17/07/2011 Something for the Weekend


Live cooking, the best of this week's TV and celebrity chat. Tim Lovejoy, Louise Redknapp and Simon Rimmer are joined by styling guru Gok Wan and festival sensation The Pierces.

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Good morning. It is 9.30am. It is Sunday. We are all dressed to


impress. Our first guest in the studio is Gok Wan. Our others are


the new-York based act -- New York- based act The Pierces. We will look


at cocktails, cookery and next week's telly.


Good morning. Welcome to Something For The Weekend. We start by saying


happy birthday to Neptune. It is Neptune's birthday. It is one year


that it has done a thing around the sun. How many years is that, Simon?


I will not say. How many Earth years? 164.79. Off the top of your


head? Yes. Did we just see a picture of Neptune.


What's your favourite planet I do like Neptune. I like Saturn.


Because it is rings. Have you got a favourite planet? Mars. Mine was


Pluto. It is no longer a planet. It is a star now. There are too many


Plutos on the planet. You have just been to Disney World. How was it?


love Disney. I went to EuroDisney. It was good fun. I hate it! I hate


it! How can you hate it? In my list of three worst places to go, it is


second only to Ikea. No disrespect - you do lovely products, I am sure.


The experience. I would.... Have you ever been to Ikea? I am not


talking about that! I am talking about EuroDisney. You have to smile.


You have to queue for things you don't want to go on! I think you


could cite a trip to a forementioned furniture


manufacturer in a divorce. You cannot go there without having an


argument. It is impossible! I will tell you this story, it will bore


everyone. I bought a rug. I picked up the pile of rugs, which I


thought was the rug. It was three. Because they package them. You paid


for three? I paid for one. I thought I would take it back to


Ikea being a good citizen. I went back. I said, I am sorry, I went to


bought one. You have given me three. They said, could you queue up


there? I said queue up to give you rugs back. I said, I've leave them


in the car park, you do what you want with them. Unbelievable!


I have even gone up a key! Unbelievable! Did you go on rides?


Of course I did. Obviously my two year old couldn't go on a lot, so


the parachutes.... Did you end newspaper a teapot? I was either on


a dumb bow, a teapot or a train. Did you stand in the street and


watch the parade come past? I was waving. I had my photograph done


with Buzz. I had breakfast with Cinderella. Lucky you!


Good, good! Right girl friends, be prepared for a Gok shock. We are


joined by Gok Wan. There he is. He walks around the country making


women look good about themselves. He makes them feel good about


themselves. He was a stylist to the stars. He now has a book. We also


have the pierces in the studio. We will tell you about storming the


charts, the festivals and hopefully playing live for us today. I have


seen them play live. Very good. They are very pretty as well, which


helps. So, Tim has his best shirt on today.


Is it for Gok or The Pierces? Who knows!


If you have a star question for Gok or a music question for The Pierces,


e-mail us.... You could chop it and change it around. They are sisters


from Birmingham Alabama, which I We will try and ask the questions


for you. Simon, what are we cooking today?


Stylish food. The whole show is about style. I have made that


massive efstport. So, starter today is pan-fried halloumi with figs and


raisins. Halloumi can be overused this time of year. We barbecue it.


We are adding things to it. became in voyage, didn't it? Very


much. I have ignored it for a long time. It is like fashion. Halloumi


- it's back sear tuna with pak choi. Sweet flavours in there and cut


through with the bitterness, so the mango is sweet. Acidity in there,


with some plum sauce. Marmalade yogurt cake. Marmalade, orange


juice, water. Imagine lemon drizzle cake. Finally today, merguez lamb


burgers. If you have been to Paris and you smell sausages cooking in


the street, it is heady, it is that, North African. A heady smell. We


will use lamb today. The flavours are the same. All our recipes can


be found on the website. Can I say, by the way, it is


Neptune's first birthday. It is older than 164.79 Earth years, that


is when we first spotted it. That is when we discovered it. The


medium of telescope, so people don't think we are a bit thick.


Here is what else is coming up on the rest of the show: Richard


Hammond takes a Journey To The Centre Of The Planet. All evidence


of humanity disappears. Everyone is talking Botham, Botham:


The Legend of '81. There's 50's news in The Hour.


Of course, we all want to be entertained.


Looking forward to that. Something For The Weekend would not be


complete without a couple of cocktails by Wayne. What do you


have for us today? Ice cream cocktails. Today I will make the


first ever ice cream cocktail, which was meant to be a desert and


a twist on an ice cream float. Doing an ice cream float. Nice.


What is going on with your cooker? I didn't have the grill on. Is it


on now? I'm not sure. Good start in the kitchen. Got no grill.


We're on. It will come on now. Leave the door


open. What are we cooking? What loom mi


on toast. -- what loom mi on toast.


-- Haloumi on toast. -- Haloumi on toast.


We have figs. First job for you. We want to cut


it into slabs. We are looking at, we want them that kind of thickness.


I do like halloumi. You would rarely eat it raw. Other things you


could do with it, we are going to coat knit oil. Maybe some flour


with pepper or chilli powder. is it? It is a processed milk, made


with sheep and cow's milk. The way it is processed we get that rubbery


texture to it. It is very rubbery, isn't it? I like it. I feel like


I'm eating a proper rubber. It is a great cooking cheese. It is why,


from a vegetarian point of view, it has an interesting texture. We


don't need any salt in it. It is a salty cheese. Black pepper is good.


Unions we have sweated down nice -- onions we have sweated down nice


and gently. A glug of brandy goes into there. Halloumi will take


loads of big flavours. The brandy goes in. It will reduce down. We


will add vinegar and sugar. While we chat, you can chop all of those


into quarters. Down the middle and across again. I went to watch


England men's hockey yesterday. We played Belgium. We were 2-0 down.


We were third or fourth. At half time, and we won 5-2. Have you seen


hockey? Did you play it at school? No. What did you do, just sing and


dance? Singing and dancing all day long. I didn't do any sport at


school. At stage school instead of doing sport you do acting, Sheikh,


fencing, everything, sing -- Shakespeare. Fencing. Everything.


Shou us fencing. Show us your lung? Get on with chopping your figs.


used to do fencing. I have been told not to do wit a knife.


