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Three men have been arrested during an undercover police operation. A


fourth man has been cleared of similar charges.


Now it is time for Click. Welcome to Click. Welcome to


Europe's largest technology expo. This is IFA 2011 in the heart of


Berlin and this is an absolutely massive show. To give you an idea,


I am standing in a halt for 20 of 28. Lots to do. Better get on with


it. -- in a hall. We will take out the latest TV screens, camera kits


and the most exciting of tablet tech. And we will bring you the


other big stories from around the world and a guide to the future of


the world in Webscape. We start with the biggest screen in


the house. The television. This year, the hype over 3D is giving


weight to televisions that can do more to just show movies or TV.


From high-definition to slim the panel. Wide screen and a wider


screen. Two 3D. Television makers have always sold sets based on


looks and picture quality. But now, it is switching to the multitude of


content and TV that can be delivered to your home via the


internet. More of the biggest swings we buy can be connected to a


rota, giving access to movies on demand, Internet-based TV channels


and streaming services like U2. One of the biggest players, Samsung,


says three out of four sets can be hooked up to the internet. --


YouTube. They offer apps and games and no longer need add-on boxes or


consols. Smartphones and tablets can be used from the sofa to


navigate Facebook or Twitter. But the limited number of apps this


Panasonic TV has, 100, means a lot less choice than on a tablet or


smartphone. Sharp, LG and Philips have announced a common platform to


encourage more titles. So one version becomes all of their smart


TV is. But owners will need good broadband connections to start with.


Panasonic says just one-quarter of its smart TV's have actually been


connected. Samsung believes in Europe, it is around half.


Explaining the benefits and intricate menus to customers new to


the idea may also been hampering uptake. With everybody offering


smart televisions, the race is on to stand out from the crowd.


Turkish outfit Vestel raised the temperature, unveiling a prototype


television with peer-to-peer file sharing software. That was built in


by BitTorrent. Just add a hard drive to store your movie downloads.


And Samsung showed off its YouTube 3D app which allows said owners to


view the tiny but growing amount of 3D content on the site. 3D itself


has struggled to capture the public's imagination as quickly as


manufacturers hoped. This Dizziness Free selling-point on the latest


Samsung models reveals one existing problem. And the need to wear


glasses has bothered many. But not from November. Toshiba says goodbye


to the specs with the glasses 33 D screen. Instead, a layer of


microscopic liquid lenses on the screen allows different perspective


to descend to each eye, giving the illusion of 3D. Face tracking


technology determines how far you are from the screen so the' lenses


can be adjusted to provide 45 overlapping sweet spot where the


effect works best. From two metres away I could move my head at 30


cent of readers and still avoid the shadowing effect. While it is not


as clean and effective as active shutter glasses, the picture has


good depth, providing a more need 3D effect that may suit some tastes.


The future of 3D TV is classes less. 3D, nobody wants to wear glasses.


That is why contact lenses are so popular in the market. TD must be


grasses less in order to attract more people to watch three deep. --


TV. By at glasses Free is not without cost. The 3D filter reduces


the screen's effective resolution to a 720 H D image. The viewing


angle is reduced. And it costs 8,000 euros. Panasonic thinks it is


a crazy idea and is sticking with glasses which deliver a clearer


picture with just one drawback - you have to wear them. But to make


things easier, it has teamed up with such Sharp, Samsung, Philips


and Sony to create a single standard so the one sport next year


may work well with your friend's 3D said.


-- the ones you buy next year. And IFA may look at more in the


next year. If you are sold on the glasses option, why not get rid of


the television altogether? For 900 euros, Sony will pop these new all


in 13 D specs on your face. That is a look. -- all in one 3D specs.


A with me today is Luke Westaway, the senior writer for the highly


respected site CNET. Welcome. Let's talk about the TV technology we


have seen. Connected TV's, it has to be said the use their experience


for a TV online has been pretty poor? Yes. It is not there yet. We


are better off putting our laptops into the TV. That is what TV


manufacturers are trying to discourage. They want their own


sites. If you are scrolling through an internet TV, it feels sluggish


still. It is annoying. There are no keyboards so you have to input text


very slowly. So just really making what they have more compelling.


