Episode 8 The National Lottery: Who Dares Wins

Episode 8

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They challenged champions Hayley and Ranjit. Victoria Pendleton. Is NOT


on the list. We have new champions. The new champions played their first


money list. You said Kingston. Yeah. You've just won ?15,000. They got


off to a good start but will their winning streak continue? Let's find


out now on Who Dares Wins. Thank you, hello and welcome to the


National Lottery Who Dares Wins. The show where completing a series of


lists can make you very, very rich. On Who Dares Wins, we put together


teams of complete strangers and ask them to fill in missing answers on a


list. For example, if I asked you to name waxworks at Madame Tussaud's,


how many could you list? You might say Prince William, or David


Cameron. What about Jerry Springer? Is he on the list? That's what Who


Dares Wins is all about. In the last show, Tony and Anna became new


champions using tactics and logic to make their way to the top spot.


They've already added ?15,000 to their prize fund. And there's


?100,000 on offer tonight. Imagine winning that sort of money. I bet


they've been thinking about nothing else since last week. Please welcome


back, Tony and Anna. Nice to see you. How are you? Let's


remind people where you're from and what you do. I'm from Kidderminster


in Worcestershire. I'm an office manager for a transport company. And


family? Three children and my wonderful husband, Stu. I imagine


it's a very busy household. Where are you from and and what do you do?


I'm from Huddersfield in West Yorkshire and I'm a sales manager


for a security company. I've got two little boys, Lewis, was seven, and


Olly, who's two. And my other half, Nicola. They're obviously hoping you


win more money. ?100,000 up for grabs tonight. Yeah, we could do


some stuff with that. Good luck both of you. Thank you. Off you go to


your sound proof pods, please, champions.


Standing between the champs and life-changing money are a new set of


challenges. Please welcome Lauren and Meg.


How are you? How are you? Good thank you. Lauren. Nice to meet you. Hi,


I'm Lauren. Nice to meet you. Hi. Let's start on this side. Lauren,


where are you from and what you do? I'm Lauren from Londonderry and I


work in retail. You are a writer of romantic fiction. Yes, I am. It's


exciting and if I won any money, I would get myself self-published,


hopefully. And I'd also be the best daughter in the world and take my


mummy and daddy away. Nick, I know you probably get this all the time


but my mum loves you. Aww. Hello, mum. How you doing? Hello. Thanks


much for watching. Tell us about yourself, where you're from and what


you do. I'm from Leeds. My main job is working in a school office, I'm a


school business manager, but also yoga teacher in my so-called spare


time. Who is cheering for you at home? My husband and my two


children, Evan and Beth. What would you be spending the money on? My


little boy would love to go to Brazil, so I'd love to take him. So


you need to win the money? We do. You need to knock the champions off


their perch. That's going to happen, is it? Yes. Lovely. Challengers,


would you please make your way to your sound proof pod. Thank you.


OK, the teams are in their pods. When the pods turn red, like so,


they are completely soundproof. They can't hear anything I or their


opponents are saying. They'll only be able to hear what's happening


when I turn their pods on like this. And they turn blue. In a moment I'm


going to give the teams a list. Whichever team bids more will get to


play. If they reach their target, they win the list. If they fail,


their opponents win. The first to win two lists gets to pay


for?50,000. So teams, if you're ready, the first listtonight is...


To clarify, we are looking for any male cricketer that has played for


England in the Ashes test match against Australia since January one,


2005. We will accept surnames but if you give us first names and


surnames, the first name has to be correct. This does not include


substitute fielders and is accurate to December five, 2013. This is


according to the ESPN CricInfo website. Challengers, you get to


start the bidding, so champions, for the moment, we're going to switch


you off but we will be back to you very soon. Cheerio. So, Lauren, Meg,


big cricket fans? Football is more my thing. Cricket I could probably


name a couple on each hand. I couldn't even name one but I think


we should bluff and try to get them up. Try to get them to name quite a


few. Seven? We'll go over seven. Seven, thank you very much. Tony,


Anna, the challengers say seven. What do you make of that? ??GREEB I


think we'll play it relatively Conservative and push them up to


ten. Ten. You kind of fancy playing this one, do you? Yes. Thank you.


