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Good morning. Welcome to the show. Bringing some glamour and showbiz


to the studio. We have Nicola Roberts from Girls Aloud. We're


also joined by Jason Byrne. They have both here to cook, eat, chat


and take a look at next week's television. This is Something For


Good morning, welcome. You are watching Something For The Weekend.


Hallowed to all the people who got up early to watch the rugby. Wales


beat some hour 17-10. I feel really sorry for Mike Tindall. Fancy


playing a World Cup match in the middle of his holiday. I was not


expecting that! Can you imagine Usain Bolt, in the middle of the


Olympics? I am going to go and have a few lagers. They are doing well


now. Happy birthday to Lane. Her 60th birthday. My mum! Am I allowed


to say her age? She will not mind. She is 60 and proud. You were a way


last week but we went to the TV Choice awards. We when nominated


for an award. I did not know that. We were there. And Wayne as well.


Look at the boys on the town! You were pleased I was not there.


cocktail was the highlight of the evening. Some bloke won. Jamie


something? Did everyone look at you and say, I am really pleased for


you? Did you swear? Shall we just tell this story? We got down there


and they said, we are rubbish at being celebrities. They said, stand


in this queue to get your picture taken. There were a soap stars.


Simon and I asked did in this line Britain to have our photos taken.


We said, let's go. Is that rubbish? Two big, rubbish babies. The two of


you together. We ran away. We were like children. Louise, you were


away last week. What were you doing? I was in Uganda with Comic


Relief. It was amazing. Here I was at a school. Education is free for


everyone in Uganda. There has been a lot of work by Sport Relief to


getting kids into education. It is humbling and amazing. The reason I


was there was about getting girls into education. That is so


important for the future. I have been to Africa with Sport Relief.


That is one of the most important thing - to empower women in these


countries. In Western society, things got better. That is a really


important thing. It is teaching women, not just about maths and


English but their rights as women. A lot of women had children at 13


and 14 and their futures were taken away from them. I met a couple of


girls and they wanted to become doctors, lawyers and fight crime.


It was very inspirational. A lot of girls here should listen. I spent


five days crying - some out of tears of happiness and being proud


of what I saw - and some really upsetting moments. What I realised


when I was out in Zambia was how generous the British public are.


The amount of money that was razed, you do not have to do it. People


donate. What David Walliams did last week was phenomenal! Hats off


to him. As a charity, they are pretty amazing. Every penny goes


into helping people at ground level. Nicola Roberts has waited two years


to release a solo album. She is here today to talk about the


difference between being in Britain's most famous girl group


and striking out alone in the music industry. Jason Byrne is here to


tell us how the ginger kit, at number 33, is facing a national


tour. He is dressed as a circus ringmaster. You can e-mail us on


the website or tweet bass. Tell us your name and we can read it out.


What is in store for us today? are starting off with anchovy


palmiers with beetroot hummus. It has anchovy, parsley, lemon and


garlic in the middle. Really nice flavours. Our main course is a


Greek lamb with orzo. It is a standard casserole. Finished with


parsley, mint and rosemary. You can see long past debt in there. We


used barley in casseroles over here. Everyone will make this dessert,


salted-caramel millionaire's shortbread. We have done that


before. I cannot remember doing it since I was here. I am fantasising


we have done it! Also roasted red pepper and tomato cannelloni. We a


roasting garlic with vinegar. that on the website. This is what


else is happening on the show today. Harry is back in the last ever


series of Spooks. I take it personally when somebody tries to


blow up one of my officers. Planet Dinosaur looks at the origins of


birds. And the new cadet arrives at Sandhurst. I wanted to go to King's


College to do war studies but I did not get the grades. That is all to


come. Wayne is here. He has been digging out your old DVD box sets.


What is the school today? Two of Del Boy's classics. Did he reignite


interest in cocktail culture? We will find a buyer remake these


drinks. He gets better and better. -- find out when we make these


drinks. Did you like Only Fools and horses? Brilliant, mate. Wayne will


be in his element doing that. How many years is it? 30 years.


years of what? Since it came on the chickpeas and tahini. The puff


pastry is in the fridge. Tahini is ground sesame seeds. A very dry


texture. You'd buy it like that. If you spread it on a cracker and eat


it, it is difficult. For the palmiers, anchovies and a bit of


garlic. Chop the parsley and I am going to stick a few anchovies.


Chop the garlic. Really small? It does not matter. We need to talk


about your appearance on celebrity MasterChef. I am expecting you to


be geared after all the lessons you had. Nearly five years now, my


little protege here. Interesting. Have a look at this! What is


confusing me here it is the egg. I imagine it goes in the sauce.


want to see what this sauce is? is not good. No, no. It is raw and


in a thick, sticky batter. Not nice. They were harsh! It was horrible.


That was my first day. They said make ravioli. I was absolutely


hopeless. You will have to watch. I did get a bit better. Where you


nervous? I would be so nervous. would not make eye contact with me.


They cheated. They put some rogue semolina. We were making ravioli.


Semolina was to put on your hands. You put it in the food? Oh, no! I


would not have done that. I cannot believe you put semolina in your


pastor! They were trying to trick me and they did. Other people left


the ingredient out. We are going to make the filling for the palmiers.


We have anchovies in there. We have lemon and lemon zest and garlic.


