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The headlines: Opposition groups in Syria say that the security forces


have opened fire one anti- government demonstrations across


the country including the capital Damascus. At least 28 people are


reported to have been killed. Syrian TV said the government


forces had been attacked by what it called well-armed terrorist groups.


The main rebel held city in western Libya, Misrata, has come under a


renewed artillery barrage by Colonel Gaddafi's troops. At least


42 have been killed and more than 60 wounded. Doctors said there was


no sign of NATO warplanes. The US Defence Secretary Robert Gates has


strongly is criticised America's European allies over their lack of


commitment to military operations in Libya and Afghanistan. In his


last major speech before he retires later this month, he said some NATO


countries like political will. And government officials have made what


companies, farmers and environmental groups to discuss the


impact of one of the dry air springs on record. A drought has


officially been declared in East Anglia and past of the South West,


South East, the Midlands and Wales are also suffering from low water


levels. The meeting in London considered measures to save water


in the short-term and rations applies in the future. Now let's


look at what is making the paper's front pages. The Daily Telegraph


leads with more revelations from leaked documents. These ones


alleging that Ed Balls and Gordon Brown ignored Civil Service


warnings about excessive government spending back in 2006. Mr Ball says


that the accusations are not substantiated by the documents. Ed


Balls finds himself on another cover, playing cricket for


Parliament against the MCC. The lead story is a interview with the


chairman of the disability charity Scope. Another lead story in the


government -- the Guardian, the paper has obtained the speech David


Miliband would have given it the one the Labour Party leadership


battle. It would have mourned about the problems of the budget deficit.


-- warned. The Independent leads on Syria, with more detail on the


crackdowns. The FT also goes with the problems on the international


stage. A warning from the outgoing US Defence Secretary that European


countries must do more to shoulder the burden of security around the


Continent if Major is to survive. The Daily Mail's focus is very much


at home. It says ministers have abandoned plans to force councils


to reinstate weekly been collections for 10 million


households. Now it is time for Click. This show uses every gimmick


in the book to grab your attention. Even while you're parking your car


before you get to the show. I will head on over in a minute. Welcome


to Click. For many people, video games have become mainstream


entertainment, taking their place alongside navies and television as


a way of getting really excited, or chilling out. So it is no surprise


that the annual video games extravaganza takes place just down


the road from Hollywood. This is downtown Los Angeles. And this is E


three. The Electronic Entertainment Expo is the launch pad for all of


the call new games and hot new hardware. This week, we will get up


close and personal with Microsoft's are graded Controller, Sony's new


PlayStation and Nintendo's bizarrely named knew we mac. Abbey


is going to be put out of business by these? We will examine the rise


and rise of mobile phone Games. All that plus the latest technology


news and the greatest weight is the big events from any angle. There is


a lot of money sloshing around the video games industry and a lot of


red slashes into gear and the enormous enormous -- and almost


noisy displays that they have here and the big events thrown by the


major players in the industry. In the past they have wheeled out a


list made the stars and even the remaining Beatles. It is almost


like they are worried that the hardware and the games themselves


are not exciting themselves. We have had the unenviable task of


coming through the show this to get to the real stories. Here in the


big announcements from the Siposs show. E three, gives the industry


heavy you there's the chance to show off their latest digital


delights the console and PC. -- heavy hitters. Every few years, a


new side Colwell be announced to the -- console will be announced


with the kind of them they usually reserve there were Royal weddings.


This year there are two Madni heart wears on the horizon. The device is


called a -- causing the most fuss is the successor to the Nintendo


Wii. It is currently the number one seller in the world and Kent


Nintendo a repeat that success with its latest offering? It is


infinitely complex and yet perfectly simple all at the same


time. It can change the way that you gain a personally and it can


change the way that you interact with your family and friends.


