Episode 1 Tonight's the Night

Episode 1

John Barrowman makes more dreams come true for some special people. A fan of Dolly Parton gets a masterclass from the queen of country, and a lady vicar rally races at Silverstone.

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It's Saturday night. This is Tonight's The Night. Please welcome


# I Gotta Feeling # Tonight's gonna be a good night


# That tonight's gonna be a good night


# That tonight's gonna be a good CHEERING AND APPLAUSE


Good Evening! I'm back. You're back. Tonight's


The Night's back! Oh, it feels so good. Now, on this


show, we think good things should happen to good people. So, our


business is making dreams come true. Tonight is the night for amazing


stories. Great guests and big surprises, which could involve you


guys. So get ready! Here's what's on the way.


There's a Yankee doodle surprise in store for a hard-working vicar as


she swaps the pulpit for a pit stop. Matt Baker will go undercover to


give this Elvis fan the shock of his life. We turn on the blues and


twos and I play bad cop and give a young lady the chance to perform


with The Wanted. Hey, this is Dolly Parton and later on, I'm going to


be meeting a very special person in the name of country music right


here in Nashville so stay tuned. Yes, we've got The Wanted!


They're here tonight and you could have heard the hysterical screaming


when they arrived at the studios. That was just me...


If your dreams come true on this show, you know you deserve it.


Friends and family have nominated tonight's dreamers and they had no


idea what was in store for them. So, let's get cracking with our first


unsuspecting girl. She thinks she's got a job as an extra on a brand-


new TV show. Unfortunately, that show starts a stroppy demanding


diva - me! Really? I'm on the set of myny new


BBC One cop drama On The Beat, and we've got a very special person


under surveillance. 22-year-old Hayley is described as a rock by


her friends and family and her best friend Jade wants Tonight's The


Night to give her a surprise she'll never forget. Hayley's definitely


larger than life. She's probably the most reliable person that I


know. I want everybody else to see that she's deserving as well.


Hayley spends a lot of time supporting others, even though


she's had her own problems to deal with. A year ago, Hayley was


diagnosed with epilepsy and it came as a big shock but she's the sort


of person that just takes it all in her stride. While coming to terms


with her epilepsy, she restained -- remained strong for her family. Her


grandfather passed away, her father was diagnosed with Parkinson's.


When my husband passed away, she was here that night, stayed with us


and she was an absolute brick. mum and sister are so proud of her


and they think she should have her dream come true. Hayley's been


through a lot the last year and definitely deserves this


opportunity to shine. She's always there for her family and her


friends and it'd just be fantastic. Hayley's coming here today to be an


extra on my new BBC One hit cop show On the Beat. What she doesn't


know is that it's a total fake, yes, and I'm not the star of the show,


There's just not enough jazz hands in BBC dramas. Hayley makes extra


cash as an extra, so she's here on set with best friend Jade for my


pretend police series. As the crew get ready to record, the crime-


fighting detective becomes a foot- stomping diva. Did you guys get


stuff, are you all right? Do you want water or anything? I'm fine,


had a hot chocolate earlier. That is awful. What is in there?!


you get John another coffee? That's what I think of that coffee. Both


the coffee and Hayley are completely thrown. She does not


know where to look. Now I get all organic on set with some pre-


filming meditation exercises. Get ready for this. Feel your shockra.


OK. Everybody, cameramen and everything, I am employing


everybody, come on! Shockra. Ready? No, no, just a minute. Ready,


shockra-mocha. Shockra- mochra- froppa. Once again then end with a


leap, OK. Totally focused. Ready, John? Not ready yet, just a minute.


Ready? Now I'm ready. Having seen my temperamental side, Hayley's


come up with an extreme way of stopping her giggles when she's on


set. Puppy's dying, puppy's dying. That dog over there getting shot,


that dog over there getting shot. I get the giggles really bad. Don't


crack a smile. I know, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Action! Sir, there's


been another mugging. I think she's OK though but these people might


have seen something. OK. Just cut there. Great. Brilliant. The pup


worked but how will Hayley react when I start picking on her elderly


actress. While they're waiting, do you mind if we just sit and talk


about the next bit because you guys are going to be right here. So come


on over. Do you mind if we have the seat, love? Do you mind. All right,


dear, come on. There you go, you just sit there. No, it's all right.


