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Guide to the latest gadgets, websites, games and computer industry news. Click gets to grips with 3D printers, and tunes in to French IPTV.

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their turn to take centre stage. Now it is time for Click. There has


This week we are copying and printing ourselves at a rapid


prototyping lab in London. And we ask it creating things from scratch


in our own home will be as easy as downloading the design? The net


feeding your TV set. We are in France, one of the country's


leading the next living room revolution but will it catch on


elsewhere? We will also some up the biggest


Tech News stories around the world and ask if this website can really


Welcome. You join me at a very interesting point. I am having my


head scanned so that it can be duplicated. Not so the BBC has a


spare in case of any accident but because my head is going to be


reproduced by that machine over there. A 3D Printer. 3D printing is


essentially exactly what it sounds like. Producing a 3D object by


printed yet. It is now catching on with those who need to create 3D


models quickly and cheaply. Designers who need to test the look


and feel of their prototypes can see it in the real world. Artists


wanting to bring outrage has designed to life. And architects


who need to create precision scale models of their building plans.


There has even been talk that in the future, buildings themselves


will be printed censure and by section. Recently, the technology


has become cheap enough to go mainstream. -- section by section.


UK designer models on mine and then get them printed it, packaged and


sent straight to you. You can even bring them in colour. The print is


not so different to traditional printers. But instead of flat


layers of League, these models to spend the layers of plastic,


Western or even film. One on top of the other until the work of art is


complete. The process starts with a scan and the scanner. He Ritter's.


What we have our two lenses up the top that up taking lots of photos


every second. -- here it is. The projector projects a grid onto the


subject. So I will show you what it looks like on the screen. The greed


is collecting geometric data. So 3D data about the subject that is


being scanned. -- agreed. That is then fed into the software which


essentially stages all of that together. It uses the geometric


data to form the 3D model of my head. Which again see on screen


here. It does need the human touch. This is why date is here. He built


filling the hole in my face. Once he have done that, he adds the


texture and colour back onto the head. Prices go and then that


information is sent the Print Station. -- presses go. We have a


choice of three different types of 3D printers. This one uses a power


the substance. If you look there, you can see the powder and you can


see what looks like an inkjet printer of. That is because that is


what it is. It used as a normal inkjet printer head to pump flew


into the powder but only where it needs to set that particular cross


section. Then, a whole bed of powder drops down and just the bit


for the next cross section is pumped in and said. This is the


kind of thing that this powder 3D Printer will produce. -- pumped in


and said. Next up, we have something that looks like a


microwave oven. That is because it does get very hot in there. This is


a 3D printer are using Western. You can see inside again. It is


building up their -- building up the head of layer by layer. This


printing is useful for producing injection-moulded stuff. And also a


snap fix kits. Things you would put together afterwards. This is


possibly the weird a sprinter in my mind because it actually uses paper.


It has a big dream of A4 paper and it loads the paper sheet by sheet


onto this bed, lose the previous sheet of paper and then a fine


blade cuts out dust the top layer into the shape of a cross section.


Then the whole thing goes down and wallpaper is added. You can get


some really bizarre creations like this which is made of paper but


there is no other way of coming up with something like this if you are


just making it out of paper. The data we saw that makes up my head


is sent to the computer attachment in these printers and each one will


process it in a different way because of the way it is printed.


The powder Printer only needs the model to be broken up -- broken up


into cross-sections. But there was an printer need extra information


so it can work out where to put support to keep it in the right


shape before the race and has set in the heat. More on 3D printing in


a minute and we can see the final result before we finished the


programme. Next is this week's Tech News.


The hacking group Anonymous has started to release secret documents


stolen from an Italian cyber crime unit. The files were allegedly


taken from a department which oversees Italy's critical IT


infrastructure. It was supposed to be in retaliation to the arrest of


the group Anonymous. It is threatening further attacks against


pay power and E Bay. -- PayPal. The company wants to break the


stranglehold of proprietary technologies over the mobile world.


