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travelled two thousand miles around Texas to speak to the voters


# I was born to lead, the land of the free.


Americans who voted for Donald Trump weren't just the people


She gained a massive amount of weight.


Supporters believed only the Donald could make America great again.


I needed and wanted to see jobs brought back to America.


God has a big thing to do in my life.


That wall will go up so fast, your head will spin.


We are on a 2,500-mile road trip around the great state of Texas


to hear why so many have put their trust in Donald Trump.


# Say Hail to the Chief, I was born to lead.


We are in Austin this morning and off to to meet a young lady


called Hannah who voted for Donald Trump.


It will be really interesting to hear her reasons for voting


for him and particularly as a woman I guess because we know


the things he has said, his attitudes to women has been


criticised, but it will be interesting to hear whether that


swayed her at all and the reason she gives for still supporting him.


# If Donald Trump had said all the things you said he'd said


She's in the minority here in Austin because she's a Trump voter


and he doesn't have a lot of support here, unlike the rest of Texas.


# How can you make the economy stronger so I don't have to work


Were you watching on election night and how was it?


I tell people that I was kind of laughing


I don't know what is happening any more because I honestly


I was surprised, I'm really glad he did.


I needed and wanted to see jobs brought back to America


and that was by far the most important issue.


For me that drew me to the voting booth.


Our jobs are being stolen like candy from a baby.


It's not going to happen any more, folks.


That's an issue that matters to me personally because I've been looking


for more full-time employment for a long time now and I keep


getting told after the third or fourth interview that,


"We like you, we loved your interview, but we went with somebody


who was willing to take a $10,000 pay cut and who has been doing


He has been criticised for the comments he has made


about women, being able to grab a woman and do what you want,


and some of the things he said during the debates.


Were you worried at all about what that said


I can't be ideologically consistent saying that offends me.


So what three things are you trusting Donald Trump to do


in order to make sure that you don't regret voting for him?


The three things that I'm trusting Donald Trump to do are to build


the wall because he said he would, to bring jobs back to the US,


and to increase the growth of the economy, and then to support


Supreme Court justices who are going to uphold the Constitution


So which particular bits of the Constitution


are you concerned about, which you would like to see upheld?


So, the laws regarding free speech are important to me and the laws


that protect that free speech, as do our right to bear arms.


Really interesting to hear Hannah's reason for voting.


Yes, mostly jobs and I understand that.


If you are worried about paying your bills at the end of the month,


Yeah, and she has struggled to find a job since college


and when it comes down to it, she has voted for the guy who says


I think if you combine that with the social issues that


are important to people, things like abortion


and immigration, you can begin to understand how he managed


to achieve the level of support he did.


# And if anyone don't like it, just look 'em in the eye.


# How did you come here and I ain't leaving,


# Just roll me up and smoke me when I die...


So we are heading more into the centre of Texas.


This is hill country and we are going to meet


a 26-year-old who has never been involved in politics before,


but he said Donald Trump made him listen up for the first time.


# I ain't leaving, so don't sit around and cry.


# Just roll me up and smoke me when I die.


Why is Donald Trump the right man to take this country on?


He has a plan for America and he is the one that can actually,


So, the night of the election were you watching the results coming


God has a big thing to do with it in my life and I think he took care


What were the things that Donald Trump specifically


said that you thought, yeah, that is why


They bring in crime, they are rapists and some,


There are so many people in this country living for free and I'm


paying for them and that's very aggravating to me because taxes,


I'm feeding people, families, that aren't even supposed


Prisons, they're full of illegal immigrants as well and I just


That's more money going down the drain from me and from our


country because they are putting in it too.


Your father came illegally from central America.


Does that have any impact on how you voted or how you feel


My dad in the 80s, he immigrated to this country illegally,


but the thing that differentiates him from the average guy


on the street is he actually did it the right way.


He started working, worked hard and he came up from nothing.


He became legal as soon as he could and once he got


everything established, he took the steps and he


When there are so many people just living in the shadows and doing


everything sketchy in my opinion, that's a weird word,


Are you expecting Donald Trump to literally build a wall now,


or did you see it as more of a metaphor, saying


we are going to stop people crossing over?


Are you expecting him to put bricks down?


Barack Obama said he was going to step up border enforcement


Personally I have been down to the border on hunting trips


and it is crazy the amount of trucks you see running around that


part of the country down south on the border.


