08/01/2012 Something for the Weekend


Tim Lovejoy, Amanda Byram and chef Simon Rimmer have all the usual top cooking and chat to kick off the new year, plus Strictly champion Harry Judd and Suggs from Madness.

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Good morning. Happy New Year. Joining us today music legend from


Madness here n the form of Suggs. Plus McFly's drummer and the


champion of Strictly is here. are here for chat and to take a


look at next week's telly. This is Welcome to the first lt something


for the weekend of the year -- welcome to the first something for


the weekend of the year. I am here. Thank you, Jamie! Before


we talk to Amanda about stuff, well done to Andy Murray. Come on, Andy.


How were your Christmases? Christmas, mine was amazing. I was


in Dublin, with my family. It was just kids, parents, sister-in-law


all in one house. Ate until I couldn't eat any more. That is how


you dressed. That is how Simon dressed!


Was it a little tight on you? was little long on me as well.


liked it. You took that from Total Wipe-out. We had a Christmas


special. I thought, when it is finished, who else will want this


apart from Simon? You are in Argentina and you have snow


everywhere? Yes. It has been 90 years since it snowed. We have a


clip of you. We have a clip of you. You are wearing a woolly hat and a


puffer jacket. Were you hot? I was sweating so badly. You'll notice I


take it off. I am about to meet a dusman who wears a dustman's house.


He -- dustman who wears a dustman's hat.


It is all good. People come out and say hello and that. It's fun.


Always have a laugh. Digs and stuff. When I'm loading. It's all good.


So will Dan be rubbish, or will he clear up? Nothing rubbish about


that! He should have been a world- class athlete instead. This is


impressive. That was a little bit rubbish.


Nothing like a punch in the face by the arm. Have you done it? No.


you never tried it? No. Don't you think, "I might as well have a go?"


People who throw stones should not be in glass houses, or something


like that. Why don't you try it? is in Argentina. People think they


can do it and when they get there they find they can't. That is your


problem. I don't think, I know, Amanda!


I know! On today's show, brilliant line of up. Madness to the theatre,


Suggs is here to tell us about his one-man show, which has received


great reviews. He is telling the story of his life and he's singing


songs at the same time. If you are a Madness fan and a Young Ones fan,


like a few oldys like me, we have a clip. I was a rude boy. I liked


Madness. Harry Judd is here talking Strictly


and the mom he got his hands on that fai -- moment he got his hands


on that famous ball. Harry Judd and Aliona, Strictly Come Dancing


champions of 2011. If you are a Bruce Forsyth fan, we


have when Brucie went Bruce Lee. Get off.... We have that clip. If


you have a question you can e-mail us or Tweet us.


Simon, what is cooking in that kitchen today? It's January, so we


all want to eat healthily. I know you are in with that. I will deep


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 56 seconds


fry some aubergines. There's turmeric, chilli and a


gentle sauce. That's not too bad. You could almost have that Amanda.


Almost. Here's what else is on today's show.


Dr Watson takes Holmes to task. am a show off, that's what we do.


Starlings perform in Earthflight. This spectacular performance isn't


for fun. We go behind-the-scenes of another Italian town in Sicily


Unpacked. Noto the most spectacular Happy New Year to Wayne. How are


you doing? Happy New Year. Start of the New Year I like to predict what


will be the big thing. I normally get a few things back. This year it


will be about gin. A nice couple of old-school gin cocktails to help


you detox. Not just for the house wives. Gin is for everyone.


Househusbands are a big thing now. Thanks. There was a lot of news on


it yesterday, yes, this is the last series of Something For The Weekend.


Thank you so much for your overwhelming support. It has been


amazing. We are still here until the end of March. We have lots of


shows. Thanks to everyone for their support on Twitter. It's been


amazing. Give us a hug. Well done, mate!


What's for starters. We're doing fried aubber gene with


a fennel -- auber again with fennel. I add this pecorino.


I was impressed that when you were out in Argentina you saw a football


game. Look at that. It was electric, the atmosphere. We


ended up. It was a big, big game. Whisk that while you are chatting.


We ended up on the wrong side of the stadium. It is the 12th man,


where all the dodgy fans are. Look at them!


So they have Boca tattoos. You see the 12 there? That is the 12th man.


Did you drink with them afterwards? Best mates. That's why I am


detoxing! Is it loud? Very unlike Chelsee.


More like Anfield? Yes. They chant all at the same time. It's


unbelievable. What is that? Oh, Maradona's actual


shirt. We have a special celebrity shows, one of the celebrities,


let's say played against him at one point.


Peter Reed. You know that shirt, Steve Hodges


has that. He keeps it in a plastic bag.


That one did smell a bit. I think he might have given it to a museum.


I saw him in Manchester once. Seriously. This is bizarre. When he


was Argentina's manager: He came over to see Tevez at United. We


were walking past his hotel. He was there smoking a cigar at 11am. I


said you have to have your picture taken with this man. He is like, I


don't want to. It was amazing. It was an incredible moment. He is


apparently a very cool man. We have the aubergine slices. We


put them into bread, into our mix. If you have a deep fat fryer, which


known of us do. You need to set it at 150.


These soak up all the fat. It is a great thing to do, if you


want to look after yourself! Runaway from.... You have the egg


and the protein in the egg. You have the vegetables. You have your


carbs. And there's cheese in there for extra protein.


What more could you want? It's beautiful! This is inspired by you


two because you went and ate in a restaurant where you have a fennel


yogurt. Yes, I did. It was really nice.


Good. That is exciting. What shall we call this? Lovejoy.... We need


to chop the fennel in half length ways. Put it in three and into the


bowl there. Tim, chop that in half. Bash that and then squeeze that


over the top. I gave cookery advice to your mum. He did. He told my mum


how to roast a ham without boiling Garlic and lemon. She phones me up.


You were in the car with your mum. She said she did not have a pot big


enough. Amanda says to her mum, "How big is the ham." I here her


mum go, "it's about this big." is wonderful. She is the Dublin


woman. To me, she was going about that big. I was going "Mum, he


cannot see you." How did you describe it, about the size of a


cat? I said cook it long, really, really slowly. It worked, didn't


it? It was delicious. It was about So, the aubergine pot, we fry off


the aubergines. These will be soft in the middle.


