12/03/2017 Saturday Kitchen Best Bites

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Matt Tebbutt takes a look back at some of his favourite recipes and best moments from Saturday Kitchen.

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We've got a feast of fantastic food lined up for you today, so make


yourself comfortable and stay right where you are.


Now, over the next 90 minutes, we've got some top chefs, sensational


food, and a cracking celebrity line-up, too.


Coming up on today's show, James Martin whips up a genoise


sponge with blueberry compote and vanilla


One half of the Hairy Bikers, Dave Myers, is here showcasing


He's making spring rolls with a difference,


Morecambe Bay shrimps, marinated in tamarind,


and serves them with a peanut and lime vinaigrette.


Anna Hansen sticks to what she knows as


she cooks up a dish that's all about fusion.


She marinates sea bass in a chermoula sauce before cooking


and serving with a quinoa salad and tahini cream.


Battling it out for omelette challenge glory


today are Catherine Fulvio and Paul Rankin,


and Paul is determined to


Then it's over to Tony Tobin, who's cooking up


a dish that would be perfect for a Sunday lunch.


He roasts up a fantastic Chateaubriand and serves


it with horseradish, potato bread, and roasted roots.


And finally, comedienne Ruby Wax faces her food


Did she get food heaven, stuffed roast lamb


chops with baby vegetables, or her food hell, clotted cream rice


And you can find out what she gets at the end of the show.


But first, a chef who not only holds a Michelin


star and four rosettes, but also has her very own MBE.


It's Saturday Kitchen favourite Angela Hartnett.


Angela Hartnett, great to have you on the show.


We're going to roast off some beautiful corn-fed chicken with some


garlic, rosemary, and we're going to make a lovely fresh green bean,


leek and shallot salad, finished with


Simple food that you can easily cook this


In season as well, little baby leeks?


I know, they must be on your farm now, no,


They're about this sort of size at the moment, yeah.


So, just season up your chicken nicely.


You use the maize-fed chicken, don't you, for


Yeah, just because I think it's got lovely flavour and taste


and all the rest of it, and I think if you're


going to have chicken, you've got to have the best.


You don't want anything that's really


watery or just doesn't taste of anything.


And keeping the skin on is quite important as well?


There's a sink in the back if you want to wash your hands.


And while that's cooking, we're going to prepare our


So take a handful of the green beans.


Now, at the moment you've been actually


quite quiet, quite unusual to be one of Gordon Ramsay's chefs!


Well, the Connaught's closed, closed for refurb, so we're closed


for about eight months now, six to eight months, while...


The whole hotel, but they're doing such work


They're going to put a swimming pool in


there, a spa, which hopefully I'll get to use.


finished a TV thing with John Burton-Race,


And your book's very, I mean, in a similar vein to what


Gennaro's doing there, it goes three generations of sort of...


It's all about recipes that my grandmother had, that my mother's


had, stuff we were brought up as children eating.


I'm really pleased with it, actually.


I had a quick look, and I must say, it brings memories


I've got to beat James in the rankings,


A lot of people said, Italian background, but you


did the Great British Menu, represented Wales!


There's a whole community in Italy that emigrated to Wales,


so that's where my mother was born of Italian parents.


Everyone said to me, "What are you, Welsh, Italian,


If someone is health-conscious, because


my mother will never cook chicken with the skin on it, can you take it


Yeah, I think it protects it, as well.


I think it gives it great flavour, it has its natural


basting because it's naturally fat, so I think you should, personally,


And how strict, because you know you have to


cook chicken a certain way, they say it's dangerous if there are pink


Yeah, you do have to cook it through, but not dry, like a


lot of people, you know when it gets too dry and that's awful.


They overcompensate, overcook it, don't


So, we've got a lovely olive oil, classic olive oil, virgin olive oil,


white wine vinegar and some chopped shallots, and...


You've got a bit of mustard in there as well?


Little bit of mustard, and we're going to add


Herbs like tarragon and parsley you're going to use, as


Definitely, I love flat leaf parsley, I think it's fantastic.


But tarragon's quite a strong herb, as well?


We're going to keep them quite crunchy, the beans.


The kind of mistake a lot of people make, that


classic combination of chicken and tarragon together, they


overcompensate and put too much tarragon, particularly the dry


No, I know, tarragon's like that herb, like coriander, that you need


All right, we're going to put our beans, I kept


them quite crunchy because we want it nice and light.


Literally, they have a little bit of a bite to them.


Then I'm going to put the dressing over them.


We mentioned your restaurant that's closed, but you've also got another


Sunny Florida, yes, the one everyone thinks all I do is


It's based on a beautiful resort in Boca Raton, between Fort


It's 27 floors up, it overlooks the sea, the


And it's done by, it's all glass and chrome, it's beautiful.


What's it like getting food out there, because


Food you struggle with, you really do.


I thought in Florida, you would, because it's sunny, you'd get loads


of fresh vegetables, but we have to have freight a lot


in, literally FedExed all over the place.


It's quite scary, actually, you can't get


Would you agree with that in America?


My parents actually live in Florida, and the


thing is certain of the larger big supermarkets when you go to them,


the produce is always slightly wilted because it's not as fresh as


you would, say, in the midwest, where a lot of the growing area is.


But most American stuff is flown in now,


I suppose the heat can affect it quite


I'm going to send my parents to the restaurant.


