11/12/2011 Something for the Weekend


Another show hosted by Tim Lovejoy, Louise Redknapp and chef Simon Rimmer. The guests in this edition are Tom Smith and Andy Burrows plus Ruth Jones and America Ferrera.

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Good morning. Welcome to Sundays morning. We are with you live, for


the next 90 minutes and joining us is the co-writer of Gavin & Stacey,


a hugely successful actress and now TV chat show host, Ruth Jones.


as if that wasn't enough, we have the musicianitionans that might


just have created the best Christmas album of the decade. Tom


Smith and Andy Burrows. And we pack presents and look forward to the


best of next week's telly. This is something for the weekend.


Good mortgage and welcome to the programme. America Ferrera was due


to be on the show this morning, but unfortunately she is unwell. Get


well soon. The whole of America! Like Barack Obama, get well soon,


America. Tom and Andy, I was given their


album about two months ago, and I've told them this,, "Honestly, a


Christmas album," but I stuck it on. I promise you, I've not stopped


listening to it. It's quite a different album, isn't it. It's


really good, it's......I'm trying to think of the word, because


Christmas songs are jolly and uplifting; It's not really a


Christmas album, it's for people who are really into their bands and


more serious. It's really well- written. But it sums it up. When


you sit there you feel Christmassy. What is your favourite song of


Christmas. Mine is the Poges. so girlie I like a bit of Maria.


All I Want For Christmas. Mine is East 17. Now I didn't have you


coming out with that one. But it doesn't having anything to do with


Christmas. Can you sing a bit. only thing to do with Christmas was


they wore white pouffe jackets and there was snow in the background.


was only joking when you said sing. The best Christmas album is Dean


Martin. Don't you just love all Christmas songs. I do, until Boxing


Day, and then I hate them. Forget Frank, stick Dean on. You can't say


that. I just said it, it's true. I'm sure the viewers will agree. I


tell you what, tell us what the best Christmas song ever is. I do


genuinely love that East 17 song, I really do.


There's the address. Now, Strictly last night. Yes. I


actually missed it last night, so I'm very upset about, so you guys


are going to have to fill me in. Simon, you watched it. What


happened? Charlesee, all tens. She was overjoyed. It's been going a


long time. I was upset Robbie Savage was out. I think I'm going


team Donovan. I think the right people are in the final. I think


the strongest dancers are in the final. No, Robbie Savage should be


there. No, in fall fairness he did great, but the strongest dancers


are there and that's how it should be. You'll know them from lazor


light and the Editors, but now Tom Smith and Andy Burrows have gone


solo and got together. I want to know why two people like that got


together to do Christmas. It was probably over a drink. And they


forgot it the next day. We had the Christmas discussion the other day.


Like the Olympic catering. I've been on the phone to Seb Coe.


to try and get a pitch? Yes, he said it was sorted.


There are rumours of Gavin & Stacey the musical, and Ruth will be on


the programme to tell us how she got her new slime-line figure.


And if you want to chat with us, e- mail us or tweet us.


And confirm that Deano is better that Frank!


Simon, what are you doing? It is nearly Christmas, so we're going to


do some Christmassy things, and eat like celebrities. As you know, we


on our side of the road only like to eat small food. I like big food,


but Louise and Jamie party with small food. You've got to have your


little finger out for all of these. We start with mini haggis bargies,


with a whisky dipping sauce. The main course is mini spicey turkey


prawn pot pies. Why are we doing mini everything? Because we're


celebrities. But when you do mini stuff you just eat more. Because


you don't just have one, you have four! You're clearly not a shreebty.


Clearly not. - celebrity.


So how did you lose all the weight? Did you just cut down on the


proportions? The only thing that isn't mini, but we'll cut small


slices we're doing a chocolate and cranberry roulade. Then we're back


on with the best celebrity thing to eight vol-au-vents. Sellairback


vol-au-vents. It's like we're doing party food -- -- celeriac vol-au-


And it's Winter Wipeout, where it's two for one down at granny's house.


Everyone's after progression in Rev. You'd have written me a glowing


reference, as I'm sure you will. And the ups and downs of a 30-year-


And the ups and downs of a 30-year- old hippy.


OK, Christmas Day is two weeks today. Are you sorted, organised?


No! Is it on a Sunday? Is it on a Sunday this year? Wayne, what are


you making? Are you working Christmas Day. I have got a cracker


of a Christmas Day. Rum, pork and cognac, with Christmas mincemeat.


That's what's great about Christmas, you can eat mince pies and


Christmas cake and you've got a reason to do it. Have you got your


tree up yet? I bought the tree yesterday and I'll decorate it


today. I bought mine, but it's still wrapped up. Is it wooden?


it's a real one. You see if I had got a wooden one, I could have just


got it out. That's boring. We have a dog this year, so we don't know


how the dog will react. Do you do all one colour for yours? I do the


one in the hall. She's got two! Because I let the kids have one.


They decorate it themselves and it's slightly messy, so I like to


do one that I decorate, a proper one! What colours have you done?


The kids' one is multi-coloured and mine is silver, gold and white.


What about you? It's got to be red and white. Mine too! We're so


predictable. So the first of our mini eating like a celebrity dish


of the day are the mini bargies. And we need a dipping sauce, and we


have kumquats. They are very, very sharp. Are they a baby sats yumia?