I mean, every two miles you drive you seek a US border patrol truck,


I mean, every two miles you drive you see a US border patrol truck,


If that money was filtered into a physical wall,


like you say, laying bricks down, that could make a definite impact


But some areas are so impassable that it is not feasible to build


What are you then trusting Donald Trump to deliver


on now that he is just about to become president?


We are going to get rid of the criminals and stuff like that


Hopefully just bring the country back together


and that is going to make America great.


When was the last time America was great?


I would say I wasn't alive, but Reagan?


Yeah, that was around the time your dad came.


Right, OK, I think that's all the questions you probably need.


Thank you for agreeing to speak with us.


There's no getting away from the fact that his dad walked


for three days across the desert to illegally come to the US


during the 1980s and one generation later he is voting primarily to stop


that immigration and others following in his father's footsteps.


But, you know, he didn't vote for Donald Trump


because he literally expected a wall.


I think we are so used to, in politics, people


voting on what they hear, but this is different.


They don't expect Donald Trump to deliver word for word,


they just generally liked what he was saying and if he comes


kind of close to that, that might be good enough for them.


# Welcome to the world, daddy's little girl.


# With his gun and his head held high, my daddy said...


We've come south to San Antonio to meet a more reluctant Trump voter.


So Donald Trump won, how did you feel when you saw the result?


I'm not jumping up and down and elated that he's the president,


but I am jumping up down and elated that Hillary Clinton is not I guess.


Religious freedom is very important to me and Hillary Clinton has


already pretty much declared full-scale war on that.


Cultural codes, religious beliefs, have to be changed.


So that's one thing, and then just the fact that


if you feel like you can take away one of our rights, you feel


The things he said about women, the things he said about black


Did it influence how you voted at all?


Trump has definitely said some negative things about black people,


much like about women, but personally my identity comes


I have a military background, my dad was in the Air Force for 20 years.


I'm a Christian and I was home-schooled and these


are all values that are very important to me.


What three things are you now trusting Donald Trump to do now that


you voted for him and he has been elected president?


I am trusting in Donald Trump first off to take our national security


I am trusting him to protect all of our rights and the Bill


of Rights, the right to keep and bear arms, the right to freedom


And I am trusting him to protect parents' right to make decisions


regarding their children's health and education and well-being.


Everyone without fail who we have met who has voted for Trump spoke


really strongly about how much they don't like Hillary Clinton.


And they don't like her more than they do like him a lot of the time.


So you can't come to Texas without eating barbecue.


# Well, brother and sister, if you want to see my Jesus,


This is taking us off the highway and back on again.


We are nowhere where we need to be yet.


One more stop and that is to meet a member


Were you always a supporter of him, did you always have a good feeling


Donald Trump was probably the bottom of my list,


I've seen a genius in him that must also reflect well


Many people will feel like they haven't seen


Can you explain to them what genius you are seeing?


Well, true genius I think is not so much how much talent you have,


but using what's around you, using your personal resources,


going through your Rolodex and figuring out who can do the jobs


Was there anything that he did during the campaign that made


Well, it's hard to say because there are certain things


that he wouldn't address and that is his success.


He didn't go into abortion, we hardly ever heard


He didn't say anything about homosexuality hardly.


Those issues are pretty important to the social core of a party.


If you are a social conservative and if you are a Bible


believing Christian, you believe that God


Why does God keep coming up in politics here?


I don't know, I don't know his heart.


I'm sure he's not evangelical or a Bible student, but I think


lately he's starting to wake up a little bit.


You have seen his language change somewhat.


Do you think he is in the process of finding God as he becomes


I don't know if in his position he would be able to pursue


It would be very difficult as president.


He hasn't demonstrated much piety or humility so far.


I think that is an issue with many conservatives.


That is why he didn't do so well in Texas the first time.


So, what are you trusting Donald Trump to do then?


I am trusting him to build a coalition.


He is not going to be able to lead if he doesn't have the right people


because he is brand-new to the process, so he needs them.


It is with the benefit of hindsight, which is a wonderful thing,


not surprising that Donald Trump won this election and won


Not only did Donald Trump become president, there were other


elections going on at the same time for the Senate and the House


of Representatives, America's parliament,


and the Republican party now have complete control,


which will make Donald Trump's life a lot easier in terms of passing


So, 2000 miles, seven cities, time to go home.


Parts of the USA are experiencing a major ice storm and you can see all




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