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victory. Now it is time for Click.


This week on Click, exciting times. We have decided to find out just


how good the video cameras are on smartphones by using one to make a


movie. And you can't get more analogue


then a night at the theatre, but can you? Be at a show where it is


not just the actors doing the projecting.


The latest tech news and a great way to bring your desk top to life


in Webscape. Welcome to Click. Welcome to


Alexandra Palace in London. This was the birthplace of BBC One, the


world's first regular high- definition TV service. Although


this was higis was higon 1930s style. But these days, you can get


higher definition on one of these than at this place ever pumped out.


Some film-makers are using smartphones to make professional-


looking films. We wondered just how good a movie can -- how good of a


mini you can make on a smartphone. We decided to make one. -- a movie.


I am at Alexandra Palace now. We had a Tweet saying there was


something weird over here. I can't see anything at the moment, but...


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 72 seconds


Target required. Attack. Attack. Attack.


OK. Let's try a bit of droid on Her! Broke Android, thought there


would be a nap for that. -- and app. The end. Have you enjoyed that. But


if you would like to try making something like that, you will need


some extra bit -- bits of kit and a The bar has already been set higher


by this movie, Olive, entirely filmed on a Nokia N8 smartphone.


Director Hooman Khalili used a host of professional great film lenses,


a professional sound engineer to capture audio separately, and a


professional at its weight. -- edit suite. For us, the challenge was to


capture high-definition video and sound, colour great the resulting


footage, and to generate those visual effects using only


smartphones and their various attachments. So, which phone to


use? Or those Samsung's Galaxy as to ute seemed to sue the best video,


most of the hardware attachments and the best post-production apps


are currently only made for the iPhone -- iPhone. Location booked,


storyboard completed and batteries charged, we headed to Alexandra


Palace for a day of fresh air and running about. One of the first


problems you will encounter when shooting at smartphone video or is


that the phone tries to be too helpful. It constantly changes the


focus and exposure as you're filming. In comes FiLMiC Pro, one


of the few apps that allows you to lock the camera settings for the


duration of a shot. The next problem You will have is a lens,


which will be lost if you -- which will need for a decent wide-angle


shot. But there are a number of attachments which will give you a


variety of looks. A Siddle wide- angle lens but to capture even more


of the scene. This fisheye lens gives you that warped effect for


the Android's point of view. And a telephoto lens can give any shot a


more professional look. It can give you close-up shots and throws the


background out of focus, which looks really cooler. -- cooler.


This attachment let you screw your phone onto any attached -- tripod


you like. And that tracking shot at the start of the movie will require


something like this. And a steady hand. It needs to be would ever is


more comfortable. If you need to capture the action at a run or a


walk, a steadicam attachment will counteract a camera operator's


natural bounce. We also used it to seem -- simulate the Android's


steady glide. A counterweight is underneath to keep the phone a


level as you twist and turn. It is fiddly to set up. You have to get


the balance just right before you start, but the results are smooth.


As well as getting good looking to forget the sound. In a phone and


microphones are notoriously bad at capturing good quality audio. If we


wanted to record a lot of dialogue, we would have needed this 350 pound


tie line attachment to connect to our professional -- hour in a phone


and microphone. The kung-fu moves are optional but they did allow


them to maintain a steady shot. The sound is possible as long as it is


an old close to the mouth during the shot. Even the voice of the


Android was done in the phone in using a free voice changer. To


those visual effects shot, both were created using Action Movie.


Just a place the target we were the action, record a few seconds of


video and decider at which point you want the effect to begin. --


decider. It is a little hit and miss and you have to create the


final effects shot in the phone before you can have another go, but


for a free app, the brick -- results are pretty cool. It is


impressive stuff but there are some serious technical drawbacks to


shooting high-definition video. The most pressing is the fact that it


will seriously train your phone's precious resources. FiLMiC Pro


chewed through the eye for an's battery. High-quality video fills


your phone's memory to bursting. Three minutes of video takes around


one gigabyte of space. After 40 minutes of filming, our brand new


16 Keig phone was out a space. -- Keig. -- gigabyte. We found


ourselves regularly dumping of footage to a laptop and recharging


it with this. Want to have recorded your raw


footage, you may want to give it more of a cinematic feel. There are


many felt that apps which will process your pictures. We used one


for the overall colour grading and used thank you different apps on


top of that to create the finished effect. Don't forget that despite


what Steve Jobs may have told you, this is a phone, not a


supercomputer. It takes about 20 minutes to apply affects up to one


minute of video, so keep your phone charging and go get yourself a cup


of tea. And go for a nice walk. Once everything is done, it is time


to edit it all together. Even here, it is possible to do it on a mobile


device, although on a small screen, this is very painful. If you prefer


to use a PC, YouTube allows you to perform simple and it's and music


mixes and both Mac and Windows come with video editing software also.


So, it turns out it is possible to make a respectable-looking creation,


shot, special effects, and all using a smartphone. The results


seem to be good enough for the web and a standard definition TV. As


soon as you try to do anything vaguely complicated, he will need a


tonne of patients and the sheer stubbornness to refuse to spend a


relatively small amount on a proper Some of you may have made your own


smartphone movies. You can send us a link. Our e-mail address is


[email protected] .co.uk. Next is Tech News. What many see as rip-off data


charges for using your phone abroad is to end in Europe. European


Parliament has voted to cap data charges for European users when


travelling within the EU to 59p per megabyte. The changes come into


effect in July and the maximum cost for making or receiving calls and


texts will fall by about 20%. Next year, they will fall further and


customers will be given the option of signing with a different


operator while retaining their own number while travelling in the EU.


