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Episode 7

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last Saturday, reigning champions Hayley and Ranjit took on other


contestants. You have given Liam Neeson as your final answer. You


have won the list. No one could steal their champion's crown. They


added ?15,000 to their prize fund. Tonight they are back for more on


Who Dares Wins! CHEERING AND APPLAUSE welcome to Who


Dares Wins were completing a series of lists can make you rich.


If I asked you to name mammals of the UK, how many could you list? You


might say Fox or hedgehog. What about wild boar? Is that on the


list? That is what it is all about. You can play along at home. Why not


see how you get on with tonight's list. Shout out your answers at the


telly. You know you can do better than our champions. Last week,


Hayley and Ranjit beat two sets of challengers. They added another


?15,000 to their prize fund. Please welcome back Hayley and Ranjit.


Nice to see you again. Where are you from and what do you do? I am from


Hull and a graphic designer in The Games industry. You are a surfer, a


DJ? More interesting than your average landscape or portrait. You


don't look like a tomboy. Ranjit remind us? I am from Rugby and I am


a financial adviser. You said you spend your time looking after the


children, jogging and chess and you like reading. Then you say you are a


drama? We started a band when I was 17 so we just carry on playing. What


do you play? The doors, Jimi Hendrix. You play the keyboard? Yes,


we can form a group. Best of luck, please make your way to the pod. We


have a new set of challengers. Please welcome Paul and Susan. Never


met before? That is what we like to do, bring together complete


strangers. Susan, where are you from? I am a sign language


interpreter. You are not hearing impaired yourself? No, I have deaf


parents. Who is at home? I am single, so my friends are cheering


for me. I have some great friends. What sort of person did you want to


be teamed up with? Somebody exactly like Paul. Tell us about yourself? I


provide a high-end servers for the construction industry and I live in


Lincolnshire. Who is cheering for you? My wife, Nikki and my daughter


EV. I have a weird feeling we have met some worth? You shouted at us


once. The company I work for donated some equipment for you guys to do a


build. You told us not to block the road. I thought, what a lovely man.


Pass on our thanks for joining in the Children In Need build. It was


amazing. Best of luck, make your way to your soundproof board. -- pard.


When they turn red, they are soundproof and cannot hear


anything. They can only hear what is going on when I turned them on like


this. In a moment, I am going to give the team is a list, which ever


team bids more will get to play. If they reach their target they win the


list. If they fail, their opponents win. The first to win two gets to


play for 50,000. The first to play tonight is:


We are looking for any of the 58 named characters given an individual


entry on the society website, who is who in the Lord of the ring is list.


Champions, I will be back to you in a moment so I will switch you off at


the moment. So, what do you think? I am trying to do the best poker face


I have got. Not being very good. What is your plan from here? Eight?


OK. Are you fans of Lord Of The Rings? I have children so I have


seen it over and over again. I fell asleep halfway through. You have an


opening bid from the challenges of eight. We will go ten. Hayley and


Ranjit say ten. Go for it. They have decided it is your list to play. It


is time to play the first list on Who Dares Wins.


It is in your hands, give me ten correct answers and you win this


list. Make a mistake and of course it goes to the challengers. He is on


the list. Bilbo Baggins. Also on the list.


You now have six. They are racing through these. Do you think they


will make a mistake? There is always a chance.


Hours and hours of sitting with the children. You really know your


stuff. You have one first list, congratulations. Some of the others


on the list. That did not go very well. The


pressure is on, you need to win the next list to stay in the game.


Champions, you just need to win the next one to play for some more


money. The second list tonight is: So, we are looking for any song


featured on the official soundtrack of the 2008 film, mamma Mia. We will


not quibble over little words but we do need exact answers. Champions,


you get to start the bidding. Not your bag is it Hayley? I do have it.


I got it for Christmas. What ever! They are ABBA song so it is not too


bad, I think we should go with five. OK, five. Paul, Susan, how do we


feel about this one? Better. Me, not so much. That comes as a huge


shock! Opening bid from the champions of five. Six. They say


six. I think we will gamble and go eight. They say eight. I think it is


risky, so I will let them make a mistake. Hayley and Ranjit, they say


name them. This should be interesting. Eight correct answers.


