Episode 2 Tonight's the Night

Episode 2

John Barrowman makes more dreams come true for some special people. Girls Aloud singer Nicola Roberts duets with a fan, and Chris Boardman races a cycling-mad charity fundraiser.

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It's Saturday night. This is Tonight's The Night. Please welcome


your host, John Barrowman. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE


# I gotta feeling that tonight's gonna be a good night


# That tonight's gonna be a good night


# That tonight's gonna be a good, good night # A feeling that


tonight's gonna be a good night # That tonight's gonna be a good


night # That tonight's gonna be a good,


good night # A feeling, woohoo, that tonight's


gonna be a good night CHEERING AND APPLAUSE


Hell and welcome to Tonight's The Night. The show where we make


dreams come true. And you know what, I still have dreams. On my last


birthday I made a wish and I blew out the candles on my cake. You


know what I wished for? Fewer candles!


LAUGHTER Yes, it is difficult blowing out 31.


Oh dear -- how dare you! Listen, but I don't need to wish


for a great show tonight with a guaranteed line-up like this.


I'm heading back to school to surprise one talented young girl


who will be performing with rick cla Roberts -- Nicola Roberts.


A local local community hero gets a welcome.


Jodie Prenger will be helping me make this young girl's dream come


true. I'm Nicole Scherzinger. Later two


boys will be performing Jaio Ho. Someone is going to be whisked from


their seat. Let's make our first dream true. Now remember when you


were at school and the teachers hated you mucking about in assembly,


well I am about to set a very bad I'm on my way to Norfolk to make a


very ordinary day extraordinary for a little girl. Ten-year-old Leal is


a -- Leah is a star at her show. Always singing and dancing. Her


drama teachers knows. She is an amazing little girl and


right from an early age her talent shown through. She gives so much in


every performance and can't do isn't in her vocabulary.


Well, can do is in mine and I have come to Lea's school.


I am heading towards the classroom. Neither Leah or her her classmates


know I am about to call an aassembly.


At the age of six, Leah was diagnosed with type one diabetes.


This is a condition that will affect her for the rest of her life.


This huge responsibility has never phased Leah. Her teacher thinks she


is a brilliant example to others. She is a great ambassador. She She


controls her diabetes and manages it and it is less of an impact and


she is the person in control. Hello everybody. I am sorry to


interrupt, but can you all stand-up, please. My name is John Barrowman


from the BBC. I need you all to make your way in an orderly fashion


to the assembly room. Thank you very much. I will see you in there!


Leah's Mum Helen asked me to give her little entertainer a dream


performance. I have set it up for her to sing with Nicola Roberts


from Girls Aloud. Performing on the TV with a major


star will be Leah's dream come true. Time for JB to take assembly. None


of the students know where I am here. I am throwing a talent show


for for everyone including the teachers. What have you got Miss?


Hannah and Becky, who would like to go first?


Be careful. Keep swimming!


It is all good. But let's make another dream come true. Do we have


someone who might be able to sing? Do you have any music? Well, I have


Adele. Do you know any Adele stuff? Yes.


Do you guys know Adele? ALL: Yes.


OK, hold on one second, I have to tell you something.


You know my name is John Barrowman. Yes.


But I am actually from BBC One's Tonight tonne and I am here to make


your dream come true. Yes, this was all a big set-up. It is, you love


to sing. Yes. How would you like to come to the Tonight's The Night


studio and we want you to sing on television with Nicola Roberts from




But the person who has nominated you thinks you are marvellous, you


are wonder wonderful, you are the most special. Would you like to


know who got in touch with us? Can you bring in mum? Come on over mum.


Come on up. There you go. I think we need a mum. We need a


mum. There you are. Surprise! Supplies.


Nicola is really gorgeous and she is always come across as an idol to


me and I just, I can't believe, I would never imagine that I would be


singing with her. I can't wait. It is going to be so good.


It is the night before the big performance and Leah is about to


get a very special visitor. She sounds amazing.


Let's surprise her. # It is the best I can do #


Hello. High pressure # My gift is my song


and this one's for you # Hello.


You sounded amazing from souds. Outside.


Thank you. I was really impressed. Yeah, the girl can sing! So how do


you feel about the performance? Are you excited? Are you nervous?


more excited than nervous, I think. It is going to be good. We will be


in it together. The girls have one last rehearsal


before their big night. I was shocked at Leah's ability.


