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Guide to the latest gadgets and computer industry news. Click meets the authors who prefer to tell their stories across multiple platforms: book, web and mobile app.

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the link, we are the bottom right hand of the screen.


Now on BBC News it is time for Click.


Once upon a time, there was an adventurous young hero who lived


happily ever after. But have you ever wondered what


happens to everyone else in the This week on Click, storytelling


leaps off the page and on to your phone or computer. We will see how


modern authors are using tech to spin and enhance their fictional


yarns. Baby, It's Cold Outside, it's cold inside two at the Swedish


hotel made from ice, and will meet the artists using computers to help


shape their frozen sculptures. All that plus the latest tech news,


and we keep fit with the help of Welcome to Click. IM Spencer Kelly.


There was a time when you could sit down in front of your TV and watch


a programme from beginning to end, and that would be that. And of


course long before that you were able to pick up a book and read a


story from beginning to end, and that would be that. But now, there


is a new generation of storytellers who are able to touch -- use more


than one medium to tell their tales. He is LJ Rich to take the story in


a completely new direction -- here is LJ Rich.


Once upon a time, there were real But now, it is all about touching


screens, where modern content creators compete from retention


across platforms. Their aim, to make the Web or Allah smartphones


at least, as compelling as ever. We treat into a second screens or chat


about reality shows, or even dress for the occasion. This is


transmedia, weaving many strands to the same story. And now it is


giving fiction attacking makeover. Allanson Morrison knows how it is


done. As well as studying this multiplatform discipline for six


years she is going through her 5th novel, a romcom with a transmedia


twist. As a writer you need to know your story world put so much more.


You need to know your characters really well. You cannot succeed,


perhaps, a 75 year-old elegant character who works in her garden


at on Facebook, perhaps, because that might not be the place she


would naturally Goto. Seeding is when authors use social networks to


ring fictional characters to life. So does this mean the pedal book is


dead? -- bring them to live. Michael Grant has written around 50


that is most proud of his latest which breaks out of its paper


chains. BZRK is billed as a ground- breaking transmedia excrete it --


experience including a website, and autumn but -- of so much reality


game for your computer, but he feels the story is the most


important. I don't feel challenged by the story, I don't think you're


so it was will screw things up between me and the reader. I kind


of look them -- look at them as a separate industry up to a point, so


kids can enjoy the website and the ARG, and the various different


transmedia aspects of this, but the purpose of what we are about here


is the book. I don't think the book is any danger -- in any danger of


being replaced. If anything this has taught me the superiority,


frankly, of storytelling in a book because I can tell little snippets


elsewhere but I can only tell the full story in the book, and the


book, to me, is still 80 per cent of the pie, and everything else


makes up 20 per cent. Michael's Publishers Egmont Press believe


multiplatform storytelling helps attract a wider audience. For them,


transmedia also offers readers a rare opportunity to express exactly


what they think of the books they read. I think this is the most


exciting time in publishing, certainly in my career in


publishing, because digital is opening up a whole new word and --


well done the new audience brass we haven't touched before. The whole


driver is to try to reach more readers. So for us to see a video


blog or a chatroom, to see them taking ownership of Michael's story,


for him and us this is very exciting. As publishers we were


keen to see what is the turn of as much as what is exciting people, so


I see that as great, that is great new information. Part of the fun of


storytelling this way is that you can be a bit creative about how you


engage your audience, and if you are the audience, you can choose


just how far into the story world you are prepared to venture, if you


dare. I am here to eat, I mean meat, the


people behind a transmedia project involving zombies chasing deal.


Come to think that, I have some were to be!


This lot successfully applied to star in the charmingly named


Zombies Ate My City, allocation based game due for release next


month on the Windows firm platform. -- firm platform.


Scientists from the future need your help to stop the invasion and


players are carefully guided along the way. The main thing is you are


trying to figure out what you Taylor to which platform. So for


example, zombies, with the app you have collecting things, checking


orbs, seen way you need to go, but we also have a web-based experience


later in the year, way users will be able to discover other locations


and reveal them to the phone users, and there will be atwitter feed


with clues, and we have a flow chart. -- eight were to feed. We


will say, are we are playing with a video? What is the second element


that comes up once to have made this choice of followed this path?


Transmedia is more than just stories investing websites and real


life. Good fiction these days flows in both directions, and with more


books based on original Hollywood screenplays and television series,


the digital platform isn't always the spin-off. There are some


campaigns and stories that are out which have had solid transmedia


strategy behind them. It could be that people have already engaged


with these without actually knowing it. One example is a HomeFront, and


Random House published the Voice Of Freedom, the book about the


character in the game, which is not heralded as transmedia, but that is


exactly what cities. Increasingly, audiences are excited about the


prospect of interacting more deeply with the stories they read, and in


a crowded marketplace, whoever engages us with the most fulfilling


experience will live happily ever after.