That's good. How's my fencing? Good. We had to


do it, in case you got a role that required some kind of.... What


about running or hockey? We had to do wit a foil. We all wanted to do


it with a saiber. It is the one where you -- sabre. It is the one


where you slash people. We have used cider vinegar. You can use any


you want. This will make a sip rup kind of sauce. Now, let that melt.


We want the sugar to melt quickly. Let me borrow your sword, Tim.


Did you play hockey at school? couple of times, we had a Welsh guy


who played hockey, so we played for a while. We never really....


only played football at our school T reason I did fencing is because a


girl at the schools dad, or something like that was the GB


coach. I thought mainly girls played hockey in schools now.


sexist. It is rules, is that not true? I don't know. I don't know


why. I have seen at my son's school the girls play hocking. Does he


play hockey? No. He would like it. It is quick. We chuck the figs in.


These will become beautifully caramelised.


That looks gorgeous. You take the freshness out of them. Could you do


this on a fish? Absolutely. Our halloumi is done. We will drain


off the excess oil on there. Just to recap, onions, brandy, sugar. We


add all our raisins. Then a big load of pine nuts go in. We lovely


deep flavours in there. What we want w the balance of flavours, we


want delicious freshness. So, Mr Lovejoy, if quou would like to pick


up all -- you would like to pick up all these mint leaves and chop


these up. This is coming together. The


flavours in there, you want it to be sweet, but you still want to


Perfect? Chefs have a way of tasting. It is like art. That what


you are thinking. Very nicely done. Cooking is not like art! I'm sorry.


I mean to ask Wayne this. You know when bar tenders do that thing with


the straw, they get that taste. Have you ever seen a bar tender go,


"that is not quite right!" Yeah. Then they go and put more stuff in.


I think it is a great excuse to continue drinking. All nightlong.


think it is true of Mr Collins. We have sweetness. We have nice and


salty from the halloumi, which goes back into all this flavour now. We


have all these lovely, delicious, jammy sweet and sour flavours. Tim,


chuck in all that mint into here. It is at the end so it stays fresh.


This will give us the real freshness. This makes the dish for


me, rather than anything else. All these other flavours are lovely.


changes the smell so much. Exactly. That's it. It lifts it completely.


Then all we do to serve this, a couple of bits of our lovely


halloumi, making sure we are getting some figs. Making sure we


are getting some delicious raisins in there as well. And this lovely


delicious dressing. It is a dead, dead easy dish. We have done all


this in real time. It is real simple. Now the saltiness you


tasted from the halloumi at the start, we have now got all the


different flavours in there. It becomes a real advantage. It is


course? Tuna with pak choi and plum sauce.


OK. That's really lovely. Sorry, guys! I shouldn't have taken that


last mouthful! Oh, no. It won't go! OK. As always, sorry, you can get


all of today's recipes on our website:


Jules Verne wrote about it. Now Richard Hammond's doing it. He


peels back the layers and heads on a journey to the centre of the


Most of us live in towns and cities. And give barely a second thought to


And give barely a second thought to what lice beneath our feet.


What would we find if we lift up At first, it is a jumble of gas


pipes, water mains, electric cables, all of stuff we've put there. But


most of that is in the first 100 feet. Even our deepest tunnels are


only around 200 feet below the ground. Get below 300 feet and


almost all evidence of humanity disappears. No human being has ever


been more than two-and-a-half miles below the surface. Beyond there,


it's unchartered territory. What we do know is that it gets warmer,


much warmer. And that heat comes from something over 3,000 miles


below. A giant ball of solid metal. This is the inner core of the earth.


It's almost as big as the moon and it's as hot as the surface of the


sun. And you can follow Richard


Hammond's Journey To The Centre Of The Planet on Tuesday at 9.00 on


BBC One. Our first guest made fashion TV fabulous and endeerd


himself to women and men. Boobs are my favourite! Hello. In the love


pad. Love it! OK, girlfriend. Open it up. Those are my tops and T-


shirts. You're walking around like a depressed Cure fan. You're


allowed, when you're with me to be Sonia. I'll hold your hand. Get in


there! Get in there! All right. Go on, get in there. How did that


feel? You have made a huge impact. Definitely. That's very nice to


hear. Do you look good naked? hope so! Does she? ALL: YES Welcome,


Mr Gok Wan. I'm star struck. I watch this every Sunday. And huge


stars! It is like being in Hollywood. Fabulous. Do you love


your job and you said you love it. I asked if you'd rather be doing


top end fashion styling? Do you know, I've done all types of


fashion, all my life. Whether working with bands, advertising or


fashion. I love clothes but there's something special about forming a


bridge between the public who buy the clothing and the fashion


industry. I see myself in that role slightly. It is a bit more than


being a stylist. I love it for that reason. It is amazing to see


somebody who hates her body or is working on a budget and can't


afford to live in that world. Women's confidence is at an all-


time low, the fake tan, fake Elishs, what else do they do? The hair.


hair extensions. It is unobtainable what women are trying to achieve.


lot of pressure. Pressure, you're right. They can't get there. It is


the perfect time for you. Confidence is at an all-time low.


think attitudes have changed. When How To Look Good Naked came along


about seven years ago people were so fed up being told by people how


to look and if they didn't look a certain way they'd never be


successful, have a partner are have children. It came at the right time


when women wanted to say hold on, give us a break, let me be myself.


I'm not entirely comfortable but I'll never be comfortable if you


preach the moment of ideal. I don't think How To Look Good Naked is


entirely responsible but people's at stuedz have changed. We are more


aware of air brushes, all the bripbdz extending their sizes up a


little bit or down a little bit. We are getting there. A long way to go.


I think people trust you on the show. You have your own story which


I think the women you talk to know you are not patronising them.


You've been there and you've experienced it. We'll talk about


that in a minute. But the honesty you bring to the women is what


gives them the confidence ultimately. I think so. When we


started filming scam naked, we'd no idea what would happen. We were


standing in front of a women calling a woman's boobs bangers, I


was' always been that tactile with women. It wasn't until the show


went into the edit that the producer said this is slightly


weird, we've never seen this before. It felt really natural for me to be


like that with women. Do you think it is women who put pressure on the


women. Men don't care. I disagree. They do. They really do. Trust wre,


they do. I dressed men for a long time. Men care what they look like


but they don't care what women look like. They do. Behave yourself!


