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out on tickets for the 20 crock Olympic Games -- the 2012 Olympic


Games now have the chance to see some of the world's best sports


people in action. Now it is time for Click. Let's be honest - a


shaving Aberfoyle smartphone is not going to put the razor industry out


of business but this week we look at the devices that may face


extinction in the face of the pocket. It is the battle of the big


guns - we check out the two big shooters battling for your


attention this Christmas. We have an essential guide to dodging


expensive roaming charges. All that plus the biggest take news stories


around and if there is just too much news for you, we have a handy


tall to cut through the waffle in Webscape. --bscape. --you won a


smartphone you will know there is nothing they cannot do these days -


they are sat nav devices, bad diaries, can tell the time and you


may have found yourself wondering whether you need to buy any


dedicated devices at all. We have been investigating the threat the


smartphone poses to, well, just about everything else. When your


phone can play the part of a still camera, video camera, calculator,


alarm clock, watch, MP3 player, sat nav, a games console and more, why


would you need to go to the trouble and expense of individual pieces of


hardware when, on balance, they seem to do the same. The question


is, of course, how well the smartphones to each of these jobs


and which devices could be reasonably replace? There may be


close in one recent American survey which suggests that nearly two-


thirds of smart phone users have scrapped their alarm clock, over


50% no longer care for their sat nav and over one third are so over


their NP3 and digital camera. -- MP3 player. If you thought


smartphones were cleverer all ready, in Japan, you can already pay for


your shopping with them and they are getting a whole lot smarter.


There will be new generations of sensors that will be connected to


your smartphone, particularly monitoring your health, your bodily


output, the tiny stencils we will see everywhere in the environment


tapping your blood pressure, your mood, the weather, how busy the


traffic is and that will feed into the cloud and we will access that


wherever you go. Smartphones are convenient and many ads are cheap,


if not free, whereas dedicated devices providing only one function


may cost a fair quid. -- many apps. It is little surprise that stand-


alone GPS devices have taken quite a hit. Simple yet effective free


apps likeable Navigator have replaced stand-alone devices like


sat navs. Another market leader told me apps can also be a way into


a bigger sale. People can use an app to use about us and some of our


beaches and the user experience and then hopefully people will upgrade.