Kind of. The haggis we've cooked already and


there onions and chilli. Tip the onions into there, and finely chop


a bit of that and I'll slice the garlic. And then we want to crumble


some of the garlic. The thing with bargies, a basic onion bargey is


what we're doing now. So the onion and a little bit of garlic and


chilli. Is that too much? We'll have all of it. Tip half of that in


the gram flour, which is made from chick peas. And it comes together


very, very quickly. We're looking for the consisty of a thick double


cream, basically. Next, Tim I need about a third of that haggis and


crumble it into the onions. It's all caught in the whisk. Shall I


just keep going? You'll get there eventually. And crumble this in?


Yes. I did a BBC food show in Glasgow a few months ago and


someone told me about haggis bargies. I do like haggis. I do. I


like the flavour and the texture of it, with all the oats and the


barley. That's looking beautiful. know, I'm good at this. That's the


kind of texture we're looking for. Kind of like thick custard. That's


not a bad description. Thick cream, thick custard. Am I to mix it with


my hands? You can do, but now put it in there. And mix it to get


every little strand of filling is coated. Do you not trust me? Oh, I


do. You're standing over me like I'm going to ruin the bargey.


you're doing very well. So once it's all coated. It's quite a thick


mixture. Tim, do you want to do some quenelleing? I'd love to. So,


on Strictly last night....I watching X Factor. What! I took my


mum and daughters to Matilda. getting tweets from people who were


watching. I went on a mum and dads night out last night. And? It was


good fun. A lively bunch they are. Charlie's school class, all the


mums and dads went out for dinner. It was good fun. I'm sure they're


watching this morning, all hungover while I'm bright and breezy.


Get it on the right-hand spoon, like that. I think you're putting


too much on, Tim. You come and do it! Have it parallel to your body


and the front edge, and scoop it that way, so from underneath. And


same again, so you're constantly working it like that. You don't


have to do this, but we are doing it because we're celebrities.


is not as much fun as chopping, Simon.


If you have a deep-fat fryer at home, not many people do. Who has


one of those? Do you think they're not popular because we're all


eating more healthy? When I was a kid, the smell of the chip pan when


you came home meant it was going to be a good tea. If you're going for


chips, it's probably cheaper to buy them out, isn't it? But it's not


the same as home-made. These look like little beetles. I'm getting


quite good at skwepbling. What else can -- I'm getting quite good at


quenelleing. What else can I quenelle? Pate. And potato.


Shall I carry on, or have we got enough? Now we want little, thin


slices of our kumquats. Make sure they're perfect rounds, though.


They smell deligs yush. I like them with -- deligs yush -- delicious.


I like them with all the little bits hanging off.


If you don't cook them slowly enough you end up with a crispy


outside and all the batter is uncooked. So do them quite slowly.


Now, the whiskey in the pan. You should have warned us about


that! Health and safety. I did it in rehearsal. That's lovely. It is


nice. The orange juice goes in. The sugar goes in. And then what


happens is, we boil all this up for about 10 to 15 minutes and we end


up with a lovey whisky sirpy orange juice conkonction.


Then in go the little kumquats. Turn everything off and scoop that


out. It's always the last bit that gets me flustered. You're a little


bit flustered. I am. And we do three like that, because that's the


way we do it, because that's the way we're going to eat, but a big


pile if you're going to have a party. Can I ask a quick question,


what could we do if we didn't want haggis? You could leave the onions


out or put chick peas in. What about corned beef? That would be


nice! The sauce smells amazing.


couldn't taste them, unfortunately. I should have made you just an


onion one. No, that's fine. Joo did you dip it in the sauce? Yes. Can I


double dip. We're amongst friends. Go to the website and you'll find


all of today's recipies. It's nearly Christmas and freezing cold,


so probably the last thing you want to do is run around in shorts and


getting knocked into cold water, unless you're competing in Winter


unless you're competing in Winter Wipeout.


4 Colour coding, very useful. This is Deb in the green. You're going


to go last. Deb, you're too slow, calm down and watch me go.


Neck-and-neck on the nasty snowballs. And it's two for one


ladies' night down at granny's house. And they are heading down


the big balls markers. Go on girls! Ow! So Deb, or is that


Meg reaches the end in seven minutes, but the winner is Meg, or


Deb. Well done to...that one. Friendship over. That's it! And you


can dive into some Winter Wipeout on Saturday at six on BBC One.


Nessa in Gavin & Stacey she wrote her own catch phrase as everyone up


and down the country asked what's occurrin'. I can't do that, will


you do it for us, please, Ruth? What's occurrin'. It Now she is


returning to our screens with the third of her Christmas crackers.


What are you doing now? # This and that


# It's none of your business that I'm a face #. # I don't know what


you're doing this is my land # This is my place


# My territory. # Don't go on about it, I just came to see the boy.


# The boy loves you # He looks at you and says


#, "Yes, I love you " # But he's a Welsh boy he don't


want your Essex BLEEP # Welcome to the show. You'll have to


explain the show. Yes, my Christmas Cracker and James was my guest and


I thought it might be fun to see if we could make up on the spur of the


moment a musical Gavin & Stacey. And what you saw there was a


completely made up moment. And we had a bit of a laugh doing it.


got half Welsh children and that's the thing all the time. I don't


care what they are, but my family go they're half English and her


family say they're Welsh. It is very complicated. There have been


rumours off the back of that that there is going to be Gavin & Stacey


the musical. We've got Coronation Street the musical, I heard. Are


you going to do it? It was a joke. We seerlly don't have any plans. --


seersly don't have any plans to do it. We just did that little bit.