They care if they've brown /orange skin and white teeth? We don't do


all that touching bellies and stuff! Most of the guys I talk to


say I want a woman with some curves and flesh. Yet, in the magazines


they look at women who look a certain way who've been processed.


Women never turn up like that on this show. They never look like


their magazine pictures. That's the whole point. It is a very small


percentage. It is tough. I think you hit the nail on the head with


the show. It isant' actually about the way someone looks but about the


way they feel. That is what you bring to life. It is about being


confident in who you are and bring that can forward. That is the


message the show puts forward, which is great. There's the ideal


which is I want to celebrate being a woman and the other, I'm not


saying it is just the guys, but most of the magazines are run by


men, they are the ones controlling what's going into the magazines.


The qim in there look nothing -- the women in there look nothing


like the women women walking down the street. A woman is subjected to


3,000 images a week air brushed, photo shopped! It is unbelievable.


You have to put in photo shopping in Google. All the celebrities come


up before and after. It is quite remarkable. Attitudes are changing.


You've written a book about your life? I have. You've had a small,


in relative terms, TV career. Is it all about your childhood?


publishers came to me about 18 months ago. They asked me to write


their story. I thought I'm only 21! I've hardly lived. I started to


write it, made chapter headings. When I saw it in headings I thought,


I've had a big life from being overweight, growing up mixed race,


being gay. Working in my parents' restaurant which is a massive part


the book all the way going to university, suffering with anorexia


for ten years. I'd say it was a pretty full life. It wasn't until I


wrote the first chapter bian recognises ya, which is took me two


months to write. Was it hard to write? It was awful. I was doings a


book club and people were saying how did you do it. It was amazing.


They said it was like therapy. Was it hell, it was terrible. Really


painful. But... Can we show a picture of you. That's you as a


teenager. Yes, looking very attractive. You're quite heavy.


That's when you went through your anorexia problems? Yes, that was


when I was 17. There was a pushchair behind me. I was always


very big. In a weird way, I was happy with it for a long time. It


wasn't until I sat down to write it I really did understand. I hadn't


really spoken to my family, friends or anyone about it. I felt


embarrassed, still. This is only 12 months ago. After going through all


of that, to then make the transition into the world of TV, is


another big jump. That was a lot of emotional things to have gone


through. To have the confidence to go on TV yourself, how did that all


come about? I was' -- I have always been confident about myself. I've


always been a very good communicator. He's over there.


Because of working in the restaurant. I imagine myself as a


waiter with shoes. It is all about service, making people feel


comfortable, being able to communicate. I was never concerned


about that. Going on to TV felt natural. I was always very


concerned with how I looked from being grossly overweight and quite


severely bullied when I was younger. It would seem bizarre that anybody


with that life would want to put themselves in the public with the


critics and public. It's been really great. I've a really loyal


fan base who are brilliant. People do leave me alone. For the first


time in my life I've been left alone! Let's leave gobg alone now!


You love your gadgets. They are back this week. Lucy, our expert is


back too. This week we've a huge bunch of exciting gadgets. The


world's first ever 3D smartphone. A pair of bouncing shoes and a T-


shirt which gives air guitar a whole new meaning. Gobg with let


will get ap monks those with me. All the questions to him orth


pierces. Simon nailed it last week. How did you do? All you have to do


is guess the year these new stories made the headlines when Black Box


were riding on time. Can you remember that song? Deja View.


# Hot temptation # You just walk right in


# The American space probe Voyager two is only a few hours from its


target 300,000 miles from Neptune on the edge of the solar system.


Last night's earthquake was felt as far shout as LA. It was the second


worst in American history. Britain's first satellite TV


network Rupert Murdoch's Sky television was launched this


evening with four of its channels going on air simultaneously. #


Right on time # Cos you're right on time


# # Get on with it Tony. This isn't a Page 3. Stretcher's here. Can you


give us a sec. We need his photograph. This man could be dying.


I don't think you heard me. We need it now!


1988, 1987. 198 9. I said all those numbers first. I go 1987. Tim said,


out loud, we heard you, the director. I'm going 1987. Time for


your version of our recipes starting with Gemma and Andrew.


You've had a drink with him. He's my mate Colin's son. Drink with him


in Liverpool. He phoned me and said he was be be cooking pork and


fennel casserole. He said he didn't like fennel so wanted something


else. Doing favours for your mates. He you can see her face. Thinking


why is he wearing a Liverpool shirt again. Dib, about time, wedding


bells! Is it going to happen? Is it? Don't you think? It's long


enough there. Was that you asking on the show on behalf of him.


Passive asking your other half to marry you every week. Brilliant.


Now, we talked about the love of football fans. It will transcend


the borders of the rivalry. We've Judith, Debbie, Katherine, Emma,


Debbie, Rachel and marry. All teachers in Redcar. They made the


cherry chocolate pavlova. Brilliant. Then all put their footie shirts on.


The love for this coming season. Always like a budgie in the food


shops. Joey, best name for a budgie. Tom and raich he had from


Castleford in West Yorkshire. They made the romantic pork and fennel


casserole with broccoli from their own allotment. My family are


Cockneys, crafty Cockneys, cheeky Cockneys. A lot of my older


relatives had budgies. I remember them as kids. It is a bizarre pet.


They don't really do much. Great upgle Reg used to sit on the table


as he had his dinner. Bizarre. You look at those things with Hattie


Jakes. We had a budgie. Did you kill it? No. We came down one


morning and it was upside down in the bottom of the cage. I thought


that only happened to goldfish! D if you want to see yourself, your


food.... I had a fox, did I tell you about this - a fox lying in my


garden with its heads in the bushes. I phoned a mate. I said it is


shaking a bit. You have to put it out of its misery. I said, "I can't


do that." Shall I phone the RSPCA? They don't do that. They don't come


for foxes. By the time I got up and thought I have to do something


about this fox, it had got up and runaway. I think it was planking -


that new craze! There was another fox standing by


with a camera going, "Got him." What we making now? Tuna... I had


tuna overcooked by a restaurant. I ate it because I was hung I. I


seriously thought, I should send that back. The hardest thing with


tuna is people order tuna. When they get it, it is a bit cold. You


only sear it. It is never going to be piping hot.


