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Click is in southern California, meeting the robot that is saving lives in the Pacific. Plus, the hotel suite studio pumping out professional programmes straight to the internet.

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received an honour for the Queen's birthday Honours.


Time for Click. ('BAYWATCH' THEME PLAYS). Hang on!


Cry of coming! Wait for me! -- I am Of this week, we are in southern


California to meet the robot that is saving lives in the Pacific. Yes,


I will be wearing a wet suit. Viewer's discretion is advised. Is


this the future of television? We will visit a hotel studio creating


professional programmers straight for the internet. And Apple's


developer conference in San Francisco. And an Apple to get that


each party started in Webscape. -- app. Welcome to Los Angeles. Waters


have been choppy of late. These days, who do not have to be a large


studio to produce good looking content. You do not have to be very


wealthy to get that content into people's living rooms. When YouTube


announced it would start creating its own content, that sent a cull


will message to the established media industry. -- powerful message.


How to relieve that YouTube is less than eight years old, such is its


impact. -- hard to believe. But YouTube is changing, looking for a


business model that actually pays them back for years of subsidising


our videos featuring crazy animals and hilarious high-jinks. For many


years, we have associated the YouTube content with Mickey Mouse


amateurs using their home a video cameras for smartphones. Now the


network is going up and it is spending his hard-earned money on


contend that might be called professional television.


We are trying to evolve the platform to the concept of channels.


We feel that can health users find the content that they are living


for. -- assist users. They will focus around specific interest


areas. These are regional channels are not unlike what you might see


on traditional television featuring sport, celebrities and the new


programming. This is a $100 million gamble because YouTube has just


started it all with advances to creators, some getting as much as


$5 million per channel. You shoot it chooses its partners carefully,


those with the talent and ingenuity to create decent content. -- new


issue. Here is a network with a name that is a metaphor for what is


happening here. An analogy... Welcome to young Hollywood. Young


Hollywood is reinventing that all Hollywood business model,


delivering stars to viewers. name is Lady Gaga. What was once a


bedroom is now an impressive on demand operation in Hollywood's


hottest celebrity hang out. Here, editors worked non-stop. He in the


bathroom is an overworked computer focused more on flyers -- files


than a flushing. This is celebrity culture on demand and, crucially,


on the internet. It partnership with the iconic video VAT fall has


helped to this network generate decent advertising revenue. Now,


their original Channel partnership is closer than ever and so is the


potential to shake up the establishment. YouTube is turning


the Hollywood system on his ear. We have an awesome distribution


platform. Whole new audiences that a couple of months there were not


there. The audience may be there but catalysing it has proven to be


elusive. You shoot's greatest strength is also its greatest


weakness. It has attracted a massive audience on the back of a


quirky vile videos. Crazy cats, biting babies and the like. Until


now, Browns and advertisers have not seen much value in that content


and they are not willing to pay top dollar, especially when those


videos are only lived on the internet. But with internet


connecting televisions sitting in our living rooms, YouTube has an


opportunity to muscle in on traditional Hollywood-style


programming, the premium long form contend that is why more attractive


to advertisers and viewers, who are what all ready for that kind of


content that the right size to videos we are used to see him


online. Traditionally, television advertisers are spending hundreds


of millions of dollars on television advertising. On YouTube


it, there is a very low rates for their cost per 1,000 impressions.


That is the standard unit they like to sell their advertising with. You


shoot it believes that if they can create this exciting and compelling


content, they will be able to take some of that advertising money and


raise the CPM on the site, generating money for everyone. --


YouTube believes. That can be good news for independent creators. This


existing you sue Channel has created millions of pages. On their


new weather Channel, users can interact with characters using


social media. What we are dealing with his initiative could be the


beginning of starting to understand what is going on with a new


audience in a whole new way. That level of engagement means more


interactivity. And for creators, access to advertisers they might


never have had otherwise. Advertisers are excited about


increased if you wish of and an engaged future. -- viewership.


is providing an outlet for people who dream of becoming the new


celebrities on the block. It is, however, a new territory. Can you


to go toe-to-toe with Hollywood's old guard? Right now, it is a


gamble they are willing to make. Can you see that kind of contest in


your living room? Let us know. Time for Ted Hughes. -- tech news.