She has got a lovely voice. I am really looking forward to the


performance. High five, sister.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE I'm here with Leah's mum, the tears


have started already, haven't they? But good tears. Has she been


difficult to live with since that happened? She has been very, very


excited, but we have just about managed to keep her under control.


This is a one night dream only duet, singing the Elton John classic Your


Song with Nicola Roberts, Leah, # It's a little bit funny this


feeling inside # I'm not one of those who can


easily hide # I don't have much money but boy


if I did # I'd buy a big house where we both


could live Ladies and gentlemen, please invite




# And you can tell everybody this is the song


# It maybe quite simple, but this one's for you.


# I hope you don't mind that I put down in words


# How wonderful life is while you're in the world.


# If I was a sculptor, but then again no.


# Or a girl who makes potionss in a traveller's show


# I know it's not much but, it's the best I can do


# My gift is my song and this one's for you


# And you can tell everybody that this is your song


It might be quite simple, but now that it's done


# I hope you don't mind # I hope you don't mind that I put


down in words # How wonderful life is while


you're in the world CHEERING AND APPLAUSE


That was awesome. That was absolutely awesome. A


standing ovation. So I have to ask you how did it feel?


It was just one of the highlights of my life really. It is all I ever


wanted to do. Sweetheart, I think you have got a


long life ahead of you and you will have a lot more highlights. Nicola,


impressive. Absolutely gobsmacked. It is


slightly emotional that she is so good. I am trying to imagine that


she is not there to hold it all in. I'm so proud of her.


Ladies and gentlemen, a huge round of applause for Nicola Roberts and


Leah. We'll have more from Nicola Roberts


Now, I've already told someone, someone is dreaming of becoming an


action hero so I'm looking for someone with a sense of adventure.


Someone who is game for anything. Guess what? It's you, Paul. --


Pearl. You have to talk into it. No one will hear you if you don't. Are


you shocked? A bit. LAUGHTER


Pearl is not going to talk! Your friends and your family said


that you are the support of them, you are the backbone. You have been


extremely supportive when your husband, Peter, was ill. You were


the tower of strength and you have always wanted to do something


spectacular for your grandchildren, right?


Yeah. You are still not going to talk, are you? I think she is so


shocked. It is unusual for me.


LAUGHTER She says it is unusual for her


because she talks for Scotland well talk now, it's television!


Anyway, I hope you have nerves of steel and pants of iron because in


the next 40 minutes your dream could come true. Your mission


should you choose to accept it is first, you will be hoisted by crane


120 feet in the air. Once at the top, you will be carefully attached


to a cable. Before hurtling 800 feet across the River Clyde. Where


you will reach speeds of over 40mph. APPLAUSE


Pearl, you do this, and your grandchildren's children's, will be


talking about it forever. But listen, you don't have to decide


now. Why don't you go with the lovely Randle and he is going to


take you to check it out and see how you feel and we will check back


with Pearl later. Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for Pearl


Mason. Coming up, we're taking a trip to


Bollywood and we have an unforgettable performance of a


movie musical classic, first it is off to Berkhamsted where a member


of the community was about to receive a very large package. So


We're here in Hertfordshire to make Clare Muir's dream come true and we


have we have got a very special delivery for her. Clare, get ready


for the biggest package you've ever received. Youth worker Clare from


Berkhamsted, helps the homeless and cares for the elderly and teaches


kids cycle. She cares about everyone and very


little about herself. She thinks about us constantly. We need people


like like Clare. She is the one that makes the nice things for a


lot of people. That's what she does. That's Clare.


Even on holiday in Kenya she set-up a charity for the locals. She went


out there and saw a lot of people that needed help and knew that she


was the person to give that help. Most of us buy postcards on holiday,


but Clare's charity bought a school, medical equipment and water pipes.


Her main work is at the Swan Centre where she is a mother figure to


everyone including Ailish. nominated Clare waus I want --


because I want her to get some recognition. For once in her life,


she needs someone to think about her.


I have arranged for Clare to cycle with Chris Boardman.


Clare loves cycling and that would be a dream for her. The Tonight's


The Night's van arrived at Clare's youth centre. We won't miss a thing


as our secret cameras are everywhere. Inside the van is a


special delivery - a box of John. This is where I'm going. In here.


