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He's a hero to me, and I know he's a hero to all our school community.


She's brilliant and I think this school is very lucky to have her.


He has ignited a passion for learning. He has made us like the


best ever. She's exciting, she's enthusiastic, she motivates us all.


She has an aura that sparkles. You're the best teacher in the


world ever. From the Palace Theatre, London, it is the 2011 Teaching


Awards. Ladies and gentlemen, please


welcome your host for the evening, Thank you.


APPLAUSE Thank you very much.


Welcome to the 2011 Teaching Awards, supported by Pearson.


How lovely. I'm so honoured to be back this year, among the


superstars of the teaching profession. That's right. We're


here tonight to recognise the true brilliance of teachers, yes you


really do change lives. Together with Teaching Assistants and


headteachers, you are the people who the next generation of kids are


depending on. Back stage we have fabulous stars ready to present the


awards. Hollywood actress, Minnie Driver, comedian, Al Murray,


fashion designer, Dame Vivianne Westwood is here. Actor David


Morrissey, and Downton Abbey's Elizabeth McGovern. Plus a


performance from the soul singing sensation, Beverley Knight.


Fantastic. We have brought together winners from Northern Ireland,


Scotland, England and Wales, to see who is the top of the class across


the UK. Some education news just in, it is very, very hard to believe,


but this is all true, OK. It is all true! Every single word is true. It


is all about the education industry, ladies and gentlemen.


Congratulations to Lord Sainsbury, who has just become the new


Chancellor of Cambridge University. Wolverhampton University have


appointed the Duke of Asda as theirs, but have received a firm no


from the mark kiss of Lidl. The head of the Independent Schools


Council claims one in five secondary school pupils learns


nothing. What it didn't say is many of these young people go on to


study nothing at university. Indeed some of them end up with highly


successful careers in politics! APPLAUSE


Research claims that excellent teefplers can boost test results by


- teachers can boost test results by 45%. One of those teachers


pointed out it was 44.9% recurring. Parents looking for decent schools


for their children are being urged by Elizabeth McGovern to go go,


have you heard this, just what you need, you're on-line, and the bloke


with the beardy tache comes out and sipbgs


# Don't send them there # The teaching's crap


# Don't send them there Let's get down to business. The


first award this evening is for the Special Needs Teacher of the Year,


it is for someone who combines great specialist knowledge with


imminence patience and compassion. To present the award is an Oscar-


nominated Hollywood actress, perfecting her Welsh accent at the


moment to play an inspirational drama teacher, please welcome,


Minnie Driver. Hello. Hello. Doesn't she look fabulous? So you


have been playing an idealistic drama teacher what is the film


called? It is called Hunky Dory, it is illusion. How is the accent?


Fabulous. Lush. You think it is fabulous, I'm not going to lie to


you, it is. You're a Teaching Awards ambassador,


what does that mean? It means that I had an amazing education, and I


like talking about that. I like talking about the teachers that I


had. I have been part of paub's Champions For Change programme in


America, I wanted to come and get involved here because this is where


I'm from. Fantastic. Could you tell us who has actually won? Yes I can.


I'm delighted to present this award to a truly remarkable winner, the


Special Needs Teacher of the Year is Simon Roberts. From Selworthy


School in Taunton. Sell Worty school is an all-age special school,


the young people have a - Sellworthy have an all-age school,


there is 90 members of staff, but only one Simon. Music is in my


blood, it is my first language. It is part of my back depon bone, I


use it seven days a week, as a - my backbone, I use it seven days a


week, as a teacher and therapist. At the age of ten I unfortunately


lost my father. I became a little bit distressed and off the rails


because of this, music became the only friend I had. Instead of


bashing the walls I would bash a piano.


# Hello to Natalie. I went on to study music and mental


health nursing. And then did my teacher training. And thankfully


found a school like this that was willing to combine all those skills


into one job. My daughter's name is Jessie, she's eight years old, and


she has autism. I want to thank Simon for giving me the ability to


see Jessie through his eyes. In doing that it has meant that I have


been able to tap into her world and be the parent to her that I could


only ever have dreamt of being without Simon's intervention.


morning everybody. Don't you lot laugh. It is, ballet. Versus,


street dance. Music is a unique tool, accessible to all children,


even considering some of the difficulties the children have. I


know that music therapy works. Give me some skin, brother, nicely done.


