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Episode 9

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Last time on Who Dares Wins, Phd student Brendan and veterinary


student Jo met for the first time. They defeated Lauren and Meg. G is


not on the list. We have new champions.


They went on to play their first money list. It was a risk worth


taking, you just won ?15,000. Tonight, they're back for more.


APPLAUSE Hello and welcome to the National


Lottery Who Dares Wins, the show where completing a series of lists


can make you very, very rich. On Who Dares Wins, Putting On The Ritz


together teams of strangers and ask them to -- we put together teams of


strangers and ask them to fill in lists. If I asked you to name film


was Russell Crowe. How many could you list? What about Body of Lies?


Is that on the list? Well, that's what Who Dares Wins is all about.


You can play along at home, by shouting answers at your telly and


as it's the final show, in the current series, I know, it's


disappointing - it's your last chance to show off. So make the most


of it. In the last show, Jo and Brendan became new champions. They


faced some tough competition and rose to the challenge. They've


banked ?15,000. Will they get to play a money list tonight and add to


their winnings? Let's get them up here to find out. Please welcome Jo


and Brendan. APPLAUSE


Nice to see you. Hello. Hi. Remind us where you're from. I'm from


Langley in Northumberland. What do you do? I'm a vet. Let's find out


about you and where you're from and what you do. I'm from the Isle of


Man. I've just finished my pH D in tourism, looking at the Isle of Man


and other small islands. I'd like to encourage people to come and visit.


How are you feeling? You'd won ?15,000, which is great. Wonderful.


You were quite pleased. I was. You were disappointed. A bit. I've just


about got over it. The money list was a subject matter that you knew,


but you couldn't get the names out of your head. No, mind wernt blank.


-- Went blank. Happy now? Happy now. And ready to earn more cash.


Definitely. Are you capable of doing that? Definitely. We're a good team.


Champions, best of luck. Make your way to your sound-proof pod.


Standing between the champions and the opportunity to win ?100,000 are


a new set of challengers. Please welcome Wayne and Lori.


APPLAUSE Say hello to each other. This is who


you were hoping to be paired? Yes. Yes. Not a dating show. I'm only


joking. Let's find out more about you. Where are you from and what do


you do? I'm from Hamilton and I work in a call centre. At home for you?


My mum, dad and my granddad who watches, one of the few things he he


watches. About the husband? Yes, he watches. About the husband? Yes,he


he watches. To mention him all together. You're going to be in


trouble now. You've moved into a new home as well. Yes, only a couple


weeks ago. A lot of work to do on it? Yeah, quite a bit to do,


decorating. Anything we could win, amazing. Are you sitting on? Deck


chairs at the moment. Is that right? Yeah, we have a big telly and two


deck chairs and that's us. Everybody starts out with houses like that,


where you're on tea chests or whatever you can get your hands on.


Let's find out about Wayne. Tell us about yourself. I'm 38 years old and


from Southampton. I'm a trayman. -- drayman. Who's at home? Girlfriend,


mum and dad and the rest of the family will be watching. A bit a


pirate to -- pit of a party to watch. What would you do with the


cash? Trip to New York, go to Miami and catch a bit of sunshine. How


long have you been with your girlfriend? Seven years. Yeah...


Maybe. Listen, best of luck to both of you. Can you take the champions


down, so that you can get to the money list? Every dog has its day


and today is woof day. Best of luck. Challengers make your way to the


sound-proof pod. The teams are in irthis pods -- in


their pods. When the pods are red, they're completely sound proof. They


can't hear anything I or their opponents have saying. They'll only


be able to hear what's happening when I turn their pods on like this.


