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Good morning. Only six more advent calendar doors to open before


Christmas Day so, to celebrate,we have the British/Irish all boy pop


group who have performed alongside Justin Bieber and Britney Spears.


They are The Wanted. And completing a musical line up for us today is


the 20 year-old who Turned It Up and is now Young, Foolish and Happy


- chart topper Pixie Lott. They're here for Christmas cooking,


cocktails, chat and to take a look at the best of the festive telly.


We did where Christmas jumpers. Welcome to Smash hits! Welcome to


Something For The Weekend. Smash hits, can you remember that? It was


great. Of course I can, I am that told. Simon came up with a good


idea to wear our Christmas jumpers. He knew in his locker he had a nice


fashionable stylish design. Louise also has a stylish fashionable


Christmas jumper. I think mine is quite Christmassy. I had to go and


buy one, and this is horrible. Yours just looks like you are going


skiing. It has Christmas trees, snow, and skiing people. It is


Scandinavian. You should have really gone for report, with ties,


and Rudolf. This is traditional Christmas Chelsea blue. You have


rarely entered into the spirit of it, well done. It is a bit rubbish,


isn't it? Am are going to carry on wearing it through the show? Yes,


you are. It was Strictly Come Dancing last night's. Is it called


Strictly Come Dancing, have I made that up? People just call it


Strictly. It was the final with Harry, Jason Donovan and Chelsee


Healey. That law is sprung loaded. You us, it is called a sprung floor,


which is great as a dancer to dance on. Is that the Tower Ballroom at


Blackpool? I have seen gigs there. There was a lot of glitter and fun


and festivity. Here is the result. Oh. Here is the result for you!


Harry Judd! A clean sweep this year. Have you seen on the tour they have


to do it behind closed doors now because of the pitch invasion for


the band. Next year, we are going for a clean sweep for Something For


The Weekend. We are going to win X- factor next year with owl erasure


Act. -- our Erasure act. What am I doing? You are doing the jungle.


worries. It will be a clean sweep. We are going to do all of them.


Since 2009, Pixie Lott has sold a million albums. She has had three


number-one singles, been nominated for three BRIT Awards, plus had a


sell-out UK tour. She will be telling us about her plans to crack


America. On her new album, did you know she has Stevie wonder


performing on it? And John legend. I am a big fan of both. The Wanted


will be telling stories about touring with Britney Spears and


Justin Bieber, also talking about their album and single, also about


having an army of screaming fans. If you have a question for either


of our guests, or who you think won the Christmas jumpers. I think I


won, but mine is too small for me. I wanted it to look like my little


brother's jumper. They didn't make a lot of these, bizarrely! This is


a one-off. Discomfort is the best part of it. You look absolutely


roasting. I am going to get a sweaty top lip by the end of the


show, always attractive on a woman. It is our last show before


Christmas, what will you be cooking? We will be starting with


tequila cured salmon. We all like a bit of cured meat at Christmas, so


curing it in tequila and sugar is delicious. It is nice.


intrigued by that. It has a nice flavour, nice texture. Texture is a


big thing when you are during things. It doesn't sound nice.


it not? I think anything with tequila sounds nice. It is lovely,


you will like it. You will be the main course, venison loin


Wellington. Look at that beast. Venice and, pate, mushrooms, gravy,


vegetables, what is not to like? For dessert, a traditional Danish


rice pudding. The story behind it, I will tell you when we do it with


The Wanted boys. Finally, leftovers today - sprouts are always left


over in my house. I love them. you not like them? We were saying


how much we like to brussel sprout. How and they are not just for


Christmas. Does anybody still do bubble and squeak? I like bubble


and squeak. I like it, but I don't think people do it. They eat their


food, don't they? They buy to eat. You can go to the website to follow


the recipes. Here is what Som the rest of the show today. -- what is


on the rest of the show. Who are you calling a little? You are quite


small. At the universe is explained in Brian Cox's Night With The Stars.


They behave more like waves and water. Gillian Anderson stars in


Great expectations. All of me is cold. Will your cocktails be making


us slightly more Christmassy today? I haven't got a Christmas jumper. I


have got this. That doesn't help you. You do look good today. I have


nice celebratory drinks for Christmas and New Year, bottled


they can't which has been much during in the fridge. -- bottled


eggnog. Did you see on X-factor last week, one of the contestants


had a shirt with no tie. Gary Barlow was really excited, wasn't


he? Worse than me! Let's Cook. Morning, Gary. We know that he


watches the show. He doesn't need to get up early in the morning!


Smash hits today! Come on, Gary. then we have tequila, soft brown


sugar and salt, chilly, mustard seeds, cumin seeds. Whatever


tequila you have got in the cupboard. Go on, in one! Come on,


it's Christmas. It is been drinking time. By the way, it is putting


stress and strain on our services, don't do it. Do your homework, tidy


your bedrooms. First things first, I am going to toast the cumin seeds,


the mustard seeds. Ideally, into a cold pan, let it warm gently. Tim,


the first job for you, we will have some lime zest and some chopping.


Louise, in the meantime, if you would like to combine the tequila,


sugar and salt, and makes that together. We are trying to impart


flavour. Literally just put it in like that? That is a lot of sugar.