Garlic, butter, plum sauce and stock. Beautiful tuna. Lovely. For


the salsa, coriander, which we will leave out. Cumin, sesame seeds.


Some pak choi and the dressing for the salsa is sauce, vinegar. We put


some stock and we put some plum sauce and we put some butter and we


put some garlic into the pan and we bring that up to the boil. While we


do that, just slice those pak choi, the whole bulb, down the middle. Do


you like pak choi? Yeah, I love it. you like pak choi? Yeah, I love it.


A member of the cabbage D family. You will not be here soon, you are


going off on holiday? Tomorrow I fly to California.


Which chef will we have stand in? Mr Corigan next week and then


Angela. She hates coriander.


Does she? Yeah. That is why she is my favourite.


Apart from you, obviously! I have booked my holiday as well.


Where are you going? Nor way. I am going to -- Norway. I am going to


go hunting for trolls, kill fish. Fishing.


Whaling? I don't think I'll be whaling. I ate whale in Norway.


Sheeps head. I am going to live like a Viking!


Bring this all up to the boil. Put the pak choi in when it comes to


the boil, then take it off the heat. We cover it with a bit of foil and


stick it in the oven for... To be honest, you could not put it in the


oven, it depends how crunchy you want it to be. All this bit is


hardy. So, pop that into the oven for ten


minutes or so. Smells good! And it will be nice and soft. So,


meanwhile, good hot pan here for our tuna in a second. Now for our


salsa, finely chop that, finely chop that and I will do the


cucumber. It is the California dream for us tomorrow. Is it?


That's good. I am very, very excited.


So, chop all of this. Have you been to Norway? I have. I filmed there a


few years ago. It is quite amazing. It is the only time I have eaten


whale. Not something I would choose to eat. We were filming at a market.


There was a smoked whale...: here? Yeah. It is one of those


where I thought I should try it, because it is there. It will not


change anything about what has happened to this whale. When I was


picking up the first bit of it. I thought, what happens if this is


the most amazing flavour in the world, would it change my opinion


of it? It was horrible. It tasted of inky rubber.


Where are you going? I have been on Bergen and up to the


Arctic Circle. Did you see any trolls? A few, yeah.


Some of them were pretty as well. So, what we do with our tuna, you


hunt for trolls, go on, our tuna, we are oiling our fish. This will


take no more than 30 seconds on each side. We want it to be a


searingly hot pan. Salt, pepper and then into the hot pan, like that


and just let it sizzling. What am I doing with this?


we'll make our dressing. What you need to do for the dressing is


we'll have the zest and juice in there. Then we have more plum sauce.


We have some vinegar. That will make our acidic dressing. Stir all


that around like that. Back to our tuna. Make sure we don't overcook


it. It is that quick. It is not nice if it is overcooked. You can


get away with a steak if it is overcooked. It dries out so quickly.


That is the thing with it. juice of the lime in there as well.


Then we have plum sauce with vinegar in there. Give that a mix


around. I would add coriander, you are not going to add the coriander.


I'm not adding coriander because Angela wouldn't!


They will be brilliant. Two of my favourite chefs, both of them.


So, here it is with the flavour of the butter. It has the flavour of


the plum sauce, it has the stock in there as well. So we have a little


mound of our pak choi on there. This obviously has to look


beautiful for you, Gok. I am amazed you are cooking this


Chinese meal, with my dad over there, the best chineez chef in the


world, ever! -- Chinese chef in the world, ever!


So your dad is there tuting. He is sat there like a hobbit on the


chair. Huge disdain on his face.


Dressing around the top. Amazing. Shall I give you those? I'll take


those. Because we have poached the pak choi, it has a deep flavour and


is butterry, then you have the tuna and that freshness of the mango


salsa. That salsa is lovely. doesn't taste like pak choi now.


You change the flavour. Do you like? So you have three distinct


flavours and textures in there. Desert, we are doing an orange


marmalade cake, with you Gok. All of today's recipes are on our


website. It is the same address if you want


to e-mail questions for Gok or The Pierces.


You can Tweet as well. He is one of the original sports celebrities and


creates headlines on and off the pitch. England's all round


cricketer, Botham: The Legend of D he was the James Dean of the


cricket world. He was very wild. arrived at the hearing with his


solicitor. He was anty establishment hero. He had enraged


the Old Guard. 1981 was a tough year.


England weren't any good at anything.


He was written off. History tells this remarkable story.


He's out! A one-off miracle.


Comic boy, own story. A memorable victory for England. It did change


And you can have an innings with Botham: The Legend of '81 on


Wednesday, BBC Two. Our next guests have played festivals this season


and will play alongside cold play and Elton John in the next seven


days. They have a brand new single out.


# I like to drink alone # Seven months to the day


# You left me here on this avenue # And now I think of you


Baby, where'd you go # Did you sail away to some distant


ocean # Darling, what we had


# It cannot be taken # It cannot be broken


# And it won't be forgotten # No, it won't be forgotten #


Welcome to Something For The Weekend Allison and Catherine, The


Pierces. You are genuine sisters. It is not an act. We are really


sisters. People have said you are overnight sensations. You have come


over here and you are on a lot of TV now. Your music is on the radio


and stuff. It has been a long time getting there. You started off


together doing recording in 200. Is that right? We have sung together


since we were little kids. Our first record came out in 2000.


have been a partnership singing around the States since you were


little kids? Not exactly. It was more like at parties, weddings or


gathering. Our dad played the guitar. Whenever anyone would


listen he encouraged us to sing. We were like, "Dad,, no."


When did you decide to dump your dad from the band? Around puberty.


You two were just about to break up and become solo acts when a guy


from cold play came and discovered you. Is that right? We have been


doing it so long. We kept almost making it. That can be really


frustrating. So, we thought maybe we should do solo projects, maybe


people don't get us as a due yo. We did, we split -- duo. We did it. We


split up. Guy called, saying he wanted to work with us. I said, "I


think we should get back together." Before you worked with guy, did you


always write your own material? Are you still writing now, yourselves?