Then they turn blue. Here's how it works, in a moment I'm going to give


the teams a list. Whichever team bids more will get to play. If they


reach their target, they win the list. If they fail, their opponents


win. The first to win two lists gets to play for ?50,000


Teams, if you're ready, the first list tonight is... Boys names


beginning with a vowel. We are looking for the most common 100


names beginning with a vowel that were given to baby boys in England


and Wales in 2012. This is according to the Office for National


Statistics. Wayne and Lori, as challengers you


get to go first. Champions, I'm going to switch your pod off. How do


we feel about this? This should be OK. What do you think, seven, eight?


Yeah, seven. See how we go. Hello champions, fancy this as a subject?


Yeah, it's the vowel thing makes it more difficult, I think. We have an


opening bid of seven. OK, that seems quite low. Nine? I think so. The


champions say nine. Go 11, 12? If we go 12 and they go higher, we could


say name them. Go on then. 11. The challengers say 11. We think we can


do more than that, I think. 13. Yeah. 13 comes back from the


champions. We'll say name them. Yeah. Why do you think that? It is


2012, you could have lots of names beginning with a vowel, but will


they be on the list in 2012. Interesting thought. Let's find out.


The challengers say "name them". It's your list to win or lose. It's


time to play the first list on Who Dares Wins.


13 names I require from you. Let's have the first one. Oliver. Is on


the list. Alfie. Also on the list. Alex, I think. Alex and Alexander.


Do you think they would be separate? I think so. Alex. That's the third


correct answer. Alexander. OK. Gets you to four.


Ewan, Euan. I think it's spelled both Eu an Ew, we will say it twice


probably. You've gone with Euan, if it's on the list, you're one step


closer to completing the list. If it's not, you've given the list


away. Jo, Brendan, I have to tell you...


Is on the list. Ewan then. I think it is on the


list. You are absolutely right. Andrew. Very good answer.


Over halfway. Ian. How sure are you about Ian? Yeah, sure. If it's


there, again you're one closer. If it's not, you'll have given the


first list away to Wayne and Lori. Ian... Is not on the list. You've


given the first list away. The challengers go 1-0 up.


Extraordinarily, Ian is not on the list. He's at 105. I'm as surprised


as you are by that. Let's have a look:


The challengers take the first list. Just one more list and you're


through to play for the ?50,000. Jo and Brendan, it's crucial you win


the next list to force the tie-breaker. Let's move on. The


second list is... British and Irish Lions players.


We are looking for the name of any Rugby Union player that has played


for the British and Irish Lions in a Test Match since January 1, the


1993. This is according to ESPN's rugby stats website. Champions, you


get to start the bidding. Challengers, I switch your pod off.


How do we feel about the British Lions? Not too bad. I know a few of


them in the latest tour. Try to go fairly high, maybe ten say? Right.


We'll say ten. They say ten. Is this a subject you like? We're OK with


it. Yeah. Shall we push them to 11. Yeah. 11. They say 11. OK. That's a


sign they're nervous. Maybe. Shall we let them name them. I think Wayne


will be able to name them. He looks like he would be into that. I'm


surprised they only went one more. Maybe they're trying to bluff us.


Either way we're going to lose. Not necessarily. I don't know many


personally. So if you think you can scrape a few together in case it


comes back. We will go one more. They say 12. I think there's a lot


of hand gestures there. They're trying to freak us out. Do you think


there's a bit of acting going on. . I'm going to say "name them". Go on.


Thank you very much. You know what the blue light means,


it's time to play the second list on Who Dares Wins.


12 correct answer ises what I require. Let's have the first


answer. Gethin Jones. If he's there you're off it a great start. Please


let him be on the list. He's not, you'll have handed the list over to


Wayne and Lori. And you'll have lost your crown. Don't do this, Nick! You


said Gethin Jones... Please. He is not on the list! You've handed the


list and the game away to Wayne and Lori.


We have new champions. Let's sort this out straight away.


Gethin Jenkins... Oh! Played for Wales, played for the British Lions.


Gethin Jones, Welsh TV presenter. I'm sure there are other Gethin


Jones around Wales as well, but not that play for the British Lions.