Chuck all at Parsley in here and then we blitzed it. We do not need


any salt. There we go! We blitz that until it becomes a nice and


smooth. We put the puff pastry in here until it is nice and cold. The


translation of palmiers is little palms - sometimes known as elephant


is. What we do is we now, I need you to spread all of that over the


top of that. Just get it on with a spoon or a knife and spread it as


thinly as you can. What we do his role it both ways. I am not


laughing at you! Everyone has been, how did you get on? Did you get


through? We tried to wear a cap if I could cheat but you cannot.


work out. Can you practise the night before? If you have the foods


and you have the menu but sometimes they surprise you with stuff. I


think Simon would be proud of some of the stuff by kit. Debate like


it? -- I cooked. Did they like it? Tim would phone me and say, mate, I


just wondered... It would be one of those. It is definitely a good


watch. When you go on the show, that is it. You are in. You next


year, Louise. I would end the programme. We are running out of


time rapidly. You need to roll one way into the middle and then the


other way. For the hummus... What we need to do is chuck in the


beetroot and the chickpeas and the garlic. Then we're going to blend


this until it is smooth. What are we making? Beetroot hummus. We need


a bit of lemon zest. The zest from one and the juice from two. It all


goes in. We add a bit of olive-oil and add to he meet into there. It


is beautiful. -- tahini. We chill that. Put it on to the board.


need to egg it? No, it is fine. Put it in the fridge to stiffen. The


juice as well. Turn that back on. Sit it in the fridge for 20 minutes.


Now it is firm. Let's get rid of the end one. About that kind of


bigness. Have a little slice of that! We have not had the chance to


talk about New York fashion yet. Was it good? We will talk later. I


have so many tips for you. It was unbelievable. You'd brush them with


a egg wash. Did you have anything Uganda? The days were tough because


we were in villages where they only really eat maize. That was pretty


much it. Where we stayed, it was quite tough. You could get great


food, but because I was filming I was nervous that I might get ill


and it would be the wrong reason to be there if I cannot get out of bed.


So no, I didn't. But the restaurants that were out there


obviously do their own. I don't know what the main dishes are in


Uganda. I think it is meat. I always assumed it would be. What is


our national dish? Chicken tikka Marsala apparently. Fish and chips?


Roast beef. Lovely colours. The little palmiers, the puff pastry


comes up and the egg wash gives it a glaze. And like dipping pitta


bread into hummus, this is a different way. She is in her


element. When did you do that? I'm really not with it today at all.


Meanwhile, back in the studio... You get the saltiness of the


anchovies and the lovely earthy flavour of the beetroot and the


combination is delicious. Absolutely delicious. A really nice


combination of flavours. Yes, lovely. What is the main course?


is lamb with orzo, which is a Greek is back for supposedly the last-


ever series of the top spy drama, Are they all right? You s, but I


take it personally when someone tries to but my offices. They have


someone on the inside, housekeeping service to cleans for Moscow's


great and good. The word is they left Russia over a week ago. On the


quiet. No one is meant to know they have gone. Where? Here. They are in


London. That is impossible. He is a Russian minister, it would be on


the news. So he doesn't want us to know he is here. Your former asset


was to warn us. The only way she knows how to contact us is like she


did in the 80s. He will have him silenced by the owner of the


exploding laptop, who knows we are on to him. He worships Elena. If he


finds out he betrayed her, she is already dead. A lot about a laptop?


The hard drive is in bits. We need to find him and get surveillance on


him. This man is too good. He will see you coming. We have one person


dead already. This is a senior politician, so no direct


You can see Spooks tonight at 9pm. OK, our first guest is having a mad


busy summer. He began his 40 date Cirque Du Byrne that talk, and is


in Bristol tonight, and as always, he was at this year's Edinburgh


Fringe, doing stuff like this. checked into a hotel and I went to


have a look around the hotel, because that is what Scottish and


Irish people do. We are not like Americans, they will check in and


go straight to the room and freshen up, but not us. We want a have a


look around the hotel, because you have paid your money. You want to


make sure the pictures match on the internet site of a hotel. Scottish


and Irish people cannot do this, we cannot walk by a room that has been


cleaned without looking into it. Because we are nosey..., that is


what we are. Australians, Americans, they mind their own business. Not


us. We walk by a room that has been He is Irish, a little bit lazy,


welcome to Something For The Weekend, Jason Byrne. The reason I


was looking confused was, he said I was in the sea and a C not to


shoulder of. We were talking about press-ups. It is such a manly show.


I was in the sea in Australia and people asked if I was surfing, and


what I was really doing was just walking out into the sea, and I'm a


really bad swimmer. A wave hit me, and I thought it was about six or


seven foot tall, but it was only two feet, but it hit me and I had a


boogie board, and I wasn't even doing the proper thing, the lying


down thing. I only did it in the white wash. I just dragged myself


into the sea. We went back out, and when I was walking out, a wave hit


me and you're supposed to go into a ball, apparently. When a wave hits


you you're meant to go in a ball, so this doesn't happen. Who taught


you that? An Australian. Were they are having a laugh? When I was


walking out, the wave came, they could see the panic on my face and


they were shouting to jump through it, going to it! Going to will ball.


And it hit me and I went in like that, and the boogie board went


that way, and this arm went up and over and snap out and I stood up,


and I didn't know what happened. And I stood up and my arm wasn't


here any more, it was just behind me. So ago I had to put it back in.