We will turn the little light on so you can see hee. Bye.


-- me. Bye.


I will be recording everything on my package cam.


What I do to make dreams come true. Clare is pulled out of an important


meet to go sign for the mysterious package and I'm not going to be


left in the dark thanks to my trusty earpiece.


Is that it? That box? Yes. What is it? I don't know.


We have been having a little debate and we didn't know what it was


either. Don't forget I'm in here.


LAUGHTER We have just been sent down here.


I have no idea what it is. OK. What I can do is I can ring the head


office for you, is that all right? I can take it from there.


I swear I haven't ordered anything. I'm going down.


So Clare is put through to head office, that's me and it is time


for some persuasive acting to get her to open the box before I


suffocate. # Sign, sealed delivered, I'm yours


I'm in receipt of a package, but I have no idea what it is.


Well, you can just sign the papers that the driver will be giving you.


No, hold on, hold on. This is a huge delivery. I just want to know


what's inside it. Once you sign the paperwork you can check what is


inside. That is not a problem. But there is a problem, Clare's moved


and is standing so close to the box that she might hear my voice so I


am going to have to hang up. I need to listen very carefully to hear if


Clare is going to sign up for the surprise of her life.


He said if I sign it, I can open it and check the contents and if I


don't want it, you take it away. All right then.


That's going to be it. 100%. 100%.




Clare, I'm John Barrowman from BBC One's tonne Tonight. I'm here to --


Tonight's The Night. I'm here to make your dream come true.


If I had of known this was going to happen. That's the point, we don't


want you to know. I've got me cycling top on.


We have arranged it to make one of your dreams come through and that's


-- true and that's to cycle with Chris Boardman. I take it you are


excited about Chris Boardman. love Chris Boardman.


You are going to be racing against Olympic Gold Medallist, Chris


Boardman is it a go on the race? my god.


Fantastic. It is a go. There is a person who is responsible for this.


Yeah. It's Ailish.


I'm just so excited. My legs are shaking. I will probably have a


little cry tonight when I go home, but I will try not to cry now.


And when the big day arrives, I have got another surprise for Clare.


Hello. Clare. Hello.


Hello, how are you? I'm fine. You are being taken to the brand-


new Olympic Velodrome. Clare won't have to wait until 2012


like everyone else because she is off to the Olympic Velodrome now.


I can't believe this is happening to me. I'm going to be the envy of


all my friends. Clare dreamt of meeting Chris Chris


for over 20 years and today she is living the dream.


Lovely to meet you. Lovely to meet you too.


What do you think of the building? Wow, amazing.


Let's go and get on our bikes. Clare has the opportunity to ride


on the same boards as the Olympic athletes are going to go around.


Not many people are going to be able to say that.


# Bicycle # I want to ride my bicycle #


This cycling track is one of the fastest in the world. You go, Clare.


It feels really fast. # Bicycle #


I think you have done incredibly well to have just got on in the


space of two laps and ride around the track.


Thank you. Thank you so much.


Thank you. It was a great experience for me as


well. That was the best experience I ever


had. If I was not married and he wasn't married, I think I would


cycle off into the distance. Amazing.


APPLAUSE Clare, did I sense a little bit of


flirting going on there? He is gorgeous.


Not only gid you get -- did you get to cycle with Chris, but you were


also one of the first to cycle at the Olympic Velodrome. It must have


been a tan tastic day -- fantastic day? It was a privilege and honour


to cycle at the velodrome and to meet Chris Boardman.


But it wouldn't have been without Ailish, you really wanted this to


happen for Clare. Why was it important? Clare does so much for


the community and for the young people in Berkhamsted. She is an


amazing person and always positive and deserves it all.


We think she deserves it too and she is a big flirt!


Ladies and gentlemen, our cycle tastic star, Clare Muir.


APPLAUSE Earlier, I surprised action granny


Pearl Manceon with the news she could be living out her dream of


doing something spectacular for her grandchildren by zip wiring across


the Clyde. So Pearl, tell me, Pearl, is it a yes or is it a no?


Well, listen, oh, she is off. Wait, she is off. Oh my goodness, she is


really going to go for it. LAUGHTER


Pearl, are you going to talk because thumbs don't say anything?


Pearl, are you excited? Yes. Yes. Yes.


