Episode 6 The National Lottery: Who Dares Wins

Episode 6

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and financial adviser Ranjit challenged champions Tom and Mike in


the longest list ever played on Who Dares Wins.


It's an epic win, congratulations. You are the new champions! They


played their first money list. Belize is a country in its own


right. You just won ?15,000. Will they continue winning and earning?


Let's find out now on Who Dares Wins.


APPLAUSE Thank you, hello and welcome to The


National Lottery: Who Dares Wins, the show where completing a series


of lists can make you very, very rich. On Who Dares Wins we put


together teams of complete strangers and asked them to fin in missing


answers on a list. For example, if I asked you to name American sports


teams, how many would you list? You might say the New York Giants or the


San Francisco 49ers, but what about the Memphis Grizzlies, are they on


the list? That's what Who Dares Wins is all about. Hayley and Ranjit


managed to win themselves ?15,000. They've got the taste for winning


and they won't want to give up their champion status easily. Please


welcome back Haley and Ranjit! CHEERING


How are you? Good thank you. Nice to see you. Remind us where you are


from and what you do? I'm from Hull, City of Culture. Who would have


thought that I know! And I'm a graphic artist in the games


industry. All the men use, graphicsened apps. It is a big


industry these days isn't it? Massive. Ranjit, where are you fro?


Rugby from near Coventry. I'm a financial adviser. Have you given


yourself sensible advice about it who to do with your earnings? I


haven't told my wife. That's the sensible advice, is it - don't let


on? New sites on new amounts of money? Anything nor will be great.


Five children? Yes, the oldest is nine-and-a-half. That's a mad house


isn't it? You get used to it. When you haven't got any choice, that's


life. Seems pretty normal to me. Excited after last time? We are


ready to win some more. ?7,500 each, will that make a big difference to


you? It will. It will pay for my holiday to Mexico and for the scuba


diving? Have you set yourself new targets? If I win some more I will


take my brother. He wanted to go but it was a lot of money for his


family. I will take them along. So you are playing for your brother


tonight? Yes. That's nice. Best of luck, champions. Pleads make your


way to your sound-proof pods. If they want to win more cash they


will have to beat a new set of challengers. Please welcome Clare




Nice to meet you. And you. And nice to meet you. Tell us, where are you


from and what do you do? I'm Clare from don andser and I work for a


large telecoms company. If you won some money, what would you spend it


on? Lots of shoes, flip-flops, boots. What is it about shoes? How


many pairs have you got? Over 70. What do you do with 70 pairs of


shoes? I had to have a special wardrobe built. How many pairs of


shoes have you got? About three. That's all for a bloke. What do you


do for a living? I'm Kevin, a design engineer from Tamworth and


Birmingham. Tell me about family at home, who is cheering for you. I


have two children, William and Leo. And they are hoping you will do well


so you can spend lots of money? Yes. What would you do if you won the


cash? I wrote a children's book and need cash to get it illustrated.


What sort of money are we talking about? Just a few thousands. Can you


knock off our champions? Definitely. Really? Yeah. Definitely. Will you


please make your way to your sound-proof pod. Thank you.


CHEERING The teams are in their pods. When


they turn red like this they are completely soundproof and they can't


hear anything I or their opponents are saying. They will only hear


what's being said when I do this, and their pods turns. Blue. If they


win their target, they win the list. If they fail, their opponents win.


The first to get two right plays for ?50,000. The first list tonight is:


UK's richest sportsmen. To clarify, we are looking for any


of the 100 men who appear on the 2013 Sunday Times list of Britain's


100 richest sportsmen, published in April 2013. Anyone born in the UK is


eligible for the list. Also anyone living in Britain in April 2013,


regardless of their nationality, is eligible for the list. The list


includes current and retired sportsmen, managers and trainers.


This is according to the Sunday Times. Challengers, you get to start


the bidding so for the moment I will turn your pods off so you can't hear


anything. What do you think about the UK's richest sportsmen, can you


do this? There's quite a few. Yes. Go low. Well, 10, and push. Hit them


with 10. We can definitely get ten. Haley and Ranjit, the Chancellorers


say ten. I think more. We'll go more. 12? Let's go higher, 13. We'll


go for 13. You want to play this list? Yes. Clare and Kev, they say


13, what do you think? We can definitely get to 15. They don't


have to be UK-born, they just have to reside in the UK. Think about all


the famous footballers. Are they pushing us because they don't know?