If I have them ring, they'll get booked in?


I want to taste the watermelon, you see.


Just sliced, placed on the beans, bit more of the dressing,


serve the green beans warm, absorbing the vinegar, absorbing the


So, beautiful roasted corn-fed chicken breasts on


a spring salad of leeks and baby green beans.


I promise you, they haven't been drinking over there yet.


This is where you get to dive into this.


When you say Boca Raton, you have to say "Bow-ka".


I like my vegetables crunchy, that's lovely.


And also putting the dressing in while the ingredients are still


It's like when you make a lovely potato salad,


Has to be warm, you can actually taste the vegetables when


they are warm as well, much better than when they're cold.


The vinegar adds a bite to it, doesn't


we've got beans, we've got leeks in there.


Would that work with broccoli and that kind of thing?


Easily, I love crunchy vegetables and I love


vinaigrettes on stuff, I think it's just perfect.


You could even do baby carrots, asparagus, so much


I will give you three Michelin stars, I love that.


Well, that certainly got everyone talking,


apart from Gennaro, weirdly, who, for once, was


Now, coming up, James cooks a genoise sponge with blueberry


compote and vanilla cream for Lisa Riley, but first


it's over to Rick Stein, who is hot on the eels of a fish


that is loved up and down the French Garonne.


I could have made this journey between the two seas,


the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, by car, but it's such a noisy,


troublesome business going that sort of distance by car.


It's checking in hotels every night, wasting time getting


into the hotels, moaning about the quality, no hot water,


Instead, there's just me on this lovely boat, the Rosa.


But of course it's not just me, we've got the crew filming me


But, more importantly, we've got the Rosa's crew.


He's doing a fantastic job, the way he just guides the Rosa


into those tiny narrow, narrow locks, it's just amazing.


I just think, "We're going to hit the side!"


And come in now, I just want you to meet Julie.


Unfortunately, Julie's bumped her head.


Anyway, she does all our beds, and the doors are a little low


going into the bedrooms, and she cleans up and serves us,


and she's very nice, she's very talkative.


You drink very much last night, didn't you?


We won't talk about that, actually, if you don't mind?


And lastly, actually, the most important for me is the galley.


In here we have Bernard, who's also the boss.


Bernard, this gastronomic trip from Bordeaux to Marseille,


No, tres bonne idee, very good idea indeed.


One of the things I didn't really expect, I have to say,


is that Bernard turns out to be an extremely good cook.


I mean, those eels we had last night, just with the garlic


I think I've got a real lot to learn from you, actually.


Oh, thank you, you're very kind, but I'm sure


But, anyway, there you have it, the crew of the Rosa.


I mentioned earlier, for our very first meal on-board,


we had a dish of eels cooked by Bernard.


They came from a friend of his who has been catching eels


and catfish on the Garron ever since he was a boy.


The bargemen know every fisherman, winemaker and cheesemaker along


the way, and I just can't wait to have some more of those eels.


One thing I've noticed in my travels is that eel traps come


On the Somerset Levels, they are made beautifully out of willow.


But here they make them out of old garden fences.


Actually that's quite a nice sized eel.


He said the best way of cooking eel was first of all to cook them


gently in a persillade, a little bit of butter with garlic


and parsley, or else to put them on a barbecue skewer.


Slice of eel, slice of pork fat, slice of eel and so on.


I'm just beginning to get at long last used it on the Garron,


the gentle way it flows down the river and the


It's quite unusual to me because I'm used to fishing with Padstow


fishermen and the waves are tossing this way and that and there


are cables zipping across the deck and a lot of shouting and all that.


And the way that he's fishing is just so relaxed


everything about it is just conducive to contemplation


One of the things about coming on a trip like this,


you can read all the cookery books you like, get really boned


up on French recipes, but then you come out on the barge


and there's Bernard who does all the cooking here just cooking


a very simple dish like this eel, which we had the other night.


First of all what you do is you take the eels and you slice them into two


inch pieces and then you just dust them in flour.


I followed it exactly as he said and it turned out


Before you start frying eel, make a persillade.


You get finely chopped parsley and garlic.


Get the garlic, chop it up a little bit first,


Chop that up, mix the two together, and then chop, chop,


You take a big frying pan and put a little bit of vegetable oil in.


Just cook the eel on one side, bring the temperature up


to about medium and cook gently for about two to three


Turn the eels over and do precisely the same on the other.


While that is cooking, if you like, you can just


In the second frying pan, put a knob of butter,


one to two ounces in the pan, let it melt, and then throw


You just want to melt the butter and gently cook the garlic


Let that cook very gently and now your eels are done.


This is the nice thing that Bernard does.


He has got two pans and he empties all the eel into the persillade pan,


shakes it all about, and then puts everything


back into the eel pan, so everything is nicely coated


Then just empty that out onto a serving plate.


And I like a big slice of lemon with that just


Now last week's butterfly cake masterclass seems to have been a bit


of a hit with lots of you so this week I thought I'd show


you something just as simple, easy to make this weekend at home.


It's a classic genois sponge and a classic genois sponge


You'll see the reason why in a minute.


We've got 200 grams of caster sugar, six medium eggs in here.


The secret of this is it's nice and light.


This cake is used in a lot of French patisseries as well and it's used


The little ladies' fingers you get in tiramisu.


