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Episode 6

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A nice shiny Let It Shine desk for our shiny judges.


Got the lipstick marks still on Gary's coffee cup.


Right, I think we're nearly ready for the first live show.


Another hour's rehearsal? Like that'll make any difference!


No, what we need is a snappy, high-octane recap to


remind everyone of what's happened so far.


Our boys trilled and thrilled their way to star-studded success in their


solo auditions. It feels like everything has been


building towards this. Their choreography, kicking and


singing their way to success. I can't wait to see what they are


going to do. Tonight, they are battling for your


vote. All bets are off from here on in.


Let's kick tonight off with an acapella battle!


OK, gents, you fought your way to get here but now it's time to


Each of your groups must step in to fight it out,


using nothing but the strength of your voices.


# And it's all because this is how we do it.


# South Central does it like nobody does.


# To all my neighbours, you got much flavour.


# So let's flip the track, bring the old school back #.


# It's getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes.


# I am getting so hot, I wanna take my clothes off.


# It's getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes.


# I am getting so hot, I wanna take my clothes off #.


# Shake, shake, shake, shake your booty.


# Shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, shake.


# Went the distance, now I'm back on my feet.


# Just a man and his will to survive.


# So many times, it happens too fast.


# Don't lose your grip on the dreams of the past.


# You must fight, just to keep them alive.


# It's the eye of the tiger, it's the thrill of the fight.


# Rising up to the challenge of our rival.


# And the last known survivor stalks his prey in the night.


# Everyone else in the room can see it.


# Baby, you light up my world like nobody else.


# The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed.


# But when you smile at the ground, it ain't hard to tell.


# My baby don't mess around because she loves me so.


# But can't stand to see me walk out the door.


# If what they say is nothing lasts forever.


# Then what makes love the exception.


# So, why-oh why-oh, why-oh, why-oh, why-oh.


# Why are we still in denial when we know we're not happy here #.


They were amazing, absolutely brilliant.


No diggity, I got to bag it, bag it up.


Hello, everyone, and welcome to Let It Shine.


Tonight, the competition gets cranked up as our five bands


And for the first time, you get to vote for your favourite.


They've all got their eyes on that amazing prize,


the role of an all-singing and dancing boyband in a brand


The winning five will need the vocal talent of Gary Barlow,


the star presence of Gary Barlow and the dancing ability


The eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed an empty space next to Gary.


Fear not, we didn't forget to book someone.


Shall we see who'll be keeping our trio company tonight?


We have some tough decisions to make and she won't hold back. The start


of the original Kapur hairspray. Her talk show was played around the


world. She has an opinion.


She has performed on stage and in the movies.


It is Ricki Lake. She is here! Wasn't that a great


rugby match between Rugby? What is rugby?


I'm American. It is a ball... I will tell you later.


Did we win? Yes, somebody one! You played the original


Tracy Turnblad and What do our boys need to do


to win you over tonight? They need to be able to sing and


dance and have that star quality that they stick out. We have two


eliminate these kids, you want the ones who pop.


They are amazing! They are amazing. I hate to say, I am going to


embarrass myself but I had a little crush on this one. I know he is


taken. Martin, you are not so bad yourself! Truth be told, they are


all awesome. You have spoken for everyone.


Let's hear from the other judges about what we're


We have seen our boys being individual performers but from now


it is banned versus band. When you see these boys, you need to


fall in love with them. They need to show us they can sing


with that pop sound. Being in a band is like being part


of a big jigsaw puzzle. You have your lead singer, someone


who harmonises, the show man. Everyone has too played their part


for it to work. There is no individual.


They don't just have to win over the judges and the crowd, but the voting


public. It is every bad for themselves.


Now, the judges won't be scoring this evening because tonight's vote


Your vote is crucial because only the three


bands with the highest viewer votes will be guaranteed a place


We'll be revealing who you've saved in tonight's


But what about the other two bands, I hear you cry?


I'm talking about a very important show twist.


Now, if you want to vote online, you'll need to sign


in to your BBC account or register first at: bbc.co.uk/letitshine.


Where you can also find out more about our boys.


And remember, tonight's vote will only open after all our


Now, the winning five will be singing pop classics


in the musical, so that's exactly what they'll be


So, who's ready for our first band?


Our first fivesome have called themselves Iron Sun.


I like how they've gone for a name that cleverly fuses


the world of household chores and


I am a musician and it is great to be in a band of musicians.


