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That way. Get away from me. Yes! Away from me and just through


This week Click looks at the brand new PlayStation Vita and asked


whether the rise of the smartphone means it's game over or game-on


dedicated portables. We look at how to control a mouse or anything


other than your good bod erk. Is this talent for the tiny, or can


the mobile movie make it big? We take a look at Paris's Mobile Film


Festival. We have an app that will not leave


you in the dark in Web Scape. Welcome to Click. I'm Spencer Kelly.


You can play video games on anything these days, on home


consoles, PCs and out and about on portable devises. Mobile phones and


tab lets have started to muscle in on this part of the industry,


leaving some to suggest that the smartphone has done for the


portable games console. Mark Cieslak tore himself away from


playing games at home to play some games on the move.


The launch of any new games devise is cause for much hoo-ha and


hullabaloo. Each new devise claims to be the most powerful. -- -


device claims to be the most powerful. The goal is to create so


much buzz that the gamers can not feel they can live without the


latest console. Things change when it hits the shops. The marketing


onslaught does not always work. Last year Nintendo launched the 3DS.


I cannot wait for you to try this. The 3DS is a handheld with cameras


front and rear. The screen allows the player to see the action in 3D,


without the need for 3D glasses. Initially it sold well, shifting


374,000 units in the first week of sale. Those sales soon started to


plummet. The 3DS launch portfolio was not


that great. There was pent-up demand from consumers that


tkwipbldled away relatively quickly. -- dwindled away relatively quickly.


Nintendo slashed the price and launched a host of crowd pleasing


games, such as Super Mario Land 3D and Mario Kart 7. It reversed the


fortunes of the new device. In December last year, Sony unleashed


its latest handheld, the PlayStation Vita. It has been


described by some as a harcore machine. Front and rear touch


screens and front and rear cameras. It has a pin-sharp OLED screen and


powerful for a handheld quad-core ARM processor running the show.


Like the 3DS, initially the Vita, in Japan, sold well. Second and


third week sales, well they were nothing to write home about.


announced sales of 500,000 units in Japan after what is really a short


period of time. That's figure we're comfortable with. We measured the


life of our platforms in units of years. Typically we looked to


thrive and prosper over a ten-year cycle. Nintendo was forced to slash


the price of the 3DS handheld not long after the launch. Will Sony


consider that with the Vita. It is not on our -- in our minds at the


moment. We are in the middle of a vibrant order campaign. The demand


is strong. A price-cut, to be honest, is the last thing on our


minds right now. Now the Vita is preparing to launch in the rest of


the world. It's a really solid package. Its five-inch display


delivered bright visuals. While it cannot match the home consoles, it


does have a quad-core ARM processor, which means it is capable of


producing visuals which are unmatched by any other handheld


device. The analogue sticks ensure precise control. It feels familiar


to hardened gamers. It is not that far off playing on a home son sole.


The big selling point is the touch screens, one at the front and one


at the back. The back touch screen is a good idea. It ensures the


player's fingers do not obscure the action when the screen itself is


being used. There's a strong line-up of launch


titles including Wipeouts 2048 and third-person adventure, Uncharted:


The Golden Abyss, a game which goes to great lengths to show off the


different ways the player can interact with it. It makes use of


both the touch screens. At some point the player has to physically


move the device. Sure, all these different methods of controlling


games are interesting. They have the potential to be used in some


really fun ways. At the moment they are more of a curiousty rather than


a must-have. Sony has done away with spinning drives and the Vita


can download games from the store or use visible, bespoke memory


cards, which are plugged into the top of the device. It can play


music and video. There is a web browser. All nice features, but


things which you can presently do on a device you might already own,


namely one of these or one of these. Smartphones and tablets are


becoming more popular as games devices, with app stores chobg ka


block with new titles. Many of these titles appeal to


casual or main-stream consumers. Is the Vita a handheld with a limited


market? Will it only appeal to harcore gamers? That demographic is


in the millions across Europe. We know how to go after that


demographic. We know how to appeal to them. We will, quite subtlety,


but steadily broaden the demographic, bring in the more


casual consumer, hopefully the female consumer and grow that


potential target available to us. It a east not necessarily a huge


audience, but it is a -- it's not necessarily a huge audience, but it


is an audience which spends a lot of money. It is a little unfair to


conpair it to smartphones, what this was designed fosh, playing


games, it does -- for, playing game, it does very well indeed. It does


not look like the smartphone has conquered the world of gaming just


yet. Your thoughts would be very welcome. E-mail us or Tweet us.


