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mind. Just how important does the


internet think you are? BBC Click is certainly a bigger name than


mine, but we will look at the sides that rate to online personality.


Broader stories, more screens. We will see how movie-makers are


turning to the internet to make new kinds of cinematic experiences.


Plus the latest tech news and how to become king or queen of the


quotes, with this site in Webscape. Welcome to Click.


The saying, it is not what you know, it is who you know, is outdated.


These days it is not who you know, but who repeats your tweets. You're


on my own reputation is important. What you do on the internet can


seriously influence how you are treated in the real world.


This is the life, you are a rock star. Everybody loves you, and you


do not even need to be rich because you get everything for free. As


long as the online community agrees with you. Most people giving you


free things I checking just how high your score is, before they


decide to high-five you. If it is not enough to be appraised at work,


you can see how well you are doing online. There is a glut of services


just itching to tell you where you are in the internet pecking order.


The biggest one is Klout, which has taken it upon itself to stall 100


million people and counting. Its Gray's publicly available data from


a social network profiles. -- it scrapes. You can connect your


accounts and to issue a marked out of 100 depending on how influential


you are. It is calculated by how much clout to have on sites such as


Twitter or Facebook. For example, do you get replied it too, do


people like what you like after you have liked it first, and there is


more. Activity on other networking site can also add to your score,


such as people interrupting with your tips on Foursquare, you can


even add K directly to people who have got your world. It is all


about analytic, you are no longer a profile, you are a number. Why do


we care? If you have a high online influence for, you could be


eligible for poets such as discounts, and preferential


treatment. In some cases, even free things. However, you do need to be


signed up to the websites offering perks, and you need a decent enough


score in order for companies to give you free things. Otherwise,


you could end up with nothing. There is no shortage of free staff


available in blagger capital Las Vegas, where some hotels are


looking up these numbers and upgrading guests with higher scores.


Suddenly I care a lot more about my number. When we talk to companies,


we tell them that every customer, everybody deserves amazing


treatment. But there are certain people that you need to go above


and beyond, and make sure. The truth is, every company that we


interact with segments us, based on how much money it you spend, unless


it is a Friday night, and it may be how pretty you are, but we are


constantly segmented by companies that we deal with. Companies have


always treated bigger company does make bigger customers with


preferential treatment. There may be a tiny discrepancy between


online influence and will light. Predictably for the internet,


Justin Bieber scores higher than the President. So unless he is sat


in the Oval Office as we speak, something is not quite right.


are early in this process. We are helping people understand online


influence. There are a lot of people who are influential in the


world, but are not necessarily online and using social media.


trend is still new, so there is base in the market for other


players. Jodee Rich runs people browser, the company that tells


business clients the most influential people to win in their


field. We have been reporting on influence since 2008. We just did


not have a consumer product. We started working on it and getting


feedback from all the brands and the government departments about


two years ago. We released it in November. We think because we


studied it to it and listened to all the people who were able to


come up with a much better product. Humans are really strange because


on the one hand we all want a level playing field, but we want to know


that we are also a little bit better. Klout remains a little coy


about how it calculates its index. But there a workings on the bottom


of the page by cred. It works on Twitter, and baseball, and you can


see how your. Stack up. -- and Facebook. You can see how it works


and joins the dots. It is not a black box. What makes us different


from the competition is the transparency. Even if you are not


registered with the sides, you will have a score if he had a public


profile. Ironically, to opt out of it, you have to sign into the


service to tell you not to rank you. What does it means if we do not


have time or simply cannot be bothered to build on our scores?


The average consumer is not going to notice this fascination that the


advertising and marketing industry has with influence. It is always


like to be a few Top Gear people who are going to get targeted.


There will be a few people who try to gain the system, to try to get


benefits from being influential, but we have already been through


that. The trend raises some interesting questions about trust.