We have been put together as a rocky sort of band.


Harry is the heart-throb, he is only 17.


The cute one. Clinton, what a character.


I think we all really look up to him, he is very experienced.


Like a big kid. I am from Scotland! Jordan is definitely the loudest.


Give him an instrument, he can play it in ten seconds.


Matt is a ball of energy, an incredible doctor and Senna.


Everybody has the same focus, to be in that show.


30 miles of canals walking, it is time to get down to business, show


business. They all have something to bring to


the mix. Awesome! Flipping awesome.


Everyone has their individual character.


What flavour am I? Quiche!


Now, I do love a quiche. The boys enjoy a good old jam.


The fact we all play musical issuance is really good.


It feels like chemistry together as a band.


To show off their musical skills, Iron Sun unleash their secret


weapon. A 6'3" Scotsman with a point to


prove. Do you what me to actually...


We want to hear what you are going to do.


It is something different, it is all right as it turns out!


This is put in there to give the band identity.


No pressure! Whatever you do, don't mess it up.


# She said shut up and dance with me.


# Swear that I don't know how it happened.


# She said, shut up and dance with me.


# Her backless dress And some beat-up sneaks.


# My discotheque Juliet teenage dreams.


# I knew we were bound to be together.


# Swear I don't know how it happened.


# She said, shut up and dance with me.


# She said, shut up and dance with me.




Give it up! Well done, guys. Well done. Great job. So good, guys. Oh,


yes. Danny? Do you think Iron Sun


could play the role of a band? Flipping awesome. You guys are


gelling together, doing the singing, the dancing, the flips were


incredible. Then to go into your solo lines. But I feel the energy


that you love being in the band, you love this moment on stage, you were


eating up the audience and that's what we want to see all the time.


APPLAUSE. Well done, guys. Martin, how do you


think they'd go down in a theatre? Listen, we are with a theatre


audience and I think they loved it. APPLAUSE.


And I know from experience just how difficulties to walk on a stage like


this first. You know, you bring everybody's adrenaline with you,


everybody's excitement and tension. You did a fantastic job. Excellent.


APPLAUSE. Rikki? What did you see? I loved it.


That drum solo was hot. I was looking for a sparkle, you know, and


all of you did such a great job tonight. You sounded terrific. Thank




Gary? Chief? OK, so let us remind ourselves what we are doing here, we


need a pop band to play the role of a pop band in a brand-new musical


featuring the music of Take That and guys if this is the bar you have


set, we are in for one hell of a competition. Well done!


APPLAUSE. The bar is high! So, do you think


they could play the role of a band? If so, the vote opens


after all our bands have performed. It only takes a minute,


girl and boys, to vote. Don't try and vote now as it


won't count, and you may be charged. Now, I did suggest the name


Speed Walking to them, but apparently that doesn't


have the same ring to it. We are a real band. We try to keep


everything united. Our band is really full out. We like to bring


the energy to the stage. Feels like a band of brothers. Mark, he is your


smooth R B boy, he has an Usher vibe about hill. His hair is


imMacrat. He's in the mirror 24-/. He's a great guy, never met anyone


like him. He has all the tattoos. He does stuff I couldn't dream of


doing. Ryan is a musician. He's the rock star of the band. He's the lad.


Jamie is one of the nicest guys I've ever met. Always smiling and in high


spirits. Johnny is a character, hypoall the time, one of the most


enthusiastic guys I've ever met. As a band, we have such a strong work


ethic. Conversations at 12. 30 at night about how we can win the


competition. Well, you have your moody group shot sorted. Time to


work up a sweat. We practise how we want to perform because if one of us


looks tired, then it ruins it. Dancing does come a bit more


naturally to me, Jazz and Mark. The lads are helping Johnny out. They're


helping out. There is no reason why they won't absolutely bring it on


the day. Really? Real swine flu Yes, are you for real, man? The energy is


immense. We are all a bit unfit. Can Drive running on empty, only one


thing for it. # Highway to the danger zone... #


Racing. We are working hard. Ultimately, we want to be in this


show. We know it's physically demanding. Nonchts such thing as


being too fit for this kind of thing. The motto I live by! Not this


weekend it's not. I'm training. Got to maintain the drive.


#Drive. We are going to go on stage and give it absolutely everything.


It could potentially be the last time we perform together so we have


to make sure that it isn't. # Drive, drive, drive, drive...