Nightmare. What a shocker. That's terrible. I know. I'm sure at home


you were shouting various names at the telly. I know I would have been.


Let's have a look: They thought you were bluffing and


decided to let you have a go. To a certain extent you were. I could


have named 12 if I'd remembered a Welsh surname correctly. Look, you


can console yourself with the fact you've won ?15,000 whilst playing. I


hope you've enjoyed being here. We have. It's been brilliant. Let's


hear it for our outgoing champions. APPLAUSE


You've dared and you won. You're the new champions and now you're playing


for ?50,000 on Who Dares Wins. Champions, I just realised


something, you're an HGV driver and you're a Lori.


That's got to work. A magic combination. It can only be a


perfect combination. You're now in a position to earn yourselves a lot of


money. Say you won ?50,000 now, right here, what would be the first


thing you'd do with the money? Go on a holiday to Australia. There's a


proposal to think about. There is, yeah. Maybe. Definitely maybe if we


hit the jackpot. Is that right? Maybe so, yeah. ! How do you win the


cash? I will give you a list and you must fill in the gaps. Three missing


answers and I'll give you ?5,000. Six answers, I'll hand over ?10,000.


Nine answers, you're looking at ?15,000. 12 answers, it gets really


interesting because it hops another ?10,000 to ?25,000.


If you can come up with all 15 answers correctly, you'll bank


yourselves a cool ?50,000. Make a mistake at any point, it's


game over and you drop down to zero. Good luck. Are you ready? Let's play


for the money. The list is... Conservative and Labour leaders.


We're looking for the names of any fulltime leader of the UK


Conservative or Labour Party from September 1, 1939 to December 1,


2013. This is according to the encyclopaediabury tan a--


encyclopaedia Britanica. I think we could get to five, hopefully. I'd


hope so. Then we'll go from there. You're right, nothing to lose by


heading off towards five. Let's have the first answer. David Cameron.


Yes. Of course. Ed Miliband. Yeah. Also on the list.


Tony Blair. Yeah. If you're right, you've won ?5,000. If you're wrong,


you go home with nothing. You've won ?5,000.


APPLAUSE That's great. That's how easy it is


to win ?5,000. If you can come up with three more Labour or


Conservative leaders you can make it to ?10,000, would you like to risk


it? Yes. Yeah. They're going on. Gordon Brown. He is on the list.


John Major. Yeah. Already applauding, because he's on the


list. Margaret Thatcher. Has that got you to ?10,000? Has Margaret


Thatcher earned you ?10,000, that's not something you hear very often.


Exactly. Lori, Wayne, you've just won ?10,000.


Fantastic. Amazing. Can you come up with another three? Yeah. Yes.


You're risking ?10,000. If you make a mistake on the way to ?15,000, you


lose the money you have already got. Despite that you want to go on? Yes.


Yeah. They're going on. The seventh answer please? John


Smith. He's on the list. Neil Kinnock.


Yes. If he's on the list, you're one step away from ?15,000. You know you


are one step away, don't you? Well done, yes, he's on the list.


William Hague. Yeah. You think he was leader of? The Conservatives. Do


you know he was or you think he was? Know he was, yes. He was. He was.


Yeah, he was. Definitely. You're looking at me like that, yeah, he


was. , you've won ?15,000. If he isn't, you've blown ?10,000.


You said William Hague. That answer has just won you ?15,000.


The next jump is ?10,000. Have you got three more leaders in you? I'm


sure Michael Howard was a Conservative leader. Black glasses.


Yeah. I don't think he was. I think he was in the Cabinet with Margaret


Thatcher. I don't think he was. Don't want to go with that one. I


want to say Ted Heath, but then at the same time... I don't know if I


want to stick, you know you're doubting yourself. If I was at home,


I'd be shouting at the telly the rest of them. Because you're here


and you have got that... If you were at home, what would you shout? Go


for it! Ted Heath,ied and -- Ted Heath, Iain Duncan Smith and I can't


think of another one. There's loads of them. Yeah, let's go for it. Do


you want to? OK. We'll go for it. You're risking the


?15,000. Yes. We'll go for it. Give me your answers one at a time.


