Highlights 2016 Trooping the Colour

Highlights 2016

Highlights of the military spectacle from Horse Guards Parade, when the Colour of 1st Battalion Coldstream Guards was trooped to mark the Sovereign's official 90th birthday.

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Every year on a Saturday morning in June, the sovereign's official


birthday is celebrated in great style with the ceremony


This year, there's an added dimension, because this is the year


And the honour of Trooping the Colour in 2016 falls


So, stand by for a thrilling display at the Queen's Birthday Parade.


Good evening from our studio in Saint James 's Park. On this


exceptional weekend of celebration. Where we have enjoyed the pageantry


of the Queen's Birthday Parade and Her Majesty's 90th birthday. Earlier


this morning everything was set for the parade, the grand processional


route which darts at Buckingham Palace, the Royal Standard flying to


signal the Queens presence and leading to the vast expanse of Horse


Guards Parade, the world-famous stage for the ceremony. Each year


the sovereign's ceremony is honoured with the custom of Trooping the


Colour and the honour this year fell to the Coldstream Guards. Clare


Balding was at Wellington Barracks with the King's Troop Royal Horse


Artillery. This is a crucial stage of preparation, attaching six horses


to each gun. These act as the breaks, they are strong, chunky


animals. Further forward they get slightly more refined. No rains or


anything will get caught in that. It also makes them look sleek. It is


brilliant in terms of their attitude, these forces that you can


depend on. And you needed to because this is exactly how it would have


been in the First World War. Six guns saw service in World War I, 13


pounds. They have been polished to the nines. In perfect conditions. If


I needed a mirror to check my make-up I could see my reflection


here. They will perform a salute later. The King's Troop celebrated


its 300 th anniversary. The Queen went to Larks Hill to see them and


they will be doing their bit to mark the 90th birthday. Let's look at


Horse Guards Parade, a period of relative calm right now before the


ground is filled with marching and music. The hallmarks of the Birthday


Parade. Some of the talented musicians


of the Household Division We have the bands of the Welsh


Guards and the Scots Guards. They are soon to be joined


by their colleagues from the Irish, Our very own tradition on the day


of the Birthday Parade is to invite a guest to join us with direct


experience of the parade. This year I'm pleased to welcome


Brigadier Greville Bibby, who retired last year after 34 years


in the army. He is ? among many other


distinctions ? a former commanding officer of the 1st


Battalion Coldstream Guards. A warm welcome, great


to have you with us today. Delighted to be here,


one of my favourite days of the On The Mall, proudly making


their way from Wellington Barracks, this year's escort ? provided this


year by No 7 Company, Coldstream Guards, the oldest


regiment in continuous service in the British Army,


and one of seven regiments forming They are very much Her


Majesty's personal troops. Just a time to say something


about the transition between operational duty


and ceremonial duty. 2012 was the last time the battalion


was on They have been on operations


for the last four years, going to Afghanistan, Romania twice


on exercise, Kenya, Belize. It's only in the last few months


that they have rerolled Today they are lining under the


command of Alex Turner, he was commended for his service in


Afghanistan. They are lining the streets conscientiously today. The


Escort is making its way to the parade ground.


It's worth underlining that many of its members are new recruits.


It really is a high-profile way to start life in the regiment.


We joined them a few months ago as they arrived


at Wellington Barracks for the start of their time in No 7 Company.


The Guardsmen that have just arrived have just finished their phase two


training in Catterick and today we'll get them kitted out


I'm the senior master tailor for London district,


so I'm the guy who measures them up for their tunic,


their tweeds and their greycoat and then we'll send them off


to the storeman to get them into the sizes that I've


This'll probably last him for about a season.


We change into the greycoat in October and by


for tunics, this probably won't fit him and they would have


all changed body shape because they're all young lads.


So, this is probably the only season he'll have with this tunic.


Then I went through the Army Foundation College in Harrogate.


It is tough but it builds you up to be the best,


especially joining the Coldstream Guards.


I've looked through them all and I can't seem to find


Nothing really fits my head at the moment.