If influential friends are getting more Kate then you and they go to


the same restaurant, just how much faith can you put in there with


you? -- in their review? They had put in a time of work by building


trust in their network. They are not going to sacrifice it by a


couple of days in an Audi. Nevertheless, a bit of healthy


suspicion cannot help -- cannot hurt. Most of us can spot a freebie


hunting comment a mile off, even if they are from our friends. One of


the interesting things about social technology is that it does not


change people's behaviour, the nature of friendships and how we


relate to each other. If I start being in an untrustworthy way


because I have been incentivised, I am going to destroy a friendship


and it is not something that I would do in the real world. This is


clearly an area where the net is young and therefore flexible. You


could find the most important person at the party and go and


hassle them with your amazing screenplay idea. If you score is


high enough, you might actually get it made.


A look at this week's tech news. A major review into the effects of


mobiles have concluded that they are not harmful to our help. The UK


Health Protection Agency looked at hundreds of studies on the last 15


years, and found no conclusive link to cancer risk, brain function or


monitoring to understand the long- term effects, and cautioned that


children should avoid using them excessively. Facebook is enjoying


every closer to its one being used to mark ahead of its summer IPO. --


is inching. It has emerged the social networks past $300 million


in cash and the rest in shares when it bought photo sharing app


Instagram for an estimated $1 billion. Google's long-awaited


online storage so this has finally launched, rivalling services such


as Dropbox, Apple iCloud and muggers of SkyDrive. Google Drive


comes with five keys of free space. -- Microsoft SkyDrive. The new


service will replace Google Docs. It will also integrate character


recognition technology, making scanned documents searchable. If


you fancy a more traditional type of drive, then the Newcastle


University in the north of England is hoping to oblige, at least for


the elderly. They had fitted an electric car with eye trackers and


biomoniters to understand the challenges faced by older drivers.


They had a car fitted with night vision systems, intelligent speed


adaptations and a bespoke spat nab can help older drivers to stay on


the roads. -- sat nav. Movie-makers have long tried to use


the internet to flog us the latest blockbusters. Many of these efforts


have resulted in little more than Monty MIDI -- multimedia hotchpotch.


But some of Hollywood's writers' minds have started to embrace new


online methods, crafting new ways to tell new stories.


Hollywood movie studios are not known for subtly signing their


output. He's chatting -- is shattering trailers are the norm.


Most blockbusters come complete with a tidal wave of merchandising,


from lunchboxes and novels, two video games, or opportunities to


wring more cash from a film, and opportunities to place a particular


motion picture front and centre in the minds of the cinema-going


public. Of course, the internet has a part to play in putting backsides


on cinema seats. The film industry has for years used the internet to


help -- to help market movies, by Peking people's interest by


launching teaser trailers, by building audience hype by


sprinkling information about upcoming blockbusters a cross


blocks. -- across blogs. This used to be simply known as promotion,


but some considered these activities to be part of a media


campaign. He is CEO over a company which creates a media content for


the international -- entertainment industry.


There is an adoption of so many different media platforms that we


had entered into a new age, and aged pervasive communication.


Everybody is capable of communicating Outwood. We are


absorbing it. It is a technique to tell stories in such a way that


The content can take many different forms. Some of movie studios and


directors are better at applying it than others. Movies that


exemplified an exceptional use of transmedia storytelling include


Ridley Scott's Prometheus. The studio and Ridley Scott have joined


forces to create content that is being used to the way that


marketing used to use movie trailers. There is the example of


the TED talk given by Guy Pearce, where he talks about artificial


intelligence and the issues that are facing the world in the year


2023. We can create cybernetic individuals who in just a few short


years will be completely indistinguishable from us. But it


is branded as TED and it feels real, like you are learning something new


about the universe. That talk will not be in the movie but it informs


the movie and it informs us about the movie. There and number of


other websites and social media implementations that are being done


that helped to build the Prometheus story world. It order to discover


these extra video clips and additional information about the


film the audience is invited to sign up to a website. They are then


fed clues about where to find this extra content, but this expertly


executed commercial from the future advertising androids. And it does


not have anything to do with mobile phones. I can make your


organisation more efficient. I can carry out directives that my human


counterparts might find distressing. Or unethical. I can blend in with


your work falls effortlessly. what happens when a Premier League


directive does not just use the internet to promote their latest


picture? What happens when the director uses the power of the


internet to take advantage of a different sort of story telling,


one that invites the audience to take part in the creative process.