We do do 15. We'll go 15. Thank you. Clare and Kev say 15. Can we get to


15? Can I get up to 15? We know lots of footballers, it depends how long


they've been playing for, how much they are paid per week. We know who


is at the very top. I think we should make them name them. They can


name them. Let's see how it goes. Clare and Kev, you can see the blue


light is on behind me. That's because the champions have said,


name them. You are in the game. It is time to play the first list on


Who Dares Wins. I require 15 correct names on this


list. David Beckham? A great start. Had eis on the list.


Alex Ferguson? He is another good answer, he is on the list. Wayne


Rooney? He is also on the list. Stick with Manchester United. Ryan


Giggs. A very good answer. Shall we swap clubs? My home team, Liverpool,


so it has to be Louis Suarez. If Louis Suarez is on the list he he


will be your fifth correct answer. If he isn't, is you have given the


list away. Clare and Kev, I have to tell you that Luis Suarez... Is not


on the list! You've given the first list away. The champions are 1-0 up.


APPLAUSE So you are looking a little shocked


at that. Your team, Luis Suarez a famous striker but he doesn't appear


on the UK's richest sportsmen. I'm sure you've been shouting odds at


the screen, but were you right? Alan Shearer, Amir Khan...


Haley and Ranjit, you have taken the first list. Claire and Kevin, you


have to win the next list to force a tie-break.


So, the second list tonight is: Star Wars actors. We are looking for


the names of any top credited actors and actresses in the six Star Wars


films. By top credited we mean any actor or actress that appears in the


first 20 names on the credit list of each film. Please note, actors are


listed in order of importance, with the biggest stars first. It is not


arrange off betically or by order of appearance. The six films are:


This is according to the official credits of the films. Champions, you


get the bid first. Challengers I'm going to switch your pod off. We'll


be back to you soon. I've seen them all. The names, it is


very hard. I'm not a massive fan. No. If you go around ate. We'll go


with eight. What do you hope eight is going to say to them? Higher. Is


that what you want, for them to go higher? You don't really want to


play this one? Not really. Claire and Kev, Haley and Ranjit have


started with eight. How do you feel about Star Wars? My children watch


the films and I refuse to watch them with them. That might have been an


error. Star Wars characters, not a problem. When you think of the


actors, the big six. You need to win this list one way or another, either


by naming them yourself or by pushing them up I reckon he is a


Star Wars fan. Shall we go 11, let them name it? No, I think we have to


go nine. You decide. I gave the wrong answer the first time. I can't


name nine. I will let the team down. I go six. We are going to name it.


Hayley and Ranjit, the blue light is on, that's because they've said,


name them. It is time to play the second list on Who Dares Wins.


APPLAUSE Were you bluffing about the 8 or can


you manage. Let's hear your first answer. Carrie Fisher. She is on the


list. Harrison Ford? It is a good second answer. Markham ill? -- Mark


Hamill? That takes you to number three. Natalie Portman? Takes you to


halfway. Samuel L Jackson. Also on the list. Ewan McGregor? Gets you to


number six. You just need two to take the list. And the game.


APPLAUSE Are you go to slow down suddenly? What do you think,


challengers? I think they did that fairly quickly and have at least


three more in the bag. Alec Guinness? A good pick. We only


require one more correct answer from you. We are going for Liam Neeson?


Not any doubt at all? You've given Liam Neeson ads four final answer


for the list and the game. Haley and Ranjit... It is a fantastically good


answer, you have won the list and the game! You remain champions.


APPLAUSE I'm sure a lot of you out there were shouting names of


different actors at the screen. I hope you enjoyed playing the game,


it's been great have you you here, let's hear it for Claire and Kev.


APPLAUSE That went very well. Easier than I thought. Haley and Ranjit,


you dared and you won. Now you are playing for ?50,000 on Who Dares




Champions, congratulations will, you are in a position to tern yourselves


a lot of money. You've been here once, and won ?15,000. Very nice.


This is your opportunity to add to that. Let's look at how much you


could earn. It could be up to ?50,000.


APPLAUSE And that's just for starters, because on Who Dares Wins


if you keep on winning you keep on earning. I will give you a list and


you must fill in the gaps. Give me three missing answers and I will


give you ?3,000. Six answers and you get ?10,000. Nine answers and we are


talking about ?15,000. 12 answers and there's a ?10,000 jump, because


it goes up to ?25,000. Here's where it gets really interesting. If we


are in a category you like and you dare to give me all 15 answers, you


will bank yourselves a cool ?50,000. CHEERING


But be very wary, make a mistake it is game over and you drop down to


zero. Are you ready to play? Ready. Ready. Let's play for the money. The


list is: Artist as with a UK top ten album or


single in 2013. Like your music? Yeah. No. Not pop


music though. Not pop music, though. More into rock. Are you? Yes. We are


looking for any singer, do you o or band that has had a UK top ten


single or album in 2013. Please note, if an artist is credited as


featuring on another singer's record, we will accept both names.