not know about that. At first glance, that control looks like the


result of a fling between a tableau device and a joy pad. And it has


many features of a tablet as well, the feature of a touch screen, Mo


share and sensing and cameras the video calling. Those sticks Sherry


the gaming rooms. It is also a backwards compatible with the


Nintendo Wii in all of its peripheral. But this will be


capable of high-definition visuals. Gains were available to play on the


show for and they indicated the capabilities of the machine. Most


resolved around multi-player many games which were fine is a little


bit too cutesy. But, while Nintendo's designers have clearly


been enjoying their new toys, what will the vast majority of third


party games designers think of it? It takes time to put the quality of


the concept in. We probably had a little bit of a head start when we


were looking at it, developing the hardware. But with this new


controller, we have been talking to a lot of the developers early and


they are really excited about what they can do. Recently, Nintendo


would support the third party, people have said that the first


part the title seemed to be a bit strong up. But the last few


generations, we have been getting more and more support from third


party because of what we can offer them as Miras developing really


interesting concepts. The second new piece of hardware comes


courtesy of Sony, with its new head held PlayStation. Announced earlier


this year, exports front and rear touch screens. And there will be


why fire only and 3G versions. An impressive technical line-up. But


will it be enough to fend off the relentless assault of smart phones


on the hand held gaming sector? Of course, the biggest story at Sony


was not its new hand-held. We have to talk about security. After 100


million people have lost their data as a result of the PlayStation


Edberg being mad, what can Steny do to re- install convincing


consumers? First, I think that the most important thing is to make


sure that our network systems are so cure. - both in terms of the new


Data Centre, that will enable a bow services do, as well as additional


firewalls and other security measures that we have put in place.


Also a year in the United States and countries where the services


are available, we have put in a new programme where the consumers can


sign up for a programme where Yves their data, their personal data, is


misused, then there is an insurance in place where we will make sure


that the consumers are protected from any misuse of their


information. We had made the announcement about the insurance


and the fat with the credit-card information - we do not know for a


fact that any credit card information was taken. But in the


abundance of safety, we wanted to make share -- sure that we shared


that as a potential possibility. Also with regard to the 100 million


accounts, we do know that the information was access. We do not


know what part of the 100 million Accounts were actually taken from


our service. For example, it might be 100.000.001st names, it might be


100 million last four digits of phone number, it could be the one


man -- entire account information, we just do not know. The people


intruding our systems were very good at hiding their tracks as they


left assistance. So we may not know for a very long time, or never know.


As the only major console player at the conference without our way to


show, Microsoft relied on a slew of new games for its motion control


system. Wielding an imaginary light sabre and invoking the power of the


force seems to be the order of the day for Star Wars. While another


game sees a player riding a horse in between bouts a spell casting.


There are new additions to the world of motion tracking tricks,


with scanning faces and clothes as well as object recognition. While


these experiences are fine, they are a little bit slight. But the


most interesting thing about them if they now indicate what this


system is now capable of. As well as making me look good. The boys'


recognition abilities have now been paid with Microsoft's Been said


tools, to allow the user to search for entertainment content and


strain it into their 360. So the Connect is helping keep the console


fresh. But in the face of the innovative competition from


Nintendo, how long will this be connected with the XBox 360?


have had millions XBox are sold an we all have our biggest he ever and


we have shown that we are growing at a faster rate than any of our


competitors. I think that we have got here is out him from us. Sir,


Nintendo tries to redefine the home console. Sony, redefine the hand


console and Microsoft read bits its wars. As usual, Apple do not play


with anyone else say they have been having their own shindig a few


hundred miles in that direction. Here are the big announcements from


the Apple event plus the be technology stories making headlines


this week. Apple's share of new operating software they anything


beginning with I. A'sOh West brings more than 250 new features,


including full screen adds that can be swapped between and a range of


the multi- Taj and gestures. IPad and iPhone users will get I l s


five this autumn, featuring Andre black notifications, blackberry


messaging and their integration with Twitter. And mobile many bites


the dust to be replaced by an online storage service called I


cloud. It will back up and send data across all Apple devices while


asleep. The UN has declared that access to the internet is now a


fundamental human right. It has urged governments to make universal


access a priority, saying that the internet has combat inequality and


accelerated development and human progress. The report also


criticised moves Saad says those by France, Britain and New Zealand,


will automatically disconnect use is suspected of repeatedly


downloading copyrighted material illegally. It says that such


punishments should be decided by the courts. The Facebook admits


that it could have handled the roll-out of an aldermanic face


recognition system that after year it was accused of Wylie switching


it on across its network. The feature automatically spots beaches


in friends photos to encourage more tagging. Apart from issuing a


notice last December saying that trials would be carried out in


America, no-one noticed -- was told earlier this week when it was


switched on globally nor told how to Lockett out if they do not want


to be recognised by the software. Sire much of a three-year the last


these has been dedicated to the big game in consols. It is important


not to forget the handbells, like Nintendo's DS and Sony's


incarnations of these devices roll- out, they face stiff competition


from something that you have had in your pocket for years. The ever


more capable computer in your pocket is of course a games machine


as well. The application stores by his thousands of games, all


available to download for a couple of pounds or even free.