Next up, a look at this week's news. This week, millions of Iranian


Netizens, have lost G mail, Facebook and popular foreign nuls


pages. It appears to be intermittent. Many are concerned


the Government may reveal its Internet system, effectively giving


the authorities total control on their on-line activities. Apple has


responded to pressure over a lop hope which allows apps to get


addresses without permission. It comes after the revelation earlier


this month that the path photo sharing app was uploading entire


address books to its servers. It transpired that Facebook and


Foursquare engage in similar practises. Apple's iPad is facing a


legal battle in China. Pro-view claim it owns the name and is


asking customs to ban the import and export of all products. It


could be a threat to their sales as China is a main base for the


company. Many have confiscated iPads from


retailers. And finally, in a separate


development, Amazon is seeking out talents to develop originalal TV


content for its on-demand TV streaming service. All on-line


video services are fighting to get a slice of what might become a very


big pie. Netflix, YouTube and hu lu are developing exclusive shows for


their platforms. OK, time to throw away your remote


control now, because for the next part of the programme you will not


need it. This week and for the next couple, we look at interfaces - new


ways of interacting with new technology. This week, ges-tureE


The way it works is it measured how light is reflected back from


objects. Based on that it can re create the object.


One of the more practical uses is natural interruption over your TV.


Everybody is talking about over the top, smart TVs on-line programming.


Everybody forgets that people are lazy and they want to sit down and


You stand there. You get scanned. You will see your body on the


screen. Then the clothes will be mapped to your body. Actually you


are working fabric come positions as well. It is precise. For the


purpose of this, the guessures you make are with your hands and body,


so you can see how the garment looks at different angles. Use your


hands to pick the garments on the screen.


With women, particularly, there are problems with vanity sizing now. A


lot of brands are giving you sizes so you feel you are thinner than


you are. That does not help you shopping at home. It is a maze.


That is what it is helping with. You look at the clothes as they are


and not what they are telling you In our case we are using infra-red,


to kuen kait between the marker and the base. -- communicate between


the marker and the base. We have a link which carries audio from the


marker. That way, if you are far away and want a good audio link, we


have a microphone in there. there you go. Your hand is now a


controller. Next week, in our look at interfaces, we will look at how


your eyes and brain can be left to do the work for you.


Mobile phones and the images shot on them have already revolutionised


revolution. Their potential as tools for news-gathering is


undeniable. Can the mobile ever be used as a creative tool of artistic


expression? Can a mobile movie or cell phone cinema ever be as good


as, well filmed film? We went to Paris's Mobile Film Festival, in


search fof a BlackBerry Besson or an iPhone Fellini.


This is the seventh time France has held its Mobile Film Festival.


Although the films are only one minute long and the cameras tiny,


Organisers have received more entries than ever. 380 films have


been submitted by producers vying for prize money. And a unique


chance to work with a professional production company putting together


a short film that will go out on French television. So, why mobiles


and why just one minute? We decided two things. You shoot with a moat -


- mobile so everybody is equal, almost, and it is one minute long.