Yes, you want to cover the salmon with all these flavours. The longer


you leave this, the better. Ideally, you would want to leave it for


about 48 hours. If you can do it even longer, that is nicer. This is


really potent. How much would you like? The zest


of all three, ideally. Thanks very much! That was a real reaction.


the girls are like that. I feel really told off. I forgot I was on


television then! What?! As my fashion correspondent, I have a


question to ask. I am shopping, am I? We don't need the juices. I went


shopping for my daughter's the other day, I won't mention a brand,


but everything is pink in the shops. My kids hate pink. Was it a real


bright pink? No, for orchids, little girls. They assume my


children are Katie Price. They are not! And they don't want to wear


pink. With boys, it is so different. Football shirt. Yes, literally. I


know it is hard if you have little girls who don't like pink because


everything comes in pink under a certain age. Did you buy things?


because they won't wear it. I buy my boys' school clothes and all


they want is football kits. -- cool clothes. Jot that, the line goes in


there. All of that in here? Yes, pretty much, a fine job. That is


beautiful. We have lime zest, the toasted spices, so now you get the


delicious flavour. It smells like a proper restaurant smell. That is


praise indeed. Press that on to the surface of the delicious salmon.


really should have done this a bit finer. Yes, but you get the idea.


It is about flavour because this gets wiped off at the end of the


day. That goes on, press that down, then we spooned all this lovely


mixed on to there. If you don't like tequila, you could do this


with vodka as well. It is the same principle. The alcohol starts to


cook the salmon slightly. It is just going to cut in the alcohol?


Yes, and all that happens now, the salt and sugar... I am so intrigued


by this. It is very clever. The alcohol is cooking? Yes, the


acidity is working here. Keep doing it, Little by Little. Obviously it


will still be wet. You then wrap it up really tightly. The tin foil


round, then we put another tray on top, and weigh it down. Why do you


have to do that? We want to press it down so we are squeezing moister


talking nonsense. I'm not sure you can put flavour in whilst getting


moisture out. I'm not sure of the science. If we compact it we are


changing the structure. I think it makes sense. The more it is pressed


down, the more the alcohol is seeping into it and it is curing.


But as he is saying that, the moisture is coming out at the same


time. I'm not having it, I'm sorry. Now combine the yoghurt and the


goat's cheese... Tim, get Professor Brian Cox on the phone right now.


That can't work. Now, chop some mint. Stop questioning everything,


Lovejoy. I'm not questioning everything, I just don't believe


the logic. Chop that and put into it the goat's cheese and yoghurt


mix. Here is our 12.5 kilo weight on top. I wondered what those


weights were this morning. I thought they were door thingies.


What else could you use to do that? Two house bricks. Get Jamie to


stand on it. Look what happens. the flavour's gone in and all the


moisture has gone out. That's exactly what's happened Tim.


believe you, Simon. Add the lime juice. How many? Just the one will


do. Here is this beautiful piece of salmon. What we do, we take it out.


It's compacted. Oh look, all the moisture has come out! Feel this


now. It's hard. And why is that? Because all the moisture has come


out. Thank you! LAUGHTER But Simon, all the flavour's gone in. LAUGHTER


Who needs to watch that Brian Cox show? We've got you doing it.


love Brian Cox. So do I, but I don't understand a word he says.


you like me go ych, yep, no, no, and then white noise? I start


thinking about his haircut and what a nice jacket he's wearing. That's


so me, what you just said that. I thought it was only me who watched


nice, intelligent programmes and after ten minutes think, what is


this actually about? See how lovely and dry this is. This is beautiful.


That does look amazing. Look at that, that's glorious. Are we


coming round here now? We are. Lovely slices of this. I do love it


when it is so far over. It's brilliant. And then we have our


lovely bits of salmon. And the goat's cheese, which works


brilliantly with it. Did you taste that? I don't really like goat's


cheese, so it's wasted on me. like goat's cheese. That's really


good. I'm going to try a bit of goat's cheese. Actually, that's


alright. It is a time commitment, you need look it -- leave it for a


couple of days. But that's better than salmon from the supermarket.


And the main course? The venison Wellington. That is really good.


You can follow our recipes on our website -


bbc.co.uk/somethingfortheweekend. It's time for a Christmas


adaptation of a classic story, starring Stephen Fry and Victoria


Wood, amongst others. This is one for the whole family. This is The


I can't believe she was right. My own little person. Who are you


calling little? Well, you are quite small. No I'm not. It is you who


are too big. You are a great big overgrown giant. We are just the


right size. There's more of you? didn't say that. Get back! Ow! I


was only going to help you out. aren't going to eat me? Eat you?


What would be the point? My name's James. Harietti.


Do you want a hand? Yes, please. If that was supposed to be funny...


Serves you right for stealing my gun. We don't staerblgs we borrow.


So -- We don't steal, we borrow. there are more of you? What's that?


How about I show you? What exactly does this thing do...


Are you alright? Look, I'm so sorry. You can enter the world of The


Borrowers on Boxing Day at 7.30 on BBC One. Our first guest readily


admit to being a manufactured boy band, but the auditions worked,


because in two years they've built a huge fan base in the UK and


abroad, plus turned out hit after hit, including these.


# I'm in pieces # It seems like this is the only


thing I've never known # How do you get it from an all-


# The sun goes down # The stars come out


# The universe will never be the same


# I'm glad you came, I'm glad you came #


. With we are glad you came. Welcome to The Wanted. You are


cheating, where are your dance routines? Has no-one tried to get


you to do dance routines? Back in the day we did try but we are so


bad we thought it's better not to ruin the singing. It is hard when


you are singing live and you've got loads of routine. You get out of


breath and can't sing properly. Louise said earlier you are a


manufactured band. Where are you all from? Bolton. Gloucester.