Two American senators are asking for an investigation into whether


employers asking for Facebook passwords with in job interviews


are violating the law. Facebook says it has seen an alarming


increase in reports of employers trying to gain access to Facebook


profiles. Internet users should have an easy


to use do not track me feature at their fingertips. The


recommendation by the Federal Trade Commission in the US will prevent


online companies from recording use of's behaviour without permission.


They said companies needed to be more transparent but senators may


be too busy to consider this before the election.


We have looked at how some of the latest consumer tape can be used to


make half decent movies. Now it is time to give another of the


creative arts a mate Clover. LJ Rich has been behind the seats of


hi-tech theatre. -- pain make over. Nobody pushes scenery on and off


this stage. It is a south London theatre that has been kitted out


and run by computers. Computers that create crops. That can hide


the stage. -- props. Or create a character's worst enemy. Here, you


can see the virtual set mac back on to the real said. If you look at


the bright white light, these are a series of projects as that are


hitting the walls. When using the project this in conjunction with


the rest of the lighting rig, the idea is it brings together.


seamless whole is actually five Quicktime video files playing in


sync. Each screen overlaps. That is called Edge blending. It allows


actors to interact with all be out staged by the scenery. One of the


highlights is where the hero fights a Samurai. It is a virtual Samurai.


They are going to let me have a go. The principle is the same as


traditional shadow theatre and helps the drought every team in


advance. I did not. -- figure out a routine in advance. Behind the


screens of the production company's studio, our mystery swordsman is a


person in a motion -- motion capture suit. They build a stage


model to get a feel of the space. This is made into a virtual model


using CAD. Now, the creative design process starts in earnest. We are


looking at my it - 3D animation software. We brought the virtual 3D


model into my ear. We used virtual three-dimensional objects in a


virtual space. -- my her. That is then used and projected back on to


the scenery. Despite the hi-tech feel of projected scenery, it is


still down to trial and error to get the virtual and real to match


up. Even future projects like these need tweeting before it is suitable


for the theatre. -- tweaking. This is smart Class that goes opaque


when a current runs through it. The theory is to create quick scene


changes while somebody is acting in front of it. But the actor in front


is currently covered by the projection, assuming this can be


ironed out by projection from behind, it will still cost upwards


of �30,000 to fit this through -- to an average side stage. Team also


showed me another project. Will time voter manipulation, made


especially for an upcoming play about photography. -- photo. It is


a novel idea to use a MIDI music controller to change how pixelated


the images. And what prototype room would be complete without this? The


ex pop -- a Xbox controller that follows a movement is following a


virtual keyboard. But this demo is more about how to configure the get


censored. Actors can effectively direct themselves. They can change


of music used by walking through a specific area which may mean a


longer wait in the wings for everybody else.


Now, a change is as good as a breast, is what they say. I go on


holiday, come back feeling refreshed. -- rest. But then I come


back and I am staring at the same wallpaper. Fortunately, Kate


Russell is not that slack. Here comes Webscape.


For according to Tolstoy, true life is lived when tiny changes occur.


Bring your desktop to life at cover .com. The free desktop at can be


downloaded through PC or Mac and delivers an ever-changing landscape


of desktop wallpapers, designed by some of the world's best artists


and illustrators. Like most people, I rarely get around to changing my


wallpaper. This app has brightened up my desktop. It is like somebody


sneaking in in the middle of the night and hanging a piece of art on


the wall. Lovely! If you do not like surprises, you can register


and browse the archive of stunning wallpapers online. Building a play


list of favourites to streamed your desktop automatically. There is a


Twitter at as well and a company -- companies say they are full steam


ahead developing for the rest of the market. The video you can


record on an iPhone is pretty decent quality these days,


especially with the apps and extras you can get to enhance the picture,


as we saw in today's show. But what are you supposed to do with the


random snippets of BDO if you have no time? Make them beautiful, of


course, with this excellent free app, Magisto. -- video. You can


shoot a video or upload from your camera roll. The case soundtrack


and sit and wait for the magic to happen. -- Pick a soundtrack. You


do not have to sit there watching this green. It took me a few


minutes to work that out the first time. -- this screen. Prices in


takes a few minutes so have a cup of tea. This works like Flixtime


and Animoto. A couple of browser based services that do this. Having


it parcelled up as an up with building links -- built in links


makes this thinner than other ways. One and loins is you cannot we mix


a collection. It comes out the same every time. -- won an audience. But


this is a welcome addition to video sharing.


Time to keep out narrowness style with this app built by the makers


of Plane Finder. ShipFinder.co. It tracks and displays shipping.


Zooming can be jerky due to the sheer volume of load of data. There


is detailed information about where each ship is going and what is its


business. You could in effect track the delivery of a shiny new car you


ordered from overseas or perhaps follow the progress of a cruise


ship will grandparents are holidaying on. You can even sit


there and what the ship move across the map frame-by-frame if you have


a lot of patience. Not quite like being there in person though, is


it? Luckily, the site lets you fast-forward through history so you


can see the ships go sailing by. Or jump aboard yourself with the Sail


Me button which opens the ship's route in Google Earth 4 U2 s --


explore some more. Now, I want to turn things upside down. Yes, it


hurts my brain as well. FirstPersonTetris .com is a new


twist on an old classic but is pretty hard to get your head around.


It is fun to try, though. Finally, finger painting paid off for the


creators of chart-topping Draw Something. Again on android and


iPhone that beat you against other players in a Pictionary like draw-


off. This may not be a Salvador Dali but the price tag is in line


with the great masters. It was revealed this week that the makers,


Zinga, are prepared to pay $180 million for it.


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