Not too tight? No.


It's important that it's not too tight because otherwise we'll be


As you see here, it's looking a bit like ragtails because it's


So, get into the shower, wash it like you would your hair.


Wash some mild shampoo into it, which gives it a real clean


I feel happy now. Now I've got one, finally.


We're down at Pirbright to continue another day's troop training.


Given that the Sergeant Major's here today, he'll be making sure


that we've got our column distance between guards correct and we're


There are five members of the escort that are still under 18.


That's why it's on the back of your head.


Coming straight from school was a bit of a shock.


Training was definitely the hardest thing I've done.


The hardest thing to master is probably the forms


People are pushing down, pushing on you and people


get popped out of line, which knocks the whole line out.


And also if you go past the saluting line, Her Majesty


Because I'm the far left marker, I'm marking time for absolutely ages.


I'm standing on the front row, front left, so it's


It's my job to make sure that they're picking up on all the finest


of details so that by the time of the parade, there'll


Trooping the Colour is probably the toughest thing I've done so far.


Getting things right without being pointed out


I don't think there's going to be many more monarchs that


have a 90th Birthday Parade, so you've got grab it and it'll be


So, a memorable few months for those new recruits.


Some of them, including Guardsmen Orton, Brayley


and Cunningham, have earned a place in today's Escort,


taking centre stage today, as they prepare to face the crowds


and march smartly onto the Parade Ground.


They will do that in a few seconds time.


And marching with the Escort is Number 2 Guard, found


by Number 2 Company, 1st Battalion Coldstream Guards.


Now one of the prime features of this parade


is precision and exemplary collaboration.


It's the kind of teamwork that becomes


possible when everyone is determined to work together.


Ask anyone who is involved and they will tell you it is one


And the regiment's photo album was updated very recently.


We decided that this year, as we have a number


of key personalities who are Coldstream Guards on this


year's Queen's Birthday Parade, that we'd set up and take


I joined the Army in 1996 and was commissioned


I joined the Coldstream Guards in 1988, so about 28 years ago.


I joined the Coldstream Guards in 1994, so I'm now in my


I joined the Coldstream Guards in 1993 and I'd always


I joined the Army in 2007 and passed up from Sandhurst in 2008,


commissioning into the Coldstream Guards.


I joined the Coldstream Guards in August last year


We're a very special Regiment with a long and deep


There is a great and very powerful feeling of family


There's a phrase we have in the division, if you cut


someone they'll bleed blue, red, blue, which are our


I've known a lot of them in battle situations as well as clearly


Many of us have served together on operations in Iraq,


Afghanistan and further back in Northern Ireland.


We're primarily front-line infantry troops.


When you're on tour, you're living in each other's pockets.


You get to know your comrades extremely well.


There's lots of humour and lots of banter that goes on,


Of course, if you get into contact and the adrenaline starts flowing,


you know you can rely on the person left and right and you know


that the person next you would probably give


What makes the Coldstream special is just how


Today is sort of a family day and the idea is to get the soldiers


and their families to come so they get to see more


about what we do, they get to ask questions and it's an opportunity


They are desperate to get me to take them shooting at the wall.


This year we've kind of got the past, present and future


So, we have a number of recruits from Caterrick who are in various


We've got past members who've formed th evarious associations around


the country and also the serving members of the battalion,


so the three generations of Coldstream Guards are here today.


Just a step slightly over towards Senior John Major, please.


As the Regiment historians of the future look back on these


days, hopefully they'll have an understanding of some


of the people that served in the Regiment in our time,


so that those who are serving in the future can look back


and learn and ensure they understand what makes this Regiment proud


and some of the history that goes before them.


The photograph will be hanging in the respective officers'


and sergeants' mess and then quite possibly a copy to Her Majesty


as a birthday present from the Coldstream Guards


Here he is - the man who will be Field Officer in Brigade Waiting.