LJ Rich. She has seen the film, read the book and warned the T-


shirt. If you have enjoyed any flick -- fiction split across


multiple platforms, even us and we will recommend it.


Next up, a look at this week's test -- tech news.


European lawmakers want to give web users the right to be forgotten.


The he wants us to be able to delete all traces of our past from


social network sites and other service providers if we decide to


stop using them, and to make it easier to shift data between


services. Some tech firms complain it will be costly and may stunt


innovation. The new Bill will need the approval of all 27 member


states, which is likely to take around two years.


Google will collate all uses data across its services to create one


mega Profile for each user. The change in the privacy policy could


see search terms recommended on your browsing or global class


activity, for example. Meanwhile the storm over global's social


search tool and apply to its own social network has attracted


criticism. The work around Proms results including Twitter, Facebook


and Flickr amongst others -- Google Plus. File sharing sides have


adapted their services following the arrest of the founder of one of


the world's largest file searing websites. He was arrested last week


in New Zealand and faces possible extradition charges to the US.


Other sides have disabled show -- sharing functions or blocked access


from America. It has been nearly three years in


the making but this week the full length crowd sourced version of


Star Wars: A New Hope became the latest YouTube hit. The cheeky shot


for shot copy his stick together from hundreds of 15 seconds clips


from users around the world. A preview project won an Emmy in 2010.


Last week, we were in Nevada in the US to look at new types of personal


computers threatening to put the traditional desktop tower PC out of


business. From tablet accessories to the apparently brand new


category of ultrabooks, there seem to be plenty of new devices


portable and convenient enough to consign the dust octet -- PC to a


dusty silicon grave. You guys, however, had other data -


You guys, however, had other data - - ideas. This user says gamers and


anyone else who enjoys treating hardware will always preferred


And that is the common theme with most of your comments, but it is


easier to swap, add bits and mess around inside a big roomy tower PC


vanities inside a laptop. And of course tablets are even more locked


down. Mr T Davey also loves the massive monitor you can attach to


his tower PC and the fact that parts, replacements and upgrades


are easy. Paul Sanderson also points out that


there -- desktops are cheaper compared light -- like-for-like on


processing power and storage and so on and the keyboard and mouse are


often better than the laptop, and they are harder to steal.


Not least because your desktop should be locked in your house.


Finally on this, Des Thompson. He is a self confessed -- confessed


geek who likes to ticket inside his machine, but he says, PS, can you


let me know the dubious position of the desktop you buried? It may have


bits on it I can use -- a dubious position.


I can assure you we didn't leave it buried there, but he is the


location. If you go there, you will find a whole, some tyre tracks, and


rather worryingly, quite a few shotgun cartridges.


Anyway, another story we covered this week on our Twitter stream was


the news that the iPhone 4 S and iPad are now fully jail breakable,


meaning it you can get code which allows you to download unauthorised


apps and tweets the workings of the device. We asked if Apple would


ever be able to prevent its devices Malcolm Bruce hopes that jail


Please do keep your comments coming in. They make us laugh and they


in. They make us laugh and they One question we ask quite often on


this programme is, can technology replace the artist? Could I be


replaced by a robot, for example? Do not answer that. Our next piece


comes was Sweden where computers are being used to create beautiful


ice sculptures? Will the warmth of the human touch always speaking? --


Each winter, as the sun 0 climate a rise high in the Arctic Circle, --


the sun 0 climate, crystal-clear blocks of ice harvested from a


local river are crafted into an extraordinary feat of engineering.


The work is underway to build this Packed snow is given a helping hand


with supports, to create a huge igloo that is to become the outer


But it is the ice sculptures and the unique lighting, designed and


created by the highly skilled artists, that transform this place


from a simple arctic dwelling to a But even here, where once the ice


sculptor relied on his own manual dexterity and vision, today their


creations are helped by some high- Hidden from view in a small corner


of a warehouse, Mats Persson pores over a PC running CAD, computer-


After loading his designs into a format the machine can understand,


Mats Persson chooses the right size of drill bit for the right size of


the job and sets them to work. It takes hours to careve each piece of


work. -- tic harbour each piece Of Art. The 3D effect is only achieved


by melding together two separate bits of hollowed-out ice.