Nottingham. Dublin. Where were the auditions advertised? I Googled for


auditions. Doingle the answer. that a joke? I Googled auditions.


And someone said to me that the thing they had on the website was


Wanted, male singers" and then Nathan decided to call us The


Wanted. Do you all write? Did you all write beforehand? Yes. I saw


you at the Jingle Bell Ball. I did see instruments going on there.


it true, Max, that you had a chance to sign for Preston North End?


used to play football a lot when I was younger. I played a couple of


Games for England schoolboys. I love football. What position but


play? I was the smaller of the two forwards. But it didn't work out.


read that you had to make the decision. It was either the


drinking or football. Is it a good life? Are you enjoying it, the last


two years? It is amazing. You see things you never thought you would


see and go places you never thought you would go. It's quite busy.


never get to be home very much, which is the downside. But we've


been to Brazil, America, Australia, Asia. It's been a mad year. And the


second album you guys were much more involved in the writing. You


played a big part, which people don't realise takes up a huge


amount of time. What was the album structure? Did you all write on the


album? On the first album we contributed. But the record company


had an idea and helped us make that. But the second time it was


controlling. We don't like this track. Did you set out with a set


idea of what you wanted to do Manchester Unitedically? All the,


it was different to the stuff we did on the first album. When we


first heard it... We were used to catering for the younger market.


Boy bands are everywhere now. We'll probably maybe have more longevity


if we try to write stuff that everyone would like. It is hard,


because you have to always think of doing something different. There've


been so many bands before you and will come after, so it is


identifying your sound and your look and getting your own fan base.


Is that something you think about? These boys, the new single... I


mean, they incorporated a bit of dubstep. I'm a massive fan of


dubstep. It's become really big in the last year or so. To incorporate


dubstep in a boy band in general is a risk. A piano ballad! I think


we've got a clip of that single. # I know, I just gotta let it go


# I, I, I should have known # I gotta let you say goodbye now


# I through my armour down # I'm leaving the battleground for


the final time now # I, I, I know I'm running from a


war zone # So you are releasing that on Boxing


Day? Yes. You are not going for the Christmas Day number one? No, the


Boxing Day sales. Is the Christmas Day number one a write-off because


of X Factor? I think so. Because X Factor sets the standard, only


crazy songs with a story normally make it. Army Wifes are doing it


this year... Military Wives. They are saying that is going to win.


And nirvana have reached the anti-X Factor song as well. There is


always going to be a certain spin with that to go with that. You've


got a bit of time off over Christmas. It is eur last day today


and we are off for Christmas. We go away from a bit of a holiday over


new year. And then you are off to the States. How is it going there?


We are doing it anonymously I think. We went over, released the song...


That's not the way to celebrate! we go out there and say, we were a


boy band, a lot of people say no. Kiss FM in New York took it


straight away. We are so grateful for that. It's had really good


feed-back. You have to literally go everywhere to be successful


everywhere. It is quite nice, because we are going back to the


start again. We traipsed around schools and clubs and pubs for


three or four months. When we go to America we are doing the Rock and


Roll Hotel in Denver. It's going be a trek. It is maidsing that you see


parts of the world you will sever see... Like Denver! Make sure you


get your questions in for them. Tweet us at @SFTW or e-mail via the


website - bbc.co.uk/somethingfortheweekend.


We've got some pretty un- Christmassy headlines but a really


Christmassy song and film to help you guess the year in today's Deja


View. # Baby, all I want for Christmas is


Matt Busby was and remains an unsullied public figure, which


explains the loss of his death which goes far beyond the world of


football. Television screens are dominated by the court case with


the American footballer OJ Simpson. The President of the European


Commission Jack delor is disappointed that Norway voted


against joining the European Union. He said the door is open if it


changed its mind later in the decade.


# Make my wish come true # All I want for Christmas is you #


You are a very good Santa Claus. Your beard's stuck on real tight.


Usually the store's Santa Claus whiskers are a bit loose. Your as


realistic. That's because they are real. You give them a tug. I've


never seen that film. You? East 17 is the best one. The po Box


always win, that one is probably the best. What came next? It was


good, bizarrely. Who came third? East 17? Am I losing my credibility


for sticking up for East 17? Tim. 1993? 1994? I haven't got a


clue. Christmas songs all fade into one. What did you go for? Now 1994.


I will go with 1992. Cocking, what have we done this week? Christmas


jumper time. This is not as good as yours. He made the roulade, the


second attempt they have to walk all the way to his house. It is a


nice time, romance at Christmas. bended knee. Let us know. De do get


on bended knee when you propose? not with my knees. My knees, my


Achilles. I drew a picture of myself on my knees! You have got to


go on one knee, or otherwise for the rest of your life you're wife


will say you didn't go down on one knee. A couple engaged in my


restaurant this week. He did go down on one knee and it was very


romantic. This is probably one of the best pictures we have ever had.


This couple are from Liverpool originally, they are currently in


Uganda, and still found time to make the chocolate roulade. Finally,


Lucy and Victoria from Skipton, again they have made the roulade.


