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The team report on the latest gaming innovations from the E3 Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles. Includes technology news and web reviews.

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the former prime minister. Those are the main stories, now on BBC


News it is time for Click. The world's biggest video game show,


it's loud, it's busy, and you really have to fight your way


Welcome to Click, I'm Spencer Kelly, and welcome to Los Angeles. Now for


one week every year the multi- billion-dollar video games industry


descends on downtown LA to show the world its firepower. And it all


happens there in the Los Angeles Convention Centre. This is E3. And


this week the biggest companies are sprinkling their magic over the


Electronic Entertainment Expo. But will we be spellbound by what's to


come? Plus we meet the TVs that want to give you the blockbuster


experience without the games console. All that plus the latest


Tech News from around the world, and a new way of sharing photos


with your friends and family in Webscape.


And so to business and we start with news from the three big


console manufacturers, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. Now these


three have been locked in a Battle Royal for the past few years, but


while Sony's PS3 and Microsoft's Xbox 360 have proved popular with


the hardcore, it has been the Nintendo 'The Week That Was' that


has become the best-selling console of the current generation. But


another showdown is now approaching. He used to be the meanest in


Console Gulch. He dominated this Mad Dog Microsoft McReady might


have been a stranger in town... But over the space of a few short years


he built up a power base that challenge and then overtook his


rival. Now both have consoles with the Xbox 360 and the PS3 that are


getting long in the tooth. But who will draw first? Who will bring a


new machine into the fight to replace the respective Consols that


Of course Nintendo will beat Sony and Microsoft to the draw. They


will be the first company to have a next-generation console in the


marketplace with the launch of' he. At E3 Nintendo's remaining tight-


lipped about things like pricing or when it's even going to be


available. But the bigger hanging over the new Wii, can they


replicate their success? Legendary games design and creator of Mario,


took to the stage to rapturous applause and he wasted little time


in showing of the new console from Ninty. A machine capable of H D


graphics, that, like the Wii before it, makes use of an innovative


Controller. We have a new control pad that has a built-in screen so


people when they are playing a game will experience one part of the


game, while the person with the control pad can have a different


experience. The controller's motion sensitive and features a camera and


touch-screen. Almost in passing Nintendo mentioned multimedia


capabilities, with movie and video streaming via Netflix and YouTube.


But their real focus was on games. Batman: Arkham City showcased the


touch control and of course Mario made an appearance in a new version


of Super Mario Brothers. And as the old Wii, exercise titles like Wii


Fit U and Just Dance 4 will attempt to get a game has to move like


Jagger. But while it does look fun I can't help thinking that based on


the evidence of the titles on show some developers are struggling to


find compelling uses for its new controller. With the new Wii


waiting in the wings Microsoft and Sony have opted during the last


drops of life from their platforms, the PS3 and the Xbox 360. And even


though there are huge amounts of new games being launched for both


consoles at E3, both manufacturers have been forced to bring something


new to the party. Microsoft came out fighting at its E3 press event.


Kicking off with a trailer and game play for Halo 4. Sci-fi Super


soldier and Master Chief blasted his way through a horde of aliens


new to the series. New weapons... new bad guys. Same first-person


set-up. Meet colourful and interesting extra-terrestrials, and


introduced them to your boom stick. Microsoft's big news, though,


surrounds a system it has dubbed SmartGlass. SmartGlass is a free


app which allows touch devices like tablets and smart phones to connect


to an Xbox. You would have it and you would know that it is in the


proximity of an Xbox and it would know what is contextual the caring


in the Xbox, and it would basically allow you to have intelligent pass


from the Xbox to whichever device is in your hand. We are obviously


be proponents of what we create at Microsoft, we will also have the


app available on Android and IRE West. They also announced that the


360 will finally support a Web browser and the phones or tabs can


be used to interface with that browser. For months now rumours


have been circulating surrounding Microsoft's development of a new


Xbox. Microsoft themselves were reticent to be drawn into next


generation discussion. Look, let's talk about what's coming on in this


generation. Xbox has been able to be the number one selling console


in the past year. Our Business has generated about $40 billion in


sales. No news yet on what might happen? This show is all about Xbox


360 so no. It seems Sony is dipping its toe in the cross-platform


connectivity pond with games like PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale


which allow players to engage in an all-out war using their PS Vita


hand-held and PS3. Sony's biggest news was reserved for what is


essentially augmented reality software. Sony's dub to this system


on the block. It works by placing a special book in front of an eye


camera unlocking interactive or augmented technology. They have


signed up at least one big-name author who might have just a couple


of fans out there. JK Rowling! surprisingly the Harry Potter


author has collaborated on a Hogwarts theme to title, book of


spells. Solid games and solid ideas from Sony, but not the most


inspiring of the three shows. And to add insult to injury Sony would


not be drawn on its plans either -- the three shows. We are looking to


launch new platforms on a cup of different fronts. One is when we


know we have the technology and experience that fully justifies


hour asking consumers to invest again in something new. For us we


have a road map, we look at all of the trends in gaming, interfaces,


how people interact with devices, how they want to carry play with


them and we make our best decisions about when to take that next great


step. For now Nintendo Wii remains the only major player to show off a


new console. With heavy hints of new hardware from Sony and


Microsoft arriving next year perhaps E3 2013 will offer up a


real showdown. Marc Cieslak with the big announcements from this


year's E3. Back to the show floor in a second but now some other Tech


News stories making waves around the world. It's been a tough week


for business networking side clinked in after being forced to


update its mobile app and made privacy concerns the site is now


edging its members to update its security after a hacker posted six


million passwords on a Russian where Forum. 1.5 million users of


the dating website E harmony also fell victim to the same hacker. If


you wish someone or something would actually listen to you this lock in


IED at five voice-recognition experts New ones. The company says


each person's unique voice prints could eventually remove the need


for passwords and could even activate personalise settings on


share devices like tablets. Researchers at the University of


Exeter in Devon have created what they think is the most transparent,


lightweight and flexible material capable of conducting electricity.


It is so thin that it is invisible to the naked eye and could be used


to make touch-screens. With phones this thing we will only find it if


somebody rings us. Well there's plenty of wacky stuff


on the E3 show floor I have to say. For example take a look at this.


How they drive this I will never know?! Now some stuff that we


thought you had to see. In a moment Richard Taylor but first Dan


Not as flashy as your motor, though, Spencer. What we have here is a


colourful keyboard from A union Where. We have seen this before,


different parts of the keyboard change or flash that any on what


you are doing, depending on what you're doing. Now they have hunted


up to some game so it changes depending on what is going on in


the game. Leonard is playing a game and when he hit some of these blue


warts and picks up some extra points the keyboard flash is blue.


When he hits the red ones which takes life away the key board


flashes red. The colour sequences can be used for different aims for


different things, 36 board, so you might see something


for power ups or a general health level indicator. Or it could change


based on the colour of the screen to give a more in their sieve


gaming experience. -- in massive. It is worth remembering that


smartphone and tablet caning is also now fast big business. We are


now seeing peripheral sight this appearing, it looks like a regular


Xbox 360 control and it communicating to this Android


device. It is very responsive and compatible with hundreds of games


and that around $50 this kind of device really has the potential to


Here are some mobile games that have already gone stratospheric. In


Japan, they are so popular, they have their own social network built


around them. That network is only just starting to bust out of Japan


and hit the rest of the world. The -- the idea is that within the game,


you can talk to your friends, compete wit compete witd buy a power


is massive in Japan and has 30 million users. Bigger than Facebook.


And it is only on mobile. To give you an idea of how profitable it is,


this game, a simple card game, makes 20 million the company $20


million a month. Mark Zuckerberg, take note!


Sonic the Hedgehog here reminds me of a different era in gaining. One


we buy them on disks or cartridge. Or, if you Or, if you nough, cassette.