When I was at school, I was shy and I wasn't very confident, and I


wasn't very well, which made school really hard. Simon really made


music fun, I loved being here, and it made me really confident. When


Natalie left here she could stand in front of the whole school and


sing, that is such an achievement, only Simon could have done that.


Everything he does he does with every ounce of energy in his soul,


and transfers it to all the young people here, they benefit and grow


as a result. It is hard work, and can be emotionally draining, but


the rewards are priceless. Ladies and gentlemen, our Special


Needs Teacher of the Year, Simon Roberts.


APPLAUSE Well done.


Wow. They said don't get emotional. This is ace, this is absolutely


amazing, I'm truly honour today receive this. I wouldn't be here


without the nomination from the headteacher from Selworthy School,


caren, who you saw speak. All my friends, all my Karen, who you saw


speak in the feature there, all my friends, my family, and all the


people, and to my mum. Thank you very much indeed.


Now it's time to give an award that recognises a school team for the


amazing and innovative work they do. To announce the winner we invite an


actor working in television since the age of 16, you have seen him in


The Deal, South Riding, is there no end to his talents, now he's


filming Richard II, welcome David Morrissey.


APPLAUSE Hello. Nice to see you. You too.


an actor you have played many, many dark roles, I believe you played a


character called The Scarecrow once? I did, a wonderful teacher


called Miss Kel, from my junior school, St Margaret and Mary's in


Liverpool. She cast me as the Scarecrow in the wiz standard of oz.


One of my favourite memories at the age of 8, singing in front of a


loud of Scouse kids "If I Only Had a Brain". So I had a lot of kids


asking me if I had a brain. have established an educational


trust called Cast? A couple of years ago I was asked by the UN to


provide drama workshops for children in refugee camps around


the world. I went to Lebanon and Beirut. Like the last award winner


we saw, that education can be given in many ways, and we take it for


granted. Not everyone has it. My charity Cast is going to Sri Lanka


and South Africa, and do what we have in this country all the time,


which is teaching and learning in different ways, not just having the


children behind the desk. That deserves a round of applause.


Please tell us who the winner is. Team of the Year. The Outstanding


School Team of the Year. Is the PE Department at Dyffrn Taf in


Whitland. The staff at Dyffrn Taf are made up


of four key members of staff. The greatest strength is the way in


which they work together, collectively they are exceptionally


strong. We are a mixed bunch, but we do have the same vision.


Everyone brings something different to the team. The most important


thing you can do for students is to be a positive role model, and make


sure that the students harness that positive energy. He's really good


fun to be around, he always supports you in what you do, no


matter ping pong or rugby on the pitch. What we do in this


environment is try to encourage children to design their own


circuit, if you like, as opposed to it being prescriptive, and in many


ways, old fashioned and traditional. Miss Roberts is really fun in the


PE lessons, she's exciting, enthusiastic, she motivates us all.


Dancing is something that is really popular, especially with the girls


that maybe are not into games activities not so much. So we try


to introduce as much of that as possible.


Mr Blain has really gone to town on the IT! I use the video analysis


tools for the students within cricket. It enables the students to


analyse their own technique and analyse the technique of others.


we're looking at what is a skilled performer today. Mrs Philips seen


as the organiser within the department, she also focuses on


bringing together the academic side. As a department we offer a very


broad range of teaching styles. You can be really creative with your


methods of delivery. I think as a department we bring an enthusiasm


to the subject. Even the weakest sports person will feel special in


the PE environment. We have all got our individual strengths, but


everyone is very supportive of each other. We have a lot of fun, there


is a lot of laughter in that staff room. We have a saying here in the


PE Department, if you could change the eyes wees and the minds for a


was, you could start to build a real team. So let's give a round of


applause for the PE Department from My goodness me. We just would like


to thank everybody for presenting us with this award this evening. We


can't believe it is real. We were saying earlier you don't actually


see the opposition until this evening, if you want to call them


that, that is a sporting term for us. A team is really important for


everybody to be successful, it is not just about us, there is loads


more people that make up our team, it is just recognition of all the


hard work and everything that has gone on before us. Hopefully we


Now we come to the award for Headley Teacher of the Year, it is


the great headteacher - Headteacher of the Year. It is the great head


teachers that lead schools. We asked The One Show, Rhys Jones and


James Jordan from Strictly to step off the dance floor and go


undercover. We are here at Chingford Hall Primary School to


present this rather lovely award to Headteacher of the Year, 2011.


think I deserve one of these, any way, we have left the bright lights


of Strictly behind, and we are here today to surprise a real star.