There have been late changes to the order of things. This is a late


draft? Yes, unfortunately the horse


I was due to ride two weeks ago went lame and I rode Grey Falcon for


the first time and he is the super sub today and I'm sure


he will deliver the How much do you worry about your


riding or is it about commends and what's going


on the parade square? I would be lying if I said I didn't


worry a little bit about my riding. I try to remain calm and not


transmit any nerves to the horse of the Household Cavalry


really looked after me There has been a lot of teamwork


across the Household division. Fingers crossed. I'm confident for


today. If I asked you whether you're


looking forward to, what's I am looking forward to,


it is nervous anticipation. It is an honour and the boys


and girls are all really looking forward to


the parade today and I hope we can OK, well I hope you put your


best foot forward and He is allowed a little bit of nerves


of course. We will be talking more


about the Commanding Officer later. The Colour Party is in place


and it's the Colour of the 2nd Battalion Coldstream Guards that's


being trooped today. The colour carries 44 of


the regiment's 113 battle honours - the oldest being Tangier in 1680,


and the most recent being So it's a notable honour


for the members of the Colour Party. The Sergeant of the Escort


is Sergeant Sam McAuley, it's his fifth birthday parade,


and he's marched with He's flanked by the two


Sentries to the Colour. Guardsman Mark Bazeley,


the Right Sentry. And Guardsman Jack Bazeley,


the Left Sentry. Yes, they look identical


in their uniform, We think this is the first


for the Colour Party at the Their parents and younger brother


are in the stands today. Clare has been talking


to their proud mum. I was up at 4.30am organising


everything and making sure we got everything, tickets, all the clothes


ready, dogs organised. What was your reaction


when the boys rang you to tell you they were both going to be


in the Colour Party? Initially shock, very


proud of them obviously. So for them to be doing this


initially in their first year is How old were they when


they decided they They were, you know,


a few dead end jobs and didn't really know


what they wanted to do and they came home


from town one day and, I don't think I spoke to them


for three or four days and I was in denial, but here we are today


and I couldn't be prouder. Having seen the effect it has had


on them, would you They are very


independent people now. Very tidy, very tidy,


when they come home, leave the Yeah, they're very


proud, very, very proud of what they're doing


and everything. They are identical twins


and they will be You know which side they will be on,


can you tell them apart? If they were standing


here, you would know by their personalities,


their personalities are different. There are a few different features,


very Well, they have done you proud


and wish them well today. At Buckingham Palace,


the first carriage procession We have the first carriage


procession. We have Prince Harry


and the Duchess of Cornwall, They were at the Service of


Thanksgiving at We have The Duke of York


and his two daughters. And then in the third


carriage, we have the At the Canada Gate, facing


the Palace, a very big knows is a very special


Birthday Parade to mark the Queen's Having celebrated her fifth wedding


anniversary earlier this year and Prince Harry, who has been very busy


this year with They took place in


Florida back in May. Took a lot of work and


a lot of preparation. Over 110 athletes from the UK


competed The Royal Salute is sounded


by Trooper Peter Chivers of the Blues and Royals ?


the Field Officer's trumpeter Also in the procession


are the three Royal Colonels. The Duke of Cambridge,


in his sixth year riding as Colonel The Prince of Wales, riding


as Colonel of the Welsh Guards ? a role he has fulfilled


for the past 41 years. The Princess Royal, Colonel


of The Blues and Royals ? a position They turned the corner into the


approach road. It means the first carriage is almost at the parade


ground. As the first carriage is approached


the parade ground, we will see that the guards' formation has changed.


Number three guard has opened up to make way for the first royal guests.


As they passed on to the parade ground, the band will play the


national anthem. Just to mark the arrival of the first guests today.


One of the best sites of the day, the sovereign's escort. Leading the


procession on The Mall is the Brigade Major. A lot of


responsibility on his shoulders today.


Leading the procession along The Mall is the Brigade Major ?


Lieutenant Colonel David Hannah of the Irish Guards.