They are going to see The Wanted in Sheffield. They are not playing in


Sheffield in February? Must be wrong. Whatever you cook over


Christmas, do send in your pictures. This, Tim... This is exciting.


you want to do something exciting over the Christmas period, we are


going to do a venison Wellington. We have venison, field mushrooms.


So you sealed it first? The problem with venison is it is very easy to


overcook it. Season it in the pan until you get some colour, take it


out and then let it go cold. When you put it in the pastry and in the


oven. That's fine, we have protection now. As long as you only


like, but we have pate and pastry in the fridge. The first job for


you, Tim, is too finely chop some mushrooms. This is a duxelles of


mushrooms, which means finely chopped. Put them into the food


processor, pulsing them until they get to be fine. The other thing


about venison, it is quite rich meat. You need a good gravy or


something, don't you? A good reduction or something. We have a


rich stock gravy, we have port. In the gravy, a bit of Madeira is nice


for something like venison. In here, we have cooked some shallots, some


butter goes into there, then the finely chopped mushrooms go into


their as well. Let them start cookout a little bit. I went for a


fitness test this week because I am going to do the bike ride. This is


with Mark Cavendish, isn't it? but he's not cycling, he is the


ambassador for it. I have to cycle for three days, 100 miles a day.


That doesn't sound like a lot but I am assuming it is a lot, I don't


know. I went to do this fitness thing and this man said a brilliant


word - he said abs are created in the kitchen. So do have a dietary


plan? No, I haven't. Have you started cycling? No, I haven't.


good start! I was cheating because we have got to finish it. We have


got to sit them, until they squeak. Lots of water in there, then put


the port into there. Port really goes with venison, doesn't it? Or a


rich red wine. Anything that fortified. Even Cherie is good


because you want the rich flavour. Let this bubble down to pretty much


nothing, and you end up with this. Venison is very lean, isn't it?


There are your abdominal muscles in that. Now, with Wellington so


victor often we wrap them in pancakes. I am wrapping them in


streaky bacon, you could use Parma ham. We spread this duxelles a


cross here. Is that what this is for? I got one of these were the


set of knives once. For this one is blunt! We're really looking for a


platform to sit the venison on. That is beautiful. There is a lot


of flavour in that. Then we have the field mushrooms, the shallots,


so that is a delicious flavour in its own right. The venison we have


sealed, now we are going to sneer pate all over it. -- smear. We have


folded the venison in half so we have a fat joint. If you work your


hands, it might be easier to do but we are pressing it round. Do you


want a thick layer? It depends how much you like it. If you don't like


pate, you could leave it off. This is chicken liver pate, but it could


be anything you fancy. Stick that in the middle. Wild you wash your


hands, I will wrap this. We rolled it around on this side. It is a bit


of a faff, but the end result is worth it. I did one of these once,


didn't I? I did the Beef Wellington. Wrap it up, put it in the fridge,


and chill it. Then we end up with this here. That has been in the


fridge for about 20 minutes, an hour, two hours. It is nice and


solid now so we have a beautiful flavour. Next we stick the venison


on there, then we roll it around until it just over laps. It is


important you get a good contact with it. You wanted to be really


tight around it. This is one of those things that you know will be


beautiful. You don't want to have loads of pastry around here because


you don't want it to be soggy. tight. That's what we want, to him.


Then we want a nice neat end so we can be pretty as it can be. Like a


parcel? Yes, imagine it is a present, like all those presents


you bought yesterday. I have been struggling with my Christmas


shopping. All I have got to do is buy a present for my wife, then I


have a few bits and pieces for my kids. Most things I have fought


online, I will be honest. Use it this on to the board, then let this


chilled after you have a washed it. Let it Cheal, then a wash it again


so that is really glossy. -- chill, then eggwash it. A big fat piece of


that. We have our roast potatoes. This, on Christmas Day. Then a


little bit of rich gravy goes on there. Go for it. We will stand at


the back and watch. We are all right. The pastry is crispy. That


is absolutely awesome. What is for dessert? Danish rice pudding!


is still stirring. You can find Brian Cox is trying to make sure


our brains don't turn to mush over the festive period so he has filled


a lecture theatre with celebrities. Here, he is trying to explain


electrons to Sarah Millican in his Night With The Stars. A place where


there is no waves, then some waves, then no waves. You see that pattern.


If you were to draw a detector along there, you would see that.


Here you would see nothing, no waves, no electrons, here we have


waves and electrons. So what can week in For? Have you not done your


homework today? This is just the experimental data. This was done in


the 1920s and it was a shock, but the inference is...? That looks


like... This could be a long game! GCSE grade C remember. This pattern


here. What do you think? Just tell us. The electrons are behaving more


like the waves in the tank, water waves. That is a classic pattern


you see when you get waves passing through. This is what you might


have expected electrons to do, but they don't behave like sound. They


behave more like waves and water. Oh, that's me! Merry Christmas.


What were you thinking? I was thinking I am really hot. Yes, you


are. Ouch! You can learn from Brian Cox with Night With The Stars on


BBC Two tonight. With 1 million albums sold, three number-one


singles, over 100 weeks in the charts, a UK sell-out tour, are


next guest is one of UK's brightest # You'll have to cry me out


# You'll have to cry me out # # What would my Mama Do


# All the boys and the girls got it # Don't think I can take any more


# Don't know what you think I'm after


# What are do you take me for # Welcome back to Something for the


Weekend Lott lot. Will you be singing a song for us in a minute.


