Episode 3 Tonight's the Night

Episode 3

John Barrowman makes more dreams come true for some very deserving people. Beverley Knight duets with one of her biggest fans and a mum who has battled cancer goes skydiving.

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This it's Saturday night. It's Tonight's The Night. Please welcome


# I gotta feeling that tonight's gonna be a good night


# That tonight's gonna be a good night


# That tonight's gonna be a good, good night


# A feeling that tonight's gonna be a good night


# That tonight's gonna be a good night


# That tonight's gonna be a good, good night


# A feeling, woohoo, that tonight's CHEERING AND APPLAUSE


Hello and welcome to Tonight's The Night.


Yes, on this show, I go up and down the UK to make dreams come true for


some very deserving people. They've all been nominated by friends and


family. In fact, I've got an e-mail here to let you see what kind we


get here. It says "dear Tonight's The Night, could you please fulfil


my son's dream of flying to New York, performing as the lead in rez


miserables and meeting David Beckham". Mother, I've told you to


stop e-mailing! I'm doing all right, mom!


Anyway, here is a taste of the journeys I'm taking and the dreams


I'm making come true. Beverley Knight is here. We revisit


the west efpbd with Ruthy Henshall. A brave mom goes sky high and


Strictly Come Dancing's Craig Revel Horwood turns a lady into a leading


lady. So, let's start delivering some


dreams. Shakespeare once wrote "the course


of true love never did run smooth", especially when you combine true


love, a Renault Laguna and a flat tyre. So what happens when you have


a broken down relationship and a broken down car? You need to call


an expert. I've come home to Glasgow, the City


of my birth, to surprise Gavin Cooper, a family man through and


through. Gavin is used to repairing broken


cars, but we are asking him to repair a broken hearted bride. Jump,


cough, sing.... Laaaar. Gavin a breakdown patrolman and his


wife says he'll always go the extra mile for his family. Family to


Gavin is very important. That's what Gavin says is his main love in


life is his family making sure we're OK. Gavin is the first to


offer to assist in any way. Gavin's mother-in-law was diagnosed with


cancer, since then he's been a tower of strength for the family.


Since I've been in a wheelchair, he's been a superb help whenever


here or on holiday. Nothing is a problem to him and it's wonderful


to have a person like that in your family. When he's not helping his


family, his son Jordan is his number one fan. He's a bit of a


rock star. His dream is to sing with Britain's platinum selling


Queen of soul, Beverley Knight. So I'm going to make that dream come


true. Dearly beloved, we are gathered


here today... Outside Gavin's in laws to fit the place out with


hidden cameras and to watch the meeting of two people, Gavin and


our pretend bride. Hmm. I'll be instructing her from inside the


house. Her first job is to tell ga vin she's got a flat tyre and cold


feet on the way to the altar -- Gavin. OK, the bride is set, I'm


going to be speaking to her through this into her ear piece. Let the


madness begin. This is him. Come on. The recoveryman wastes no time


getting to work. But it's more than the tyre looking for attention.


supposed to be getting married today. I think I've made a big


mistake. Don't panic, you know, you'll look back and laugh 679


not just a car breakdown, I feel like I'm having a nervous breakdown


today. Can you just hold my hand a minute, please. It's all right,


just sit down. Say to him, I was supposed to sing my song today.


you know that se sleen Dionne song, -- Celine Dionne song, here, far,


wherever you are, I believe that the heart will go on. Gavin's too


polite to point out that it's not just the tyre that's flat, but how


will he cope with this next challenge. Can you say that? Do you


take David Jebediah, is that it, Robinson Duckford to be your lawful


wedded husband. I do. You say I do. Is it that easy? It's that easy.


it like "I do" or "I do". Say it with distinction "I do!". I do.


Louder, I do. I do. OK, I'm going to call and pretend to be David,


the groom. Oh, my God, that's him on the phone.


My goodness. I can't talk, I'll pass you over, please, I can't talk


to you. Hello there. Listen, pal, she's my sweetheart, go down on


your knee, calm her down, would you just do it for me. Thanks, pal,


you're brilliant. I have to get down on one knee and say to him


that you're his sweetheart. There you go, she loves you. That's


brilliant. I'm here, if you look right behind you. I'm John


Barrowman from BBC One Eastonite's the night, Gavin and Higham to make


your dream come true. As we can sigh from what you have been doing


here today, our man who likes to help people. Of course. We are here


tonight because someone contacted us to say you love singing. How


would you like us to take you to the Tonight's The Night studio and


you are going to be singing with Beverley Knight. I've just been


watching her on the telly. Everyone's in on this. Traux, Trace.