No, do you want to sit here? I don't... She's all right, don't


worry. So, are you with the... With everything that goes on and all


that stuff... Pushing out a pensioner might have been the final


straw. I think it's time to tell Hayley The Real Story and show her


the real me. OK, fine, fine. You know what, are you cool with this,


like what I said about being organic and natural, I'm just going


to ad-lib something because actually, I am John Barrowman and


I'm from BBC One Eastonite's the night and I'm going to make your


dream come true because this is all a big set up. You are the star of


this show, not me. Yeah! What the hell?! No! Yes. Yes, and all the


stuff I already know about you, I'm really not that mean to old people.


She's OK, see, she's fine. How would you like to perform to the


nation and a big live audience, prime time Saturday night on


Tonight's The Night? Oh, my God. That would be nice. Awesome! Oh, my


God. I thought you were really mean. I was really upset because I really


liked you. Listen, it's about making your dream come true and I


know you love to sing and I know that you've been supportive of your


family and your dad and everything that you've been through and we're


going to make that dream come true and it's all thanks to your friend,


Jade. Thank you. It's now two weeks later and in Glasgow, Hayley's


getting in some last-minute rehearsals for her performance of


The Wanted's song, All Time Low. Hayley thinks she's singing on her


own, but I'm about to spring a surprise on her, a visit from The


Wanted. And they have some special news. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. I'm


good, thank you. Hello. Nice to meet you. You all knew this didn't


you?! So we have got a bit of a surprise for you. You were supposed


to be singing on your own tonight, but you're actually going to be


performing All Time Low with us boys. Oh, my God, that's so cool.


Is that all right? Thank you very much. You sound much better than us.


I'm a bit worried now. That was really scary but also amazing at


the same time. Jade, you got in touch with us and now she's about


to perform with five really hot guys. How excited is she, do you


think? She's going to be backstage climbing the walls, I'm so jealous,


can't believe it. I'm jealous too! When she was dying nodes with


epilepsy, did it dent her confidence at all? For a little


while. She struggled a bit, but things like this bring her


confidence straight out and I'm so pleased, so happy. Well, she's


going to be happy and confident tonight because we've got a girl


who makes everyone feel wanted and five guys who are Wanted, let's put


them together and watch the fireworks, for Hayley, Tonight's


The Night! # Praying won't do it


# Hating won't do it # Drinking won't do it


# Fighting won't knock you out # Of my head


# Hiding won't hide it # Smiling won't hide it


# Like I ant tried it # Everyone's tried it now


# And failed somehow # So when you gonna let many


# When you gonna let me - Out # And if you know


# How do you get up from an All Time Low


# I'm in pieces # Seems like peace is


# The only thing I'll ever know # How do you get up


# Get up # Give it up for Hayley! # Cos driving won't do it


# Flying won't do it # Denying won't do it


# Crying won't drown it out # What you said


# When I'm standing on the yellow line


# Waiting at the station # Or I'm late for work


# A vital presentation # If you call me now girl


# Without reservation # I would try to break through


# But if you no # How go do you get up from an All


Time Low # I'm in pieces


# Seems like peace is # The only thing I never know


# How do you get up from an All Time Low


# I can't even find a place to start


# How do I choose between my head and heart


# Can you hear me # A low, a low


# How do you get up from an All Time Low


# I'm in pieces # Seems like peace is


# The only thing I never know # How do you get up from an All


Time Low # I can't even find a place to


start # How do I choose between my head


and heart Haley, that was awesome! First of


all, did you enjoy yourself? Yeah so, I did. Did you expect her to


come strutting out like that? she seemed nervous earlier, but she


proper strutted out and obviously sounded better than we did. It is


the shoes! You said she came out with confidence, was it what you


expected? And more. You were amazing, an absolute star. We are


all proud. Ladies and gentlemen, give it up!


So, forget an all-time low, we are on an all-time high. We have more


from The Wanted later, that is my wish for the evening sorted, and


here is what is coming up. A Scottish girl saves the day and I


send her to meet Dolly Barton. Matt Baker will be going undercover to


give this Elvis fan the shock of his life. Delay Bill will lead... -


- dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to meet someone very


special. She has a 300 horse power dream, anybody have any idea what


it could be? Here is at the surprising truth as we go driving


with the vicar. I am driving through the beautiful Herefordshire


countryside to surprise local vicar Reverend Sue Strutt. She dedicates


her life to other people but today it is all about her. 65 year-old


Susan was one of the first women to be ordained in the UK. Now she is


constantly thinking about the needs of her parishioners and community.


