Nigel Kennedy Plays Bach BBC Proms

Nigel Kennedy Plays Bach

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APPLAUSE Good evening, everybody, a very


warm welcome. Tonight at the props, two musical giants go head to head,


both sensational violinists, both of them mavericks. One was famed


for his addiction for coffee, his preponderous for alcohol, arrested


for fighting in the street with a bassoonist. The other has a spikey


haircut and uncompromising opinions, one composer, one performer. Ladies


and gentlemen, playing the work of Wow. Well, good evening, ladies and


gentlemen. Good evening. That's more like it. Listen. It's not late,


but we're just letting a few more people get in. Listen. It's


wonderful to see all of these cats here in this amazing auditorium.


It's a bit of a lonely job, this one, playing Bach in a solitary


manner, so I've got the ghosts of a few musicians around me just to,


like, make a little placebo effect. So anyway, I'm going to start with


this Preludium, which just for anyone who might not have heard it


before - I know all of you cats is, like, the most knowledgeable in the


world! But, you know, one or two might not have heard this most


amazing thing about it - is this line of notes with the complete


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 266 seconds


Thank you, by the way. LAUGHTER


Um, so this next sonata in its entirety is a killer concentration


- let's put it that way, and just as much for you as it is for me, so


good luck, people. LAUGHTER


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 266 seconds


Thank you very much indeed. Man, I need a beer!


LAUGHTER Been off the alcohol at least a


week for this. But I think, you know, I've got a theory about Bach


which many other people have had before, which is that Bach can


swing, you know - I mean, you know, these D minor artists are pretty


serious, and we have just got through that together, and not


really trying to swing in that one, but it's nice - some people put a


bit of a beat in there, and these instruments are not just for show.


There's going to be some noise coming out of these things, and I'd


like to introduce to you, like, some amazing musicians who are


going to help do a little bit of something to Bach, right?


LAUGHTER So this guitar - this beautiful


Maccaferri, I think should be played by a great friend of mine


from Frankfurt, the beautiful country of Germany, one of my


favourite countries, a fantastic place - a shame about the football,


but English is even worse, yeah. Rolf Bassald, please.


That's it. Pretty good applause considering


you've played nothing yet. LAUGHTER


You better be good, mate. Don't be nervous.


And on contrabass, someone suitable for the size of the ininstrument


and a fantastic musician, from Palestine stroke Israel, a


fantastic player, Yaron Stavi. And then lovely to see you, mate.


You are big enough for that instrument, man.


LAUGHTER You know, it's fantastic having


someone in the dressing room who can actually eat the rider! Anyway,


so last but not least one of the social experiments in my band -


LAUGHTER As a young kid, when he was going


to kindergarten or the equivalent of such in Poland, he started


beating the other kids physically, and the authorities, which had some


say in people's lives in those days, kind of said, "Listen -" to his


mother, this is - they said to the mother, Mrs Dziedzic, please can


you buy your kid some drums so he can hit those and not the children?


Right? And this has been an amazing success, so I would like to


introduce to you Krzysztof "Still Out of Prison2 Dziedzic -- prison"


Hey has been rationed to one drum, so I hope this does not lead to a


fight in a phone box later, but, like, Krzysztof, how are you


feeling? Great, thank you. Thank God for that. So anyway - yeah,


let's keep him happy, I mean, whatever it takes, like. So we're


going to play a song called Das Pendel, which is German for The


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 266 seconds


Pendulum because it's based on Bach, Thank you very much indeed, ladies


and gentlemen. Rolf Bassald, guitar. APPLAUSE


Any Polish people in the audience? APPLAUSE


OK. Well, I want to say something to Rolf - masz piekne wlosy. It


means he's got lovely hair! He washed it for you guys, you know?


Yaron Stavi on contrabass. (Speaking in Polish)


APPLAUSE And, of course, Krzysztof "Still


Out of Prison" Dziedzic - so man, I'd like to move into another


dimension, if that's all right, so, like, same time of merits to the


composer we're going to play next, a fantastic harmonic master, a


phenomenal melodist and some rhythm in it as well. This guy's called


Fats Waller, and we'd like to do one called How Can You Face Me Now?,


which basically goes like this - # How can you face me


# After what I've gone through # All on account of you


# How can you face me now? # That's why I'm not going to do the


melody or, like, singing it, OK? LAUGHTER


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 266 seconds


# Yes # Yes! #


One more for the road? AUDIENCE: Yeah!


Sorry? Two more? No, that's too much, man. We don't know no more


than this, and I've got through the whole night without swearing, and


that's, like, taking some! This is a moor well-known song by the same


composer. He went out and bought some flowers one time to try and


make his girlfriend sweet. This one's called Honeysuckle Rose.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 266 seconds


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Yeah! Yeah, try the intro out, man.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 266 seconds


That would be pretty cool. One, A rather unexpected double bill,


but then what would you expect of Kennedy but the unexpected Fats


Waller paired with the music of JS Bach? Well, this is our last


broadcast on BBC Four this season, but wrapping up the whole she bang


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