-- thanks, Trace. The fact that it will be happening very, very soon,


I never expected it in my wildest dreams. We have whisked Gavin off


for his big night and a surprise visitor is going to drop in. # It


Hello, Gavin. Hi, how are you? good. Great to meet you. Sorry, you


put me off my stride there. Her voice is absolutely amazing, can't


believe how good she is live. sound good together. We do do.


think Gavin is so sweet, he seems to be just rock solid, so I think


as long as he relaxes, he's going to have a great night. To perform


with her live on stage is a dream Looking forward to this? Yes.


deserves this, takes care of everybody? Yes. Tracey, you set him


up for this, are you looking forward to this like he is? Can't


wait to see him on stage, amazing. This is his big dream. The fact


he's a massive fan. It's a dream come true for him and he deserves


it. Jordan, what makes your dad so special? Whenever my friends need


their bikes fixed, he's always there to do it and Health and


Safety a very loving dad. Ah. We all need a loving dad, I'll


tell you. That's great to hear. Well, with Beverley Knight, a night


of the road, Gavin Cooper, # One can have a dream baby


# Two can make a dream so real # One can talk about being in love


# Two can see how it really feels # It Takes Two, baby


# Just me and you # You know It Takes Two


# One ladies and gentlemen, introducing on stage, Gavin!


# One can wish upon a star # Two can make a wish come true,


yeah # One can stand alone in the dark


# Two can make a light shine through


# It Takes Two, baby # Just me and you


# You know It Takes Two # One can go out to a movie


# Looking for a special treat # Two can make that single movie


# Something really kind of sweet # And one can take a walk in the


moonlight thinking that it's really nice


# But two lovers walking hand in hand is like adding a pinch of


space, yeah # It Takes Two, baby


# Just me and you # Just takes two


# It Takes Two, baby # Just me and you


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE What was this? What was this? This


is fantastic? You wanted a show. Totally found your groove! Thank


you. What do you think? Sigh pesh. Unbelievable. Everything you


thought it was going to be? Yes, and more. -- superb. Bev made it


perfect. Listen, did you enjoy it with Gavin? I loved it, thought he


had all the swagger when he came out. You know all the confidence.


And you relaxed and you loved it. You guys loved him, right? Are you


glad you nominated him? So happy to have nominated him, he deserves


this and so much more. Well done, Gavin.


Jordan? Sure you heard what he said about you backstage. But what do


you think about him right now? Oorbgs very good and the best I've


seen him sing -- very good. Better than around the house! Awesome.


Beverley will be back later with a track from her new album. Give it


up four our soulman, patrolman. Well, that's Dream Number one


fulfilled and we have loads more on the way.


West End's Ruthy Henshall is here with musical cabaret. One mum is


dropping into a dream. And Craig Revel Horwood helps us


surprise a deserving Belfast lass. Time for another surprise now.


Imagine coming home to discover someone has got a little too comfy


in your living room and helped yourself to your coffee and ginger


nuts. What would you do? This is what happened when Karen Martin


stumbled across a very unexpected visitor.


We are in Northamptonshire to surprise Karen Martin, always


dreamt of skydiving. We are going to make that dream come true. First,


we are going to ease her in gently. Karen is on her way home from work


and on her way home she's going to find a special guest and I'm going


to help her reach for the sky. James Bond's not the only spy with


the initials JB! The name's Barrowman, John


48-year-old Karen is a student manager who goes beyond the call of


duty for her pupils. She has been nominated by Michelle. Karen is


very caring. Very genuine. Extremely open with whoever she


meets. Last year Karen was diagnosed with breast cancer.