She is always available to anyone who needs her help. Her daughter


explains why she has nominated her. She is supposed to have one day off


a week but that sometimes doesn't happen because her phone is


constantly ringing and sometimes there is somebody that needs her


attention straight away. I just wanted to nominate her to give her


a treat for herself because she gives so much to everybody else. It


would be nice to give something back. So what kind of calm,


spiritual dream does the vicar have? She has always wanted to go


rally driving, and she certainly drives her car as if it is a rally


kart! But husband David knows she deserves it. She has worked hard


all of her life, she has asked for nothing for herself. She is my


soulmate. I am her soulmate. We have got no secrets, except this


one! We are at Hampton Court Castle in Herefordshire. Susan thinks she


is coming to this calm majestic stately home for an afternoon visit


with her husband and daughter, but she will be joined by Randy, a very


loud and obnoxious accident prone American tourist. Don't mess with


Texas! Ride them, cowboy. They speak French here in the UK -


toilet. The castle guide Sharon is in on the set-up. I'm would like to


introduce you to an American millionaire, who I like to refer to


as our benefactor because he bought the house in 1994. Sounds like my


daddy. Randy's Daddy sounds like a rich man, I wonder if he can afford


this vase. My and this vase as you come by because we have only just


recently received it. It is a beautiful room. Would they have


received jesters in here? Some of my friends back at home say I am a


jester because whenever I am in a space like this - there is a old


song... Very loud! There is always worn on the tour, I think I can


isolate him. Can Sharon come to reception, please. A call to


reception, I wonder why. I will be as quick as I possibly can. Back to


this vase, did somebody say it was valuable? Randy is like Abel in a


china shop. Randy is on the flight back to Houston. Randy has just


broken your vase. Don't worry, Tonight's The Night is about to


make a full confession. It is all about you, Susan because I am John


from Tonight's The Night and I am here to make your dream come true.


The reason I am here today is because everybody wants something


special for you. I know you have a dream, and you want to go round the


racing. Yes as commission marred I have arranged for you to race with


a rally driver Kris Meeke. You are going to be Vicar of speed. I can't


believe it. Believe it! Next stop, Silverstone, and rallying driver


Kris Meeke. Nice jumpsuit. Mind your glasses! So Uzun, are you


ready for your first rallying experience here at Silverstone?


am looking forward to this. He will show Susan how it is done. Hold on


tight! Don't you hate Sunday drivers?! I have never driven like


that in my life. I won't go as fast as that, I don't think. Susan, this


is your big dream! Put your foot She is really good. Kris Meeke


might have a new team made next year. It was brilliant, scary. I


just don't know what I feel at the moment. If you have a dream, keep


going, keep following it. You just never know. I had almost given up


on this one but it came true and Susan, you said you were too old to


do it. How does it feel now once you have done it? I'm think I have


a new career ready for when I retire. Follow your dreams, keep


going. You are never too old. you will keep driving like that to


the local shops? I have noticed I take the corner as a little bit


fast since I did that. important was it for you to see


your mum fulfil one of her dreams? Very important. She does so much


for other people, and for the family as well. She always put


other people first, never herself. It was important for her to fulfil


a dream that was just for her. certainly was just for her and we


are glad you got in touch. But everybody out there, watch those


corners because she is coming! Ladies and gentlemen, Reverend Sue


Sorry to break up the family moment, I just need to come past. Still to


come, Dolly pattern becomes a singing teacher. And yes... We have


got more from Britain's biggest boy I have been looking in a lot have


your photo albums and I found some classic wedding photographs. Here


is Linda and Kenneth. That is screaming 1970s! Here is another


one, Teddy and Alex. She is laughing on the wedding day because


she just found out what is underneath his kilt! This one was


such a sunny day, this bride wore sunglasses in the church. The sun


was shining that day, but that is not the reason for the sunglasses,


isn't that right? We have got a very special surprise for you


tonight because your wedding didn't go exactly according to plan, did


it? No, not at all. You guys come with me, and you guys take a look


at this. I first spoke to Jackie at Coventry ice-rink. It was almost


love at first sight. I just felt in my heart she was the one for me.


