Mother's Day Don't Tell the Bride

Mother's Day

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This programme contains strong language. James wants to give his


fiance, brand new mum Daisy a wedding she'll never forget.


best Mother's Day gift I could give her. It's the first Mother's Day


with the baby. We're giving him spds 12,000. I don't bloody know.


And just three weeks to organise the big day. She'll be absolutely


furious if I get this wrong. there's a catch. For this Mother's


Day special, James will be joined by his mother-in-law. And East End


Jayney wants her say in his wedding. I'm from the East End. Always lived


here, never moved out. I am proud to be an East Londoner. I know I've


got an accent. But I don't care what anyone thinks. Pressure's on


as his mother-in-law is determined to give her daughter an East End


knees up. Pie and mash, gellied eels. Which nothing like the


romantic day the groom has in mind. I've fall anyone love with it.


back James might have the cash, but will he stay in control. I would


like for us to get married in south London. It's not happening in south


London. Over my dead body. fight for the wedding he wapbltsz.


She's going to look like Big Fat Gypsy Wedding. Can he stop his


brother in law taking over the big day. I feel like the mother-in-law


from hell and he must hate me at this point. Does mother really know


best? James, we can't afford it. Can this man... Just pick one.


his East End mother-in-law give this woman the wedding of her


dreams? If this is him trying hard, I dread to think what the wedding's


going to be like. Or could this be the mother of all disasters?


having the last say without a Daisy and James met just two years


ago. And 18 months into their whirlwind romance, they welcomed


baby Florence into the world. came around quicker than expected


didn't it? Yes. It all fell into place. It felt like it was meant to


be. James gave up his south London life to be closer to Daisy in


London's East End. They've been inseperable ever since. What


attracted me to Daisy, how crazy she is and unpredictable. We don't


know what she's going to do next. I liked that about her. You're such a


cheat. That was in. When I met James, my whole life chainked. He's


very kind, considerate, though he is very laid back, which Sir


Tateing. But there's no-one else I could ever imagine spending the


rest of miff -- my life with. There's another East Ender in their


relationship, the mother of the bride, head strong Jayney. Me and


my mum's relationship is not a normal relationship. We see each


other every day. We are very close. But she's very fiery. If I know


something's right, why should I listen to someone else that's wrong.


Because I'm your mum. If you're wrong you're wrong. Yeah but I'm


not. Jayney hopes that teaming up with James to plan the wedding will


bring her closer to her stubborn daughter. I hope it brings us


closer. I hope I get it right. I really hope. If I get it wrong,


I'll blame James. But mother and daughter have very different ideas


on the perfect wedding. My dream ceremony would be outside, under a


gazebo, surrounded by trees, just something very beautiful and


elegant. It's not going to be this big event that's all in your face.


Because I am loud and brash, it doesn't mean that's what I want my


wedding to be. I want a big, family East End wedding. All aunts, uncles,


lots of food, dancing, knees up. Probably a couple of punch ups,


that's an East End wedding. Most brides would love their mothers to


be involved in the big day, but with this controlling mum, will she


forget it's actually Daisy's day and not hers? You are quite


controlling and you want everything done a certain way, but if James


wants something done, tell me what you want doing and I'll do it.


you don't like it, you won't do it. Well I just do it how I like it.


That's the thing. Come on, come on. With mum set on an East End knees-


up, will James be able to stand up for the wedding he wants. She will


try to take over. She'll play James at his own game and manage to get


what she wants. Daisy's mum is very opinioniated. For me, I just need


to make sure I do put my foot down in terms of what I want If he


thinks he can do it all his way, he's wrong. He is a bit a pushover.


If I really wanted something I could get it.


With a pushover groom and a monster-in-law, will there be a


wedding show down? It will be a man thing. You know when he thinks it


will be his own ideas, and it's not. Don't go. I have to. I know.


scared. I'm well nervous. See you later. It's time for James to leave.


It will be three weeks before they see each other on their wedding day.


I love you. Love you. Give Florence a kiss for me. Every day. See you


Emotions are running high, as not only is she saying goodbye to James,


Daisy will have no contact with her mum until the big day.