Iain Duncan Smith. If he's on the list, you're two away


from the ?25,000. If he's not on the list, you've lost ?15,000.


You said Iain Duncan Smith. Wayne, Lori, I have to tell you... Iain


Duncan Smith has given you another correct answer. You have two more to


go. What's the next one? Ted Heath.


Yeah. Ted Heath, if he's on the list, you're one away from ?25,000.


If he's not, you've lost ?15,000. It's a big risk to go on. Yesment


Yeah. You know that. Is it going to pay off. Ted Heath is a really good


answer. He's on the list. One more. Churchill. Yeah. Winston


Churchill. If he's on the list, you've won ?25,000. If he's not on


the list, you've blown ?15,000. It was really brave of you to set off


from ?15,000. You were on the verge of stopping. Yeah, we were. Yeah.


They say Winston Churchill saved the country. I hope he saved us. Do you


know he has. You've just won ?25,000.


APPLAUSE If you went on, you could double it


to ?50,000. If you could think of three more. I think we should stop.


?25,000 is a massive amount of money. I know ?50,000 would be


fireworks and everything. I'm not confident with three more, are you?


I thought Michael Howard was a Conservative leader. No. You don't


want to lose ?25,000. I think we're going to call it a day. Ladies and


gentleman, they've won ?25,000. Well done.


I'm really tough for you. You did really well there and you


earn yourself ?25,000, ?12,500 each. That will do a lot of good.


Definitely go on holiday with that. Yeah, fantastic. You said if you got


to ?50,000, you'd have to propose. Saved your skin. See how we get on


in the next gamement -- game. I said this team looked like it would work


very well. You've done well so far. Congratulations. Please return to


your pod. Now a brand new set of challengers,


Carol and Neil. There we go. Carol meet Neil. Neil


meet Carol. You said that you had an ideal person you'd like to be paired


with. Someone who looked like Colin Firth, had the sense of humour of


John Bishop. He looks as if he's got a brilliant sense of humour.


Hopefully I can answer the questions. I'm sure we will be very


good together. I like your confidence. Let's get started. Tell


us about yourself. I'm from Preston. I'm retired now, but I used to work


for a newspaper in advertising. I did that for about 16 years and I


loved it. What would you do if you won a few quid here? I like an


American illustrator called Norman Russell. He has a museum in


Massachusetts. A tour of America if you win enough cash. Neil, let's


find out about you. I'm from Roshall, in Sutherland, in the


Highlands. I'm a self-employed landscaper. I've been doing that for


seven years. A bit of a singer too? I'm in a band called Swamp Radio.


They've obviously all heard of you (! ) What would you do if you won


some money. I would like to trek in the Himalayas. That's always been a


dream. Best of luck, both of you. Can you beat the champions? Of


course we can. Absolutely. Smashing. Challengers, make your way to your


sound-proof pod. Teams, if you're ready, let's play


Who Dares Wins. Your first list is... Artists with the most


performed karaoke songs. We are looking for the name of any singer


or group whose songs were among the 200 most commonly sung in karaoke


bars in Britain in 2013. This is according to information provided to


the show by Lucky Voice online karaoke and is accurate to end of


October 2013. Challengers, you get to go first. Champions, I'm going to


switch your pod off. What do we think of this then? OK. There's a


lot to go at. What shall we say? 14? I think we should go lower than


that. We should push them. 12. Yeah. Do we fancy this one? Yes. Yeah. The


challengers have come up with a bid of 12, what do you make of that? I


don't know, I think we could do 15. We haven't got to rush it, have we?


We'll go 14. Thank you very much. They say 14. 15, 16? 16. Thank you


very much. You quite fancy playing this one, do you? I think we could


get 16 no bother. They say 16. Oh! Right, tell them to name them then,


or do you want to play this one? We'll let them name them.