The list is correct to the 1 December 2013. So pop music,


current... Not your thing? We may as well try. Get it wrong and we get it


wrong. There's nothing to worry about heading towards ?5,000. Let's


have your first answer. We go with One Direction. You think they might


have had a hit? Yes. Of course they. They are on the list. Very good. We


go with Katy Perry. Katy Perry is also on the list. One more and


you've won ?5,000? This ehad a big album in the UK the, unless you had


another one. Arctic Monkeys. If you are right, are you've won ?5,000. If


they didn't you walk away from this money list empty handed. Haley and


Ranjit, I have to tell you, you've just won ?5,000!


CHEERING Thank you. Famous people who've had a single or album. We'll


go for another three. Risking the ?5,000? Yes. They are going on for


the ?10,000 and risking the ?5,000. You sound very casual about ?5,000.


There you go. Your fourth answer. You reckon JLS have had an album


out? Greatest hits. In 2013? We go JLS. They are on the list.


APPLAUSE I don't follow them that intently. We'll go with Olly Murs.


If you are right, it will put you one away. Olly Murs is also there.


Well done. My mind's gone blank. Who is just really famous. Justin


Bieber. Little Mix, Saturdays. Saturdays. Yeah. They could be from


anywhere? Or go for Justin Bieber What about YZ -- Jazee. We'll go


Justin Bieber. If just sin Bieber is on the list, you've just won


?10,000. If he isn't, you've blown ?5,000. You didn't seem very sure.


You said Justin Bieber. Haley and Ranjit, Justin Bieber... Is a really


good answer. You've just won ?10,000!


APPLAUSE Do you fancy going on any more? You


are currently down with da kids. Three more to get ?15,000? Are the


Beatles still around? I think it is too risky. It is only 2013, it is


such a short period of time and people may not have released... Or


may have. It is not like I follow the charts or know who has released


an album. Adele might be in there but has she released this year, last


year? You are quite a risk-taker Haley. You are a financial adviser


and it is really coming through. ?10,000. It is a big drop. Let's


keep it. Ladies and gentlemen, they are sticking at ?10,000.


APPLAUSE Let's look at some of the other


answers. Champions, you first won ?15,000,


you have won another ?10,000, your current winnings stand at ?25,000.


CHEERING ?12-and-a-half thousands each.


Ranjit, if you think you are going to keep that quiet from the Mrs You


are mistaken. Is that enough for the family to go on holiday? We need a


bit more. It doesn't have to end there, the as on Who Dares Wins, all


you have to do a beat another set of challengers so you can have another


go at the cash and ?50,000. Champions, well done and please


return to your sound-proof pod. APPLAUSE A brand-new set of


challengers, please welcome Rowley and Sue.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Very nice to meet you. Hello, how


are you? Nice to meet you. Say hello to each other. Not met before but


now you need to become a team. Let's find out more about you. I'm


originally from Liverpool and I live in Porthmadog in Wales. I'm a


conservation officer for churches in Wales. It is important that we keep


hold of that. You Jen joy your work? Very much so. You are a keen watcher


of quiz shows. You put that into a game you play in your daily life? We


do listing cards all the time. It is a family thing. A random subject and


we'll try to list as many things as we can. If you won some money, what


would you spend it on? The first thing is we would book a big family


holiday. There's 17 of us including partners and partners' children.


We've found somewhere we would like to go in France. If there's 17 you


will need ?50,000! Where are you from? I'm originally from London but


was imported to Grimsby. I'm a service junior manager for an


engineering firm. And who is cheering for you at home? My wife


Michelle and my two sons, Travis and Taylor. You are a big fella, like


myself. But obviously light on your feet, because you like a bit of


dancing? I like a bit of ballroom dancing. How did you get into that?


When I was a soldier, I used to watch all the really nice girls


being taken by the ifs and I used to end up with other girls, shall we


say. I thought, I really wanted to move like that, but it was a macho


thing and I never got round to it until I was 40. I walked into a


dance studio, scared the life out of a lady there and said, "I want to


dance." Show us a few stepses? I will take you in hold if you want.


We are going this way, we bend our knees. I'm taking two steps forward.