There is not a lot of content apart from YouTube which you can get as


the use of. And there are encouraging signs, that the 3D


intercity is getting its act together. Standardised glasses and


the glasses Free TV. It is interesting. It works reasonably


well. It is going on sale. But you have to ask, if we have not reached


a consensus on whether we want glasses or no glasses, we are not


really their debt for 3D. Thank you. Stay there for a few more minutes.


Plenty more from it but still to come. -- from IFA.


It is all to ageing at Yahoo. Just two years after her appointment,


CEO Carol Bartz has been given the axed after her a star slashing do


to a more personalised experience failed to revive the company's


fortunes. It is apparently now open to a buyer and a Orwell is rumoured


to be the front runner. Just a few months before the launch of the


Triple X Domain, thousands of celebrities have registered to make


sure they are not related with the online red light district. Agencies


say 1,500 domains have already been registered by prototypes. And


finally after years in the labs, invisibility cloaks are finally


here. Sort of. BAE Systems is outfitting tanks, toppers and


warships with a device which mimics the temperature of its surroundings


to conceal it entirely or fall infrared and other surveillance


Tech into the deal it is something entirely different, like a car or a


cow. More on this and other defence orientated take in the coming weeks.


-- technology. So we have heard about the latest


TV technology here at IFA which includes a lot of 3D. There is also


this problem of not much 3D content around. The latest camera


technology may change that. Action. Plenty of interest at IFA


this year in shooting material in 3D. What is that? You are not


seeing me in 3D, you still need the specs with the system. That is


better. You have a darker picture, no difference in quality. Are you


feeling underwhelmed by the experience? And are you starting to


feel not just as well? OK, so 3D is working properly. You have lost it


again? The numpty forgot to charge the specs. OK, you may have guessed


that I do not buy into the multi- dimensional bars that the Big beat


-- big hitters of TB hardware are determined to whip up. But still


producing our own material and at last, give us something to put on


our new sets. So, prepare to be dazzled by twin-lens compacts,


twin-lens compacts double A Sella's and big nothing of empty your


wallet to the tune of a near $3,000 for a pair of 3D binoculars.


Happily, there is enough innovation in the playing boring it to the


camera space to titillate even the most trigger-happy of camera users.


If flip-up LCD's do not tickle you, connecting to a smartphone may. I


cannot think of any use also marries offhand but maybe you can.


Still, the building wi-fi serve some genuinely useful purposes like


uploading your latest and greatest creations to Facebook or Flickr.


And automatic Panorama allows an entire scene to be captured in a


continuous week. It also means you can have positively minutes of fine.


And ridiculous aspects. Or put yourself in the picture with a


quirky Magic Frame. Thankfully, there are no illusions when it


comes to the optical enhancements. Interchangeable lenses appeal on


ever smaller bodies week a new kneelers system that brings


seriously snappy performances. -- Nero or less. And everything from


camcorders to alter a compact, now with decent zooms and image


stabilisation, getting wobble freeze that is easier than ever.


These days, there is so much way for can -- so many ways for cameras


to make a splash that the industry is allowing that decade-long


megapixels Marketing Board to take a back seat. We are now being told


that less is more. Confused? To keep up. Few were megapixels are


better because the percentage is the same. Each pixel is bigger and


could use more light. So the low light quality or the quality of


normal conditions is much better. You have less noise or less grain


in the image. That is what the user wants. With stills camera shooting


video, the industry is shifting its seductive Megs are picked --


megapixels mania into frontiers. Chances are, you would be hard-


pressed to tell the difference between these two models. Still,


there are some choices we no longer have to make it all. This model is


capable of shooting a 10 makes it - - megapixels picture at the same


time as recording and HD video. Let's pick up on that idea of


convergence. Stills cameras that full -- sued for hedge de Vera --


video. Do we need to buy video cameras any more? It is safe to say


that if you are a casual videotape and just want to take some videos,


something quite small, that will still at work fine. But if you are


after a good quality video, a camcorder is still the way to go.


