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It might just, car number five! This is a great game. Hang on, I


seem to be learning something. This week on Click, we are looking


at games that are good for you. But are they any good? Plus, the


technology that helps you preserve your memories for future


generations. It is standing room only as we review a game designed


for your Hayne. All that, plus the latest technology news and a


website to make his mother. -- you smarter.


Welcome to Click. Video games. They meld our brains and turn us all


into lazy kedge potatoes. It is something that's it so often and I


am sure many people assume that no gains can be good for anyone.


Whether or not driving high-speed supercars or shootings of these is


good for our mental agility or not, some games have been specifically


designed for more serious educational purposes. Every year,


they all come together for Lyon's Serious Games Expo.


We are all just oversize children in a world full of big toys. It is


true that we learned a great deal from plate and the Serious Games


Expo aims to exploit our ability to retain what we learn while having


fun. It is a whole new approach to education and has taken off in the


last few years thanks to the incredible advances in gaming


technology. TRANSLATION: You could say that we use a lot of games


technology based on video games or based on traditional games like


board games. These can often be considered like simulators in a


sense that it is a tall that helps train someone. For instance, we


could put a salesperson in a situation where they are in front


of a client. Today, we have also seen developments in what we call


the science of integration. So, when a new employee or a group of


employees, arrive at a company, we can test them in the new


environment to see how they react to the complexity of a new company.


The French company cube 0 producers video gains for training personnel


--, they are. It taps into the French love of comic strip. In this


circumstance, they employ the services of a private investigator


or to sogginess three of the last database. The idea is to eight get


employees familiar with complicated systems by having them participate


in a story. It translates into training they is usually a daunting


and dreary. Not all games are about learning. Advertisers have long


exploited the benefits of product placement. That is discreetly


putting products in the plots of movies and soap operas. The idea is


that when we I immersed in a drama, our guard is down and we're not so


good at filtering out, so messages. Now, they are beginning to put ads


in games. It is a serious business. Another French company, Serious


Factory, makes these sorts of advice for games, like viral


advertising, they are custom-made. This was promoted on the iPhone and


iPad, Windows and also Apple and enjoy platform. -- enjoyed. Within


one weekend, but the company grade A goodbyes through the advertising.


It is a strong communication channel. You are training on the


message. -- trading. You can give a message to the customer. It is a


good communication channel, right But it is not all about businesses


finessing commercial messages. A series games can also deal with


highbrow issues, such as Europe's democratic deficit and voter apathy.


European politics can be dull and Dutch kids find the whole thing so


dreary, they are having difficulty even sitting through the needed two


hours a year their curriculum divides to the subject. A


Xmediaworks has come up with a game, Battle of the Laws, in which pupils


are members of the European Parliament. The aim is to be dreamy


teenagers more aware of the backroom deals and horse-trading


that are integral part of politics and coalition building. In every


level, we try to let them understand that as an under the jaw,


you are a member of the party. At a second level, as part of the party,


they have to build a standpoint. In the third level, they learned that


that if they do not compromise with other parties, they were not get


anywhere. It teaches them to achieve negotiations. The game and


when there is a final vote. That is when they will know if the laws


they have designed will be used auric there will be an amendment.


We make them understand you have to negotiate to get somewhere.


more serious game still is LudoMedic. Being ill is obviously


no fun. The treatment itself can be a trauma for a child who is


confused it in an alien, clinical environment. This game familiarises


children with what their enormous means. It also say what happens in


hospital and attempted to undertake many into a kind of adventure.


TRANSLATION: Is also a tool that makes less of a drama out of going


to hospital. Clearly, it is serious. Clearly, it is not always easy. We


cannot leave them to fight it out of line. He video game allows us to


have a wider dimension to what is happening. -- lighter dimension.