One, two, three, and we are going to face that way and walk off the


stage. I'm quite liking this! APPLAUSE This is very good. Best of


luck to both of you. Can you knock the champions off their throne? Yes?


We'll give it a go. We'll give it our best shot. The best of luck,


challengers of the. Please make your way to your sound-proof pod.


CHEERING Teams, if you are ready, let's play


Who Dares Wins. Your first list tonight is: we are looking for any


country in Africa that has a coastline on the Mediterranean sea,


the Red Sea, the Gulf of Aden, the Indian Ocean, or the Atlantic Ocean.


This is according to the C ixt World. In fact Book. Champions for a


moment we are switching your pod off. And away they go. African


countries with a coastline, what do you think? I think we can do quite


well but we don't want to get too confident. Maybe go in with a low


bid and push them. Eight? Thank you. Haley and Ranjit, the challengers


say eight. We should be able to get to about 10. Do you fancy this list,


or not? I have looked at Africa for a long, long time. Right. So... You


can go ten. Thank you. Raoully and Sue, they say 10. Hall


we push them up one more? Yes, 11. We'll go 11. Thank you. Raoully and


Sue say 11. I think I think we should go 12. The champions, Haley


and Ranjit, say 12. What do you think? I don't think they know 12.


Shall we get them to name them? Yes. Thank you. Haley and Ranjit, the


blue light is on behind me, and that is because Raoully and Sue have said


name them. It is time to play the first list on Who Dares Wins.


APPLAUSE lay the first list on Who Dares




Morocco. Tunisia. On the list. Libya? Your third correct answer.


Egypt? Is also on the list. That gets you to four. South Africa? Gets


you to five. Somalia. How sure are you of Somalia? They have lots of


pirates. Hopefully they've got a coastline to go from.


LAUGHTER That's got to make sense. Really good logic. Somalia is on the


list. What about Yemen and places like that? Are they, they are Middle


East. I don't know where Africa ends. I think Namibia on the other


side is one. Another good answer. Five required. Right. We think


Madagascar. No! But it is on the Continent of Africa. We'll go


Madagascar. Not sure of it though are you? It's got a coastline. I


don't think the doubt is whether it has a coastline, but the thing you


are worrying about is with whether it is an independent country, and it


is part of Africa. We think it is. I can tell you that Madagascar... Is


on the list. A good answer. APPLAUSE We've got I think Kenya.


That's got one. You come down that sort of side and it is Kenya and


Mozambique. That sort of area. I'm not sure about Mozambique. Tanzania.


I think we'll go Kenya. If it is on there you are just three away from


taking this list. And it is on there. Well done.


APPLAUSE How are you feeling, do you think they'll slip up? They are


struggling now. I think there's an island called Equatorial Guinea and


they have oil, a small island. We'll go for that. You are saying


equatorial Guinea. It is a very good pick to take you into double


figures. APPLAUSE I don't know many. I think


Chad might be there. Or Niger. DRC. Democratic Republic of Congo. It is


on the list. That's a good answer. Just one to go.


APPLAUSE This is the last one. I think Sierra Leone is on this corner


here of Africa. OK. No pressure. No pressure. Sierra Leone? Sierra


Leone. You mentioned a couple of other - Mozambique. If you had said


Mozambique, you would have just won the list. You mentioned Tanzania.


Yes. It is also on the list. You talked about Chad. If you had said


Chad, you would have lost the list. Good job you didn't say Chad. In the


end you plumped for Sierra Leone. Haley and Ranjit, I have to tell you


that Sierra Leone... IS on the list. You go 1-0 up.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Touch and go there at the end. You


were right, it pushed them hard but they managed to pull them out of the


bag. I'm sure you've been shouting answers at the screen, or maybe you


haven't. Rowley and Sue you need to win this


list to stay in the game and push it to a tie-break. The ending is list


is: -- the second list is:


We are looking for any of the 400 most borrow authors from libraries


in 2012. It includes adults and children's writers. This is


according to the public lend right website. Champions, you get to bid


first. Challengers, I'm switching off your pod. I will chat to you in


a moment. Read a bit, do we? Children's books? Not a reader. I'm


do outdoorsy. Can't read a book on a motorbike. It is certainly very


difficult, and quite dangerous. I think we'll go with ten. Ten. I'm


guessing you don't particularly wasn't to play this list. Thank you.


Rowley and Sue, how do we feel about books, do you read a lot of books?