-- features. People can benefit from a larger screen size, a


dedicated device designed for that purpose, waterproofing, designed


for running or playing golf can be fitted on your wrist. With some


hardware easily costing over a few hundred quid, how much does a piece


of technology add were very near app? A running watch may be less


bitterly, for a start, but how about driving? -- the -- fiddly. I


have a sat nav app here on my phone and a dedicated device from the


same manufacturer. I will undertake a journey to see how accurate each


device is. The displays were similar but the stand-alone is


better Rat timekeeping. They both lost their way once but were quick


to recalculate. The dedicated hardware means no interruptions


from text messages. On a longer journey I could have benefited from


the extra features but for city driving be dedicated device did not


seem to add any extra benefits. Gaming on phones is fast becoming


the platform of choice, at least for casual gamers. Here too


established players are swimming with the tide. Sony has ported its


PlayStation controls to their smartphone and its forthcoming


hand-held console moves way out of smartphone territory. A serious


gamer is looking for a gaming experience that appeals to their


passion and their interest in gaming. A smart fawn and other


portable devices -- a smartphone and other portable devices were not


do. This has dedicated social Connectivity features, better


controls for an experience more akin to a home console. While a


smartphone is ultimately a compromise device, there is no end


to the ingenuity looking to tempt us to drained the battery ever


faster. This app lets you use a standard camp -- camera lens to


take pictures on your smartphone. A smartphone is a good enough advice


-- device and for most of us it is OK. If you care about music, care


about video, taking great pictures, you are still going to want a


second device. It is about innovation. It is not just about


smallest, most powerful technology. Next up, a look at this week's take


news. Adobe will abandon the development of Flash for mobile,


concentrating instead on html5. It has never been supported by Apple


on its mobile kit and Microsoft recently announced Windows eight


Facebook's rival, Google Plus, is now open for business, as it


welcomes companies and brands for the first time. Users can now add


their favourite places, clubs and companies to their profiles. The


latest version of Honda's human shape of robot has been unveiled in


Tokyo. After four years in development, the revamped Druid has


independently moving fingers which it can use to open a flask and pour


juice into a paper cup and can even spell its name in Japanese sign


language and using advanced base and sound recognition technology


can distinguish between three people speaking at the same time. -


- face. The cheapest way to talk to someone is always face to face


unless you are buying dinner. Let's assume they are too far away to


hear you, in another country and they do not have access to a


computer or a web cam. In other words, you have to call them on a


phone. We have taught many times in the past about how using one of


these internationally can cost a fortune but it doesn't have to if


you follow some tips from our essential guide to international


communication. First up, switch your data roaming off. Print out


anything you need so you are not tempted to hit the Data Connection


button. Save your long conversations for when you have an


internet connection. Skype and Google Talk to the same. By also


lectured call phone numbers -- they If you really can't do without data


then minimise your usage. Do not watch anything in Hyde Deaf Video.


Opera lets you turn off image downloads. Consider a data


squeezing service which will send less data to your phone. Check your


tariff - it may be cheaper to send a text then have a short phone call.


Text apps at let you text others with that app for free. Other


websites let you take -- send text messages to any smartphone with an


internet connection to most countries. If you are planning to


travel to lots of countries in one trip, try a global Sim card. This


will still tie you to a tariff. If you are in one place for long


enough, by a local Sim card. Your number will be different and Yortt


local tariff will probably not handle international calls. There


is a work around. To receive phone calls cheaply while abroad, first


get a virtual online number in the same country as your mobile,


something like Skype. Before leaving the country, divert your


phone to this number. At your destination, by a local Sim card


and now use Skype call forwarding to divert your calls on to your new


phone number. Go the other way by signing a second virtual number to


the people you speak with the most. Make it a local number for your Sim


card. If you are calling in the United States, make your virtual


assigned number also from the US and then you can call your friends


using that number which will be Click's feature on roaming charges


is still available online. If all else fails, lead you phone at home.


I hope that helps. You will find that essential guide along others


on our website. -- alongside with. It is that time of year when the


video games industry starts cranking out the new releases at a


rapid rate. This means, it is also time to start playing them. Who am


I kidding? Playing games is this man's life.


First-person shooting games are big business. In fact, the most


successful entertainment property in the world is a series of games


which have first-person shooters. The call of duty series has enjoyed


phenomenal success, with gamers and financially. Last year's title


wrapped up $1 billion in sales in just five weeks. The publisher of


were very happy indeed. When a single game generates profits with


so many zeros appearing on a software company's spreadsheets,


inevitably competitors will want a slice of that pixelated pie. So,


this year, we see two titles have waited for mature players which at


first glance seem similar. They are fighting for the hearts, minds and


cash of the world's gamers. In the corner, call of duty modern warfare


three which allows players to control special forces and soldiers


in a campaign to take down a road ultra-nationalist. They are


equipped with weapons, mass destruction and bad attitudes. And


in the other corner, battlefield three from Electronic Arts. They


adopt the role of not so special forces trying to fight ultra natal


worst -- ultra-nationalist equipped with terrible weapons. I am


beginning to see a pattern. I realised these two games seem


extraordinarily similar. But please, bear with me. There have been


bitter problems behind the scenes between the developer and publisher.


Including high-profile staff departures from the company.