The basic recipe is this, what we've got in here.


Six eggs, 200 grams of sugar, and then over


You keep this mixing for about five or six minutes,


because this creates the air in the sponge.


This is straight out of college, really.


Ideally, you lift this up and you do a figure of eight.


If the figure of eight is still there when you get to the end,


that means this is ready and if not you need to keep mixing it.


You do, you do know what you're doing.


We're just going to make our little cartouche.


I don't know why you buy these nowadays.


You basically measure the size of the tin,


pop that round, then open it up, and use it on the


It's only a little bit of grease-proof.


Incorporating the flour and the butter together.


We have got plain flour and then we've got butter.


Now there isn't anything better in the kitchen


Because this is the key to mixing this together.


It's how it used to be when you were at college.


The key to it is if you do it this way, you can incorporate the flour


much easier and quicker than you can with a spatula.


What you are trying to do is not knock out the air that


There's no rising agent in here, no bicarbonate of soda,


no baking powder, no self raising flour.


The key to it is make sure it is all mixed together.


You can see from the texture of the sponge itself it is light.


You can feel bits of flour in there but it is in essence light


when it goes in the oven and so of course it will be


If you have gas at home, about gas mark four, maybe five.


It wants to go in there for 20 to 25 minutes.


You can tell when it's ready if you just push the top of it,


We've got the blueberries and everything else in there.


You're going to need this because you're busy.


You're on the tour and everything else.


You've finished the Strictly tour and now you're on something else.


We've done the arena tour now and now this is called


Still under the Strictly frame but completely different.


It's like a musical brought to all the theatres around the country.


There is every aspect that people like in the theatre.


Acting, singing, dancing, all those concepts.


You know the good old-fashioned variety that we don't


Craig Revel Horwood has written it and he's produced


He wants to bring people that don't necessarily go to the theatre


I think I probably did the first tour.


But when you walk out in front of Wembley,


the O2 Arena, you look up Going, "I shouldn't be here."


But this is more like a stage tour, is it?


Yes, we're going all over the country.


Manchester, my hometown, which will be brilliant.


But this is completely different in the sense that people just expect


dancing because it's Strictly and it's not.


We've got a narrative of my life of how I got there.


You find things that you never really knew


that went on if you're in Strictly, you see.


Then there are other professionals, like Natalie Lowe


Obviously they are celebs in their own right, aren't they?


Because they are in the series the whole time.


It has been running quite a number of years now, hasn't it?


Obviously the audience will get to ask all the professionals how


they got there and they've all got their own


I'm really excited to start rehearsals.


Your story in terms of television, did you go to the same acting


Yes, we were in the same drama school.


And then you ended up working with her later on in life as well.


But you got signed up when you were about 12, didn't you?


When I got Emmerdale everyone knew who I was because then you're Mandy


and of course everyone knows who you are.


The casting director saw me in a play at Oldham Coliseum.


Mandy was only supposed to be in one episode, you know.


They got me in, did the episode, and I think she was a bit popular.


Next thing they brought me back for a few more episodes.


Then there I was seven years later, seven wonderful years.


Suranne and me worked together on Scott And Bailey,


which was brilliant, because I had to beat her up.


We are really good friends in real life.


And then you come straight out of that and then you go straight


The best thing about my career is everything has been so different.


I love my acting, hosting was good, and then musical


It's nice to do a variation of stuff.


And while you're doing that, if that wasn't enough as well,


tell us about the new TV show that you're doing.


Yes, I'm currently filming George Gently for BBC,


It's all set in the 50s and 60s, and doing the period stuff,


We are filming that and it comes out later in the year,


Yes, 12th of June we start, we open in Plymouth.


Then we go on tour all round the country for two months.


You can traditionally do raspberries and strawberries,


that kind of stuff, but when you look at these


in the pan, they just look fantastic and you know it is going to taste


That is basically just the sugar, the water,


Bring it to the boil, cook it for ten minutes,


take it off, and then we have a little compote here.


I think the sponge really makes it as well.


There's something about a genois sponge.


Always a bit tricky for me personally.


It's a thing that as chefs we kind of forget.


You take it for granted when you learn it.


Clean the knife as we go otherwise you get marks on it.


Of course, for those people who don't know it,


It was your birthday yesterday so happy birthday.


I won't ask how old you are because we can't afford that many candles.


Well, I hope you're going to be practising your genois after that.


He makes it look so simple, doesn't he?


Today we are taking a look back at some of the tastiest recipes


from the Saturday Kitchen archives and there are still loads of dishes


Up next, one half of The Hairy Bikers, Dave Myers,


and James seems to have his hands full on this one as Dave just can't


When you've finished playing with the oranges,


We are doing Morecambe Bay shrimp and tamarind spring rolls.


To go with that, a little kind of lime and peanut vinaigrette.


You can't say things like that at nine o'clock in the morning!


First off, I like spring rolls, I like fried things.


So we need to make the basis for that.


Lovely Morecambe Bay shrimps, little brown shrimps.


They are great for Singapore noodles because they have loads of flavour.


Famous for potted shrimps up in Morecambe.


The butter and the mace and all that.


I like them with a bit of lime zest and black pepper.


So what is the difference between a shrimp and prawn?


Shrimps are very different, aren't they?


