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A look at the gadgets designed to look after your health. We also check out the next generation of wearable tech. Includes tech news and web reviews.

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protection policies. Now it is time How are you feeling today? This


week, Click looks at the technology designed to help you what is up and


treated you with more than tender loving Korea -- tender loving


career. The devices that take your devices from your eyes or mind. And


we will slip into something more comfortable. The next generation of


wearable technology. And your life from beginning to, well, now.


Welcome to Click. When it comes to health, we can't really be too


careful, so while there is technology to help diagnose and


manage a whole medical encyclopaedia's words of conditions,


should we really be taking our lives into our own hands? We have


been looking at how safe it is to play doctors and nurses. We have


all done it. Felt under the weather and are looked up out sentence on


the internet only to convince ourselves we have got every


condition going. How are you feeling today? Or false. I sneezed


three times today. Any other symptoms? I get a bit shivery when


I go outside. Definitely sounds to me like a case of man flue. It


would be nice to avoid the germs of a doctor's surgery waiting room but


it is not just about the worry. When there is actually something


wrong, getting the right diagnosis is a -- is essential. Some symptoms,


while they might seem innocuous, actually if they have been going on


for a long time, you should be seeing a doctor and making sure it


is nothing too serious and does not need treatment. But once you know


what you are dealing with the latest DIY medical technology comes


into its sign. This is why medics are encouraging the use of home


technology for those with chronic conditions. Here is a blood


pressure monitor that attaches directly to your iPhone, iPad or


iPod touch. I am not an actual doctor, but I have read the


instructions. It seems that it you place this about two centimetres


above your elbow, then rest your arm on a survey says but makes --


make sure it is at heart level, you need to feel rested and relaxed and


not really speak. -- on a surface. The results on your blood pressure


and pulse rate will be displayed immediately. When you set up an


online account the information will automatically be updated. The


question is, how accurate is it? This doctor helped me put it to the


test by measuring its result against those taken with his


professional device. There were minor differences but he assured me


they were not of anything relevant. They are all of the same order.


Before we had these people would come in every two or three months.


Now they can keep an eye on their blood pressure. They can let you


know their findings by e-mail and you can advise them accordingly and


changed their dose or whatever treatment is necessary. This goal


was just six years old when she was diagnosed with type on diabetes.


The latest gadgets offer more hi- tech control. Two years ago she


switched from insulin injections to our blood glucose reader that


connects to a continuous pump fire BlueTooth. It accolades how much


insulin above her base does is required and at a touch of a button


delivers it. It has completely changed my life. Before I was on it


I probably would not have been able to go to college and sit my A-


levels. There is no way I could go to university. When I was injecting


before it is a bit short because you have to stick to certain times


of the evening and finding places. -- a chore. And when I was at


school, people would make comments. But with these, I have freedom to


eat where and when I want. And I can get the glucose me that out.


Because it is Pluto it looks like a telephone. -- because it is


BlueTooth it looks like a phone. What we have worried about in the


past is people testing their blood glucose, seeing what it is, and


doing nothing. With the advance of technology, and seeing all of this


development, people are so much more interested in what is going on,


and they are acting on the results. I do not need as much input from


the doctors any more because I can get the results on the screen. If I


saw that my blood-sugar was a bit higher than what it should be, I


can take more insular and an action programme it by the metre. I can


tell it's that I need it. Although hers was provided by her doctor,


developments have made it to the consumer market as well. These


requests reader instantly sends its readings via a free Tucci


connection to a secure online portal. If you want to keep all of


your medical data in one place, Microsoft HealthVault is one place


that can provide a secure place with all of your readings with the


option of giving doctors or family access as well. It is not just


about monitoring existing conditions. There is also an


opportunity for us all to become more health aware. The Fitbit is a


piece of wearable technology that monitors every step you take, so it


might just encourage you to make more effort. Then you can work out


whether you have learned that chocolate muffin or not. By logging


on to your account you have to own up to what you have been eating. It


will match energy used intake. If you wear it 24 hours it can even


monitor your sleep. This app allows your camera on your phone to


measure your heart rate. It monitors colour changes in the


light that passes through your finger. It is all very well, but


what am I meant to do with the state of? 72 beats per minute. Is


that normal? There are limits. You can measure things, but it does not


mean you can diver knows what is wrong with you, or even what the


measurement might mean. -- you can diagnose. It it is a balance


between self care but understanding sometimes you need to see and


healthcare professionals. Maybe it was a bit optimistic of May to


think an app and they could keep the doctor away.