Yes. The opening bid from Rowley and Ranjit is ten. We can go better than


that. I think so. 12. Thank you. Rowley and Sue say 12. We'll go 15.


Do you want to go 15? Yes. We've swapped hats. Haley and Ranjit say


15. There's plenty out there. 17? 17, Nick. Very good. They say 17. If


they read a lot, it's easy and that's the problem isn't it? So we


may as well go 20. Are you sure? Yes. 20. Still trying to push them


up? Yes. Thank you. Haley and Ranjit say 20. How do you feel about that?


I think we should have a go at 22. Yeah, 22, please. Thank you. You've


got your game face on there, Sue. You are quite determined. Yes. 22


from the challengers. Yep. They could slip up. They could. It is a


big list. We'll say name them. Thank you. Rowley and Sue, they've said,


name them. It is your list to win or lose. It is time to play the second


list on Who Dares Wins. APPLAUSE


22 correct answers are required. Let's have your first one. Frederick


Forsyth. Is on the list. Dick Francis. Dan Brown. Also a very good


answer. Dick Francis. Dick Francis, Nick.


Takes you to three. Jilly Cooper. Or JK Rowling. JK Rowling... Is on the


list. Children's authors, eneed Blyton. -- Enid Blyton. Another good


answer. Terry Pratchett. Is your sixth correct answer. Agatha


Christie. Definitely. Gets you to number seven. Jilly Cooper? Or


Barbara Taylor Bradford, Danielle Steel. That's a great answer. It is


on the list. Barbara Taylor Bradford, please. Is also on the


list. That gets you to nine. Yeah! Have we said Jilly Cooper? Jackie


Collins, please. Takes you into double figures. Now Jilly Cooper,


please. How sure are you of Jillrily Cooper? Never read any. Rowley, are


you a Jilly Cooper fan? Sadly not, Nick. If she is on the list, you


will be one step closer. In fact you will be halfway to winning the list.


If she's not, you will have handed the list and the game to Haley and


Ranjit. Rowley and Sue, I have to tell you that Jilly Cooper... Is NOT


on the list. You've given the list away. I'm afraid the list and the


game have gone to to reigning champions.


APPLAUSE Well, I am two things - one,


gobsmacked. Here are some of the other answers:


I'm absolutely gobsmacked that Jilly Cooper did not make that list, as


I'm sure you are as well. You see her books all over the place. I'm


afraid it means that you have to leave us. But at least you had a go


at the end. It would have been sad to have gone out without trying.


Absolutely. Rowley and Sue, I'm sad to see you go but I hope you enjoyed


playing the game. Yes, we did. Thank you. Let's hear it for Rowley and


Sue everybody. APPLAUSE Haley and Ranjit, your


technique, not knowing any authors and pushing them worked really well


for you there. You are about to play for the cash, where you could win


?50,000. Hey, but they are not the only one who could win a fortune


tonight. Will you win big? It is time for tonight's Thunderball draw


from the National Lottery. See you in a moment.


APPLAUSE Hello everyone and welcome to


Lottery HQ. In just a moment we'll be bringing you the first of


tonight's chances to win a fortune with Thunderball. That's followed by


tonight's big Lotto rollover draw later on, with an estimated jackpot


of ?6. 3 million. But before that, roll out the red carpet, because


this year's National Lottery Awards are on the horizon. It is time for


you to get nominating. Every year, we offer thousands of projects who


are changing lives with National Lottery funding the opportunity to


tell their story to the nation. Enfrom try to the awards is free and


eur seven winners will appear on BBC One at a star-studded event later


this year. And they will also bag ?2,000 to spend on their project. So


to find out more about how you can nominate a National Lottery project


you deserves special recognition, log on to the website and follow the


links. Are you ready to win ?500,000?


Tickets at the ready. Here's Thunderball.


APPLAUSE OK, start up the machines, please,


Matt. Our drawmaster tonight is Matt Chamberlain. The draw is being


overseen by an independent adjudicator.


Over ?3. 1 million has been paid out in prize money since last weekend.


Congratulations if you had a winning ticket. Gaby. Thank you Alan. Here


it comes. Good luck everyone. What will the Thunderball be? I


wonder. Thank you Alan. If you haven't matched any numbers yet, you


can still win a prize by matching the Thunderball alone. She's right!


Here we go. Is this it? Is it your turn for the big win?


Thank you very much. We'll be back with more chances for you to win big


in tonight's Lotto rollover draw. But first it is time to rejoin


Haley, Ranjit and Nick in Who Dares Wins.