My mum got me, sorry, mum, but she got me five herb plants, like


living herb plants. That's interesting. It is, but it's a


liability because I now have to look after these things. I have


myself, my two daughters, a cat and five plants I now have to keep


alive. Well!


Something's got to give here. the kids. Some will have to start


fending for themselves. How hard can a plant be to keep alive?


don't know. She did not give me coriander. She gave me rosemary,


parsley. A good idea for a present. What else did you get? That is it.


Did you get any good presents? got a coffee making machine. The


name should probably not be allowed to be named on air. Don't do that.


I don't need a free one so I don't have to say it! But I have given up


coffee. I have given up coffee on my detox,


just for a little while. A really useful present. So it looks pretty.


It does. We will puree the pen nel, together with the residue of the


oil and the -- fennel, together with the residue of the oil and the


garlic. Blend that until it is smooth. If you want to be fancy


with this, what you do is blend get fished out of the oil. You can


smell the parmesan. That will do you, Tim. Amanda, tip that yoghurt


into there and mix it with our pureeed fennel and give it a good


old stir around. Now what we have, of course, flavour wise, the lovely


parmesan and breadcrumbs and chilli. Then we now have this lovely an


seed, slightly acidic flavour of the yoghurt. What we'll do to serve


this, this will be a bit warm as well, chaps... It's good. Spread


out the watercress. Brilliant. Then Amanda, let's just spoon a little


bit of that into our dipping pot. Nicely done. Of A bit of that on


top? Yeah. And a bit of fennel seeds to garnish as well. Really?


Yes. That's a beautiful shot. You get this lovely chewiness of the


aubergines and the flavour of the fennel yoghurt is beautiful. You're


so inspirational Tim Lovejoy. but nice. What are we making for


main course? Retox is what that is. Another healthy one, porkchop with


creamed cabbage, bacon and baked potatoes. You can follow our


recipes on the website. Homes and Dr Watson set out to learn the


truth about the monster creature who apparently killed our client's


father in The Hound of the Baskervilles. Whatever did happen


to your father, it was 20 years ago, why come to us now? I'm not sure


you can help me Mr Holmes, since you find it all so funny. Because


of what happened last night. What happened last night? How do you


know? I came up from Devon on the fairs available train. Had a


disappointing breakfast and a black coffee. The girl across the aisle


fancied you. You have changed your mind. You're anxious to have your


first cigarette of the day. Sit down Mr Knight and do please smoke.


How on earth due notice all that? Your ticket's been changed. Not now


Sherlock; You're just showing off. The stain shows that you didn't


take milk. Cooked breakfast the nearest thing those trains can


manage, possibly a sandwich. due know it was disappointing?


there any other type of breakfast on a train? The girl is distinctive.


Wrote her number on the napkin. I can tell she was sat across from


you on the other side of the aisle. Later you used the napkin to mop up


your coffee. You wrote the last four numbers to keep the number.


There's the nicotine stains on your fingers, your stained fingers. You


got a cab here. It's just after 9.15, you're desperate, the first


train from Exeter to London is 5.46am, something important must


have happened last night, am I wrong? No. You're right. You're


completely, exactly right. You can see Sherlock, The Hound of the


Baskervilles tonight on BBC One at 8.30. After finding fame in the


band Madness Suggs has turned his hand to act, television and


presenting radio. He's now starring in a one-man show about his life.


First let's see the nutty boys in action.


action. # What fun we had... #


# I've got to be near you, every night every day


# I couldn't be happy any other way # This must be love, love, love #


# Welcome to the house of fun # Now I've come of age


# Welcome to the house of fun # Welcome to the lion's den


# Temptations on his way # Welcome to the house of... #


Like it was yesterday! Welcome to Something For The Weekend Suggs.


Those videos, they were so original at the time. How important were


they for the band? Very, yeah. We were seven extroverts luckily. This


was a new phenomena making videos. This was new. There was no MTV. Top


of the Pops would show one video a week if you were lucky. We put a


lot of effort into them because we were all fighting for a bit of


space. It was a theatrical costume ier in Camden who lets us take


whatever we wanted. I think the band's career filled out when we


ran oust things to dress in. band is still together now, you


weren't together for that long, were you the first time round, four


or five years? Four or five years. Then eight years before we played


together again in 1992. It is weird. All that work was condensed then.


We've had a longer career since. you ever regret splitting up the


first time? Yeah, sort of. We were still on the tail end of the way


bands were behaving in the 60s. You made three records a year, you


toured. If we'd had a break, possibly we wouldn't have needed to


split up. You epitomised the 80s in itself. Did you realise that when


you were in the band and was that something you were aware of? Not at


all. There were a lot of other things going on. There was new


romanticism in the 80s. We felt we were on the other side of the road


doing our own thing. I was talking to you before the show, it was


amaze whing Top of the Pops was still on and how old when you went


on? 18. So young. I remember seeing Madness for the first time. Top of


the Pops was great because you selected what you were going to be


by being on Top of the Pops. That's what I'm going to be Rude Boy. Top


of the Pops was like that in those days. Totally N my one-man show I


talk about it. If I mention Top of the Pops it gets a oohhh. The new


romantics talk about when they first saw David Bowie or Mark


Bowland. It was the big prost Graeme on television, everybody


watched it. Your dad would moan, "That's not singing, he's just


screaming." He would wait for pans people to appear. Your mum would go


"They're nice". You've got Madness festivals, what are they called?


The Madstock festivals in the 90s. We've done a two day weekend called


the house of fun in Butlins in Minehead. Quite a scene. Really


popular, I imagine. It was great. I asked who else would want to join


us on the bill and pretty much everyone did. Rob da Bank? Yes and


great DJs and babdz. Tim was there weren't you? I wasn't. Tell us


about the one-man show. All the things you're talking about now you


talk about in a story, stand-up, music, is that right? Thank you


very much. That's been a hard thing to explain. People have said is it


stand-up, it's not. I'm not comedian. I'm relatively amusing


sometimes. It was my 50th birthday. My cat died, it fell off a glass


shelf beside me, I don't know. My daughters had just left home, I was


50 and suddenly my cat dying tipped me over the edge. It was the


catalyst. Thank you very much. I started thinking about how fragile


life is and how things come and go. I just started writing a show,


which starts from my childhood and goes through Madness and all the


other weird and bizarre things I've done. It's self-exploration then?