Despite all of these backstage wranglings, modern warfare's


campaign is much better than Battlefield three's. At times, it


feels like the player is taking part in an action movie with a


billion dollars budget. Sure, the player often feels like they are


being guided through the action by the supporting cast. But the


experience is so well executed and there are a variety of hardware at


their disposal from rivals to drones, equipment forced this


slightly silly narrative which sees hostilities kick-off on a global


scale. For -- the environments are also admirable. They have earned


their Air Miles as the action shifts from London to Paris, while


taking in a devastated Berlin and New York which has been invaded by


Russian troops. The scope and scale of the campaign is nothing but epic


and immensely satisfying to play. In stark contrast, battlefield is a


bit rubbish. It does the globe- trotting think with a share of the


action taking place in the round, Paris and New York but the story is


undercooked and it feels uninspired and flat. At points, I was more


than a bit bored. So why all the fuss about battlefield three? Well,


it's online multi-player mode is an entirely different beast. Online


multi-player is the reason I suspect most people will purchase


Battlefield and it is very good. On the PC - up to 64 players. On


console - 24 players can make use of tanks, helicopters and difficult


to fried debts. The more you play, the more advanced equipment is


possible. It is this upgrading that is part of the player's addictive


properties. Sorry, you caught me catching up on some light reading.


In an effort to topple them, battlefield's developers drafted in


some special consultants. This consultant has also penned a not --


novel that ties in with the game. But which Orphir to turn to? It was


not JK Rowling. No, not a man with a permanently pixelated face. His


features have been obscured for security reasons. It is the ex


soldier, Andy McNab. What advice did he have for the games


developers? I said, they want it to be right, we are halfway through


the process, they know what they are doing and have been doing it


for many years, now we want to find to knit and delete up. So, some of


the tactics were wrong, -- tu it up. They said he will not use that


machine. They want to get the big gun in. So it was playing with that


and householders would move with their weapons. That sort of stuff.


-- how soldiers. Players can earn air strikes or deploy it unmanned


vehicles to thin out the opposition on the other game. So which game to


choose? Battlefield have been an -- will undoubtedly be a success but I


do not feel it have so what it takes to rain on modern warfare,


great. Now to a preview. It is quite literally a change of gear.


Another outing for a popular chap - - a popular franchise. The stunt a


high octane title rather than high explosive. Supercars take part in


an illegal road race across the United States. A return to the need


for us these series where road racing results in police


intervention, leading to racing and chasing along highways and byways.


Again uses the same physics engine which is also powering battlefield


three but of course a single player story mode and online multi-player.


Yes, we have seen and played this game many times. But hopefully a


return to the straightforward cops first as road races format will


Thule -- will inject some much- needed life into this long running


franchise. Now, two of the most cthe most cine


spaces in today's Wedd have to be social media and delivering the


news. There are tons of sides that to one of those. So, can a young


person from Ireland make any difference in this sector? Kate


Russell thinks they have a chance. Here is more in Webscape.


The Web is full of interesting articles. When you consider it


would take well over 100 years to read with a beady alone, what on


earth are you meant to find them? This website hopes to put a dent in


the online content delivery market with their social aggregate of. It


categorises hundreds of thousands up, using Facebook and Twitter to


rank them in their feed. The serve this is kind of a cross-breed


between a flip board and tweeting. But I do like the way it ranks


things based on how fast they were shared, rather than just the volume


of shares. Fine-tune your feet with location and content categories and


leave it to your Facebook account. It will feed you information about


what stories your friends are sharing. While this might not tell


you much about what is really important in the world, it should


give you a good idea of whether it is time to change your friends.


We all love the smartphone apps. What we do not love is draining the


battery playing games and not having enough juice left for the


phone to perform its primary function. In other words, making


calls. BlackBerry users can use -- can keep an eye on their power


levels with this app. It does exactly what it says. And a bit


more. There is a battery level indicator and status monitor with


an historic visualisation monitor with a day week or month. With


adjustable warning levels, you can make sure you eat enough power on


hand when you are on a long journey. Deciding how you want to be warned


and another -- and a number of other settings. And by pinning a


state has monitored to your menu bar, you will have a constant --


reminder every time you switch apps which can only give you more power


As the UK remembers its fallen soldiers this weekend, an Oxford


history graduate has embarked on a six-year project to tweet the


events of the Second World War as they happened, 72 years on. Follow


the project on Twitter. It is a fascinating glimpse into the past,


including eyewitness testimony from the battlefield, photographs and


That was Kate Russell. If you would like to suggest something for a


future Webscape, you are more than welcome. Tweed asked for e-mail us.


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