Despite facing treatment, she still put others first. Her boss, Peter,


explains. She is the first person I have known who has gone through


chemotherapy. To lose your hair in front of the student and still come


in and support them and put their needs first is just amazing. I


think she is an inspiration to all of us in school. Karen's been given


the all-clear and can put the dark days behind her. She has always


dreamed of sky dyeing -- diving. She deserves a treat like this. I


wish her every happiness with it. I wish I was doing it. But I'm too


old. I don't know. Back at Karen's I'm making myself at home. I'm


going to let you in on a secret, I'm going to tell Karen that we're


going flying in a wind tunnel. But this is a rehearsal for a bigger


surprise. She is arriving. She has pulled up. I hope she is ready for


louse guests. Hi Karen. -- house guests. Hi Karen. I'm John


Barrowman from the BBC and I'm here to make your extreme come -- dream


come Frew true. I have been told you have been through a lot and


come out of the other side of the tunnel. Hopefully. You're a bit of


a daredevil. We're going to free fly in a wind tunnel. OK. Who is


responsible for this? You want too know? Michelle? Michelle! Come on


over, Michelle. You shocked? Yeah I am. I'm really excited, because I


have always wanted to jump out after a plane, this is the closest


I'm going to get. She thinks this is the closest she will get? Let's


wait and see. There is a knack to this, it is about the body shape.


You want your arms feeling like they're resting on the floor.


the signals. Straighten your legs. Relax. Look it is the Pet Shop


Awesome! She is eaway. Now it's my turn. Look Karen, I'm flying!


Having wind's never been so much fun. Oh sorry, that came out wrong.


What is the verdict? It is fantastic. I didn't know where I


was half of the time. But my goodness. Awesome. Karen's had the


time of her life. But I'm about to knock her off her feet with the big


surprise. Was that all you thought it would be? Yes and more. What was


the best bit? All of it. All of it was fantastic. Well I have to tell


you that is only a rest hearseal. Because there is something else


we're going to let you do. You're going to sky dive. Really? You're


going jump out after a plane baby. Oh my God. You are. You certainly


are. The day has arrived for Karen to live her dream and jump from


13,000 feet and you notice I'm not with her. Because I was busy.


beginning to sink in. She will jump with Jeff, an experienced sky diver.


We will free fall at 120mph. fast? Are you sure you want to do


this? This is my dream and something that recently perhaps I


thought wasn't going to happen. But I'm worried a about the landing.


Will end up on my bottom but I want to be graceful. Since John turned


up, it has been one big rollercoaster. This is it now. I


can't wait. Here we go then. Up, up and away. What goes up, must come


# Jump, might as well jump! Go ahead and jump! Amazing. Tonight's


The Night to you too, Karen. That's It was amazing. It was awesome. I


just, I'm so elated. Thank you Tonight's The Night. Thank you very


much. APPLAUSE. You landed on your feet! That is the best. Fantastic.


You have had a tough last couple of years. Yes. How exhilarating was


that? Really to be honest from when you turned up to jumping out of the


plane it has been amazing. All of it. I'm glad we could do that. You


such an inspirational person and the people around you love you, you


Michelle made it come true. Just pleased I could help. She is


amazing. An amazing person and so deserves it. Our high-flying Karen


Martin! APPLAUSE. Now we have so many dreams to come true, I can't


be every where, but I have friends to help. When a dream dropped in, I


knew the guy to call. He has been around the West End more than a


taxi driver. I is Craig Revel Horwood! -- it is Craig Revel


Horwood! Craig, thank you for that. People see you as a shoot from the


hip, take no prisoners kind of guy. I have known you for a long time


and I know that he is actually a shoot from the hip no prisoners


kind of guy. So it must have been touf rein that in? Ha, ha, very


funny John. Actually, I had to work very hard and adapt to my


surroundings. So here is the plot for this next event. Enter stage


left an unsuspecting dreerm enter a devastatingly handsome lead


man. That is him by the way. And here is what laps when their eyes


meet over an egg sandwich and a hot I'm in Belfast to surprise a


special lady. But I am going to make a real meal of it. Youth


worker Angela dreamed of a career in the west end and is still always


singing, according to her husband. She has my Three children singing.


I'm trying to give them a rugby ball, and she has them singing John


Barrowman songs. But Angela gave up her dreams to concentrate on her


family and her job at Barnardos, where she helps vulnerable young


people like Michelle to live independent lives. She changed my


life. I know now when I need her, whether it is night or day she will


be there. So sister-in-law Claire has asked us to make her dreams


come true and perform in front of the nation with the cast of hit


West End musical Dreamboats and Petticoats. I can't wait to see how


she reacts. She will laugh her legs off and she deserves this treat to


have a go and shine. This is Angela's brother's sandwich shop.