To not be able to see two of the most important people in my life,


it's quite heart wrenching. I don't think I really fully got it until


James left. It's only now sinking in that I'm not allowed to speak to


them, I'm not allowed to hear his voice or to hear him tell me that


he loves me. It's quite strange. It's a strange feeling after all


this build up and I think that's scary, obviously me and Jayne have


to become a team now. No turning back. Ziet -- despite


his deserves James arrives at his mother in laws. Being a tree


surgeon James wanted an outdoor wedding. With this weather he's


come up with a cunning plan. You're here. You've left her. Yeah I left.


Was she all right? Was she crying? Upset, yeah. I had a rough idea.


It's going to sound crazy, but an indoor garden party. So if you find


a complete blank canvas. In this weather? Well indoors. What


AstroTurf floor and stuff? Yeah, because you can hire AstroTurf.


for God's sake James. A bit of shrubery. Mum's not impressed.


Maybe his venue will win her over. So if you could choose where you


got married, where would you get married? It's a light house.


James we're getting married round here mate, we're not going to some


beach or something. Bear with me. It's London's last ever light house.


For God's sakes, James! James' reception idea didn't exactly light


up this house. He heads off hoping his garden idea will grow on Jayney.


I want Daisy to have an East End wedding. He's threw me big time. I


don't want plastic palm trees. I don't want plastic flowers. It's


going to look crap. I know what James wanted, an outdoor wedding.


It's not happening. It's just not happening. It's the first day of


venue hunting. Unconvinced by James's garden theme and desperate


for an East End wedding, Jayney takes James to the Black Lion pub,


a proper East End boozer and the place where she had her wedding


reception. This is the sort of thing that I was envisioning, if we


could have, yeah? OK. This is what you had in mind? Yeah, this is a


proper East End pub, isn't it? Yeah... Do you no what I mean, it's


got everything. It has got everything. Sparkling entertainment,


local charm and fancy decor. Do you not like it or...? It's not that I


don't like it, I just don't know if it's, sort of, don't take it the


wrong way, I don't think it's good enough, I don't think Daisy would


feel... Do you not think she would like it in the black lion then


where I got married? Oh, yeah. Awkward. To me this is perfect.


I've had really good times in here. Parties? Yeah. Funerals. I'm still


learning the East End way of weddings, so... You'll get there.


You're educating me. Can the 300 unvarietyed guests fit into the


pub? Wouldn't have it as a wedding venue. One, it's two small and I


don't think it will be impressive enough for Daisy and everyone else,


the rest of the guests really. James convinced that Daisy will


hate a pub wedding, they head to East London's Docklands, to see his


ideal venue, London's last light house. It's very unusual. Yeah.


Jayney doesn't sound too convinced. But it ticks boxes. It's in the


East End for her and it will fit the garden theme. This really is a


light house, in fact it's light on pretty much everything, toilets,


kitchen, heating, furniture, it will need a lot of work. It's not


your ordinary wedding venue. No. In terms of creative Leeway we could


do whatever we want or? Pretty much. We even had somebody AstroTurf the


front for a launch. It seems the stkpwarden theme is still a thorny


issue. If James can stand his ground, he might be onto a winner.


Down in south London, days Daisy is seeing bridesmaid Rebekah to see


her favoured venue. The Rose Garden where James proposed. I don't want


to come here too much and ruin it. It's nice to remember. Where did


you sit? There on the steps. Daisy has even plotted the details of her


dream day. I can just imagine like standing say like at the top of the


steps with a nice altar, everybody sitting in chairs with big white


bows on. That would be really pretty. If the sun was shining like.


This And all ribbons, everywhere, in the trees. You wouldn't mind


getting married, even if it was freezing, minus ten? It's not going


to take very long. I'll be my own something blue. You can be the blue.


What would be the worst thing he could do? In like an old football


club or like in a pub. How can you get married in a pub? Our ideal


venue would have been like a big pub. Hang on, whose wedding is


this? All the old pubs are small rooms and everyone would be split


up. In here everything's together. That's what I really want. It looks


like James halls got his way with the light house. He might not have


much say of what goes in it. This isn't an East End pub by any


stretch of the imagination. Wait till I'm finished. I'll got my bar


and the sofas. I'll make a snug somewhere. I hope Daisy likes it.


We're worried about us. She hasn't got a choice now. Sod Daisy.


Reception venue sorted. But it cost �2,500, it's got no heating,


kitchen or toilets and the mother- in-law wants to turn it into a pub.


Could this light house send the With Jayney deciding to turn the


light house into a boozer, James has met up with his best man Scott


for a beer and a whine about the mother-in-law. How is Daisy's mum?