Tony and Anna say ten. Yeah, we can't even name... We're getting up


to about four. I think the safe thing is to let them name them. It's


embarrassing for a Yorkshire woman, but yeah, I think we say name them.


Name them. OK, thank you very much. Tony, Anna, you can see the blue


light is still on behind me because the challengers have said name them.


Your fate is in your hands. OK, it's time to play the first list on Who


Dares Wins. So, I require ten correct answers.


Let's have the first one. Cook. Cook, you're saying. It's a great


answer. It is on the list. Alistair Cooke. Michael Vaughan. It's another


good answer. Andy Strauss. Andy Strauss. Is on the list. Andrew


Flintoff. Gets you to four. Marcus Trescothick. Marcus Trescothick gets


you half way to winning the list. Take your time. Are you all right?


Yeah. Bell. Bell, how sure are you of Bell? I'm sure of Bell. I just


can't remember his first name. You said Bell. If it's right, you're


over halfway. If it's wrong, you've given the list away. I have to tell


you, Tony, Anna... Stuart Broad. Stuart Broad is on the


list. Well done. How are you feeling? Would you have known any of


these? Yes, I knew a couple. Maybe. Mind you, they still need three


more. They could still slip up and the list could be yours. OK, so I've


got two. Without a doubt. We'll go with those. Steve Harmison. Steve


Harmison is on the list. You are two away. And the last one is Swann.


Swann. Spin bowler. A good spin bowler. He's great. Swann. Graeme


Swann is on the list. Yes. One more. One more you're certain of to take


the list. Mr Kevin Pietersen. Kevin Pietersen. If the name's not on the


list, you'll have given the list away to Lauren and Meg. Tony,


Anna... He is on the list. You have won the


first list. Let's take a look at the other


options available. There's loads and loads and loads of


them, aren't there? The main thing is you've taken the first list. One


more and your through to play for the cash. You need to win this next


list to force a tie-break. The second list is...


To clarify, we're looking for the name of any of the 199 musical acts


that were nominated for or won a BRIT Award from January one, 2009 to


February 20, 2013. This is according to the official website of the BBC.


Champions, you get to start the bidding so, for the moment,


challengers, I'm going to switch your pod off.


So, 1-0 up in a strong position. How do you feel about Brit awards?


Terrible. So good acting going on? Yeah. Good. I could probably pluck


six or seven. That isn't vast considering how many there are to


pick from. We think we will go in with a seven. Seven. OK, thank you.


Lauren, Meg, how do you feel about this category? Confident. Better


than cricket? 100% better than cricket. We have an opening bid from


Tony and Anna of seven. We'll say ten. Definitely. Thank you. Lauren


and Meg say ten. I think they know quite a few so I think we are taking


a risk either way. I think we let them play and I think they will get


them. We'll say 11. 11? Yeah. Thank you. They say 11. We will say 12.


Thank you. Sure, both of you? Yes. 12. They know we're are a bit


paddle-less. Go on then. They can name them. Name them? Yeah. OK.


Lauren, Meg, you can see the light's on over here. They say name them.


Your fate is in your hands. Win this list and you will force a tie-break.


It's time to play the second list on Who Dares Wins.


Right, I require 12 correct answers. Let's have your first one. Lana Del


Rey. Yes, she is on the list. Tom Odell. Also on the list. Emili


Sande. Emili Sande. Gets you number three. Lady Gaga. Gets you to four.


I'm 99% sure, Arctic Monkeys. Arctics were definitely. Arctic


Monkeys. Arctic Monkeys. They are, of course, on the list. Professor


Green. Professor Green also on the list. So who did you just say? One


Direction. They've definitely... I think they performed too. We'll say


One Direction. We'll say One Direction. One Direction... Is your


seventh correct answer. OK, Nice and steady. What about Dizzee Rascal?


Dizzee Rascal. Dizzee Rascal? Will he get you to number eight? Yes, he


will. He's on the list. Just four correct answers required. Nervous


yet? No, these four answers are the longest four answers.