Mamma Mia. Is it on the list? Yes it is. Dancing Queen. Also on the list.


SOS. Take A Chance. If that is on the list, you are halfway to winning


the list. If not you have made a mistake, which is what Paul and


Susan were planning on. Is that the title of the song? I have to tell


you, Take A Chance, is not on the list. The challengers have won the


list and equalised and have taken you to a tie-break. The problem was,


you said Take A Chance the full answer, which we needed was Take A


Chance On Me. You did say it then changed your mind. Let's look at


some of the others will stop. I am afraid you lost the list so it


means we have two play a tie-breaker. Just like a penalty


shoot out. We will go back and forth until one team gets a correct answer


and the other team gives a wrong answer. The list is?


We are looking for the ruler name of any king or queen of England since


the 25th of December 1066. We will accept each name only once. If three


people name Daniel, we will accept it only once. This is according to


the official website of the British monarchy. Challengers, we start with


you. Elisabeth. Is on the list. We will go Henry. Also on the list.


Richard. If there, and puts the pressure back on Hayley and Ranjit.


Victoria. Is on the list. James. Is on the list. George. You draw


level. Charles. Of course there is a Charles on the list. Edward. Very


good name. It makes the list. Mary. Is on the list. William. You draw


level one more time. Alfred. How sure all you of Alfred? He ran the


Queen Vic. If it's there, you have put the pressure on Hayley and


Ranjit. They have to come up with an answer to win the list. You said


Alfred. Was he before or after 1066 as a king? Alfred... Is not on the


list. The champions have to come up with one more correct answer to win


the list, win the game and go through to play for the money. I'm


pretty sure there's a queen Anne. If it's right you won the list, you've


won the game and you remain champions. If it's not, we go back


to Paul and Susan for another answer. Hayley and Ranjit... Anne is


on the list. You remain the champions! Let's have a look at the


list. Alfred the great came before William the Conqueror. He is one of


the Saxon kings, he came before 1066. The other ones we were looking


for were John, Jane and Stephen. I'm afraid it means we've got to say


goodbye to Paul and Susan. At least you run them to a tie-break. Let's


hear it for Paul and Susan. Hayley, Ranjit, you dead and you won. Now


you are playing for another amount of money on Who Dares Wins. You've


already won ?30,000. Let's have a look at how much you could earn an


the money list. It could be up to ?50,000. That's just. Is. If you


keep on winning, you keep on learning. How did you win the cash?


I'm going to give you a list and you must fill in the gaps. Give me three


missing answers and I will give you ?5,000. You've been there and done


that. Six answers and I'll give you ?10,000. You've been there and done


that as well. Nine answers, you're looking at ?15,000. 12 answers and I


will give you ?25,000. And this is where you are aiming for. Give me


all 15 answers and your bank yourselves a cool ?50,000. But be


careful, because make a mistake at any point in this game and you drop


straight back down to zero. Are you ready? We are ready. The list is...


Blackadder actors. We are looking for the name of any actor or


actresses who gave a credited appearance in the four series of the


TV show Blackadder. Blackadder actors. Do you like Blackadder? Yes.


You are looking confident. Let's head off towards the ?5,000. Rowan


Atkinson. Is on the list. Tony Robinson. Another stall wall of the


series and definitely on the list. Stephen Fry. Has he just got you to


?5,000? He has! That is about the fastest ?5,000


I've ever seen won. Do you know three more, can you get a ?10,000?


They are going to risk the ?5,000 and head to ?10,000. Hugh Laurie. Is


on the list. Adrian Edmondson. Is on the list. One more to get a ?10,000.


Rik Mayall. If you are right you've won ?10,000. You don't even look


nervous. Because you know you have just won ?10,000!


Can you get another three and to get up to ?15,000? Robbie Coltrane.


Miranda Richardson. Let's go for it. They are risking 10,000 on their way


to 15 thousand. Miranda Richardson. Is your seventh correct answer.


Robbie Coltrane. Confident of this one as well? Yes. You are right to


be. Darling. Sorry, I'm not talking to you! Who played Captain Darling?