Fine. She's strong willed and like, quite opinioniated. She's quite a


strong character. You're going to have to charm her. I was telling


her about my secret garden sort of theme. I like that. You can deck it


out with trees and you know like, say you got married outside, but


you bring it inside. Do we get grass? I don't know. That's what I


suggested about hiring AstroTurf. Jayne didn't like that. Jayne wants


traditional East End wedding. Pie and mash. Yellied eels. Your


future mother-in-law taking everything over, we'll all come in,


regroup and get it back on track for a South East London wedding.


Done. Buoyed up by his best man, James and dragged Jayney to south


London in search of a ceremony venue on his side of the river.


carpet treatment. She deserves it. I don't know, after this, no.


This is the Nelson Room. You have the views of Canary Wharf straight


across, the O2 there, and to the left Central London. It is nice,


isn't it. The south Londoner James, the location and venue is a no


brainer. I think I've fall anyone love with it. Jayney is down in the


mouth about being down in the south. We've sort of gone off of what we


was thinking of doing. It was going to be like a proper East End


wedding. But if you really want it, it's your wedding as well James.


Yeah, I think it's perfect in every way really. I can't see anywhere


comparing to this now. At �500, James is sold. With his southern


ceremony, and quirky reception venue sorted, James is a happen yip


boy. As soon as we walked in, I fell in love with. It it ticks all


the boxes in terms of character and quirkiness. I am ecstatic. This is


my excited dance. So happy.


But mother-in-law Jayney is no mood for a celebration. With no East End


boozer and her daughter getting married in south London, her plans


for a proper Cockney knees-up are falling apart. At home with her son


wally she can't help but think she's being pushed out of the


wedding. I thought he knew that's what was meant to happen, it was


supposed to be a joint effort. He can have some of his ideas. I'm not


saying that. Only some of his ideas? He can't have it all his own


way. It's a joint effort. South Londoners you can't take them


anywhere, mum. I just really thought he knew that we wanted like


an East End wedding because that's what we wanted. That's what we were


doing. It was East End wedding, above a pub, gellied eels and pie


and mash. Then it's a light house. Oh, and AstroTurf floor or whatever


it is and I don't know, plastic things. Maybe he thought it's my


wedding, I'll try and sort it myself. What do I do now then?


What's my part in this then? What do I do? Try and tell him. It's


your daughter's wedding and you want to be part of it. You've got


to sort it out. I could really hit him. Will you tell him with me?


Yeah. We'll gang up on him. We'll have him. Oh, God. It's the start


of week two. And with tensions running high, James has decided to


take best man Scott to pick out Daisy's wedding dress. Daisy's not


easing going enough to be oh, I like it, it's fine. She doesn't


like one thing about it, then it will be burnt probably. Jesus.


I think as long as I go in there and am decisive, don't mess around,


then I'm sure it will be fine. have a lot of wedding dresses here.


Mother of God. Jeeds us Christ. It isn't going to be as easy as I


thought. What about this one? Simple, sexy. This one? My Nan had


that as a table cloth once. Oh, I don't bloody know. Meanwhile in


Essex Daisy is window shopping with her sister Florence. It's no easy


task for a fussy bride. It's really sparkly. I don't like the pleating.


That would make my bum look bigger. That looks like a cake. Like a


dollop. Exactly. You can't decide on a dress yourself, let alone


James. He has an impossible task. Trying to breathe. Definitely the


most nervewracking part of the wedding. If you get it wrong...


She'll be furious, absolute lay furious fi get this wrong. Hence


why I'm so scared. You haven't seen Daisy furious, it's in the a pretty


sight. That's only the half of it. There's also the mother-in-law to


worry about. That's making it more nervewracking, because it's not


just what Daisy is going to see and like it. It's if Jayne will like it


as well. There's the worry that we will clash at some point. At times


we probably have had to bite our tongue any way. Well, actually,


I've had my tongue bitten constantly. With no clue where to


start James has one tactic, try everything. Don't know. I don't


know if it's too puffy. Next... Next. There's a lot of bling on it.


I don't know. This is so difficult. For God's sake. Just pick one.


James is struggling, but fussy Daisy has found a perfect, fuss-


free fishtail dress. I actually like it. Look at your waist. Look


at your figure. Oh, wow Daisy you look beautiful. I'm just speechless.