She spoke! Bring it on. Pearl, go ahead, we


will see you at the top, OK? And off she goes.


Amazing. All right. I have something here, excuse me a moment,


my dear. I have got to reach under here. I will keep going. I have got


something very heavy. Now, does this rock remind you of anyone?


Anyone? Is there a person who is a rock to their family. Roger, take


care of that. I love this show! And also do they have - it is not


working! LAUGHTER


A very bubbly personality? There is a present for you. And do they also


have a big heart? I am talk being you, Paula Banks.


Oh my god. Here is your heart, Paula.


APPLAUSE Now Paula, you do a lot of things


for a lot of people and they want to say thank you. So Paula, you and


your husband, you guys come with me and the rest of you take a look at


this. I have been married to Paula now


for 22 22 years. She is the mother to my children. She will do


anything for anybody. She is fantastic. She is the love of my


life. She is absolutely great. Noah is our third son. She has ADHT, she


will sit through of a night and go through his homework and give him


support. Paula works as a learning mentor


assistant. She knows what the children need by making them


special and important. Having gone through it, you


understand what other parents are going through. She can put that


energy into other kids. I think what my mum does at school


is a very difficult profession. Whatever They go, she takes the


journey with them. In March my mum dad and eight months later, my dad


passed away. She held the family together and she held me together.


She is always thanking us for little little things that we do.


It will be a strange situation to be in, but at the same time, unique.


By letting John dedicate a song to her tonight, she will feel great


being there and feel that a lot of people think so much of her. Paula,


you are a great friend and a great work colleague. Have a great night


tonight. We love you lots and lots, have a


great night, mum. Paula, we love you to bits. Enjoy


tonight. APPLAUSE


Paula, there is a lot of love for you in this room tonight. You do


incredible work for both your family and a lot of other people.


It must make you feel really good inside and also to see that up


there in the screen, doesn't it? Gosh, I'm shocked.


You're shocked? Yes. Speechless? Which is very unusual.


Karl, there is is a song that's special to you, tell us why? It is


a special song because when I feel low and Paula feels low, this is


one song we sing to each other to help us get back on the straight


and narrow again. Well, I hope this song puts a really big smile on


# Why do birds suddenly appear # Every time you are near?


# Just like me, they long to be # Close to you


# Why do stars fall down from the # On the day that you were born


# The angels got together # And decided to create a dream


come true # So they sprinkled moon-dust


# In your hair of gold # And starlight in your eyes of


blue Paula, you're smiling, we love that.


This is going to put a bigger smile on your face because here are some


of your family and your friends all here to make you smile.




# On the day that you were born # The angels got together


# And decided to create a dream come true


# So they sprinkled moon-dust # In your hair of gold


# And starlight in your eyes of blue


# That is why all the girls in town # Follow you all around


# Just like me, they long to be # Close to you


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Paula, is there anything you would


like to say to this coming bunch of family members and friends here?


love you all so very much. Ah, bless.


Ladies and gentlemen, Paula. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE


There a lot more dreams to come There a lot more dreams to come


tonight. Here is what's on the way. We will have a Bollywood dance


extravaganza with these two twins. Jodie Prenger sends this little


girl to follow the Yellow Brick Road and Nicole Scherzinger will be


back to perform her single. Now we have an appointment with the


flying pensioner! Earlier in the show I surprised Pearl Mans on


whose dream is to do something her grandchildren will remember forever.


This is it. Let's go outside. Pearl is 120 feet in the air and she is


about to zip 800 feet across -- zip wire 800 feet across the River


Clyde. Let's go and meet Pearl at the end of her trip of a lifetime.


Pearl, how are you? Are you speaking to me? Your name is Pearl,


I'm speaking to you honey? I'm fine. You're fine. Listen, I would love


to be up there? I wish you were as well!


That's a lie, there is no way you're getting me up there.


Pearl, do you realise you will be one of the oldest people to zip


wire ever across the River Clyde? Wowee. Am I getting paid for this?


No, you're not getting paid for it. It is a dream come true.


Sorry, sorry, sorry. LAUGHTER


LAUGHTER OK, are you ready, Pearl?




Yes! I


I think.


I think. You


You think?


You think? I


You think? I think.


You think? I think. Pearl, don't think.


