Angela Hewitt Plays Brahms and Schumann BBC Proms

Angela Hewitt Plays Brahms and Schumann

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Good evening ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to the Albert Hall. In


a moment, the elegant and distinguished Canadian pianist,


Angela Hewitt will play solo piano music. Later, a reinvention of one


of Johannes Brahms's chamber works. In between those two pieces, a rare


chance to hear assured work for piano and orchestra by Schumann,


dedicated to brands. Andrew Manze is going to conduct the concert


tonight and it is the Scottish Symphony Orchestra on stage tonight.


However, they will remain silent for the first few minutes of this


concert as we hear two of Brahms's Intermezzo for solo piano. Please


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 572 seconds


Angela Hewitt playing the pieces in E flat major. Amongst the last


pieces he was to write. Earlier this evening, I caught up with


answers Hewitt and asked her about the experience of playing solo


piano in a vast space at the Royal Albert Hall.


I think it is great, you can really draw people in. When I was


rehearsing this afternoon, it had a good feeling. Am not going to be


afraid of that intimacy in such a big place. Having heard so low


Brahms, we're going to hear a piece next by Schumann. This piece,


written over 150 years ago but only now getting its first performance


at the Proms. It is extraordinary and I have just recorded there. I


recorded the complete works of Schumann recently and I have come


to love this piece. It is a big virtuoso piano part but it is


wonderfully woven into the orchestral fabric. There are some


nice oboe and flute solos. It is unusual to have such a gorgeous


melody. That is unusual in his late pieces and it is really were


playing just for that team. Shall we see it as a concerto, albeit a


small one? More just as a concert piece. It is very concise in its


material and there is a part that is very grand, bringing it to the


conclusion. But there is a lot Angela Hewitt talking to me earlier


on and here she is to play Shimna's introduction and Concert Allegro,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 572 seconds


Angela Hewitt playing Schumann's introduction and Concert Allegro,


Opus 134. The Scottish Symphony Orchestra conducted by Andrew Manze.


Getting its Proms debut tonight. Angela Hewitt, Canadian-born but


I have come backstage and am joined straight from the platform by


Andrew Manze. Wonderful to hear that, it is extraordinary that a is


her first Proms outing. Or what an amazing second melody it has.


move on to the peace you will perform in three or four minutes


time. Brands Piano Quartet No. 1. Schoenberg was a huge fan of


Brahms? Yes and you probably helped him out with some money when he was


a struggling musician so he had a great fondness for brands.


played the quartet as a musician and he had a very clear idea of


what he wanted to do, he wrote that he liked the piece and he thought


it was always so badly played. He wanted to rectify that? Yes and


that is one thing about the original, the strings are really on


the edge. Sean Burke doesn't need to push them because he is using a


huge orchestra. He is showing us the beauties inside the peace.


have to stop you there because you Orchestra is almost changed. You


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