It's not all fussy and... Yeah I think it's more simple. There's a


bit of glitter on it, which is OK. I want this dress. I want this one.


I don't want another one. I want this one. You sound like such a


child. He's not going to get this dress is


he? No, he's not. He's been dazzled by a sparkly A line with lashings


of lace. That looks very nice. I like the detailing. I like that


actually. I think that's the decision. It's not simple, it's not


fishtail, but at �895, it is Daisy's. Do it. Time to celebrate


in the pub. Ten minutes in skwaims James gets a call from an anxious


mother-in-law. She wants to see the wedding dress and she wants to see


it now. She's worried about what I've chosen. She's actually said


that? Yes. Now I'm nervous. She's a scary woman. Let's head back to the


dress shop. Moment of truth. Feeling sidelined by James's venue


decisions, Jayney has arrived determined to take control of the


wedding. I need to see it. I need to know


that it's right, so I really needed to come today. And the realisation


that her daughter is getting married is finally hitting home.


just keep thinking like it's really happening, she's really getting


married. I think, I know they've got a baby together, but I feel


like I'm losing her in a weird, she's going to be gone. I don't


know. Just feel a bit sad. Breathe. God help me. How do you think


you've done. Do you think you've done a good job? Yeah I'm confident


in my decision that I've made. It hasn't been easy, put it that way.


You're making me unconfident. No? I don't like it. I really don't


like it. I'm really sorry. I don't like it. What don't you like about


it? I think it's too fussy. What do you mean? All the lace and that on


it. It's not Daisy at all. Do you hate it? I really don't like it. I


really, really don't like it. Oh, James she's going to look like Big


Fat Gypsy Wedding. She won't like it James. I wouldn't have chose it


if I didn't think she'd like it. feel really bad saying that. How do


you think I feel. Torpedoed. hoping and praying that she tries


it on and love it's because, I want to prove you wrong on this. I hope


you do, James. I won't know that now until the day she tries that on.


It's been a big knock to my confidence. I feel deflated now.


I've heard her say not just that she hates it, and she said that


Daisy will hate it as well. I feel like the mother-in-law from hell.


He must hate me at this points. I hate me, so I must -- he must hate


me. It's my daughter's big day. I'm not going to mince me words just to


be nice to him if I think he's got It's the morning of the hen. But


after two weeks of coping with baby Florence alone, she's not in the


mood for a partyment She's got a cough and a cold. She keeps waking


in the night. She has woken me at 5.30am every night. Last night I


didn't sleep at all. It's been harder than I could have imagined.


I didn't think I'd be as alone as I have been. I just want this all to


be over with. I don't even care about being married. I just want


James and my mum back if I'm being honest. I don't care any more. I


just want James. I'm just exhausted. Who wants to go out on her hen


night when they're exhausted? Who wants to go out like that? I know I


don't. Whilst Daisy is stressed about being alone, James can't wait


for a break from his mother-in-law and his stag in Soho is the perfect


chance to let off some steam, in a pink boa. It's been a ridiculous


couple of weeks planning the wedding. It's nice having a laugh


and being me, mucking around and not caring about what's going on.


Forgetting all the feminine side for a good few hours, until I wake


up. In East London, Daisy's mood hasn't lifted as she sets off for a


mystery destination for her hen. better not be where it looks like,


we're heading towards, if it is it's going to be shit. Things go


from bad to worse, as she works out she's going to her local pub.


would you go to the Fox on your hen do? Why? Because there's drink and


music. Where did you want to go? Somewhere that we don't go all the


time. Why would you go to a local pub on your hen night? Why? Would


you do it? Would you? Think if it was your hen night, what would you


be doing? He's probably gone out it a big club, had a really good time


with all his friends and I'm in a shit pub, round the corner from


where I live. Why would I want to be here? Give it a go and see what


you think. If this is him trying hard, I dread


to think what the wedding's going to be like.


The surprises keep on coming. Unable to attend her daughter's


party, Jayney can't resist showing her face somehow.


What was supposed to be a motherly joke has fallen flat. Just horrible,


it's just horrible. It's a bit cruel to have pictures of my mum


over and over again. It's like rubbing salt in the wound that


she's not here, she should be here. And I've not seen her. And I'm


tired and I want my mum. What girl doesn't? It's just... It's just


awful. I think Daisy's had a stressful day.