It's his first parade in this role, and to think that as a 9 year-old


he visited Waterloo with his father, and that's what inspired him


Vixen is the charger I have been given for the Birthday Parade,


and indeed the various parades beforehand which serve


It's my first as Brigade Major, but I have been on parade


I have the task of leading the royal procession on to the parade,


and then around the parade during the inspection phase.


Much of my work has to be done well before the parade,


in terms of the planning, preparation, coordination


and helping to stitch it all together into what I hope


will be a memorable and successful Birthday Parade.


The Duke of Edinburgh, in the uniform of a colonel. He became the


kernel of the Grenadier Guards in 1975.


Signalling their arrival at the parade ground. We can hear lots of


energetic shouting and cries of support and flag waving in the youth


enclosure. Boys' Brigade, Girls' Brigade represented, then a contrast


in terms of age. We have the very dignified site of the Chelsea


Pensioners armour around a dozen of them today. Led by Rupert Lucas


captain. Their combine and age is 785, it is great to see them. As the


Queen arrives to enjoy this tradition, this summer tradition of


the official birthday, firmly established by Edward VII. Her


Majesty's carriage turning onto the parade ground. Head coachman Jack


Hargreaves getting ready to salute the collar in his unique way with


his whip. -- salute the Colour. Very experienced head coachman has


saluted the Colour. This is the formal start of Trooping the Colour


2016. The Queen's first task


is to inspect the line of guards. It is also an opportunity


for the Massed Bands The man in charge, Senior Director


of Music, this is his Music is the Banks


of the Green Willow. MUSIC: The Banks of the Green


Willow. The music changes to


Northumbrian Airs, a favourite of No Chief of all 7 regiments


of the Household Today she's wearing the brooch


of the Brigade of Guards in Uno, five joined in one featuring


the badges of the five The procession passes


the Sovereign's Standard The Household Cavalry is the only


regiments allowed to present a Sovereign's Standard


on today's parade. Inscribed on the Standard


are the regiment's Battle Honours The Standard is lowered


by the Standard Bearer, Squadron Corporal Major George


Sampson of the Blues and Royals. Today is the last parade


for Major General Ed Smyth-Osbourne, the officer commanding


the entire Household Divison. He's riding Jutland,


named after the First World War battle, the 100th anniversary


was commemorated last week Very soon it will be


turn of the Massed Bands of the Household Division


to introduce the next phase of the parade and the musicians


will be following the steps of the Senior Drum Major,


Scott Fitzgerald of his third year in


this important role. The mace these days is used


for drill movements. I would signal a spin-wheel


with the mace, mark time, halt, Historically, it was used


to clear the streets. When the drums and flutes


were going through the streets, the drum major would clear


the population out the way. Nowadays it holds all


the regimental battle honours. I really hope Her Majesty enjoys


the music for the Quick Troop. It's a special arrangement


of Happy Birthday, so hopefully she will be tapping her foot


and hopefully she'll pick out the Happy Birthday


within the arrangement Colour Sergeant Hancock


will be giving a signal. There it is. It is his final parade


after 30 years of service. The quick march is Royal Birthday


composed by Major Alf Young. Listen carefully for


the Happy Birthday theme! There we see the lone drummer,


Drummer Jason Pitman. He is acknowledged to be the best


drummer in the division. Marching to the right of the Escort,


ready for the next phase of the parade.


He is carrying a Coldstream bugle used in


the First World War by Drummer Aitken whose descendants are


Yes, this is a lovely moment for this young


Jason played the drums as a boy and he is what we call the lead


tip, the best drummer and he is the silver bugle,


which is the best bugler in the battalion.


The drummer plays eight bars of a field signal.


Orderly Guardsmen Mark Preston comes forward to take the


The subaltern of the Escort, Captain Freddie Russell,


gives the order for the Escort to take up their dressing in close


order ? a tighter formation for the march forward


The Escort steps off with great energy and purpose to the rousing


march of the British Grenadiers, on their way to escort the Colour,


showing the results of weeks of hard work.


The Sergeant Major will come forward in a minute.