Tim McEnery. You've taken a risk. Hayley, Ranjit, I have to tell you


Tim McEnery is on the list. You've just won ?15,000!


It is pronounced slightly differently but our adjudicators


think that you should get that. Have you got three more names? It's a bit


of a struggle. No, we will stop there. -year-old you've earned


yourself ?15,000, along with your previous earnings of ?30,000, making


a grand total of ?45,000. Let's take a look at the ones you


could have gone for. Angus Deaton, Ben Elton, Geoffrey Palmer, Nigel


Planer, Peter Cooke, Tom Baker. It doesn't have to end there. Because


on Who Dares Wins, as long as you are winning you can keep on


learning. You just have to beat another set of challenges.


Champions, please return to your pod.


Hello. Go straight in. You've never met before. Let's find out a bit


more about you. Anna, where RU from and what do you do? I'm from


Kidderminster. I work for a transport company as the office


manager. So you are in charge, really? Yeah, but we don't tell


anyone about that. At home I've got my husband, Stu, and my three


wonderful children. Have you been getting a bit of ribbing about


coming on? Yes, my work colleagues are not optimistic for my hopes.


They are men, they are dramatically underestimating my abilities. A bad


thing to do when you are in charge. What would you do if you won some


money? My dream is to go to New York. Tony, tell us about yourself.


I'm 32, I'm a sales manager for a large security company. I have two


little boys and my partner. I understand you can be from almost


anywhere. You do accents. Can you do a Kidderminster ass -- accent? I


don't mind doing the Kidderminster accent. Let's talk about money. What


will you do with it? I have a feeling that my other half might


have earmarked it. I think she's probably more excited to go to


Disneyland than our little boys! Can you knock the champions of their top


slot, get them out and get you into the money list? It's going to be


quite hard. They need a rest. Make your way to your soundproof pod.


Teams, if you are ready, let's play Who Dares Wins. Your first list


is... Artists with a 90s UK number one album. To be clear, we are


looking for the name of any musical act that had a UK number one album


between the 1st of January 1990 and December the 31st of January 1990


and December 31, 1999. Challengers, you get to start the bidding. How do


you feel about this one? Not too bad. Do you think we could get up to


ten to start with, all wouldn't be pushing it a bit? And more than


happy with being pushed. Once you get into the run of it... Let's see


what we can do. We are going for ten. Thank you very much. Hayley and


Ranjit, how do we feel about the 90s? Good. We have a bid from Tony


and Anna of ten. We'll go back with 12. Can we top 12? I think we could


get 14. All right. 14. Tony and Anna say 14. 16. You fancy playing this,


do you? I have a lot of records. If we think about it, there are so many


albums out, a full decade's worth of albums. They might have been


excellent albums and only gotten to number two. That's an excellent


point. They can name them. Hayley, Ranjit, your fate is in your own


hands. The challengers have said name them. 16 answers required, 16


correct answer is required. Let's have your first one. The Spice


Girls. You are right. We will go for Take That. They split in the


mid-90s. They won lots of awards. Robbie Williams. Your third correct


answer. Way sis. Are on the list. Coldplay. Parachutes came out in 97.


So you would expect them to be there. If they are, you get to five


in the list. If they are not, you've given the list the list away to Tony


and Anna. Hayley, Ranjit, I have to tell you Coldplay is not on the


list. You've given the list away. The debut album, Parachutes, 2000.