LAUGHTER The only time I will ever say this


to somebody, just jump. Studio, start the countdown.




I want to do it again. Pearl, I'm right behind you, I will


give you a hand down. I want to go up again. I'm coming down again.




That was absolutely incredible. That was amazing. Let me just take


the hat off you, that will be easier and then you can put your


glasses on. Let me just put that down. Is me hair all right?


LAUGHTER It's brilliant.


Here are your grand grand kids. Did you know all about this?


did it feel? Fabulous. The only thing, I was facing that way. I


couldn't have turned to face out this way. Do it again? Ah no bother.


LAUGHTER This has been incredible. It is


amazing. We are glad to make this kind of dream come true. You kids


are going to remember it for a long time, aren't you? Yeah. What is it


like to have a stunt gran? Brilliant.


Do you love her? Yes. They love their gran and she will


never want to travel by dial-a-ride ever again!


Give it up for Pearl. APPLAUSE


Now a tale of two brothers. They dream of perp forming in a hol --


performing in a Bollywood extravaganza. Here is what happened


when it was nearly ruined by a complete idiot, me!


APPLAUSE Today I'm going to surprise two


young men, twins. The boy frs Northamptonshire share everything


including their passion for dance. The twins dedicate their spare time


to to running workshops for teenagers, believing that dance can


help build self esteem and confidence. The boys mentor young


men in their area. If you have got issues, they will


try and help as much as possible. try and help as much as possible.


They are caring, kind and polite. The boys also help care for their


disabled dad. He would like to thank his sons by making their


dream of performing a big Bollywood dance number come true. I think


they will love every second and treasure every moment on this show.


The boys think they are here to audition for a Bollywood fitness


video. We have hired this dance studio to


put the boys through their paces. They are going to be meet up with a


choreographer. I am the og the choreographer's


Spanish assistant. The choreographer is in on the act


and she gets the dancers started. Their brother and dad are watching


all the action from the next room. The choreographer is off to check


on another group, leaving me in charge, a bad idea. Will the boys


realise that I am several strings short? I am sure she will be fine


with this when she comes back in. I know it is Bollywood, but let's


think Spanish. Pick of the grape. Bring in the laundry now. Pick of


the grape, bring in the laundry now. Climb the ladder to the top of the


building. Laundry and ladders, how far can I


push this? Sue ma wrestler. Then we are going up. Walk away like this.




The choreographer is back and it is The choreographer is back and it is


a little different to what she had in mind.


Pulling the grape. Bring in the laundry now.


Very good. I have no idea what the boys find


so funny. The choreography wasn't laughing.


There was none of my choreography in there.


The boys are worried. It is time for me to come clean.


I have to say this is not an awe audition because I'm actually John


Barrowman from BBC One's Tonight's The Night and boys I am here to


make your dreams come true. I know you have a dream and your


dream is to dance a big Bollywood number in front of loads of people,


isn't it? Yes. Here is what I'm going to do for


you. You are going to come to the Tonight's The Night. We are going


to get you with the top choreographers, you are going to


have a huge, big Bollywood number that you are going to star in. And


you are going to do it in the Tonight's The Night for millions of


people on television. Yes?


I still can't believe it. It is just just... I don't even know what


to say to be honest. You are never going to imagine an opportunity


like this to come to you. A once- in-a-lifetime opportunity, that's


what it is. And with the boy's dad, Ash, I'm


just going to call you dad. How excited do you think the boys are


behind the doors right now? Probably shaking like me.


Are you nervous? Yeah, I think I'm probably nervous than they are.


You think they are going to enjoy it? Absolutely, I think so.


I think they are going to enjoy it even more because we have a very


special message for them all the way from the one and only Nicole


Scherzinger. Hey, I have heard about the amazing work that you


have been doing in your local community. I am so proud of you.


You are such an inspiration to so many people. Make sure you keep up


the good work. I know you are huge Bollywood fans. I wish you the best


of luck tonight. Have fun and enjoy Amazing. Well, they have got the


message. They have got the nerves. There they are now. They don't look


nervous to me. They look ready and raring to go!


