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anything? Welcome to Click. Brian Spencer


Kelly and welcome to Barcelona. This is the city's exhibition space


just behind the Olympic Park. For a few days every February this is the


place if you want to know anything about mobiles. This is the Mobile


World Congress 2012. This week, there is something new in the air


as we crash the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. We will have


all of the announcements from the show, from superpower affianced to


Super resolution cameras, to super- fast mobile connections. All of


that plus the other news stories of the week and a tool to help you


grab your time in the spotlight in Webscape.


There is always so much to see at this event. New services, new ideas,


sometimes even whole new ways of thinking. There is certainly more


than one person could ever hope to see. But a reporter is giving it


his best shot. Mobile World Congress is the biggest event in


the mobile-phone industry calendar. Thousands pounds the packed halls,


all eagerly prodding and applying with the very latest mobile devices.


There are dozens of new handsets on show. Most of them use the Android


operating system and most of them look extraordinarily similar to one


another. In fact you would be forgiven for not being able to tell


the difference between different modes of finds from different


manufacturers. The reason so many smartphones looks the same is not a


lack of imagination. Large touch- screen small less dictate the look


of the majority of today's telephones. -- more or less. In an


effort to make most of these handsets individual, we have to


look beyond surface aspects and form factor. Most of the new


features can be found under the skin. The big noise at this year's


event is all about increased processing power. Slimmer, sleeker,


some with quad core processes which are capable of speeding up a wide


variety of applications. It is a natural evolution. Last year we had


dual-core. This is a new phase. People want to have quicker devices


just to do things quicker, faster and easier. Heavy duty applications


such as games and videos, you should see especially with a quad


core device, quick application opening, smooth video content, I


frame rates which means basically you see no blurring or edging. It


should make for a comfortable experience. LG's quad core is


called the Optimus 4X. And it's Vedeotagra 3 processor. It has a


4.7 inch display. And this one, known as Ice Cream Sandwich. This


makes use as the same process that as LG and at the same operating


system. The stand-out feature is its camera which really puts its


processor to the test. The eight megapixels Cannes is capable of


shooting 99 still images in a rapid burst. -- camera. And the HD video,


an impressive feat on a mobile. Get out of my shop! Some people will do


anything to get on the television. Fujitsu is not content with making


a powerful quad core fine. Its handset is water present can be


amerced in up to one metre of water. -- mobile phone. A philosopher once


wrote, or perhaps it was Stanley, that with great power comes great


responsibility. Although these new smartphones come with unheard of


computational grunt, we are yet to see any compelling applications.


It's faster opening apps and Gloria's gaming is all well and


good but surely more can be achieved. -- glorious. A bonus


track is when you get into applications. The ability to create


applications with quad core in mind that, which allows you to talk to a


television programme as well as watching it, straining it and


downloading yet, and posting it on your social networking site. It is


not just quad core phones. Nokia surprised many with its 808


Pureview, a mobile phone with a whopping 41 megapixels camera. It


is a digital camera so sensitive it is capable of taking detailed


images which can be enlarged to poster size easily. All without a


loss of resolution bawdy tale. It is not just about blowing up images


to making them a beat. So much resolution means that zooming into


the tiniest detail of a photo is possible with the swipe of a finger.


This has said has been designed with the help of an technology guru.


While its Cannes is impressive, Nokia's choice of operating system


is less so. The eight-year wait is powered by Symbian OS, an operating


system that in a landscape dominated by fire West, is not long


for this world. Have let news was a bit thin on the ground. Samsung


showcased and Android tablets. It can receive in Port. Perhaps the


most interesting tableau at news came from Asus with its padfone.


Take an Android power smartphone and one docking station. Flip open


the flat and the fire slides home. It's the phone transforms into a


tablet. And if you are a fan of keyboards, just at the optional


keyboard dock to create a bolt together laptop. It is not just


hardware on show. Earlier we saw Spencer enjoyed an oxygen bar.