Jackie and I have been best friends literally since the day we met. I


remember her telling me she was engaged and she was over the moon,


so excited about it and she put so much planning into the wedding


itself. The night before the wedding, I had a phone call to say


that Jackie had fallen from the top of the stairs and had an accident.


Her face was very swollen and she had a black eye. It was very


traumatic but at the time I thought the wedding was definitely


cancelled. My daughter was crying all morning. Wouldn't you? After


months of planning and it will goes wrong. I was overjoyed she turned


up for the wedding knowing what she had gone through. I think Jackie


was in a lot more pain than she let on to anyone. She put on a very


brave face. She still has nightmares about her big day and


she deserves to have a lovely night tonight. I want John to sing to her


because the wedding day is not a day that she looks back on with


fond memories. A special song for me was by Texas, our first song


together as man and wife. I hope you have a great night, I Love You


to Bits, and you were always the one for me. I can't imagine my life


without you. That in itself is worth this evening, but how do you


look back on Monday? I enjoyed the day but it is not what every bride


dreams of, to get married wearing a pair of sunglasses and having a big


black car a. Did you enjoy your first dance? We didn't really enjoy


the first dance, it was not how it was meant to be. Your dream didn't


go as well as you wanted but we are going to bring it back to life


because, Jackie, I am going to sing # I think that you're the one When


everytime you call me lady I don't know what it is That makes me feel


like this just lately yeah # Those heavenly calls You knew I was on my


own Those heavenly calls We stepped into the unknown # Let me sleep So


I can dream of you Let me sleep So I can be with you Hold me close,


let me be with you At least tonight, we'll be misunderstood.


Jackie, here are your family, some of the original wedding guests.


# Let me sleep so I can dream of you.


# Let me sleep so I can be with you. # Let me sleep so I can dream of


you. # Let me sleep so I can be reviewed.


You're shaking. Yes. So you are genuinely surprised? Yes, I am.


there anything that you would like to say to this secretive lot behind


you and the man whoo set it all up? Thank you very much for doing that.


Everyone, our black-eyed bride, Jackie!


Still to come, we've got a show- stopping finale from the stars of


the hit West End musical, Million Dollar Quartet. And, The Wanted are


back. But first, a story worthy of an


Alfred Hitchcock film. Stop it! No, not that one. Just


imagine, you're in your favourite restaurant when a mystery man


rushes in. What do you do? Well, if you are any smart of sterling, you


swing into action. Here's what happened when that man met Annie


Small! We are in Scotland, stirling to be


exact, packing out this pub with a load of cameras to surprise Annie


Smart. What a scandalous surprise we have in store, because I am


about to hit the headlines. We have hired the cameras of our fake


paparazzi, all to convince Annie that John Barrowman's been a very


naughty boy. Me, bad? Well, 31- year-old Annie has no idea her


sister Jane's organised a gate- crasher for their quiet, relaxing


lunch. It's me, escaping from the Papps!


Annie's family have always had a passion for music. They've


performed together from an early age, but their harmony was about to


be shattered. Her sister Jane explains. My father has cancer at


the moment. He had bowel cancer, diagnosed about two years ago.


Annie gave up everything to help dad. I was in hospital for six


weeks and I saw Annie and the kids every day for six weeks. That's how


they spent their summer holidays. I was so proud of them. The illness


took its toll on Annie and she immediately began to think of ways


to raise funds. She combined disco with her passion for music and set


up a choir in the village to pull everyone together. The message


quickly spread and Annie's positive attitude became infectious for


everyone around in need of a boost. The choir now has 100 members who


raise money for cancer charities and hospices. Caroline and Beth


tell us more. It's a place where people go to


sormise, a place where we meet friends. -- to socialise. Irbgs


she's within in a million. There's a drama unfolding outside as I'm


on-the-run from some Papps. But, will Annie believe my story and


jump to the rescue. Jesus. There's a major problem here, I've been


followed by a bunch of Papps. The place is surrounded by paparazzi.


You told me this wasn't going to get out. My mom will lay me over 2t


coals around this one. Do you need any help? So sorry... Do you need a


lift anywhere? I may take you up on that... You can steal my car.