The Mediterranean ones you can eat with the shell


I always thought shrimps could absorb liquid like butter


They taste of nothing, a lot of them.


Can I have a couple of centimetres of galangal?


Yeah, it's spicy, it's lemony, its aromatic.


I used to go out with a girl like that.


Bash your lemongrass first to introduce the flavours.


I knew when I woke up this morning it was going to be like this.


These give it the citrus flourish and overtones and undertones


Now add to that a bit of spice, chilli.


Apart from when you are biking all over the world, you live


I do, I live on a place called Roa Island, which is 22 houses


and no trees because nothing will grow there.


You've got the salt marsh lamb, we've got the salt marsh lamb


in Cumbria, sea bass, good fish, shrimps.


I've got some tamarind which is like the core of the dish.


If you can't find tamarind, use lemon.


Yes, and the pod is put into a paste.


No, that's fine because I don't want it too liquid.


It's lovely with chicken breast sandwiches and nice best butter.


Ideally I would have left the tamarind to soak


with the saki for an hour or so and it would infuse.


You can taste this and if it is too sour, put some sugar in.


This is like back to being a student.


When you're doing eggy wash, use plenty of egg.


Egg's like glue and then you have a fair chance


Don't put too much filling in because they will blow up.


I can't believe, looking at your biography, that you used


And then the other part of it was you were a make-up artist.


I was a car park attendant and I applied for anything I could.


The BBC took me on as a trainee make-up artist.


But the references for the make-up artist was from


They said his tonnage is ace and his timekeeping is excellent.


Just making these little spring rolls.


You can do them in spring roll wrappers but we had these little


The wrappers we had were all dried up and it was like trying


Another trick, once you've done them...


Put them in the fridge for an hour because the egg will stick.


If you don't do that, they will explode.


James has some we made earlier which have been


You'll have to go on the website to follow this recipe


because I forgot it already but go on.


Palm sugar is best but we haven't got any.


It's because you went home with your Adobe.


The network giveth and they taketh away.


We used that policeman's truncheon in Mexico.


We serve this on a bed of watercress, ideally


with samphire as well, which has salt and pepper.


Morecambe Bay shrimp and tamarind spring rolls with lime


If you can follow that, you're better than me.


Sometimes they pick them by hand and they taste much better.


If you pressure hose the husks of, it takes off all the flavour.


I have to say I have never been big on shrimps


Now, they look delicious but you may have to check the website


Now over to the king of TV cooking, it's the captivating Keith Floyd.


It's a long haul to New Mexico and a man's bones get a little shaky


on the old Santa Fe trail, not to mention the throat


has a certain dry ticklish feel against it.


But to satisfy my producer's thirst for bizarre locations,


I told the BBC wardrobe department I was coming to New Mexico to film


in a cowboy town and I wanted a Lone Ranger outfit.


Anyway, cowboy cooks were no exception to any other kind of cook.


They were well into organisation and the most important thing


after a long day's ride across the plain was to


give the boys something really good to eat.


So Chuck, as he would be called, would have a really good,


The essential things a travelling cook would need.


Baby wipes for his fingers at the end of a hard day,


Californian wine, cookery book, charcoal fuel lighter


Because they were into FM rock, they would probably


Anyway I've got to do this really serious cooking sketch because I am


You've all seen Blazing Saddles and they did those funny jokes


about pork and beans and stuff, but I'm going to cook


Historically slightly different because we use black beans.


It was only really introduced into American food in the last 30


or 40 years so it's an update of an old dish.


First of all, Clive, diced shoulder of pork.


Then swing round to your right where we've got our black beans


which have been soaked in water overnight and then boiled


for about two hours until they are nice and tender.


The thing that flavours and influences this dish


is something very important to New Mexico, the chilli.


These very hot but also sweet little chillies,


which I've chopped up here also with some garlic.


This is all going to be cooked in a kind of a sauce.


It is going to be thickened with blue flour and red chillis, OK?


Because the Americans like their things a bit tasty,


a bit spicy, it's also going to have a little honey


The other thing that's very important when you're


cooking on the range is to have a little sip yourself.


I always prefer the Kentucky Fried Gentlemen.


We've got a bit of wandering around to do here, Clive, so stay with me.


Let us first of all get oil, walk round here, over


the stove, bit of oil in, and we put our meat in.


If I had an assistant, that would be taken away from me.


It will season and seal down in the proper way.


They do make life really difficult for me.


He's done it before and he loves these fresh air sequences,


but my eyes are streaming from the smoke.


We're at 7000 feet of altitude, so if I'm looking a bit wobbly it's


not because I've had too many Kentucky Fried Gentlemen,


because I haven't had enough, there is a definite effect


on your head, the clear air, the mountains, the snow


The crushed chillies go in there like that along with some


And then the juice strained off the black beans is mixed into that.


There's a lot of wind but we can't help that.


Then over here, Clive, I've got to put the black beans in.


This is a good way of stretching the meat, of course.


It makes it a very economical dish by adding the pulses.


It just takes some of that heat away from the chilli.


That needs about two hours over wood mark three.


I know you've all got these kind of stoves and chuck wagons


Every waiter, cook or bartender in Santa Fe is only temporarily


They're just waiting for Spielberg to hit town.