Become be it -- Nivio was showing the ultimate use for Cloud


computing, running your entire operating system online. Yes, this


is a Windows seven on an iPad. Those who need full-blown PC


software but Microsoft offers on their mobile device can lock into a


virtual Windows environment. All you need is a decent internet


connection. It even works into a smartphone. It's there is a virtual


mouse designed for those operations which require a more accurate quit.


There is more from the Mobile World Congress Sioux. First, a look at


this week's that technology news stories. Roaming charges in Europe


could be slashed if the committee of European MPs get their way. They


have voted to cut fees for calling to 12p a minute, four pens at X10


no more than 16p for a megabyte of data from 20th July 14. It is


expected to be approved by European Parliament before being passed to


the European Council for a final decision. As the trying out the


brand new version of Windows? Microsoft has released the preview


its version of Windows eight which has been redesigned to work better


on touch-screen tablets. It is hoped that the Touchtile, and apps


combined with the more traditional law will help the company to get


back ground lost to enjoy it and the like that. The trial is


available now from muggers of's website.


French regulators and the Japanese government and getting ready to


investigate Google's new privacy policy. The new terms and


conditions mean Google will bring altogether the musette data across


many platforms to be used for targeted advertising and other


services. There will be more on exactly what the policy says later


in the show. Finally, Pablo Picasso's Guernica


1075 this year and is due to get the complete hi-tech check up. --


turns 75. Every night, the pablito droid takes tens of thousands of


shots of the masterpiece using advanced infrared and ultraviolet


photography. When it completes his mission in June expects will


examine the 24,000 images that it has created and will get a clear


view of the painting but of Pablo Picasso's underlying that touch ups.


We have looked at some of the new kit you could be holding in your


hand or a tree or in the coming months and as always there is


plenty of interesting stuff to see. Some of it is less obvious than


others because it is actually happening inside these things.


Last year we visited Turkey to look at a technology which has begun to


catch on in the summer, but not all, parts of the world. Many shops


allow you to pay for things by swiping the card or a phone. And


that's all. It is called Muirfield communications. Datchet in the


device is activated when it passes near to reader, deducting money


from your account without the need to enter any details. This idea of


the mobile wallet was pioneered in Japan, but since then the arrival


of smartphones with ING belts NFC chips and apps means it is possible


to manage the payments more effectively. -- with in-built.


There were plenty of GMOs in Barcelona showing ways to use your


phone to make payments of the owner of another NFC phone or to claim


loyalty points and cinema tickets, all of which could mean that in the


future your phone becomes your digital wallet. I say, could,


because NFC still has a long way to go to work its way into our hearts


and minds. This is one of just a few handsets which currently has


NFC builds in. You can even see the little logo at the top of the


screen. It is not just about payments. There are plenty of ideas


knocking around about how and why we might want to touch or swiped


our phones in the near future. In a couple of months LG will start


bundling little sticky end of see tans with their NFC phones. The


idea is you stick them to different locations. One on your desk at work,


one in your car. When you get to work you touch the phone to the


attack and it goes into work mode. You touch it to the attack in your


car it might put the loudspeaker on and programmed the satellite


navigation to take you home. One thing you can do at the moment is


sent contact between two NFC phones literally by touching the back of


the phones together for four seconds. You can see the contact


has arrived. While the demo is here had a mainly financial focus, NFC


should have a broad appeal in years to come as we start using it in


Your phone is really you, it is your right and a vocation. This


makes it really easy to identify yourself. It is like a key. I


walked into my house, I tapped and now I can see the football I paid


for. If you do not have my phone, who cannot read my e-mails. When


you next five if you're a new smartphone, you may find an NSE


chip has been squeezed inside it. 3G my last signals have given our


phones and have a device the capacity to search and download


quickly. As smart cars purchase devices that are hungry for data on


the move, our own devices struggle to keep up with demand. This is one


of the first phones that is running on the next generation of mobile


network, 4G. We are starting to see these phones pop up around the


world. Basically, we are talking about what they tell the insect to


your device over the same amount of radio spectrum. It means better


coverage. And at the moment, it also means of a faster connection


to your device. We even have is the detest app on this phone. There in


mind, there are not many people using this network at the moment


but we are getting speeds of in excess of 12.5 megabits per second.