Papps are snapping at my heels. going to sit with you. Could you


ask them to move, please. Sorry, sorry... Really sorry. Do you mind


if I have a mushroom?! When I'm stressed I eat. Cappuccino? No, no,


I'll have a mushroom. Sorry, I'm John, nice to meet you. Annie.


After taking her seat and her mushrooms, I make a break for it,


leaving a sweet and bewildered Annie to boost my ego inside. Did


you not recognise him? I don't know... He's incredibly famous on


the West End, a singer, been on BBC. Very famous. OK. She's fallen for


it, hook line and sinker. She offered to come out and get rid of


'em and she offered to drive me somewhere. She's brilliant. Looks


like compassionate Annie will help anyone, even a mushroom thief. All


right, I'll take a picture with you, for goodness sake. I have to say


something, it's really not about me, it's about you! Oh! I am John


Barrowman, from BBC One Eastonite's the night and Annie, I'm going to


make you dream come true. Oh, my God. The Scotland Choir are


inspirational for you because it makes people happy, puts smiles on


their faces. Your dream is to sing in front of millions of people. So


I'm going to take you to the Tonight's The Night studio and you


are going to perform in front of millions of people. It's going to


require you travelling a little bit. OK with that? Yep. You are going to


travel to Nashville Tennessee, because you are going to travel to


see the legendary Dolly Parton for some training. You are going to be


working nine to five, what a way to make a living. Never been out of


Europe before so I'm extremely excited about going to Nashville


and meeting Dolly and I think I'm in very much a state of shock as


well. 15 hours and 4,000 miles later, Annie and sister Jane arrive


in Nashville and the reality of meeting her idol is sinking in.


Even five minutes with a lady like Dolly's just mind-blowing. Before


they meet the legend herself, the girls get prepared by checking out


this town. But first, some appropriate clothing, please...


Having met the King of rock, it's time for Annie to meet the Queen of


country. Hello. You have to be Annie. Come here and give me a hug.


How are you? # Begun to get myself together


# You walked right in the door # Just like you've done before


# And wrapped my heart # Round your little finger


# Here You Come Again... # Got a beautiful quality in your voice, a


beautiful range. You've obviously been singing for a long time.


I was this big. So have I, I'm still that high but still singing.


The other question is, how can I cope with my nerves. Anything you


can recommend that I do In order to steal your nerves, look out into


the crowd and picture everybody naked then you have a sense of


humour, but more than anything, I think, these are my friends, not


enemies, they didn't come to shoot me, you know, they came here to


hear me sing. You get out there, break a leg, but not a nail. OK. I


think Annie will do great, a great personality, a great voice, a


little nervous but still has the confidence she needs to pull it off.


I'm rooting for her and I know she's going to do great. It's been


a dream come true to come here, get some advice from Dolly about my


performance and I'm read tkwroi take to the stage on national


television and bring it on -- ready to take to the stage. Performing


with her choir, Heart of Scotland, # Here you come again


# Just when I'm about to get myself together


# You waltz right in the door # Just like you done before


# And wrap my heart round your little finger


# Here You Come Again # Just when I'm about to make it


work without you # You look into my eyes


# And lie those pretty lies # And pretty soon I'm wondering


# How I came to doubt you # All I gotta do


# Is smile and smile # And there go all my defences


# Just leave it up to you # And in a little while


# You're messing up my mind # And filling up my senses


# All I gotta do is smile and smile # And there go all my defences


# Just leave it up to you # And in a little while


# You're messing up my mind # And filling up my senses


# Here you go again # Looking better than a body


# Has a right to # And shaking me up so


# That all I really know # Is Here You Come Again


# Here I go # Here You Come Again


# Here I go... # You saved me from the paps, went to


Nashville, met Dolly Parton. What has been the best part of this?


every part of the experience has been incredible. It was lovely to


have the choir with me tonight especially, but...


APPLAUSE. Meeting Dolly, spending some time with Dolly and her top


tips about my performance tonight was my highlight, it was amazing.


You are shaking. Was it a dream come true for you? It was, I can't


thank everybody enough and especially Jane for nominating me.


I'm just so happy. Your sister? Who is in choir, by the way!