It was a bit of that. Without getting too maudlin. I never really


knew my dad. It was interesting finding out about him, in the


context of an amusing career. look at a clip of it.


# Madness, Madness, they call it Madness... #


Top of the popdz, we got in hay bit of trouble for mess being about and


not miming properly. LAUGHTER


When I told the police that I thought the cause of the earthquake


was a Madness concert, they were sceptical. Four years into the


band's chart topping success and cracks were starting to appear. The


Sky television and British satellite broadcaster. Sky is now a


household name, you can get which one I was on. I would rather be


surrounded by any noisy, argumenttive gang of fools. I


realise, I am home and I'm surrounded by love. A bit of


everything. You are funny. Thank you. The tour's still going. Yeah,


I'm starting again on the 20th January in Oxford. I'm going


through to the end of February. Tell us about your family then.


Your dad disappeared when you were very young. Yeah. I found out some


bizarre things that he remarried. I thought he died a lot younger than,


I thought he was three when I died. But I was 14. It was a shame that


there was a possibility that we could have met somewhere along the


way. The bizarre thing being that 14, 15, was when I was turning into


Suggs and becoming something and the band were in their formative


stage. If he'd been around a couple of years longer, possibly we would


have met because I would have been famous and he would have got in


touch with eM -- with me. Your mum was a sing sner Yes. She was a good


singer. She won jazz new comer on melody maker in the 60s. Didn't you


go round the clubs with her? Yeah, but most live we were in London.


you hadn't made it into Madness, what do you think the band, what do


you think you would have done? Goodness knows. I didn't have


intentions to become a singer. I knew the guys in the band as


friends. Then suddenly I heard the fact they were going to start a


band. We went to see a film, called American graffiti. I was singing as


I came out of the cinema. That's the first time anyone suggested I


might be the singer in the band. It went from there. Suggs, you weren't


born Suggs were you? No. Where did you get the name from? A lot of


kids, writing on walls meant scribbling "Mr Presentingle is gay"


or that sort of nonsense. People were writing tugs. Graham McPherson


wasn't quite right. Any other nicknames I got from class mates


were grey and Mac. My mother had an encyclopaedia of jazz musicians. I


put a pin in. It stopped on Peter. I thought that's no good, but his


second name was Suggs. Does anyone call the Graham? My mum an the


Inland Revenue. We have, we'll show it in a moment, a clip of you on


the Young Ones. A great moment that. Suggs is staying with us all


morning. We should get him to do his one-man show. Make sure you get


your questions in for us. [email protected] or e-mail viate website.


Can you get the year all this happened and when this hit topped


the chart in deja vu. You might be # Don't drink, don't smoke, what do


you do # Subtle innuendo follows... #


The news this evening of the whereabouts of the Prime Minister's


son Mark Thatcher, his co-driver and the possible third person in


the car has almost totally confused. The British Embassy is waiting for


confirmation in view of the inaccurate information available so


far. Until urgent work on the lifting frame has been carried out,


what's left of the Mary Rose is tonight in more danger of being


crushed than it was for 437 years at the bot O sea. -- bottom of the


You do some pushing of your own John. They drew first blood, not me.


I went to watch that film. I remember with my friend Adrian and


Craig and I reckon, it's '83. going earlier. I'm going '81.


chance. No? What did you wear when you went to see it, what was your


look at the time? Tracky top, long hair, earrings. Rope chain. Yeah.


Rope ring. I was a mess. I walked the whole way there like


that. Took the words right out of my life there Tim. Sleeves like


that. That's how I used to play football like that. Never smiling.


Never smiled did you? All right if you're on the right-wing F you're


on the left, it's harder. OK. Let's a wedge? I had curly hair. Every


week you should bring a photo of you in with hair. One a week for


the next nine weeks. If it was '81, had a bit of a light one really.


Like the Seagulls. I had a classic one when you shaifed the sides off,


-- shaved the sides off, like the Fun Boy Three. I will challenge you


about where they come from. We have Lesley and Emma Challenor. They are


from? Famous Sheffield. Close! Leeds. I will give you a point for


that. That is not bad. This is a blue watch from the fire station.


They are blue watch in... Ludlow. If we swapped position, where are


you from? Royal Hertfordshire. Gaston. Then finally, we have got


Caroline who.... Sorry, they actually made the salmon. This one


here? Cornwall? Not very good at this. Dublin. It is pretty tough.


If you are sending pictures in, we should try and get some videos in


as well. If you can send a video into our e-mail, saying, here's me


with my food. That would be good to see. Keep your pictures coming in.


E-mail them via the website or Tweet us.


What are we making? This is lovely. It is comfort food time for me. I


think January is about feeling satisfied and feeling I want a


cuddle and that everything is all right with the world. January is a


tough month. We have butter and smoked paprika. Beautiful pork


chops, we have cream, cabbage and in the pan here we have some bacon


lardons which we have cooked. Lovely smoked bacon. It is a lovely


smoky flavour. We are going to Chiffonage the cabbage. We slice it,


take out the core like that. Cut it down the middle. I will pinch this


piece out for you. It is very fine slices because we want to cook this


from raw. Over to you. Why are you taking that one? I do


one and you do one. I know how you like to chop things. When it falls


apart, don't worry. It is very fine slices because we want to cut this


in real-time. If you don't have the magnificent knife skills of


yourself, you could blanch it in advance. Pop it into boiling water,


into iced water and that would do. That is beautiful! That is lovely.


On your New Year's Eve party you dresdzed up in your out-- dressed


up in your outfit. Don't we have him dressing as he did in the '80s.


I had more hair back then. Is it going in? All in. I want you to


start bringing in pictures of yourself with hair.


Mum, a little job for you today. Dig out some pics, not that one!