OK, let's see the amazing results. Let's bring a little bit of


Bollywood to this stage because # Jai Ho


# I got (I got) shivers (shivers), # When you touch my face,


# I'll make you hot, # You are the reason that I still


believe, # You are my destiny,


# Jai Oh! Oh-oh-oh-oh! # No there is nothing that can stop


# Jai Ho! (oohh) # You are the reason that I still


believe # You are my destiny


# Jai ho # No, there is nothing that can


come between us # So come and dance with me


# Jai ho! # Jai Ho #


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Awesome. Boys, you said it was an


opportunity of a lifetime, was it? Definitely to perform on a platform


like this, unbelievable. I can't really imagine it now. I still have


to pinch myself. What would you like to say to your


dad for putting you up for this? Thank you. Thank you is not enough


because can you pinch me? Can I pinch you.


Ladies and gentlemen, our Bollywood brothers.


APPLAUSE As you have seen in tonight's show,


I have been a hopeless choreographer, stuck in a box and


taking assembly, but this next surprise takes place at a butterfly


farm and hoe I like to -- though I like to try my hands at many things,


being a butterfly is not one of them. I needed style and a pair of


wings and there was only one name on my list, Jodie Prenger.


APPLAUSE When you said poise, I didn't think


you were talking about me. Listen, I drafted you in for a


reason, not because of the poise, but you are a leading lady so you


know how to play a character and I needed someone who could play a


character. Oh and that was a character, wasn't


it? They didn't let me keep the outfit.


I will see what I can do. Wait. Wait.


The stage is set. We are about to meet 12-year-old Bethany and she is


about to meet Blackpool's most I am so excited. I have seen got


butterflies in my stomach. I am off to surprise a very very talented


girl called Bethany. 12-year-old Bethany didn't have a good start.


When Bethany was three years old, she was diagnosed with cancer. To


pacify her the nurses gave her a little toy which played Somewhere


Over The Rainbow. Bethany beat the cancer, but has been left having to


take medication. Yet her own difficulties haven't stopped


Bethany making life for her profoundly deaf parents as her mum


profoundly deaf parents as her mum When Bethany is not helping her mum


and dad, she loves to sing. Bethany's passion for singing is


second to none and she said to her mum, I often dreamt I would like to


sing on stage. Well, we're going to make that


dream come true. First, I am going to give Bethany a special treat and


whisk her off to London to meet Danielle Hope, the star of The


Because I love you, Bethany. Bethany's family are on a day-trip


out to butterfly world, but what they don't know is I'm going to be


their butterfly tour guide. While I slip into costume, we have been


rigging the butterfly house with secret cameras.


I am not really a bug! The whole family are here so it is


time for me to get into character. And what a character it is.


Now I am going to be your tour guide today. Are you excited to be


here? So do you know what I got here?


I've got butterfly wings for everybody because we love


butterflies. Butterflies, mum. Butterflies, dad. Oh dad, you look


look butterfly beautiful. They seem to be enjoying my tour


guide techniques. I know how to attract the


butterflies. The butterflies like to be talked to. And they like to


be talked in a delicate manner. You have got to copy me. Right, are you


ready? Are you ready? After three. One,


But do you know what, legend has it, if you close your eyes, and a


butterfly lands on you, it brings you a lifetime of good luck.


Promise me, you won't open your eyes.


Promise. Promise.


Promise. I'm going to get mum and dad, give


me your hands. Are you ready? And sometimes those old legends are


true. Keep your eyes closed and something magical might happen.


Bethany, I'm Jodie Prenger and I've come from Tonight's The Night and


John Barrowman is going to grant you and make awe wish come true. I


heard you are so fantastic with your mum and your dad and you do so


many wonderful things, well how's about we make your wish come true


and we take you all the way to London to meet Danielle Hope, the


star of the Wizard of Oz. I am really amazed by it. I am


really excited and I really can't wait to go.


I can't believe her dream is going to come true. She is excited about


it it as well. Who do you think nominated you?


don't know. Mum.


A week later and Bethany and her family arrived at the London


Palladium to meet star of the show, Danielle Hope and Bethany wastes no


time in questioning her idol. What's it like to perform on the


West End stage? It is wonderful and the audiences are alive and magic


and they get to come on this adventure with you. Hopefully, you


will be able to do the same in a couple of years.


Thank you. This is backstage. This is the


wings. This is my house! It is lovely.


And this is where I sing Somewhere Over The Rainbow.


Would you like to meet toto. Yes.


This is Dazzle and she is very, very lovely. Oh, she likes you.