Yes. We have always written our own songs. That is important to us.


Somebody like guy coming in and giving you a third opinion, in a


way, you hope that will be that extra kind of sparkle and spice....


It is a great opinion to get. fly through the charts. We had such


great chemistry together in the studio. You never know, you could


have the most talented producer and musician in the worl, but if you


don't have good -- world, but if you don't have good chemistry...:


We knew from the first song. have three others in the back


catalogue. Are you going to put them out again now? They are out.


Are you going to re-do the songs to the new style? Probably not.


love your new songs more. We have new songs we want to record for the


next record. You are from Birmingham in Alabama. I have been


there. I went to Elvis Presley's house and we drove to Birmingham. I


ended up playing ultimate frisbee with a load of Americans. We are


famous for that. It is our favourite pass-time.


It is small. The biggest city in Alabama. It has


a small-town feel. It is a nice place to grow up. It was good. Is


it true your mum did home-schooling There's a legal way to do it so


you're not just staying home from school.. You have to take exams.


Every year they test you to make sure you're on par. Everything is


homework. That's true. But you can do it in your pyjamas. Was your mum


strict? She was a push over. It'd be good if your mum and dad are a


push over. Unless you're getting a job? She's be lierbg, have you done


your math work yet. It was like, mom, I'm watching I Love Lucy!


we had Sea sick Steve on before from Alabama. You're going to play


for us now? What are you playing # We could bring a Blanket for the


grass # Cover up your eyes so you don't


# If you let me go, I'm running fast


# One to dream. Ml # We go watch black brirdz across


the skies # We could watch the leaves left on


the trees # We could count the tear drops in


our eyes # One, two, three


# Yeah, one two, three # Yeah, one two three


# Now you know # How how I feel


# And the world backed down # Put prick your finger on the


spinning wheel # And you don't make a sound


# Now you're taking # For all time


# With a kiss you will awaken # And you'll be mine


# You'll be mine # You'll be mine #


APPLAUSE How was that? Wicked. You're up


there with Sea sick Steve and a bit prettier! Sounds great. Shows the


connection the two of you have. The harmonies. All the touches.


Georgeous. The question has to be asked, do you bicker like sisters?


Do you fall out? Never! All right, the album's out now? Yes. When you


are - are you touring? We'll do festivals during the summer and be


back touring. London's where you're having? We're living in East London.


You've moved over here for the time being? For the moment. Do you miss


America much? We miss family. We have three new nephews. We feel


like we're missing out. What are they called? Levon, Basil, Brooks.


Is it basil but sounds different? You have a somehow later at Hat


field House? Yeah. How's your cooking? We're pro-s in the


kitchen! Whoa! I'm standing behind it! Step aside, Simon. The Pierces


will stay around to cook with Simon later. Tweet them or Gok Wan.


Still lots to come on the show, including cocktails, gadgets and


all of this. The style of TV news is changed by


the hour. Fleeting moments of history, no with apology. Simon's


cooking north African Mer gurbgs e gues burgers. Something to do with


YouTube! The fabulous Gok has think. I think I have buzzwords in


fashion. Fabulous, darling, sweetie. I love my pyjamas, a can of beer on


the sofa. It is a huge contradiction in my life. That


glamorous side and the really norm Alcide. Do you not think that is


the case for everybody? Not for me. You're just rock and roll all the


way? Always. Always in full make-up and smoking jacket. I bought a


sprinkler for our lawn this weekend. So rock and roll. We're making a


yoghurt and ma'am late cake. We've flour, sugar, baking powder. Then


yoghurt, oil, eggs, lemon and orange. Mr Gok Wan, if you'd like


to put the yoghurt and oil and crack the three-eggs in and whis it


together. Of course. The important news is Gok likes the food. I liked


it. I've never tasted pak choi which taste s like that before.


I've learned something. Amazing. The Gok Juan seal of approval.


flaz flaiz, -- glaze. This is really a make of any cake that


you're going to do. If you want to liven it up and give it something


extra, making a marmalade or jam glaze is dead simple. It tends to


be better with peach jam or marmalade so you've lots of acidity


in there. Warm it with water and it is really simple. You can beat that,


go to town. I'm doing it really carefully so I don't splash my


jumper.. This is from Helen. What are the best jeans for a curvy lady.


I know it is hard to answer. It is really tough. There are thousands


different styles of jeans and millions of different brands. The


thing have you to look at is how are the jeans work with your


proportions. The yolk at the back from the waist band which goes down


to your bum. It is like a try angle. The size of that yolk determines


how it can Acomb date your bum. If you're Corvey you need a large yolk.


If you're smaller, you need a smaller yolk. Straight leg? Skinny.


If you're Sykes 16 or 17 plus, skinny ish. It's down to personal


taste. If you feel you can cope with it. We went to a stage where


jeans went lower or lower. You couldn't a sit down. All right,


Louise, this is lovely. Anyway, let's make cake. Do you think


sometimes women are very obsessed with size, as in a 12, 14, rather


than when they fit. Often you see women with a muffin top, they've


clear said, I'm a size 12 and that's what I'm going to buy.


Clothes have to fit. That's the most important thing. If you go


into one shop on the high street you'll try size 126789 in another


shop you'll barely fit into a size 16. We've no regulate ed system.


That throws me. I think I'm doing quite well and in another shop I


can't get anywhere near that size. I think that will be the save your


of the high street. We shop online. If you order online you get a size


12 back and think, these don't fit me. Say to girls when dressing them.


Go into a shop. Hold them up. If you think they'll fit don't look at


the sizes just try them on. People obsess about the size. I went


shopping yesterday. I was a triple xfrplt L I went to another shop and


bought a medium. That's the diversity of the sizing system.