Let's find out what makes our winner, Mrs Pat Davies really


special. In 2007 we were one of the worst schools in the country. As a


parent myself, I wouldn't have wanted my children to come to this


school. Pat's vision was for us to be an outstanding school.


doesn't tolerate second best, because these children only get one


chance. My mantra used to be, if you're not here for the children,


Jews get on the bus and go somewhere else. Oh, late.


We have quite a large estate near to the school, it is an area of


high depravation, lots of unemployment and crime. There is a


certain stigma attached to em - the pupils that come from the estate.


At the school we want to make sure the pupils have positive role


models who they can be inspired by, and who they can say I want to


become like that person one day. is about every child developing


confidence and self-esteem, and being happy and confident in


themselves. Where preon the last meeting of the school council.


represent the school and get people's ideas to what they wanted


aed to the school or taken away from the school. Giving children a


voice is so important, because this is their school. The children are


really involved in the decision- making within the school. As are


the staff as well and the parents. Everybody contributing.


celebrate many cultures at Chingford Hall. Me and my family


are from Cyprus, we came here three years ago. We have a daughter, she


is in year 3 now, she was very shy. At this school, the biggest change


was her confidence, it has been increased a lot. Ofsted, we did get


out of 31 areas we got 30 outstanding. It meant an awful lot


to everyone at the school, children, parents, staff, I think it was


really deserved as well. Something inside so strong


We have a lot of people now wanting to send their children to Chingford


Hall school, in the past it was one of those schools that would be the


bottom of your list. She's just the right person for the job, she's


brilliant. I think this school is very lucky to have her. The pupils


see her as a second mum. Some of them as a first mum. And they look


up to her. Just brilliant, and there is so many other words I want


to say, but, yeah, main one would be brilliant. I would say, fan it


is acal. - tan it is aical. That is why


she's Headteacher of the Year 2011. The whole school is in the middle


of the school assembly. Shall we go Mrs Davies. Hi.


So sorry to inter interupt your assembly. We have something very


special we would like to give you. If you would like to come into the


middle of us. Congratulations you have been named Headteacher of the


Year 2011. Thank you. # You're amazing


# Just the way you are OK, I'm just overwhelmed, thank you


so much, and thank you parents as well for always being so supportive,


and my fantastic staff, and thank you children. This is for us, for


Chingford Hall. The win irof the Headteacher of the


Year is Patricia Davies from Chingford Hall Primary School in


London. Congratulations. Next up is brand new award for 2011,


The History Boys Teacher of the Year. It takes an imaginative teach


Tory make - the History Teacher of the Year, it takes an imaginative


teach Tory make history interesting. My history was inspiring, he came


in dressed as Marie Antoinette, which was weird as we were studying


the Battle of Britain at the time. Our next guest is a huge history


buff and studied at Cambridge University, no less, but he's on


tour with his pub landlord, welcome Al Murray ladies and gentlemen.


Put it there so it is safe. So you're a history buff? Yes I am.


Always? I always have been. Since I was a very small boy. What do you


think triggered that love of history? Brilliant teachers, to be


honest. All the history teachers in my school were brilliant, as the


years went by, without exception. Is your interest in history


expanded beyond school, you are still interested? Yeah, yeah, I'm


reading it all the time. Today, 30th of October is when TV was


invented, there you go, history, this wouldn't be possible without


that happening. That is history for you, tell the kids! Tell them all.