He knew he had been out for a long time. The sun was on him. That only


happened in the morning. 10:30am was when the shadow of the


windowpane... A struggling writer wakes up and finds prose written on


his laptop, illustrations of strange creatures, and story ideas


with spit into a dictaphone, all of which he has no recollection of


ever creating. Was he still a slave to writer's block? Welcome to the


random adventures of Random Generator, the brainchild of Edgar


Wright and Lucasfilm comic-book artist Tommy ate Lee Edwards. It is


told in four parts where the audience can influence the shape of


the story. Who had written it? You had left him the messages? Who had


drawn that creature? Who were these boys miles from? He is a writer


that has writer's block and has eight blackout. He has written


stuff he does not remember doing. You leave it and you are open to


the people out there to contribute. -- you leave it open. It is like


connecting people out there in terms of contributing. Write this


with me. Draw something we can use in the next episode. Write


something we can use. Leave a message on the site and you can be


in the next episode. In fact the second episode of Random Generator


Features pros and drawings and voices of people who went on to the


site and submitted things. The project has been sponsored by


Microsoft's Internet Explorer 9 and effectively acts as a shop window.


We wanted to use the experience of Edgar Wright and Tommy Lee Edwards,


their experience in film, comics, illustration, and combine that with


a Web browser to showcase what can be done using HTML 5. The audience


is centre stage in the story. They can interact as much or as little


as they like. Looking out of the window was the main skill on his


resonate. He knew there was a world out there but he knew he had to


come up with a more exciting one in his mind. The great thing is people


have submitted in their thousands and I have been reading through all


of it. It is funny because my parents are both teachers. It felt


like having to mark homework. Very good. I was sitting there with my


vegetable pen going, good, good, yes. Four episodes are planned. All


will be released online over the next few months. From episode two


onwards the fate is in the audience's hands. It's a who could


help him now? May be used. Mark is an enormous movie buff. He is one


of those people who can remember it quotes from films and books and


throws them into conversation, making the rest of us feel a little


inadequate. That was until Kate Russell found a way for us all to


compete with him. It's a bit like me you have a memory like a sieve


you have probably made good use of Web tools and the highlight feature


if you have a Kindle. But what is the use of storing


those quotes if you can never remember them? Enter Findings.com,


a new social tool for discussing and sharing noteworthy passages


Kindle users can import their highlights directly into their


profile. It is to be easy to get started with sharing and discussing.


The privity settings mean going public is opt in, which makes a


refreshing change. -- privacy. Connect with your social thieves


for added sharing love and there is a bookmark for highlighting


passages straight off the wet. Yes, another thing to clutter your


bookmarks bar. But hopefully you can delete some of the others now.


If you want to improve your memory or learn anything new, flash cards


are a great education should -- educational tool. Eat your heart


out, Spencer. Even I get a bigger slice of cake venue. Website mac


lets you have image and text prompts to help the learning


process. -- Quizlet.com. There are over 7 million available covering


more than 200 million terms and definitions. You are bound to find


something that suits your needs. Even if you cannot be bothered to


make it yourself. There are several options for playing the sets.,


learned and test are self- explanatory, and the audio function


could be useful for languages. Scatter and space race make a


valiant attempt at gamifying the learning process. They definitely


do the trick. News junkies who owned a Windows


phone seven are going to like this app, Live Tile News, which lets you


keen tiles by category to your homes grave. They flit elegantly in


the way we have come to expect from this system, displaying micro


headlines of the latest stories. were sold in the last quarter of


last year, but that is still less than 2% of the market share. It is


a big leap for the company and Nokia's influence is hard to deny,


but I think we are beginning to see a more complete range of essential


applications for the platform. This is one of those. Once you have


teamed your tiles, they sit naturally inside the phone's


ecosystem, delivering a straightforward information. It is


free but when you launch the application you are encouraged to


show your appreciation with a charity donation to app aid.


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