This is the moment they have trained for for the last six months,


They are centre stage, nowhere to hide, and


everybody will be giving 100%, desperate for it to go well.


there will be checking their dressing and drill.


It's a matter of impressing all the people watching,


but a lot of expert eyes watching, and one


She will know whether it is good or not.


I'm really proud watching this, they look fabulous.


They will halt 16 paces in front of the Colour,


ready for the collection to take place.


He served in Iraq and Afghanistan. A career that started in 1993. He is


ready to hand the Colour over to the Ensign.


The transfer is made. He places it securely.


So we enter the central phase of this Birthday Parade


as the Escort prepares to troop the Colour through the ranks,


It's no longer the Escort for the Colour.


The Escort advances in slow time, to the tune Escort to the Colour,


which has been played at this point in the Parade since 1978,


and very soon the bands will have to negotiate


It's the military equivalent of a 3-point turn and it's


200 musicians, supported by 40 members of the corps of drums


and pipers, having to change direction without


And to put it mildly, it's a challenge.


It's always intrigued me, I've never understood how


I had the privilege of watching the Massed Bands rehearse


I was told that the instructions are not


I think the mystique is part of the thrill, but


they successfully achieve it every year.


The garrison Sergeant Major, the senior band major and senior


drum major are all Coldstream Guards.


I think that is probably another first.


The music changes to the familiar Grenadiers Slow March,


arranged by Fred Harris, as the Escort prepares


to Troop the Colour through the ranks.


We approach a deeply symbolic part of this


It's the spiritual heart of the parade.


All the Coldstreamers past and present watching will be feeling


The significance is that before the days of radio and modern


communications, the only way soldiers on a battlefield knew where


they needed to be was the following of the Colour.


So many soldiers were killed every day, the new recruits were


shown the Colour every morning so they knew


exactly which their Colour was and where their rally was.


It is such a big moment for the Ensign, 2nd


Lieutenant James Potter, who's 25 and from Salisbury, joined


the Army less than two years ago, and was commissioned


He's been telling us about the honour of being chosen.


When I heard I was Ensign, I was obviously ecstatic.


Quartermaster Sergeant, he produced a heavier practice colour.


So when I'm flourishing, I can get used to the actual feel of it.


To prepare, I think lots of it is just conditioning,


so definitely some extra time in the gym, working on the shoulders


to try and make sure they are up to the task on the day.


I do love being the centre of attention, I must admit.


And going over to collect the Colour in the middle of the parade,


I know that there is a slight pause and that's the moment


everyone's just watching me when everyone else is stood still.


So it's a good moment and I'm very much looking


Greville, you have been there, what are your thoughts?


I know it was 33 years ago, but I remember it so well.


This will possibly always be the biggest day


This is an opportunity for them to show off


We have the Corp of Drums led by Drum


Major Maurice Brown and we have got the Drums and Pipes,


They've got a lot of medals between them.


And it is just amazing how they can be soldiers and


MUSIC: Hazelmere composed by Drum Major Tom Birkett.


So the trooping phase is complete and the march


The neutral slow march is Old Coldstream Marches,


arranged by Lieutenant Colonel Trevor Sharpe,


for the Coldstream Guards in the 1960s and 1970s.


It has been used on numerous Birthday Parades.


People watching from the good vantage point of


Lady Louise and her father, the Earl of Wessex.


It's the perfect moment in the Parade to appreciate


the quality of teamwork and collaboration that's


vital on parade but also on the battlefield.


I have to say at this stage other parts of


the Army tend to take the


mick out of the Household Division for our ceremonial role.


But it is not easy, and to get everything right


relies on an extraordinary level of teamwork.


We might see a bit of it now, the Guardsmen in the middle of


the ranks, keeping the officer in line, the ranks working really


hard to try and keep a straight line, which they


We have the Company Sergeant Major who will tell the officer when


he is ready to do a left turn and, "Right, sir."


Here he goes, yeah, teamwork, all the way throughout the


parade and clearly, directly transferable on to


What does it take to get to this level of performance?