But she doesn't know she is going to encounter the biggest diva the


world has ever seen. Me! Easy Craig, don't peak Foo early. Angela is


unaware we have rigged the place with hidden cameras. Let's see how


she deals with my demand. Hello darling. How are we all here? Tell


me, do you have a free range pick peas? -- chickpeas? No. Can I rope


Angela into helping with my ridiculous request, or will she


tell me to shove my sandwich. If I could have tomatos with that. I


don't suppose I could get you to just look through the tomato there,


because I'm concerned, because I can't have pips. Can you just go


through it and pick them out. out the pips? Yes, while your


making the sandwich, darling. That would be great. Who do you think I


am? I would love it. You pick the pips out of your tomatoes. No I


can't. I have sort of this bizarre fear of them oddly. Just three of


those would be good. Thank you. That will do you. A bit dry.


dear. Can you fold it a bit more neatly. Sorry. Oh we have a slight


problem. I don't... Carry money. I'm sort of like the Queen. So I


don't suppose... It would be possible at all to dance for my


sandwich? I do have a wonderful like costume here. Let's dry try it.


Oh look! Would you put it on, please? Oh I love a bit of bling.


Do you think this will pay for my sandwich? I think. So a wee shuffle.


Let's do a polka. Kick and change. And flick. You're fabulous. You


should be on the stage. I am passed it Craig. No you're never passed it.


You are never passed it. I'm proof of that, I'm 25 and still dancing.


It is time to be honest. My love. My name is Craig Revel Horwood. I'm


from Tonight's The Night and John Barrowman has sent me down here to


make your dreams come true. I know your dream is to go on stage. Well


how would you like to come to Tonight's The Night and sing in


front of the entire UK. How do you feel about that? Oh I don't know


what to say. Are you up for it. course I am. How brilliant. Oh I


knew you were up to something. I was dumbfounded. I am so excited. I


can't wait. My husband said you are wearing those leggings out. That is


why. Who do you think will have nominated you for such a thing?


Claire. Well great guess. It was Claire. Fantastic. A week later


Angela is in the west end to rehearse you don't know me, the


song she will sing with the stars of dream boats and petty coats.


Quite nerve-wracking. I still don't know my word. Why don't you do a


back-to-back sort of... Mother and daughter? They are so young and


they have so much energy. That bounced off me. # Every time you


pass me by # You don't know. Imimpressed, she picked it up


quickly and has not hit a single bum note. # How I wish the one with


you. She is nervous but you have to have nerves when you go on stage.


It will drive you through. On the night she will be fantastic. # But


you don't know. I know I will be nervous. But I think it will be all


right on the night. Claire, you're Angela's sister-in-law. How much is


she looking forward to this? She is going to be so excited and just


diing to get on wit. She said she was nervous. Do you think she will


be? She will pull it out of Dag bag. Daid, her husband, a a lot children


she helps, will they think it is special? Absolutely. I thing they


will see her in a different. I know they will be blown away. Craig she


has confidence. Because not many people will stand up to you and she


made you try to pick out your own pips. She gave me a run for my


money. I was petrified that day. She was brilliant. She just went


along with it and surprisingly. Here we go. Hope she goes along


with it tonight. With the stars of Dreamboats and Petticoats, Angela,


# Woah, woah, woah, # Oh, yes, yes


# Woah, woah, woah, oh yeah, yeah, yeah


# All though I love you so # Oh you don't know


# You don't know just how I feel # For my love I darnt reveal


# I am so, so afraid # You might not care


# Every time you pass me by # Oh, you don't know, you don't


know # Every time you pass me by


# Oh, you don't know # You don't know what I've been


through # Seeing someone else with you


# Oh, I wish the one with you, were # But you don't know


# I would tell you, if I believed # That you might care someday


# But until then I'll never give this away


# So, a secret it must stay # And you don't know, you don't


know # How hard to bear


# Is this one way love affair # For it breaks my heart to be in




How was it? Loved it. It was fabulous.