Just played twisted and put it back in. Did you have one of those funny


hats and red shorts. Was it just a regular bloke? That's because


English people don't put themselves in balls. He said, yes, this


happens all time. Serve as always come out with their arms hanging


off. -- surfers. You are as big in Australia as you are over here, if


not bigger. How come you made it in Australia? I got over there and it


was the Melbourne Comedy Festival, which is a brilliant one. When you


go over there there are about five celebrities in Australia, that is


it. There is only about 22 million of them anyway. If you have any


kind of strange head like this, that is a novelty and they say,


getting on the telly. And he has a nice accent, that will be good. I


ended up doing loads of TV stuff. Do you find the audience is


different in Australia? You yes, because they are automatically


happy. Immediately they are happy. Because they have the sun and some


vitamin D... I was in Blackpool and sitting in my hotel room, the sky


was grey and the sea was matching the sky and I was looking out and


the ground was grey and there were four grey cars in the car park.


suppose you have to cheer people up in England, but in Australia they


are kind of happy. If you come out and say hello, they think that's


good. That's all right. They are all sitting there in their white


clothes, looking fantastic. I can't get a tan, because my skin will


fall off. I was doing this piece on Bondi Beach, sunbathing, and it is


pure white sand, so matches my skin. When I laid down in my shorts, a


bloke came around and stood on May. My skin was the same colour as the


sand. But I cannot get a tan, can you? I don't tan. It is bad for you.


Tanned skin is damaged skin. And I tell you what, we will speak to


Nicola Roberts about that later because she has done a whole


campaign about stopping the ball going on sunbeds. Than some ice.


That is something for the weekend. Why is this called Something For


The Weekend when it is on a Sunday? Is the weekend not over? It is


something for next weekend. You keep your memories all the way


through the week. People home are hung over, going it was a brilliant


weekend, what's this? We need to be on on a Friday morning. Something


for a Sunday. Talking about Australia, you do audience


participation here, do you do it there? Yes. Your participation


involves asking the audience to bring you give us. Is this is


something that started happening? How did this happen? I was in


Leicester Square in the Comedy Theatre and a guy started leaving


stuff on stage. He left some underpants on stage and he had at


my face imprinted on them. I put that on my bum and on the front he


had a cactus, so people just started making stuff. I said I


should ask people to bring the GIFs. Encourage some more widows! -- Weir


does. This was in Glasgow, and you remember the Andrex puppy, they


left in the bag, that is so weird. It will suffocate. And it is


written on the bag. Safety-first, plastic bags can be dangerous, to


avoid danger of suffocation Cape this bag away from children and


animals. This was just left on the stage. I've got all sorts. This was


brilliant. This is the Stone of Destiny. I did a gig in Perth, and


this is a big Scottish thing where the English starlet, and I had


never heard of it. In Perth they were trying to tell me, the English


stole it from us and we had to steal it back. I was doing a gig in


Dunfermline the next day, and a guide drove from Perth with this


book and left it at the door and said he could not stay in


Dunfermline for long because of the football team, so he had to leave,


because he couldn't be in the same town as the Dunfermline football


team. Crazy stuff. It is endless. A little old lady left to this.


is Q. That will come in handy. put it on and she said, I used that


at the.. Oz, oh really? It stops my umbrella from throat -- blowing


away. That is no joke! This was last night. I put it on and I tried


to work it out how it stops your umbrella blowing away. How does


that work? I don't know, just when I put it on its less breezy. People


just leaving the best staff. In Australia, they kept giving prizes


for the best one and it literally fell apart because I couldn't bring


it home with me. It was a hand- knitted G-string. A woolly one.


sounds really comfortable. Jason will be cooking desert with Simon


later and using his huge sporting knowledge to help us step get --


checkouts and sporting stuff with Nicola. You did well in the rugby.


Any questions for him or Girls Aloud back pass -- Girls Aloud's


Nicola, please contact us. This is the point when I asked you to


concentrate and find when the music, the headlines and the classic TV


The days of the red telephone kiosk are numbered. In their place will


come see-through blues made of aluminium and stainless steel.


police officers confronted the convoy near Stonehenge. About 200


hippies were ferried away in a fleet of police vehicles. Ruth


Lawrence has proved she is every bit as clever as they said she was.


She is only 13 but has just taken a degree in maths at Oxford


University. She got a starred first, Me and duly broke up about 19 and a


half years ago, meaning she was expecting her at the time, which


means, Debbie is my kid! But she's Del Boy there. He was my favourite


character. How many guys have been called Trigger? My favourite scene


is where probably says, you keep calling me Dave. Why do you call me


Dave? I would go 1985. I would go 1986. Loads of pictures began this


week. Last week Bob Geldof was on. He said the Dublin cuddle did not


exist. There were loads of pictures This is the largest fiord. I think


I have been there will stop it must have been that one. I just got on a


boat and went. I saw seals and everything. Finally... The Devil


cat. The cat is called Bacon. They made both dishes. It is huge. It is


the size of a bear! We asked for your funny food photos. This is a


Scream mask in balsamic vinegar. Is that better for you? A who's very


crisp while watching Scream. -- scary. Send your name and your


lamb stew with orzo. That did not exist until a few years ago. What


on earth is that? It is nice. that the way you leave your life? -


- lead your life? If you have not had it, it did not exist. That


means you believe you are the only person in the world and everything


else is controlled by you. could be insulting me. I have some


lamb cooking away. We have some orzo, tomatoes, onions, cinnamon,


bay leaves and garlic. We finish this with parsley, rosemary, mint


and balsamic vinegar. The lamb is cooking away - the lamb shoulder.