I think we should go with Rhianna. Yes, you're right, Rhianna. We're


going to go with Rihanna. You're saying Rhianna. If she's on the


list, you are only three away from completing this list. She is on the


list, yeah. OK, we can do this. Have we done


JLS? I think they might have won a BRIT Award. I think they've been


nominated. I'm happy to go with that if you are. JLS. If JLS is on the


list, you will have gone into double figures and you'll be two away from


taking the list. If it's not on the list, you have given the list and


the game away and you are out. Lauren, Meg, I have to tell you,


JLS... You really doubt yourself here. So


who were we thinking? We only need two more. We need two more. Katy


Perry. I think she probably has since 2009. Yeah, definitely. Katy


Perry? Yeah,I'm happy. Katy Perry? Right now, nothing else is jumping


out. We'll go Katy Perry. Katy Perry, you said. Lauren, Meg, it's a


big one, this. You're either in or out of the game. Katy Perry... Is on


the list. Beyonce. We haven't thought of


Beyonce. And what about X Factor? Nicole Scherzinger? Yeah. Has she?


I'm not confident about her. Who did you just say? What about... I think


bands. The Wanted? The Wanted. I'm quite embarrassed I can name boy


bands. I know indie really good. Say The Wanted. They were definitely at


the Brit Awards. Go for The Wanted then. Are you sure? Yeah, yeah, if


you think they've been on. We are going for The Wanted. E OK, you're


going for The Wanted. If you had gone with Beyonce, you'd have just


won the list. She is on the list. Nicole Scherzinger. Not on the list.


You would have lost with Nicole Scherzinger. In the end, you went


with The Wanted. If you are wrong, you have fallen at the last hurdle


and given the list away and Tony and Anna are champions and go through to


play for the money. Lauren, Meg, you said The Wanted. I have to tell


you... The Wanted... Are on the list. You have won the


list. Wow. Very well played, ladies. You


did a good job there. I am sure you want to know who else is on the


list. That's one list each. The game is


tied and that means we go to a tie-break. It's just like a penalty


shoot-out. We go back and forth until one team gives a correct


answer and the other gives a wrong answer. The tie-break list is:


Highest grossing films of 2013. We are looking for the titles of the


100 highest grossing thee at thinkical released films in 2013,


according to the Box Office Mojo website. We start with you,


challengers. Lauren and Meg, I need an answer from you. Despicable Me 2.


It is on the list. It's a good choice. Tony and Anna, I require an


answer from you to equalise and stay in the game. Ironman 2. If it's on


the list you have equalised. If it's not, you have given away the list to


Lauren and Meg and they win the tie-break. You said Ironman 2. Tony


and Anna, I have to tell you... It's not on the list. We have new


champions. Lauren is right, it is ironman 3


that came out in 2013, not Ironman 2. Let's look at some of the other


films that were out there. There's been loads.


Unfortunately, you slipped up between the 2 and 3 and that's the


difference between winning and losing. I hope you have enjoyed your


time here. It's been fantastic. Thank you very much. Good luck,


girls. Good for you, let's hear it for Tony and Anna everybody.


APPLAUSE Well, you dared and you won and now


you are playing for ?50,000 on Who Dares Wins. So champions, here you


are as champions and you are now in a position to earn yourselves a lot


of money. Let's look at exactly how much you could earn on tonight's


money list. It could be up to ?50,000, of course. Wow. And that's


just for starters. Because if you keep on winning you can keep on


earning. So how do you win the cash? I will give you a list and you must


fill in the gaps, give me three missing answers and that will earn


you ?5,000. Six answers and I will give you ?10,000. Nine answers and


you are looking at ?15,000. This is where it gets interesting, if you


can give me 12 answers correctly I will give you ?25,000. And the last


three answers that take you up to 15 answers, if you are brave enough to


go for it, that's where you can double the 25 to ?50,000. But, be


careful because once you decide to go on, if you make a mistake, you


lose the lot. OK. We don't want to do that. Are you ready? We are. The


list is: We are looking for the names of the


25 busiest airports in the UK. This is based on the total number of


passengers that have passed through each airport in 2012. This is


according to the Civil Aviation Authority. So, do you travel much? A


bit. Not so much as I would like to. We lose nothing by going towards


?5,000. Let's get started your first answer, please. London, Stanstead.