That is fast. At the top end of its performance, he can deliver a


blisteringly fast mobile connection. We could have faster access to


services like video-on-demand than our fixed line of internet


connections. There has been no-one really interesting development at


this conference. After years of false starts and failed


announcements, Intel is getting in to smartphones. This is it. The


world's first smartphone of with an Intel achieved inside. It has a


camera with a tough megapixel stills in rapid succession. --


eight. It is the Medfield Atom processor inside and it currently


runs version 2.3 of the Android operating system. All our graves


will run version of four. It goes on sale this summer in India, China


and France. Michael Bell is the vice-president in charge of Intel.


He also used to work for Apple. How important is it for at Intel to be


in the smartphone market? These are really hand-held computers, Intel


and computing are synonymous. It is very important that we get a


foothold in this market. That has taken you a while, hasn't it?


turns out that doing a hand-held device is difficult and not


everybody can do it. The only difference by now is that we put


together a world-class team of people both from inside the company


and from outside and we focused on building the best Android


smartphone on the planet with the best technology, which is ours.


Most smartphones container arm chips. How do you plan to get a


foothold in this market? building the best product.,


fiercely, all microchip makers will say they have the best and a


fastest phone. What will differentiate an Intel smartphone


from that? It is not about being the fastest but the experience. At


the end of the day, it depends on what people can do with their phone.


Then it does not matter if you are using Android... I would disagree.


This is more than the microchipped, it is about the pieces you built


around it. We will have power efficient ways to play video and


play games. We will be able to have anti-shake and, motion composition.


The geocache. And you are building this into the microchipped? Yes.


Hardware and software combine to make a great device. You have got


to start with an idea and build both in concert with one another.


was told last year that having an Intel-based portable device is


great thinkers Windows works better with Intel. Can you see a future


where one version of Windows will run on an Intel-based smartphone?


You never know. We are partners with Microsoft in many areas. Right


now, we are focusing on what the market is asking for her and that


is Android. Tell us what you think.


The internet is a creative space. Video sharing websites are full of


short films, sketches and documentaries. For writers and


artists, there are endless resources. You can even make your


own animation. If you have an idea, you can find an audience somewhere


online as long as you can bring it to life. Celtx Is a free download


designed for that production process. If you are writing a novel,


screenplay, comic or storyboarding a sketch, there is a tool to help


at every stage of the project even the really boring bits like project


management. The basic download is free but there are paid a


subscription for extra features. I phone users have an Apple that lets


you storyboard a project on location using your camera phone to


take pictures. I cannot give you such a great pre-


production tool without adding to your collection of executions. This


is a free programming tool that lets you create games and animated


movies in a simple drag and drop environment. Alice.org. You can


download countless more features online. The software is easy to use


once you figure out where everything is. There are great


tutorials online to help you figure out the basics. It is great that


they have created a simple, cut- down version for younger students.


The end result might not be particularly slick or polished but


once you have mastered the early elements, you can even start


building your own. It is a great tool for any would-be codas out


there. -- coders. Sometimes, no matter how many times you try to


make sure things are perfect summer someone is always trying to look


the other way. This app lets you change people's heads around from


one shot to another literally with a couple of touches. There is


always one, isn't there? Sneezing, looking the wrong weight or


scratching their nose at just the wrong moment. All you have to do is


take four or five shots from the same position and then switched the


heads around afterwards. If only everything was that simple. This


app is not free but it is a small price to pay to get everyone


looking good on camera at the same time. Finallme. Finallvacy policy


ev evtalking about. It contains much of what you should


expect. Some highlights include and the unifying of a user's name


across their services even if you have accounts under different


personas. They also say they might give your social profile name and


photograph to anyone with your e- mail address. All this data


including your credit card information might not be stored on


a server in the same country as you. Let us hope their security is


airtight. We do not want another repeat of the Sony hack debacle


last year, do we? We have all of those lof those lr


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