Do you use history in your show? The pub landlord is a fairly weird


view of history, it is sort of like British-centric, written by the


winners, and French history books are blank from cover-to-cover. You


know, yeah. Could you please tell us who the winner s we are very


excited. It is in here. The winner is from Tendring Technology College


in fronten to on sea, it is Richard You better get under, the bombs are


coming. His lessons are always unique, he finds a way to bring


history to life. You see in the blilts, the amount of people who


died, the emotions they were going through. You have to write down how


you feel and you learn but what it is like to be there. It is a bit


scary but you know he's just acting. Cravivity is at the heart of


everything Richard does. He can sometimes be unorthodox, but he


gets results. But most importantly of all, the students are passionate


about history when they are in Mr Rodd's classroom. That is the all-


clear. I always look at my timetable and think have I got


history today, it is something to look forward to. You are thinking


this is so good, I really get this I understand, it is so interesting.


With the person next to you, I want you to share the key words you have


written down, you have 30 seconds, go. I have been here seven years, I


thoroughly enjoy my time here at Tendring Technology College, it is


like a family. He plans his lessons to make them creative, enjoyable,


and to show his passion, and ignite the passion of the students in his


class. Mind you, there is times I look out of that window and think,


what's he up to now. Oh my God, a crime scene, today you are going to


be MI5 agents, and you will find out what happened to this person.


When I was at primary school I didn't like history, I really


didn't like it, Mr Rodd's lessons are so interesting, I got really


involved, and I really started to enjoy it, now I have taken it at


GCSE and now A-level as well. Gather round the murder victim.


He's a master story-teller, the children become engrossed in the


stories he tells, and history starts to really live for them.


can remember back 15 years when at secondary school, history was a


reading of textbook and answering the question, I didn't want to do


that. I wanted to come back into the classroom and bring personal


things back into it, and bring the learning to life with acting. Can


anyone tell me who this person was. Thomas Beckett. Spot on, well done.


Some of the ideas are risky and challenging and could cost me my


job sometimes, but they work. a one-off, he's unique, the


students think he's amazing, the students love him, he has touched


hundreds and hundreds of lives and ignited passion for learning.


The History Teacher of the Year, Rcihard Rodd from Tendring


Technology College. - Richard Rodd from Tendring


I didn't expect that. Even the other day when we had the BBC


coming, people saying you have won, you have won, I had no idea. It was


only the other day that two colleagues of mine Dan and Mark


were giving me advice about had I written my speech yet, I said no,


don't I think I should, they said they knew I could waffle on and


talking, it won't last a minute, by the way. I said give me some advice,


and Dan said to me, make it funny. Have something with current affairs,


Mark said keep it plain, simple, just thank those who really helped


you get this award. Who really enable you to teach the way you do.


I went away, started writing my speech came back to see Mark, Mark


what about this for start, go on then, I would like to thank, Hitler,


Stalin, Mussolini, and he started to shake his head, and he said he


didn't mean those. Thank those who enabled you to get your award. So I


can do that, went away, came back five minutes later, Mark I know


what I'm going to say now, winning this is just like winning an MBE,


it is "my blinking efforts", I have had enough of people saying thank


you for this and that to everybody else, this is all about me!


APPLAUSE The problem is at that point I


couldn't hold my composure, I was only having a joke with him, there


is lots of people I do need to thank. Firstly, it is my TTC family,


it is the students who are there, you are just amazing. To Caroline


Haynes, the principal, very inspirational, gave me the


opportunity to teach at the college seven years ago, and puts up with


lots of risky things I do, and I have been told not to mention them


today. Two special people to thank, my grandparents who are at home,


without them, without the stories they used to tell me about their


lives in the Blitz, I wouldn't have had the passion to go on and be a


history teacher. I want to put someone in the middle of my thank


you, most people say the most important person should go first or


last, my wife, Diane, she has put up with a lot from me in the last


11 years, hopefully in the last three months when she gives birth


to our child I can support her as much as she could. Sandra Foot,


thank you very much, you have been my school mum, you have been my own


personal OSA for the last seven years, thank you very much. There


are a few students to thank, five of them are here, Beth. Could you


crack on! But in particular, Molly, Steven, and Emily, Emily, not for


what you said, two particular words, that was F & F, I thought what does


that mean, fit and fashionable, no, she said, you're fat and funny!