# Highway to the danger zone #.


# Baby, bring it on, bring it on now.


# One, one, two, two, three, three, four.


# Baby, bring it on, bring it on now.


# One, one, two, two, three, three, four.


# So put another dime in the jukebox, baby.


# So come and take your time and dance with me.


# So put another dime in the jukebox, baby.


# So come and take your time and dance with me.


# I saw her standing there by the record machine.


# I knew she must have been about 17.


# The beat was going strong, playing my favourite song.


# And I could tell it wouldn't be long till she was with me.


# So put another dime In the jukebox, baby.


# So come and take your time Aad dance with me.


# So put another dime in the jukebox, baby.


# So come and take your time and dance with me #.


Drive, everybody! Let's hear it for them. Wow. Well


done. Well done, guys. Well done. Well done, Drive. Did someone have a


bean feast? I don't know. It's a real pea-souper up here on stage!


Martin, Martin, was this experience for you a Drive-in, or a Drive-by?


Let me tell you something. Rock'n'roll is about Elvis, Johnny


Cash, Jr.ly Lee-Lewisant and attitude. Tonight, some of you had


it and some of you were lacking. I'm just being honest. And some of you


were lacking. In a theatre, you can't afford to lack. You have to


bring your A game to every time you walk on the stage. If you go further


in this competition, you just have to work on that bit. OK, Martin, OK?


Rikki, do they Drive you out? It definitely wasn't a drive-by, the


energy was great, you look amazing but I agree, some stood out more and


felt more comfortable in the crowd than others. Overall, you sounded


amazing and look incredible. Gary, did they take you from 0-60.


Just to say, I disagree with the judges, I thought the energy was


fantastic. I have to say, as a band, when we left Manchester, I was most


worried about you guys gelling together. That gel is definitely


there. If there was something to work on, I would say work on the


solo pieces that you do in your show, they're the bits that need the


attention right now but I thought in general it was a fantastic


performance, well done, guys. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE.


Finally, Danny. Did they take you for a spin? Good one. What I love is


the attitude of the hard work that is coming in, because you guys know


that the end prize is theatre, you have got to work hard and I've seen


that on the stage tonight. Jazz stepped up a mile from your first


audition, so... Wow! Well done. Well done. What do you think, do you want


to see drive in that musical? The if the answer is yes, you can vote, the


details are on screen. Let's hear it for Drive!




Still ahead: Three of our bands perform live. The stars are back but


there is a twist. And what could this possibly mean? Vroom.


Graham, do you know what happens at nightfall?


From an outside point of view, will we work well together?


It actually works. Bradley, what can I say about him, he is so annoying.


I am kidding. Anything that comes out of his mouth, you laugh.


He is great, for a 16-year-old to have a voice like that is unreal.


He is so happy all the time. A fantastic dancer. Danni, love his


sense of humour, very funny. It's nice to have someone so


professional and talented in your group.


Come on, get yourselves inside. Get to work.


Everyone in the band is completely different. People from Bradford,


someone from Cornwall. The Ann Bradley, we have never


danced before, Julius is a dance teacher.


Jason is 30. Hugh is 16. A mixing pot.


It has been a challenge, to live together, work together, eat


together. It really has brought everything


together and I really do think we look good.


With team spirit getting stronger, early Bradley from Bradford has


concerns. The part I am nervous about is


opening with the piano. I can spot a problem.


That is better. At the start, there is no room for error.


Oh, dear. What a mess up. Do you trust him? Yes.


Putting their nose to the back of their minds, what better way to


unwind than some... Ping-pong?


Let us go with that. We like a bit of ping-pong.


I love ping-pong. How are you feeling about playing


the piano, shaky hands, pressing the wrong note?


Touch wood. Even in a band, you has to be your


own person. As we come together, that is our moment.


It will be something very special if it comes off.


Definitely. # Oh, it's such a shame


for us to part. # No-one ever said


it would be so hard. # No-one ever said


it would be so hard. Well done!


Oh, my days. Well done. Loving this.


Should the piano still be burning? I brought a sausage just in case.


Let us go to Ricki Lake, what did you make of that?


It has made me want to be a 17-year-old girl again, you guys


were fantastic. What I really liked is it was


stripped down, you guys singing and it was very raw, it was beautiful, I


loved it. Let us see what the governor thinks,


Gary? You know what, do one thing and do


it well, that was a vocal masterclass, absolutely sublime.


There were hairs up on my arm, breathtaking.