She's used to having my mum. There every day to help her out.


Hopefully she'll appreciate my mum a little bit more when this is all


over. Daisy decides to put on a brave


face. And with the help of her friends, starts to enjoy herself.


It's a bit hit-and-miss to begin with. Once Daisy sorted herself out,


got into it, it was all good. to be able to just socialise and


chat to people I haven't seen for a little while and not feeling so


lonely. That's been quite good. took a while by Daisy's finally


smiling. At the stag, James has managed a


cheeky smile of his own. To my sister Daisy, and the man she's


chosen to marry, James! James hasn't escaped his mother-in-law


completely. She sent along her son with a few words of warning.


have got to remember that like it's the most special day of my sister's


life she's ever going to have on next Sunday. And you've got to make


it happen. You've got to make sure that every single thing is in place


for her to have the best day. I trust that you will make it happen.


Just have faith and you will be With less than a week to the


wedding, James's blank canvas is still, well, blank.


With nothing booked the light house venue has no catering, toilets or


furniture. Back in East London, Jayney has her eye on the budget.


With costs spiralling, she's convinced something has to give.


She's desperate to ditch the light house. The light house basically, I


think it's coming to too much money. Especially when you add on the fact


you need toilets and you need to completely decorate it from top to


bottom. Daisy said to me, like, don't take over and you know, do


everything that I want to do. I think she's going to be surprised.


This basically is James has sorted it all out. He's organised it all.


He know what's he wants and he's getting it. But he still has to


think about costings and price. I wanted a proper bar. Obviously I


wanted a pub and couldn't get one. I want to make parts of the venue


look like a pub. I know we ain't going to do it perfect. We can try.


At the moment if you have no money, you can't buy a bar. We will end up


with a big shell. That's what I'm frightened of. I want it to look


really nice when Daisy walks in. I think everything's coming to so


much money. On the plus side this is the perfect excuse to switch


venues to say, the East End pub that Jayney's wanted from the


outset. I have somewhere in mind. Hopefully, he might agree to it. I


know he wants his lighthouse. first things first. It's time for


Jayney and Daisy's ten-year-old sister to meet James at the shops.


He's been picking out Violet's bridesmaid dress. We have matching


once for baby Florence and Violet. Things I really don't want is if it


goes like that and looks like a ballerina but on stilts with a


massive tutu goes to the end of the earth. Would Violet wear that?


it's got caramel on it. I'm not wearing that. Oh, all right.


sure she would fit into that. colours would you wear? Black, gold


and indigo. Oh, no, James is in trouble. If he picks out a dress


and I don't like it, I refew to wear it. She's not kidding. Poor


James, another difficult East End Madam to deal with. How's it going?


Good, so far. The tough one to please now. Little Violet. Is he in


trouble? Yes. He might not be. should run in fear. Give us a call


if you get into trouble. You're not safe. It's like a stand off isn't


it? Yep. Ready to try them on? Come on then. With mum making a


crafty exit, James is left to deal with Violet alone.


It looks like a one-year-old is chasing a load of butterflies at


the seaside and I'm not wearing it. That's the end of the story. I


don't like it. Can I see the back. It looks really nice. You look


pretty in it. Not wearing it. face. Do you want to try the other


one on. Yes. Go on. I ain't wearing it. Why not? Because it's got a big


flower on it. This across here and that's horrible. It goes really


long and that's horrible. It's all over and completely and utterly


disgusting. Well that's James told. It doesn't get any easier. What


about this one? No. This one? They're all horrible. You'll of


them. Had enough about two hours ago. Finally there is hope. She


might let him live after all. That's nicer. I'm hoping and


praying she comes out and love that's dress. Then that can be done


and we can just go and buy. It How's it going? Has she been a


nightmare? Yes. Tried on two, she hate -- hated them. She has the


last option on. Might need a mother's nudge. Violet have you got


the next one on? Yeah. Can I have a look? Do you like this one? Yeah.


Oh, good. What do you think of that one?


It's not bridesmaidy enough. Can I look at the others please.


they're horrible. Can I look at them on the hangar. They're hideous.


Go on then, get it off. Sensing another dress disaster, Jayney


can't hold back. I'm not having two of them wearing horrible dresses.