So if you can't wait, cook or sing, you hang out there anyway in case


the opera calls you up, Santa Fe being the Sadler's Wells


Here is one of me with the make-up lady putting the final touches


the opera calls you up, Santa Fe being the Sadler's Wells


# Then Mantua, then Padua and we open in Venice!


This is my show but this is your town and if you don't like it,


Al and Boots and their dog Tarquin just happen to be taking time


out from being waiters, I mean stuntmen, to give us a hand.


Very nerve-racking this kind of thing.


They've got rods or whatever they call them.


Is it silver bullets or is it all right?


It could use a little bit more chilli.


It's just that she wants to be private.


Santa Fe is also the capital of American chic.


There are more artists here than St Ives.


It's also the second oldest town in America and it was first settled


I love this especially composed music by my old chums


Anyway, the silver and turquoise mines around here provide


the Indians with all they need to create this brilliant jewellery.


Not that I'm that interested in it but I just thought


And at least it saves me from rabbiting on about architecture.


But I'm here in Santa Fe really not only for the fashion but also


to take on the Mayor, Sam Pick.


a noted cook, in an international chilli cook-off.


the second oldest city in the United States,


and the only capital in the United States


But we make the best chilli that you are ever going to see and I'm


honoured to represent my community in this very serious chilli cook-off


which I have been preparing for the last 12 years.


I don't like the sound of any of this.


Look, Clive, I've got bottled chillies, but the Mayor has got


hand dried ones probably from his mother's garden.


He's got the advantage of a special chilli chopper.


Right, chilli is made using the best sirloin beef, OK?


It isn't minced beef and stuff like we see in England.


You also have chopped onions, chopped carrots, fresh chilli.


You also have at this time of year some frozen chilli which I've cooked


up already in chicken stock with onions.


Finely chopped garlic, oregano, dried, we would have had fresh


if we could have got it but this is March, black pepper, bay leaves,


and to thicken my ultimate sauce, a rue made of butter and flour.


Now the rest is down to God and a large Kentucky Fried Gentleman


which my assistant has failed to provide this morning


so I'm going to have to do this really Straight.


Keith is absolutely right that if you get the best meat, that


What I'm doing today is using pork actually.


Pork with the liquid is the way to do it.


In New Mexico they often use it the next morning instead


of using the water like I'm going to be doing today,


use that liquid, which really makes people enjoy it.


You don't have to worry so much about the spices,


because when you're pressure cooking this particular pork,


you can put in garlic salt, you can put in salt and onions.


Unfortunately when you are a small city like we are, you can't afford


I've left the seeds in because I want to get this up


Despite all the fun, this is a serious competition,


and I am trying to beat the mayor here, but with all simple dishes,


You can't just pour liquid onto that right now.


You must let the onions sweat, let the meat sweat, let


As with all good cooking, patience is essential.


I'm going to chop the tomatoes a little fine.


I asked a very important and leading chef if I could put some


tomatoes in and he said, "If you put tomatoes in, sunshine,


The record will properly reflect there will be no tomatoes


put in this chilli even as we are speaking.


We are still reducing the onions and the carrots and the meat


and the garlic and the oregano and the pepper that's in there,


and shortly my special secret ingredient, which are these


brilliant extra strong peppers given to me by a famous chef who has won


this competition on the odd occasion, which I've already


cooked off with onion and some chicken stock.


Still toying with the idea of throwing those


I think I'm trying to let the judges know subliminally that if they see


tomatoes and they want to continue holding their job in our city,


it might be a good idea to vote right and vote often.


I will probably in the next two or three minutes


make a major decision about whether we will do that.


Because I didn't precook my meat, know what I mean!


I had to put it in raw and it takes that little bit longer.


I guess that's the English way and I guess Sam's


I can see that you have made an excellent decision


It looks as though it is finishing at the right time


It is now 12:20 Central Floyd Time, as we say in America,


and mine won't be ready for another 45 minutes.


So this is when we allow the director to dream up some


wonderful cutaway sequence of the meat bubbling on the stove.


You won't be bored and you will come back and join us when it's


Film producers everywhere, don't forget Clint is going into politics


and I'm available as the meanest cook in town.


We have come to the denouement, the critical moment,


an hour and a half has gone by, and where is Clive?


I know the shot is beautiful and all the rest of it but we have


The Mayor has got to be beaten hands down, I feel.


Come and see what we've been doing, if you don't mind.


I've got some finishing touches to do to this,


assuming that the lynch mob, I mean the judges, are all gathering


over there and I have to finish off this dish.


This is not the way they do it here but it is the way I do it.


It is just to get a little bit more liquid into the pot.


You know, I've marvelled at this and I think that is a wonderful dish


and I think where the compliments ought to go is to the people


in England who have a feel for the interaction of the foods.


You are looking at a product which is basically not something


we would do in the south-west, but we probably would if we knew how


to do it, and there are very few people that have that talent.


We are seeing it demonstrated here today.


You haven't had a great deal of experience with chilli


but you are right there in the middle of it and you know


what needs to be done to make a tasty meal and that's


Let's look at yours because yours is so different.


Mine is a more simplistic thing as befitting a politician that


He precooked his meat because he knew full well that 7000


feet above sea-level things take much longer to cook.


If I do lose badly no one in this town will see it because I will see


what I can do with our censorship with the one or two television


It's heated up, it's thick enough, the pork is there.


American Mayors don't potter around in chains giving away


Of course these unbiased judges are his employees.