Dannii, top marks from you? I don't even know where to begin,


there were so many good things to say about this band. I am going to


try and do it very quickly. One of them is you got away with the


stillness at the start of the performance because you have all


performed here, even if nothing else is moving, that is a magic that is


so hard to teach people. It was effortless. The dance moves,


there was a knock of choreography, people may not remember it because


it was smooth, it was like an invisible and linking you, that is


what bands who have been together the ages have.


Now, Gary -- Martin? Well done on your bravery, on a live


show, your first song is a ballad which keeps you locally exposed.


Secondly, congratulations on taking on the response that song. It means


so much to so many people, they have fallen in love, got married, and


when even go into it! Stop there!


But, congratulations, you were brilliant.


Thank you, Martin. Simmer down! So, if you want to see


Nightfall back on this stage, You get behind them


when the vote opens. Don't worry, I can assure


you no animals were harmed in the making


of their name! The more we are practising and


together, we are gelling. Josh, he is the baby, the puppy. He


has a wild side to him as well. Matt is our secret weapon, our


Mariah Carey. Matt is the experienced one of


brilliant at what he does. Anthony, he has the look of someone


in a boy band. He has been trying to get me in the


gym, it hasn't worked. Craig is a delight to be around.


Really good team member, so versatile, the dances and sings.


A cheeky chap, he has that charisma and charm.


When there was it of us, we felt more like individuals.


We are a team now. Not just a team, they have become housemates. With


getting closer, they doesn't leave them much choice.


-- that doesn't. What are we good at?


Singing and dancing. When rehearsals started, our band properly started


like a boy band. Progress is really good.


We are gelling together, cooking together.


It has that family feel. Josh likes washing up whereas


Anthony doesn't! After a busy day, Neon Panda head


home to enjoy Matt's spicy chilli. Matt chops the onions while... Hang


on, wrong show! Put the oil in the pan. Onions are


going in, the meat is going in. I cooked the first night. Then Josh


Cox, I am surprised we are still alive.


Come on. I take it back, he loves it!


While Matt wakes Conor up with what could be a number one hit.


Anthony shows us the correct way to serve a Satsuma.


Stunning choreography. This is well nice, I thank you nice.


Who will do the washing up? I will do it.


Hooray. # We're looking for


something dumb to do. # Well, I know this little chapel


On the boulevard we can go. # Got a pocket full


of cash we can blow. # Just say yeah, yeah,


yeah, yeah, yeah. # We're looking for


something dumb to do. # Hey, baby, I think


I wanna marry you. # Who cares, baby,


I think I wanna marry you. # We're looking for


something dumb to do. # Hey, baby, I think


I wanna marry you. # We're looking for


something dumb to do. # Hey, baby, I think


I wanna marry you. # Hey, baby, I think


I wanna marry you #. Neon Panda, everybody! They have


their panda masks on! Very strong.


Well done, well done. They are loving the band.


Gary? Can you hear me? What did you think? Guys, you have


got some fans in here already. The thing I really like about this


band is they have really taken the teamwork aspect to heart and they


have really worked on that. The family environment is so important.


Even tonight, Howard and Mark in the audience.


CHEERING That is what being in a band is all


about, supporting one another, being there, and you have done


brilliantly, well done. Let us turn to Dannii. Our Neon


Panda are the endangered? There are a lot of girls in here


saying, marry me, right? The reaction was incredible. The best we


have had so far. Martin?


What I would say is play on that naughtiness. I love boy band where


you know they have everything down pat, the dance moves, the singing.


Then they are looking in the audience, they really are, checking


everyone out. Play with that more, they are ready.


Martin? You guys have come on so far. I had to pick out Josh, right?


Because, Josh, I just love your story. Only if you months ago you


were working in a supermarket. Every Saturday night you are one of


Britain's's top TV shows, dancing and singing in front of millions of


people. What a story you have. My only criticism? It was a little


bit... I don't know if Gary agrees, it would be something to go forward


with that. There were some harmonies that were


not quite there. For some of you guys maybe the nerves got the better


of you. When I started out, it's a lot to come out and do a live show.


Overall it was great but I think maybe the things to work on are the


harmonies. OK. Today it could be the greatest day of your lives! A bit


pitchy in parts. Only if you back them when the vote opens. Details


are on screen. One more band to perform.


Graham, I hope you are keeping a tally of the songs. I mean, do what


you like. ALL: Do what you like. I'm in a Take


That vortex. Very good. Just awesome. Excellent.