This starts to cook. A little bit of salt, a little bit of pepper.


Looks good! Pork chops are beautiful. What we have done on


these, you see we have snipped the edge of the rind. If you don't snip


the edge then it can curl up, so when you cook it it can be awkward.


This stops it happening. Put some oil on one of those chops. Then we


will griddle it. We have one on the go already. With the cabbage, as it


starts to cook.... This is a simple male, this, isn't it? -- meal this,


isn't it? A little salt and pepper on there.


On to the griddle pan. We have one on there already. This will take


four to five minutes. If you don't have a griddle pan you can grill it,


roast it in the oven. Whatever you want to do really. It is versatile.


All the cabbage starts to wilt a little bit. Then we add some cream


into here. The key, when you do things like creamed cabbage and


bacon, what people tend to do is put too much cream in there. This


is a covering on the bat tomoft pan. What is happening is the -- bottom


of the pan. What is happening is the water comes out. When you make


a kolshrau, if you put too much may onnais in you don't -- mayonnaise


in you get the same thing. Some cream to coat this. The cream


will thicken. Plenty of pepper and salt. That is what I made when I


went camping. Everything took the mickey out of me.


It is a great idea. With this, so it works on its own, you could just


have cabbage and bacon, but we will do delightful roasted potatos. We


drizzle with some oil. Then we have some salt and pepper.


Chuck in all of that butter and all of that smoked paprika and fold it.


You don't want to break it down. What we end up is -- with is smoky


roast potatoes. They smell good! We have the smoked bacon and the


smoked paprika. It is a classic something for the weekend dish for


How long do you have to roast these for then? 20-30 minutes because


they are little cubes. If you do a normal roast dinner today and you


do ordinary roast potatoes chuck on some butter and some paprika and


you will get this lovely, lovely flavour going on.


Wow, these smells lovely! This is heavenly.


So we grab a nice little platform of our delicious cabbage and bacon.


Oh, so good! Then we sit our pork chop on top of that. Then, we can


either be s upony or we can be more -- poncy or we can be more


traditional. We have a few little bits of potato.


Perfect! That is how to do it. These have a big, strong flavour.


They sit on there, like that. We have pork chop, cabbage. There is


bacon, cream and spuds. Do you want to try some? I will try


a potato while you try some pork. Nice, isn't it? With the spuds we


have put the paprika on. They become crispy and smoky.


Some pork on your fork. Lovely! No detoxs going on here.


We will do a chocolate, blueberry and meringue cheesecake. A healthy


one! You can find all of the recipes at


our website. Keep the questions coming in for Suggs and Harry Judd,


who is coming up in a minute. You can tweeth them at:


scare me if I saw it, five million starlings putting on a display over


D A warm city benefits birds in other ways too.


Each winter evening, attracted by the heat of the city, five million


Before they roost their manoeuvres create nature's greatest artillery


display. -- arri yell display. Their plumage


This spectacular performance isn't for fun.


P peregrine falcon is looking for his evening meal.


The waves confuse the peregrine. He I would love to see that. You can


see the whole of Earthflight, Thursday at 8pm. Our next guest


first found fame in 2003, when I believe you were 18, is that right?


As Yes. In McFly, with hits like As Yes. In McFly, with hits like


these. D # Everybody wants to know her name


# With the colours in her hair. # She's out of my league.


# How can I win # She keeps dragging me in


# I know I will never be good enough for her


# Let me me in dark # She left me with a broken heart


# Yeah # Now I am on my own


Amazing. Hasn't changed a bit. Harry Judd. What a baby!


I know. It is so weird watching that. How long ago was that? That


was possibly eight years ago. I think over eight years ago. We


filmed that in 2003. The first video was filmed in December. That


was the first video. We were two hours late. Our first ever job.


It was very strange. There is a great picture of you


there. How is the band now? It must be the


strongest it has ever been? We have always been strong. We are


genuinely the best of friends. The other three are away at the moment


in Wales, I think they are, doing a little writing trip. I've got this


Strictly rehearsal tomorrow. They are probably asleep. I will say hi


to them any way. You look like you like each other. Genuinely. I moved


away. The three of them all live pretty much next to each other.


other three like each other. I am the outcast. Was there a band


meeting where you sat down and said "Let's do reality TV." When I went


for the guys, Tom was up for me doing it. Dougie was not so sure.


Then he was asked to do I'm a celebrity. I had said "yes" to


Strictly. We spoke to each other and we were both very nervous. We


jokingly said, imagine if we both won it!


Then, after I had won Strictly Dougie was there watching the final.


We were outside together. We said "Wow, we did it." The The others


are in Dancing on Ice and what is the other one? We took the attitude,


quit while we are ahead. We have got to show it again, the moment


you won and Bruce Forsyth - who we all love - does he know that the


rest of your family.... I don't know if he knows who they are.


Bruce Forsyth goes mental with the rest of your band. He turns into


Bruce Lee and tries to hit them off. I think he hit me as well. Your dad


come on as well. My dad strolled on. It was intense. Did he get whacked


by Bruce. I was like dad, you can't - it was live TV. It was like "Is


that your father!" Tom looks like a nutty professor in that. I have to


say, I was impressed. I tuned in towards the end of the series,


you're pretty good at dancing, aren't you? Thank you. I don't know.


I tried my hardest. With Aliona, my partner... It came quite naturally


to you? I worked really hard. If you're going to do something like


this, you have to throw yourself into it. I'm quite obsessive


naturally. I couldn't help but do everything I could to be my best. I


ended up having an amazing time and really enjoying the dancing itself.


That was one thing I was roar ID about, worried about feeling stupid


and a bit self-conscious. But I loved the dancing. Did you have, in


the beginning, did you have any idea you could dance like that?


idea. I hoped I'd have some rhythm, being a drummer, you know. You sit


down when you're drumming. Exactly. In the past I'd done sport and


things. I hoped coordination wise I'd be OK, but you never know. I


watch some YouTube clips before I did Strictly and I saw previous


winners do it and stuff and I thought "I can't do that." You know


the samba and the rumba and the quickstep and I thought, I can't do


that. Have you continued to dance over Christmas and new years?


