Episode 6 Results Let It Shine

Episode 6 Results

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Hello, and welcome back to Let It Shine and the


Oh, that was a good Casualty, wasn't it?


Gary, you should write a song inspired by a hospital visit.


Earlier, on these five bands performed.


But they can do no more because the vote is already closed.


So, please do not try and vote as it won't count, and you may be


In a few moments, we will reveal which three


bands are safe and through to next week's semifinal, and which two


bands must sing again to impress the judges.


They'll be performing songs made famous by groups.


Five boys will be leaving the competition.


But before that, here's a little reminder of our


# She said shut up and dance with me.


# So put another dime in the jukebox, baby.


# So come and take your time and dance with me.


# We're looking for something dumb to do.


in no particular order, which three bands are through to


next week's semifinal, and one step closer to that incredible prize,


performing as a band in that musical.


If it lights up, we'll see you back here next week.


If it doesn't, then you have to sing again.


First band through to next week's semifinal is...


Well done, Five To Five. Joining Five To Five is...


OK. There is only one guaranteed Place left in next week's show, but


who will it go to? Iron Sun? Drive? Or Neon Panda?


The final band safe is... It is Iron Sun. You have done it,


congratulations, boys. We will see you back here next week.


Off you go and have a well-earned cuppa.


OK. So, this is the situation. Drive. Come along.


Neon Panda, over here. These two bands...


They must sing again. In the head-to-head, our band had to


sing a song from a legendary boy band. For tonight, the boys did a


drawer full of the songs, this time it is Take That classics.


for himself because, from the ten of you, the judges


But those five don't all have to be from the same band.


The stars are back. First, two bands must sing again. Then the judges


face a very difficult choice. This is by far the hardest thing we


have had to do. I can't even think about it.


You are going to have too. Here is how it works. Both bands are


made up of ten boys but the judges can only save five of them.


All the boys this far are so strong. What we are doing is giving five of


them another chance. The five boys saved can come from


either band, any combination possible.


Whatever accommodation we come up with is about creating the best


possible band the next week. Maybe all five will come from one


band, it is possible. No one knows what will happen next.


It's time for our two bands to sing again.


They are performing in their bands, but they need to shine


as individuals because the judges can only save five boys.


Now, judges, you have already seen them tonight and you may have an


idea who you would like to say. This is their last chance to convince


you. Drive, let us hear it! # A million words


just trying to make # A man who's trying


to say three words. # And here I am trying


to tell you that I care. # And here I am trying


to tell you that I care. Drive, everybody E!


Mark do you want to step forward? Well done. Of course, that may be


their final performance as a band. OK. Next, it is Neon Panda. Let us


hear it! # Today, this could be


the greatest day of our lives. # Before it all ends,


before we run out of time. # Watch the world


come alive tonight. # Tonight, this could be


the greatest night of our lives. # Can you hold it


in your arms tonight. # Hold on, hold on,


hold on, hold on. # Watch the world


come alive tonight. # Today, this could be


the greatest day of our lives. # Today, this could be


the greatest day of our lives #. CHEERING Neon Panda!


Well done. If you want to step over there. Drive, if you would like to


come forward. That is it, guys.


That could be the last time you perform together as bands.


The judges are heading off to decide which five boys


The judges' decision is based on the songs our bands have just


sung, and their performances from earlier tonight.


Which five will stay and which five will go home?


Welcome to the epicentre of tonight's operations,


We'll just check on them using the old peep hole.


While they deliberate let's have some music.


I pulled a few strings and got a world exclusive.


Four quartets of the Four Seasons.


From the hit musical, it's Jersey Boys!


# Oh, how you tried to cut me down to size.


# My own father Said give her up, don't bother.


# He said, I need you to understand that I'm tryin' so hard.


# The kind of man you want in the end.


# Only then can I begin to live again.


# Why'd it take so long to see the light?


# It seemed so wrong but now it seems so right.


# I felt a rush like a rollin' ball o' thunder.


# Spinnin' my head around and takin' my body under.


Oh, what a night to have Jersey Boys on.


Right, time for me to release the judges.


Come on, guys, you've made your decision.


Difficult to read these poker faces. Dunno what has occurred in there.


Back you go to your desk. No-one authorise stops, please.