Thank you. The final person to thank, that is my work wife,


someone who has not just been a mentor, a colleague, who thinks


they are my boss, and that is Dan Browning, without Dan Browning's


advice and guidance I wouldn't be half the teacher I am today, thank


you very much. Thank you.


Now we're going to find out who is 2011's Teacher of the Year. To


present the award we have the grand Dame of British fashion design, she


started her working life as a Primary School teacher. Please


welcome the fabulous Dame Vivianne Westwood.


How lovely to see you, how are you doing? I know, I haven't seen you


for ages. You used to be a teacher? Yes. Where? Oh, in the Pennines,


and since then I have continued teaching fashion at one point. I


would like to say that teachers, my experience of teachers, in my time


as a teacher, all they talk about is the children. They just love the


children, I have an incredible respect for teachers, and we need


more teachers and we need a lot more teachers.


APPLAUSE When you are at school you have


that time to pursue knowledge to understand about the world, and so


it's like you have to follow your deep interests, that is what


teaching is about. That is why we need more teachers and smaller


classes. APPLAUSE


I'm a reader, and reading for me is the most concentrated form of


experience it is possible to have. It is all those different views of


life, you, people here, in your lifetime, you have had at least, I


have had ever so many different views on the world. Your mother had


a different view on the world, but, in the case of reading a book, we


are able to have the perspective to also look at it from our point of


view as well. So you are looking at it through the eyes of the person


in the past, but you are also looking at it from yourself. What


you are actually doing is comparing the world that they are looking at


with your world, could our world be better. You are getting a


perspective on real values and culture. Could you announce the


winner please! They won't need to bother about getting a jobs,


everybody will want their ideas. So, I take every opportunity I can


to stick up for teachers. APPLAUSE


I'm only joking. So, Christine Emmett is the Teacher of the Year


from St Elizabeth's Primary School Many, many years ago when I was a


very small girl, I had a teacher, whom I absolutely adored, always


looked up to, and one day I thought, I wanted to be like her, and today


I am. Would you like to go to Spain. Christine is interested in every


single child, she knows the child, she knows their family, she's


probably taught their mums and dadz at this stage. She brings - dads,


she brings the world into the classroom, she involves the


community. Any questions you want to ask Evan about the rabbit.


was a help to me when I was at school. I was in a position to come


back up and give something back, that is why I bring the rabbit and


get the kids more with wildlife involved. Mrs Emmett sticks out in


your mind, and puts her heart and soul in the job. I have a kid now


at the school, it is nice to know there are teachers who care this


much. Christine is inspirational, her children love the fantastic


ideas that she brings to the classroom. She instills in them a


can-do attitude. They want to learn when they are with Christine.


Because it is not what you do, it is the way that you do it, and


that's what gets results. If we don't think we can do something,


Mrs Emmett believes in us and gets us to do it really well.


reminds me of the Pied Piper, every child wants to follow her,


everything she wants them to do, they will give 110%. She is


inexhaustable, she has a lot of energy and knows how to tap into


children's imagination. At the moment the children are


studying Indians, they are face painted, and built their own


teepees, and come across the problems the Indians come across,


perhaps not being able to work together. They have learned all


about the river, the bison, they have lived as Indians, we have


found it great fun and rewarding. Christine thinks out of the box and


has the children in the class eating out of her hand. They want


to please and learn. Thank you Mrs Emmett, you are the best teacher in


the world, ever. APPLAUSE.


The 201 Teacher of the Year is Christine Emmett from St


Elizabeth's Primary School. This is for all the boys and girls


of St Elizabeth's Primary School, past and present. For a fantastic


headteacher Mrs Bradshaw and deputy, for all my hard working colleagues,


for all the parents of the community, south Laing arbgshire


council, mum and dad, two boys, Scottish education, St Elizabeth's


Primary School, this is your's, thank you.


Now we come to the Film My School competition. Here students used


creativity and flair to show what is best about their school in a


short film. To present it is an American actress, wowing audiences


with her portrayal of Lady Cora in Downton Abbey, please welcome


Elizabeth McGovern. APPLAUSE


So, Downton Abbey is a big hit, isn't it, it is a big hit this


television show. Why do you think it is so popular with people?


