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The new wave of tablets, laptops and ultrabooks that mean you can take your entire digital world with you wherever you go. And the future of Movies and TV streamed over the web.

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This week, we will ask if it is time to lay the desktop PC to rest.


We get an hands on the new device vying to take its place. We tape --


we talked to the special operatives who will take movies and TV shows


on-stream. Welcome. The Nevada desert is a great place to bury old


rubbish. For a while now, people had been saying that the


traditional desktop PC is finished. It has expired. Last week, at the


Consumer Electronic Show, there was plenty of evidence to support that


theory. From tablets to smartphones Toukley Kate Winslet to laptop that


turn into netbooks. -- netbooks. The bars on the show floor was all


about netbooks. Most of the major electronics company are pushing for


small, light laptops. These machines had been dubbed the


ultrabook. This is the brainchild of Intel. It transforms the laptop


into a tablet. It has a touch screen display. They paid Will-i-am


to wax lyrical about the new technology. This is the new ghetto-


blaster. Intel are very good at this, they created the netball. It


became a laptop again. You'll probably find the same thing


happening here. It will just become a laptop again. The first wave of


ultrabooks around their way. Many other technology companies have


jumped on the bandwagon. It is just 14.9 millimetres thick. They used


Core i5 or Core i7 processes. -- process areas. They are very


desirable on the market. It is not jest ultrabooks that Tarro on show.


This is a pro to top device by a company called Razer. It has to


analogue controls that act as handles. It can disguise as a


tablet. Improved processing power allows these machines to do more,


faster. Tablets being used to control TV is all games. They can


control the action of gestures and movements. These tablets have many


functions. They are powered by powerful chips. This has


fundamentally been enabled by a digger hurts fast processor. We are


literally process in every individual can refrain that comes


from the censor. We match that against the database to determine


the relevant position of the camera from the object and then we draw


the object. We are doing all that within 30 seconds. This will


revolutionise computer ring in the future. This leaves the PC tower


out in the cold. For home users, the tower could soon be a thing of


the past. It looks like many technology giants think that the PC


is dead and buried. That metaphor was worth it. Next up, a look at


this week's techniques. Tough new NT Paris seek legislation in the US


has been shelved after some of the biggest names on the Web have shot


themselves down. Wikipedia, and Craigslist shut down while Google


stayed open. Many are worried that the proposals will increase web


censorship. These lead to isolation aims to stop -- this legislation


has been pushed by Sony and maybe companies to bring down the Web


sites of streaming movies. A web site of a Saudi Arabian and Abu


Dhabi stock exchange were targeted. The targets are the concern of


cyber warfare in the region. More than half a billion Chinese now


have access to the internet according to the China into nets


Information Centre. -- Chinese internet information centre. Only


40% of Chinese people use the internet. That is half of the


population compared to Western countries. This kites sense its


energy back to the court that tapers it through to the crowd.


This company was funded by Google and the US Department of


electricity. It will be released on to the market by 2014. Portable and


personal computing is not the Attlee technology that is going to


be changes. Home entertainment is having its own digital revolution.


Music downloads are already massive. The next to go, TV and movies. When


upstart technology tries to change an industry that is more than 100


years old, it did not expect an easy ride. -- do not expect. Not


that this guy ever does. All this guy. Or this one. As 007 turns over


50, previous directors and bonds goals were to -- added to promote


their race sales of the popular franchise. Rentals were down as


more and more Broadbent uses opted to stream movies over the internet.


-- clique 30 two users. You -- broadband users. Digital revolution


needs to be embraced. You make the film for it a great number of


people and hope that they will see it. They do not want to watch now


work programmes when the networks tell them to do so. People are not


interested in that anymore. It is important to release the product in


as many places as you can before the pirates get to it and release


it on the internet. One of the fastest-growing areas his


subscription scrip streaming. They charge a monthly fee and can watch


anything they want on the internet. In the US, net flicks has been the


darling of the streaming wild. That is until last summer. They


unexpectedly try to rearrange their business and increase their prices.