can learn better when we play. The best lessons are not necessary LED


in the school of hard knocks, but As we have said, many traditional


games really I just point and shoot. None more so than the one that we


are now about to demonstrate. I remember the days when if you


wanted to play a video game, you had to go to an arcade or have a


dedicated video games console. Of course, these days, you can play


games on all kinds of devices - mobile phones or MP3 players. Or


even, the lavatory. This by in London is a rather unusual setting


for a new kind of video again. One of the brains behind the gain gave


us the low-down on the UN base interface. The pile walks up, the


game sensors his presence did it will start when he starts. When he


goes left, it goes left. When he goes right, it goes right. It will


continue as long as the as water to play with. The first game is a


skiing game. You go left or right, hitting as many penguins as you can


and avoiding obstacles. The second game is a quiz game. They are


simple true or false questions. We found we had to make the questions


quite simple. Each one of the game in its is equipped it with three


downward facing sensors, which monitor the player's in port. High


scores result in an on-screen code, which allows the player to check


their ranking fired again's website. So now, it is time for me to embark


on perhaps the strangest begin again review I have ever performed.


Come on, you didn't really think ours going to the loss of on-camera,


did you? We have bought up this road and a tree planted as the game


out. It does actually play quite well. I have tried some internet --


innovative user interface is in my time, but this is the first Jenny


when we game we have ever played. The scores on their doors speak for


themselves. He will go anywhere for a good


story. Next up, a look at this week's


technology news. Facebook privacy is in the


spotlight again this week. The club's biggest website has agreed


to tighten privacy controls as part of a settlement over abuse of user


data. Facebook allegedly about day- to-day be shed when they said it


would be kept -- be kept private. So it comes as EU lawmakers


consider new rows about social networking.


Meanwhile, Facebook users in Thailand had been given a stark


warning about using the like button. The country's information minister


has warned social network is that they should do lead the posts which


insult the monarchy, which is a crime which is possible opted 15


years in jail. Spot of fire has added game against.


Adding to recently introduced social features, it now has an


application platform, which partners can develop four. It means


that the recommendations and editorial content, with the


partners including LastFM and Rolling Stone magazine. China is


down the bog's smartphone leader. A new study says it has overtaken


America, with 24 million units sold in the last quarter. A 30% of the


world's phone are now smart. And from smartphones, too smart cars.


Toyota has unveiled a rather futuristic one with a side that


looks and works like a joy it touch-screen bone. The Fun-Vii lets


you to change its colours in the same way you would a mobile phone


wallpaper. No word yet on if and when it will actually make it onto


the roads. Car chases will never be Now, the death of a loved one is


obviously an emotional and a traumatic time for those left


behind. After the initial shock, there is a lot of unwelcome


paperwork and organisation to attend to. Wills, build and


property. But today's elderly generation has left its oz -- of


spring and additional responsibility. The preservation of


slides and negatives. All that became popular in the 1960s. As our


reporter found out, collecting and converting those memories to


digital form presents some This year, I said a final farewell


to my dad in the UK. My mother died several years before so now their


house, the home but I grew up in, had to be clear and sold. There


were many moments of joy as they thought about everything that had


happened there. Learning to walk, playing in the back garden. I set


about collecting every bit of family imagery as quickly as


possible before it deteriorated in the cold and vacant house. I packed


everything up and took it back to the US where I live. It is hard to


admit it but almost everybody on planet earth would regard the


contents of these boxes as being nothing but junk. But to me and a


few close family members, these are priceless memories left behind by


my parents. Unfortunately, I no longer have a film projector or


slide carousel and so there is only one option. That is, turn


everything into ones and zeros. I brought this film to a company in


book and find out the best way to convert 8mm and Super 8. Some


companies protect the original movie and we screen it with


significant quality loss. I discovered the best way is to scan


every frame individually keep -- individually. It is the same as HD


TV. That allows asked to capture each frame and played back at


different frame rate. 18 frames per second, 12 frames per second, 24.


And we determine what speed it was filmed at and process it that way.


Edit it at that speed, colour correct each seat in out give it --


with a digital editing software. The results were outstanding. The


good and very different from what it them on my dad's original


projection screen. One tip is to have the finished full quality


footage put onto a hard drive. Bird it on to DVD, for an example, which


means -- Burnie on to DVD means data can be lost for ever. Some


footage I have never seen before, including my parents' wedding. I


wished they had been able to see this version. There is a lot to be


said for doing digital Dobbs while family members are still alive.


There are many people who do that. Almost every customer who walks


through this front door has a similar reaction to the footage.