Is on the list. Heathrow. Your second answer and your second


correct answer. One more earns you ?5,000. Let's go for Gatwick. If you


are right you have earned ?5,000. If you are wrong, you go off this money


list without any cash at all. Of course it is. You have just won


?5,000. APPLAUSE


So very well done. ?5,000. That's how easy it is. If you know three


more you can get to ?10,000. I think we can name another three. You are


going to go on? Yeah. They're risking the ?5,000 and going for


?10,000. Manchester. Manchester you are saying next. If it's on the list


you are two away from ?10,000. Manchester is on the list.


Liverpool. John Lennon. Just go Liverpool. We will go for Liverpool.


Liverpool Airport. It's on the list. Absolutely. It is called John Len


nan, yeah. -- Lennon, yeah. Birmingham and Newcastle and


Belfast. Belfast is never that busy. Shall we go for Birmingham. It's


Birmingham International so a lot of flights going out. You are happy


with that? Happy with that. If Birmingham is on the list you have


won ?10,000. If it's not on the list you are going back to your pod


without any cash from this list. Lauren and Meg, Birmingham is a


great answer. You have just won ?10,000.


APPLAUSE I am happy to stop. We are happy to


stop now. Ladies and gentlemen, they've won ?10,000. Let's look at


some of the other answers. A It doesn't have to stop there because


as long as you carry on winning you can come back and have another go at


the money list. All you have to do is see off another couple of


challengers. Are you capable of doing that? No problem. We will give


it a shot. Ladies and gentlemen, give them a round of applause. Make


your way back to your soundproof pods.


APPLAUSE Hoping to steal the champions' Crown


tonight is a new set of challengers. Please welcome Joe and Brendan.


APPLAUSE How are you doing, nice to meet you.


Hello, Joe. Say hello to each other. Obviously never met before. Let's


find out about you. Jo, where are you from and what do you do? I am


from Langley and I am a veterinary surgeon. You have to do that arm up


the cow thing? Yeah, this glamorous thing, I am used to the muck and


magic. What would you do if you won some money? Have a nice holiday and


maybe refurbishment on the house. The best of luck. Let's find out


about your partner. Tell us about yourself and where you are from. I


am from the Isle of Man. The island's small so I am sure


everybody will be supporting me, especially my mum and dad and two


sisters. What will you do if you win money? I would like to set up my own


business perhaps, food manufacturing. Best of luck. Can you


knock the champions off their perch? Yeah Definitely. Please make your


way to the soundproof pod. Teams, if you are ready, let's play Who Dares


Wins. The first list is: We are looking for the name of any


actor or actress that has appeared in at least two episodes of the TV


series Friends. This is according to the IMDB pro-website. Challengers,


you get to bid first. I am going to switch your pod off for the moment.


We will be back to you soon. There we go. What do we think? Do you


watch the series? Yeah. Everyone does. OK. Eight maybe? Yeah, that's


a good starting point. Thank you very much. The opening bid is eight.


We will go nine. Straightaway. Happy? Yeah. Lauren and Meg say


nine. OK. We should go higher than that. Ten? Yeah. Are you sure you


can do ten? I think so. We will say ten. Thank you. Jo and Brendan say


ten. Can we go 11? I think we would struggle. Name them? Yeah, name


them. Thank you very much. Jo and Brendan, the girls have said name


them. OK. The list is yours. It's time to play the fist list on -- the


first list on Who Dares Wins. Ten correct names is all that's


required. So, let's have your first one. We will say Lisa Kudrow. Is on


the list. Courtney Cox. Also on the list. Jennifer Aniston. Gets you to


three. Matt Le Blanc. Your fourth correct answer. David Schwimmer.


Gets you to number five and halfway. Matthew Perry. Matt yu Perry -- Matt


hew Perry is your 6th correct answer. We have done the easy ones!


Tom Selleck. Is on the list. It's a good answer. Three more. Honour


Farris. Brendan is sure, so that's OK. If it's on the list, you will be


two away from taking the list. If the name is not on the list, you


will have given the list away to Lauren and Meg. Jo and Brendan...


It's on the list. Well done. Two to go. Are you worried at this stage?