People like to ask that question all the time, I hope it is because


it is emotionally engaging and fun, and beats doing a lot of other


things on a Sunday night. Was there a particular drama teacher that


mentored you throughout your school years? Not so much a drama teacher


as my English teacher. But it was basically the love of learning of


all kinds that makess me so happy to be here to honour teachers. I


think that is something you make with you to any profession and


through the rest of your life. you particularly academic at school


or could you not wait to leave? always turned in every homework


assignment on time. I did all my homework and red every - read every


book. Did you. All right, all right. So let me tell you who the three


finalists are. The Prince of Wales First School in Dorchester. Lewis


Pengam in Wales. And St John's Primary School in


Walsall Wood. Before we find out who the winner is, let's have a


Welcome to the Prince of Wales # This is the right time


# It's the time for us # It's the time to show the world


# If you dream it The art club always uses the latest


technology. At our school they like us to


experience history firsthand. our topic we did the fashion from


the 50s, 60s and 80s. We had a go at dressing-up in the clothes from


each decade. # Don't know quite where we're


going to go # I don't quite know


# How we're going to get there # I just know that


# We are with you it's going to be So, thank you. Those were the three


nominations. Elizabeth, can you tell us who has won please?


I am thrilled to announce that this year's winner is the Lewis School


Pengam. Please welcome to the stage the


Thank you very much, it is like the Oscars, I'm very excited by this.


There are many, many people we have to thank, we have only got a minute.


Most importantly I think there are the pupils that were involved in


filming that project, they have all got camera envy tonight, they are


looking at the cameras all over the place. I have a list, Liam Goff,


Daniel Davies, Jack Nichols, and Rhys Jones, and Joss Evans, who did


a fantastic job in putting the video together. A special thanks to


Nathan Battersby, who was the pupil who recorded and wrote the song you


heard, record companies get in touch with us! He's a fantastic


student and deserves credit for. That we would also like to thank


the fantastic staff at the Lewis School in Pengam, who have given up


their time to put the film together, Mike Oliver and others contributed


to all of this. We couldn't have achieved it without that. Lewis


School Pengam is a fantastic school, pull of extraordinary people and


staff, days like this make it all worthwhile, thank you very much.


APPLAUSE Our next award recognises a highly


talented teacher. Someone who has made a huge impact in a short space


of time. It is the outstanding - outstanding New Teacher of the Year.


An actress with one of the most sought-after jobs in television,


she gets to snog Doctor Who, it is Alex Kingston. I'm at Severnbanks


Primary School in Gloucestershire. I'm about to present this to new


teacher, Keeble keeb, they are all in a- Rachael Keeble, they are all


at assembly at the moment, I have to keep a low-prove fight. Before I


present this, I - low-profile, before I present this I want you to


look at why she gets this. In the first year you expect teachers to


settle in, Rachel flew from the start. We used to be the worst


class in the school in year, now she has made us the best-ever.


of the special things about her is she's really good at finding out


what the children are interested in, and incorporate that in their


lessons. Your Doctor Who challenge today. Occasionally we get a visit


from Doctor Who who gives tricky challenges which we have to solve.


The children are learning, but they don't feel like they are learning.


You need to decide quickly what you have discovered today. Back to the


tables quickly. Everyone in the class we love Doctor Who, we don't


care in the lessons are hard or easy, we focus on helping Doctor


Who. Victoria is able to retain the information due to enjoying the


class. We use the news to try to think about what is going on in the


world around us. Welcome to the BBC news. In turn, we then use what we


are learning about in class and translate it into new shows.


with Dr James in the UN. That helps the children to put who they are


thinking about and what they have learned about into a different


context. Well done guys, that was amazing, give them a big round of


applause. Absolutely fabulous. Never in my wildest dreams did I


think that Shakespeare would be taught at Key Stage II in


Severnbanks Primary School. drama club we are currently working


on an abridgeed version of a mid- summerers night's dream. The


children are loving it, they have performed it in a real theatre in


front of an audience of 300 people. I only did it because I knew Miss


Keeble would get me through it, stage fright is my biggest fear, I


was crying afterwards because Miss Keeble made me overcome my fear.