Carol, Neil, they say "name them". It's time to play the first list on


Who Dares Wins. 16 correct answers required. I need


your first answer please. We'll go for Gloria Gaynor. She is on the


list. Joo-Ho Madonna. -- Madonna. Also on the list. Frank


Sinatra. That's three. Don McLean. The fourth correct answer. Rhod


Stuart. -- Rod Stewart. On the list. Jones. Also on the list. You're


using your time when the pod was off to have a good conversation about


this. That's it. The Beatles? Yes. Hey Jude. Yes, they're there. Elvis


Presley. On the list and gets you to halfway, well played. Donna Summer?


Yes. How sure are you? Quite sure. If she's on the list, you've got to


number nine hand one step closer to taking the list. If she's not on the


list, I'm afraid you've given the list away.


It's not on the list. You've given the first list away to


the champions. APPLAUSE


So, let's look at some of the others you could have said:


Unfortunately, Donna Summer was not on the list. Champions, you have


taken the list. Carol and Neil, you need to win this next list to push


it into a tie-break. We need to stop them. Yes. The second list is...


Harry Potter actors. We are looking for the names of any top credited


actors and actresses in the eight Harry Potter films. By top credited


we mean any actor or actress that appears in the first 15 names on the


credit list of each film. Please note, actors are listed in order of


importance, with the biggest stars first. It is not arranged


alphabetically or by order of appearance. Please note, actors such


as David Tennant and Robert Pattinson, who played minor roles in


the films, will not feature on the list, this is according to the


official credits of the films. Champions, you start the bidding.


Challengers, I'm going to switch off your pod. We will come back to chat


to you soon. How do we feel about this, then? Very confident. Yeah. I


think, the only bit is the bit about David Tennant, he was one in my


mind. Let's go with ten. Sure? Yeah. How do we feel about Harry Potter?


We're OK. Faux a few actors -- know a few actors involved? Yeah. An


opening bid of ten. We'll go 11. OK. Thank you very much. They say 11.


Yeah, we'll go with 12. They say 12. It's up to you because


I couldn't do that, so do you think name them? Name them. You think


they'll make a mistake? Hope so. If they don't make a mistake... I


know, it's game over. Smashing, thank you very much.


You'll see the blue light is on, the challengers have said "name them".


It's your list to win or lose. It's time to play the second list on Who


Dares Wins. 12 correct answers required. If you


get all 12 right, you go through to play for the money, it's as simple


as that. Get them wrong and we go to a tie-break. First answer please.


Dan yesterday Radcliffe. On the list Rupert Grint. Also there. Emma


Watson. On the list. Michael Gambon. That's number four. Richard Harris.


Another good answer. Robbie Coltrain. That's halfway. Maggie


Smith. That's your seventh correct answer.


Alan Rickman. About that? Yes, 100%. You're right to be 100% sure.


Four required. We have moaning myrtle, that was played by Shirley


Henderson. Let's see if we have other people first. No, I know,


Julie Walters. That's another good answer.


Mark Williams is Mr Weasley. Mark Williams... If it's right, you'll be


into double figures, if it's not, you'll have given the list away and


we'll go to a tie-break. You said Mark Williams. You sounded


very confident. Mark Williams... Is not on the list.


You've given the list away. With ego it a tie-break.


You're absolutely right, Mark Williams is in it, he does not


appear in the first 15 names on the credit list.


Dear. Let's see who you should have gone for then.


I'm sure you knew all of those. But it's about the top-star billing.


That's what we were looking for. Well played Carol and Neil, you


thought they might slip up. It goes to a tie-break. Let me explain that.


It's just like a penalty shootout. We go back-and-forth between the


teams until one team gives a correct answer and one gives a wrong answer.