But it has often -- but the images have often born unseen for decades.


This is called! This is more precious than gold. If you realise


that material things can get rid of those things but these special


moments, they are utterly treasured. The next part of my project was to


complete the scan every still image left by my parents. I tried a


flatbed scanner and noticed the output quality improved


dramatically in the last few years. Instant LED lights have replaced


all the bulk that of minutes to warm up. Scanning is an art form of


by itself. But for archiving purposes, I decided to scan slides


and negatives at a high resolution of 4,800 dpi so I could make larger


Prince, use the 48 bit RGB setting to extract the Matt mac -- maximum


range of colours and save everything as a tiff file. But if


you are looking to extract the highest possible quality from the


negatives and slides, this scanner may not be for you. Instead, this


may do the trick. It weighs Bogart 20 kilograms. It cost $20,000. --


weighs over. But the results are remarkable. The settings can be


endlessly manipulated. But even another has can put a brawl image


with two clicks. -- can output a ball in it. It is distortion free.


There is no glass between the film and the lens. A magnetic trap


stabilises the hall but and transported across the minus side


of the optics. The image is bent and so the image is always captured.


So you haven't even scan from end to end. Capturing your collection


of films and photographs in as higher-quality as possible is just


the first step. Next time, we will look at how scanned images can be


improved dramatically and how a faded photograph left hanging on a


sunlit wall for nearly 40 tears can be bought back to life in the hands


of an expert. -- 40 years. If you are watching this show,


there is a good chance you have a healthy interest in the sciences.


Not everybody takes to science easily. But the internet is awash


with great educational website to help you get your head around


complex subjects. As Kate Russell discovered in this week's Webscape.


They say you do not get something for nothing but in the case of this


not for profit website, they are wrong. Here you can find a wealth


of knowledge passed out in easily badgers double videos and it is all


completely free of charge. -- easily accessed.


There are over 2,700 videos, covering everything from Owl to --


from algebra to exercises to help it all sink in. There are also


practise exercises and resources for educators to help them inspire


their students. You will need to login with a Facebook or Google


account and then you can track and save any progress. You can watch


the videos without logging in but if you do, you can save your


completed activity and post questions and comments against the


articles. Most of the content is aimed at middle or upper school


pupils. There are a scattering of subtext steered towards younger


children as well. -- of easier subjects. When you finish


organising your child's education, spend time getting your business


with him to escape with Skylightit.com. An organisational


tool shed that covers everything from sales, document management,


customer relations, resource scheduling, project management and


loads more. That really is the power of this service. The vast


range of options you have means you can keep all of your productivity


requirements under one virtual bridge. This really is a one stop


professional collaboration and utility shop. Fee-free account


gives U2 active projects for two users and 100 megabytes of storage.


You may want to upgrade for more flexibility. All accounts let you


store unlimited contacts and other resources. All together, a great


productivity suite that cannot fail to help a busy cricket manager keep


on top of things. -- critic of manager.


How many of you have ever used a QR code? I am willing to bet it is


actually a small one -- small number which is a shame as they


really are an excellent way to access digital content on the go.


There is a fund social Swiss -- twist to the technology. Link to


your social media accounts to make sharing codes quick and easy.


Creating your own QR code requires no prior knowledge as it is just a


few simple drop-down menus. Stand codes are Auto categorised for


convenience but you can tweak those settings through the browser


dashboard for more control. The app is free for android right now with


iPhone apparently launching this weekend. BlackBerry and Windows


Phone 7 apps are in development. It is a well rounded service that


deserves to bring QR codes back into the spotlight a little.


When is an iPhone not an iPhone? When it is a Windows Phone 7, of


course. Microsoft have come up with a novel way of trying to end ties


android and by West users to switch platform. An online a mobile demo


that gives you a taste of the WP7 experience. -- iOS.


And finally, it must be nearly the end of the year as Facebook has


released this off the top 40 most shared stories for 2011. From giant


crocodiles have to satellite photos of Japan, before and after the


tsunami and earthquake. There are links to all of the original


articles in case you missed them the first time around.


Kate Russell. As always, you can find more information at our


website. You can also check out the reports


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