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Technology show. Can an internet connection be all you need to get an Ivy League education? Plus the team checks out the latest wireless printers. Plus tech news and web reviews.

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second fastest overall. That's all the sport for now. Now it is time


for a clip. -- time for Click. I'll an internet connection might be all


it takes to get an Ivy League education. A buyer's guide to the


latest printers. The latest tech news and we are all ears for you


this week in Webscape. What would you do to get into a top


university? Plenty of schoolchildren sweat for years to


do it, and only a few actually make it. But the internet has a habit of


turning the establishment on its head. We have been studying a


project in California which is throwing the jaws of education wide


open. Stanford University, home to many of America's brightest minds.


In the heart of Silicon Valley, it has long served as a breeding


ground for technological whiz-kids. Getting in there is no mean feat


Cup, only around one in 14 applicants make the grade and then


they have to fund it. A four-year education costs $160,000. But there


is a way to sample stand the's academic excellence even if you do


not have the economic or intellectual prowess to compete


with the elite. One Professor from Stanford is on a mission to make a


top-notch education available to anyone, anywhere for nothing. This


is the University which he built - Udemy. No lecture halls, no


professors. -- Udacity. Udemy is a player on the way it audacity,


appropriate for a company looking to overhaul higher learning as we


know it. Education, the same as university qualifications, to


everyone in the world for free. I take issue with an education system


that is expensive and exclusive. Students watch tutorials and master


concepts by taking frequent quizzes and having homework. The classroom


setting is not great for most students, too fast. Rather than


taking the time it takes to make a student strong, they give them bad


grades, which is discouraging. Udacity goes a case beat which is


right for people. And she would expect from a stand that inspired


education, the courses are not for the faint-hearted. Five weeks into


my course I have done some coding, written some basic programmes but I


have also missed dental appointments, gym visits and I am


to units behind. I definitely underestimated the time commitment.


It is no surprise that the drop-out rate is very steep. But for those


who stay the course, a certificate, useful for potential employers, not


to mention a wise business move for the company. We are currently


working on methods to get to see these two employers. In the


classical model it costs more than $1,000. If they were to pay $100


for each referral, we would have everything finance. The Professor


and his team educate the world from this unassuming studio. Everything


goes quite radically. technology is also fairly basic. A


pentane that, microphone and video recorder. -- a pen tablet. It


allows students to learn at their own pace, making it more effective


than a lecture hall. I ask the students a question and wait for


each one to get the answer right. In the classroom, the top two or


three students reply and that's it and all the other students are left


behind. The impact is undeniable. It opened for me the door to a vast


amount of knowledge for my research. It has assisted to my research into


computer vision. People of all ages in all countries - Bangladesh s,


and China, Sudan. People in hospital, single mothers - people


who could never afford education. All those people deserve a chance


and that is what we stand for. its worldwide reach, it is no


surprise that these massive open online courses, or MOOCs, have made


in reds. It also acts as a market case where anyone can build them


online course, set a price and coasted through the side. The


University of Phoenix is even better established, presenting


courses with the added promise of accreditation. MIT recently put


their first course on MITx, their online learning side. Checkout i


tunes University, a showcase for three lectures and other resources


in thousands of subject. But how do these two will stack up against


traditional education. This educational psychologist sees them


as a complement to the classroom, not a replacement. There are also a


lot of people not sure what they want to learn, particularly the


young. They need more encouragement, more support. More of a sense of


belonging to a community. Stanford the students seemed to


agree, embracing the idea of online courses but recognising their


limitations. I think education is a great thing, so for people to want


to take the stand for it causes is great. I have had many friends


embracing this idea of on online course accessed from anywhere. I


like the idea myself as well. think they should definitely try it.


A but just be collecting good data about it and hopefully the right


people are studying it. Which is exactly stand third's approach.


MOOCs are online, growing and still evolving. We are at the beginning.


And there are lots of questions. What are we trying to do, had we


serve the world? How do we said our and students? And D we have a


strong direction? These programmes are poised to change the education


landscape forever. If you are going to lecture to 500 students and not


be clear, you have got your competition set-up for you. You'd


better bring something else to your game. Reporting from California on


the new online by the leak classrooms. Dexter, this week's


The court asked the firm to hand over tweets associated with an


activist who took part in the Occupy Wall Street protests. The


micro-blogging site says that its terms of service make clear that


uses only content they produce. A trial has begun in Germany over


the head of a video on demand website. Uses accuse the man of


breaching copyright laws. The site is now closed but it used to get


thousands of visits every day. It comes off the back of last week's


High Court ruling in Britain that The Pirate Bay must be blocked by


UK internet service providers. Facebook has been busy on the up


front. It announced its own App Centre. All are united by the


option to look into Facebook. That gives Facebook more data about its


user base, allowing ever more tied in ads. Facebook has also snapped


up Glancee, a location app. And the professor behind the story


we just heard about it does not need to get behind the wheel of his


largest -- latest project. Driverless vehicles. The car mashes


up Google Street View, sensors and AI Software. The US is even issued


a special licence. The first to hit the road will be a souped-up Toyota


Prius. I find myself using my desktop PC


less and less these days. I do most of my work on a laptop. But when I


wanted to print something, I also want to be able to do it straight


from one of these. Fortunately, there are plenty of printers around


which allow me to do just that and more.