When I look at our band, I think we are the perfect match. We have


gelled super well. Couldn't be happier. Sario is whacky, crazy,


funky, cool. Nick is the cheeky chap, the one who keeps everyone in


a really good mood. I'm baby Essex ain't I. Full of fun and energy.


Everyone jokes I'm the annoying one. AJ is 100% the heartthrob, a


beautiful looking chappy. Curtis is the father figure of the group. I


make sure the boys are doing what they should be doing. This is the


time to in the hard work because ultimately our band wants to win.


That is enough bouncing around, it's rehearsals and you have to get to


grips with deep and meaningful lyrics. A question for the lyrics,


is it M-Bop-Doo-wop... Performance covered, it's time for the really


important stuff! Loving the outfit. Clearly gone to my house, nicked


everything and stuck it on everyone else. It looks amazing. I don't like


the multicoloured. It's out of my comfort zone but it's all about what


looks good for the group. My hair is looking clean cut. Make-up is


looking fantastic. Pretty vaiven. Not as vain as AJ. I'm going to get


in such trouble. Argh. All this attention has their heads spinning.


I'm living a double life. Going home and doing a physics test then coming


here and getting make-up done. It's not physics but chemistry you need.


They do love to take a lot of pictures. Photographers tend to do


that. It's fun, pose as you like and they love it. It's starting to get


exciting. It's starting to look like a band now. We have got the name and


the look. It's time to knuckle down and put the hard work in. Five To


Five! We are working on that! APPLAUSE.


# You have so many relationships in life.


# You go through all the pain and strife.


# Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, they're gone so fast.


# So, hold on to the ones who really care.


# In the end they'll be the only ones there.


# When you get old and start losing your hair.


# Can you tell me who will still care?


# Mmmbop, duba-dop,, ba, du, Bop, duba-dop, ba, du.


# Until you lose your hair, oh, but you don't care.


# You say you can, but you don't know.


# You say you can, but you don't know.


Five To Five, everybody. Wow. Well done, boys. Guys. Great job. Hello,


hello. Well done. Well done. OK, OK, let's hear from the judges.


Danii, Five To Five, what do you think? I tell you, you boys have


made this very difficult now. We've had great performances tonight. That


was incredible. I want to be at your party.


APPLAUSE. Martin, what did you think? You guys


are dynamite! You are pure TNT, an explosion of everything that's right


about being in a boy band. And I'll tell you what, you made me feel like


I want to be 17 again just starting out on that incredible journey when


you start off in a band. An impossible dream!


Let's go to Rikki. What do you make of them? Fantastic. You came off


like pros like you've been doing this as a group for years and years


and years. It was so much fun to watch. I was smiling.


Congratulations. That might have been the best for me. Gary? What did


you make of it? Well, you are the ones to watch in this competition.


APPLAUSE. Oh, yes. I always think with pop


bands, you know, it's so much more than music and the image. I always


think of the stage door OK and I know that the stage door for you


guys will be mobbed. There'll be people everywhere wanting to get


near you. If Five To Five are your favourite


band of the night, and you think they've got what it takes to win


that prize, make a note of the details on screen


because the vote will open Anyway, let's hear


it for Five To Five! The zaij door awaits. They're off.


Bye! -- the stage door awaits. So listen up because we're


about to give you all the details. Do you mind if I take


the "calls cost" line? Calls will cost 15p plus any


network access charge. the bill payer's permission


before you call. You can also vote for free


online at the website. where you'll find full


terms and conditions. The vote closes at 8.15pm tonight


so you have approximately 20 perform, and now it's


down to you at home To vote from a mobile,


call 622 82, and add do not vote after then


because your vote won't count, And please don't try to vote


if you are watching on demand. To help you pick a favourite, here's


a reminder of tonight's performances # Shut up and dance with me #


. # I love rock'n'roll, so come and


take your time and dance with me # .


# Nobody said it was easy # Oh it's such a shame to part #


. # I think I wanna marry you #


. # M-bop, yeah, yeah


Remember, you are voting for your favourite band.


We'll be back after Casualty when we'll reveal which three bands


are guaranteed a place in next week's semifinal.


And which two bands with the lowest public vote must sing Take That


The judges can only save five of those ten boys.


And they don't all have to be from the same band!


Plus, we've got an exclusive supersized performance


See you live at 8.45pm for the results show.


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