If you want to slice that onion for us... How do you want it slice?


With wings or diced? You can do what ever you want. -- wings. If


you make it two small, it turns into dog food. This lamb is a bit


on the small side. That comes out, we have sealed that. More oil into


the pan. Pop the onions in. All this lovely lamb fat. We want to


get flavour into that. One of the important things with something


that is Greek, cinnamon is the key flavour. They go in. As I work that,


all these lovely bits of lamb fat come together. I did a charity


thing this week. You go around and do trades on the trading floor of


the city. They give all the money to charity that day. They call you


over and say, come on the phone and do a deal for us. I am doing a deal


for �110 million. Seriously! It is a proper deal they are doing. I am


on the line, I am going, 110 million! Can you tell Simon, I made


his mum's the signer? -- lasagne. Those guys in the City, they are


really nice. I had a good laugh with them. We have and in, garlic


and bay leaf. I wonder if that is where we can take power trading ban.


How much do you want this for? think there is a market for us. You


can smell this already. Slice the Garden Route -- garlic rather than


crushing it. Back goes in the lamb. The lamb with the anchovies. They


raise a lovely combination of lamb and anchovies. -- there is a lovely


combination. You are using it as a seasoning. You get saltiness as


well. Then we add in a tin of tomatoes and cinnamon. That is


really important. A good sprinkling of cinnamon - a cinnamon stick


turns it into something different. Then some stock goes in. You bring


it to the boil, cover it and simmer it for a minimum of 45 minutes. Let


it cookout for a good few hours. This is orzo. So, it is past ah.


you think of it as the stuff you put in minestrone soup or barley


when you put it in a stew. It is a thickening agent. It is a good


weight of bulking up inexpensive dishes. -- way. They have purple


flowers. You have to pick them by hand. What season is it? It tends


to beat all year round. You will see them at the roadsides of Greece.


They are really nice. You wonder why the Italians bother making


pastor when it grows wild in Greece. We have gone from this - a wet and


delicious stew. We at the orzo. We get the final part of our journey.


You used this, I'm sure, on celebrity MasterChef. What do I


have to do? I cannot use that, can I? It is absolutely fine. It is


going into the same dish. Now we have this lovely, deep, rich,


hearty stew. It is a heavy dish. We want to lift the flavour. We add a


bit of vinegar - we are using sherry vinegar. It has that lovely


flavour. It changes the taste dramatically. The vinegar and herbs


go in the end and not the middle. You can serve this forever you want.


Give it a stir. -- wherever you want. I am serving this with flat


bread and you bet. If you are serving it with mashed potato, you


can put more vegetables in. We get the orzo, the lamp, and now we get


the vinegar and the herbs. -- the lamb. A good old spin full of this.


The longer you cook it, the more delicious it becomes. -- spoon. Now


we have the herbs in, suddenly, it smells delicious. A little bit of


Greek yoghurt for acidity. This is good, isn't it? John to road gets a


bit of absolutely every ingredient. It all has to work in his mouth at


one time. Sometimes they put it in upside down. It is really weird.


will try that. Have you never been taught that? Upside down. It is


going everywhere. We can create the perfect television judge. I do not


think you should scoop it on to the fork. What are you going to be


cooking with Jason? The fantastic orzo gives it lots of body. We are


still not going to pick cute! Dessert is with you, I believe.


wife is a fantastic cook. When someone watches MasterChef and


someone makes a really good dessert, she cries. She goes, looked at that


All the recipes are on the website. You can treat us as well. With your


name, of course. This week, Planet Dinosaur is all about the beast


that had feathers. It seems certain that gigantoraptors were feathered.


They were the largest beggared animal ever discovered. These are


not for flight. They could not fly. Nor are they for insulation. These


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 58 seconds


You can take flight with the gigantoraptors of Planet Dinosaur


on Wednesday at 8:30pm on BBC One and BBC One HD. That is at 9:30pm


in Scotland. The scientists are making up names all the time. Now


we are joined by Nicola Roberts. She has sold 3 million albums with


girls allowed. She is ready for the same success in her new solo career.


# Danced to the beat of my drum, Welcome, Nicola Roberts. Let's talk


fashion. You love a bit of fashion. I am told you have a show on Friday


you were on. Fashion Week is right in the middle of promotions. I


cannot, unfortunately, get to will the lovely shows I would like to. I


managed to get to the show on Friday. London Fashion Week looks


hard work. Don't you traipse around for hours and wait for them to come


on. I'm sure you go to shows you enjoy. Your unique in your fashion,


aren't you? I think you have separated yourself from the masses.


You have your own thing happening. Was that hard? Coming from a band


it is tough to be so low. I think you just have to be true to what


you like. I used fashion in a way that really can change the way I


feel. If you are having a bad day and to put something on you feel


good in, it changes your mood. I used fashion in that way. If it is


quirky and a want to be quirky, you have done with it. It should be fun,


shouldn't it? How did you feel the Daily Record of the video to a new


thing will? -- debut recorded. was 120 degrees in New York.


said, give me the shorter stressed Let's have a look. Here we go. #


Kisses on my pillow. # Who do you say? # Are you going to take this


For how my hair was not literally stuck to my face, and I had any


make-up left on, I have no idea. I can't begin to tell you the heat.