Today's printers come with more bells and whistles than the Rio


Carnival. But the first thing you need to decide his laser or ink.


Laser printers are much faster but more expensive feature for feature.


Most home users generally careful ink jet. -- generally go for a chat.


The cost to the new Brad Pitt cartridges may be more expensive


than the printer itself and if you print teases a single cartridge for


colour printing, wants any one, runs out, you have to use the --


replace the whole thing. The higher the printer's resolution, the


better the end result. If you're planning and printing a lot of


photos, choose one with more dots per inch. And to look out for


duplex printing for documents which means that both sides of the page


will be used. On to more advanced features. Printers have evolved


from dumb boxes waiting for instructions to independent


thinking machines capable of printing pictures straight from any


camera or USB key-ring. The latest crop of printers are even smarter,


collect -- connecting to various online services and printing your


pictures without ever touching a PC. Wireless printers can talk to


several devices on a personal network and print straight from a


mobile phone tablet or laptop. On a mobile app will device, this is


done through AirPrint, which works with almost no set-up. But it can't


print from third party apps. To do this, you will need to install a


separate printing out, like Printer Pro. AirPrint does not work on an


Apple. To print while Leslie from one of these, you will need to


install various drivers. How about commanding your printer from the


other side of the world? There are two ways to do this. Something


called e-mail to print firstly which means your printer get its


own e-mail address. Send it almost anything from almost anywhere and


people spit it out for you. -- it will spit it out. And look out for


this local of -- logo - Google Cloud Print. This can be linked to


tea recount and enable you to print from anywhere. First, register your


account on your Printer and a ball played -- print a page with the URL.


You can use Google Cloud Print with all the printers as long as it is


connected to a computer that is our mind. For now, you can only use


this service to the chrome browser -- through the Chrome browser.


Thence to the cameras on our mobile phones, we are now snapping more


than we used to. And these more diminutive printers can print a


mobile picture. You can Dockery I phone on to this one and print


instantly. This can then print it comes with 10 gigabytes of Klout


space. -- can then print it. It can print a photo in under a minute.


The company that invented instant photos over 60 years ago is also in


the business. This rechargeable poor road Printer is very light and


portable. It can print about 35 for photographs with one full charge.


It can connected to any PC while Leslie or to a Barba device which


Bluetooth and print using the Polaroid app.


The shop's stock a huge range of wireless printers. From small ones


to beat one's. -- big ones. If you missed our list of features, go to


the website. E-mail might be considered a little


old fashioned but it is still very popular. Around 294 billion


messages are sent around the world every day. Most of them to my Inbox.


Keeping on top of it all can be a struggle. But Kate Russell has


found a tool which turned managing your mail into eight-game. -- into


any game. I'd like a challenge, but clearing


my Inbox is more like torture. That was before I discovered the e-mail


game, which tend to e-mail into a Gay interface. -- game like


interface. The way you deal with your messages


does not change very much. But the time of lens a sense of urgency to


the process. There are patches and rewards for performance. You can


even compete against to own previous high scores.


If you like listening to radio, you will love TuneIn .com, with quick


online access to global and local stations covering music, sport,


news and current events. With over 50 stations to -- 50,000 stations


to choose from, you may not want to leave your desk. Unless you take


advantage of the mobile apps. When the first launch it, you will see a


message that streaming radio can eat up to 100 megabytes of data per


hour. Which could get expensive. You can switch the actor Wi-Fi only


mode and then all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the show. They


also podcasts queued up were available and you can record your


streaming radio while on Wi-Fi to listen to later on. It is a small


price to pay for the best of both worlds.


If our package about pod casting inspired you to make your own, I


have been looking at ways to get it out the world. There are many sites


and tools to help to create a feat, but the easiest I have come across


is Podbean .com. Publishing on this site is a lot like publishing on


any blogging -- blogging platform. But you get automatic options for


publishing your work on iTunes. You'll need to have created a


report cast in a format are supported by an iTunes, then check


the way it will look under the Settings tab. You can also make a


Facebook feed and that given embed codes to use on a website or blog.


The website will get you started but has limited storage than wit.


With a pro account, you can make your own Android app.


The world seems obsessed with taking ensuring voters are mine.


250 million up photos are uploaded to Facebook every day. This week,


the battle of the photo showing apps stepped up a gear with a


couple of notable releases. Less than a mont than a monthelling out a


billion dollars for Instagram, Facebook has added some filters to


its own app which allows access to the social platform for devices


that are not smartphones. Twitpic announced its new i phone app which


makes uploading and during the photos on Twitter more -- easier


than ever. You can put these apt to good use with a new campaign,


inviting the bought to capture a moment in their life and showed


through a d a y .org. -- share it through ADAY.org.


Can an internet connection be all you need to get an Ivy League education? Plus the team checks out the latest wireless printers. Includes tech news and web reviews.

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