The ergonomics of the device... It is more comfortable to shoot video


with a proper camcorder. The same question could be asked of skills


cameras with respect to smartphones. Asked deals cameras in danger of


becoming extinct? Definitely. Most able take pictures on their


smartphones and they are very good. They offer the ability to share the


photo online. We are seeing more and more digital cameras having


that kind of feature put-in. We're seeing some wi-fi cameras, things


like that. The danger is that smartphones will take over the


still camera market. Thank you. Stay there. Accent. Moving on first.


For the last couple of years. Every -- everybody has been jumping on


the tablet bandwagon. But are they late? We have been continuing to


take the tabke the tabas the scene of a slew of tablet launches here,


devices which share Android operating system, most using the


latest version called honeycomb. Because these machines or use the


same operating system they have uniform touch-screen controls and


can download apps from the Google market. Most of the Android devices


on the market are performing much the same way. This creates a really


big problem for a hardware designers and engineers. How did


they make a different machine? How do they prevented from becoming a


need to tablet? In the case of Sony's engineers, they're trying to


make their latest stand out with the help of making sure. The Sony P


features a folding case with two 5.5 touch screens which should make


it more portable. Both displays can become one large screen with a


great big black bar through the middle of it, that is. It has four


gigabytes of one store -- online storage. It can also store extra


data. But the folding case design could prove to be a love it or hate


it feature which makes for breaks it. Its price could also provide


problems. It is �479. It could be a perilous proposition for Sony. Sony


also have a more traditional tabloid offering with the S Talbot.


This is shaped like a folding book or magazine magazine more


comfortable to hold. It has a 4.9 inch display. It is available in


three cheat and wi-fi versions. Both are PlayStation set-aside --


says a five say you should have access to old PlayStation games,


games of such antiquity they would probably have their own exhibit in


the British Museum. Sony is not the only outfit with a new Android tap.


Samsung has already started to launch its second generation of


Android tablets. This latest addition, the 7.7 inch galaxy tab


follows a familiar theme. Familiar because for some, this will be the


closest they get to a galaxy tad 7.7 unless -- at least before a


patent spat is sold. They argue that they have copied at the look


and feel of iPhone and iPad. They have been granted a court order


which prevents the sale. It chose to remove the 7.7 from the show


floor. If you have managed to snatch a look at it, you'll


discover it is a thin and like honeycomb defies. It has front and


rear cameras and a bright and alert -- --reen. It looks a little


difference. We I get to hear a word on pricing. -- we are yet to hear.


Samsung did launch one device which is unlikely to encounter the same


patent problems as its relatives. The hybrid phone and tablet. But


t that is smaller than most others


and a smartphone that is larger than most other phones? It


seemingly normal at first. It is Android power -- his Android power


which can create impromptu portrait. It is the fact that the note is


being marketed as a device which sits between a smartphone and a


larger Tabard. It will hit eight undiscovered section of the market.


And now thatd now thatad his from Toshiba. It has been on the died.


Probably the thinnest. It deserves millimetres thick 10 inch screen


new device. It is called the 8,200. It has micro US bees and micro


ports. Its last two attempts at tablets were not successful so this


one has a pretty big mountain to climb in order to draw attention to


itself. Let's pick up on the idea of price. Apple traditionally have


more expensive products than anyone else. Why on earth are all the


other tablets the same price as the iPad Bestinvest when the iPad


launched were -- the iPad was a little bit cheaper when it first


launched. I think -- Android tablets need to be cheaper. If you


are looking at buying and a Android tablet or an iPad it is more


sensitive to -- sensible to buy an iPad because other people have one.


If the Android was a lot cheaper there would be more reason to buy


one. It is a two-horse race for the Tablet operating system. Should


windows even bother trying to get back into tablet? Yes, it should


bother because it is always fun to have more staff to choose from. The


real challenge they have is apps. Apple's ils is more established.