Well, we are glad we could do it, ladies and gentlemen, a big country


and western round of applause for Annie Smart.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE As you have seen, whether I'm


playing a badly behaved actor or a pap, I love surprisings the good


people of the UK. But sometimes, I need a little help from my friends.


For this next srp rise, I needed a real jack-of-all-trades, a man


who's faced challenges on Blue Peter, Strictly, The One Show and


Countryfile, but for us, he'll face of his biggest TV challenges yet.


It's Matt Baker. Hello.


Matt, you're obviously here for a reason? Yes, with so many dreams to


make come true, I'm happy to help out when I can. So glad you are,


but we needed a radio studio for this one? Yes, check one


interviewee that definitely wasn't checked. And one Matt Baker in


disguise. Check! John has sent me to York to make a


dream come true for mobile DJ and fund-raising superstar Richard


hinds. At this time on a Saturday, he's usually preparing for his


mobile disco, but today, BBC Radio York have asked him to be a guest


on their brand-new show, Keith Magpie in the Afternoon and he


thinks he's here to talk about his charity work. But Richard doesn't


know that Tonight's The Night are rigging the studio with cameras.


While he's in reception, I'm being transformed into BBC Radio York's


newest and loudest star. All right there, it's Keith Magpie on the


radio. Richard has been fund- raising for years and his latest


venture was this charity single he recorded with his daughter last


Christmas, in aid of a local children's special needs charity


called Snappy and the manager Anne is truly grateful. Richard came in,


he went out to meet the need, involving the whole family, his


friends, everyone. Everyone wants to do it because it's Richard.


So what is Richard's big wish? According to wife Jane, it might be


quite tricky. His big wish, he'd love Elvis to come back to life to


sing with him. Yep, that's going to be hard. But we've got a solution.


To help Jane and Emily say thank you, we have arranged for him to


sing with Elvis, one of the stars of the Million Dollar Quartet.


Looking forward to seeing him on stage and he deserves it very much


because he's helped loads of other people. Things like this just don't


happen to people like us so I think he'll be extremely amazed but


thrilled at the same time. Black-and-white through and through,


my name's Keith Magpie, who are you. Another great catch phrase in. York,


Richard's all primed to answer questions about his charity work,


but dozey DJ Keith's got his guests mixed up and mistaken Richard for


his next guest who is an expert on beaches, Mr Richards. With the


family watching next door, here comes the phone-in from hell. But


the show is not being broadcast and it's our team who're calling in.


OK, tell you what, let's go to the lines. Who've we got on line three.


How you doing, pet? Who are you and where are you calling from? Susan


from Leeds. Listen, we've got our beach expert here, Mr Richards.


Mr Richards, are the coastlines and beaches more windy now? Have you


noticed more wind? We will be right back. It is the weather coming into


microseconds. We will be right back. I am not Mr Richards. Just go with


it, I will make it easy. So the question we are asking here is how


we noticed the beaches are getting breezier, fresh wind coming in from


the east? I think we have, yes. is good kite flying weather at the


moment. Definitely. Why? easterly wind is a lot higher now,


and taking them a lot further. you know what this next song is? He


is obviously keen to learn, so I am going to put him in the hot seat. I


am going to make out, but just sit here and press go. Things will take


a turn for the weird for Richard because the next song lined up is


the charity record he made with his daughter, Emily. I can't keep the


moustache on any more! Listen, I am not keep Magpie, I am actually Matt


Baker from Tonight's The Night. John has sent me to make your


dreams come true. How do you feel? Nervous. Shocked! The were you


thinking what is going on? Yes. would it feel to sing with the West


End cast of Million Dollar Quartet? Will you do it? Yes. Who do you


think put you up for this? I are have got a feeling it was my wife.


Let me take a step to the side and see - is your wife here? I love it!