APPLAUSE Welcome back. We'll have more from


the normal lottery -- National Lottery later. Champions, it could


be up to ?50,000. Right here right now.


APPLAUSE You've already banked ?25,000, but


you could be earning a lot more right now. Let's play for the money.


The list is: Is this good or bad? Not bad. Good.


It is bad for me. To clarify, we are looking for any feature length he


cannily linked film to which Kate Winslet has appeared or provided a


voice-over, but this doesn't include documentaries. This is according to


the IMDB website. Not a fan? Not a big fan. Do you know any? Titanic.


Any more? Titanic 2? Do you know some? Titanic. Gosh! This is going


to be a big run. The trick is to get to ?5,000. I need your first answer.


Put your heads together and see if you can come up with one. I think we


might go with Titanic. Is it on the list? It is. Good start. Eternal


sunshine of the spotlets mind. -- eternal sunshine of the spotless


mind. Is she in it? Yes. Well done. Come up with one more and you've got


?5,000. Beautiful creatures, is she in that one? I don't know that film.


I know she's in one with Cameron Diaz. Is it Vacation? Holiday. Jude


Law is in it as well. Something about a letter. The Writer? Are you


confident? No. We'll leave that one. Something to do with a holiday. The


Holiday? That's your answer? Yes. If it is, there you've won ?5,000. If


it isn't, you haven't won anything on this money list.


Haley, Ranjit, you said The Holiday. And it has just won you ?5,000!


APPLAUSE I guess you are probably going to


want to press on and risk the ?5,000. I don't know. Pride And


Prejudice. Was she in Emma and Sense and Sensibility? Where they films or


TV programmes? What do you want to do? Let's keep them. I'm not


confident. You will stay on ?5,000? I'm not greatly surprised. ?5,000


they've won, ladies and gentlemen. APPLAUSE


No matter what else happens it is in your bank account. ?25,000 so far.


Add ?5,000 to it and ?30,000 is your total winnings so far. You said


sense and sensibility. It is on the list too. The Pride And Prejudice


did you say? Not on the list. There you go. Finding Neverland...


On Who Dares Wins, as long as you are winning, you can continue


earning. So Haley and Ranjit have just added ?5,000 to their prize


fund. Will tonight be your lucky tonight? Fingers crossed. It is time


for the draw on the National Lottery. See you in a mo.


APPLAUSE Thank you Nick and well done to


Haley and Ranjit. Tonight's big Lotto rollover draw is moments away.


There is just time to wish good luck to all the athletes competing in the


Sochi Olympics will. Penny Coomes is it's part. Commiserations on not


making it through to the final. On Monday John Eley and Jack Whelbourne


will be getting their skates on. Good luck to you two.


To keep abreast on how all our lottery funded athletes are getting


on in Sochi, go to the website and follow the links. I hope you are


ready at home, because here's Lotto. Let's release the weekend balls.


Tonight's Lotto rollover jackpot is worth an estimated ?6. 3 million. We


are use Guinevere and set of balls number 1.


One lucky to get holder scooped the jackpot last weekend, winning over


?5. 7 million. Thank you. Alan. Are you about to become a whole lot


richer? Good luck, everyone. You will find 8 digits and a colour


on your ticket right now. This for the jackpot. Good news if


it is yours. And finally this weekend's bonus... Millionaires' Row


this Saturday night looks like this: Alan, thank you very much. Remember,


every line of Lotto gives entry to the Lotto raffle draw. Tonight there


are 100 prizes of ?20,000 up for grabs. To find out if you are a


winner, full results will be later via the Red Button or by visiting


bbc.co.uk/lottery and following the links. The results of this week's


draws are available on BBC on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday at 10.


35pm straight after the Ten o'clock News. You can watch this week's


Lotto, Thunderball and EuroMillions by visiting the website. I will be


here next week. For now it is back over to Nick and Who Dares Wins.


Have a good weekend. Bye-bye. APPLAUSE Welcome back to Who Dares


Wins, where before we went over to the National Lottery Haley and


Ranjit won ?5,000, bringing their total prize fund to ?30,000!


CHEERING ?15 each. That's fantastic --


?15,000 each. Would you have known enough Kate Winslet films to win?


Find out next week if you can do better than our champions.


Goodnight. Congratulations to Haley and Ranjit,


whose running total stands Aten impressive 30 grand. How far will


they go? Find out next week.


Nick Knowles hosts the National Lottery quiz where two teams of strangers play against each other to complete a series of lists and win up to £100,000.

Includes the Lotto and Thunderball draws with Gaby Roslin.

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