An investigation has been launched to see if cool gallon highly


personal data while carriers -- cameras on his car took photos for


its Street View service. New evidence suggests that one of his


engineers deliberately wrote software to obtain a wide range of


personal data. Google says any additional data collected was never


used and denies a cover off. More privacy concerns over new energy


smart meters for your home. The new data protection supervisor says


that while they could help reduce fuel bills, they also enable the


collection of personal data that could potentially track what


members of a household do at home, if they are on holiday, at work or


using a specific medical device. Websites operating in the UK will


soon be forced to identify trolls. Those targeted by a defamatory


messages will have the right to know who is behind them without


resorting to costly legal action. Where sites will be protected from


being sued. Privacy activists are worried that websites might reveal


private user details with little or no evidence of wrongdoing. What


about getting cash out of the wall not with a card but using your


phone? A new kind of digital wallet has been revealed -- unveiled by


RBS and NatWest. Users can make withdrawals using a unique six


digit code that pops up on their handsets.


California is home to some of the world's largest technology


companies. That is what Silicon Valley is all that out. 41 company,


the largest of them all, it has been another successful year


despite the loss of his CEO Since the death of Steve Jobs, Apple has


maintained its cause, value and reputation. This week, it has given


us a sneak peek of what is coming. The broad brush strokes of what was


then asked this week had a largely been predicted. Things like


refreshing the hardware line up. Design-led, thin computers with


incredible processing power inside as well as a red in a display that


has only until now been available on the iPhone and I had -- flotilla.


-- retina. Mountain lion is the new operating system. There are some


new features including one that automatically of days all the


software on your computer as it goes into standby mode. I had it


and I phone users have a new operating system to look for in two


autumn. Apple will reduce his own mappings servers in competition


with that of Google. There will also be an update to series. --


Richard Taylor, at Apple's WWDC in San Francisco.


Now, Silicon Valley may well be a few hundred miles in that direction,


but there is at least a little bit of innovation going on here in LA.


And, quite a bit of silicon too! For example, the city of Santa


Monica and the environmental Group Heal the Bay, have got together to


bring QR codes to the beach, albeit on trash cans. It is designed to


keep the beach cleaner. If you scan the QR code with the smart phone,


you get taken to the Santa monota beach conditions, which contains


water quality information, and nice photos of the beach. The idea is to


kind of build a sense of community around this place, make people


proud of the beach, and, I guess, to encourage them to drop a piece


of litter in the bin when they scan the QR code. We are off to another


beach in a second. I know, tough life! But before that, I thought I


would show you how we have parked. Now, we are using one of these -


this is a Smart Parking Metre. Now, it is starting to be rolled out


here in Santa monoka, and in other cities around the US. You can use a


coin or download the app to your Smartphone and scan the QR code,


uniquely identifying this metre and allowing you to pay for parking


using the credit card linked to the app. The app will do things like


remind you where you have parked. And it will send you a text message


when you your parking is about to expire and give you the option to


pay more and extend your parking. Now the other interesting thing


about this metre is that it talks wirelessly to a sensor underneath


the parking space. It looks like this, if you were to dig it up.


This will sense when you leave the parking space, at which point it


will zero the metre, which means that no-one else can nip in and use


any remaining time left on the metre. It is perhaps not so good


for the motorist. The city's parking department tell


me that in the future, it may use the sensors to charge motorists


only for the exact time that they are parked. For the moment, though,


I had to kiss goodbye to my remaining 40 cent as I headed to


Welcome ba to Zuma Beach in Malibu. It is a beautiful location, full of


people, all keen to enjoy the sun, sand and surf.


The sea certainly looks tempting, but in certain conditions, it can


turn pretty ugly. Every summer, more than 100 swimmers in the US


drown after getting trapped in so- called rip currents. Nasty,


swirling currents of water that suck you out beyond the break,


which you cannot get out of. The LA County Law Lords are all


powerful swimmers and expert lifesavers. Even though they save


around 7,000 people every year, they are looking for ways to


improve on the figure. Because in a rescue every second counts, they


are now testing something that can get to someone in trouble even


faster. This is Emily - the emergency


integrated life-saving Alan yard. It will be tearing up the water at


30mph, dipping out to swimmers in trouble.


The lifeguards asked me if I wanted to see Emily in action. I said yes!