Just outside of our bracket. We set up to the 31st of December 1999. Bad


luck. Let's take a look at some of the other artists on the list. There


are a lot. Aber, Bon Jovi, George Michael, Michael Jackson,


Radiohead. There are so many. But there was always the chance to slip


up and that's exactly what happened. Win one more list and you are


through to play for the money and you are the new champions. Hayley,


Ranjit, you know you have to win the Lex list or force it into a


tie-break. The second list is... How do you feel about this one? We will


go with six. How do you feel about this one, sports personality of the


year? The champions have started with six. It tells us they are very


tactical. I think we should rise it by just one. It is 2006, it might be


tricky. We will go up to seven, please. They say seven. Eight. Are


you keen to play this? Not really. But you need to win a list. Tony,


Anna, it is eight. It is a dangerous strategy, but we have a list, we


could push them a bit more. We can say nine. It has gone up to nine. We


will go ten. They have gone to ten. I am not supremely confident. We


will let them name them. They have said name them, your fate is in your


hands. It is time to play the second list on Who Dares Wins. If you


manage to give me ten correct answers, you force the tie-break. If


you make a mistake, you lose the Crown. Andy Murray. He is on the


list. Bradley Wiggins. Also on the list. Mark Cavendish. Also on the


list. Rebecca Adlington. On the list. Amir Paivar arm. If he is on


the list, you are halfway. If he is not you have given the list away and


the game away. And we have new champions. -- Amir Khan. I have to


tell you, Amir Khan is on the list. Lewis Hamilton or Jenson Button.


Lewis Hamilton. He is on the list, Lewis Hamilton. Jenson Button. Very


often alongside Lewis Hamilton on the grid, and alongside him on the


list. He is there. Three more correct answers. Ellie Simmonds. She


is also on the list. Are you worried? I think the last two will


be a push, it is 2006. OK, your next and suck? I am sure Ricky Hatton and


Joe Cole's Aggie Victoria Pendleton. How sure are you? Very sure. If she


is there, you will be one step away of taking the list and forcing the


tie-break. If she is not you have given away the list, the game and


your crown. I have to tell you, Victoria Pendleton... Is not on the


list. We have a new champions. Victoria Pendleton never nominated


since 2006. I would have thought she would have been. Ricky Hatton EU


said, also on the list. Let's look at the ones you could have


it means you are out of the game. However, you can console yourselves


you manage to acquire a cool ?45,000.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Tony and Anna, you are playing for


?50,000. They could win the money. But they are not the only ones who


could win a fortune tonight. Will you win big? Only one way to find


out, it is time for the Thunderball draw on the lottery.


Thanks Nick. Hello everyone and welcome to Lottery HQ! Tonight there


are two golden opportunities for you to win a fortune. There is an


estimated ?5.4 million. Which also means that there are 100 prizes of


?20,000 to be won in tonight's Lotto raffle. But before that, a reminder


that entries are still open for this year's National Lottery Awards which


celebrate the difference made by thousands of projects to lives and


communities all over the UK. If there is a project that you think


deserves recognition, you can nominate it for free and later this


year seven winners across seven different categories will be


celebrated right here on BBC one. To find out more, simply log onto the


website and follow the links! Right now though, it's time for


Thunderball. Start up those machines please!


There have been more than 393,000 winning tickets in the last week.


Congratulations if yours was one of them. Thanks very much Alan. OK,


?500,000 could soon be yours. Good luck!


All five main numbers have been drawn. Let's go to the Thunderball.


All tickets are still in play. Will yours win you ?500,000? Good luck!


Will this be a weekend you will never forget? Here are the numbers


again in ascending order. ? We'll be back shortly with


tonight's Lotto rollover jackpot, together with a special message from


a Team GB medalist who has had a remarkable week at the Sochi Winter


Olympics. But first it's back to Nick and Who Dares Wins. See you


very shortly. We will have more later, but Tony


and Anna of the new champions. You are in a position to earn a lot of


money. It could be up to ?50,000. The list is:


We are looking for the name of any capital city in a 35 countries of


North America, Central America, South America or the Caribbean. This


is according to the world book. How do we feel about that? Let's see how


we get on. Can I have your first answer. Washington, DC. Washington,


DC is a great start. It is on the list. Ottawa. Is on the list. One


more gets you to ?5,000. Brasilia? Can it really be that easy to win


?5,000? Let's hope so. You have won ?5,000, it is on the list. The


question is now, do you want to risk the ?5,000 to go on to go onto


?10,000? Do you have another three capitals in your mind? Definitely.


You will risk the ?5,000 and move on towards ?10,000. Argentina. Buenos


Aires. Good answer. Mexico City. Mexico City, you think is the


capital of Mexico? If you are right, you are one away from ?10,000. And


you are right. Well done. Santiago, is South America. Santiago.