But the press took off with it. should do it? The problem is, James


and I love working together but we hardly have any time. So it's


finding time to do it because we'd like to write a special for Gavin &


Stacey. Oh! We always said we'd do a special, it's nothing new from


what we've said but it is literally finding the time. He's off to


America with his play and I've got my new series coming out, Stella.


Are you going to do any more plays? I've done one play in the last 16


years and I take my hat off to people doing it. James is brilliant


in his West End show. I've not seen it, but the reviews are good.


brilliant. I thought if I could do it with talkback in my ear, I could


do it, I wouldn't forget the lines. But if it's a musical you can just


sing anything. Night after night making it up. You mentioned Stella


there. And this is a new programme you've got coming out on Sky that


you wrote? Yes, Stella is a ten- part comedy drama series for Sky


and it comes out in January. I created it and wrote a lot of the


episodes and we had other writers in as well. And my production


company have made it and it's taken two years from start to finish. My


husband is the series producer on it. It's a home-grown series. It's


quite scary going from something like Gavin & Stacey, where it was


very successful, you then obviously have to face up to the fact that


people might go, "Oh, it wasn't as good as Gavin & Stacey." But is it


the same principle because that want a comedy, it was comedy ideas?


Yes, originally the producer at Sky wanted it to be a sitcom. And I


realised I couldn't write that kind of comedy. I producer a single


camera. It's set in the Welsh Valies and I play Stella and it's


about Stella's life. And there was a time when you weren't going to


set it in Wales because of the Gavin & Stacey thing? Absolutely.


When we were originally talking about who Stella was, we thought we


could move it to Bristol. We could go home every night, the Severn


Bridge tolls would be a bit high, but then I thought I know about


Wales, let's set it there. And the large is so sing-songy that it sets


testify up. It is. It's lovely. Where I set it, in the Valies is


very different from Barry skx Island. It's a very different


accent. And you say things like what's occurrin', and crackin, a


lush or a tidy. So I had to make sure there wasn't any of those


phrases so they didn't overlap. it's all about the vocabulary.


because in the Valies you say," I go to do my shopping, and I do this


and I go to do that," there's a lot of, "I go to do" in it. I think why


Gavin & Stacey worked and why Stella appeals is because you know


somebody like that and you know those situations do occur in real


life. And I think that's why people enjoy it. That's what we were


hoping to achieve. I play Stella, a woman in her early 40s and it's


about the people in her life. There's a dramatic story line that


overrides the ten episodes and within each episode there is an


event that takes place as well. It's quite a full series. Let's


have a look. Detoxing. There's nothing of you, love. You want to


get that Carol vaudman she's younger than you. Charming.


Where have you put my costume? are you on about? The environment


thing. Oh, you haven't done it. I have. It's as nans. Nan can't sow.


If you haven't done it, don't lie. It makes it worse. Have you been in


that situation. Oh, yes. I get a letter saying today is the school


play. And your inventiveness comes to the fore.


Do you find itesseer to act in -- easier to act in things you've


written? In some ways if you're acting in somebody else's project


your job is to turn up on the day and just act. But with this,


because our production company made it and it's taken two years of our


life you're far more involved with the whole process. So they're two


different experiences and I enjoyed both of them. With the process of


writing I love writing and saying the lines out loud. And for all the


different characters that are in Stella it's a joy to be able to


sort of act all of them. Ruth, back to your Christmas Cracker, a great


line-up of guests you have. Lulu, Micky Flannigan, the Manic Street


Preachers all on the show. And are you linking them with sketches?


no scratches. That just came out. I said to James, "Shall we try and


sing a song, but if it's rubbish we'll just cut it out. Because it's


not live." So did you do it in the middle of the summer? No, last week.


If you have any questions for Ruth do get in touch.


Ready for a blast from the past? All we want is your thoughts on


President Mandela has received a documentious welcome on the streets


of London. He paid tribute to those who


campaigned against racism. The Government is planning a total


ban on the private ownership of handguns.


Michael Jackson is to be divorced after only a few months after


What's so funny? Where have you guys been? It's only the hottest-


selling toy this Christmas. Where's your Christmas spirit?


no. What year's that? I've managed to erase Peter Andre out of my mine,


so I don't know the year. 2000. Why are we so wsh at this. When we --


so rubbish at this? When we first started we were good. I don't know,


now we're clouded. I don't know, '99. Time to look at what you've


cooked this week. Although we are putting the record straight. Last


week we had the fantastic Mark Cavendish and his mum on the show.


And she sent in a picture of her cooking. We didn't know it was


Mark's mum. Are you saying that if we had, she'd have gone to the top?


Of course, she's on our side of the rope! This is Mark's lovely mum and


ages ago she made the salmon and justice has now been done for you.


