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Inside Out, We Are Always A Step Ahead.


First, driving tired can be just as dangerous as string driving. A


recent online survey of more than 1100 junior doctors, 41% admitted


falling asleep behind the wheel following a night shift, so is it


time we all woke up to the danger? I know of for colleagues who died


within my first two years of qualifying. All were driving home


after shifts. I have an 11-month-old daughter and I continually worry


about having an accident. I was driving in the slow lane on the


motorway, then woke up in the fast lane. These are genuine testimonies


from junior doctors currently working in our NHS. I almost drove


into the back of a lorry when I fell asleep briefly. I also drove up the


curb, which woke me up. After seven consecutive nights, I fell asleep


driving home and crashed my car into a concrete pillar. In the NHS as it


is, there are greater pressures, fewer doctors and it is easy to just


keep pushing yourself to the absolute limit until you break. A


junior doctor in Oxford, Sammy is getting ready for a 13 hour night


shift in intensive care. She often works four of these in a row. After


only a few months on the job, she had a near miss driving home. Five


minutes away from home, I was on one of the country roads and find myself


on the opposite side of the road. Thank goodness, there was nothing


coming the other way. In fact, only just last year, I was going to a


night shift and I came across a coroner flipped in the road. It was


another junior doctor coming back from the late shift. On that


occasion, the driver escaped unhurt, but sadly, that's not always the


case. When she came off the night shift, she phoned home and said she


was leaving. She had a chat with her mum and explained the night shift


had gone well. Brian borrows my daughter was driving home after her


first ever night shift is a newly qualified doctor. She was a bit


concerned about how things might go, because it was a new experience for


her being in charge and she was feeling quite pleased with herself.


Nevertheless, on the journey back home, she fell asleep. How did you


find out something had gone wrong? Because we are expecting her home,


we set off to find and while we were driving, we could see the accident


on the other side of the road. At the time, junior doctors in Scotland


could work up to seven night shift in a row. Brian has been campaigning


and has helped cut this to five. I'm her voice now. She's not to speak


for herself. I think that she did speak up initially. But wasn't able


to carry that through. I'm trying to do it now. 18 months ago, after a


run of night shift, a junior doctor from gospel was heading home to his


pregnant wife. The doctor was travelling home after three night


shift when his car collided... The doctor probably fell asleep... He


was just 33 years old. Think it is almost just too easy to think that


it won't happen to you, but I think that when you have tragedies are so


close to home, like someone who's pretty much exactly like you, it


really is scary. It's something that really does make me think. Keen to


learn if she is right to be concerned, Sam has agreed to take a


driving reactions test after working a 13 hour night shift. We'll find


out later how she gone. It's estimated there are more than 3


million of us regularly working through the night in all kinds of


jobs. This doctor is a sleep consultant and teaches the


importance of rest to newly recruited junior doctors. When the


work at night, our brains think we should be asleep and that is like


fighting against jet lag the whole time. The teaching that we do is all


about making sure that we encourage our junior doctors, nursing


colleagues, everybody waking at night, that it is not a sign of


weakness at all to take resting breaks and we are working. There is


very much a hero attitude in medicine and nursing that are only


come second to the needs of the patient, but actually if you're


overtired, fatigued, you are not able to give the best year patient.


Even though there may be ten patients waiting to see you, if you


take half an hour to take a break, to combat the fatigue that is, in


this paperwork is absolutely important. In Oxford, Sam has just


finished her nature. How are you feeling? Really tired. It was really


busy, quite stressful. I cover intensive care and we had a full


unit of patients. I managed to grab a cup of Coffey at about half three


and I've been pretty much on the go the whole time. Before Sam can go


home to bed, it's temporary driving reactions test at the transport


research lab in Berkshire. If you'd like to come through to the


simulator and take a seat. Simon is in charge of driver fatigue research


and will be analysing her performance. Fatigue is a huge road


safety problem. Our own perception tends to lack behind reality and by


the time we have realised that, we could have made a serious mistake


that could lead to a collision. We would like to is keep you below 60


mph, please. Is one of those things, where if I'm tired, I would push the


car. Sam has to drive along a virtual motorway for the next 90


minutes. We are monitoring her reactions from the control room.


Sewers was a blinking, sometimes you see those long blinks. After just a


few minutes, Sam starts blinking rapidly. In a field attempt to


increase her alertness. You can tell she is fighting it as well. There is


a moment where she is tired and then lots of blinking. You can see the


mouth movements as well. After 19 minutes, Sam's eyes start to blink


more slowly. She is having micro sleeps. In Michael sleep is just a


longer blink, to 15 seconds. It is usually an indicator that someone is


disengaged from the task. She is getting quite bad now. At motorway


speeds, if your eyes shut for a second, think about what you will


miss. Sam is meant to stick to the inside lane for the whole journey,


but she is struggling to stay on course. She just moved out there


onto to berate and almost overcompensate to be back and be


left. So my guess, that is quite typical when someone is fatigued,


the impetus came to be quite exaggerated. She has glazed features


and new muscle tone has started to slacken. Really long-sight closures.