I think it is a combination clearly of practise,


Confidence in your own skills and ability to do it and


these guys work together on a daily basis and they know the whole Army


A big lesson in life for me and that's what it is about.


It is about the teamworking and nailing it together.


The Escort moves off, led by the Field Officer


in Brigade Waiting, Lieutenant Colonel James Thurstan


The Coldstream Guards Trooped their Colour for Her Majesty


the Queen for the first time 62 years ago in 1954 and today marks


the 16th occasion they have been granted this honour.


The Ensign raises the Standard known as the Recover


We have the Slow March of the Scots Guards Figaro for the F Company


The Adjutant of the Parade is Captain Olly Morley


of the Coldstream Guards, originally from Oxford,


commissioned from Sandhurst seven years ago and has served twice


in Afghanistan and is a former assistant equerry to The Queen.


The music changes to Long Live Elizabeth.


The Field Officer in Brigade Waiting,


Lieutenant Colonel James Thurstan rides out to salute


the Queen, now that the slow march is complete.


All around the stands, family members, including


A proud day with them with Second Lieutenant


James Potter closen as the Ensign, and Clare has been speaking to


We are very, very excited about the whole thing.


When James rang us and said that he was


going to be doing this, I think the three of us...


whoop, whoop, it was just so wonderful.


Justin, I know there is a fair bit of military


Did you expect James to go and follow various footsteps?


Although he is the fourth generation and we have a


large family sort of history as you say, it wasn't


until the second year at university that he expressed an


interest, but he has always made up his own mind, but once he made up


his mind to do it, that's what he wanted to do.


The importance of the support of family and friends and today's


parade is a constant reminder of that, Greville.


I can safely speak for every soldier, sailor and airman


when I say support from our family and friends is the single most


important thing for us when we're deployed on operations.


I will never forget the time when my wife who is


a serving soldier, went to Gulf War I.


That sense of being left behind is agony.


At this point, I would like to spare at the thought for those families


and friends living with the consequences of a loved one


being killed or injured and I mean it,


Huw, when I say, it is those families and friends that deserve


The neutral quick march is Great Little Army,


composed by Kenneth J Alford, considered to be one of the finest


The change of tempo is led by Lance Sergeant Neil Brocklehurst


of the Scots Guards, the Senior Time Beater.


A good moment to reflect on the style of the parade so far.


There might be other opinions in the


Major-General's office, but let's hear yours, Greville.


I think we are witnessing a fantastic parade.


The Massed Bands, the core of drums, as ever


The line I was talking about at the Arms Jill has


No 2 Guard is found by 1st Battalion Coldstream Guards.


The Captain of No 2 Guard is Major Oliver Biggs,


whose father Andrew was the Ensign in 1972


The Grenadier Guards quick march. They have the honour of providing


the Escort in 2014. The unmistakable quick march


of the Scots Guards. F Company is an incremental


company of Scots Guards, based in Wellington Barracks


and they've been involved in all the major ceremonial and


state occasions over the past year. The field officer is waiting.


Saluting once again with his sword. The commanding officer has a moment


to pause before the next stage of the parade.


He's been sharing his thoughts with us about the special honour


that today represents for him and his men.


My message to the guardsmen on the day would be to understand


the great thing that they're part of, and take the opportunity


to really be proud of that and show themselves off to,


most importantly, Her Majesty, for this her 90th birthday year.


And I hope that as I move forward to address Her Majesty


and inform her that her guards are ready to march off,


she will be happy with it, and hopefully even a smile.


And we can head on back up The Mall to Buckingham Palace so she can


MUSIC: Queen Elizabeth composed by Zehle.


The pipers always add a great sense of excitement to the Birthday


We are greatly looking forward to the next phase of the Parade ?


with the thrilling sights of the Household Cavalry


and the King's Troop and the Mounted Bands ?


The Massed Bands marching to one side.


Both horses, Clydesdale crosses, and both carrying solid


They weigh an enormous amount, and they are big,


Having seen them get ready this morning I


The 19th year they have been on parade, they joined


The first time on request of the Royal family


Their duties include the firing of royal gun salutes on


Royal anniversaries and state occasions.