Considerably less than a 20 pound gained for a dedicated gaming


console. There are also many more smart phones and they are hand-held


games machines. 300 million handholds sold last year, against


just 27 million PlayStation personals and DS. It is estimated


that the number of games downloaded to find is dwarfed the number of


games played on traditional machines. In a certain light, that


makes the smart phone by far the world's biggest gaming platform and


it is certainly something that Apple claimed that its developer


conference his way. Then there are the tablets, offering the user a


bigger screen and a better processor on which to play these


games. So, as any releases the PlayStation in the dark in hope of


reviving its flagging fortunes and Nintendo's three DS suffers from


worse-than-expected sales, are the gaming giants doing enough from the


rise and rise of games on phones. Even Sony is arguably hedging its


bets. The Sony Ericsson play fine being the first to be PlayStation


certified, meaning that although it is and enjoy device, known as can


lead to the PlayStation sweet and With me is the President of the


eight games. It sounds like mobile phone games are Killeen the


traditional hand-held games? It is hurting the business but growing


the overall opportunity for games. We used to talk about a few hundred


million users but with mobile phones we are talking about


billions of consumers. Overall it is a plus for the industry.


there a difference between the type of game proving popular on phones


to that on the more powerful devices as they stand? If you look


at them in terms of their life cycle. Smart phones are fairly new


to gaining. You see more straightforward designs but they


are becoming increasingly complex as customers on phones want deeper


and more complex experiences. We will be able to pull out great


experiences that we could not have imagined a few years ago. Changing


the subject, the a has talked about the fact that it wants to move to


distributing games by download alone. You want to get rid of


buying this, taking it home and storing it on the machine. Talk us


through how that will work and how popular you think that will be.


is hugely popular. We are talking about 1.5 billion customers


worldwide. To reach them directly and provide games on a one-on-one


relationship is what we are wanting to do. Do you need the internet


infrastructure around the world? Because these games a huge, aren't


they? You tailor the games and make them smaller for emerging markets.


We made a small game and it is the number one in Russia and Brazil. So


you tailor the game for the local conditions. But to be able to reach


that mark good for the first time is what is exciting for us. He


changed the design and the technology a bit. If you allow


people to download games, it increases the chance of piracy


because you can intercept the download, there is no physical disk


that you need and then you can just torrent that 2 million of your


closest friends. A great question. That is what killed the music and


film of business online. In games, we do not have that problem. He


still have to connect to our server. If you have a pirated copy, it will


not play. So it allows us to manage the process we want to connect to


our services because that is what the larger community is playing and


you can get at it. So we are unique and very different to music and


film. Piracy is something we can manage. Thank you. Your thoughts


would be welcome on our website or you can tweak us.


And some of the more oddball things on display this year.


There are plenty of emphasis on the visual side of things but let's not


forget the audio side of gaming as well. We have this little gadget


that plugs into your console or PC via USB and you can customise the


options to give you far better sound than you already have. With


an interface like this, you can adjust the base or treble or give


yourself a virtual surround-sound which will improve that gaining


experience. Gamers often wear headsets with built-in microphones


but Sarah is sporting a microphone that takes its vibrations from the


larynx so it offers clear sound. It is used by the military. Microsoft


Connect may be the fastest-selling consumer electronics device of all


time but you need a big play area to use it. This little device may


help. Euclid it onto the front and it widens the field of view which


means you can steer it -- stand further from your opponent and


television. This avoids a smashing the small child next year. Hard


gamers often go on about that more immersing experience and I think I


might have found something. This is a curved screen on a portable frame.


You can see just how immerse it you can get in the game. You have one


or two projections and a some software doing some distortion and


then you simply play away. You really do feel like you are in


again. At $2,500, it is not cheap. You will have to leave me to it for


now. The trouble with Peter events like


e three is that you cannot be everywhere at once. -- big events.