They need two more. We got up to eight ourselves. You think the last


two are going to be the interesting ones. Bruce Willis. You are


absolutely right. You are now one away from taking the list. She's


definitely been in one episode. It's a stab in the dark, but Julia


Roberts. Why is it a stab in the dark? Not sure whether it was more


than one episode. She was on once, hopefully it was two episodes. If


you are wrong, she's not on the list, and the last hurdle you will


have given the list away and Lauren and Meg will take a 1-0 lead. Jo and


Brendan... Julia Roberts is not on the list.


You have given the list away to Lauren and Meg. Julia Roberts only


appeared in one episode of Friends. OK. An unfin - an unfinished list is


unfinished business. Let's look. There are loads to choose from. The


fact is, unfortunately, you made a mistake on that and gave the list


away which means you need to win the next list, challengers, if you are


to stay in the game and force it to a tie-break. The second list is:


BBC's A-Z of historical figures. We are looking for the names of any of


the 371 men and women that appear on the BBC's A-sd list of historical


figures. The list includes military leaders, politicians, scientists,


monarchs, artists, philosophers, poets, authors and explorers from


around the world over all time periods. Please note, however, that


classical musicians do not appear on the list. This is according to the


BBC History website. Champions you start the bidding. For the moment,


challengers, I will switch your pod off. I have got a history degree. I


think we got a good crack at this. Lauren and Meg say ten. How do you


feel about this list? Obviously there are 300 and something on the


list but I think we feel fairly confident really. I think we can go


a bit higher? Do you think? 17. Thank you. 17. Do you want to go 20?


20 and see what they come back with. We'll go 20. 20, lovely, thank you.


20 is the bid this time. I think we may go a little higher. I think we


need to go higher. 25. Thank you. You quite fancy playing this, don't


you? Yeah. Thank you. 25. 30? Yeah, go for it and if they come back with


a higher one then we let them do it. 30. Thank you. The champions are now


saying 30. OK, I thought they would. 32? 32. Thank you. The bid has grown


to 32. This could go on and on. 33. We'll go for 33. I know we said that


last time. 33, please. OK. 33. OK. Shall we let them play it? We will


make them play that. It means the control is out of your hands. I


know. You're happy to stay name them. OK. Lauren, Meg, the


challengers have said name them. OK. It's time to pay the second list on


Who Dares Wins. Let's get started. Churchill. Yes,


he's on the list. That would be embarrassing, wouldn't it?


Politicians, Margaret Thatcher? Yeah? Margaret Thatcher. She is on


the list. Stalin? Stalin. Stalin is a good answer. It's on the list.


Hitler. Hitler. Is your fourth correct answer on the list.


Napoleon. Napoleon is on the list. Henry VIII. He's really obvious.


Henry VIII. Gets you to number six. Yes, Elizabeth I. Elizabeth I,


you're saying as your seventh answer. And your seventh correct


answer. Someone like Mussolini? Can we go with Mussolini? Also on the


list. Elizabeth II. We're going to go with Elizabeth II, the Queen.


Elizabeth II. Is on the list. Robbie Burns. Robert Burns, yeah.


Robert Burns? How sure are you of Robert Burns? I was really sure


until a minute ago. If you're right, it gets you to turn on the list. If


you're wrong, we go to the tie-break because you will have slipped up.


Lauren, Meg, Robert Burns... Is not on the list. You have given


the list away. We go to a tie-break. That's extraordinary. Robert Burns


is not on the list. I would have been with you there, but... That's a


shock. It is a shock. I'm sure you'll want to know what's missing


from the list. I mean, it just goes on and on and


on but the fact of the matter is, you only got to nine before that


trip up came. That is what Jo and Brendan were hoping for. So that is


one list each. The game is tied and that means we play a sudden death


tie-break to decide which team goes through to play for the money. The


tie-break list is... To clarify, we are looking for the


ten least frequently used letters in the Concise Oxford Dictionary. So,


of all the words listed in the Concise Oxford Dictionary, this is a


list of the ten letters that appear the least frequently. This is


according to the Oxford dictionaries website. We start with Jo and


Brendan. Z. Z. Is on the list. We go to Lauren and Meg. X. X, also on the


list. You draw level. I require a correct answer. Q. Also on the list.


Back we go to the champions. K. K. Is on the list. You draw level


again. Back over to Jo and Brendan. V. If V is on the list, you go ahead


and put the pressure back on Lauren and Meg. And it is on the list. F.