During Christmas I pretty much sat down for three weeks watching TV,


doing nothing, which has been really nice. What are you doing on


the tour then, what dances? We've been discussing it. It's between


quickstep, Argentine tango and American smooth. I like the


Argentine tango. You like that one. The funny legs. That's right. I


like the slow ones, the ballroom ones, that's funny, you you would


have thought... I find them quite boring. Is Robbie Savage on the


tour? Yes. You've become quite good mates. Really good mates. We're


going to hang out in the evenings. You're going to football rnts you?


Watching Arsenal yes. You're going on the pitch, are you? I think so,


yes. You're going to get hammered. I know! Don't miss Robbie with your


long hair. Who do you support? yeah. You will have a good time.


We've seen recently you've got your bod out for attitude. Robbie did


too. Yes. That is not you. You're in better condition than him.


is no joke, when we were on Strictly, he'd done that photo


shoot, I think week five or something, he came in with his


phone and showed everyone, I'm not lying, the runners, the stage guys,


literally everyone. All I saw all day is Robbie, going look at this.


How long did it take you to get in shape like that. And what did you


eat and not eat? I've been exercising for maybe two or three


years. I think doing Strictly as well, you're constantly exercising.


You lose every ounce of fat you have. That kind of helped. I like


to exercise. I wish, if I had a body like, that I wouldn't be


putting a shirt on! I'd be like that. I'd be in my pants if I was


here. All right Tim, Amanda... What's happening with the band,


have you split up now or are you tour sning The guys are writing new


stuff. After the Strictly tour we're doing the tour with the band.


We have 26, I think 29 or 30 shows now. After the Strictly tour, then


we'll be doing some recording and who knows. Are you prepared for the


Strictly tour. I hosted it one year. It's long and intense. It's like


theatre. I'm glad my dancing days aren't quite over yet. So I'm


looking forward to it. Hopefully it will be a bit less stressful than


the live shows themselves. No, I was on it when Austin Healey was on


it and Mark Ramprakash. Every night it was a competition. Austin would.


We think he may have cheated, everybody texted 8pm. Every night


you have a win -- winner and the audience votes. They do a text


vote? Yes. That explains why Austin was texting me all the way through.


"Get your mates to text this" Thanks for that. Harry's staying to


cook our last dish of the day with Simon and Amanda. If you want to


ask him or Suggs anything [email protected] or e-mail


bbc.co.uk/Something For The Weekend. Now all of this still to come:


Sicily unpacked. I can't work out if it's a town or piece of theatre.


Simon cooks seabass with spiced mustard sauce. Dickens unfinished


novel The Mystery of Edwin Drood. can't kiss you because I've had a


pear drop in my mouth. Also still to come, if you want to


shed some unwanted pouds, then Abi Griffiths is here with kit to get


you fit in the gadget items, Suggs is here today. How is your cooking?


Not too bad. I'm not the greatest. My wife Ann is a very good cook.


It's the preparation that does me. You have the idea, but you haven't


gone to the shops or anything. Wouldn't it be great if we had...


I'd love to cook it, but I've not got any of the ingredients, so


we'll have a sandwich. What are we make sning Chocolate cheesecake. We


have cream, meringue, blew briz, sugar, vanilla, eggs, ricotta


cheese, cream cheese and chocolate melting away. The base is boar Bonn


biscuits with butter. Use whatever your favourite biscuit is. Blend


them, add butter press it in. Suggs, first job, simply into our


processor, stick in the ricotta and the cream cheese and crack your six


the cream cheese and crack your six eggs in. What is happening with


Madness at the moment? We're in the process of recording. We were


supposed to finish an album last year. We're in the studio next week


to finish it. I've had a tweet here. I will try to find it "Do you think


Madness would fit in today's very different music industry?" Jack.


don't know if we'd get past the first auditions of the X Factor,


probably not. I started twittering last year. I have been remiss over


Christmas. I get more followers when I don't say anything than when


I do. I've started to wonder about the quality of my twittering.


"Do you enjoy touring more now or back in the 80s?" That's a good


question. I enjoy it more now. Probably because I see time running


out, eventually at some point. Every gig is something very special.


I thoroughly enjoying it. Gigs have changed a lot. I was watching a bit


of take it or leave it, the film you did, which I love. It reminded


me of how aggressive concerts were years ago. They used to end up in


fights. Everything was quite aggressive back then. It was. I


talk about that in my show, leaving your mates on a Saturday night, it


was like running the gauntlet. You don't know if you were going to


pass rock billies, teds, psycho billies, everyone had a tribal


thing. Kids today, they don't know they're born! It runs side by side


doesn't it. It doesn't matter what you are. There's a cross over.


used to wear your uniform with a label, oh, God here I go. Who will


I bump into. That's the basic mix, we'll blend that, click it on there.


Blend that until it's smooth. Meanwhile we've melted a bit of


chocolate over water like that. Then... One of the things about


Madness, can I interinject? They were very media friendly, weren't


they? I remember tuning into Saturday morning kids TV and you


lot embraced it rather than looking awkward, you put the bananas on


your head and all that. Due a lot of media. One of the clips we have


is you on the Young Ones. That was always good fun. We had Ade


Edmundson on, they had to put music to get the commission. They had to


put on an act. Yeah, a novelty act. This is a great moment.


This is a great moment. # Welcome to the house of...


there a band on tonight? No, no, no. Why not. Electricity. Do any of you


lot know Summer Holiday by Cliff Richard. I'll smash your face in.


Go and sit over there. It always looked a lot of fun being in


Madness? It was. We had a love/hate thing with the media. They knew we


would liven up a dull day. There was a thin line between turning it


into complete anarchy. The Young Ones did say do whatever you want


Ones did say do whatever you want because the point was anarchy.


this goes in, you're getting kind of an uneven distribution of


chocolate. Science wise, the heat of the chocolate together with the


cold of the cheese is making it begin to set. Don't worry about


that Suggs. That's very fascinating. But don't. Rest easy now. Because


when it cooks again, because wre going to bake this, the chocolate


will melt and it will be even. What we do is tip all of this into our


bowl. Then simply crumble about four meringues into there. It's


chocolate, sugar, cream cheese, Mir angs and chuck in blueberrys as


well. Is it true you nearly got lobbed out of Madness because you


went to Chelsea too much? I did. We rehearsed on Saturdays which


coincided with the football. I got a copy of Melody Maker. I saw


advert "Semi-professional band seeks singer" I saw Mike's phone


number. I rang him up "I'm enquiring about the job of singer.