Don't get hung up. Otherwise it is depressing. We've got our glaze s


done. The zest from the orange and lemon's gone into that Gok. Which


looks beautiful. And it smells... All the food today's lovely. Then,


fold in the flour, sugar and baking powder. We need to remove the


wooden spoon. Tip all of those in. All at the same time? Yeah. We want


to fold it in quickly. Don't overwork it. Why would you wanted


to overwork it? You'll stretch the gluten. This is your style for


baking. If you really work it, what will happen is you're working the


flour. The gluten and flour stretches so your cake will be


really hard. Is this the case with all cakes? Anything with flour, if


you overwork the flour you won't get good results. You need to work


quite quickly and soon, as soon as it comes together stop. The other


thing people tend to do is overwork it. Once you have it com bind


you'll keep working. Again you'll overstretched flour so your cake


tends to be on the tough side. That is looking good, Sir. Have I time


for one more? It is an email from Isabella. She says, "I'm 56, have a


good figure. But how does an older woman stay stylish without looking


mutton dressed Aslam?" I love that expression. I have a great theory.


If you've had children, you've had your job. Reach 50-55. You've


probably got a bigger disposable income than ever. Exhausted from


raising the family. Why not celebrate yourself, get a brand new


wardrobe. There is no age limit with fashion. People say she has to


lower her hemline, cut her hair short. Stop wearing make-up and


wear cardigans. It is rubbish. it about embracing what you've got


at that age? It is about celebrating being a woman. If


you've worked that lard the whole of your life at the age of 55, get


glamed up, dressed up every day. He seeing your friends and celebrate


being 55 and a woman. Why not? I agree. That goes into the oven for


about 45-minute or so. Another tip, when you start baking, Gok, as soon


as you can put the secure into the cake and can tupls out clean take


it out. This beautiful, lovely cake. Loads of holes in the top of it so


this glaze will seep into the middle. I love the I love the way


Louise has done nothing here! always stand by the board. He


doesn't give me any jobs. He doesn't trust me clearly in the


kitchen! This is when you're a glamorous assistant. We let our


guests shine through. I'll stand here with a whisk! You can paint on


this glaze? Don't use me now! you put this glaze on when the cake


is hot g you get a double combination going on. With any cake,


you can do this, Gok. It is like the accessories. The glamorous


accessory which goes with it. Then, we'll I missed what was in the


glaze. Just marmalade, orange juice and water. Look at that. That is


unbelievable. Sorry, Lou, I'm leavinging my back to you. Are we


putting yoghurt on top of it? art's very good with it. Gives it a


lovely creamy flavour. Like it, Louise? Always, it's cake. Ladies?


I haven't tried it yet but it looks good. Oh, my God! That is sex on a


plate! Amazing. Sunday morning, Gok! I know. Coming up, Wayne's ice


cream cocktails and gadgets plus Allison and Katherine are cooking


up our final dish. Merguez lamb burgers. You heard them say they


are pro-s in the kitchen. She says she's a little better than you!


might sing! A challenge. If you want to kick-start your Sunday name


this daijaway Vue year. -- day gentleman Vue. # You just walk


right in # Walk, walk, right in


# The American space probe Voyager 2 is a few hours from its target,


3,000 miles above the cloud tops of Neptune on the edge of the solar


system. Last night's earthquake was felt as far south as LA. The quake


measured 6.9 on the ricketer scale. The President declared the city a


disaster area. Britain's first satellite TV network, Rupert


Murdoch's Sky Television was launched with four channels going


on air simultaneously. It is nothing forever but for several


years, certainly. # Cos you're right on time


# Are you busy? Does the Pope wear a funny hat I could use a hand.


What is it? We're trying to get the idea of someone who might have


topped his Mrs. When you've spoken toal in, give this restaurant a


bell. He was there last night. They might remember him. I have to dash.


Have to see a dentist. Get this developed. Use the 60 minutes


developing thing. Accidents andmentalies.


I went 1988. I'm 1986. I think '84. Is that too early? I think so.


Shall I change it to '89. About my days in the Ritzy,


Tottenham. We should bring in pictures of what


we looked like as teenagers. Scary. I had plates at one stage. I have


seen the picture. Interesting! I think you should bring that in


for the nation to see! I would enjoy that moment.


OK, we will get the answers and give it to you before the end of


the show. First, Wayne is here to bring summer into our lives. What


has happened to summer. We have planned ice cream cocktails for


weeks. Now the weather has changed. Yes it was hot, cold, raining. I


thought, look at the sky! Tim sat on the sofa and said, "Look at that


lovely sky." Can you get oh shot out there. It is pou -- can you get


a shot out there today. It is amazing!


A first ever ice cream cocktail. It was an after diner drink. Made by


Mr Soyer. He was originally French. He is a pioneer of ice cream making


as well. This is called Soyer au Champagne.


It is a bit boozey. It was very deck dent, I guess.


I was told by Heston that ice cream many moans ago used to be a savoury


dish. When it started it was savoury.


That's possible actually because of, traditionally it was sweetened with


vanilla. It was seen as a savoury spice.


Vanilla is bitter, yet we associate it with sweet. A half measure of


it with sweet. A half measure of each. Orange flavoured liqueur.


I am going to smell like that all day now, aren't I?


We top that ice cream off with champagne. It is a real rich after


dinner desert style drink. The reaction causes big soap bubbles.


That would be served at the table. It was the start of soda fountain


drinks. Nutmeg on top. That little bit of


garnish as they would do in Victorian days. I will go for the


alcohol rather than the ice cream. I'm going to go in at the same time.


When you spoon your ice cream, when you get it together it is delicious.


It is stronger than I thought it would be. It is served as a desert.


It is good with the ice cream. Comes together.


That's good. I love the way it looks. It is a diner party....


Whoa! We don't want that one no more.


Root beer float. The kind of soda fountains in America. During


prohibition they opened drug stores. Marble, brass rails, really


beautiful, ornate looking. This is where it started out. Soda is a big


thing. So the original root beer floats, but this is a bartender's


one. This is herbal? That has that root


beer flavour as well. Then we have some co-la. Straight over the top.


That smells like an any seed. -- aner in seed.


All nice and fluffy. This looks like a big pint of Guinness.


I have a straw and a spoon. This is what they used to use. Put it


straight in. You can scope up the ice cream as well. It is rich and


thick and creamy. Typical barman, looking after the ladies. When


there is a guy stood there for ten minutes and a pretty girl, who do


you serve first, who ever has just arrived? Who ever has just got the


money in their hand. You go for the pretty girl. All barmen do.