To paraphrase Tom, nothing could be done because he was the Mayor's


We feel like we have a very special stew here.


On behalf of the academy, ladies and gentlemen,


The winner in the envelope is the Mayor.


I would like to thank all of my employees for judging


I would presume that when I went to England,


the same treatment might be given to me that we have just taken care


We are just honoured that you came to Santa Fe to give us a chance


to let you know how our chilli is done and I am sure when you go


to your room tonight you are going to be very upset.


Bonsoir, au revoir, ciao, auf weidersehn,


And I'm sure you'll all agree when I say there is no such


As ever on Best Bites we are looking back at some


of the most memorable recipes from the Saturday Kitchen archives.


Still to come on the show, Catherine and Paul go head to head


in the omelette challenge, and Paul's eyes firmly


Tony Tobin cooks a hearty dish that is sure to make you feel


He makes delicious horseradish flavoured Irish potato breads


and roasted root vegetables, all served up with a perfectly


And Ruby Wax faces her food heaven or food hell.


Did she get her food heaven, stuffed roasted lamb


Or her food hell, buttercream rice pudding with caramelised pineapple?


You can find out what she got at the end of the show.


Next up the amazing Anna Hansen who is cooking sea bass


in a traditional African sauce with a sprinkling of her trademark


Welcome to the show, your first time on the show.


We are cooking sea bass which we are going to marinate


Yes, and it has fresh turmeric, garlic, caraway.


We have never had this on the show that that is what it looks like.


Readily available at any Asian type supermarket.


And then I am going to be doing pickled lemons?


They are speedy preserved lemons, not the real deal,


And we have got our seeds which we will get onto in a minute.


I will get these on first of all because I know


you want to get your marinade on for the fish.


Looking at the ingredients here, your influences are taken


Is that the people you have worked for and your travels?


It is a combination of things really.


New Zealand is a pretty young immigrant nation


so there are lots of different things going on down


And then I worked with Fergus Henderson at the French House


Dining Room and he kind of taught me.


That was my first real cooking job and he taught me,


I don't know, how to make simple things taste amazing.


And then I met Peter Gordon and he taught me to just try anything out.


Yes, bold and fresh and nothing is overworked.


We have the lemons, which I have just peeled.


We are using zest for this because traditionally


Cover it in lemon juice and add a good whack of salt.


You want it to taste salty like a preserved lemon.


Just let that bubble away for a few minutes on quite a low heat.


Probably better to wear gloves or something otherwise you look


Mustard seed, fennel seed, green mango powder, black onion seed...


Curry leaves, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds.


We have a whole room the size of this studio!


The modern pantry, it is about the ingredients


in the modern day pantry and trying to familiarise people


And it is also about having lots of fun.


There are a lot of ingredients but your food is quite light, not heavy.


I don't spend a lot of time cooking things for hours or with loads


That is one of my favourite ingredients.


Most of my dishes find a curry leaf in them.


Explain what is going in this marinade.


Coriander, parsley, turmeric, I am quickly adding some lemon zest


This is the Moroccan style influence, this one.


Show us what is going in there because I am


Basically I have put the sea bass in there.


It has shallots and all the other ingredients but you need to let it


marinade for 20 minutes before you cook it.


Best not to leave it for too much longer because the lemon juice


If you didn't want to use fish you could use chicken.


Caramelised red onions with sherry vinegar.


I am trying to get you to follow this.


These are the seeds with all the different spices.


There may be a lot of ingredients but the smells coming off


The first time we have had these on the show.


This is a tomatillo, a member of the gooseberry family.


You can eat them raw or they are great in Japanese


and things and they have got a really fresh, tangy


They are from the gooseberry family because of this round the edge.


You could probably use cape gooseberries.


But actually a bit of green mango would be really nice as well.


Explain to us what quinoa is because I love this stuff.


It is a relative of the corn family which was originally


It is an incredibly nutrient rich grain.


You can either use stock or just plain water.


It is always dried, so you need to cook it.


And you can toast it a little bit in your pot before you add


the liquid and that just gives it an extra nutty flavour.


Just seeing if there is anything else!


Even though quinoa is relatively new here it has been grown


for thousands of years in South America.


It is really good for people who can't take rice.


It is very high in protein and gluten-free as well.


I've added a small amount of sweet smoked paprika.


So if people are going to go out and buy this,


the ingredients, this afternoon, it might be ready by Wednesday.


Really simple and delicious dressing.


Sesame seed paste and lemon juice and I'm going to add water


This is great on lamb chops or, I don't know,


That is just mixed together, just with water?


My goodness, we forgot an ingredient!


Traditionally, you would do them with salt.


Oh, I forgot to put that in the salad.


I will just scatter it across the top.


I couldn't have made those leaves better myself.


While you put that on, I'll just check to see


Chermoula sea bass, quinoa and preserved lemon,


tomatillo salad, spiced seeds and tahini cream.


It's a record, but I have to say, and I've tasted this in rehearsal,


It is amazing how you get your inspiration from all these different


countries and put it together on one plate.


The taste of it, with that salad and everything else.


Right, now time for the Omelette Challenge.


This week Catherine Fulvio and Paul Rankin go head-to-head


and Paul has only one thing on his mind - reach first place.


Three egg omelette cooked as fast as you can.