Just out of interest what happened to the old one?" Give that a stir


round. Now you'd be all right, football 3pm on a Saturday doesn't


happen any more. Exactly right, well spotted. Andy says "Did Suggs


sneak into watch Ian Drury and the Blockheads?" It was our sax player.


He climbed into the toilet window and got his Janes caught and was


hanging upside down in the dressing room. I saw him a lot of times


though. I saw his last concert. We made a record with him towards the


end. A huge influence the way he wrote songs and sang. Now pour all


of that on top of our cheesecake and then we bake this for about an


hour at about 160 or so. It's cooked, again I know you're worried


about this... I'm worried about the meringue. I know! You can relax.


Basically, when you've got an area about this sort of size that's


still wobbly in the middle take it out of the oven. Don't think it has


to be set. The reSidual heat obviously, if it's solid when you


take it out, the redistillual heat can only go up, so you get cracked.


-- cracks. If you leave it, then the reSidual will be there. This is


what we end up with. Whatever happened to Night Fever. That was


brilliant. God yeah, it was fantastic, the top secret killer


format basically, karaoke. It was great. We had to have gets every


week. One week we got Bernie Klivdon. He turned up without the


ostrich. The producer said, that's my own act, I don't do that any


more. The producer said no ostrich, no fee. So he went all right, I'll


get it from the car. I loved that show. You used to sit there and get


celebrities to sing songs. The boys versus the girls. Why did it go?


New bosses at Channel Five, you know the story. Bring it back.


seems like it was on for a long time. Three years. We went to


Malaga and someone didn't realise that the LED, you need to read the


words in karaoke, and you couldn't see them in the sunshine. It was


like miming on Top of the Pops again. Exactly. We end up with this


delicious cheesecake, which is lovely, soft and creamy, chocolate


sauce... Fat free, yeah? Yeah! can't have this Harry, zero% body


fat. Harry, that next cover of a magazine, won't look so good.


on my post-Christmas diet. A moment on the lips... You have fruit in


there. There's one of your five a day. That is amazing. Bigger


knickers. Harry is cooking spicy seabass with a mustard sauce.


hope I'm just helping. I'm the worst cook ever. Of course. That is


beyond cook. Gin-based cocktails next. First a chance to guess the


# Don't drink, don't smoke machine what do you do


# Subtle innuendo follow machine must --


# Must be something inside. news this evening of the


whereabouts of the Prime Minister's son, Mark Thatcher, his co-driver


and the possible third person in the car has almost totally confused.


The British Embassy is waiting for confirmation in view of the


inaccurate information that's been available so far. Until urgent work


on the lifting frame has been carried out, what's left of the


Mary Rose is tonight in more danger of being crushed than it was for


the 437 years at the bottom of the # Don't drink


# Don't smoke # What do you do


# Subtle innuendos follow Look at them! If you don't end this


now I'm going to kill you. Is that what you want? It's over.


It's over! Nothing is over. Nothing! You just


don't turn it off. Adam About there -- Ant there. What


year was that? I am going '82. I'm with you.


So, Wayne, how was your New Year? Christmas, lovely, relaxed. I


didn't leave the house for three days. Were you on drinks duty?


was me, Karen and the girls. egg nothing? Did one in -- egg-nog?


Did one in the morning. Gin has had a resurgence. There are more and


more gins hitting the mar get. You can see some brands here.


What is the difference? I know sometimes you have a gin and


sometimes you have cucumber in it? It is like changing it to


compliment the botanical flavour. It is spices and roots.


It was a medicine? It is a... We have one from Battersea, Hoxton.


This one is from Highgate. This one is from St James's in Mayfair.


Nothing from Chelsea. Warning, grapefruit and Coe nult? It is 43%.


It will surprise you. Technically you think about coconut used as a


flavour in gin. People are having gin and tonics


but also cocktails. There has been an interest recently in film and TV


with the Victorian era. People are harping back to those days. This


one is called gin and French and you could have dry Martini. This


goes back to the 19th century, in oh London, the Gin Palace. A haven.


This is the only big experience, a place with gilt mirrors, marble,


tiles. There are only a few preserved examples in London at the


moment that you can find. This one, we will use number three gin from


Mayfair, followed by this lillet. Is this a sweet wine? A little


fruit. I thought you were going to neck that!


James Bond had vodda and gin. Gin and French. Port and lemon. Sit


a good drink to ask for. This would have been served, like


this, it would have been rustic. Even ice in the mid-19th century


that was quite a luxury. It would come out of the barrel. They


couldn't afford the electricity. Gin and French. Equal quantities. A


lovely drink. Oh, it's a proper drink. Just


alcohol. It's really strong, isn't it? A proper cocktail. I feel like


I'm in the olden days. Two large heaped teaspoons of


caster sugar. Organic eeg white. Gin -- egg white. If you use yolk


it is golden Fiz. It comes from the old Tom Collins.


Gin from Highgate. A large measure of. That don't be shy. We have our


lemon. Squeeze this lemon use in. Half a lemon will give you a nice


tablespoon. Lemon juice. Good for you. Very


cleansing. Nothing like some high draigs. Give


it a shake. -- hidraigs. Give it a shake.


It goes into a glass, with no ice. Put the lemon in there. The oil has


been pressed out. Poor this over. You see it has a fluffy texture. We


will give it a little carbon nation, with some soda water.


You have a drink laughing at you. That is very funny. That is too


easy to drink. It is an eye-opener. Thank you.


You can get all of the cocktail recipes by logging on to our


website. We will discover more about the is tallyian island in


This is the note note valley in the south-east of -- the Noto Valley in


the south-east of the island. 1963, there was a huge earthquake.


