Tenby 24/7

Tenby 24/7

Reality series following the people of Tenby. It is one of Wales's busiest holiday resorts, where people work hard during the summer to feast or famine in the winter.

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Episodes List

Episode 1

1. Tenby 24/7: Episode 1

Barbra Powrie tries to keep the street traffic free and the firemen put on a carnival.

Episode 2

2. Tenby 24/7: Episode 2

Ron must clear Tenby's three blue flag beaches of rubbish before the tourists arrive.

Episode 3

3. Tenby 24/7: Episode 3

Local cobbler 'Dai the boot' sells off some Tenby sea bass at a charity auction.

Episode 4

4. Tenby 24/7: Episode 4

Have vandals ruined Tenby's chance of winning a prize in the Britain in Bloom competition?