Welcome back. We will have more from the National Lottery later. First of


all, new champions, congratulations on making it this far. That was an


epic effort. Thank you. You are in a position now to earn yourself a lot


of money. It could be up to ?50,000. If you are ready, let's play for the


money. The list is: We are looking for any country whose


current name begins with the letter B. This is according to the United


Nations list of member states. How do we feel about this? We will give


it a go. Can't lose anything by heading towards the ?5,000. Let's


get under way. OK. Start with Europe. Belgium. Belgium am -- --


Belgium. Great start. Bahrain. Second correct answer. One more


correct answer and you have won ?5,000. Bangladesh. A country? Yeah.


If it's there you have won ?5,000. Yes, you have just won ?5,000. So


have you got three more? Can you risk the ?5,000 to go on to ?10,000?


If you make a mistake you will lose that ?5,000. We will go on. They're


risking the five to go on to ten. Bulgaria. Bulgaria as your fourth


answer and your fourth correct answer. Botswana. It's on the list.


Belarus. If you are correct and it's an independent country, you have won


?10,000. If it's not, you have blown ?5,000. That's how it works. You


have just won ?10,000. Well, can you think of three more?


Bosnia. Bahamas. Bermuda. Barbados. Individual countries or Islands?


That's quite hard. Shall we go for the Bahamas? Trying to think of


south America. Brazil. Brazil. What else did we have? Belize. Yeah, go


on. Give it a go. We are going to give it a go. They're going to risk


the ?10,000 and go to 15. So, your 7th answer. We will go for Brazil.


That's a great answer. Of course it's on the list. Very solid. Bosnia


and Herzegovina. It's also on the list. We will go for Belize. If you


are correct, you have won ?15,000. If you are wrong, you have thrown


away ?10,000. Is Belize a country in its own right?


It is a country in its own right. You have just won ?15,000! You want


to go on? No! You want to keep the ?15,000. Ladies and gentlemen,


they've won ?15,000. APPLAUSE


Let's look at some of the other ones you could have had. There is a few


there. So, they've just added ?15,000 to their prize fund. Will


tonight be your lucky night too? Fingers crossed. It's time for


tonight's Lotto draw from the National Lottery. Come back soon.


Thank you, Nick. A massive well done to Hayley and Ranjit and


congratulations are in order for online player MrL from Lancashire


who has accepted partial publicity following his lucky win of well over


?2 million last Saturday. Well done to you. Now, with a Winter Olympics


in Sochi next Friday we would like to wish all the lottery-funded


athletes taking part, including Nick Buckland and penny Coombes, without


your support as National Lottery players they might not even have


been able to compete. Thank you. Time now for the big one, it's


Lotto. OK, let's release those big money


balls! Tonight's jackpot is worth an estimated 4. .4 million.


We had a couple of jackpot winners last Saturday and one on Wednesday.


Time for the bit I have been looking forward to. Good luck everyone.


Beautifully done! Here we go, we are off and running.


Finally, let's look at this weekend's bonus. There it is.


Millionaires' row this Saturday night looks like this:


Thank you, Alan. Remember every line of Lotto gives entry to the Lotto


Raffle draw for your chance to win ?20,000 that I am thrilled to tell


you that tonight there are 50 prizes of ?20,000 up for grabs. To find out


if you are a winner, full results will be available via the red button


or by visit visiting bbc.co.uk and following the links. Gabby Roslin is


back next week before I return on the 8th March. For now, it's back to


Nick and Who Dares Wins. Welcome back to Who Dares Wins.


Before we went to the National Lottery Hayley and Ranjit won


?15,000. Tonight we have given away a total of ?65,000. I hope you


enjoyed playing along. Join us again next week, good night. Condprat


layingses -- congratulations Hayley and Ranjit. How much more will they


pocket? We will find out next week. Do your level best to enjoy the rest


of your weekend. Good night.


Nick Knowles hosts the National Lottery quiz where two teams of strangers play against each other to complete a series of lists and win up to £100,000.

Includes the Lotto and Thunderball draws with Kate Garraway .

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