Although gecko is using the Google android operating system as the


starting point. And finally, five fake apple stores are being found


in China. The retell impostors were discovered in a seedy after an


American bloggers spotted the shops complete with staff wearing Apple


branded T-shirts. At least two of the stores have been closed but the


fight goes on with reports of other fakes stores popping up in


Venezuela and Croatia. My head has been scanned and has


been tidied up and is busy been printed. Meanwhile, let's talk to


the course director here. Welcome to Click. 3D Printing, is there


anything you cannot use to print quest mac there are many different


technologies out there. You can boil it down to two. Additives, so


attractive and others. You are working with an additive process we


print in 3D, you are building up layers using a liquid or powder. It


comes in materials you can use depending on the subject that you


are printing. There is a fantastic machine called the Candy Fab


Printer. You can imagine pouring kilos of sugar into a printer and


producing something that is very sustainable. And tasty? Yes.


Dissolves in the rain. Or you may be printing with titanium powder.


So that would imply that you might be making a hip-replacement joint.


Or you may need to make replacement parts for your car. They could be


printed with cobalt, for example. Subtracted technologies is the


reverse. You are taking a solid block and you are removing material


from it. So you may be working with a laser, a laved, it will, and more


and more larger projects are using powerful water jets to look remove


these blocks. -- a drill. There are cheaper alternatives aren't there?


Yes. The notion of the factory on the desktop is rising it has been


for some time. There is a concept which a doctor at Bath University


has been working on. The machine replicates itself so you can log on


to the website and learn how to build your own prototype that will


then intern build another one and another one. That is the stuff that


nightmares are made of. How to visit to build that? I would


imagine you could do that for a couple of hundred pounds. So you


are talking about making a prototype yourself instead of


spending a lot of money getting it made. And you are talking about


people halfway around the world printing the part they need. What


will that do to the manufactoring industry? It is revolutionising it.


A lot of people are out of work perhaps but essentially what you


are looking at is the ability to set up factories at a lower cost.


You can make slight adjustments to prototypes once you have made the


initial ones. And the other FX, what about the freight industry?


You no longer have to ship a component part right across the


world, you can printed right here and now we wanted. That is a very


green bean to be doing. -- green thing. If you can scan on to it,


you can copy objects as well? are right. The music industry has


been in that it severely by that during the last decade. Yes, what


we have is a situation where a digital file can be shared and


copyright infringement can occur. So that will be a big issue for the


lawyers and have to be worked out. It has not been resolved yet.


you for your time. Your thoughts would be welcome on this. It is a


fascinating subject. E-mail us or tweed asked. Later, I will be


Apparently one day all TV will be received over the internet. There


is currently a Battle Royal raging over how that's going to happen.


First, there's the all-singing all- dancing I P C D that promises to be


the future of television. And then there's internet TV, which also


promises to be the future of television. So how do we work this


one out? David Reed reports from France where at least one of these


formats is already making itself at This family here in common with


millions of other French households get their daily dose of telly from


I P t be. They get seemingly limitless channels, can hire videos,


which saves a trip to the shop, and you can play video games.


Particularly popular with Julie. Internet protocol TV is based on


the same technology as the internet, but uses a more reliable managed


network. It is called on in France partly because I P TV has been


cleverly bundled together with the internet and telephone for a modest


monthly subscription. TRANSLATION: In the end, it will replace all


other forms of television delivery. It is not strictly just down to us


as there is a global growth and that is very strong. EUR4 million


our service in France and more than 10 million use it. We have an


exclusive service that didn't exist ten years ago with strong growth.