Impressive though it is, the machine can only make sculptures up


to a certain size. For bigger jobs, an artist's dextrous hands are


still needed. It helps us a lot. Because we can


make the drawings in a 3D programme, we can see how it looks before we


continue with the work. Because it is a lot of work to build this. If


you do something wrong, you have to do it over and over again. We don't


have the time for that because the schedule is really tight and the


It might be a practical aid but the artists are in no doubt that


technology is simply a tool to be used. No matter how advanced the


technology is, someone still has to tell the computer what to do. And


that is the hard thing, I think, for me personally. What to


do. If I stand in front of a piece of ice like this, the biggest


challenge is what should I do with it? Then, if you know what to do,


the technology may help you. But still, the idea has to be there.


As for more mundane matters like power and lighting, the snow helps


to bounce around what little light there is. But here too, high-tech


developments abound, albeit behind the scenes.


Here is the projector for the fibre-optics. You have an LED in


here. You get out more. They are more powerful than four years ago,


when I was here the first time. From the beginning, we used hellite.


Also, fluorescent lamp light bulbs. And now, all the light and


This is nature, nurtured. With the help of a little technology, each


room takes several days to complete. But when the erasing warmth of


spring comes, all the hard work melts away, and the hotel must wait


If you are the type of person who finds it difficult to step away


from technology and switch off for a while, literally as well as


figuratively, I think you are going to like Kate Russell's first


suggestion this week. It is time to get serious about those new year's


It can be hard, working up the enthusiasm for a healthy jog. If


you have a GPS-enabled smartphone, you can turn it into a personal


trainer and motivator, with a free download from EndoMondo. Log in


with Facebook and download the app from an impressive list of


supported handsets, and you are off and running, quite literally if


that is your fitness activity of choice. This is a kind of fitness


social network, rather than just an application. The app tracks and


records your activity using GPS but what is really nice is the way it


hooks you into a social community where you can share and compare


results, giving a much-needed boost with a little friendly competition.


As well as being able to challenge friends or participate in site-wide


challenges, there are analysis tools to find better ways of


If you have a large file to deliver, you are probably better doing it


online than running it there yourself. WeTransfer.com is my new


favourite file transfer friend. It looks good, it does exactly what it


needs to do, and no more. And it looks pretty nice while it is


This site doesn't need to set up a direct link, like one that we


looked at a few weeks ago. So your recipient doesn't have to be there


when you're trying to send the file. And you avoid any issues with over-


sensitive firewalls. And it can handle more double file transfers


of up to two gigabytes in total without the need to register or log


on, so it is in the top spot for me. If you are sharing images, rather


than sending a file itself, Imagevat is an interesting newcomer


They offer unlimited Web space and bandwidth, something you will be


glad of if you get a lot of views. At the moment you can only upload


images anonymously, as they seem to have teething problems with the


registration link. Sharing with Imagevat is a really quick and


For a great education tool, check out wondermind.tate.org.uk.


Hello. Welcome to... In parallel with an exhibition, the


gallery has brought together art and science to craft a beautiful


and creative learning experience about the science of the brain. The


website uses Alice In Wonderland as inspiration and a backdrop for the


games and interactive videos. It is a brilliantly cunning way of


delivering an education. This game is all about moving around spaces.


Hats off to the Tate, who have really delivered on this count. The


videos are well-produced, and whilst my schooldays are admittedly


long gone, I don't think they were too patronising. Although they did


teeter on the edge occasionally. Altogether, a great contribution to


the school of the World Wide Web. Isn't it amazing how much more you


can learn, when you really go A word of warning for infrequent


Facebook users. It is time to clean up your act. Facebook timeline


became mandatory this week, so you have just a few days left to make


sure your social skeletons are locked safely away, before it all


There's no easy way to tell you this, but I'm seeing someone else.


Breaking up is never easy. I don't know what you mean. It is something


that app's virtual assistant, Siri, might have to learn to accept with


the launch of Evi this week. It is free on Android and costs 69p on


Apple devices and it is not limited to the iPhone4S, like Siri. There


has been some excitement around the launch. The vital statistics look


good. AI from a team in Cambridge giving her UK knowledge and


language nuances, and voice recognition from the people who


make Dragon Dictate, a first-class speech-to-text application. For the


moment, host servers have been so overloaded with early adopters that


it is hard to see if she will be giving Siri a run for his money.


For the time being, I am standing by my man.


You are the wind beneath My Wings. If you missed any of the links,


they are at our website. You will also find many of our previous


Guide to the latest gadgets, websites, games and computer industry news.

This week Click meets the authors who prefer to tell their stories across multiple platforms: book, web and mobile app.

Plus we visit the hotel that is redesigned, rebuilt and melted down every year. Includes tech news and web reviews.

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