Mr Rankin, you were the centre of our leaderboard at one


point in the old studio, but we have Lawrence Keogh,


He keeps texting me every week smiling and being smug.


It is the concentration on their faces.


I was telling Catherine that you get some of the world's greatest chefs


coming in here they all get carried away with the omelette


More worried about the omelette than anything else today!


Do you think you are going to make it onto our board, bear in mind


the talent that is on here, with that omelette?


You did it it in 26.76 seconds which wouldn't put you there,


but it does put you in good company with Michel Roux Senior


I don't think that is the fastest omelette.


Might get me up around there but it is close.


You did it, and I'm going to put it on with that, you did it, in fact,


To say that chefs are not competitive at all...


Up next, it's the talented Tony Tobin with a dish


that is a perfect match for a Sunday lunch.


If you haven't decided what you are having later,


Right, up first is a man who began his culinary career


cooking with the legends like Brian Turner and


It is not surprising he now runs his very own successful


collection of restaurants all over Surrey, it is Tony Tobin.


We are going to do roast Chateaubriand.


I'm going to get it nice and hot, fry it and I've got a tray


My mum used to call them potato scones.


Put a little bit of bicarb and flour.


I thought it would go really nice with the beef on Sunday.


Tell us about the Chateaubriand as well.


There are three main cuts of fillet, aren't there?


The Chateaubriand is like the head of the fillet and after that


becomes the real fillet where you cut your


And then the little bit on the end is called the fillet mignon


Just whack that on there and rub the oil on.


If you could start peeling those vegetables, chop them


I love rosemary with beef, especially roast beef.


The Tobins love roasted Chateaubriand.


We've got some sweet potato, some parsnips,


This is a great way to do it, particularly...


Tomorrow, you might have a few more guests turning up


Rather than pans boiling all over, roasted veg, so much easier.


What I am going to do though, before I roast them,


I've got a pan of water with a little bit of salt,


I'm going to get on with these potato cakes.


It is potato boiled, peeled and boiled.


It is dry mash, that is what I call it.


I am just going to sprinkle my pan with some flour because we would


normally think to put oil in the pan to fry them, but we are going


to first cook them on the flour and they get that nice mottled look


This is different to bubble and squeak or something like that.


You have actually put bicarb in there.


Talking of beef, I need to turn that.


I suppose these cakes, you could leave them plain,


if you want to do them with something else.


You could put herbs, different herbs in them.


Sage is nice with chicken, if you are going to do it with chicken.


Is this what you are having tomorrow?


Actually, it is what I was going to have tomorrow,


but there has been a few requests for some pork.


Really nice, particularly with pork, you could use celeriac.


Roasted celeriac is absolutely fantastic.


If you whack those into the pan to blanch.


You see this has come to almost like a dough which is why


I think my mum calls it potato bread.


Then, literally, just into little round balls and flatten them off.


I suppose you could do this today, if you wanted to do these


for tomorrow, you could make these up, place them in the fridge.


In advance, just to save a little bit of time on Easter Sunday.


If you could just put that beef into the oven for me, James.


Are you going to transfer it onto a different kind of tray?


I've got a roasting tray in the oven and that's really because we've got


the pan nice and hot, searing off there.


If we were to put it onto a cold tray and go in the oven,


Just keeps the whole cooking process going.


We will put some honey on them and some butter.


The oven is on 450 which is about 225.


I'm going to make a little bit of gravy or sauce.


Drain the veg off there, into a tray, a little bit of honey,


a little bit of butter on there, salt and pepper, get that going.


I've got some red wine into the pan that we have


The last time you were on, you were just about to


It was an old Post Office and sorting office in Banstead, Surrey.


We have got a 35-seater cafe at the front, 100-seater brasserie


behind and 50-seater kind of fine dining upstairs.


I thought you might say, you are looking really good today.


A bit of black pepper, a bit of salt.


A bit of salt, a bit of black pepper, and then just in the oven.


Like you say, it is almost like a one dish wonder


for your vegetables, they are all in together,


This is great with fish as well and it is wonderful with anything.


If you are going to do it with fish, if you add some tomato,


just in the last five, six minutes, it really...


I love eating tomatoes with fish, roasted tomatoes.


Right, James, I am just going to get rid of this flour.


I am going to whack in some butter and then you put them back


in and cook them in the butter and then they become nice and rich.


Just to really upset you, I am going to put


Now you get that really nice kind of golden brown colour


and you will see what I mean by those potato cakes.


You see that bicarb, it really starts to puff them up.


I suppose you could have them for breakfast, couldn't you?


You could put horseradish in there as well for breakfast.


Let us get some of this onto my plate.


It is important to leave this beef to rest, isn't it?


I will pour the juices in the pan for you.


You know sometimes you have that kind of rawness


With a lot of rest, it turns to that beautiful rareness


because what happens is, when we roast it, it is a muscle


so it gets all upset and uptight like that.


Your muscles would get upset if I chucked you in a frying pan.


Then this lovely red wine sauce just over the beef.


There you have roasted Chateaubriand with horseradish potato cakes


How about roast beef and potato cakes for breakfast?


It is like very fancy potato bread and I grew up eating potato bread.


I've never had Chateaubriand in my life.


I've had a lot of beef but I've never had it.


Melt in your mouth, I promise you that.


It is the head of the fillet, the larger end.