Be careful what you say, your pods are open throughout. The time break


list is... Formula One drivers 2013. We are looking for the fame of any


driver in the 2013 Formula One World Championship. Please note, we only


require surnames for this list. If you choose to give a first name, it


must be accurate. This is according to the official Formula One website.


Challengers, you get to go first. I need your first answer. Vettel.


Sebastien vettel. You're absolutely right.


Well played. Over to Wayne and Lori. Do you have an answer. Alonso. It's


on the list. Lewis Hamilton. Another good answer.


Jenson Button. Also on the list. MikaHakkonen. If he's on the list we


go back to Wayne and Lori. Carol, Neil... Is not on the list.


But you're not out yet. Wayne and Lori, you still have to give a


correct answer. It's a Scottish driver, Paul DiResta. If he's on the


list, you are win the list, the game and you go through to play for the


money. If he's not, with ego back to -- we


go back to Carol and Neil and give them another opportunity.


He is on the list. You've won the list and the game.


APPLAUSE Well, MikaHakkonen retired in 2001.


Did he? I think you're thinking of Kimi Raikkonen. I can't believe I


did that. Others on the list: We have to say goodbye to you, you


pushed them very hard and played really well. In the end, it just


wasn't enough. I hope you enjoyed playing. I did indeed. Yes. Thank


you. Great contestants, Carol and Neil everybody.


APPLAUSE Wayne and Lori are about to play the


money list, where they could win ?50,000. They're not the only ones


who could win a fortune tonight. Will you win big? There's only one


way to find out. It's time for tonight's Thunderball draw from the


National Lottery. Good luck. Hello everyone. Welcome to lottery


HQ. Who's trod win a fortune? Coming up, we have the Thunderball draw and


hot on its heels tonight's Lotto jackpot to play for and following


our most successful Winter Olympics since 1924, and our first Gold Medal


ever in the Paralympics, a colossal well done to Kelly Gallagher and


Charlotte Evans, we will be joined by two of Team GB's Silver


Medallist, but first, grab hold of your tickets, because here's


Thunderball. Start up those machines please,


Matt. Tonight's draws are being overseen by an independent


adjudicator. More than 3. .6 million in prize


money to be won this week on Thunderball and congratulations to


the lucky ticket holders who scoop the ?500,000 top prize on Wednesday


and Friday. Let's start the draw. Here we go: First one is about to


appear, number 31. A total of 39 balls to pick from in the first


machine. You choose five of them. Here's the next one, 14.


Three opportunities per week to play this game, Wednesdays, Fridays and


Saturdays. Next up, that one, 33.


A top prize, ?500,000. Here's another one for you. This time it's


22. Finally, from this, our first


machine, how about that one, 29. Matt, let's draw the Thunderball


itself. Here we go. There are 14 in there.


Up pops number 12. Here are tonight's Thunderball


numbers again, this time in ascending order:


Thanks. We're going to be back soon with the Lotto jackpot. First to


Nick for Who Dares Wins. See you soon.


Welcome back. More from the National Lottery later. First, here are you


again. I bet you thought at one stage, you weren't going to get


here. It was close. All very nervewracking. The end result is you


find yourselves in a position to earn yourselves a lot more money.


How much could you win this time around? Well, it's up to ?50,000.


Also, you've won ?25,000 tonight. So it's pretty exciting stuff. Also


because you've won some money, that takes the pressure on a bit. A


little bit. Let's see whether you feel that way, once we get into


this. Ready to play for the money? Let's go. . The list is... Countries


smaller than the UK. We are looking for any independent country that has


a smaller land area than the United Kingdom. This is according to


Whittaer's almanac 2014. How do you feel about that? OK. Yeah. Not 100


ers. -- 100%. We'll give it a go. Let's get started. You lose nothing


by starting. Let's get under way. Portugal? Yeah. It's a great start.


Yeah, it's on the list. Luxembourg. OK. That is your second


correct answer. Smaller than the UK. Moreway? Sweden? -- Norway? Sweden?