It lost them nearly a million subscribers. Its co-founder was


forced to apologise. I would like to say how sorry I am in the way we


handled the communication in these big changes. The company says it


will find new infrastructure to accommodate new members. They are


prepared for a high-stakes bidding war that could see them paying ten


times as much for movies and TV shows them before. -- than before.


You have access to content. You must do more to attract people to


be content. The content providers will demands higher cost and


content. The Hollywood studios were not make as much from a �6 or you


can watch subscription. They would make more from selling a DVD. On


these websites it usually has older material that has gone through its


DVD window. They were not make the money on these websites then they


would say if people went out and bought these movies on DVD. Then


not resisting change, they are happy to give that may be to you,


but they did not want to make it Netflix recently lost hundreds of


movies from Sony Studios after a number of their online subscribers


exceeded a pre-agreed maximum. Are at the studios playing hardball?


After announcing their expansion into the UK and Ireland, that is


what I asked Reed Hastings. They are not playing more hard will then


they always were. They are negotiators will content but they


are happy to make money. When we work with television producers, it


is the same thing. They want a fair compensation for their product. It


is the team war between us and Sky. The city shares like that because


they like to have possible bidders. -- Studios. Netflix is not the only


digital delivery service in the US. Bigoted very -- GoogleTV is growing.


Amahs on his at a burden as well. - - and designed is a competitor as


Concerns are expensive to make. That has not changed. That is why


we launched our servers. We could give us some of the content for


free. -- services. They also hope the ads they share will be more


interesting and relevant then a normal standard commercial. Because


this is an on-demand severs, it feel against their own personalised


set of recommendations. We can continue to programme it to them.


For example, if someone is watching a show, at the end of there we can


address them through the showers. We can address the viewer. We shed


and a clip of a show that other viewers liked. -- showed them a


clip. When one service become a dominant provider? We have a more


devices to download. The winner other is streaming war it is the


one who can be on the most devices. Right now, Netflix wins. Eight


competitors are not on every device yet. Right now you have to be on


every device to win. Even though the music industry owes a lot to I


jeans, some feels it will has to much power over the record


companies and art as. -- iTunes. The final consumer at his most


important. We want them to have good access. We want them to be


able to choose who they buy it from. In a world where there are several


players is better than a monopoly. You can buy a high quality screen


to suit what you want to see. It is less likely they will have a slot


will be ready Beatties. The movie industry will have to give him to


act on the mind desires. -- Moon There is nothing more on nine than


having someone peep over your shoulder to read your computer


screen. A fair amount of us need to share what is on a computer at work.


Collaborating got a whole lot easier thanks to a browser base


screen at share until. There is no sign up required for this service.


It involves the downloading a temporary application and then


giving a nine digit code to any one per you want to see your screen. --


any one of. There is a maximum of 250 euros. There is upgrade with


more beaches. Event the Freeserve has allowed it to hand over control


of your dust up. -- free services. You could get tax support from your


nephew. -- Tech. It is also available on a number of other


devices like the Android. Air travel is pretty cheap nowadays.


But getting to and from the airport could be a sting in the tale. Its


application least people who are going to the airport at the same


time was up the stairs -- not only makes sense financially but it is


also good for the environment. Every little bit helps when it


comes to cutting down on your fuel consumption. You can save up to


five per Farr's depending on whether you are travelling alone or


Someone in this community can be ARMadillo is an application which


allows you to search for an than a company credit reports. -- and


download it. You do not have to be a company to make good use of these


It is three to download and you can search of businesses by name and


country. -- free. You can choose to purchase different reports. It is a


small price to pay thought a peace We talk about the Hottest 7's


protests earlier. -- SOPA. A new chrome extension is on hand to keep


you on for -- in form. After installing these, users get a


warning message if they support it -- are visiting a SOPA supporting


website. The Brit Awards are coming up in


February. The organisers have gone hi-tech with the launch of a free


Once the event goes live, you can use the application to down a


performances are through iTunes. It is a shame they did not think other


smart phone users can enough for a late application as well.


This week Click looks at the new wave of tablets, laptops and ultrabooks that mean you can take your entire digital world with you wherever you go. And the future of Movies and TV streamed over the web.

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