They have more available. That is what makes a tablet great. Thank


you. We would love to hear your thoughts on everything you have


seen. Get in touch. You can e-mail or treat us. Moving on to Webscape


with Kate Russell. Crystal balls are all very well but if you want


an anpicture of what the future holds, you'd be better off


signing up to this website. It's it's it's this is an open the news


agenda and global public calendar that lets you see the future with


day-by-day events, news, stories, facts and trivia. You can even post


details of your own events so that is listed in the global calendar.


The site has what's that scan over 4,000 government and news website


looking for any reference to the future. The editors organise it and


put it into calendars so you can see at a glance what is likely to


be in the news next week. There are lots of invitations and uses for


people like journalists, marketers and event organisers. But even if


you are just ingested in the world or want to know the most -- just


interested in the world, the information is all in these pages.


If you use an iPhone, there is a free out called tomorrow. And


according to the Facebook page the Android version is coming soon. If


you are a bit of eight sued loved- up and likes discovering -- a bit


of a food lover, this Blackberry apples should be on your iPhone


should. City includes 50% discounts and other offers. It is a members'


club with an annual subscription but you get a 30-day free trial if


you want to taste the goods. The users are a mixed bunch for this


one. Some people complain that they have had trouble with the GPS and


locate -- locating a good restaurant that is participating. I


had absolutely no problems with it at all. With a free trial, you


cannot really lose. So if you do have trouble with the out or do not


have a blackberry and still want a taster, there is a browser version.


the Web is great for collaborating with distant friends and relatives


and there are some funky tools to help you do this if you look around.


Like Stroome, a cloud editing package for video, photos and audio.


After offloading your contact or pulling down some of the contest


uploaded by other users, use the interface to drag and drop bits and


bobs and linking with transitions and adding it music track. When you


have finished your time line you can share it with other Stroome


users so they can remix York works. This is a great way of


collaborating on creating a slide show from a family party or wedding.


It is perfect for simple drag and drop collaborating. But they are


much better tools out there for the advanced user. Good news for Jim e-


mail uses this week as Google have released a Cromer would stalk app


which gives browsing, filtering options to the world's most popular


client. The mobile clients have had this for a while and the browser


version is just a tweak of the Tablet interface but should prove


me his -- reviews for on the latter. And it docks and Callander have


also been granted limited off-line That was Kate Russell with Webscape.


If you have suggestions for a future Webscape please e-mail us.


All of those links along with everything else from the special


show are on the website. That's it for now. Thank you for watching. We


Good morning. We are expecting a storm to hit later on Sunday and


into Monday. But before then the winds will strengthen day-by-day


over the weekend. Those strengthening winds will bring some


showers or longer spells of rain. We start the weekend quite quiet


and in usually warm. Up to 18 in the centre of London. They could be


record-breaking. Humid areas in the one sector. They are driven by the


deep low approaching. The cold front will work its way eastwards.


It will start wet in Scotland. That should ease off a little bit. It is


initially heavy in the west and turns lighter as it runs in the


east. We still have some warmth and humidity in eastern England a bit


like we had yesterday. Temperatures before the rain arrives getting


into the low to mid-twenties. This rain this into Yorkshire, the


ginger, the Midlands. After the rain we get some sunshine in the


south Midlands and the south-west of England. Some showers will come


in. But at least we have some sunshine in the afternoon after


what looks like quite a look start -- quite a wet start. Some showers


in Northern Ireland. They could turn blustery as the winds fresher.


Some strong winds arriving in the Scotland. Some showers in the


afternoon. The winds look more like the overnight into Sunday morning.


Some showers. But by morning some persistent rain arriving on Sunday


into Northern Ireland pushing into western Scotland and the north-west


of England. Elsewhere we will have some sunshine but a few sharp and


blustery showers. The winds strengthened on Saturday and Sunday.


By Sunday night and Monday is when we will have the peak of the winds.


They could be destruction. The Met Office have issued an amber alert.


The trouble is all coming from the other side the hurricane. This is


something we have been watching over the past few days. She did not


make landfall in the US and now she's coming and moving back across


the Atlantic towards our shores. By the time she reaches us she will


not be a hurricane because she will have lost the war, becoming heavily


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