Ben will be standing by there, who you take everywhere, Christmas


shopping, the lot. Before that we'll talk to you about other stuff.


Let's go back to the beginning, you went to the same school as Louise?


I did, yes. Italia Conti. Did we have some of the same teachers?


D, ne? Rest in peace. Quick! Go to an ad break! LAUGHTER I went to a


Saturday school? Chislehurst, so I saw him not too long ago. He was


still exactly the same. It feels funny to go back. A great school


though. A great place. You can always tell a Conti girl. When you


go to a school like that you obviously do acting and singing.


Louise said she always wanted a pop career. Was that the same with you?


I went there because he heard of Italia Conti as being a school


where you could do dance, singing and acting as well as your school


work. Soy wanted to go there. We trained in musical theatre. I


always knew I wanted to be a recording artist. I did this


separate to school. Do you think it gives awe good grounding, when you


do musical theatre. I think it helps when you become an artist


100% it helps. I do shows but I don't feel too nervous, because


it's second nature. Just growing up in an environment where everyone is


into the same thing. It gives you confidence and gets you used to it


a bit. You have a very successful album. Your new album features some


legends, as in John Legend and Stevie Wonder. That's amazing. How


did it come? It happened naturally. I was in the right place at the


right time. I was just very lucky. With the Stevie Wonder thing it


happened because I was in a restaurants in LA. Just before I


left I bumped into an old friend. I didn't realise he knew Stevie and


was meeting him for dinner. Before we left he said, "Don't leave yet,


I've got a friend I want you to meet." I thought it was a random


guy. An old guy. Stevie walked in and it was such a moment for me. Oh,


my gosh. I was caught off guard. And the John Legend thing, we have


a mutual friend. Was you in the studio together or did you do it


separately? We met first of alls and looked at our schedules. We


were in New York for two hours on a Sunday, so we got into the studio.


He was on the piano and we came out with it really quick and recorded


the vocal. So John Legend plays the piano on the track? And sings.


Stevie Wonder plays the harmonica? Yes. But spend much time in the


States? Yes, I spent two months there with writers and producers.


But in London there is great people I work with here, so it is a


mixture between the two. We are going to get tow sing for us now.


Ben, would you like to come in? The Wanted are here as well to listen


to you. Hi, Ben. Have you got a mic? I have, yes. How are you?


pretty good. What song are you going to do? I'm going to do the


one that I wrote with John Legend. World Trade Center piano on the


recording, but Ben's playing the guitar. No pressure for you then,


Ben! # I don't get caught up


# Always have the upper hand # I'm the one who knows


# Even when I'm in love # I never give it all to one man


# But you came into this # I'm facing my first defeat


# I said I would never be a silly fool


# But look what you've done to me # Said I will never lose


# But you came in and changed the rules


# You win # I love you


# I don't care any more # Because who's keeping score - you


# I love it and my heart is surprised


# It's yours every time - you win # It's yours every time - you win #


APPLAUSE Lovely. Definitely a John Legend


vibe there. Well done. Are you going on tour soon? Next year I


think I will be touring. Probably next year. We haven't got any dates


but I'm excited about it. Are you taking Ben with you on tour?


Definitely. Ben Wes been with us from the beginning. Sam says what


are your plans for the 21st next month? It is on 12th January and


I'm having a massive party. I've looked at some venues but not


picked anything yet. I've got to get organised for. This boys, feel


free to come down. They'll be there like a shot. That's it from Pixie


for now but she will be cooking with Simon later. If you still want


to ask her anything, tweet us at @SFTW or go to our website -


bbc.co.uk/somethingfortheweekend. This is still to come:


If you like Dickens you can have Great Expectations. I am expected.


He is. You're not. Simon's final Christmassy dish is


sprout and potato quiche. And the girls are back looking Ab Fab.


whole house is alarmed now. Go! Go! It is our last show before


Christmas, so our gadget expert Lucy has some crackers, including


an iPhone dock that looks like a gramophone, a modern update on a


retro camera, and a radio- controlled stunt Buggy. She will be


here later to explain all. How does she change so quickly? Maybe I just


said it really quick. We are joined in the kitchen by two guys from The


Wanted. Tom and Max. How are you? Hello.


Did you cook? I love it. That surprises me. I'm not quite to the


venison standard yet. A bit of rice pudding. We should be able to nail


that. This is Danish rice pudding that. This is Danish rice pudding


with almonds. Have you done Denmark yet? We have,


yes. If you are there at Christmas. Instead of Christmas pudding they


do rice pudding. In olden days when we put sixpences in our Christmas


pud, finding the almonds in your rice pud is said to be good luck in


Denmark. You have a massive Christmas dinner and then you have


to neck this rice pudding to find the almond. I'm not sure how much


fun that would be. Our milk is coming to the boil. So we add sugar


and our pudding rice. What do you boys cook? I like chili con carne.


Mexican. I like Mexican. That's quite impressive. Spanish as well


bit of tapas. My mum taught me when I was younger. That's good when


mums teach their kids. I would like my boys to be able to cook when


they are older. Can you cook? this is the problem I'm facing at


the moment. They must be fantastic already, Lou, because with you it


is non- stop cooking in Redknapp Towers! They know what to order.


cook this slowly. It is a bit of a pain in the backside that you have


to stir it all the time. Rice pud. That on its own is lovely. Max,


what we are going to do now is set it, so the gelatine, we've soaked


it in water. Squeeze the moisture out of that and pop the gelatine


into that and beat it. It is quite weird to handle, gelatine. Squeeze


as much moisture out as you can. This isn't very vegetarian friendly


then? Jay, you are out of luck, mate. You could use a agar and


white still set. Beat that. It goes in when it is hot. That starts to


break down. A quick question from Rachel. Who did you prefer touring


with, Bieber or Britney Spears? think Britney Spears. That's a


surprise. You grow up can people like that. And she is pretty


amazing, what she's achieved. was new audience, an older audience.