And this is Stu and Ellie Sale from Greater Manchester. Why in the


banana costumes? We will never know. That could be a good idea for


photos, in your fancy dress outfits. If you've got a good one, because


people do fancy dress at this time of the year. I always think the


best themes are sports people, because everyone can do that, or go


for ...I was going to say Essex, but is that rude? Possibly? Reality


television stars. I thought I was being rude there, because you're


taking the Micky dressing up like that. I don't know. Back to the


fridge. All the ladies who made the biscuits and they've got cut outs


of all of us. Lou is there, I'm there and.....


Which football kit is that? I don't know.


You did make it in, we just cut it off. All right. Do keep your photos


coming in, of whatever person you want to be.


want to be. What are we cooking, Simon? We are


going small today. Imagine, Christmas Day. We've had the turkey.


And you've got the leftovers. Sandwiches. We're going better than


that, we're going for little turkey pot pies.


So, turkey, spare red wine, carrots, onion, chilli, garlic, stock and


short-crust pastry. In here, a little bit of bacon. So you've had


the bacon for breakfast on Boxing Day. Slice or chop or dies whatever


you want to do with the onion and I'll do similar with the carrot.


This is making a simple casserole. This week, I did one of the best


things I've ever done. I went to Prime Minister's Question Time.


you? It was just amazing. Have you been ever? No. If you get a chance


to go, because you can go there in the gallery. It's like sport. They


all start wandering in and Ed Miliband comes in and he's looking


edgy, getting ready for his hammering of Cameron. And then


Cameron comes in. It's like boxing. Is it tactical? I think they should


work more tactics. Because they make a lot of noise. If I was them


I'd get my backbenchers to be quiet and only get them to make a noise


when I indicated. To show I was in control! It was amazing. A really


great experience. I think if you were leading the word "democracy"


might go quite quickly. If or when? It will probably happen one day.


Probably when we've made a success of the Olympics and people realise


we are the champions. Now, we're making a casserole. Normally we


take our time and cook is nice and slowly. I've done small chunks. Did


we want bigger? It really doesn't matter. We are doing small, but you


can do a large one. If you have a pan like this that can go in the


oven chuck everything in the pan and in it goes. My favourite is


chicken and chorizo. Did you put stock in it or a creamy sauce?


stock. Bacon, onion, carrot and chuck in the tomato puree and cook


it for about four or five minutes to lose the bitter taste. Then


chuck in -- assuming it has cooked for four or five minutes. Chuck in


everything else. If you're having beef on Christmas Day and it's left


over, chuck that in. It's all about the leftover stuff you've got.


Sprouts, potatoes. Why are you using red wine with turkey? I like


it. I think the depth of flavour works well. If you do a white wine


with stock it's never as lovely in a pie. The red wine gives you the


richness. Traditionally, with white meat, yes, you'd expect to use a


white wine, but not necessarily. Now, we're doing a pot pie so this


has got to go cold. If it isn't cold when you put the pastry on top,


it will sink. So it has to be cold, the pie filling, to keep the pastry


crispy. Is that the same with all pies? Yes. Next job, Tim. Roll out


the short-crust pacery. Are you cooking on Christmas Day? I'm not


sure yet. I haven't worked out all the finer details. How about you?


am. We have everybody coming to us on Christmas Day. So we are having


turkey. I like it. How about goose? I always say I'll have a change and


do beef one year, but next week on the show we're doing venison


Wellington. Here are the little ramikins. A bit


of egg wash around there and spoon into each the lovely pie mix.


out one lid. Just press it, like that. But before the lid goes on,


cut a little rim around the top so it holds it in place. In fact,


we'll have to do a liinger pie lid than that. So, take a thin strip of


pacery and place it around the edge. And then another one. A little egg


wash on it. Pop the lid on it and crimp it round like that and then


we'll trim it. You know when we started this five years ago, did


you ever imagine you'd be crimping pies for Christmas? I don't think I


was thinking that, no. If you do a big one it's exactly


the same principle. Then trial the edge. Cut it, come down. Beautiful.


And then just a little hole in the top for the steam to come out and


then egg wash again. And always, for me, if you've got the time, egg


wash, in the fridge so it sets, more egg wash so it's really,


really shiny. And we made these in advance. They are good things to


make pies. Yes, and you can serve it with a big bowl of potato,


vegetables, or salad, whatever you've got. Ah, they're slightly


bigger than party like a celebrity food. They're quite big. Yes, but


you could do a themable-sized one. I don't want to eat the turkey, but


I really want to taste the pastry. See, the red wine works. It's like


cluck and surf. This is very nice flutedness here. I don't think we


would have got that from the one you were doing. All right, steady.


I used to love slicing the pastry rim off when my mum cooked. Oh, yes,


a little bit of a chilli kick. pudding? A chocolate and cranberry


pudding? A chocolate and cranberry rule yard -- roulade.


Now, Rev. I imagine I'll have quite a large choir in my church. We must


keep in touch when we're both vicars. I didn't know you had put


yourself up for ordination? Yes, your Bishop was enthusiastic. He'd


have written a glowing reference, as I'm sure you will. Yes. I can't


decide whether I prefer a rural parish, or Piccadilly. Are you sure


you want to an priest? What I realised on the course is how much


better I'd be than all the other people there. I shouldn't say that.