The best way to engage a child is to also have their parents on board.


Tea parties are a really great opportunity for the parents to come


in and to engage with their children's learning. Miss Keeble


gives parents the motivation to help with our children's learning


and to help them succeed. When you talk to every child about Miss


Keeble, and about how they feel about her teaching, their face


lights up. She has an aura which sparkles. Whatever it is, she has


got it. I absolutely love teaching, it


doesn't feel like a job at all, because work shouldn't be this much


fun. Right everyone is in there, it is


the moment of truth. Let's go. Hello everybody, I'm so sorry to


interrupt. I have just stepped off the Tardis to present this very


special award. To somebody in this room. Rachael Keeble, I present


this award to you, and you are the Outstanding New Teacher of the Year.


Thank you. Thank you so much everybody. All


the staff, everybody. But most importantly my wonderful class.


The winner of the Outstanding New Teacher of the Year, Rachael Keeble


from Severnbanks Primary School. And now to the final award of the


evening, the Ted Wragg Lifetime Achievement Award, which recognises


the overwhelming dedication a teacher has given throughout their


professional career. To present this award is one of Britain's


cultural icons, a master of his craft for over 30 years, whether a


popular musical or a Shakespearian tragedy, his productions are


renowned throughout the world. Please welcome Sir Trevor Nunn.


This is home from home, this was Les Miserables for 20 years. Do you


love doing your job, and is it anything like being a teacher in


the rehearsal room? It is, my job is essentially collaberative, a lot


of the time I have to work like a teacher. Especially when I'm


dealing with things like a classical text and a Shakespeare


play. But, equally, every day I learn from the actors, from


designers, from my creative colleagues. So just like teaching


it is two-way traffic. Do you think you would make a good teacher? Did


you ever feel like you wanted to be a teacher? I was a school teacher


for ten months! I was sensational! Really, absolutely amazing. We


didn't have gap years in those days, inbetween school and university, I


signed up as a supply teacher. At the age of 17 going on 18, poor


kids, can you imagine. Due play them lots of records? Actually I


was in a pop group at the time, I used to play guitar for them.


had them! We played you up something rotten. Trevor, could you


please tell us who the winner is? can indeed. The winner has a


brilliant job title, he is - Master of Imagination, the Ted Wragg


Lifetime Achievement Award goes to Jeff Stratton from Lipson Community


It is hard to believe it is 50 years. Mind you, I have no


intention of stopping, this is a great place to work, and as long as


I can still make a difference to young lives I will carry on.


first came across Jeff 15 years ago when I was a new headteacher. He


was working in one of our satellite centres. I immediately thought we


have challenging youngsters that need retracking and Jeff has the


skills to do that. I snapped him up, that is one of the best decisions I


have ever made. When I left art college the principal said to me,


you will never make a living as painter, you can't make a living,


you have to teach. I was a teacher and then became a deputy head, I


was appointed head in the early 1980 of a secondary school in


Plymouth that needed turning round, it turned into a beautiful school.


From there I went to County Hall as a senior education officer, became


disillusioned with the politics, went back working as a volunteer,


and Steve saw my work. Glory be, that was a great day. He's far more


than an art teacher, he is master of imagination, he works creatively


to engage students and build their self-esteem to allow them to be the


thing they want to be. The whole thing about the drawing is


representing three dimensions on a two dimensional surface. You are


not copying what is there, you are making sense of it. Because Jeff


has been teaching so long, he has managed to teach parents and


children and grandparents of the same families. He taught me in


primary school when he used drop him, and then here, and now I'm


back working alongside him as a Teaching Assistant. He hasn't


changed. Teaching is looking after the children, we are their parents,


we have been given that by their parents, we look after them,


teaching children is teaching them everything. A few years ago I was


in a bad place, and I couldn't, emotionally I found it difficult. I


couldn't deal with it on my own. He has helped me in many different


ways, academically, and he has helped me personally confront a lot


of demons. Jeff links with all community remarkably well, leads on


work with the Respect Festival, the Barbican theatre and here at the


college he's our chief set builder, he never ceases to amaze us with


what he can create, and especially with cardboard. Cardboard mou, does


that work. I feel nobody is managing me at all, they are


probably, cleverly, Steve lets me doing my own thing, I can get away


with red and green shoes and not doing my tie up. It is about being


allowed to being who I am. Headship can be a lonely job, I have always


appreciated the meant torg skills Jeff has brought to me, he has


always been there - mentoring skills Jeff has brought to me and


he has always been there for me, he has been a hero to me and this


school. At some point people will point out that I'm a bit past it, I


will work at home, it won't stop, because I am who I am.