One of the disasters in history. It happened here. There is an


eyewitness description I have here. "It was so horrible and ghastly,


this event of biblical proportions that the soil undue lated like the


waves of the sea and the mountains danced as if drunk." That sound


terrifying. After the earthquake all of the major towns in the


valley were rebuilt in the lavish baroque style favoured by the


overLord's, the Spanish. They have been in control of here


since the end of the 13th century. The island was a small part of the


empire. Under the Spanish, the number of


those entitled to it expanded, creating more feudal estates which


had to be paid for by the poor society. This is the most


spectacular of the baroque towns built by the Spanish. It was


created according to a meticulous town plan, designed to deliver the


wow factor from the moment you arrived. I cannot work out whether


it is a town or piece of theatre. You feel like you are in a stage


set, don't you? It does. It is unusual because usually the cities


have built up over time. Here you have a city built in one go, go, so


it preserves the baroque idea. continues on Friday night, BBC Two


at 9pm. Abi Griffiths is here. Will they or won't they work? There is


one that is questionable already. You are doing fitness? You think,


this will be the year you'll get fit. Let's start with the fitness


watch. It will record your data, minute miles, calories. What makes


this different is it is an MP3 player as well. What I like is it


will not only play your tunes but record which songs make you run


faster. There is me using it. you get a good tune you run faster.


I ran the marathon last year. There were songs that helped when I got


to mile 20 and mile 21. The other thing is if you have an droid phone,


you can receive a -- Android phone. You can receive texts with these.


Ethiopia and Kenyan runners have trained for a long time with these.


It is the difference between going barefoot and having a trainer. This


is the middle ground. What happens to your foot? I am putting down the


front of my foot which propels you in a forward motion and lifts you


much. With the other trainers you can see with the heel lift, you


plant your heel first, which does not absorb the shock as well.


like doing running. It is true, you go forward. This morning my calves,


the tops of them, are sore. have overworked your calves all the


time. You do it automatically. You stand up on your toes. Is it good


for you? It is building the small muscles in the foot. It is a


forward motion. There is not a lot of medical evidence to suggest you


will get a lot of injuries. I find it quite liberating. You can feel


the pavement. It is nice running. You have lots of reaction. If I was


going off-road I would want something more protective.


much? �75. This is the Nike Vapor Flash Jacket. If you are taking up


running, or training for an event or training after work when it is


dark. Look at that running! It is like Bay Watch, but in Bayswater.


It will keep you it will up so people can see you. It has 360


degrees visibility. I rove it -- love it. I don't want it to be �200.


�200!? You can overlook it because you are seen on the road. If it


keeps you alive.... Harry, you are busy doing that. Keep the abs going.


Wow! The Technogym. The touch-screen -


is it working!? Lovely when a gadget doesn't do it! If it was


working, you can use it as a Home Office as well. We have conflicting


ideas. I did like it. It is a shame that -


you can see it there, how it does work - you can pull up all sort of


different things. Look how slow I am doing it. Fl I want to train I


want to focus on it. If -- if I want to train I want to focus on it.


A keyboard comes up so you can run and Tweet at the same time. I like


it. When you run on these you get bored. You can watch TV. I played


connect four. I got super competitive. I wanted to stop to


complete the game. How is this? Good. Sorry, how much is this?


�8,748. Pricey. OK, Harry, show us how it works. You need a sensor. It


is compatible with X Box. It's working. What do I do? How do


we get it back? Punch back. Single player.


Her we go. We just won't cook anything!


Overrated the cookery section. Good weekend TV.


You can do all the exercises accurately. There is a lot of


dancing you can do. You can do some cardioworkouts. If you want to tone


up or do yoga, you can do that. It You look like you're dancing to One


Step Beyond. Yeah! How much is that one? �42. Thanks both. For more


information on today's gadgets, e- mail us via our website. Continuing


the 200th anniversary of Charles Dickens birth here's a clip of the


thriller that the author never finished, The Mystery of Edwin


If he does not come soon, I will die of longing. Rosa has no idea


how lucky she is, oh, for heaven sake you know nothing about it.


There he is! Look at his lovely hair. Will you pleez be quiet.


-- please be quiet. So romantic, I could faint.


Mr Edwin Drood to see Miss Rosa Bud. It's just so absurd. What is?


whole thing, girls and servants scuttling about and giggling when


it's only you come to call. That's a nice way to welcome your fiance.


I can't kiss you because I've got a pear drop in my mouth. Miss


Twinkleton. How do you do. Very glad indeed to have the pleasure


once more. Pray, excuse me, Shall I just go? No. Not so soon,


the girls will only want to know why. How are you? I would like to


reply much the better for seeing you Rosie.


You can see the first part of the mystery of drooddrooddrood on


Tuesday evening, 9pm, BBC two. Harry in the kitchen. How's your


cooking? Not great. I can poach an egg. Eggs are hard to poach.


think they are. You're being slightly patronising there. No! To


get a good poached egg. Easy to boil an egg. Well done Harry. I'm


amazed you can't though. A little bit. My mum's a brilliant cook. And


my girlfriend's trying to, well she's learning. She's great. She


cooked me a chicken dish last night. I'm more of a cleaning man, on the


domestic side of things. That's good. You have something going for


you at least. Yeah. Scrubbing you at least. Yeah. Scrubbing


toilets. You'll go a long way. We're doing a spiced seabass.


Lovely seabass and the flavours on the rub for it are chilli powder


and turmeric to give it colour and flavour. Then we're doing a yoghurt


and mustard sauce. Yoghurt, toe mautyoiz, cardamom pods, ground


cumin, ginger, chilli, onions, curry leaves, more turmeric, ground


coriander and black mustard seeds. A few ingredients, but quite simple.