I think Bethany is so intelligent and confident and so self-assured


and it is really, really refreshing to see in a 12-year-old and she is


a really inspiring little girl. I would be delighted if you would


perform with me live on stage. How would you feel about that? Yes,


thank you. I'm really excited. Really excited


would be an under statement. APPLAUSE


What does this mean to Bethany tonight? It means everything to


Bethany. To be on stage and to sing her dream, thank you.


No, thank you. Are you proud of her tonight?


very proud. You have been shedding some tears,


haven't you? Yes. Jodie, you have experienced the


West End stage, how do you think she is feeling right now? Do you


know what, talking to her, but she is so excited and Somewhere Over


The Rainbow is her favourite song. Here with Danielle Hope, the star


of The Wizard of Oz, singing Over The Rainbow. Bethany, Tonight's The


# Somewhere over the rainbow # Way up high


# There's a land that I heard of once in a lullaby


# Somewhere over the rainbow # Skies are blue


# And the dreams that you dare to Ladies and gentlemen, I give you


# Someday I'll wish upon a star # And wake up where the clouds are


far behind me # Where troubles melt like lemon


drops # A way above the chimney tops


# That's where you'll find me # Somewhere over the rainbow


# Blue birds fly # Birds fly over the rainbow


# Why then oh why can't I? # If happy little blue birds fly


beyond the rainbow # Why oh why can't I? #




Beautiful. Well done.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE So Bethany, now you are seasoned at


this, did you enjoy your big performance? Yeah, it was really


good. It was like all the little bits put together.


It looks like you have a future Dorothy here? I think so. You have


a big career ahead of you. Thank you so much. I am so proud to have


sung with you. Jodie, competition for you? Oh yeah,


I have got me eyes on you girl. LAUGHTER


Mum, thumbs-up? Thumbs-up. Thumbs- They are all proud of you. Ladies


and gentlemen, Jodie, thank you very much. Give it up for Danielle


More from our resident girl aloud and I am a man of my word. Here


with her single Beat Of My Drum, it # Once upon a time I pressed rewind


# Two left feet, I had no beat # Baby in the corner learning quick


# Keep up, keep up, keep up # Graduation take a bow


# See how strong you've made me now # Two steppin' all over me, then


cha cha cha cha # I'm in!


# Oohh don't it make your heart go # Oohh how I've turned this whole


thing round # L.O.V.E


# Dance to the beat of my drum # L.O.V.E


# Dance to the beat of my drum # Leader of the pack get on that


track # Swing your back and don't look


back # Captain attending, too much to


handle # Too hot, the pan goes pop


# Blow your trumpet like you do # I put on my marchin' boots


# I know we can work it out # Let's step into the groove


# Oohh don't it make your heart go # Oohh how I've turned this whole


thing round # L.O.V.E


# Dance to the beat of my drum # L.O.V.E


# Dance to the beat of my drum # Dance, dance, to the beat of my


drum Dance, dance,


# Drum, drum, drum # L.O.V.E


# Dance to the beat of my drum # L.O.V.E


# Dance to the beat of my drum # Dance to the beat of my drum #




Thanks, Nicola. We will be back in seven days for more incredible


dreams and amazing performances. # Stay away from my window


# Stay away from my back door too # Disconnect the telephone line


# Relax baby and draw that blind # Kick off your shoes and sit right


down # Loosen up that pretty French gown


# Let me pour you a good long drink # Ooh baby don't you hesitate cause


# Tonight's the night # It's gonna be alright


# Cause I love you girl # Ain't nobody gonna stop us now


# Tonight's the night # It's going to be all right


# Because I love you, girl # Ain't nobody going to stop us now


# # Don't say a word my virgin child


# Just let your inhibitions run wild


John Barrowman makes more dreams come true for some truly deserving people.

Girl's Aloud star Nicola Roberts duets with a young fan; gold medal winning cyclist Chris Boardman takes to the Olympic Velodrome to race a cycling-mad charity fundraiser; Danielle Hope, the star of Wizard of Oz, makes a young girl's dream come true as they perform Over the Rainbow; and Nicole Scherzinger cheers on twin brothers who love Bollywood and deliver a spell binding dance routine. Plus, a fearless grandmother is surprised with the challenge of a lifetime - the chance to zip wire across Glasgow's River Clyde.

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