If you have enough people you can cover every angle. Even if you do


not know who the people are. Social networks are all about


connecting with people, even if they do go to LA Without You. But


with colour, a free application for the iPhone with an android version


imminent, it is about connecting with people in your immediate


proximity, sharing photos, video and tat in real time to give you a


unique and multi-faceted view of an event. -- chat. It seems like his


world and his mother want to go social at the moment and I am not


sure we need to many more places to Network online. However, this


application of this will benefit for things like music festivals,


parties and large events so you can capture a moment of your camera


from dozens of different angles and perspectives. It is hard to imagine


the power of this application when using it on your own. In April they


showcased at a film premiere in Manhattan where 49 people took


nearly 800 photographs from every angle of the red carpet. You can


see the end result on their website. With pre-launch funding reportedly


at a mind-blowing $41 million, it is no surprise that out -- the


application looks and feels well made. Let's hope it lives up to the


hype when more people climb on board to create the critical mass.


So what is the value of your social network? Empire Avenue .com can


help to answer that question as you trade a virtual currency for shares


in a person or company social media profile. And add value to your


profile by engaging with all of your network through sites like


Facebook, Twitter, U Jupe mac and flicker. -- YouTube. This game is


in a similar vein to the BBC's Auld website. So I wonder about the


longevity of the content. It is good you are not limited to


celebrities, you can buy shares etc. All it needs is a social media


profile. There are business implications for aside like this if


that takes off. Away for plans to connect with interested audiences.


And the icing on this social media cupcake is the chattel so you can


compare notes with other people on the website on live chat. You can


find a useful beginner's guide on how to play.


Life is a journey and if you want to share that trip, here is an


interesting new addition to the internet. This free Flash based


social talk led to add video, pictures, notes, social media,


feeds and more to any day in the calendar. All wrapped up in a new


interface that is nicely customise a bull. Even if you do not want to


share your journey with the rest of the world, this is a great place to


make a personal journal so you can keep those treasured memories safe


and lobbying from any browser when you want to relive them. -- log in.


Link with other social media accounts. This strikes me as a


meter which alternative to the classic diary. Make sure you set


your privacy levels appropriately if you do not want your siblings


reading it. Sometimes your friends go on more


interesting travels than you. That was demonstrated when my colleague


went to Los Angeles this week. But you can follow their exploits with


a Facebook plug-in that uses the travel resources built into the


social network to extract albums from various locations, all wrapped


up in a nice simple interface. And I am so jealous of my niece's


recent visit to my mother's house. I deserve a weekend break as well.


And that's it for Click. You will find more technology news on our


website. Along with a lead to the radio pod cast. On this week's show,


the team take a look at the implication of the UN's declaration


that access to the internet should be considered a human right. Get in


touch and e-mail us or find us on Twitter. Thank you ball-watching


and see you next time. -- for and see you next time. -- for


Good morning. We will keep the unsettled weather over the weekend.


Today will be a case of sunshine and showers. Sunday will see more


persistent rain spreading in from the south. And staying of cool over


the course of the weekend. It call- back start of a morning with


temperatures down to about four degrees. A lot of sunshine around


with one or two showers. A few showers in the South East we're --


South East Midlands but northern England should be mostly dry. For


eastern Scotland, a fair amount of cloud with some showery outbreaks


of rain. Showers in Scotland, brushing the north coast of


Northern Ireland. For the most it will be dry with some bright spells.


Sunny spells for most of Wales as well. Showers hugging the coastline.


Temperatures in Swansea and Cardiff about 10 or 11 degrees. Similar


conditions in the south-west of England. A few showers in Cornwall


but for Devon and southern areas of England it should be dry and very


bright. A few showers lingering on the south-east of England. For the


rest of the day, showers in the south-east continue. A scattering


of showers developing right across the UK. More significant and


persistent for Scotland. Some heavy showers for the south of Scotland,


the north-east of England and temperatures on the cool side at


15-18 degrees. One or two showers continuing for the evening in


north-east England. The rain continues in Scotland and gathers


towards the south and west. If you have any outdoor plants on Sunday,


there may be rain. For the drought restricted areas this will be good


news. About 10-50 millimetres in eastern parts of the UK. That rain


will gradually spread through the south-west. -- 10-15. The heaviest


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