Hi, Sam. You can stop the vehicle. Please, bring it to a halt. The test


is over and Simon has the results. One of the key indicators of fatigue


is willing to purchase and today, 69 occasions he left the inside lane of


mortuary. That meant that it was almost in 2.5 minutes he spent


outside lane you're meant to be travelling in. What's really


worrying is the number of times your reaction speed was slower than 1.5


seconds and therefore dangerous. The work of occasions when you fail to


respond quickly enough. On one instance, it was 5.5 seconds later.


Was it really? Groomer guess. Howedes your new here that? That is


really shocking. There is terrifying. There is really, really


scary. Clearly, driving when this tired is dangerous. Across the


country, junior doctors are working long high-intensity shifts, some


clocking up 90 hours a week. Last year, the Health Secretary and their


controversial new junior doctor contact reduce the number of


consecutive night shift from seven to four. The working week for junior


doctors was also cut. Tired doctors risk patient safety, so in the new


contract the maximum number of virus can be worked in one week will be


reduced from 91 to 72. I think he should be assumed about. Boasting


about that. We are asking junior doctors to work nearly twice as much


as the rest of the population and that is a boast? The Department of


Health declined to be interviewed, but told us that someone they expect


the NHS staff to be properly rested. Are going to be looking for 40 years


of service junior doctor, but were not going to get if we are so


exhausted and have accidents like like Lauren or otherwise. No one


should leave their home and not return from work. Still to come, we


see a fond for a welter and Oxford institution. All good things come to


an end. Thank you much for your custom. As ever, we will love to


hear reports about the show. You can drop me an Eno. -- e-mail. Next, the


Land Rover defender, cult status with enthusiasts and car thieves.


Glen Campbell investigates. Some of these Land Rover 's are worth more


than ?50,000. Lovingly built and tinkered with over a decade, to


their owners, these vehicles are more than just a car. The problem


is, it organised gangs of car thieves, the Land Rover has become a


top target. We have a couple of Facebook pages to give people


information about the club, always somebody coming on there saying the


Land Rover has been stolen. Housing is once a week. He is still in the


land Rovers and why are they doing it? Where are they all going to?


Samak had one still in 18 months ago. Just off the drive in the


middle of the night, someone broke into it, disappeared in oversight


again. The swimmers in my garage under lock and key. Everything out I


have is well secured. Last Land Rover rolled up the production line


in 2016 and since then the sky has become the second. Vehicle in


England. Levi Land Rover, you're buying a hobby. The decoder people


love, cherish, sometimes it's a guy that has been passed on to the


family. The impact from the civil image had it stolen is like losing


your dog. It's not nice. This Land Rover is the pride and joy of


Leicestershire police and the thieves took it apart overnight. It


was parried his heady local police station. All the stolen land Rovers


have got to be going somewhere, is what exactly is happening to them?


Because they stopped making them, the spare parts are few and far


between. You could have won in its completely in an hour. There is no


closer to most of the Pirates, is the appear on eBay and IC market for


stolen parts. John Isner Land Rover mechanic from Sussex who was hit by


the thieves last year. As someone who knows Land Rover is inside out,


I have set him a challenge. The plan is to on-board powers of the Land


Rover until we end up with a bigger pile of bits and as little Land


Rover as we can finish work. John firmly believes his beloved Land


Rover restoring order and cannibalise parts. With the clock


ticking and multiple cameras running, we will check back in with


him in a while. Henry is a mechanic on slightly larger vehicles. He's a


steam train engineer. His Land Rover was special. It was his Reading car.


I use it all the time and that was my first vehicle. Henry's Land Rover


was stolen from the car park of the Kent and Sussex railway so if you


have seen it, one steam engine driver would love to have her back.


I was never envisioning getting rid of it, it was going to be with me


alive, handed down to my sanity with interested and so on and so. It is


soul destroying when you have spent all that time with it and now it is


just gone. Car crime is now a high-tech business, this garage is


full of top and lower range roaders. The manufacture of the all of these


cloud with at least one tracker for the benefit of their owners that the


car gangs have a trick up their sleeves. They are now using one of


these, a magic wand to snip the track and disable it. I just turn


that up. They will know that there is something in the vehicle. A


tracker. Now when people steal a car, they will block the signal, any


signal coming out of the car, take it to somewhere safe, take it to a


side road or leave it in a unit somewhere and when they feel safe,


they will switch this unit on and try and find the tracking unit. As


soon as they fight it, it will be disconnected. Being one step ahead


of the thieves is the only way to catch them and the latest gadget


does just that. A tiny, highly intelligent traffic that cannot be


sniffed out by the magic wand. What is the product that you have come up


with? What is the secret tracker? That is the I would love to tell you


it and show you the device, we do not do that. It could be anything on


the car. It is not one particular unit, it is well hidden, we do not


talk about it. It could be in the headlight, anywhere. We don't want


the thieves to get the upper hand on us. Neal's intelligence tracker is


getting results. It can run from a signal from inside shipping


container. Police are recovering land Rovers at Southampton docks


just about to be shipped abroad. Back in John's barn, how its attempt


at stripping a Land Rover in under an hour going? Was at a casing gone


in 60 minutes? -- was it a case. Now you see it, now you do not. That


is time. The Land Rover was stripped in 60 minutes. I use a price that


you did it this quick? I am quite surprised, yes. I don't think I


would want to do it as a business. Now put it back together. Thank you.