Norway? Yeah. I don't think we know for 100%, but Norway.


If Norway is on the list, you've won ?5,000. If it's not, you're walking


away from this list with no cash this time. Yeah. OK. You went Norman


way. You think it's -- Norway. You think it's smaller than the UK. Hope


so. Norway is not. Sadly, you don't win anything this


time. Comfort yourself with the idea that you have ?25,000 and you are


champions. That means that you continue to play. You could be back


here for another money list. Norway is quite big. I know. As I said, oh,


just go for it. Let's look at some of the others you could have said.


You are still champions and that means that you actually live to


fight another day. As champions on Who Dares Wins, you always get the


chance to come back and play again. Well, Wayne and Lori didn't add to


their prize fund this time around. Will it be your lucky night tonight?


Fingers crossed. It's time for the Lotto draw from the National


Lottery. See you in a moment. Thanks Nick. Tonight's Lotto


rollover jackpot draw is moments away. Helping to make millionaires


tonight are National Lottery funded Sochi medallists, David Murdoch and


Gregg Drummond. Congratulations, what does it feel to return home as


medallists. It's been incredible, the support we've had, it's been out


of this world. It's been so nice just to receive all the nice


messages. Look at the medals themselves. Can I touch one? You


can. Yes. They're so heavy. Fantastic. You have to be an


Olympian to wear it. What public reaction have you had? Support all


over, social media, any of the towns we've been to, down doing a lot of


media in London as well. It's been great. How important has the


National Lottery funding been to your journey? Yeah, it's been very


important. It's allowed us to be fulltime, to go around the world, to


train every day and just give us that chance to be on the podium.


Without that funding, there's no way we could have been with a Silver


Medal around our neck. Has come of age as well. This was our chance to


show case the sport to the world. We would encourage everyone to play.


You can play from any age. Good stuff. We're very, very proud of


you. Thanks very much indeed. Let's get tonight's main event under way.


Are you ready? We're ready. Good stuff. How about you at home? You


could be about to become a multimillionaire. Here's Lotto.


Let's release the rollover balls. And tonight's jackpot is worth an


estimated There have been 518,000 winning


Lotto tickets over the past week. One was the jackpot winning ticket


last weekend. Congratulations whoever you are. Over to you


fellows. Good luck, everyone. Brilliant. Well done guys. There's


the first one already. That is number 22, drawn four Saturdays back


as well. Here's the next one, number 25, drawn the Wednesday before last


too. And the next one, please. Third to


be drawn tonight, that is number 19, drawn three Saturdays back as well,


that one. Fourth number to be drawn tonight is: Number 14, bonus all of


11 Wednesdays ago, New Year's Day, it was. The fifth one, number 48,


last drawn four Wednesdays ago. The sixth number, this for the jackpot.


It is number 38. Excellent. Finally, this weekend's bonus: 8.


Millionaires row this Saturday night looks like this in ascending order:


Thanks, Alan. Thanks to David and Gregg for joining us. Don't forget


every line of Lotto gives entry to the Lotto raffle draw. It's a


rollover tonight. That means 100 of you will be ?20,000 win that. I'll


be back next Saturday night with Little Mix. Now back to Nick and Who


Dares Wins. Have a great weekend. Welcome back to Who Dares Wins.


Before the lottery, Wayne and Lori played the money list, but sadly


didn't win any cash this time around.


Don't feel too sorry for them. They won ?25,000 earlier. You'll be


celebrating, yes? Definitely. The end of the show and the series. Join


us again next time. You'll come back won't you? Yes. Yes. See you next


time, good night. That's it for another series of Who Dares Wins.


Well done to Lori and Wayne winning ?25,000.


Nick Knowles hosts the National Lottery quiz where two teams of strangers play against each other to complete a series of lists and win up to £100,000.

Includes the Lotto and Thunderball draws with Kate Garraway.

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