They said, "How close?" I said Whoa! That's cold! (LAUGHTER)


The lifeguards have said that the water is about 16 Celsius today.


Even at that temperature, apparently, it can do bad things to


your muscles, suck the air out of your body, shock you and that just


gives you more of a problem when you are trying to fight a really


strong current. As our camera boat retreated, all I had to do now was


wait for Emily. It is essentially a radio-


controlled flotation device, deployed by a ridiculously handsome


lifeguard who is so trim it looks like he has been photo-shopped and


driven by an operator on the shore. It is deployed in a number of


different situations and locations. Some models are fitted with a


camera and speakers to allow the onshore lifeguard to see and talk


to the person in the water. It can also be fitted with sonar sensor,


to help detect underwater movements. And even in today's seemingly calm


conditions, the currents were strong.


I'm so glad I have this wet suit on. Even through this, I can feel how


cold the water. Is you do note want to be out here and in trouble --


not want to be out here and trouble. Apparently if you are caught in a


rip current, the advice is not to swim directly back towards the


shore, because you are fighting fast-moving water in the opposite


direction. What you have to do is swim parallel to the shore until


you are out of the rip current, then getting yourself back to the


beach. Within 20 seconds, Emily was with


As long as the swimmer is still conscious, can it be a real life-


saver. It will either tow the person back to show, or more


commonly, simply give them a break Oh! That was exhausting!


I only did it once - these guys do that several times every day. It


really gives you an appreciation of what they do. Anyway, now I've been


saved, I think it is high time the Click team chilled out on the beach


and listened to a spot of music. Kate Russell has the perfect thing


for that in Webscape. I've covered music apps for lots of


different platforms. Now it is the term of the Windows Phone 7 brigade


with a couple of smart ideas for enjoying music on the go. Nokia


Music is preloaded on Nokia's hand set, available to the market place


as well. It serves well as a simple music manager. The added bonus of


location dig finder and mixed radio - a free collection of ready-made


offline as well. That is your basic beat sorted out.


Just add speakers, size depending on volume! And if you are a social


music-lover, then you are going to like this next app, which is called


Pepper. Now, this is a free app, and it was first developed for the


Windows Phone 7 platform, and it really shows in the design.


The app lets users build their own social networks around live music


events, a great way to connect if you are planning a big trip to a


festival, or a night out clubbing. You can follow artists you like


them, and pin them and your favourite venues to your home


screen, so you will never miss another good gig. Share your


details with your network, so they can book a ticket too. It was made


for the Windows Phone 7 platform, literally and figuratively, and


released on iPhone last month, with an android version due in July.


Remember the funky video Facebook release when they were promoting


the new timelines feature? Well, now, you can make one out of your


own time line with time line movie maker.com.


This app takes a seriously long time to scour through your Facebook


profile. More than three minutes for me, the first time, and


probably longer if you have a busy timeline. So don't sit there


watching it chug away, go and grab some fresh air and hit the replay


button when you get back. Once the first video is compiled, you can


tweak the highlights and change the soundtrack.


Luckily, the the app takes a lot less time loading up your movie


when they click through to watch it. What is pye? No, no, no not that


kind of pie! The mathematical pye?! It is an


amazing number that is complained in a quite inspiring way at No. 5


.com. It has interesting short films explaining in their own words


numbers and stuff! My favourite is the one about the Googleplex.


It is right down to zero, and we carry on doing that on every


particle in the universe, and we still not be able to write down a


Google plex. It is the simplicity with which the subjects are tackled


that makes the video so effective, all nicely illustrate and explained


by incredibly enthusiastic experts. It is like having your favourite,


quite mad but very brainy uncle or friend sitting open it is you on


the computer. It is amazing how easy learning


becomes when finding stuff out is so much fun. In fact, one could


even call it easy as pi?! Twitter launched a new events


feature last weekend, hash tag pages, partnering with Nascar to


bring Tweets and drivers, fans and the media together in one place at


Twitter.com. Leia has launched a free app called Stick 2. It is a


social flofrpl platform - yes, yet another - that lets you stick


things like drawings, photo, text and stickers to stuff in the real


world, leaving invisible markers behind for other to scan and


discover. Kate Russell and Webscape. That is


it from Click in Los Angeles. I hope you have enjoyed our jaunt


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