Next up - a look at this week's technology news. The spat over


whether Google is by passing through is the settings on popular


browsers has intensified. Last week it was accused of using third-party


cookies to track Safari uses the behaviour. Now Microsoft says the


search died is using a similar technique to track Internet


Explorer. Google rejects the suggestions saying Microsoft's


reliance on outdated technology had forced thousands of websites to


circumvent it. The Pirate Bay one of the world's most popular file


sharing websites is to stop offering downloads while Torrance


from next week. It says its new system will make it harder for


their enemies to stop them. It comes as the High Court in the UK


ruled that The Pirate Bay firelight Copyright regulation. It will


decide whether it should be blocked in the UK. -- violates. And imagine


a tablet that can actually get e- mail without users needing a phone?


Crazy. But it is actually happening. RIM has updated its system to allow


him access without a handset. It does not include the ever-popular


BlackBerry messenger that would be asking for too much. -- BlackBerry


Messenger. The lack of independent e-mail has been seen as a key


reason for the collapse in playbook sales which saw its price tag/by


more than half last year. Users can download some of the apps in the


Android market place, however. Last week we looked at some of the


new ways to control out technology using gestures. But for those who


do not want to, or for perhaps who cannot, how about controlling your


computer with your eyes and playing video games with your mind? Well,


Thereat infrared lights below the monitor illuminating both eyes. --


there are. There has sensors capturing images of the eyes. What


it does is it takes the shiny spots off the eye and the reflection of


the retina, two spots on each by, and it calculates a three-


dimensional model of each fight in near real time and every time you


move your eyes around on the screen it knows exactly where you are


looking. I can see, I can write my This technology has been around for


about 75 years. Scientists first discovered the human body gives off


an electrical signal. It has predominately been used in


hospitals for people with brain problems. What we have done is we


have taken that technology and simplified it and brought the cost


down and are making it available so it can be built into inexpensive


mass-market consumer electronics. With the headset, I am controlling


the height of the Player icon. When I pay attention I drive it up and


when I relax I drive it down. With the remote, I am moving it to the


left and to the right. The reason why I do not have four axes of


control is that the brain is incredibly complex to listen to.


The science right now will only allow us a degree of confidence in


controlling one mechanism. In the future when we have more insight


into the brain wave signal will be able to control multiple dimensions.


-- we will. It might be difficult to get your head around the idea of


I control but apparently those who have tried it say that after a few


minutes' training it really does Have you ever been getting dressed


in the morning and you have stopped to think, I wish my clothing had


more taking them? No? What I have to. Imagine a future where you had


a smart T-shirt, or a pair of wireless Sox. One day, your


clothing may not need in the pockets. -- need any pockets.


Because you will be wearing your gadgets.


Nice outfit. But they do not really do anything. But the stresses do.


They are filled with a series of LEDs and sensors and respond to the


wearer's movement. It mixes fashion with electronics. Those wires


become printed parts on a much smaller circuit board, which fits


into the dress. It has been a specially-designed by one company


which began weaving its magic over ten years ago. When we first


started, there were no conductive fabrics. Everything was huge and


bulky and had wires all over the place. We were getting frustrated.