Yesterday they fired a Royal salute to mark the Duke


Major Robert Skeggs is in command of the King's Troop


He took command in 2014. His second parade as commanding officer.


The Duke of Edinburgh was 95 yesterday.


Making the salute alongside Her Majesty.


The lead gun, prominently on display, is in effect the Colour


of the Troop, so it's accorded the same reverence


These 13 lb quick-fire guns entered service in 1904 and all six


of the guns on parade today were used in the Great War.


The Field Officer of the Sovereign's Escort


is Major Alex Owen of the Blues and Royals.


As field officer he commands the Household Cavalry troops on parade.


The Household Cavalry consists of two regiments,


The Blues and Royals and The Life Guards.


They are the two senior regiments of the British Army.


It's his job to control the speed during the rides


And at the rear, the Farriers, dressed in their dark blue tunics


They're the ones in times gone by who would despatch horses


The Field Officer's Trumpeter is Trooper Peter Chivers


His horse Otto is a grey, as in the past it helped


the trumpeters stand out on the battlefield.


The Household Cavalry break-in to trot now.


That's quite difficult, the horses have been sitting around,


Commanding Officer, Major Robert Skeggs once again


Major Skeggs is married to Nicola, who's the Regimental


Veterinary Officer of the Household Cavalry Mounted


Regiment, in charge of the health of over 250 horses at Hyde Park


There is a high percentage of women in The King's Troop ?


currently around 47% of the soldiers are female.


Many of the men and women on parade today have seen active service


as they regularly reinforce other Royal Artillery Regiments ?


most recently they have served in operations


It almost makes the Parade Ground shudder when they come through in


They joined because they want to work with horses and they


There is a line of the masters of the troop formed up of the


Regimental Sergeant Major and the instructor


In trot, the first and Second Divisions


That kit that they wear is incredibly heavy.


When you take into account everything that they're wearing, but


There is not too much wind today, which helps.


If the wind gets under their tails, it can


make them more excitable, but you just want a bit of a breeze


The last time that the horses of the Household Cavalry were


used was in 1940, deployed to Palestine.


Major Craig Hallatt ? salute in their unique way ? the kettle


drummers cross their sticks ? as they pass the saluting base.


Major Hallatt ? who joined the Army 31 years ago ? composed two


of the pieces heard today ? "Majesty" and "Tangier


And by the way, among the musicians today is trombonist Richard Jones ?


the magician who won this year's Britain's Got Talent.


A rather different challenge for him today.


The musicians wear the state coat ? with its crimson velvet,


gold braid and lace ? the oldest ceremonial uniform in the regular


The Band halts, and the Director of Music


turns, signalling that he's handing back control to the Field Officer ?


for the final Birthday Salute to the Queen.


In close order, left and right, dress.


Making his way to the Approach Road as we approach the end of the parade


is Garrison Sergeant Major, London District, Warrant Officer


Class One, Andrew Stokes of the Coldstream Guards.


This is his first birthday parade in this very important role.


He joined the Army in 1988 and he has served around the world


in the meantime, including the Balkans, Iraq and Afghanistan.


I have to say he has impressed everyone with his


meticulous preparation for today's parade.


Field Officer will ask Her Majesty's permission to march off to conclude


Your Majesty, this year on behalf of all ranks


of the House Hold division may I wish you and His Royal


Your Royal Guards are ready to march off, ma'am.


Not just asking permission to march off, but a birthday greeting on


behalf of all the ground troops for the Commanding Officer and for the


So, as the Commanding Officer takes his position, first carriages are


leaving Horse Guards for the return to Buckingham Palace.


The first carriage the Duchess of Cornwall and Duchess of Cambridge


So some rousing and energetic music, Mauritania.


This is the moment, Greville, where the Queen will be


reflecting on what the parade has been like.


The Duke of Edinburgh no doubt has his views too.


The Field Officer, as we can see, joining this procession.