APPLAUSE Welcome to the stage, our Lifetime


Achievement Award winner, Jeff Stratton from Lipson Community


College. I feel very humble about this. I


have got lots of people that I could thank, but the people I


really must thank the most are my colleagues at present, at Lipson


Community College. It is a fantastic place to work, wonderful.


What it says on this programme, "education is the most powerful


weapon we have to change the world", I know that is true. I have seen it


happen. When I first started teaching, there was a Berlin wall,


there was apartheid in South Africa, there was segregation in America,


gay people could be prosecuted and put in prison. Teachers were


expected to cane and hit children round the head, it was a moral duty,


I had classes of 45 children, there were no supply teachers, there were


no classroom assistants. Slowly, this has changed, it has got better


and better. Most of the children I first taught left school at 15 with


no qualifications at all. Since then, all sorts of changes have


happened, gradually the zeitgeist has got better and better, I'm so


optimistic about the future. Our young people are fantastic, they


are marching into the future with our help. I'm so optimistic. Thank


you ever so much for this award, I'm most grateful. It is for me and


all my colleagues. Many congratulations, what a worthy


winner, anyone and everyone can make their nomination for next


year's awards. If you know a teacher who transforms young


people's lives, go on and say thank you. All you have to do is go to


the website. Many congratulations to all of our


winners who have made a massive difference in their schools, give


it up to them. You are tonight's stars. You are tonight's true stars.


Inspiring our children to do great things, what a brilliant job you do.


APPLAUSE Thank you


Now to close the show, is an amazing soul singer, who was


encouraged to follow her musical dreams by her primary school


teacher, Mrs Barnard, now we know who to thank. Singing Cuddly Toy


from her latest album, Soul UK, welcome, from Wolverhampton, the


# Oh yeah # Oh


# Yeah # Well I know you heard


# So many people say # I got a different boy


# In every town # But there must be


# Somebody telling lies # Spreading rumours all around


# There's a cuddly toy # It's my only joy waiting for me


# When I get home # And what I need


# Is a boy like you # To come and call my very own


# You got to feel for me # Yeah you got to feel for me baby


# Oh you gotta to feel me # Oh give me some love yeah


# Well I don't pour out my heart # Like it to everyone


# And anyone # That I meet


# And I know it ain't no wine # Because I feel just fine


# To see people still on my feet people


# A cuddly toy # Is my only joy


# Waiting for me # When I get home


# And what I need # Is a boy like you


# To call # Call my very own


# So you got to freel feel me # Oh you got to feel me


# Yeah you gotta feel for me baby # Oh give me some love


# Yeah # Come on


# Oh yeah # Feel it


# Oh yeah # Feel feel for me baby


# Come on # Like I know you can


# Feel me # Feel for me baby


# I know # I know you understand


# A cuddly toy # Is my only joy


# Waiting for me # When I get home


# And what I need # Is a boy like you


# Oh to call # Call my very own


# So you got to feel # Oh baby


# Baby # Somebody got feel me


# Give me some love # Yeah


# Feel for me # Come on people


# Yeah you gotta to feel me # Give me some love


# Yeah Thank you


Thank you very much, good night. Other awards presented at this


evening's ceremony, was the Teaching Assistant of the world,


which went to Mandy Theobald were Spring Meadow Primary School in


Harwich. This is something special, this is for every child and every


parent, every governor and colleague that I have had the


privilege of working alongside at Spring Meadow. The Henry Winkler


Award for Special Needs was awarded to Wren Spinney Community Special


School. This is so extraordinary and I'm so passionate about the


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