So, the judges have locked in their decision.


And in a moment we'll reveal which five boys will continue


But, before we do, let's hear from all our ten boys.


We've got this natural bond between us all now. I don't think we are


going to lose this friendship. Things I would miss is, Ryan


Butterworth's late-night rehearsals in his PJs and slippers. Sometimes


we uncontrolably laugh. We need to go through because I need the steak


again. The one thing I wouldn't miss is the amount of washing up always


left in the kitchen. I'm not going to name names Jazzie. It's hard to


picture myself in another band because my motivation is to be with


these guys. We have come in as five and we want to stay like that.


Trying to recreate chemistry with another band is hard so we want to


stays a us five. Team Drive. If we were to be broken up, we'd all


go, oh, I miss Anthony's positivity, I miss Conor farting on the sofa.


From the moment I saw Conor, it was a natural connection. It would be


really difficult if we left. I get emotional. I would not miss Matt's


chilli. Always had a funny tummy. Can't handle the spice, mate. The


style, everything about this band suits every single one of us.


# I'm gonna miss you if you are not here. #


Three, two, one. Keep going. We have to get to the end.


Our boys are back and so are the judges.


Martin, how did you come to your decision?


It was such a difficult decision. We considered every single boy and we


chose who we thought was the best combination.


Earlier tonight you performed in your band.


We're about to find out, in no particular order,


which five of you will continue in the competition


If the star you're standing on lights up, you're


If it doesn't, then I'm afraid you're out of the competition.


Jamie? Jazzie? Johnny? Mark? Ryan? Anthony? Conor? Craig? Josh? Or


Matt? There's only five


stars for five places. The first boy in this band


and performing again next week is... It's Mark! Well done, Mark, stand on


the star. It's Jazzie! Well done. Take your


place on that star. It's Matt! Well done, Matt. On to


the star. Only two places left. Let's see who


gets the next one. It's Jonnie. Congratulations. Get


yourself on that star. Six boys remain, but there's only


one place left. Who will it be? Jamie? Ryan? Anthony? Conor? Craig?


Or Josh? This is it. Who will complete the band? Let's find out


the fifth and final member. It's Conor! Well done. If you want


to join the others. Well done, Conor. Congratulations to


Mark, Jazzie, Matt, Johnny and of course Conor.


Come over here, guys. Come over here, loves. Hug it in. You worked


so blooming hard, you gave it everything. Look how much they love


you. I know it's a ludicrous question, but how are you feeling,


Jamie? Pretty awful, to be honest. But that's life isn't it. Obviously


you are feeling awful. Pick yourselves up and crack on seriously


because you are all brilliant. Gary, words of advice for the lads? This


is impossible, any of these bands could be in our show, OK, it's just


that this is the competition. I know you guys are going to be


disappointed, I'm hoping you've all learnt something while you've been


here, that's our aim. Good luck, everybody and congratulations. Well


done. We are going to miss you. Guys, give it up for this amazing


fivesome. This is really emotional. It's been


really hard for the Knell-on Pandas. How are you feeling right now? I


don't know. There are three members of Drive, so Drive will be the name


of the band as you move forward. Danii, what was it about these five,


why did you choose them? We have been saying from the beginning that


you can't have everybody doing the same thing so to put it really


clearly, like Jazzie, you do the rapping and bring a vibe and a


stability to the band and it's a real firm foundation. Conor, those


vocal tones, I'm hearing over the radio as well as in theatre there's


something special about your voice. Jonnie, can I give you a big wink? !


Jonnie is Mr Showman, he's so memorable and it would be such a


shame not to have him in the composition. A quick comment from


Rikki because we are obviously saying goodbye to you tonight. Could


this new Drive be our winning band? It very well could be, they were all


very special and it was a very tough decision but they're amazing and


they deserve to go on to the next round. Listen, pick yourselves up


right now, this is show business, right, especially theatre, it turns


on its head. Someone gets ill or sick, come back fighting next week,


all right. Drive will compete in the semi-final next week, along with the


other bands. Thanks to our judges and our guest


judge Rikki Lake who has been awesome. A woman who knows all about


dance, Ashley Roberts. See you next week. Can't wait. Bye.


Before I met you, I was a civilised woman.


Now I don't even know what that means.


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