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across much of England for icy conditions. Temperatures will reach


minus a degrees tonight. Time for Click. -- minus eight degrees.


song - 88p. Microphone, �8. An hour 98p. Forgetting all about my office


Christmas party, priceless. There are some things in life you


would rather forget. But when it is all up online, that can be harder


than you think. This week, we look at plans to stop websites from


keeping everything we have ever done. We report from Sweden as the


country prepares for a new kind of tourist - a space to rest. We will


also look at ways to keep you safe online in Webscape.


Welcome to Click. When you sign up to a social networking site and you


posed photographs and make friends, who owns that they turn - you all


leaf, should you be able to take that material with you? Be raised


the embarrassing bits and permanently to lead it? Or two


websites like Facebook and Google Chrome that 80? The European


Commission has launched a directive to put you back in charge of your


data. ta. This video was put out by the


European Commission to warn people to be less free and easy with the


data a share online. While many of us surrender hour personal details


willingly, the European Commission are


aware of the bargain they are striking or adequately protected by


protection directive aims to put people in charge of their data,


reversing the assumption that the data online companies harvest is


theirs. Of course it is not their day to have. The principal point is


that you must admit as a company that you are renting data from an


individual. Once this is accepted, you must be aware that can be taken


away from you. Companies cannot go foraging for


date that in the wild and pretend th they find is theirs. The


idea at the heart of the new directive is that personal data is


personal - it always belongs to you. Customers -- companies should not


be able to leave you lost in the woods about your data. They should


ask your permission if they want to process it or sell it on. In other


words, they have got to talk to you - which is more than Google or


Facebook it for us. They refused to talk to us. Facebook will be happy


to tell you if there has been a serious breach or if your data has


been compromised in any way because according to the directive, they


have also got to do that. Companies can only hold on to the exact date


they require to do what you want them to do. They cannot go on


fishing exercises and keep hold of what they find West long as they


want until they work out a way to make money out of it. You also have


the right to delete your data. Companies cannot move at that date


it to another folder on their server. This Austrian student


alleges that Facebook did just that. We found a not a day to that


Facebook is generating in the background and also a lot of


information that was previously "deleted". There were messages, all


posts, books from years ago that were all still in these data


suggest. There are even day to categories like friends removals.


Facebook is not a meeting any of that and so far nothing has


happened. -- not in deleting any of that. Facebook maintains that the


way their service operates is in keeping with European data


protection law. The important thing about this new directive is that


there are actual penalties. In the past, it was only steer good


companies that stuck to the law because there were no penalties. If


there is no penalty, no-one ever sticks to the law. That is the big


exam teach -- advantage in the new Data Directive. The fines up to the


new directive go up to one million euros for an individual or a 2% of


turnover for an enterprise. For Google, that would mean several


hundred million euros. That would really shake their business model.


They have made it so much money out of consumer data without ever


paying any individual for the data that they have used. Now they


should be worried about their business model. This will rebalance


the interest in society. Consumers should be able to control their


data. All well and good for European consumers but what about


the rest of the world? Will companies be able to exploit


international disparities in regulation? The critical thing is


that any data from which an individual can be identified should


be protected. What happens, as is the case with Google and Facebook,


they say they are collecting information anonymously. But what


happens when that data is then sold it to other organisations who put


that information together with other information about you from


other sources? Suddenly, you can become identifiable. One of the


main differences from these new proposals is that it data is going


to go outside the two, it must be subject to the same high levels of


data protection as it is within EU member states. That will be


reassuring to users of websites like Facebook and Google. That


means that cross-referencing data will be regarded as personal data.


Europe has thrown down the gauntlet with this directive. It is yet to


be seen how the right to be forgotten will sit with pre-


existing rights like the right to free speech. Maybe we should be


able to roll up the car that of our own personal histories behind us.


But does that include something that someone else has written about


us that we simply do not like? you have a website that has


material talking about me that I would have the right to force you


to take that day to down, we think that would be a violation of your


right to free speech. Some of the more radical versions of the right


to be forgotten would contemplate that. Other versions are more


strictly limited to regulating large companies that collect


personal data for mercenary purposes. And regulation of that


kind of man I would not be a problem. Within Google Plus, Google


intends to create what could be the largest database of personal


information by allowing its different applications to cross-


reference and share our data. Facebook has launched time lined -


again without opt-out - this function uses more personal history


data. Is this a trend - companies inventing uses for all our data to


head off criticisms that they are using -- hanging on to all our


data? The risk is that websites like Google and Facebook might


reveal to users just how much they know about them, spruik then and


lose them. Instead of losing personal data of their customers,


these companies could end up losing their trust.


Interesting times. Do you think these companies needed to be reined


in or is the bargain clear from the out set?


Time for this week's Ten News. Twitter faces legal action in the


Court of Brazil for allowing users to Tweet about police roadblocks


and speed traps. If Twitter loses the case, they could end up being


find themselves $100,000 per day. Google and Facebook say they have


complied with the request of a court in India and removed material


considered offensive from their website. The companies along with


Yahoo! and Microsoft were the owners of a number of websites


accused of being intolerant to religious groups. Last week, India


threatened to block the websites if they did not comply. Apple has


picked Samsung to take the global smartphone crown. They are the


number one phone manufacturer only four years after entering the


market. Both BlackBerry maker r a m and Nokia saw best lines in


popularity continued. Google has released a beta version


of its popular Google Chrome browser for smartphones and tablets


that run its new version of its operating system for 0.0. Not that


there are many of them at the moment. It is fast, simple and


synchronise is the tax you have open on your browser with your


phone the 4th seamless browsing. However, it will not support flash,


extensions and clad in his. In the last decade we have taken


the next giant leap from space travel as the sole preserve of


scientists and the military, to space travel for all. Space travel,


just for fun. A new world conquered, the human imagination captured.