Say what? Bishops frown upon people who are certain they've been called


by God. It's good to be doubtful. Quite right. Don't write it down.


You've never considered a cathedral. Never interested in that. I joined


the church to become a parish priest in a church like this.


see, to do the doubtful, humble thing. You're very good at it.


the truth. No, you're brilliant. have no interest in becoming Bishop.


And you can watch that on Thursday at 9pm on BBC Two.


Now, our next guests have combined forces on a Christmas album, but


before that, all their hits came # All my life


# Watching a miracle # All my life


# Pending a miracle # Oh, oh, oh #


Yes, Tom Smith and Andy Burrows are here, who have made up a new band


called Smith and Burrows. You got a band together and then you decided


to put together a Christmas album. Is that what happened? What


happened? Yeah, that is what happened. It started off non-


festive. Just a chance for us to get into a studio. And it grew.


were friends and you were sat in a pub, am I right? And you said, "We


should work together? Yes, and then it took three or four years for it


to happen. Really? Yeah, we've been busy. And we started on a day in


May. Is it a nice experience because you're used to writing in a


band and then suddenly you're taken out of that comfort zone. Is it


refreshing? That's why we tried it to see if there was any point of us


working together. And it wasn't until song three that you brought


in a song. So you started just by saying, "We're going to do some


cover songs" and then you brought in a song. We did Black and


gentleman zoo's opbl you. -- ya yazyoo's Only You.


I have to say, I can't stop listening to this album. It's


really great. What made you decide to write a Christmas album? Well


those first two songs had a wintery feel about them. And we couldn't


find too many we could do, so we wrote our own and it...Smobled.


you describe -- snowballed. Can you describe the songs though, because


they're not up Christmas songs. they're down Christmas songs.


Climbs can be a bit of a time for reflection. It's a bit of a winter


warmer. A drunken glow. It gives people something different if you


don't want the typical Christmas song and you appreciate the music


element and the whole package on that particular album. I think


that's what comes across. Yes, it's more luck than judgment. Which is


what you wanted. You wrote that song When The Thames Froze. And


you're going to be singing that for us at the end. Did you think it was


more like the Editors? Well I've been trying to write a Christmas


song every year, because you hear all the old ones on the radio. But


I don't think they one could be put out as a Christmas song. I'd have


to float it with the other three, we're a democracy. What do the


Editors think of you doing Christmas songs? Some of them like


it, some don't. I have to ask you about Razorlight. You left it, a


very successful band. Have you and Johnny spoken since? No, we haven't.


We live about five minutes apart, I believe. Christmas is a time for


that. That's it. Take around your album and knock on his door. James


Harris says, "Will there be a chance of a supergroup between your


bands?" We've got our drummer. We've got two drummers, great.


Three. Lots of drummers and us two. And you're a drummer. Oh, yeah, I'm


a drummer. Is this something you're going to carry on doing? Are there


more albums in the pipeline? Yes, when the time is right. There are


four original songs on the album and we're excited about what we've


done so we're going to make a proper record, but not Christmas.


You're already on tour at the moment? Yes we are. Where is it?


The union chapel. They're going to be banging out


their tune later in the programme. So tweet questions for them or Ruth


So tweet questions for them or Ruth Jones. Have you done many


interviews together, by the way? Yes, we've done a lot. But nothing


as amazing as this. I'm pleased you said that. Still a lot to squeeze


in today. Steve Jobs wasn't always a Billion


Dollar Hippy. He destroyed everything I'd spent ten years


working for. Simon is cooking celeriac and


mushroom vol-au-vents. And there's tourettes: I swear I can sing.


It causes voluntary sounds and movements.


OK, we are joined in the kitchen right now by Ruth. What are we


right now by Ruth. What are we cooking?


We're doing a chocolate and cranberry rulard. It's like a yule


log, but slightly different. I like that word "rulard." It's a good


word, or we can call it log. You can use fresh cranberries in this,


but they're so bitter cook them with a load of sugar. If you eat


one raw you really know about it. Did we cook these ourselves?


they're not. Fresh rasberry puree. Icing sugar, castor sugar, cocoa


powder and flour. Loads of egg whites that we've whisked. So first


of all, start whisking a add the castor shiing yar into it. This --


sugar into it. Do you cook at home? Sometimes I do, but I've got an Aga


and I don't know how to do it. You have to put a cold shelf in. Yes,


because it's the same temperature. My sister is a great cooker. I do


all the shop-bought cakes and she makes them all. She's brilliant.


you have another cooker as well as your Aga, because a lot of people


do. We have one of those little portable ones, but that's a bit


like camping. I should go on a course to learn how to use it


properly. Yes, it is something you have to learn. Or you just let your


husband do it! So, we're doing this a little bit too quickly really.


Whisk the egg whites and the castor sugar so is keeps going glossy.


Beautifully done. I remember this from home economics. Well done!


It's starting to get glossy, so add the cornflour. When Simon and Tim


were cooking we were talking about weight loss, because I said how


amazing you looked. And we were talking about how you lost weight.


But you did it over two years. it's funny because it got into the


press recently, and people were talking about, "Ruth's sudden


weight loss," but it took two years. And I did it the old-fashioned way.