It was unbearable. And it is a long day, a video shoot. My heart bleeds


for you out there. And had to do a video as well! Just the sound of


the record is a departure from Girls Aloud. That is out today, by


the way. The album is out next week. I suppose it is different. It feels


slightly quirkier. Each of us who have done it music, it's all been


different. Cheryl Col's records are different, and Nadine's album was


different. When you are in a band, people don't necessarily get to see


your personal musical taste, they just get the sound of the band. So


inevitably, it is more highlighted because I'm on my own. It is nice


to hear people's vocals. When you are in a band, it is snippets and


harmonies, so to hear a vocal on the record, it is great. It must be


quite a revelation for you to take the lead. It is a massive deal that


I have got my own album. I never really saw it ever happening. Then,


when I was given the opportunity, and I have the most amazing team.


Behind the scenes, the label, the management, we worked together


really well and it is just lovely to be a part of something like that


and having your own record is amazing. It is a massive deal to me.


How did they distribute the vocals with Girls Aloud? Who decides who


sings what? The producer would decide. Was there any animosity


between the girls? No, because we work as a team. It is a team effort


in a band. It can't be like that, otherwise it won't work. So you


have one caught in the kitchen, that's the producer, and he decides.


Are you reforming soon? Are you split up? No, we have not split up.


This is the same thing I always say, but next year it is our 10th


anniversary. 10 years? It doesn't seem that long. Are you sure about


that? I am not really dealing with the fact that you have to grow


older. So when I say 10 years, it makes me feel really old. You are


not old. You were young when you started. For but the fact I am able


to say 10 years... Do you feel the pressure as a solo artist? People


will be critical about what you do. When you are in a band it does not


affect you personally as much. is not as personal. When you are in


a team, you take the good as a team and the Knox as a team. When you on


your own, it is a lot scarier, but I hold on to the fact that I have


made the record I really wanted to make. And I am really proud of it.


If nothing else, I have it for the rest of my life, an album I love.


You must get asked to do a lot of charity work. The thing you have


chosen to get involved in is something about sun tanning and


sunbeds. I think I read that they used fake tan with you. I was a


serial fake tan a. Then you decided to embrace your skin colour. I got


to the point where I realised what I was doing, and the connection


between mentally feeling good but I had with fake tan was just


unhealthy. It was not good. It was awful. I would have been orange


streaks on my arms. I used to live with Sheryl, and our sheets and


towels were just black. She used to be like, her mum would come and put


the tells on 60 degree washes and shout at me. Tell us about the


sunbed part. I got involved with that, and we managed to pass the


bill, which was to have the age limit on sunbed increased to 18. I


had to do a speech at Parliament, which was scary. I was working with


Andy Burnham, the Health Secretary of the Labour Party at the time,


and that was really good. It felt like a really important deal. I was


proud to be involved. It is, because it is still fashionable to


do the sun tanning rubbish. In people's minds it is still


fashionable, but is unhealthy. Was it before 14? It was 16. It is


awful. OK, as always, Nicola is staying to cook up a dish in the


kitchen with Louise and Simon. Keep And here is a more of the stuff we


The heat is on in that don't tell Simon's final dish is roasted red


pepper cannelloni. And a new cadet On top of that, our retail expert


Nikki Dean will take us through some of the latest sports kit,


including an arm toner. It can give you jockeys but six. And an


intelligent water bottle. You are laughing, but you are doing it.


Byrne. Cowlishaw cooking? You say your wife does the mainly -- how is


your cooking? A my wife said I would never be a good cook, because


I don't love food. That is the thing. When my wife plates up


something it is like she has designed the best car ever. Do you


have affection for food? probably weep when you see and nice


bit of beef. When we first started doing the show, Tim was quite


dismissive of it. We went out for something to eat on one of our


first dates. It was a lovely night, really romantic. Tim had skate, and


it looked beautiful, and he just sat there and ate it. It was nice.


I didn't want to frame it. When you get it, you want to go that looks


lovely, but there was none of that, he just ate it. I wanted to eat my


food. What is your prettiest food? It is always going to be fish. Sea


bass. Let's Get cooking. I have got a great marketing idea.


Millionaire's shortbread. You must have had these many times at a


motorway service station. So for the caramel, it is butter,


condensed milk, syrup and a bit of salt. That is all bubbling away.


For the base, sugar, flour, vanilla and butter. I didn't know vanilla


was real. It is the stem of an orchid. I thought it just came from


the 70s. Condensed milk is really thick and loopy. You are thinking


of evaporated rather than condensed. Evaporated milk in wet desert he's


gorgeous. I had a drink the other day and it was to have your five,


brilliant marketing for the vegetable and fruit people. Why


don't the protein people do that, nuts, Eto'o fruit, meat people, get


together and say you have three a day. Then you can have a pork chop


and have to have your three. Then the carbohydrate people can get


together, pasta, rice, bread, yet they can say you need one a day.


There is no way you need five a day. Your body doesn't work on a daily


thing. You know when you're in the pub, standing. So it is five a day


with nuts. A no, five a day with vegetables. Five portions of


vegetables a date. Why don't they all do it? You could go on Dragon's


den with that, Tim. Go and see how long you can stand in front of them.