F. Lauren, Meg, F is on the list. It's another good answer. J. If J is


on the list, you but the pressure back on the champions again. If it's


not, they will still have to come up with a correct answer to win the


list. Jo, Brendan, J... G. G. If G is on the list, it really


puts the pressure back on Jo and Brendan as this is the eighth answer


in a list that only features ten letters. If, however, it's not on


the list, you lose the list and the game and we have new champions.


Lauren, Meg, G... Is not on the list. We have new


champions. Jo and Brendan. Let me say, you shouldn't feel too


bad. G is the 11th least used. Really close. So I bet you're


wondering what the other three are, because we had seven. I think that's


very impressive, seven. B, W and Y. So, bad luck. You can console


yourselves with ?10,000. Yes, we had a good time. I'm glad you enjoyed


yourselves. Listen, you have been great contestants and greatfun.


Ladies and gentlemen, let's hear it for Lauren and Meg.


That was tough, wasn't it? Yeah, really tough. Jo, Brendan, you


dared, you won, and you're now playing for ?50,000 on Who Dares


Wins. So, Jo and Brendon are about to play the Money List where they


could win ?50,000. But they're not the only ones who could win a


fortune tonight. Will you win big? I hope so. There's only one way to


find out. It's time for tonight's Thunderball draw from the National


Lottery. Good luck. See you in a mo. Thanks, Nick. Hello everyone and a


very warm welcome to Lottery HQ. All change then on Who Dares Wins. And,


as Jo and Brendan gear up for their first crack at the Money List, it's


now your turn to be in with a chance of winning big. Coming up tonight


we've got the Thunderball draw and Lotto which has a multi-million


pound rollover jackpot to play for. But first, a quick reminder that


there is still time to nominate projects for this year's National


Lottery Awards which gives those projects the chance to tell their


story to the nation, as well as celebrating the difference they make


to people all over the UK. Entry to the awards is free, and there are


seven different categories. The winners will feature at a special


televised event later this year on BBC One. To find out more, simply


log onto the website and follow the links. OK, now for the first of


tonight's draws. Get ready. It's Thunderball.


Start up those machines, please, Matt. Our draw master tonight is


Matt Chamberlain and the draws are being overseen by an independent


adjudicator. Excalibur and set of balls number two was selected


earlier today. More than ?2.2 million in one in prize money this


week on Thunder ball alone, so congratulations if your ticket came


up trumps. Thanks very much, Alan. OK, will tonight be your lucky


night? The very best of luck everyone. Here we go.


So, there are the five main numbers. Now we just need that all important


Thunderball. Gaby! If you've yet to match with any main


numbers, don't give up. You can still win a prize by matching with


just the Thunderball alone. Good luck!


Thank you, Alan. We'll be back very soon with tonight's Lotto rollover


jackpot. But before that, it's back to Jo, Brendan and Nick for Who


Dares Wins. See you very shortly. Welcome back. We will have more from


the National Lottery later on. Jo and Brendan, you're now in a


position to earn yourself a lot of money. It could be up to ?50,000.


Are you ready? Yes. Good, then let's play for the money. The list is...


OK. To clarify, we are looking for the names of any of the 45 tennis


players that have won the men's singles title at Wimbledon since


1930. This is according to the official Wimbledon website. Do you


like tennis? Yes. I watch Wimbledon. Brendan, what about you? I'm afraid


not really, no. It might be up to you, this one. OK, let's see how we


get along, shall we? I need your first answer. Andy Murray. Yes. Andy


Murray. Andy Murray is on the list. Very good start, yes. Roger Federer.


Yes. Roger Federer. Roger Federer gets you to number two. I only need


one more answer to get you to ?5,000. Surely it can't be that


easy? Djokovic. Novak. I forgot his first name for a moment there. Novak


Djokovic. It's a team effort. You had the surname, you had the first


name. Is it correct? If it is correct, you've won ?5,000. If it's


wrong, you go away from this list with nothing. It's a great answer.