And to what extent do you think the verdict is clear at


I think Her Majesty will have reached a pretty sound conclusion.


I think she is going to have loved it.


From my prospective, I thought it looked


Well, this tradition of the monarch leading the Guards back to


Buckingham Palace was established by George V back in 1914.


The Parade had become increasingly popular


so it was decided to provide an even more impressive experience


There are many thousands here for this 90th Birthday Parade.


Nice weather, enjoying the fact lots of crowds out there today.


A good moment, gravel, to underline the


very solid relationship between the Queen and the troops of the


When I mentioned earlier that the Coldstream had


performed in 1650 and 1661, when we became loyal to the crown


under King Charles II, that's how far back it


The clue is in the title, we are the Household Division, Her


Majesty's on troops, the monarch's own troops.


That's borne out today when


we get the opportunity to parade in front of her.


We have the guards, many of them Coldstream Guards,


underlining once again the close relationship the Queen has with


service men and women, and has had throughout her reign.


The relationship between the Queen and Armed Forces


We have been looking back at the bond with the military.


Wearing the gold grenade badge of the Grenadiers in her hat,


Princess Elizabeth makes her first military inspection.


And the final posed picture, taken at the end of the review,


may be regarded as a record of the first official


occasion in the life of England's future Queen.


His Majesty was accompanied by Princess Elizabeth


for the birthday ceremony of Trooping the Colour.


Before the age-old Tower, the guns speak.


At Spithead, the Royal Yacht Britannia steamed proudly


The Ensign for the Queen's colour is Lieutenant Philip Whitehead.


May God bless her and all who sail in her.


I know I speak for all those who have the privilege


to wear your uniform and hold your commission


when I thank you for your dedication to our service and to our country.


Three cheers for Her Majesty The Queen!


The King's Troop ready to fire their salute.


The impressive salute being fired by the King's Troop Royal Horse


Artillery as they do every year for the Queen's Birthday Parade.


This year, special interest given a 90th


birthday, and there are very big crowds in Green Park and St James's


Park here, and as we look around on the mall itself.


Robert Hardman of the Daily Mail and Greville with me.


The Queen leading the Royal family out


onto the balcony for this wonderful scene.


first public appearance from Princess Charlotte, waiting in the


The Queen acknowledging the applause of this enormous crowd.


The Duchess of Cornwall, the Prince of Wales.


Everybody waiting patiently for the fly past.


We can already feel the presence of some helicopters


Four helicopters, led by the Chinook, a


Griffin, a Puma and an Augusta 109 SP.


The great Chinook, continuously deployed in operations around the


Princess Charlotte having a look to the sky


There will be a big round of applause and delight


when I'm sure people see the Spitfire and Hurricane.


The iconic Battle of Britain Memorial Flight.


C-130 Hercules and two pilot trainers.


Thundering through the sky above Buckingham Palace.


Hercules, it is the 50th anniversary of the Hercules being operated by


Two tornadoes accompanying the Air Seeker.


We have the great big Voyager, it is 200-feet long.


And that really is a very big presence in the skies above St


The Royal Air Force aero aerobatic team.


My word, that was quite a sight and lots of


I think it is safe to say that the Queen and other


members of the Royal Family thoroughly enjoyed one of the


biggest fly-pasts we have seen for many years on the Queen's


So the Queen and three generations of the Royal


Family make their way back into the Palace


and the Birthday Parade 2016 in the Queen's 90th year


An equally impressive performance by the Royal Air Force


with a fly-past to enjoy the day's events.


For now, from my special guests, thank you both. Everyone from the


BBC team, thank you for watching and goodbye.


MUSIC: Jupiter, The Bringer Of Jollity by Holst


MUSIC: Love Theme from Romeo And Juliet by Tchaikovsky


MUSIC: Land Of Hope And Glory by Elgar


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Highlights of the morning's military spectacle from Horse Guards Parade in London, when the Colour of 1st Battalion Coldstream Guards was trooped to mark the Sovereign's official 90th birthday. Introduced by Huw Edwards.

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