But one of the good things about having a game on tape is you can


take it to your friend's house and play it on his machine. And when


you are bored of it, you can sell or swap it for something new. Today,


sharing your games isn't -- is a lot easier. All you need is a live


internet connection. But each of game. Also, when you get bored of


it, the second-hand market has become a thing of the past as well.


Familiar high-street names that relied on not only new titles but


also the resale and printing of games have taken a big hit over the


past year. Game, just one of a higher profile of victims in the


changing landscape. The market place for downloading games is


growing quickly. The online market now accounts for one quarter of


total spent on games. Conflicts -- companies are now offering day it


instantly, stringing them, without the need to download them first.


They serve up blockbuster games playable on will double devices


without the need for even a console. Both Samsung and algae have penned


deals to use a streaming technology to offer consoled quality games


straight to their high-end internet connected TV. You just need to buy


the Controller. The Samsung surface starts next month. What frustrates


me the mode when I turn on digital TV is seeing icons and knowing the


best of those industries are being presented, the best movies, the


best music, but not the best video games. How simple goal has been,


can we get can we get digital TV companies to put the best the


gaming industry can deliver right beside the best movies and music?


Because then I think the gaming industry gets its chance to compete.


Much like the movie industry, top developers are still reluctant to


release their latest blockbusters to stream from the day of release.


Many are still wary of cannibalising a lucrative physical


this market. But they are starting to recognise that online all live


gaining opens up some unique advantages. You can get it


immediately. You do not have to go to the shop, you can download it


straight into your machine. It also allows us to have a relationship


with you directly. We know who you are and we know what you like. We


can see what you're doing in the game and tailor it for you. It also


allows us to give the Games across more platforms. Today, they must


play on smartphones, at work on their PC, and night on the living


room on the television. I really think you will see the curve he now


for cloud gaming. We have managed to make the breakthroughs. We have


nearly 40 publishers behind us now and we have the biggest companies


in the world actually putting Inc on paper. For me, this is the


moment for Cloud gaming. We are not resting at all. Perhaps the biggest


sign that the end of this is not quite inside it was Sony's


announcement, that its next console, the PlayStation for, will still


sport and optical drive when we hopefully get a glimpse of it at


next year's E3. A big announcement from Sony. It


has already said the next generation of the PlayStation will


have a slot for a physical this. It obviously does not think the world


is ready for pure online gaming? Exactly. It is trying to get the


best of both worlds. The trend is digital only and streaming is a


part of that trend. They also know the market as a whole is Mosley


still focused on physical media. There are many people who go to the


game stores and pick up copies. -- is mostly still focused. Online


penetration is not as high as they would like it. It is too risky to


go into areas where broadband is not there for people. They then


move that -- lose that market if they go to digital only. City been


the physical aspect is important for them. Assuming that eventually


we will move to digital delivery four games, do we have to assume


that retail stores and indeed the second-hand market are both


finished? Here in the US, especially with the major retailers,


we are already seeing them taking steps towards fighting a digital


only future. One of those things is making sure that you can buy the


digital content in the stores. It may sound silly at first but it is


important because a lot of people do not know that they can download


you condemned for their games. When people go in the stores, they are


often surprised that there is a new level where you can download things


for your characters, for example. So it is important the physical as


that Britons can tell people about the content. -- physical


establishment. I asked the question before about you will often get lax


and delays over an internet connection. You cannot play the


high-powered games. Surely that is still the case? Again on a games


console is always going to be faster to respond then something


online? The supply. People are not completely sold on the concert.


With competitive gaming becoming stronger, you need the split second


reaction available at your fingertips. There will always be a


bit of a delay with streaming games, just because of the nature of the


technology. We are looking at simpler games when we talk about


streaming? Something that does not... It -- exactly. Shooting is


the reaction time. But the simpler things, the puzzle games, that sort


of thing, they are perfectly suited. OK. Thank you.


Your thoughts on this are very welcome. E-mail Click or tweed us.


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Kate Russell. That's it from E3 this year. Next week, Click is back


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