You've just won ?5,000. Right, this is where it gets more interesting


because you have to decide whether you've got three more champions in


your head. If you have, and you can be sure of them, you can go onto


?10,000 but I will remind you to be careful because if you give me an


incorrect answer the ?5,000 you've got to now will be lost. I think we


can do three more, can't we? Yes. We will go on. You're going to go on?


OK, they're going to risk the ?5,000 and head on towards ten. Pete


Sampras. Pete Sampras, OK. Pete Sampras? Is your fourth correct


answer. Rafael Nadal. Rafael Nadal. Takes you one step away from


?10,000. One more answer for ?10,000, but it has to be a correct


answer. There's the older ones, so Jimmy Connors, John McEnroe, yes.


John McEnroe. John McEnroe. How sure are you? Positive. There's no point


in messing you about. You've just won ?10,000.


So that's really really good. ?10,000. If you've got another three


that have won Wimbledon you can get ?15,000. Now you do risk the ?10,000


in going on, so do you want to go on or stick? I think so. If you're


happy then. Yes. Going to go on? Yes. Risking ?10,000? Yes. They're


risking ?10,000 and going on to 15. OK, so... Bjorn Borg. Bjorn Borg for


your seventh answer. Of course he's on the list. Absolutely right. Andre


Agassi. Yes. Andre Agassi. Andre Agassi is your eighth answer. And


your eighth correct answer. Very good. You're sailing along very well


here. I'm pretty sure Lleyton Hewitt has won it as well. Yes, OK, go for


it. Yeah? Lleyton Hewitt. You said you're pretty sure about Lleyton


Hewitt. Yeah, not 100% sure. If you are right, you've won ?15,000. If


you're wrong, you've just lost ?10,000. I know. Jo, Brendan... It


was a risk worth taking. You've just won ?15,000.


This is an interesting point here, it's a ?10,000 jump so it's a lot of


money for three answers. What do you want to do? I don't know if I can


think of three more which is annoying. I think maybe we should


stick. We will stick. We might always come back, you never know.


Ladies and gentlemen, they're sticking at ?15,000. Let's look at


the other missing answers. This is going to hurt a little bit, I think.


The fact is that you are now ?15,000 better off. Congratulations. As long


as you are winning you can continue earning. Jo and Brendan have added


?15,000 to their prize fund. Will tonight be your lucky night? Fingers


crossed. It's time for tonight's Lotto draw. See you in a moment.


Thank you very much, Nick. We are moments away from tonight's Lotto


rollover draw. But before that, it's been another fantastic week for the


National Lottery funded athletes of Team GB at the Sochi Winter


Olympics. The men's curling team did us proud after winning silver


yesterday in the final against Canada. The women's curling team had


us on the edge of our seats before scoop scooping the bronze on


Thursday following a tense battle against Switzerland. Their medals


were in addition to the bronze picked up by Jenny Jones and the


gold won by Lizzy Yarnold making this the most successful Winter


Olympics for Team GB since 1924. Wow. A massive well done to all


members of Team GB and we look to welcoming you all back home. OK. Who


fancies becoming a multimillionaire? That's got a nice ring to it. Time


now for the big one, it's Lotto. OK, let's release those weekend


balls. Tonight's roll overjackpot is worth an estimated 6. 6 million.


Thank you, Alan. Tickets at the ready everyone. Good luck. Here we


go. Thank you very much. Remember, every


line of Lotto gives entry to the Lotto Raffle Draw. Tonight there are


100 prizes of ?20,000 up for grabs. To find out if you are a winner full


results will be available later via the red button or by visiting our


website and following the links. I will be back here next Saturday


after The Voice. Now it's back to Nick and Who Dares Wins. Have a


lovely weekend, bye. Welcome back. Before we went over to


the National Lottery Jo and Brendan won ?15,000. You must be pleased


with that. Absolutely. But still frustrated because you had a few


more names. Yeah. How would you have got on with Wimbledon's winners?


Could you have remembered under pressure? I hope you enjoyed playing


along at home. See you next week. Well done to Jo and Brendan.


Excellent. Can they keep going? Find out more when Who Dares Wins returns


on 15th March. Tonight's numbers are on screen now:


Nick Knowles hosts the National Lottery quiz where two teams of strangers play against each other to complete a series of lists and win up to £100,000.

Includes the Lotto and Thunderball draws with Gaby Roslin.

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