Daisy's dress is hideous. I'm not having her in a hideous dress.


put the worry into the wedding dress again. This is almost like


going wedding dress shopping with a miniature Daisy. I'm glad I won't


be there when Daisy tries hers on. Even though I'm sure she will love


it. James needs some good news. Sadly, he won't be getting any, as


Jayney wants to confront him about her light house issues. I know we


have lots to -- to still do. Today I got quotes on a couple of things.


The caterer, he's saying about �3,000 for the food and we haven't


got tables or chairs. You don't think we can do the light house


whatsoever. James we can't afford it. We can afford it. He wants it.


Look at his face. Look little sod. I feel so bad. Do you think we can


afford it? You need to find out how much it is to hire all this stuff.


Table cloths, tables., chairs. I know I was quoted today �1.75 per


chair. It adds up. Yeah. Do you mind coming to look at it. It is a


good option. I swear to you. I wouldn't go there if I didn't think


it was. Reeling from the financial reality check, Jayney has persuaded


James to see an East End pub just two miles from her front door.


do you think of the outside of it? It doesn't look terrible. I've seen


worse. I think it looks really pretty from the outside. I think it


looks quite nice. Apart from the green windows. Is mum finally going


to get her East End wedding? It's not the light house James wanted or


the garden Daisy wanted, but it is the pub Jayney wanted. You notice


something, it's warm and there's tables and there's toilets. Don't


start. It's got everything. What do you think? Are you still concerned


that she's not going to like it? Slightly, but I'm at the stage


where like tough luck for her really. I'm not being funny right,


if you say yes to this, I'll do whatever you want. I'll AstroTurf


the floor, I don't mind. I think it's lovely. What do you think?


Yeah, I think we should speak to him. I'm Paul nice to meet you. To


hire the pub it costs �200. What do you think? I think it's a really


good idea. I really do, but I don't want to... I think it's brilliant.


I don't want you to feel you've got to do it because this is something


I think it's a good idea. I want you to know in your heart that we


can't afford to do everything to the other place, whereas in here,


we've got a good starting block in here? I think we'll take it for


Sunday. Yeah? Yeah. OK. Lovely. When we first walked into this


place, I was feeling really disheartened. I was close to tears


because I'm gutted at myself really because my ideas were so big and


really disheartened that I couldn't do what I did want to do for Daisy.


I knew she would be impressed with the light house if she saw it. Now


she's not going to see it at all. It's a bit gutting really. Now it's


just a case of going and doing whatever we can do just to make it


the best of what it can be really. Jayney has finally got her way.


With a fully furnished venue, at least there will be a wedding. But


it's shattered James's romantic dreams.


With two days to the wedding, mum is going full steam ahead. With her


pub wedding on track, she even has time for diamante DIY on Daisy's


wedding shoes. These have taken four hours of blood, love, sweat


and tears. It's just a bit taxing. Especially when you've been doing


what I have for the last few weeks and you're tired and worn out, and


then, instead of going to bed, and sorting yourself out, I'm sticking


diamonds on shoes. Hopefully she'll appreciate the amount of effort


I've put in. But then, it's a bit of bling on your wedding day. Look,


J for James. The other has a D on James might be gutted about losing


his light house, but there's no time to sulk. After saving money on


the venue there's just enough left for the wedding essentials. First


up is baby Flo's outfit. I'm worried about the size you know.


Maybe I should do a test. Pretend - pretend this is Florence. Such a


man thing. There you go. I think that will fit her. I'm pretty


certain it will. OK that's the one. Baby done, it's time for the boys.


Lunge test. Done. Team James.


And keeping his garden theme alive, James has got his hands on


artificial turf. Good Lord. Look at the size of this


beast. Wait, wait. You need to lift then


push. It's in. I'm actually stuck. Shit. Quit


goofing around. It's been ape successful day.


It's the day before the wedding and James and Jayney are dressing the


pub. Good, it ain't half heavy. mum's got her East End boozer,


she's even conceded the turf war. But for Daisy it's been a lonely


three weeks and tomorrow she'll finally be reunited with her mother


and James. Before that, she needs to try on the bridal dress.


I feel like I have quite high hopes. Yeah. High expectations. If he


doesn't live up to it, he's in for a world of pain. She want aid plain,


fuss free fish tail dress for her big day. What will she make of the


dress James loved and her mother hated? If James had made the wrong


choice, I think she would question whether she should marry him as


well. Because that's a big thing. There's a lot of dress. There's too


much sparkle and it's A line. There's even more glitter on the


I really thought I was going to I don't like it. It's not you at


all. It's too much. It just looks like he's walked in, shut his eyes


and gone, I'll like that one. quite shocked actually. Look at all


the glitz at the top as well. at the lace. It looks like the


curtain in the bedroom. Do you hate it? I really hate it. I hate it.