So,' is he right? Is this French Revolution poised to spread


elsewhere? Well, it could be, but it all depends on how it copes with


the competition from internet television. Now, you will be


familiar with services already, and there's also internet TV from


broadcasters like the BBC or While internet TV is often free, it


is not always reliable. That's because the TV show you are


watching has to compete with the other traffic on the net. It means


that from time to time, it does this... I P t beyond the other hand


comes to you down a managed network. It means that it has a dedicated


fast lane. No buffering issues, more like this. It is a matter of


the reliability of reception of the programmes. That is a big advantage


but of course it comes with the cost. If you reserve a seat on a


train, you have got to pay an extra cost for preserving that seat. You


have to pay a subscription for I P TV, but not with open internet,


which you get via your normal internet service provider. Internet


TV is looking to consolidate in the future with initiatives like you


view, an online platform for British broadcasters. It is worth


bearing in mind that advertisers like both I P TV and internet TV,


both can gather data on Dewar's, both can deliver targeted at its --


viewers -- at its. TRANSLATION: What we do this is commit consumer


by consumer, subscriber by subscriber, to deliver targeted and


revising -- advertising. In Lyon are able to live advertising


relevant to what is around you. We can deliver adverts relevant to


each subscriber, rather than everyone. So there is an important


distinction between broadcasting and cable castings. You send out


all of the programme's at the same time and the viewer picks what he


wants anonymously. Systems based on internet protocol. Open internet,


and I P TV, in this case your addresses on the front of the


programme so somebody somewhere knows what you're watching all the


time. This information, is an advertiser or a programme company


can get it, can be used to help shape advertising, within what kind


of programmes you are watching, for how long and when you watch them.


This is the fact of life associated with IEP delivery services, they


are addressed. Somebody knows who is watching when and where. Perhaps


there are some future ethical issues in this area as well. Do we


want a society where this happens? Or, would we prefer a broadcast


environments that we can watch something anonymously. That is a


question for the future, I'm sure. It looks like there will be a role


in this new era of television for both I P t and internet TV. Once


again with new technology the downside of incredible choice is


creepy intrusion and uninvited David Reid on the difference


between internet TV and internet protocol TV. Got it? Good. Now, one


of the UK's leading newspapers publish as a famous rich list


containing the names of all those people we love to hate... because


they've got too much money. Working for the BBC are pretty sure I will


never make it. But, there's a good a list published by the same


newspaper that people like you and I may stand a chance of featuring


on as long as we're sociable. Kate Russell explains. I might not have


much in my savings account but there's one place I'm pretty sure


of my value, the social Web. And here, I can find out for short by


connecting my social networking accounts and let the website take


care of the rest. Being at the top of this list isn't just about


spamming your networks with drivel, shocking I know. It a value weights


the interest generated by your posts, giving you a much clearer


indication of Yorweth to the crowd. You connect with various websites,


covering the vast majority of Social media activities. Europe is


updated daily and you have to be in it to win it -- your rank. You


won't be included if you haven't signed in it. So come on, what are


you worth? Maybe your social contacts will be more valuable to


you than you are to them. That's life, I guess. And with hash Abol


.com, you can keep track of all your meaningful connections. So if


you're meeting with a friend, you Then the website will put it in


your records. They then aggregates all the cash tanks used by you and


your inner circle. So you can see who's doing what, where and with


whom. It might sound a bit trivial to some, or even perhaps a little


invasive, but you locked in with the relevant hash tag at having the


history available through the site could come in handy if your


business is all about connections - I have a very musical thumb, don't


believe me? Well check out this app. It's not free, but I think it's


worth every penny if you fancy yourself a bit of a digital


composer. The idea is that you record looks of difference some


poor old instruments, stacking them on top of each other until you get


a composition you're proud of. Oh... you might want to use your


headphones to, not everybody appreciates a musical genius. There


are loads of pre-installed samples and you can download more or even


record your own. Effects can be added and you can even control them


using the phone's accessories. Like adding pitched bend with tilt. Or,


shaking it. So creating your thumb Jan is easy and you can use the


copy and paste unction to record a session in two lots of compatible


apps. -- pace function. I still can't get it to work, though, but


the makers to assure me that the next update Pool six various issues.


If you would like to submit a website or a app e-mail us -- next


This week, the team gets an inside view on a new project by the


musician, York. Find out why her new album is violently Happy. Just


one more thing to do and that is to introduce you to my little head.


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