Jenny says to you, did Jason get my phone number? My mum left it in his


box last night at the gate. I did, yes. I did get phone numbers. I do


get them a lot. I telephoned one once, and it was a random number.


Hang on, I am doing it. This is good cooking, this is. And that's


how you do it. Just move your hand around quickly. And then the bloke


down there puts the other one in my hand. Simon, seriously, it's nearly


identical. You have just worked it a little bit too hard. Work it too


hard? Surrey, should they have been some liquid? It is a gentle thing.


It is the last thing. That is why it didn't work. There was a lack of


love. I am sorry. When we have done it lovingly, we press it down, and


pretty with a fork so it does not rise too much. That is the first


base, the shortbread base. Give your hands a quick wash. My God,


look at it. We have loads of time on it. Oliver Drake says, and I


will ask the question then asked another. Who inspire due to become


a comedian? But whenever you interview bans you always ask how


to get together, but with a comedian it's always how did you


get into comedy? You were an electrician, and then what


happened? Most comics get into it by accident. They think we leave


school and say we will be a comedian. By one a joke competition


at a comedy club. -- I won a joke competition. I won a baseball cap.


Do you know what to Caprice? Yes, but is a strange price. We should


go drinking more often. At Cap. I have an idea, Jason. I'm going to


enter this competition in get to win a cap? I went to collect my cap


at the end. Were you were grown up? I was 24. Didn't someone at some


stage wonder why the prize was a cap? Know. It was a stupid one.


What is the worst prize you have ever seen? I don't know, a cap is


not a great prize. It doesn't encourage people to enter a


competition. Let's have a committee meeting, at Cap! Car? Money? Dinner


for two? It was a comedy club. much money have you got? How minted


you are these days. I don't want to cap, I once jaws and a Ferrari. --


people to enter a competition. You're not going to sit there if


what you win is a cap. You don't enter a competition at a comedy


club, you just do it. So why is it a competition then? The embassy


said here is a line, and you have to finish it and you might win a


club was losing it. It was raining. What was the line? What is the


difference between two ex- presidents of Ireland? I said that


Mary Robinson does not live next to my mum. I won. Oh, my God! Maybe I


did not win the prize after all. That looks fantastic. Pour about on


top. If you're going to make it, let it set completely. If you are


trying to cheat... I think I am crying. It is so beautiful. When


the chocolate ceps, just look at that layer of caramel! That is the


thing and parrot that. -- about that. Are they equal layers? This


vertically, I think they should be equal. -- aesthetically. Do you


know why it is not biscuit? Because poor people eat biscuits. Are you


saying I am a snob? No. Can we sneak in early for this? Go for it!


I feel guilty. You could feed each other with that. That is romance.


This is serious, isn't it? It is like someone is making love in your


face. Read the link. What are you making? Red pepper and spinach


cannelloni. And the Kop terrace in a few minutes bus-stop first, the


chance to see David Jason in action. -- the cocktails in a few minutes.


SONG: Take On Me by a-ha. The days of the red telephone kiosk are


numbered. 500 police officers confronted the convoy within seven


miles of Stonehenge. 200 hippies were ferried a wake in a fleet of


police vehicles. Ruth Lawrence has proved she is every bit as clever


as they said she was. She is 13 and has taken a degree in maths at


Oxford University. She got a starred First, which is the best


you can get. You are trying to pull her, aren't you? Do you think I am


a sicko? You're are trying to interfere. I don't think you two


are right for each other. It has nothing to do with you. We think we


are right for each other. Which are thinking of getting engaged.


What is the Year? What year is that? I went 1985. 1985, 1986.


going to go 1983. I am sticking around with you. You are doing Del


Boy cocktails, aren't you? He is always ordering various mixes and


various things. This one is called a Caribbean Stallion. He tried to


be like James Bond. He asked for paraphernalia, umbrella and fresh,


seasoned fruits. Is this a drink? His way. Tequila, coconut rum and


creme de menthe. Lots of ice. He says, shake it and do not stir.


Let's have a go! I am waiting for the real thing. I knew I was doing


the right thing waiting for the real thing. It tastes like


dinner, he orders one up of those and it goes. What is your favourite


cocktail? I like lychee Martini. always went to the Nags Head. He


would say, Singapore Sling. He always had it really ridiculous. It


is a simple drink. You are making a Singapore Sling. It came from but


Raffles Hotel. It is gin, cherry liqueur, French bitters, and simply


mix with some ginger ale. Over time pineapple juice and grenadine went


in. This is actually how it should be. It is a nice gin and ginger ale


and lifted up. The sort of thing has come back. That is why we're


going to put a nice umbrella inept. It is nice and refreshing. -- in it.


It is the original Singapore Sling. He also liked a daiquiri. What do


cocktail barman think of that? Do you like it? It is like a Pym's.


That is based on the old Singapore Sling. A natural to Keri is rum,


lime and sugar. -- Thackeray. Everyone started to put bananas and


strawberries in. -- daiquiri. The classic one is rum, sugar and lime.


