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When analogue telly gets switched off, could that help to improve your internet connection? Plus how your old faded photos can get a facelift. Includes tech news and web reviews.

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Now it is time for.... -- time for It may sound like a lot of noise


but this week we look at the Secret Life of static. Tablet in the - we


check out the readers with an appetite for more than just books.


Saving your memories before they fade. We look at the technology


that can give your old foe days a facelift. We have the old -- the


latest technology news and the look at how to make your own game in


which -- Webscape. Around the world, TV services that have been


broadcasting for decades are being switched off. Old analogue signals


are being cleared from the Airways and being replaced with digital


signals. The result of this is that lots of the radio spectrum is being


freed up but that extra space will not remain free for long. We look


at how be broadcast spectrum will be carved up as soon as your TV


pictures have faded into the ether. In 1936, broadcasting history was


made. Television signals were transmitted from the BBC studios at


Alexandra Palace. For the first time, sound and vision from across


the group could crackle into life at the nation -- in the nation's


living rooms. The cameras and crews have long since fallen silent. Soon


we will have to make the switch to digital television. As silent as


our airwaves will be as soon as we make way for completely digital


television broadcasts. Different devices each use different parts of


the broadcast spectrum. The UK spectrum will be auctioned in 2012.


OFCOM is designing this auction. In the UK and other countries around


the world we are replacing analogue broadcasts with digital. The


switch-off process started in the UK in 2007 and is due to finish in


2012. One of the great benefits of doing that's it will create massive


deficiencies in the way the spectrum is used. -- that is. As we


prepare to switch off analogue television in favour of digital, a


wide variety of different technologies are poised to take


advantage of the broadcast space freed up by the death of all school


analogue television. Analogue television broadcasts used up more


of the spectrum than digital does so news services can take advantage


of the space which will become available on the air waves. The


mobile phone operators are the team is to grab the largest slice of


this newly freed up they want to -- newly freed up broad band. There is


a huge demand for mobile data, being fuelled by smartphones and


mobile data services such as e-mail, video streaming, messaging services,


mapping services and social networking. Studies have been made


that mobile broadband is the application that delivers the


greatest economic and societal benefits and mobile broadband means


that new technology can be deployed. 3G and 4G - Imagine if you were


building a motorway and you wear it using for decks on the motorway.


You would not use more land but you can have more traffic passing


through it. The mobile phone companies are tipped to grab the


lion's share of the broadcast spectrum but the story does not end


there. Some technology companies see the old-fashioned television


signal as the gift that keeps on giving. Television broadcasts used


parts of the spectrum back trouble very well through solid objects.


Most of the spectrum is not used. The white space project found this.


That is technology that tries to use parts of the spectrum that are


not being used so we can use it on an ad-hoc basis. Brad Symes


spectrum here and pass some traffic through it. -- grab some spectrum.


Engineers working in conjunction with the Cambridge White Spaces


Consortium are trying to bring the internet to people in remote areas.


We are trying to bring the internet while asleep to people who do not


have an ADSL connection. It is you UHF signal, using the gaps in the


TV channels at the moment. You used radio modulation techniques to send


the signal to remote places. We have a base station here which we


are using to broadcast a signal and used for communications,


specifically with the aim to provide all well with an internet


service. Prior to the trial, Wed speeds in this all well home were


typically between 100 or 200 kilobits per second. The trial


technology has increased those speeds to eight megabits per second,


making it possible to stream video or use services like Skype. The


trials in Cambridgeshire are ongoing but one thing is certain -


analogue television is on the way out but the air waves analogue


television uses are set to be just as crowded. Now I look at this


week's -- a wee look at this week's techniques. Mark Zuckerberg's


thanksgiving for prayers have been published online after it uses


alerted the internet to security problems with the social networking


giant. Apple's stored that supplies the books fought the iPhone and


iPad is likely to come under scrutiny after it the European


Union's anti-trust watchdog has launched an investigation into


whether they have been using Google is celebrating its 10


billion Thor app download from the Andra Market but a lot of them are


free. Despite the rapid growth of And rode smartphones, the quality


of the apps might have an effect on whether people buy anything.


Exports users will gain more controls of the televisions through


Kinect as new software rolls out this week, improving boys' control


and more television content. -- voice control. We have spent a lot


of the last year or so talking about tablets and tablet operating


systems but long before there were any tablets there was a different


kind of portable device that allowed you to read your content on


the move - e-reader. There are seven-inch tablets masquerading as


e-reader. This is the Kindle Fire, which has proved massively


disruptive. It is opening up the tabloid market to an entire


different demographic because it is half the price of one of the fully


featured tablets. This is Amazon's attempt to create a cat making door


which is not just a reading device, which can take on Apple. This is a


similar attempt. This is a classic Android feel. This is another one


from Amazon. Are they any good as tablets? Should you consider buying


one of these. They are not fully featured tablets. You do not get


the screen real-estate for newspapers, if you like. You have


something which is a bit bigger than a smartphone. You do not have


Bluetooth or GPS, you do not have a camera or a microphone. You have a


slightly slower processor. All these things have less storage.


There is no 3G option. You will not be satisfied with a device like


this if you worry power user but if you want to get into a tablet


experience and want something at half the price of the fully


featured tablets but would spend perhaps a bit more than a


traditional e-reader, this could be for you. They are good to read


books on. You can read books even in dark conditions, which cannot


with and the reader. These are back of it. -- backlit. Outdoors they


are not as good. They are reflective. They need a big, heavy


battery so they are not as white and -- light and not as comfortable


Last week we told you how to convert old film into high-quality


digital copies. If you are archiving this material for future


generations, you obviously want the best results possible and here, you


are not limited to the quality of the originals. Our reporter has


been testing some of the new technology that improves our


memories and makes them better than you.