Susanna, did she look or feel nervous? Not at all, I think she


was more composed than me. She was brave and did a fantastic job, well


done. Sam, you are new to the cast, how is it going? It's going well.


We started Monday ourselves so we are in the same position as you,


our hearts were going but you were fantastic. Craig, some shoot from


the hip advice or comment? disappointed I'm afraid because I


couldn't find one single thing wrong! Ten out of ten!


Ladies and gentlemen, our thanks to Craig, Susanna, Sam, ladies and


gentlemen Angela Montgomery. Now, there are plenty of dreamers


here in the audience but only one of them has been nominated to have


a dream come true tonight. So, it's time for me to track you down. What


I need is everybody on the end of each of these aisles to stand up.


Everybody up. Everybody up. Up, up, up. OK, Matt, can we have some


appropriate music? I need you all to step down here and to do this.


Ready, and, arm, and arm, and arm, come on. And arm, and arm, and arm,


and arm and point and point and point and point and turn around and


turn around. Come on. And then I want you to go down. It's like an


outtake from Black Swan, isn't it? OK, you can all sit down. You can


all sit down because I'm not cut out to be a dance teacher, unlike


you, Karen Yates. Karen. Yeah. Nicola, yes? Yes. You guys, come


with me. And the rest of you, take a look at this. Karen is my big


sister, six years older than me. Karen's passion for dancing started


at a young age. She left school when she was 15 to pursue dancing


and it's just been her life ever since. The passion was there. She


lived for dancing. In 1988, she had a terrible car crash. When we saw


the state of the car that she'd had the accident in, we just wondered


how she got out alive. We had to rush up to the hospital. She was in


a really bad way. With her dancing being her one true love, I'm sure


at times she must have thought it's all come to an end. When the doctor


said that she probably wouldn't walk again... She said, I'm not


listening to them, I will walk again and yes I will dance again,


I'll prove them wrong. Since the accident, she's focused more on her


dance school and that's just become her love now and she's so good at


it. There are times when she really is poorly but she will go and carry


on with teaching. She won't let the pupils down. She just connects to


every single one of us. We are her children, we are there for her,


she's there for us, works both ways, we are like a big happy family.


Karen does a lot of found raising for local and national charities,


dance shows, pantomimes, a weekly lottery. She's raised well over


�40,000. She's an inspiration to everybody, she really is. I want to


say thanks for everything, thanks for the past 15 years, for being


you. Hope you are having a great night. Enjoy yourself. Have a great


night. You deserve this, you really do. Karen, this is your dad. Really


enjoy yourself and have the best night of your life!


Nicola, Karen's made a huge difference in lot of people's lives,


hasn't she? She learn si has, John. She's an inspiration to everybody -


- certainly has. She's my hero. She's done so much for charities,


for her dance pupils and for her family and friends. She's just the


best. Did you have any idea anything like this was going to


happen? No, I thought she'd won a competition. I've got dancing exams


tomorrow and I said to her, I'd better be back for 6 o'clock


tomorrow morning for my dancers. think you will be all right, you


will be there for the dancers, don't worry. Karen, because this is


your special night, and we wanted something special for you, and I


think you are an incredibly brave and special woman and I would like


to sing this song, your favourite song for you. Thank you. Clsh


Girl when you hold me # How you control me


# You bend me and fold me any way you please


# It must be easy for you, the loving things that you do


# For just a pastime for you # I could never be and I never know


girl if I should stay or go # Cos the games that you play keep


drieing me away - driving me away # Don't love me for fun girl


# Let me be the one girl # Love me for a reason


# Let the reason be love # Don't love me for fun girl


# Let me be the one girl # Love me for a reason


# Let the reason be love ahen, you've taught so many people over


the years. Here tonight to celebrate that are some of your


students from over the years. Come on over here.


# Don't love me for fun girl # Let me be the one girl


# Love me for a reason # Let the reason be love


# Don't love me for fun girl # Let me be the one girl


# Love me for a reason # Let the reason be love


# Don't love me for fun girl # Let me be the one girl


# Love me for a reason # Let the reason be love... #


Thank you so much. You're very welcome. You're an inspiration, not


only to everybody here but to everybody watching tonight. What do


you have to say to these people who're sneaky but really care about


you an awful lot? Oh, I wondered where all my dancers were last


night. I got texts saying "I can't come exbeen called into work" and


I'm thinking, I'm on my own with new pupil. Are you going to pass


them all tomorrow? I will, yes. Ladies and gentlemen, our dance


teacher extraordinary Karen Yates. So much more to pack into the show.