That will take longer. Glen Campbell reporting there. Don't


forget, we are on Twitter. You can find this out... I am resisting the


urge to say that final story is a load of old cobblers. Here is James


in Oxford. It's often said there's an awful lot


you can tell about a person from their shoes. But then again, I would


say that. I am a bespoke shoe maker. I have making shoes by hand for the


past 20 years. From designing them to hand stitching them. And in the


world of fast everything, I am proud to be a part of something much


slower. In Oxford, they have been making shoes in a similar way since


1988. But sadly, after nearly a years, it is closing. So when I


found out such an iconic Schumacher is as Ducker Son was sorting up


shop, I had to go for one last time before they close their doors


forever. My name is James Tameka, apparently no relation. Both of our


families from North Norfolk. -- Ducker. My namesake was an engineer


before turning his hand to shoemaking. Bob Avery also change


career. Before teaching himself shoemaking, he was a shoe repair at


Woolworth and before that, a bus conductor. The legislator back to


1910 and reveal history of the city and its shoes. So each one of those


is in order for a pair of shoes? This is everything they have made an


error count and the prices accordingly about time. In today's


money, 140 stop ?1 each shillings and sixpence in old money. I have no


idea what that means. Any particular style you are looking for colours? I


love everything. This is an old-fashioned shop and a lot of the


work ethics are still old-fashioned. You don't come in here at nine


o'clock and start walking out the door at five. My wife is common into


the shop and 9:30pm to as me if I have any intention of coming home.


Do think there's a little bit of you in every pair that goes out of the


door? You put your mark on every single pair. These wooden mast of


the starting point for the shoes ever made her, the footprints if you


like over a century of loyal customers. My name is George. I have


about nine or ten pairs of the shoes. I'm 97, you are now going to


admire my agility. Nobody in my family has ever lived this long.


These are my duties. -- beauties. Aren't they beautiful temperate


shoes? These are very old, these are back into the 50s. Tremendous age. I


came up to Christchurch in 1946, I wasn't at all rich but I got in a


way of buying my shoes at Ducker and there is a little man working for


Ducker and I had a pair of shoes one day and he said where'd you get your


shoes from? She said if you can go to customers, you can afford to buy


the shoes. I like the directness. Those are Ducker shoes, they must be


50 years old. They're beautiful, aren't they? There's another but


people in this world who have not been to Ducker, they should be


imprisoned. There probably ten years old but they look as good as new as


far as I am concerned. They look lovely. Are you a loyal customer? I


am indeed. I first came here as an undergraduate, in 1976, I have been


coming here ever since. How many pairs of Duckers do think you have?


About 30 pairs, I think. This sum, it is the last chance to own a bit


of Oxford's history. I just bought a pair of Duckers and I think you can


tell a lot about a place you choose. In this case, Oxford is on offer in


plane and there are generations of students and Fellows of colleges who


have been used to walking in and out of colleges and college gardens and


trampling on the Thames which is just over there and you have got


this great proximity of city and countryside, it is one of the


distinctive features of Oxford so the shoes but Doctor -- that Ducker


is famous for, the Beeb that runs around the shoe, what they call a


rustic grain which is the embossed look which is much more resistant to


scratching. It is at home at town and in the


countryside. Even though people walking, it is a lot more relaxed


today. You never know who is going to walking. Baron did not pay his


bill. He collected his shoes. Descendants of his came in 1989, the


honoured the account. Is that what batters? That entry in bread there.


There is another entry by which humane know who that is. The author,


he was at Jesus College. Perhaps the most famous customer is Lord of the


rings author JR Tolkien who studied English at Oxford. He played


football. I have enjoyed every minute of it, I


have reached an age where I am in God's time. I am not fed up of it.


Thank you so much for so many years looking after me and my shoes. It


comes with my great banks to so many years. -- my great banks. Thank you


for your continued custom throughout the years. I'm a tiny part in this


legend, best ago while everyone is cupping. -- best to go while


everyone is clapping. I think it was Cinderella who said a


shoe can change your life. As they turn the key here for the last time,


Isabel and Bob would probably agree. James Ducker is reporting that.


Always sad to see the old things disappear. Talking of which, I will


see you next week. Goodbye. The progress now is being made to


milder Atlantic air. The next few days for most of us will start to


feel much milder with less froth that night, higher temperatures by


day. It is going to be


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