First job, let's get the fish on the go. Tip in the turmeric and the


chilli into there. Take serious Harry now. I will! Then a good glug


of oil into there. Both of these? Yeah, shake it in. Is that good


technique? Beautiful. A glug? want to make a bit of a paste with


it. I'll tell you when. That's a drizzle. We need enough oil so we


can coat the seabass with it. That looks like a glug to me. That will


do. Give that a stir round. A bit of salt. This will give us a bit of


flavour. You could grill or poach the seabass. When we cook the


spices they will char slightly. So you get Another Level of flavour


there there. Then chuck the seabass in there. Give It a good furtle


around with your fingers. Give some love to the' bass now, cuddle it,


massage it, make it feel like it's loved. Come on, there you go.


wanted. Lovely. Harry, not only did you win the Strictly glitterball,


but last year, you also won the hair style of the year award.


runner up on that! LAUGHTER


You beat Prince Harry and Peter Andre. I don't know how I won. I


just have a short back and sides. It's astounding. There's a bit of


work going into that. A bit of hair spray. How long does it take to do


that in the morning? Seconds. Really. Honestly. I have a little


scar as well, there, which I think some people think I've shaved in


you see. It's like a thunder bolt. That's not a fashion statement.


That's a scar. I was at home and I just saw on Twitter, someone was


like oh, you won this hair thing. I thought it was a joke. Did you get


anything? No. They sent me a trophy. That was great. To pop beside your


glitterball. What I was more pleased about was the fact that


Robbie Savage came fifth in the worst hair of the year. Only fifth!


You were fourth, Simon. Telling me I looked like a tramp. Soy was


pleased about that. Brilliant. don't know how I won that, though.


I'm grated ginger. Harry cut one of those onions in half and grate the


onion. You could slice it, but we're going to do a simple Indian


based sauce really. Quite a lot of sauces in Indian cuisine will grate


the onion. Grate, Harry. Great grating. Thank you. I've grated


ginger as well. We have ginger, onion that we grate. I'm going to


chop chilli. To start it, the mustard part of our sauce is


mustard seeds. They take seconds to start popping. That's what we're


looking for. Lots of ingredients, but it's a simple sauce. A few


tweets for you. Now that you're a skilled dancer what dance would you


be itching to teach Izzy if you ever got married? I think suitable


for a wedding dance is something like an American smooth maybe.


she dance? Contemporary ballroom number? She can dance definitely.


She's a musician, so, she's got some moves. There she is. Beautiful.


You make a lovely couple. She has some moves. She'd love to actually.


But I have the tour and McFly tour, so maybe one day, we'll... Did I


just say that on TV? What about song? First song is important.


is true. I have no idea. It's tough. Chop a chilli for me. How big?


Whatever you want. Finely really. We want it quite fine. I don't have


a clue what I'm doing. That's fine. I loved a song we danced to a


Michael Buble version of Can't Help Falling in Love. What would you


have? I've had the time of my life. That's more my funeral I think.


Funeral songs are more fun to pick. What than my wed sning You know


what I mean. The song you would go out to would be really good.


could be great fun. It would be. Sunday morning, chopping chillies,


talking about funerals. My wife wants Ding, Dong, the Witch is Dead.


She does! She genuinely does. I think it's great. Hannah says


"Harry will you carry on dancing? "I would love to carry on dancing.


It just depeeds -- depends. My first love is drumming really. Well


I have other loves, but I want to focus on the band. I was going to


say, that drum or dance? Drumming just. I absolutely the dancing. But


I was so fortunate because when you do Strictly you're doing seven,


eight hours a day with a professional, one or one coaching.


You're not going to get a better opportunity than that to learn to


dance. Gruelling. Were there moments when you were like ah, just


throw in the towel, I'm done. couple, yeah. When we were doing


the samba, which is the Latin, that really, she was like you have to be


sexy. Go on. No. I was just like it's not cool. She showed me a move


I wantsed to do I literally nearly cried. I didn't even fry St -- it.


-- try it. All in all it's a very rewarding


experience. You don't have a choice. Have you to go for it. Each


Saturday when you've got through it, it's amazing. What I loved about


you, so many people supported you. The boys were there, your granny


was at home. Your dad. I've never had such a great response from


family and friends. Due expect to do as well as you did? Due think


you might crack it? Every person who goes on the show, everyone is


so self-conscious and so worried and just wants to get through week


one. That is exactly how I felt. I just wanted to get through the


first week. You could ask Russell Grant whether you'd get through.


Week three, Russell came up to me and said "I had a dream thaw won."


I bet he said that to everyone though. I hope not! On the sly.


Russell, no. He said that to me, and then in the final before


we.final, he came up to me and said "Remember my dream." I thought, OK.


Which dream was that? Just to recap, any dream will do, we have our


onion, mustard seeds, chilli, tomatoes and all of our spices. Ke


cook those down. As we cook them the tomato breaks down and we end


up with this delightful fella here. We end with yoghurt in there and we


stir the yoghurt through. Ideally what you'd do is simmer this for


two, three minutes. Now we have this lovely creaminess. You can do


it without the yoghurt in. It's delicious without. But the yoghurt


gives us a level of acidity that we want in this. What we do to serve,


we simply spoon a wee bit of this delicious sauce on there and sit


our seabass on top. Lovely. It's over to Tim and sugdz for the Deja


View news. Mark Thatcher went missing in the Sahara, AdamAnt


belted out Two Shoes. It was 19282, it was 1983 when I went to see it.


It must have been the end of '8 2. AdamAnt knocked you off number one.


Lots the tweets. "Does Suggs have plans to write more musicals as the


last was brilliant." Will Our House musical ever tour again? They're


doing a production in Germany of all places. Do they change the...


Obviously. What do you call it strausse, our house up the


strausse? Something like that. You're fluent. I am! Another one


says "Are you more nervous about the strictly tour or McFly tour?


Strictly tour. Because I've been drumming a while now. Isn't there


not a temptation to turn from the not a temptation to turn from the


band and become a celebrity? No. I love being in the band. That's my,


that's all I want to do. We want to make a career out of it. Suggs,


have you been asked to do reality shows, have you considered doing


one or would you do one? My agent goes on about Strictly. I could


dance a bit. I don't think throw in a few shapes on the disco floor.


You would be great. He's too good. I can't believe these characters


haven't learned before they get there. Yeah! The bum sticking out


on the hips ones. We dance with the top halves of our bodies. When you


dance properly, it's all... If you watched me when I started it's


frightening. Dad dancing. What, before the secret lessons?


LAUGHTER Time's up. Thanks to Suggs and


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