Here is what is still on the way: West End star Ruthy Henshall is


here with a classic from the musical cabaret.


And Bevly Knight's back and will have us dancing In The Aisles.


Next, I'm surprising a theatre-goer in London's busy West End. We all


know a trip to the theatre is no easy feat. Sometimes it's tricky


getting a ticket, sometimes it's hard getting a parking spot. But


surely getting a drink would be easy, right? Oh...


Huh? Not when I'm the usher it isn't.


Woah. Roger? Roger, where's the end of the stage? Roger...


CRASH I'm on my way to the West End to


surprise a very special young woman who dreams of performing on stage.


And that's a dream Charlotte Bullen's had since childhood. Her


dance teacher and friend Paula is going to tell us more.


If Charlie got the chance to perform with a West End star, it


would just been everything to her. It's always been her dream. Just


over four years ago, everything changed for Charlotte. Her mum Jane


remembers how a life-threatening heart condition almost shattered


her daughter's West End dreams. This obviously affected her


performances, she had to give up dancing and singing and her


confidence really, really did suffer.


Despite taking time off college for regular treatment, she's kept the


childhood dreams alive and has even recorded a CD for charity. Over the


years, she's really suffered and kept it all to herself and she's


been really brave. But she's also managed to raise thousands of


pounds for the local charities and I just think it would be nice for


her to have a little surprise back. So that's where I come in. I've


arranged for Charlotte's musical dreams to come true by setting up a


duet with her idol, West End and Broadway star, Ruthy Henshall.


think she'll be absolutely blown away, to be honest. She absolutely


adores her. Charlie thinks she's coming to see


Chicago. She certainly is coming to see a show, but tonight, she's


going to be the star! Show time! The whole theatre has been rigged


with our secret cameras, including the VIP box. Charlie's getting pre-


show drinks there with her best friend Paula, but of course,


Paula's in on the set-up and the hospitality is not what you would


expect. Because I'm upstairs being transformed into the man who will


Kate tore their every need. Usher extraordinaire. Walter is a


frustrated performer who could have been a big star if only he'd had


the breaks. Well, it looks like he's broken


something. The girls are called up to their


VIP box, and with mum watching backstage, they are about to


experience Walter's unique pre-show hospitality. Excuse me a minute,


just going to ps oop, terribly sorry. I will get in a lot of


trouble for that. A little bit of... Sorry, that was orange. Oh dear!


I need another glass! And they need another usher. But


once Walter's popped, just can't stopment


Oops. Sorry. I just thought, Thwaiteer's being really strange, I


was saying to Paula, what's he doing, but honestly, I didn't have


any idea at all. I've actually opened an ice-cream and I'm not


supposed to unless you wanted one. Terrible, isn't it? Don't tell


anyone, I'm having a nice time talking to you, but don't worry,


I'm just going to... Mint chocolate chip, absolutely wonderful. What's


your favourite song from the show? Are you a naughty girl? Cell block


tango. You are a naughty one, yes you are. This is only the first act


of the surprise. Curtain down on Walter and curtain up on me. Listen,


darling, back after the show's started to make sure everything's


all right, you've got your champagne and remember, you have a


wonderful show, but they are not going to be the only ones in the


spotlight, my dear, because I'm John Barrowman from BBC One


Eastonite's the night and I am here to make your dream come true.


Stand up. Yay. Oh, my God. Overwhelmed really,


absolutely in shock at the moment. Needs to sink in. Would you please


come with me to the Tonight's The Night studio, where you are going


to perform in front of the nation... Sure... Are you sure? Totally


serious. Take a breath. You would? Yes. Would you sing with somebody


else? Yes. Would you sing with Ruthy Henshall? No way! Yes way.