We started working on developing our and technology. Including this


Italian pop star's 4.5 metre long white dress. 12,000 Programmable


LEDs timed with their music, using MIDI, the same used by electronic


musical instruments. For those of us who are simply not that tall,


they are surely to receive a shirt that gives an receives hearts over


long distances. The data will go into Bluetooth over your mobile


phone and will send a hug message. It really feels like you are


hugging someone. What they flirt with the latest clothing trends, a


more serious relationship between clothing and technology goes beyond,


it is a field of research cord wearable technology. The unit's


first de -- the University of Wales' clothing lets people


maintain an active lifestyle. Electronic switches and sensors are


bonded and sewn into it, they are even washable. A remote control is


set into one sleeve. When finished, the rare art -- the wearer can


measure their heart rate and even call for help. They are not old


people who want to go into old people's clothing. They are


beginning to get less dexterous. If you are in bad weather, what do you


do? For the clothing is a much more effective interface. She is quite


happy for the university to Wherry should -- to research were bought


take in his garage. After all, you do not want to take your gloves off


in minus 40. One of the problems in the North Pole or the south pole,


you do not know which way is north or south. The traditional way is to


use a compass, but that is a little bit difficult up there, because you


have to correct for the fact that you are heading to the north a


Geographic Pole, and the North magnetic pole is somewhere over


there. In order to reach the Geographic Pole, he has designed a


sleeve compass, which is one less thing to carry. It turns into a GPS


unit and then works out -- works it out. Like most electronics, all the


bits are smaller and cheaper than ever. It is pretty simple to buy


parts online, but you have to know what to do with them. Bigger


outfits are getting involved, not Gucci or Prada, but Microsoft. They


are working on projects like this one, the idea, to control your


fabric -- to control your smartphone through the fabric. Not


hands-free, but free from your eyes. While the phone is still in your


pocket or bag, it allows you to make a simple gesture on the touch


screen, through the fabric, in all -- in order to be able to dismiss


the call. If wearable technology is the next logical step in computing,


it is down to asked to work out exactly what we want it to do. Once


that happens, who knows what we will have Cup our sleeves?


Do we need any more social networks? You could argue that for


a healthy market place, you need a lot of competition, but let's be


honest, any newcomers to this already crowded space have a lot of


slashed to rise above. They have to offer something fresh and


intriguing. Some of the new website around are doing that better than


others. -- the new websites. I tend to pitch my tent firmly in


the camp that says, we have enough social media websites. But every


now and then, something catches my eye, and I have to reconsider my


position. This one has been around just over a year, but recently had


a major revamp and it is looking pretty promising. Apart from having


a very lovely interface, I like the focus of this app, inviting you to


create a pathway through your life and then populate it with people,


music, places and conversation as you go. Making posts to Facebook,


Twitter and Foursquare, means you do not have to opt out of those


networks completely. This service is simple and elegant enough, and


it may make a respectable mark on the social media genre.


Talking of the social work, there is another newcomer to the market.


Pinterest .com. This is an image based social network and discovery


told that asks users to create a mood board around a particular


interest, such as recipes, fashion, or football. Then you can post


links and upload images to create an online mood board of interesting


content. It is still in private beta, so you have to wait for your


invitation. But there has already been a lot of support. It has just


been reported as hitting 11.7 unique monthly US visitors,


crossing the 10 million mark faster than any other stand-alone site in


history. Using the service is made easier with a browser bookmark that


allows you to pin items to your board as you surf, and there is an


iPhone app. There is set app available for posting pictures from


your phone's camera. Not to be out done by this rising social star,


photo sharing side Flickr is rolling out a big change this week,


bringing their dashboard up to date with a style maker over,


reminiscent of Pintereof Pintere. It will go live on Tuesday the 28.


If you had children any time in the last four or five decades, you


would probably have heard of Flat Stanley. He beat is a character in


a series of books started in 1964, and has been used by educators all


over the world to help teach about travel and tradition. The Flat


Stanley approach it encourages children to learn about other


cultures by writing to children by other schools all over the world.


The idea is they sent a Flat Stanley in the envelope with their


letter, now this acts as a kind of link that both children are


familiar with, so they can start talking openly and more comfortably,


even though they may be fun very different backgrounds. The website


is a great place to store and share the adventures of your own


particular flight Stanley. -- Flat Stanley. As you would expect for


someone as well travelled as Stanley, a mobile app has just been


released. It is only on iPhone at the moment, but the other platforms


are not far behind. February 29th, we onlyh, we only


every four years, so what will you be doing?


Feb29th.net wants you to tell the world in what the organisers hope


will be the biggest blogging project ever. They have simplified


the process so that everyone can join in.


That was Kate Russell and as usual, if you missed any of those links


you will find them all on our website. While you are there, you


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