I can't believe my wife put me up to this. I love her to bits, I have


got to forgive her. A one week later, and a very nervous Richard


is in London's West End to meet the Million Dollar Quartet cast and


they are keen to get rehearsing We are going to be out of our


comfort zone as well. This is where we belong, and because of your wife


we have now got to go to the television studio and show off on


television so we will probably be as nervous as you! We are all in it


together, all in the same boat. once the music starts, we are just


going to go for it. Some people like to rock, some people like to


roll. We are moving and grooving, let's have a party. Once I was on


the stage with the guys, watching them play and listening to them


saying, it was fantastic. Made me feel a lot more comfortable. It is


that great transition from feeling nervous to realising you are having


the best time. I think Richard will get that within the first couple of


beats of the song. You are going to be great. Thank you very much!


he got over the shock yet? I think so. He has taken a couple of weeks


but it has finally hit home. He had such confidence. He knew nothing


about the weather, knew nothing about which way the wind was coming


from and how to fly a kite! What ever I threw at him, he just kept


going. We can't wait for him, he will be brilliant. I have also had


some experience in time travel so I am sending Richard back to the 19


50s. It is the cast of the West End musical, Million Dollar Quartet.


# Some people like to rock, some people like to roll. We are moving


and grooving to satisfy your soul. # Let's have a party # Let's have a


party. Let's have a party tonight.


I never kissed her there but I can shake a chicken in the middle of


the room. # Let's have a party.


# Let's have a party tonight. Ladies and gentlemen, Mr Richard


# Let's have a party. Let's have a party. Let's have a party will


start let's have a party tonight. # Bring a shovel if you really want


# Let's have a party tonight. dinner is on the stairs, the bread


is getting hot. # Let's have a party.


# Let's have a party tonight. There you go! Richard, I have to


ask, how was it? The dream came true, you were your idol for the


night. Fantastic. Love it. That is what we like to see, that kind of


smile. How was it for you guys performing with someone you? Great.


Some competition? He took my girl. We will talk about that afterwards.


Jane, did you enjoy it? Fantastic, I am so proud. We all laugh. You


must be particularly proud making his dream come true. I don't think


we will be inviting him on Country File but I think we have found the


BBC One new Elvis correspondent! All I can say it is thank you to


Matt Baker, thank you to Million Dollar Quartet and thank you to


Richard Hines. Ladies and gentlemen, Richard Hines! Let's keep the party


going. They are wanted by fans, magazines and everyone but we have


got them. With their new single, it is The Wanted.


# The stars come out. My universe will never be the same. I am glad


# You cast a spell on me, you hit me like this guy fell on me.


# I decided you look well on me, so let's go somewhere no one else can


see, you and me. # Turn the lights out now, I will


take you by the hand. # Hand you another drink, drink it


if you can. # Can you spend a little time, time


is slipping away from us so stay. # The sun goes down, the stars come


out, and all that counts is here and now.


# My universe will never be the same. I am glad you came.


# You cast a spell on me, you hit me like this guy fell on me, fell


on me. I decided you look well on me, so let's go somewhere no one


else can see, you and me. # Turn the light out now, I will


take you by the hand, and you another drink.


# Can you spend a little time, time is slipping away from us so stay. I


will make you glad you came. # The sun goes down, the stars come


out. All that counts is here and now.


# My universe will never be the same.


# I am glad you came. # So glad you came.


# I am glad you came. # The sun goes down, the stars come


out and all that counts is here and now.


# My universe will never be the same, I am glad you came. We are


glad you came. Amazing! There will be plenty more


dreams coming true over the next five weeks so you never know, I


could come knocking. I will be back next week with an Olympic dream


there, someone will become a high- flying action hero, and we will


find out who is getting a prize # Could you be a teenage idol,


could you be a movie star? When I turn on my TV, will you smile and


wave at me telling Oprah or who you laugh.


# So you want to be a rock star with blue-eyed unease in your bed.


# Remember when you are rich that you sold yourself for this, you


will be famous because you are dead. # So don't go higher for desire.


# Put it in your head, baby Hollywood is dead, you can find it


in yourself. # Keep it in your head, Hollywood


is dead. By # But if you get a California,


say their piece of gold for May. # It is the only thing you will


save but I bet you will never wavered when I watch you on TV.


# So don't go higher for desire. # Put it in your head, baby #


Hollywood is dead. You will find it in yourself.


John Barrowman is back with the show makes more dreams come true for some very special people. From duetting with a pop idol to dancing with the stars, there are plenty of surprises in store.

In this programme a teaching assistant sings with pop sensation The Wanted, a fan of Dolly Parton gets a masterclass from the queen of country, a lady vicar rally races at Silverstone, and a mobile disco DJ takes to the stage as Elvis with the cast of hit musical Million Dollar Quartet.

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