It is not ideal for cutting steaks because the steaks are odd shapes.


My mum has been making those since I can remember.


The great thing about all of that, particularly if people are worried


tomorrow with Easter and more people coming in, most of that


And with the vegetables all happening at the same time


in one tray, so we have got one tray with vegetables, one tray with meat


We do that a lot with the vegetables, because of the kids,


The first time he has kept his mouth shut!


Really simple but a really effective crowd pleaser.


When Ruby Wax came to the studio to face her food heaven or food


hell, she was longing for lamb but would she have to resign


Right, it is time to find out whether Ruby will be facing food


What do you think these lot have decided?


I think they are not going to make me eat rice.


First thing, we are going to do our lamb but I am going to make


a stuffing for our lamb and we will use this,


If you can do me some Parisian potatoes, please, Henry.


We have these classic French, I thought I would do something


If you can prepare me the chicken mousse?


We are going to quickly just pop that in there.


The idea is that we fry this just to give it a little bit


You can do something with that, if you want.


Now I remember why cooking is so fun.


We are going to do a sauce in this one.


I will actually get the lamb we are going to do and I will show


We will get the lamb out first of all.


Why don't I just eat it straight in my mouth?


Because we are going to use this straightaway, there is no real


We will obviously use this straightaway.


We are just doing one thing at a time.


We are going to show you how to make these.


We are just going to colour them first.


Then we are going to cook them in water.


Rather than just cook them in water, we are going to cook them with this.


Right, I don't even want to know how you made that.


Take this straight in the oven and these chops only take


The veg we are going to get on in a second.


You can actually buy this from the supermarket.


We are going to cook this in the style of Vichy


which is water, butter, sugar and we use our


I have never seen this much activity.


This is a town in France, they actually cook their veg like this.


Well, the town of Vichy which is famous for Vichy mineral water.


We in south London say it is tap water.


A bit of butter in there, sugar, salt and we cook these down.


I like the rack, I don't know if its friend is anything I'd


On the rack of lamb, there are generally seven ribs.


If you go to the butchers, this is what we call French trimmed.


the bowler is cleaned at the top and the bone here is removed. Slice it


through into chops. When you asking for it, the French trim. They will


not believe I know what that is! Lovely lamb here. Theo has made our


mousse, the chicken, cream, salt and pepper and mushrooms. You cool it


down at all. I will look busy. A tiny bit more water. I have got it.


Tiny bit more. The idea of this, as it cooks, the water evaporates and


creates a sauce at the end. You do not need the thing? You eat the veg!


Oh, baby! This is the mushroom, little ten tee. What world is that


from? -- little homage. You can explain why this is from. It is the


fact lining from the stomach, very fine spidery fat. From which animal?


The cow. Do not try liposuction at home! It is spidery fat, brilliant


for wrapping things and holding things together. It keeps the lamb


most. Do you go to the butcher and ask for fat? I will not be checking


that one out! You can fill this with... More butter? The theme of my


cooking. More of this. There is a hospital just around the corner, it


is fine! The sauce is coming down, we cook the potatoes, they create


the glaze again. Parisian potatoes are done like this. The meat glaze,


sugar, water, it is done. Keep the colour of the veg, no need for ?15.


That is good. -- 15 pounds. I cannot look at that! It is right homage on


the top. You can do saddle of lamb at the top as well. -- it is fat on


the top. You put them in the fridge. You need to leave them to firm up. I


will give you those to go home with. Thank you. I will wear them as a


rings. Leave them in the fridge for an hour. When you pan fry them, they


are good. Pan fry them for a minute to get colour on them. Can you pick


me some chervil and chop some? Is this it? Watch your fingers! I have


seen how you guys do that, it is so sexy. I am watching my fingers, they


probably only add to the taste! Where do I put the chervil? In


there. In the potatoes as well! You can use chives. Have you tried


chervil? Taste this. It will not burn my mouth? No. It is aniseed.


That is good. Very difficult to grow in the garden. Look how it is


reducing down and glazing the veg. It is a miracle! It is not, it is


just reduction of water! Finish off the sauce with a little bit more


butter... I am only joking! Have we got any left? A little bit of glaze


in those. Those are lamb chops? We have the veg over here. We can take


the veg... Can I hire all of you? This is fantastic! This lot are


really cheap! A few bits of fresh English asparagus which I know you


like. A bit of turnip. A few more bits of carrot. Fantastic. Nice and


simple. Three of those chops. Have you ever cut yourself? No, but I


have burned myself a few times. Today? That is my revenge. Do not be


shy, Theo. Is that a Yorkshire three? These are the glazed


potatoes. That is good. And the sauce over the top. Can you grab


knives and forks. Are we all eating this? You get to go first. You go


first. Over the top. Dive into that. Look at that! Lovely. Glasses


please. It will not taste nice with this. Happy with that? It is a bit


hot! It is good. How was the inside of the stomach? That was on that?


Oh, OK! Delicious. Really. I honestly thought she would get a


face full of fire extinguisher for a minute. Sadly, that is all we have


time for. I hope you have enjoyed taking a look back at some of the


delicious dishes. I know I # You can shake an apple


off an apple tree # Shake-a, shake-a, sugar


but you'll never shake me


Matt Tebbutt takes a look back at some of his favourite recipes and best moments from Saturday Kitchen.