This one minute is very important because it to make a good one


minute film you have to think of it very well, you have to write the


story, you have to write the dialogue potentially, to make it as


Lives can turn on one minute, or one minute can reveal the lifetime


Last year, Une Longue Tristesse won Best Film, which for a brief


exchange between a man and a woman gives us a glimpse of a couple in


He believes the technical limitations of shooting with a


mobile means film-makers Une Longue Tristesse was a minute


that changed his life. He went on to direct a short film which went


out on France's Canal Plus. The British actor Jason Wilcox appeared


in both. What is extraordinary in this business, you get cynical


people say you have made a movie with a mobile phone, what is that


about? And a year later, having made a film where the budget is


150,000 euros, a fair amount of money, now they are running down


the hill saying this is a great The film industry is notoriously


difficult to get into but the incredible array of inventiveness


on show at the Mobile Film Festival reveals the industry could do a lot


worse than tapping into this scene of emerging talent. Consumer


camcorders and mobile phones mean this new generation has filmed and


been filled more than any other in history but is that enough to make


good film-makers? You know how to make a video of a cat, or the dog,


anything that has no interest, but you are not a film maker. Film-


making is knowledge, and experience, a technique, an art, and that is


why we don't want to have this point of view of OK, you have a


mobile, you can be a film-maker, no, you have to make this film


qualities. That said there is something the professionals can


take from the amateurs. The mobile phone is a particular type of


camera was a split personality. On the one hand we associate it was


cities and journalism and on the other hand it can be a family


camera used to record intimacies between friends and relations. This


second use was employed to great effect by the winner of this year's


Festival, who came up with the perfect vehicle of a SEN -- still


contained love story lasting just TRANSLATION: I already had an idea


of a lift with two people inside. I said maybe I could try to make


everything happen in one minute and then I said, why can't this girl


tell a story in one minute and during filming that was the issue,


how did time the journey in the lift Sir Mick was one minute and


choose the right for. -- so it was one minute. Only in Paris could you


fall in love at the start of an elevated journey, only to split-up


Some might prefer to take the stairs. It would be interesting to


see what other countries would come up with, faced with a similar set


of rules, one mobile, one minute, one film. And we might get the


chance. The organisers are exploring taking the Mobile Film


Festival to London. Maybe we should try filming an


entire episode of Click on a mobile phone one of these days. Someone on


the team clearly disagrees. Moving on. Time for our weekly foray into


the world of the Web as Kate Russell gets ready to shine a light


on everything that is worth looking at the online in Webscape. It has


all gone dark. Kate! Don't worry, I think I see the


problem. I think you have popped up bored with your animal magnetism.


Luckily I have my BlackBerry on hand to come to the rescue. The one


thing most people always have close at hand is their mobile phone, so


if you are ever caught in the dark and needed emergency torch


flashlight two 41 app could be an absolute life-saver. Once installed


you will see two new launch items - - icons in your application list,


one for the back flashlight which gives you the torchlight and then


there is also the front flashlight, which gives you were softer, more


ambient light for things like reading underneath the covers at


night. Just don't tell your mum I told you that. It is really easy to


set up. Though I did wonder why a flashlight needs permission to


access my personal information. This is explained satisfactorily on


the wiki website though. Once you have shed light on the world around


you you can start making sense of your desktop with Screencast-o-


matic, a three Screen recorder that lets you take video and audio as


well, and published direct to YouTube without having to register.


Hang on, one second. If you have got any friends or relatives who


are not that good with computers there is a fairly good chance you


become their unofficial text support and by unofficial I mean


unpaid. Well, you can save yourself huge amount of stress and troubled


by just recording a simple step-by- step of what you want them to do


rather than trying to explain it on the telephone. Yes, no, controlled,


control... It runs on a Java applet that you will have to accept and


just click to begin recording. It is a great little screen recorder


and really easy to use. Social book marking tools are excellent for


collecting on Lancashire's but you do have to remember to interact


with them and actually book mark that page you're excited about --


online treasures. Faveous .com takes that responsibility out of


your hands as it links to sites and says anything you interact with.


There is a plug-in or extension to cover most prototypes just in case


you want to clip an entire page. Whether that impressive list of


social hookups will make you want to jump ship from sites like


Delicious and Instapaper, only you can decide. If you are teetering on


the edge of indecision, unable to quite give up all the work you have


put into those two particular sites, Faveous does have some nice little


import tools to make things a little easier. You can set your


collection as public or private, the default setting his public. You


can set your own address to make chairing straightforward. Once nice


touch is the option to or to delete your Twitter favourites after they


have been saved to Faveous, so you can keep your favourites list


private if you want. When you shop for clothes getting


the right size can be tricky, as all the band seemed to work to


their own standards. So a fashion mad computer programmer has


launched a website this week loaded up with all the size data and


statistics from the major UK and US retailers. Pentti Knorr


measurements, choose a shop and a website will tell you which size


will fit best -- enter your measurements. A fantastic accessory


for when you are not going to try Swan who let the dogs out #. A Los


Angeles photographer has become an overnight that success when his


photographs of underwater dogs when viral this week. The struggling new


business owner splashed out on a waterproof camera case and after


being posted to Reddit the collection quickly became a social


web favourite, clocking up 30,000 Facebook likes and boosting food


for his website to 200 to 100,000 hits a day and that, my friends, is


a perfect example of the power of the social web.


That was Kate Russell. Her links are available as usual at our


website. Along with all of our recent reports and extra staff as


well, in video and text form, and you will find a link to the radio


programme them as well. Getting touch on e-mail, on Twitter, if


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