Very simple. We had a cocktail the other night. You were having an in-


joke, weren't you? They were so many bad variations. It is the


simple drink. Strawberry, strawberry liqueur, you can make it


frappe. It changes its constituency and texture. This is probably the


most popular flavoured one. A strawberry daiquiri, followed by a


Banana one. It is a nice summer drink but you need to have fresh


fruit in there. Those girls' night out you have with Girls Aloud, they


were quite fun in the early days. They were quite wild. I am not


going to live. Expand... I was only 17. I should not have been going


out. I was let in. You can imagine going on a night out the day before,


GMTV. Was there someone who always went first? Kimberley and Nadine


used to go home first. Do you still get together and have a drink?


are meeting tonight. I am really excited. Paparazzi everywhere are


saying, brilliant! Cancel my plans. It is a summer drink. Thank you.


Both those cocktails are available on the website. Another episode of


the show where the group organises the wedding. He has the money. This


With only a few hundred pounds, entertainment is proving hard to


come by. Cameron will bend over backwards to keep guests happy.


They are going to provide the entertainment themselves. They will


learn a Bollywood street dance from scratch in just over an Arab. --


It is hurting a lot. Cameron is soon struck down with Bollywood


knee. It genuinely is killing. down with your bad self. I am


sweating. I was still be sweating That show it is mad. It is on on


Tuesday at 9pm on BBC Two. Jason Byrne is there. A nice jacket. We


will reveal what that is about later. These are Sheikh weights.


They have been featured on the show before. -- Shake Weights. Up and


down, like that the stub it has been ridiculed across the world


just because of the hand motion. It works on a method called Dynamic


inertia. It is the resistance that is built up between the spring-like


weights. It would probably work on your ABS as well. I do not think it


is doing my apse. Insert your own innuendos. Imagine doing that in


the bathroom! Shall we put that to Water Bottle. The be this is


brilliant. She goes to this whole explanation. -- this is brilliant.


It tells you how much water you should be drinking. My body makes


me feel thirsty and by keep drinking. Anything I don't need, my


body gets rid of. I will talk you through this. We have had 0.7


litres today. That is 0.2 litres an hour. This is �27.99. We want to


have 1.8 litres a day. If you are doing lots of exercise... It


depends on your body weight. Protein guys need to get together.


Goat to the pub and discuss this. Just get a pint of water and a


clock. -- a go to the pub. That will appeal to some people. No way!


You do not have to remember when to drink. I am not convinced we need


to be told to drink. How do you forget to drink? It prompts you. I


am on a losing battle. You thought this was a snazzy jacket. This is


the Brompton Oratory jacket. Have you done catalogue modelling in the


past before? You can tell. On the back up all these features.


have not explain this. This goes in at one. You conceal that. It is


magnetic. If you turned to the side, you can see where you would unzip


it. If you want, you can wear that around Office meeting. It is quite


dapper. Do you like that? No. think that is a good idea. It keeps


you luminous and keeps you safe. have tapped it away. It keeps you


safe, Jason. �250, again expensive. If you do a lot of cycling... This


is champion jockey. It is the latest in be G 1 series. Something


has gone away here. This was bound to happen. It was released earlier


this month. You are going to demonstrate this. We have already


set it up. It has all gone bonkers. Lovely pose there. This is the


latest in a series, the first to have been integrated professional


trainer, so the computer will tell you what to do. Bear with us. I


will press the vibration and now. But I know you can't really see the


vibration, but when you're on it. Can you feel it in your head?


means you have the position of your knees right. It is doing your legs.


I feel like I've been on a big night out. We have set it for 30


seconds. I feel like I am going to be sick. It is good for


constipation. Quite possibly. shaking the life out of me.


much is that? It is just shy of �5,000. Very, very expensive.


will shake you for a fiver. Madonna and other celebrities wear by this.


It makes your muscles contract so it intensify is your work out. It


has an in-built personal trainer and these are basically the


resistance things. Five grand! First prize in a comedy competition


I am running. Thank you to Nicky and Jason. If you want more


information on any of that stuff, you need to send us an e-mail and


we will get back you. Now time for a new fly-on-the-wall documentary,


army officer training as the new intake turns up at San last --


Sandhurst. I was going to go to King's College to do War Studies


but I didn't get the good grades. So what did you do? I started a job


labouring and offered a job as an electrician. That is where I did my


apprenticeship. The electrician. What about any issues you might


have which I should know about before? Other than the not being


able to March. I can assure you that will come up. Am I supposed


to... So look, yes? I didn't realise. Sit down. Leave to carry


on, please. Lead to carry on sir, please. Yes, lead to carry on sir.


Quite old. 25. That has got to be the oldest one I have had, but it


seems like he's pretty dedicated. You can enlist for Sandhurst on


Monday at 9pm on BBC for. But now Nicola Roberts is in the kitchen


was tentative. We were maker roasted red pepper and spinach


cannelloni. We have Pepper's we have roasted and skinned, so you do


it over an open flame or a hot oven. The they look lovely. It is quite


hard to do this successfully. think it is dead easy. You have to


roast them for longer than you think. What you are looking for is


this to happen. A I end up with hardly any pepper. Roast them for


longer. Remember when you discover the joy of Cameron -- caramelise


and onions. You must be a really good cook at home. Can we not say


that. He will be watching, my husband, at chucking his slippers


at the TV. Louise is a really good cook at home. Spinach, pecorino,


ricotta, and rather than making a tomato sauce, we will roast them


with garlic and thyme and olive oil and vinegar. The first job for you,


Nicola. We tip all of the peppers into their and all of the spinach


into there. I love spinach. Good for you. Four of iron. Then a bit


of salt and pepper. I don't know about you, Nicola, this is


something I would genuinely cook at home. Just click that on and we are


pureeing this. This will be the finish for the Kalou only --


cannelloni. A lovely colour, lovely red and green. Canute do it in a


big one like this question are you can still do it in small batches.