Oh... Yes. OK? Brilliant. Oh, my God, I


was trying to pinch myself to see if I was dreaming ofrpbt. It's


amazing honestly, I can't wait to sing with her. Charlie rehearses


her song. Maybe this time from cabaret. And a surprise Eaves


dropper is outside. Her duet Are you Charlotte. I was listening,


it is incredible. She has a beautiful innocent quality to her


voice. She seemed overwhelmed at first and then you could hear it


just blossoming. Ruthy's voice is what I want to be lake. It is


amazing to be able to sing like her. I think she will coal really well


on the big stage. It is one of those things if you have that in


your blood, as soon as the lights hit, it happens, you know and I


think she will just come out fighting. # Maybe this time I'll


win! So mum, Charlotte has always wanted to perform with Ruthie


Henshall. This one the -- must be the biggest moment in her life.


she is really looking forward to it. Has her heart condition held her


back? Yes it has. She has been performing since she was about 10


and it has held her back two or three years. She is now coming out


of it. It is wonderful to see. how is it going to be to see your


youngest up there. Fantastic. Like the lottery, better than winning


the lottery. Money can't buy these moments. Well, take your seats, for


a return to the West End, with Ruthie Henshall and a classic from


the show Cabaret. Charlotte, Tonight's The Night. # Maybe this


time I'll be lucky. # Maybe this time he'll stay.


# Maybe this time for the first time.


# Love won't hurry away. # He will hold me fast.


# I'll be home at last. Ladies and gentlemen, please


welcome the incredible Charlotte! Something's bound to begin. It's


going to happen. # Happen some time # Maybe this time I'll win #


Everybodys loves a winner. So nobody loved me. # Lady peaceful.


# Lady happy. # That's what I long to be.


# Well, all the odds are, they're in my favour.


# Something's bound to begin. # It's gotta happen.


# Happen sometime. # Maybe this time I'll win.


Was that awesome. Thank you. have sung with your odd ol - idol.


I know. How was it? Incredible. it everything you thought it would


be. And more. Thank you. She has sung with a leading lady of the


west end. That must take a lot of guts. What was so special, I think


you saw it, as she came out, you lot went mad and your face just lit.


And then you started singing and they all started clapping and you


just blew us away. It was wonderful. Mum, and dad, your face says it all


right? Are you proud? Oh yes, thank you so much. I know what I can say,


incredible. Ladies and gentlemen, Ruthie Henshall and Charlotte


Bullen! I promised she would be back. With an 80s hit, momma used


# Oh yes # Come on! That's it! # Said a small boy once asked: "When


will I grow up?" # When will I see what grownups do


see?" # In his strive to become a man, he


will act an older age to be recognised as man among the men.


# And mama used to say: "Take your time young man."


# And mama used to say: "Don't you rush to get old."


# And mama used to say: "Take it in your stride."


# And mama used to say: "Live your life."


# As the years where rushing by he will cut down on his age, tell his


girl of how it used to be. # Now, his mama past away but this


lines she would say at that time he couldn't understand.


# And mama used to say: "Take your time young man."


# And mama used to say: "Don't you rush to get old."


# And mama used to say: "Take it in your stride."


# And mama used to say: "Live your life."


# You're young, so young, so hold on back, do what you want to do.


# Now is the time for you to strive, For you to get better in what you


are doing! Come on! Oh yeah! Got to listen to


your mamma, people. Take your time young man # Mamma used to say #


Don't you rush to get old # Mamma used to say, take it in your stride


# Live your life. # Take your time, take your time # Don't you rush to


get old # Take it all in your stride # Live your life # Come on


one more time # Mamma used to say it # She used to say it # Mamma


used to say it # Mamma used to tell me # She used to say it # Live your


The amazing Beverley Knight. We are all out of dreams. But we are back


next week with a surprise from the Billy Elliott. Matthew Morrisson


meets a big admirer and the band of the Royal Marines are here and


Sophie Ellis-Bextor has a new singing partner. Until then, keep


dreaming. Today this could be the greatest day of hur lives. # Before


it all ends # Before we run out of time # Stay close to me # Stay


John Barrowman is making more dreams come true for some very deserving people.

Beverley Knight duets with one of her biggest fans; a mum who has battled cancer gets the chance to sky dive; Ruthie Henshall surprises a teenager who then performs with her on the classic Maybe This Time; and Craig Revel-Horwood along with the cast of Dreamboats and Petticoats turns a Belfast lady into a leading lady.

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