Santiago? Are you sure about that? Yes. I was! Definitely a national


capital city. If it is, you have won ?10,000, if it is not, you have lost


?5,000. You said Santiago. You are making me doubt. Tony, Anna... You


have just won ?10,000! Sorry about scaring you, but there you are. Do


you have three more? Will you risk the ?10,000 to get to 15? Kingston,


Jamaica. We will play on. They are risking the ?10,000 to go on to 15!


L, per room? Any wrong answer means you will lose the amount accrued.


You have said Lima. It is on the list. Uruguay. The capital of


Uruguay. Very well done. One more gets you to ?15,000. Jamaica is


independent from Britain and the capital is Kingston. We will go


Kingston. If you are right about Hingston being the capital of


Jamaica, you have won ?15,000. If not, you have lost ?10,000. You


don't look so sure on this one? I am not sure of my own name at the


moment. You are trusting somebody you have just met with ?10,000. You


said Kingston. You have just won ?15,000! It is a ?10,000 jump up to


?25,000. If you have three more capital names? I know Caracas, I am


90% on Havana. Is Cuba Havana? I know Havana is in Cuba, I am not


sure of the capital. I think we should take the money because


everything from here is a guess. I think we will take the money. Ladies


and gentlemen they have just won ?15,000. You mentioned Port of


Spain, it was on the list. Havana, Cuba, also on the list. What was the


other one? Caracas. Would have just one new ?25,000. There were others.


Bogota, Georgetown, Panama City, Santo Domingo. All on the list. It


doesn't really matter because you are ?15,000 better off now than you


were, no matter what else happens it is in your bank account waiting to


be spent. ?7,500 each. What does that mean to you both at the moment?


A lot. That sort of takes the worry of things. It doesn't have to end


here. As long as you are winning, you can continue to earn. All you


have to do is beat another set of contenders. Tony and Anna have just


added ?15,000 to the prize fund. Wilton I'd be your lucky night?


Thanks very much, Nick. It's almost time for tonight's big Lotto


rollover draw but before that, you may have heard that a National


Lottery funded member of Team GB made history this week, after


becoming our first ever Olympian to win a medal on snow. Jenny Jones


picked up a bronze medal last Sunday in the snowboarding slopestyle event


and we caught up with her earlier in the week in Sochi, where she had


this special message. I want to say a massive thank you to my family,


supporters, the British Olympic Association, the Team GB partners


and, most importantly, you, the players. If it wasn't for you and


the national lottery funding I would not be here fulfilling my dream of


winning a medal in Sochi for Great Britain. Good luck. Thanks and


congratulations, Jenny! Also, a huge well done to Lizzy Yarnold who


picked up Team GB's first gold of the games yesterday in the women's


skeleton. What an achievement! OK, the moment has come! Here's Lotto!


Release those weekend balls. Tonight's Lotto rollover jackpot is


worth an estimated ?5.4 million. In the last week over ?24.3 million has


been paid out in prizes and one lucky ticket holder scooped the


entire rollover jackpot last Saturday winning over ?6.4 million!


Congratulations whoever you are! Thanks, Alan. OK, who's feeling


lucky? Good luck, everyone. Thanks, Alan. Remember, every line


of Lotto gives entry to the Lotto Raffle Draw and tonight there are


100 prizes of ?20,000 up for grabs. To find out if you're a winner, full


results will be available later via the red button or by visiting


/bbc.co.uk/lottery and following the links. The region with the most


lotto raffle winners tonight is the South East of England. The results


of this week's draws are available on BBC One on Tuesday, Wednesday and


Friday at 10.35pm, straight after the 10 O'Clock News. Now let's go


back over to Nick. Welcome back. Tony and Anna won


?15,000. They'll be taking the Mickey out of you at work, won't


they? Not anymore. Join us again next week to see if you can do


better than our champions. It's off to a flying start for Anna and Tony


with ?15,000 in prize money. Tonight's winning Thunderball and


Lotto numbers are on screen now, and the full Lotto Raffle results will


available later this evening on the Red Button or via bbc.co.uk/lottery.


Nick Knowles hosts the National Lottery quiz where two teams of strangers play against each other to complete a series of lists and win up to £100,000.

Includes the Lotto and Thunderball draws with Gaby Roslin.

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