If you want to just chop the spinach and pepper, that will work


as well. So then we go back to your station. Tip all of that into the


air and give it a mix around. quick tip, what inspired to write


Cinderella Eyes? It is an album track I wrote early on when I was


making a record. It is like a positive message. It is about my


take on fairy-tales and happy endings. I feel like a lot of


people in the world feel that they are owed things. Rather than having


to really work hard for staff. That is how I felt when I was making the


album. It was like a journey and it is my take on happy endings and how


you have do work hard. It is a good message and I wanted to call the


album it. You designed the shoes on the album, so it does all time. I


would love to design shoes. It was the most amazing thing. So many


opportunities just from making a record. It has been incredible. I


work with a designer called Atalanta Weller. I told her the


album title was Cinderella Eyes and I wanted to create the modern day


glass slipper. And we brought in a designer and it was just an amazing


thing. Now I have my own shoe, which is amazing. So the feeling


he's done. That is one part, and the next thing we do is just tip


all of the tomatoes into there. I have slice the garlic, and this


will be the source. Rather than making a tomato sauce, we will


roasted. Then we Tippet over with the olive oil and balsamic vinegar


and I will roast them so we get a lovely flavour and we have a little


bit of thyme. His cooking something you are interested in? When I have


the time and I am at home, I really like to spend a few hours in the


kitchen cooking. What do you cook? You know what, I make such a good


Scouse. Do you have a secret ingredient? We grew up on a lot of


roast dinners and casseroles and stuff like that. My boyfriend, been


from London, did not grow up on that a tall. I was like having


Scouse every night of the week, and he wondered what the obsession was


with potatoes and meat. I do like cooking it for him. You roast the


tomatoes and they end up like that. The smell is gorgeous and we have


the roasted garlic and tomatoes. There was a lot of oil. Loads!. We


are not having this in a sauce. What we are having is the moisture


in there. How long was that in for? 20 minutes, because they are cherry


tomatoes and they will rise quite quickly. And they will get cooked


again. A little bit of pecorino in there as well. We have got our


tomato sauce and filling. With the pastor -- the pastor, the thing is


we have to have a holding together, so we need to make sure that we


pack the dish we are cooking it in well. If you don't have enough


tubes are cannelloni to do it, say you only filled it to there. Don't


let it sit, packet with some tinfoil selling or keeping place


otherwise they will spread out. You can see how sloppy the mixes. All


we do is a bit of that down there and roll them up. I will do one,


you do the other two that his heart. We put a bit of oil on the base and


the cuts is on the bottom edge. You packet for an keeping going.


quick e-mail from Ian Hartley. If you could could collaborate with


anyone, he would it be? Kanye West. I am such a fan. I think he's beats


and everything, everything is so full of imagination and the


production is incredible. I am a massive fan. He would be a great


collaboration. What am I doing here? Just keep rolling it so it is


all held around. That is trying out a bit, and it will also crack, but


that is fine because there will be loads of moisture on top. Lovely.


Basically you fill the whole dish, and all we do is scoop this on the


top, which will be the source. You have all this lovely flavour and


everything goes on top. Then back into the oven and bake it for about


15 minutes. It looks very pretty. When it comes down, rather than


being blue p, it is lovely. We get this lovely, delicious dish and


then to serve, we simply scoop it out. While Simon plates up the


We can reveal the year when a-ha had a hit, and Del and Rodney


embarked on a series free of Only Fools and horses, it was 1985. I


actually got that right. Yet, 1985. You are on tour today. I am off to


Bristol. The EU be able to watch the big match? You're a man United


fan. In Ireland, it is Dublin versus Kerry in the All-Ireland


football final. Who you support in that? A Dublin, because I'm from


Dublin. Then there is Celtic and Rangers today. The Irish will be


going nuts. Yesterday was the rugby as well. Rangers and Celtic


straight after the show, then Chelsea. I think Chelsea man United


will be a draw. I think you might be right. A score draw. I think


Tottenham -- Liverpool will get a draw away as Tottenham. I thought


Nicola wasn't -- was an Everton fan. My money is on Tottenham. Who told


you that, Jamie? We never got to the back of that question, how you


became a comedian? The question was who was your inspiration. What


happened after that? I went uncollected my cap and my mate said


that I wanted to do comedy, and African of mine said I would put


you down for five minutes each -- and a friend of mine. That is how I


started doing it, I just kept going. Oliver Drake asked what are your


thoughts on shows like the X factor? What was your one called?


It was called Pop Stars: The Rivals. That didn't have Simon Cowell. It


had Gerri Halliwell, Pete Waterman and Louis Walsh. I think it is a


great opportunity for people to showcase what they can do.


Especially if you don't live in London, there are not that many


opportunities for people up north. If you have a talent, that is what


you want to do, then go for it. think he mucks up and he gives you


the record contract, but surely he should give you a cap. Can you


imagine the turnout if he brought everyone a cap? I would love to see


that at the end of X Factor. That is the end of the show. Thank you


to Jason Byrne, and Nicola Roberts. It is the Berlin Marathon next


weekend, we are here slightly later at 10:45am with the Kaiser Chiefs


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