What the lock is that about? What I'd rather go down the aisle naked


than wear this dress. How much is the dress? �895. Christ.


�895 for that piece of shit. We need to call James and tell him.


Please answer. Hello. Hello James. Hello? It's not good news. It's bad


news. She really hates it. Really hates it. Yeah. She's pretty much


devastated. Can she change the dress? Yeah, but there's not a lot


of money left now. I can't buy a brand new dress. OK. All right then,


I'll see what I can do. She's not going to wear it.


Please don't say I told you so. you feel gutted. Sorry. I knew she


wouldn't like it. I knew she wouldn't. To be honest with you,


she wouldn't have liked what I picked either. I know Jayney said


she hate today and I was still confident in any choices. I feel


gutted for him. I wanted to be wrong. I wanted to think, yeah, he


knows her. No, no, no. Don't like it. No. That's really pretty. That


surprises me. It's a Princess style. It's kind of like vintage actually.


It's the same price as the other one. It's not fish tail, but it is


Yes, a million per cent. That's beautiful on the top. It's gorgeous.


I really like it. I think it's lovely. I feel like I'm getting


married in this dress. Mummy has a present. A lot of effort has gone


They're wicked! It say J on it. The other one has to have a D. She look


so nice on. Oh, Daisy. I love them. I'm perfect. So happy. The sun's


gone down but we're making the sun shine.


It's the morning of the wedding. Daisy has spent a restless night at


her sister's house. I didn't sleep much, but I think that's probably


to be expected. Since James ruined the dress yesterday, it has made me


feel a little bit more anxious. Over in East London, daisy's mum is


having last-minute jitters. really stressed. It's just the


evening venue I'm a bit concerned about. But you can't have


everything, can you? She hated her bridal gown, so what will Daisy


make of the bridesmaid dresses? you look lovely! Yous look lovely,


really nice. Look at you! My little fairy Princess. I think James has


done a good job in picking their dresses. Bridesmaids done, it's


time for Daisy's big entrance. Oh, Daisy. It's perfect.


You look so beautiful. I feel special. You look very, very


special.Ive Feel really comfortable in a weird way. Does mummy look


pretty. Do you think daddy will like it. And for a Cockney bride,


Oh, James, you absolute joker. the ceremony venue James has found


the perfect way to calm his wedding day nerves. I'm pretty relaxed at


the moment, most relaxed I've been through youpt the whole thing.


Steady as a rock. For mum Jayney it's been a long three weeks of


separation from her daughterment Daughter. Really looking forward to


seeing her. I've missed her terribly. I hope she's missed me


when she sees what we've done. Fingers crossed. She'll soon find


out. Are we here? Where are we? Inside the venue, mum is steadying


her nerves. My daughter's getting married. It's quite nervewracking.


I'm worried she's going to be disappointed. I don't want her to


Don't you're making me cry, mum. You're going to ruin my make up.


Sorry. It's all right. You look lovely too.


Do you like my dress? Oh, it's lovely. Better than the other one?


After all her hard work, Daisy's dad is giving Jayney the honour of


Musica Para la Batalla Give my Can I have you back now? Yes, you


can. You look beautiful.


I missed your bottom. We are here today to witness the joining and


marriage of James and Daisy. I call upon these persons here present to


witness that I, James William, do take thee, Daisy Patricia, to be my


lawful wife. I call upon these persons here present to witness


that I daisy take you James to be my lawful wedded husband.


It's my pleasure to declare that you are now husband and wife.


Congratulations to you both. I'm so relieved to have James back.


Daisy Hamlin. Sounds weird. Basically I'm just over the moon.


It all went lovely and she's happy. That's all I wanted. I might have


been more emotional with the dress we picked but she looked stunning.