That is too sweet for me! I love it. That is the rum and


raisin ice cream. If you want to make these summery cocktails the


recipes are on our website: Following in the tradition Ross Lee


is The Pranker who gets up to all sorts of hidden camera capers. In


this clip, he goes undercover in D It is PC gone mad, introducing a


special constable and the delightful Elizabeth.


Hello. I need to come men dear your computer for important police


business. OK? Yeah. OK, treebgle. Stand here. I don't want you to get


-- OK, stand here. I don't want you to get hurt. Can you confirm the


address. I think it was something to do with YouTube. Sneezing panda,


yes? Over? Roger that. Right, OK I'm now looking at a very


large panda. Black and white, fat little thing, a little baby. The


baby has just sneezed. The panda has just jumped a mile.


Do you have any more? Over. Roger that, 771. Charlie bit finger. Over.


Love, this is very important. If you want to make yourself helpful


go and make me a cup of tea. Two sugars. That would be lovely. Thank


you very much. Evolution of dance. I can't find


the tea bags. Dear, oh, dear, oh dear. Do you do this often? Make


sure you always know where the tea bags are. Yes? Yes.


Now go carefully. And you can watch the many faces of


the pranker on Thursday, 10.30 BBC Three. Now gadget expert Lucy


Hedges is with us. We are moving around a bit. We have a gadget


which keeps us on our feet. rumour mill has been churning this


week. Amazon, the guys behind the kindle reader are coming out with


an droid tab let. It would set a precedent for tab lets. If it is as


popular as the Kindle it would be popular. I love fashion. I really


love gadgets. Sometimes the two combine. I get


very excited about it. So, the first one, is the first 3D.


The first ever 3D smartphone. Like Nintendos, gaming, hand-held


console, you can use it without glasses. You can use it without The


Face vouchers. Can I look? Oh, my God, it does. It has a 3D menu.


problem is on television we cannot really show you what it looks like.


You are going to find out what it is like via the medium of Gok Wan.


Basically everything revolves and comes towards you. It is like a 3D


film, everything happening around you. It takes pictures. Tell us


what you think. OK, a little bit too close, kids. Amazing. You could


be Japanese tourists. Seriously! It gives you a perspective of the


background. So the depth is really impressive.


Can you move it around slightly. are not lying, it is actually 3D.


When you've had enough you can shoot 2Ds.


It has an HMDI out, so you can plug it into your TV and check out your


work on the big screen. technology has come so far so


quickly. It is like Star Trek in a phone. Amazing! Love it! The next


one. Do you like fitness? I love fitness. I go to the gym, tree or


four times a week. Could you not tell You are bulking up a bit. You


need to cut down and suck lemons. Really? I have no idea what that


means. This is a good aerobic workout. What are these? These are


the shoes from Hutchingson Sport. It is not difficult to work out


what they do. Folded steel slip which allows you to jump. You can


jump or run. The obvious thing being you can jump. It would be


great to play basket ball. Shall we give them a tester?


They are fantastic. There are three levels of power. We have it on the


easiest because we are new to these. So it changes on the strip thing?


Absolutely. The strip is adjustable to different body weights. It comes


in small, medium to large. Theyry amazing. I have my own pair. I love


it. Do you feel confident in them? I would look at them and think I am


about to break my neck! You can adjust on the side. You can


do the walking which is the easiest. Walking, jumping. You can get 30%


faster than you would with your normal running shoes. We have had


ten minutes on these. The balance is amazeling. It is great for


improving balance. Great for toning the thighs and bum. Thighs and bums


would get a workout. I love them! It is doing my calves.


Right, would you like to come in? This is the - what is this T-shirt.


The electronic guitar T-shirt. It has a guitar designed. So touching


the different buttons, they represent all the major chords.


With the magnet tick pick you can It comes with the amp as well.


attaches to a belt which is integrated into the T-shirt. You


can control the tone and volume. They are not just ordinary run of


the mill sound. They have been recorded from a real electronic


guitar. What do you think, Allison? If I played some metal it would


come in handy. Do you think it is cool? Kids will love this T virt.


- T-shirt: If someone was sitting on a train with that you'd want to


kill them. At a party with that on. How much was that? �32.


OK. If you want more information e- mail us via our website:


We will get out all the details. A new service set in late 1950's


Britain and the dawn of the TV industry, feels like a British


madman. Drama time, this is The 60 minutes, six days to get it


together. Three slots. Tell me how it looks. Wealth immigration.


75,000 people arriving here every year. What does that mean? A public


address in San Francisco. The birth of the new Negro. One who is not


crippled by fear and self-loathing, but driven by destiny. We don't


have the shame. No colours, no Irish. McMillan and the credit


squeeze. Obviously. Third? 30 minutes, 38.6 seconds. A good


story. Seeing him across that finishing


line is the thing. It makes it morale, the boom. It is how we bear


witness. That is what one tries to do. Fleeting moments of history.


Not with apology. Not as it is now. Endless static newsreel. A man who


never leaves his desk, delivering the stories, the warm-up act to han


cock's Half Hour. Russia are declaring world war three. It has


to be The Hour that you can't miss. The Hour you have to see. Putting


real journalists in front of the camera and giving the message you


see the news seriously. So you see The Hour starts on Tuesday at


9.00pm. You told us your pro-s in the kitchen? I they we're pretty


good. We like it. We enjoy it. do you cook? We cook a lot of


Mexican food. What's the home dish of Birmingham, Alabama. Boorb could


you. And fried chicken. We don't do barbecue. Our parents are


vegetarian so we did a lot of tofu and vegetables. You don't imagine


that in al Bam A you imagine because it is a big meat producing


region you'd imagine, therefore... Our parents met opening the very


first vegetarian restaurant. At the opening? No, they opened it


together. Our mum opened it and our dad came to apply for the juice bar


position. They were Hibies and became Christians and now back to


hippies? Now they are back to hippies? Now they are back to


hippies. An interesting life. Do you eat Matt? Merguez is fantastic


African flavours. We are using lamb. The flavours are rosemary, cinnamon,


sue Mac, a bitter spice, harissa paste and garlic. We've minced lamb.