Did you? Yes, you can just go on- line and get the calorie value of


chicken or something. There are so many quick-fixes. Which work for a


small period of time, but I think to count calories, be careful over


a period of time. And you have to accept that you have to be patient.


Patience is the biggest and best ingredient. I've still got a couple


of stone to go, so it ain't over yet. Really, do you want to lose


more? I did it because of this healthy BMI thing and I wanted to


get my BMI right. And according to the charts I wanted to be a couple


of stone lighter. You never know, it may not happen. If it doesn't


happen, it doesn't happen. Good attitude. Spoon all of that into


there. This is a chocolate mering, type of thing. This is the outside.


You know like your traditional Christmas log is sponge, isn't it?


Yes which is quite heavy, actually after Christmas dinner. This might


be a bit lighter. Yes, it will be lighter. Although there is no fat


in a log, is there? Is there not? In a meringue. No, it's just egg


whites and sugar. I like that texture. It's really glossy. You


can't beat it. Even though we've done it really, really quickly,


it's still quite glossy. But if you cook it for a minute too longer,


it's all over and you have to start again. But you want a certain


amount of crackle. My mum makes fantastic merangue. There is an art


to it. So we want to end up with crispy on


the outside and chewy in the middle. So the next thing to do, to turn it


out is pop another piece of paper on there and dust it with icing


sugar, to stay nice and sweet. There's that hint of chocolate,


which is nice. That's it. There's not loads and loads of chocolate in


it. If you get that intense chocolate powder, that's good for


you, isn't it? Yes. I have to find all the reasons for justifying


eating this amazing pudding. Oh, you did that very comfortably.


peel off the paper, and it doesn't matter if you break little bits of


the edging off, because we want that rough look. Can I taste a


little bit? I do that with be kids, I check their food and take four


booing scoops. Oh, that's the danger. -- four big scoops.


Now, a spread of rasberry on there. So, we've got. That will do, Ruth,


that's fine. All of the rasberry and a liberal sprinkling of


cranberries on the top. Is this just blended rasberries is that all


it is? It is. But you could add a little bit of booze if you wanted.


Then two more things to do. Scrape all of this....Try As hard as I


might, I cannot say that has no calories! No, absolutely not.


I can see the little flecks of vanilla. Simon does everything


properly, with the proper vanilla pods. Yes, they are dear, so you


can use the vanilla flakes. That works fine as well. This is the


comedy value. You have to do it with your leg in the air. We're


going to roll short ways and it doesn't matter if it cracks. Just


keep going. You see, Mrs Phillips had a piece over the top and you


went like that. Is this what I'm going to do? You have to be comfort.


This will roll! Can we just do that! Beautiful. Now, the joy ofing


is like a merangue rule yard gshgsh rulard it's like a worm. I don't


think we should talk about worms. Then garnish with rasberries around


the edge. Could you grab the side plates. And


then chocolate sauce. How did you make the chocolate sauce? Equal


quantities of butter, sugar, chocolate and a little water to


keep it thinner. Shall everyone just dive in with a


fork. And it's gooey and sticky and you have the flavourers in there.


What are me and the guys cooking? Vol-au-vents, the classic Christmas


dish. That's delicious. Now, concentrate the mind and try


to name the year in your second to name the year in your second


part of dej -- Deja View. President Mandela has received a


tumultuous welcome on the streets of London. The Government is


discussing tonight a total ban on private handguns.


Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley are to be divorced after


Divorce for Jackson and jingle all the way. But what year? I went '99,


Simon went 2000. Andy Burrows was at that top of the pops, watching


in the audience and he's just told me the year. What do you think?


Wrong. You said '99. But I got it wrong. Andy just told me. I'm going


to go with '95. One of you has it right. Onwards and upwards. Wayne?


This drink is a taste of Christmas. Mincemeat. Lots of plump fruit in


it, sultanas, apples, spices and stewed fruits in there. And the


suet. Which gives it the mice, round, full flavour. So a couple of


teaspoons. This is mince pie filling and it has everything you


want to have in Christmas spices and mix with cognac and rum. Cognac


is fresh and fruity and the rum has the vanilla sweetness and a bit


more dry. Equal measures of cognac and golden rum. It's quite potent


for a Sunday morning! Luckily we've only got one cocktail today!


will be nice and warming. And a Clementine. I like warm alcoholic


drinks in the winter like mulled wine. I do like a cocktail. I had


Ameretto with orange juice in it? Yes, lovely.


Give it a shake to combine it all. The Clementine gives it the lovely


freshness. It is a boozey drink but it's a


real Christmas warmer and a really lovely balance of flavours.


The fine strain because you don't want the pulp of the mincemeat.


can't imagine, you know sometimes when you make a drink, Wayne, I can


imagine what it will taste like but I can't imagine what it will be


like with the mincemeat in there. It will surprise you. It will taste


so Christmassy. Yeah, it's lovely! It tastes like Christmas. It is,


it's just a Christmas favour flavour. Oh, that's really nice.


You can't really taste the mincemeat it's just Christmassy.


Could you heat that up? Yeah, in a mug! Every night! It's very good.


If you want to make Wayne's mincemeat cocktail go to the


website to find the recipe. long now until Tom Smith and Andy


Burrows give us an acoustic burst of When The Thames Froze.