I know that you tried hard with the dress I know. What are you talking


about, I'm still going to take the credit for that dress. Absolutely


beautiful. What did Daisy make of the south London ceremony? It's


nice that we are looking towards East London when we were doing our


vows, we're the south side of the river. It's the best of both words


and we have a lot of history here. You fell over just down there, just


literally outside this pub. Shut up. It was all going so well. I hope


the venue afterwards is up to scratch. This is difficult to beat


I think. He's done good. It wasn't just in a normal bar or something


or a normal pub. Well the ceremony wasn't. But the


reception is. The pressure's on for James and


Jayney. I don't want to get it wrong.


it not give you more confidence knowing how I reacted with the


first one? Be afraid, be very afraid. Why are


you trying to make me nervous? I'm not. I'm only playing. I'm not


saying nothing. I don't want to put a negative thought in her head


before she gets there. No, she'll be pleased. I know she will. That's


why I'm not saying anything. Basically stop.


For a bride who didn't think an East End pub was good enough for


her hen do, will it be good enough for the biggest day of her life?


We're here. OK. It looked like an office block, if I'm honest. She's


unimpressed with the exterior. James and Jayney's hopes rely on 40


metres of fake turf and Cockney charm. Here we are, your archway to


herve. I like the arch. Is someone going to open the door for me or is


someone going to let myself in. Daisy, daisy, give me your answer


# I'm half crazy all for the love of you #


She's delighted. I think. Or in shock. It's lovely. Whichever.


Oh, it's so lovely. Auntie violet made all the bunting. Did she?


Loads of it. I love the flowers. chose the flowers. Well done, you


did very well mummy. Oh, is this for the kids to play? Oh, it's so


lovely. And the adults. Take that dam hat off. What's the matter with


my hat. Mummy done good. Mummy did do good. Mummy and James did good.


I love the AstroTurf, I think it's awesome. High five Jayne. You've


done it. Despite clashing ideas and a last minute venue change, the


groom and his mother-in-law have pulled it off. I'm really happy


that Daisy is happy. She love it's. You know what it is though,


everyone's here. Everyone's having a good time. That's what it's about.


For mum, it was always about the family knees up.


I'm not being funny, do you want to go to a poncy, do you know what I


mean, sit down. We didn't want that, did we? We wanted it casual,


everyone to feel comfortable. I think everybody does. Daisy is at


ease. She's really enjoying herself. As the night goes on, she's going


tone joy herself even more. It's perfect, if I'm honest. You have my


mum and James have come together and put this together and they've


created something that, in a weird way, suits both sides and everyone


smashes in the middle, has a good time. Mum even arranged for some


East End cuisine. I tried a gellied eel for the first time in my life.


I went to the other side of the river and had a gellied eel. The


taste was nice the texture wasn't. I don't know if I will go to the


other side again. I think I'll stay this side. Yeah. The gellied eels


might be an acquired taste but pie and mash is going down a storm.


It's very unique. I think it's wonderful. Good technique. It's my


favourite food. James done very well to pick pie and mash. Your mum


actually. My mum picked it. My mum's amazing. These three weeks


have been very stressful. They've made me realise how much I do rely


on you and depend on you. But I don't think it will change our


relationship. It's just brought it to our attention. Made you realise.


Made us both realise. No made you realise. Depend on you. Good.


Everything's perfect. I couldn't fault the day at all. Really?


was wonderful. Give us a kiss. Thank you.


That's what I wanted. It just goes to show that sometimes just


sometimes, mother knows best. First toast should be to me and


Jayne for actually sorting this wedding out. Jayney! I was worried


about how if we would argue, but we haven't. We have got on really well


and made a good team. We're so completely different. You're a


stronger character to me. It's strange though, because I think of


myself as quite calm and laid back. Obviously I'm not. OK. So it looks


like despite the hurdles, and the mother-in-law, James has managed to


pull off the perfect Mother's Day present for daisy.


Who'd have thought that a Cockney knees-up with an indoor garden


theme would turn out to be a marriage made in heaven? If I'm


being utterly honest, I can't even remember what I would have done


because today has been so wonderful. I can't imagine my wedding day to


be any different, because he got it To all your mummies out there, have


Hi, I'm Sam, here's our check on the global news channels.


A breaking story on Sky and BBC News. They were live as David


Cameron touched down in the US to begin his three-day visit. Sky


reported Afghanistan will dominate talks with President Obama.


Protests in Afghanistan on many. Hundreds marched after a US soldier


killed 16 civilians. ABC showed Afghan officials being shot at, as


they visited the site. Belgium's RTBF live at a mosque


after an arson attack. NOS said an imam had died. BBC World News


reported worshippers detained the attacker.


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