We'll make a yoghurt and ta heen why dressing. Cucumber and lemon.


Catherine, please pound those Liberal Democrat on seeds in there.


Knife skills at the ready. Allison, can you strip all that rosemary and


finely chop it. I'll chop the garlic. Is it better to pound it?


We don't want to pound it. It is really heady. The fennel, rosemary,


sue Mac, they are all big sort of smells that are quite headachey to


a certain extent. Quite medicinal. When you were trying to make it in


the States you were base in the New York? Is that your home? It was our


home for the last ten years. We are kind of homeless now. We gave up


our apartment there to live here. We had Debbie Harry on the other


day. They were talking about the New York scene back in the


sevenities. Is there still a great music New York scene there? There's


always good music coming out of New York. It does come in waves. There


are moments when there is an amazing scene. Ten years ago,th


strokes were coming out. It was incredible. Then. It has quiet end


down a bit. It seems there's more of a scene here in London with


Adele, Florence and the Machine. Has it been a culture shock living


over here? No, it is really similar to New York living. City, urban


feel. Same. Had you been here a lot before you moved here? Yeah, we


made the record here, part of it, at least. Before you made the


record, had you been here? Into few times. We really love if here.


It feels natural. There's a check on and we need to crack on. Fennel


seeds in there together with frg else. Paprika, cumin -- with


everything else. I'm more than happy for that to be there. All of


that goes in. We've a good amount of salt and pepper. They are doing


well. They are confident. You can tell. When they walked into the


kitchen. I think, get the hands in. I'll do that. So, Allison, if you


stick all of that in there. Really start working it. Sweeping


statement, you want to get a really good burger mix. All of those


flavours get mixed into the lamb. Can you over mix it? Kind of. The


lamb's so fatty. But if you kept working it, it would break it down


too much. We want the balance of getting the flavours into the


burger without breaking it down. Slice down the middle. Get rid of


the seeds. Squeeze lemon juice, yoghurt, ta heen why. In we go.


took a long time to arrive here, you must have had various other


jobs or have you always just done music? We've been pretty fortunate.


We've not worked too many jobs. I was a nanny. I worked in a


mannequin shop for a day. Waited tables. We've a tweet from Lydia


who says "did you nearly become balance Reenas?" I believe we've a


picture of one of you or both of you? Ah, that's Allison! We've one


more as well. That's Katherine. good were you at ballet? We were


pretty good. We were both aiming to do it professionly. I did do it


professionly. She did. I got a hip injury. We were both burned out. It


is really tough pro- fegs alley. -- pro-fegs alley. How are your feet


now? They've recovered. Many pedicures later. The sauce, yoghurt,


tahini and lemon is in there. Great the cucumber into that there.


are you, mate? Nice man hug. Tim's not the biggest fan of man -to-man


friendly hug. I like shaking hands. Man hugs are the best. What about


man kissing? I'm all for it. love man kissing! We mould this


into burgers. Tim has a weird one with it. He struggles. Big flavours


in there. Then, we simply oil the burgers. Then we slap them on to


the griddle pan. Or you can grill them if you want to keep them


healthy. There's plenty of fat in the lamb. On to there. The Merguez


is the herb and spices. The a Merguez is a traditional north


African sausage. It is those heady spices. Beautiful. That will do.


Simply beat all of that together until it is nice and smooth. Dunk


your hands in the sink there. these fellas have been cooking away


beautifully. Smell it. It is really quite heady. A delicious smell.


Then, to serve. Rather than serving in traditional buns we've pit a --


pitta bread we pack with could you come ber, tomatoes and then -


was in this again? Lemon zest, lemon juice, yog art, ta hirbgs i n


-- fahini. Cucumber. A big old dollop of that on to the base. Then


we sit one of our delicious Merguez lamb burgers on the top. And, of


course, a little pickled chilli around the edge as well. There we


go. OK, Simon will carry on flipping the Merguez burgers on to


the plates. Over to Louise and Gok for Deja View answer. The news was


the voyager, San tpwran sis co- earthquake. Music was Black Box and


the TV was The Bill. What year was it, Gok? It was 19 89. I was kind


of right the second time! LAUGHTER Which I think makes me the winner,


clearly. Gok, emails about fashion and everything. This is from holly.


She's about to give birth. What's the best trend she request follow


once the baby's born. That's difficult. It is more about body


shape than trends. Something to hide? Why not celebrate it again.


If you've had the baby. I think when you've had a baby when you're


not pregnant it is hard to still look pregnant. I know! I'm a mum.


would say maybe try tailoring. Structured, big shoulders. Wide leg


trousers. Put yourself into a silhouette. Maybe tailoring. Gok, I


have a question. Tatoos. They go in and out of fashion. You've got them.


What's going to happen when they are out of fashion? They never will


be because they are on my arms. Basically, that's it. I love this


one. It is my family, my dad, mum, sister and brother. Many moons ago,


I was in LA, I went to Hollywood hills. There as a tatoo parlour. I


was going to get a tatoo. If I had that now everybody would be


laughing at me. If you get a caricature then that's different.


Any tatoos, ladies? No. The Pierces, who did they get their inspiration


from. Who are their heroes? Hamas and papas? People say that because


of the two female vokals. We loved Simon and Garfunkel, the Beatles,


Joni Mitchell. We loved the Hamas and papas. Fleetwood Mac? Yeah, we


loved that too. Were you listening to older-style music growing up?


Our parents forced it upon us! trying to do that to my kids.Th


specials! What do they like? rubbish! Tim, that was not nice. OK,


I'm changing the subject, boys, what he is at best style advice you


can give to men? The best style advice I can give to men is -


Something For The Weekend! It has to be a blue polo shirt, a grey


shirt. Anything these boys wear, on trend. What is it? Respect your


body as much as the girls have to. You still have to have a body your


you have to be proud of. It is those guns, Simon. That's it for


Live cooking, the best of this week's TV and celebrity chat to set up your Sunday.

Tim Lovejoy, Louise Redknapp and chef Simon Rimmer are joined by styling guru Gok Wan and festival sensation The Pierces.

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