But now, this is Steve Jobs: Billion Dollar Hippy.


The most serious disagreement was between Steve Jobs and the man he'd


made Chief Executivetive. The two men were battling observer the


future of Apple. I was focused on the cash flow of


the Apple too. We had to have that coming in. Steve wanted to drop the


price of the Mackintosh and put more marketing against the


Mackintosh. I felt we couldn't afford that. 30-year-old Jobs had


picked a fight with a tremendous foe. I Steve didn't know how the


play the games. I said, Steve, I'm going to the board of directors. He


didn't think I'd do that, but I did. And the board said, "We agree with


John and we don't agree with you, Steve and they asked him to step


down from heading the Mackintosh division." Eleven years later,


Steve was still bitter? When can I say? I hired the wrong guy and he


destroyed everything I'd spent ten years working for. Starting with me,


but that wasn't the saddest part. I'd have gladly left Apple if it


had turned out how I wanted it to Now we've looked at men's presents


and women's presents, so now, all we have to talk about are


children's presents? Ruth, you're going to help us? Yes, looking for


my nieces and negative use. How old are they? A mixture. From 16 to two.


The first idea is the ride-in Dalek. Let's show you the footage of the


little boy riding around in this earlier. You could drive it


yourself? If you're aged three to six. A big six-year-old won't


manage it. And how chilled out does he look! My friend, Lucy, who is


inier 40s is terrified of Daleks. That might be good for her. What's


the eldest you can be. Six, but if you're particularly big, it may not


be suitable. And how much is it? It's not cheap. It's �200. I love


it. That has a hums up. Next, the Barbie design principles. Barbie is


62 years old and still looking good. Having little daughters I've had to


spend all my life changing things, and all the little bits of plastic


go missing all the time. I was an Action Girl when I was younger, and


I cut off her hair to turn into Action Man. How much are they?


We have one here. Would you wear one of them? I think it would look


rather strange in my hair. What is this? This is a Royal Navy


destroyer. It's a 516 piece replica set, with a rotating gun and all


the little pieces lift up. teaches you how to be a destroyer.


Yes, teaches about war early on. it's not Lego? No, it's by


character building. It will keep the kids quiet for


ages. Did you give us a price on that? That one is �49.99. This is


the Gelarti Design Studio. It comes with the little stickers and four


gels so you can colour them in. And you can do it on the move to keep


the little ones quiet. Is that going to be easy to clean up?


with it being gels, it is easy to clean up. A little bit sticky.


experience you'll only use that once before it's gone everywhere.


Yes, but it's nice to encourage creativity. I like this, everyone


likes everything today. This is the Hexbug Nano Elevation Habitat Set.


You just set them going and they bang into the walls and eventually


they find their way around. And kids collect the things. I think my


nephew might like that. How much is this one? That's �34.99. And you


can get extra Nano boxes. I like that one. This is one of my


favourites. I'll turn it on. This is one of the top tipped presents


for this year. It's the fijyit. -- Fijit. Could you dance, please?


Please dance. True to form, she has got camera shy. Perhaps you have to


do it in an American accent? annoying would that be after, what?


Seven minutes. So if you have a friend you want to irritate that's


the one to go for. They all have different personalities. She will


dance and tell jokes. They are quite cute. It looks quite safe.


There's no nasty bits on it. Yes, you can Scottish it and you tickled


its tummy before. Yes, and it laughed. These are really cool and


what everyone wants this year, Angry Birds. There are three in the


set, we have two today. The red bird is �49.99 and comes with a


3.5mm jack. I'll turn it on for you to hear the quality. And they come


with a docking station they will work with a 3.5mmjack. Does it do


anything? No. I was waiting for it to dance. No, but there are


millions of fans out there. Very cool. Moving on to this, this is


beautiful. I think this is a really nice idea. Come on, play with us.


This is nice for a first Christmas for a keepsake by OneFineDay. You


can get different styles on the names here, and a message on the


bottom, so it could be first Christmas or from grandma or a


friend. Where do you get those? can get them on-line. I'd like to


say, after a few drinks on Christmas Day how many adults will


try to get into that Dalek! Yes, with legs hanging out.


This is a story of a woman and her constant battle to overcome her


verbal and physical tics. It's tourettes: A swear I can sing.


NUTS. # NU tufplt dd # NUTS, absolutely NUTS. #


Bum, mouth. I get weird looks, funny looks, comments. Some of it's


positive. But you always evoke a reaction.


Always. Even simple tasks are a bit different with Ruth. Knickers.


you can never be sure of how people will react. Why? Do you think this


is singing? It's tourettes syndrome, which is a neurological condition


Oh, yes. Have you heard of the syndrome before? Yes, I have.


you didn't recognise it straight off, did you? No, because it's so


different. That's good. You will sleep well tonight.


And you can watch the very touching programme Monday at nine on BBC


Three. Tom and Andy, better known as Smith and Burrows are in the


kitchen. How is your cooking, guys? Err...Touch And go. Do you cook?


the past few years, Jamie's been seeing me through with the App.


you friends? Is he standing by? you friends? Is he standing by?


no, just the App. What are we going to cook? Vol-au-vents. And these


guys are going to play a song for us, so we're very excited. But


don't cut your fingers. Butter, curry powder, and stock. And


mushrooms. Egg yolk and flaked almonds. We made a roux. The flour


and the butter putting it together and added the stock and the curry


powder. And the pastry, the vol-au- vents themselves are little cases.