Was she lovely? A really nice girl. She's done this a long time. She


was so nice. Cool. OK. We let that set. Tom, oh to you. This now


becomes our set one. That's quite solid. What we are going to do is


beat in this cream. So little by little, a spoonful of that goes in.


Start beating that in. The first bit, you are almost breaking it


down rather than trying to beat it in. Bizarrely we have set it and


now you want to soften it. This means it is holding together really


well. Now that you are engaged to Michelle Keegan, now you are going


to be the next celebrity couple are you taking over from the next


Redknapps? You think you are so funny, Simon! My girlfriend fancies


Jamie. He likes hearing autumn that. Does he? Of course! Are you aware


of the fact that as a couple it must put extra pressure on you? But


find that when you first started going out together? You don't think


like that. It is nice to just keep, sometimes you sound a bit hard work,


but keep as much of it out of the limelight as you confirm no matter


who you are, when you go home and shut the door, you are normal and


there is no rock 'n' roll. Well, there isn't in my house. There


might be in yours. But in our house there is no rock 'n' roll. We're


norm. That's what important. Like you say, she just sees me as Max.


She sometimes finds it weird watching me at gigs. And she does


her own thing as well, which helps. I find it weird that she is on


Corrie. I used to watch it as a kid. I go on the set quite a lot and I


feel a bit funny. Do you guys live in London or up north? The boys


live here but I still live many Manchester. So you get to see each


other. You are not struggling. lot of the time we are away, so


whenever I'm in England I'm in Manchester. If not I'm on Nathan's


sofa. My daughter did an acting class with Michelle last week and


said how brilliant she was, and normal. She went back to her old


acting schooling to help out. She loved it. The kids were really nice.


Yours included. There you go. that was fantastic. Beautiful. Now,


here's where, what you need to do is half fill each of those.


looks very creamy. It's a really creamy pud. Imagine you've had your


big Christmas dinner. Half fill each one to start with, Tom.


that it? Did you think it would be thing. One almonds goes in the


middle of these. You are all sitting round on Christmas Day,


really fall. Whoever gets the almonds will be lucky for the rest


of the year. This is where you can get creative. It is a bit messy,


sorry about that. You have put your own touched on it, it is safe to


say. Have I got time for one more e-mail? If you weren't sinners,


what would you be doing now? would be a chef. Probably not, from


this effort! My dad will be gutted. When I said we were making rice


pudding, he said remember to use nutmeg. We are using cinnamon. You


could use nutmeg. Maybe we can spoon a few out, or do we not need


to? Of course, only one of them has almonds in it.


Everyone grabbed the spoon, have a go. I missed the bit - why is it


Danish? It is traditional. Whoever gets the almonds gets good luck for


the rest of the year. What are we making next? Sprout quiche.


favourite. Anyone found the almonds in it? I have found gelatin.


Christmas cocktails next, but now your last chance to guess the year


Matt Busby was and remains an one solid public figure. The sense of


loss around his death goes much further than football.


OJ Simpson stands accused of murdering his ex-wife and her


friend. They President of the European Commission has said he is


disappointed that Norway voted against China in the European Union.


He said the doorway remained open if they changed their mind later in


the decade. # Make my wish come true.


# All I Want For Christmas Is You. There is no doubt about it, he is


real. Susan? What? What else did you ask him for? A baby brother.


Goodbye! Mariah Carey first bell to doubt her Christmas Classic this


year, but which year? 96. I am going to go with 1995. A bit you


have just tuned in by the way, I am wearing this because... Because


that is his taste in clothes. very next season. Simon decided we


should wear Christmas jumpers but he knew he had won in his Christmas


wardrobe, a nice taste for one, and Louise is obviously looking good in


hers. You didn't wear one because you didn't have one. So you are


going to make cocktails. I am going to do a really nice bottled egg nog.


It goes back to medieval traditions, Anglo-Saxon. When it came over to


the Atlantic, it was shortened to Beat the eggs, get them nice and


fluffy. Is it OK to drink raw eggs? Yes, because alcohol perverse and


Cox the eggs. The might get ill but you will be drunk and you won't


realise. That is a question that people do think about. It is just


not if you are pregnant, I would imagine. In which case you


shouldn't be drinking anyway! We have fresh eggs with the lion mark,


it is very slim chance you will get is to serve six people by the way.


You can make this before Christmas Eve, you could give it to your


family as a gift. We have golden rum Cognac, traditional, that goes


in and helped to preserve the eggs. You can put it in the fridge, ready


to go. You don't like the idea of raw eggs? When you watch what goes


into it, it is quite creamy. will taste like a very well-known


creamy liqueur when you taste it. Bay leaves, they have a nice earth


the herbal flavour. He said this aside, cover it with clingfilm.


Leave it overnight and it has a nice Christmassy smile. -- smell.