Space travel seemed like every child's dream. One small step for


man, one giant leap for mankind. Those children have grown up, it is


more than 42 years since Neil Armstrong walked on the moon, the


tracks are still visible today. But, so far, space travel has been


limited to a few men and women, mostly professionals with the


occasional tourist paying upwards of $20 million for the privilege.


He became the driving force behind a special prize promising $10


million to the first entrepreneur who could put a shovel into space.


-- shuttle. This aircraft will be used by Virgin Galactic to send


ordinary men and women to the edge of the Earth's atmosphere. The


first flights are due to take off from New Mexico in the US next year,


three years later than originally planned. It is here inside the


Arctic Circle in the Swedish town of Kiruna that the European Space


hub for the venture could be based. This is the woman behind that


vision. There are a few places in the world looking to establish this,


none has come as far as we have. We want to build on our existing if


the shutter and tourism business that we have. -- infrastructure. We


are already offering space adventures. We have offered a


unique product called Northern Light Flights, it gives you the


opportunity to get closer and see the Northern Lights, but should


there be a cloudy day, it gives you the opportunity to fly above the


clouds to see the Northern Lights. This is the view many of us would


want to see with our own eyes. Some will have the privilege sooner than


others. After three days of training space to tourists will


travel to the edge of the Earth's atmosphere. Propelled at more than


three times the speed of sound, they will experience the zero


gravity for a few minutes before heading back to earth. It will cost


around $200,000. Forecasts say that in 2020 about 20,000 people a year


will be flying into space. The cost has come down significantly.


$200,000 to fly today, maybe in ten years' time it will be $50,000.


That is comparable to other experiences or consumer products. I


think space as an adventure is something that people dream about


and have done for years. Only 500 people have been into space. It is


because it is difficult. New developments are happening, more


people will be able to fly into space. Virgin Galactic are


developing a system were 500 people within the first year of operation.


The first flights are planned to start in 2013, out of the USA. We


will have operations a few years later. Space tourism is in its


infancy. The imagination for those making it a reality are boldly


going where no-one has ever been before. Space has always been a


platform for development. People have been curious about space as an


adventure but also to solve the problems we face on earth. New


resources for example. I think we'll see a revolution of new


products and services being developed. People who have gone


into space have always been soldiers, they have a mission, but


going forward we will have space hotels, music venues, Sport the


news. I think we are able to go further into space. -- sport venues.


Back into Terra Firma, we are visiting a different kind of space,


cyberspace. No-one can deny the power of social media. With great


power comes, corruption. The spammer and scammers are out in


force. We have our very own webby superhero. She does not wear a Kate


or address in lycra, much to the disappointment of her supporters. -


- dress in lycra. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? It is the traitor logo.


It is protected by Safego from Bitdefender. Authorise the apps and


the software will trundle through your account sniffing out the bad


guys, squashing any scans before they can spread. Keeping yourself


safe is important, if everyone used protection like this we could help


keep each other safe as well. Maybe even completely eradicating the


scourge of the online world by leaving no place left for them to


spread their malicious code. It is worth following Safego's to account.


-- Twitter account. Giving you ever more protection against potential


fraud. What do I fancy eating today? Whatever it is, I am likely


to find a decent recipe at Gojee.com. It lets you search by


keyword based on the ingredients you want to use. Unlike a lot of


the other large recipe collections, it has recipes only written by food


writers. You can be certain of quality. They claim to have 10,000


recipes in the archive. That is double of AllRecipes.com. One of


the things I love best about this website of the huge mouth-watering


photographs that they used as a backdrop to the recipe. You cannot


help but start salivating at the thought of tucking into those


delicious, muffins and ice-cream Sunday's dripping with sauce. As


well as looking for food you fancy, you can tell Gojee.com what you do


not like. Altogether, a very tasty looking wet side with some


extremely fascinating contents and a must for all foodies on the


internet. -- website. If you are feeling a little under the weather


searching the Internet for your symptoms might give you a large


headache. I got a list of ailments dating back to the Middle Ages.


ITriage is a free Android app that acts as a tonic to this alarming


experience by providing diagnostic tools and advice. When you first


launched the app you'll have to search through a disclaimer. We all


know that nobody reads disclaimers, let me summarise this one, it is


kind of important. Using a Android app is no replacement for a doctor


if you are concerned about your health. It does a pretty good job


of helping you work out what might be wrong. I like the way this tool


works, it lets you locate the problem on an avatar and then


searched diseases. On the mayor iTriage section it becomes A&E


guide for your treatments and medical services providers. --


handy guide. Sport Relief is becoming a Great British tradition


and it is taking place next month. The fundraising starts now. They


have launched an official app to celebrate. It is jammed with links


to news, pictures, video and ways to join in. It is very simple,


things we take for granted in the UK. There is a pretty funny face


flinging game if you want to waste a few moments attacking Dermot


O'Leary. With Spielberg's historic epic War Horse about to finish in


the cinemas, there is just time to point you to an attractive app to


the story the movie was based on. It has historic maps and


photographs. Kate Russell, some good stuff there. All of that good


stuff is available at our website. If you missed anything go to the


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