Andy, the first job, we'll have six circles, please.


We've been asking people what their favourite Christmas song is and


we've got some through. Lindsey Davidson says Last Christmas by


Wham. What is yours? The Poges again. There is a cover version at


the moment. And some songs shouldn't be covered. That's one of


them. Stop the cavalry. I don't mind all of them at the right time


of the year, that Christmassy spirit. What about the big Frank


versus Deano. Who is your favourite? Dean did a very good


have yourself a very merry Christmas. That's amazing. Simon,


what do you think? I'm slightly biased, because years ago I got to


sit in the chair that Frank sat in. You sat in his chair! I thought you


have going to say you met him. all the guys who worked there were


still working there and they were all in their 90s. No way did you


fall from sitting in his chair. Don't shatter my illusions!


Now a little bit of egg wash on there. What do you think about the


Christmas number one now because it's so controversial. It used to


be everybody put their song in the hat and then the public decided but


now The X Factor has come along and they get it, or rage against the


machine, it's one versus the other now. It's a little less exciting


and less imaginative. So do you think they shouldn't release The X


Factor one? I don't know. It's good entertainment. It's just lazy. I'd


like to hear some new songs. It's become a tradition now, that The X


Factor single....It's Just The X Factor against the people rebelling


against it. That's the race. Yes, it's a Facebook campaign. I don't


know if they're running one this year? I think it's Nirvana.


So, chuck in the egg yolk and give it a good beat around. This will


make it richer. And add a little touch of milk into that, or cream.


And this gives it some delicious richness. You're both dads aren't


you? Where will you be spending Christmas? In north London, where


we live. Is the album one you've bought for


friends? That is brought you close. Is there a bit of a romance? Like


me and Simon? I don't know about the romance. This will help.


And drop in the word "dear." So, Andy while your other half


is....Take Out the middle butt of the vol-au-vents, so we can put the


filling in. And John, you chuck in the mushrooms and celeriac. And


make sure they're all coated. You could do prawns, chicken, whatever


you want to do, really. And pretty much the final part of it is just


spooning some into the middle. And Tom, this is you. The best way to


make sure they stay nice and neat is hold it like that, and then go


in vertically. I'm going to do a special one for myself without


mushrooms. Go vertical. When did you record the album, by the way,


it's called? Funny looking angels. We started it in May, and then June.


Yeah, all the way through the summer. Because we were doing


festivals with our other...Were trying to get into the Christmas


vibe while you were doing? Yes, we had a little tree. We didn't do it


in a recording studio, it was in somebody's attic. And we had tinsel


and a little tree and a robin. It is weird to get into that frame


of mind. Sprinkle on almond and reheat them


in a warm oven and we end up with these rather beautiful little


fellers here, which are the classic party dish. Can I ask you another


question about recording. Did you think, "We've got to use sleigh


bells on this"? We tried. We bought some, but they sounded terrible.


there are sleigh bells. Yes, it's official. Now, you have to go off


to get ready to play for us live. And Simon, you're finishing that


And Simon, you're finishing that off. I am. Over to Louise. The Deja


View year was 1996. Andy was there watching it. I kind


of got it right. Are we all ready now to do live music. Yes, it's


exciting. Oh, sew, we're not going over there yet. I've been told


we've got to ask you some e-mails yet. How did you think of the


omelettes in Gavin & Stacey. Did you eat as many as were on screen.


They were a big thing? Yes, Gwen always made an omelette. That was


her thing. She did a Christmas one with turkey leftovers in the


Christmas special. Is that a Welsh thing? Not really. I don't know


where it came from. But you can't go wrong with an omelette. It's


fast food. The only problem was I had to eat a lot of them, because


the art department made them on the day. It's fine just one, but too


many.... And cold turkey. Yes, the affair with the turkey. Where do


these Welsh sayings all come from? They're all stuff, like, with


Stella, they're things that I've heard people say or I've envented


stuff that I think might be said. Do you Welsh people love you for


putting it on? Lush and all that? don't know if they love me, but I


hope I have done them a good service and presented them well.


It's been a great show. A big thanks to Ruth. We're back next


Sunday with pixie lot and the wanted. But to play us out are Tom


Smith and Andy Burrows. When The Thames Froze.


# God damn, this snow # Will I ever get where I wanna go?


# And so I skate across the Thames # Hand in hand with all my friends


# Another year draws to its close # Entire London slows


# When I dream tonight, I'll dream of you


# When the Thames... Froze # So, tell everyone that there's


hope in your heart # Tell everyone or it will tear you


apart # At the end of Christmas Day, when


there's nothing left to say # The years go by so fast, let's


hope the next beats the last # So tell everyone that there's


hope in your heart # Tell everyone or it will tear you


apart # At the end of Christmas Day, when


Tim Lovejoy, Louise Redknapp and chef Simon Rimmer host another show with chat from top celebrity guests, cooking, cocktails and suggestions for Christmas presents for children. The guests in this edition are Tom Smith and Andy Burrows plus Gavin and Stacey star Ruth Jones and Ugly Betty herself America Ferrera.

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