We have made this, this is not something we are adding. If you


want to serve its warm, you can put it in a pan and heat it up. This is


lovely fresh Christmassy drink. bit of nutmeg on top. Yes, and nice


drinking straw for the wheeze here. Have a drink of that, it is lovely.


-- for Louise. It is very strong, weighing.


That is really nice, very good. This one is called Prosperity. If


you have people at your house over the Christmas season, or on


Christmassy... This goes with my Christmas jumper. This has Ginn,


creme de cassis. When people come to your house, you shake this up,


it has a lovely warm colour. It is a lovely way of serving it and


changing the simple champagne into a more elegant, sophisticated drink.


More elegant and sophisticated?! nice Christmassy colour. Cheers.


Making gorgeous cocktails all year, you are a star. That's nice. You


can track down those cocktails on He was said to be the man who


invented modern Christmas so what better way to spend the holidays


than watching a bit of Charles Dickens starring Julian Anderson


and Ray Winstone. This is greater One day to you, Hannah. Tradesmen's


is round the back, as you well know. I am expected. Heat is, you are not.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 44 seconds


You are pip from the Ford? Yes, madam. I am not Madam, I am not


married. You can call me Miss Haversham. Sorry, Miss. Are your


feet not cold, Miss? All of meat is cold. -- me. There begins on


Tuesday 27th December at 9pm on BBC One. Our gadget expert is here,


along with Siva and Jay from The Wanted. Have you done your


Christmas shopping? The S, a little bit. I have got a lot of nieces and


nephews to buy presents for. Do you like a good trip? Siva is very into


gadgets. When you go on the road? Yes, we have I pads. We have our


headphones on. The swan is not suitable for a tour bus because it


is pretty heavy. No, this is a Trumstand, basically a glorified


iPod. It is not exactly portable, you will not be carting it from


room to room. This horn stand is crafted from brass, plated in


nickel. I love about this, there are no electronics. It is natural


Acoustics, so play this. Old school. Very old school. I don't know if


you can hear that at home but the sound is odd, isn't it? You us, it


is designed to replicate the gramophone sound. It is a nice bit


of art, the acoustics are not necessarily what you would expect


from something that costs �1,500. Oh! For once I can agree with you


this gadget is expensive. It is more of an ornament, isn't it?


is for people with deep pockets or people who don't mind eating from


tins! Let's move on to the next one, this will be great for you guys.


This is a retro camera that has been reinvented for the 21st


century. We all know that Polaroid cameras are famous for instant


snaps. Press this button here and take a picture. Three models


together! That takes about a minute to come through. This is a 40 mega


pixel digital camera in one sense. Where has the picture gone? It will


take about a minute. There is the photo. Can you hear it printing? On


the one hand you can take the digital photos, but you can also


This is great. That's really good quality. Really good. This one has


that Polaroid look. Yes. That is a good picture there. You can add


borders. You can edit your photos, it's got red eye correction. You


can trim them. We've got some borders here. It is really clever.


Let's have a look. It looks like a night out. It is really cool. A


retro camera with a modern twist. Very nice. We'll sell that for


dental students. How much is that? �230. Expensive but it is good.


think that's well justified. Guys, grab a controller. I've got one of


these. The GX Buggy. Awesome. going to hold this one up. Go on,


Lewisy. This is the fastest acrobatic stunt car in the world


acrobatic stunt car in the world right now. Put it on the floor.


Driving skills don't come in the box. So if you are not very good,


don't worry. Whether you perform a good trick or a bad stunt it's got


this plastic roll wing, which means it will land on its feet every time.


OK. Do you like those, guys? You do, you liked it so much you bought one.


They are really fast. Jay? I love it. Brilliant. Thank you to Lucy,


Siva and Jay. For more information on the gadgets, e-mail us via the


website - bbc.co.uk/somethingfortheweekend.


There's been lots of talk about the return of Eddy, Patsy and Co. This


You're late. I am not late. Anyway, darling, you've got work to do when


I'm gone. You've got to update my website. My weapon site is me. It


must be fresh and happening. Vitamin B. Drink up. Alright


darling. Now, more blog, more flog. I want, "I met Ulrika at a party...


My favourite cheese" Shall I Twitter that? Yes, Twitter it. City


here and don't let my mother in. It's alright. I'm here already,


dear. Well, howdy stranger. It looks as though your jeans have


exploded. It's a skirt! It's a skirt. What are you doing here? I


haven't got time. You stay here and make sure she is not ever left


alone, and frisk her before she leaves. The whole house is alarmed


now. Go! Go! Go! And you can see Absolutely Fabulous on Christmas


Day at ten on BBC One. Pixie is with us now. I won't ask how your


cooking is. Last time you were on it was terrible. What were you


cooking? It was something toad with cooking? It was something toad with


a lemon. Something wasn't working. This is not my forte. Have you done


any cooking since? I'm really good at Heinz tomato soup. There are


other brands out there which are also good. This is leftover time,


so we are going to make a sprout and potato quiche. We've got


tarragon, old spice, sprouts, peas, lemon, eggs, cream, cabbage and


mayo. And a pastry case we've cooked already. Do you like


Brussels sprouts? I eat them when they are on my plate at Christmas


but they are not my first... you don't hate them? I don't hate


them E I kind of just eat them. Crack two eggs into that bowl.


this bowl? That in that bowl, yes. The pressure's on. One, two,


three... LAUGHTER It's good. There's no shell in there! That's a


different way of doing it but I like it. There's a bit of shell in


there. The key to that, if it goes in, you


can use the eggshell to get it back out. One, two, three... That was


good. It's a different technique that. Might catch on. It only looks


a bit mangled because it fell on this. Otherwise it would look


perfect. Whisk that together. You can be quite aggressive with it,


like you were with the egg. Is this cream? Cream in there. Salt and


pepper. We are adding old spice for flavour. Put the zest of the lemon


in there. This way? Yes. So you've learnt. Brilliant. I learnt this


from last time, this skill. Perfectly done. You've mastered it.