-- better than the new. My late father locked away hundreds


of home movies and negatives from the 1950s. After capturing them


digitally, I realised that some of the originals had begun to


deteriorate. Even the best kept images eventually succumbed to


chemical breakdown. But once again and, they are frozen in time. But


then the challenge is how to undo the damage.


Experts agree that you should avoid using the free software that often


comes with a scanner. To get the best quality results, this man is


using photo quality plug-ins and stand-alone software.


The biggest problem is often his visual noise - meaning of the grain


found in dark areas of film. Fortunately, the algorithms used to


detect that are getting better and better. Noise capital fixer is one


of -- noise Sanaa fixer is one programme that improves the image


and avoids it looking too soft. Noise is only one aspect of the


photo restoration. Perfectly Clear can do all sorts of things to


dramatically clean up an image. But crucially, it automatically


controls the order in which those steps are done.


You generally find noise removal at the beginning. If you can get a


clean image at the beginning, you can then compare it to sharpening


the images later. Often only small areas of a photo


are degraded. A method has been invented to specifically it just


any part of an image. I can put a control. On the damaged


area and I can fix certain areas. It really helps because pictures


don't fade uniformly. Sometimes they are fed in different areas.


Some bargains have become industry -- some plug ends have become


industry standards. Prince present a different


challenge especially if they are severely damaged. The process can


be complicated although there are books that can help but not


everybody has the time nor the skill to bring back their photos to


a pristine condition. Holocaust su suion Rosen treasures her


post Second World War two collection of photographs. Every


family men be -- at memory prior to that was destroyed by the Nazis.


This image of her children is one she is particularly fond off of.


This picture when I go to bed at night I curse this picture. When


you came into this room, you could not help but notice it because it


really sort of look to you. The after many decades, every trace


of colour has vanished. So Marion has taken her photo to a


restoration expert. He quickly comes to the conclusion


that there photograph is so faded that automated colour detection


software will be useless. How ever there are some hints of


what she will helpful -- be helpful. I presumed that this area was


natural wood, so that gives me one reference point. Of course at the


skin tone gives me another. Ultimately, he decides he will have


to paint their colours by hand. Sebastien is a part technical


expert and part historian. He can often pinpoint a period of time by


looking for clues. For example, American wedding photographs were


devoid of smiles before 1925. Marion's Botha meanwhile has a new


lease of life. Would you like to see how it came


out? I would.


He ate it is. I, my goodness!


What do you think of that was mac he would not think it is the same


picture. It is beautiful.


I am glad you like it. Her memory is triggered seeing the


repressed and edge. She is sure 'The Press' was white and not below


- a quick fix on the digital image. -- the dress.


She has returned home with a photograph she is convinced is


better than the original. My own family portrait of my sister


and I also benefited from the human eye. No software I don't get away


the exact colour and make-up of my tracksuit. -- knows software are


our own. It has taken hundreds of hours to upgrade my late father's


library of the images that hopefully it will be worth it as in


many more generations to come are able to enjoy them.


Were you one of those children who would bark yourself a weight in


your bedroom with your BBC Micro trying to write a computer game?


Yes that was me and everybody else in this team. Today's children do


not get the same opportunity to practise the nuts and bolts of


programming. That said, they can still have a go at codeine again.


-- coding again. These days you do not need any


experience. Just a simple package that you can download free. These


games are built using flash and there are some basic templates


available. Or you can create a game at from scratch, and porting


characters, enemies and establishing behaviours and an


environment for them to exist inside. The basic tutorial is


pretty much a master and can be accessed through the health centre.


-- Help Centre. It is fair to say he will not be making the next


Blockbuster gained using this platform but if you do fancy trying


game design, this is a good place to start. Once you have perfected


your game, it can be uploaded to the website for comments from the


community. Although this package looks incredibly complicated at


first, it really is just step-by- step logic that will all fall into


place once you have covered the basics and after mastering their


game creation system, why not try a mobile game? This is a great


resource if you fancy your hand at game design. Do you ever get the


feeling that you have heard that group before? Many contemporary


artists take their inspiration from classics and at this website you


can find out exactly what might lie hidden in the DNA of your favourite


chart hits today. With well over 100,000 songs from more than 40,000


artists in their data base, there is enough content here to tell you


into -- turn you into a fully- fledged example geek. The envy of


every one at every dinner party you go to a ceasefire of interesting


fact about all the tunes that come on to the studio. -- stereo. The


website brings it to life with YouTube clips bringing life to the


songs. And there is a link to buy if you want.


If you are tempted to read every page on Wikipedia or, it would take


you over a century. But luckily it has been wrapped up into a location


aware augmented reality application. It is free to download for black


beret, and iPhones. -- blackberry. Look through your camera view and


anything local with a Wikipedia entry against it will be flagged on


the screen. Think Layout but with that why -- might of Wikipedia


behind it. As well as flagging restaurants and nightlife hot spots,


there is information about local services, such as cash machines. It


is also the first application to integrate with Blackberry messenger,


helping you locate people buy your contact list. Altogether it is an -


- a useful application for anyone who wants to know what is going on


around them. One for all those games console


children of the 1980s. Dizzy was one of the most successful gaming


brands of the Iran has been given a 21st century makeover with an


application for iPhones and Android. This game is a platform puzzle


featuring the happiest, bounciest egg on the planet. Watching this


weekend, the gains are not free but they are still cheaper than the


originals and thus faithfully produced on March to one of


The Mars curiosity Rover which took ago is the biggest vehicle together


attend landing on Mars. If you want to keep an eye on its progress, it


is tweeting as they travel so make sure you follow : there are also


more details available on the NASA website.


If you are a big fan of our show, hit two our website.


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