Are you left or right-handed? hand. That doesn't feel natural


that way either. Slowly by surely I'm getting somewhere. What you are


making there, Pixie, is all the custard, the bit that will set


around it. I'm chopping all the other things. The lemon will give


freshness. The potatoes that are cooked, I'm just crushing those.


Herb-wise we've got tarragon, for the aniseedy flavour going on in


there. Then we've got our sprouts. Is that enough? That's fine. Those


all go in. We've got peas. Why have you chosen this combination? What


are you likely to have left over after Christmas? Sprouts, spuds. If


you've got sausages left over you can chop them and put those in.


could just bungning in there? Absolutely. Slice the sprouts in


half and chuck those in as well. What is likely to be most left over


at the end of the day? Even if you had a bit of... I'm not sure I can


watch this. I'm quite impressed. When I did


some cooking at my little boy's school, who is five. What they


taught him to do with the knife is they said, "You make a little


tunnel and the train tunnel, the knife, goes through the middle." So


you don't cut your fingers. Make a tunnel. Through the tunnel. That


was right wasn't it? But that finger was so hit to being hit by


the train! Let's forget about that one! LAUGHTER I'm feeling stressed


now. We mix that together and pour that into there. That all goes in


there. Tell us something about Stevie Wonder. Stevie Wonder,


amazing. He is one of my idols. People say you shouldn't meet your


idols. But he was just as I expected. Was he genuinely


interested in you? Was he just fantastic? I hope so. He was just


lovely. He had so much time for everyone. Really gentle and humble.


Someone can so much success and was just really lovely. And charisma. I


love that. He certainly has that. It must be stressful to sing in


front of him. I was saying before, to sit on the sofa with a team and


a crew there, that must be stressful. But to sing in front of


your idols... But he wasn't in the same room. He would lay down his


bit and it is added afterwards. it was done at a different time.


I've slice ed a bit of onion. Carve a V. Like you are carving a pum


kin? Yes. It's stuck. What we do is we cut that in half down the middle.


With the we do is chop... Oh, no. am getting better at this stuff. I


might try this when I get home. I've got onion in there. We've got


our carrot as well. That's alright isn't it? I'm just worried about my


thumb. I chopped my thumb doing that. It was that this year or


last? I think that might have been this year. I don't know. I cut


myself on the show once as well. It was one of those moments when you


don't concentrate and you nick it. There was blood everywhere. We've


got carrot, chestnuts, onion. Pixie, put all of that cabbage into there.


Shove it all in? Yes. Our mayo goes into this as well. We squeeze a bit


of lemon again, just to freshen it up. Then we add plenty of pepper, a


bit of salt. Just give that a good mix. It looks at the moment when


you do it that you need more mayonnaise, but you don't. People


tend to put way too much mayo in a coleslaw. Then it settles. The


moisture comes out and it ends up being really sloppy and greasy.


What you want is just enough mayonnaise to coat the ingredients.


Where are you spending Christmas, Pixie? I'm going back to my mum ace


on Christmas Eve. I've got a big family on my dad's side, a big


family party, lots of food and drink. I won't be cooking. Then I'm


going on holiday, somewhere really nice. Cool. We've got to remember


it is Pixie's birthday as well. thought you meant we were going the


sing the Erase your thing. -- Eraser thing. Will you do a


rendition for me now? No, he is Andy Bell. Will you perform at my


birthday? What are we going to do, catering or singing? We could do a


bit of both. There are singing tenors at charitys do, we could do


singing Erasuee and be chefs. while you plate that up we can


cross to Louise, who has the answer cross to Louise, who has the answer


to the Deja View. The year when Matt Busby died and Mariah Carey


sang this number and the film Miracle On 34th Street was released,


what year was it, Tom? 1994. Anyone got it right? I'm going to do a


quick tweet The Wanted from Daniel. Is it true that you are working


with Rihanna on new songs? It is true. Example is our new song,


coming out some time next year. date planned! That's good. The


Wanted from Chloe Fisher. What do you think of One Direction? Are you


raising your game? Is there a lot of competition between you boys?


The boy band thing is back. We met them on the Extra Factor when we


were guests. They were really nice. We are happy they did well. They


weren't idiots. And we've met them again and they have stayed that way.


Don't you think there should be more competition, that you should


have a pop at eech other? -- each other? Maybe a few years ago.


That and East 17. What side were you on? I was East 17. I was Take


That. I absconded. You didn't get involved? No. Pixie, are you


playing Top Of The Pops. Has it been done? We've done it already.


Christmas top of the pops back. Christmas Top Of The Pops. On


Christmas Day. Did you not think they should bring back Top Of The


Pops 2? Everybody says that. get to see everything. It was great


institution. That's it. Time's up. Thanks to Pixie. Is that good?


Beautiful. And thanks to The Wanted. That's it for 2011. We'll be back


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