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politically motivated. Now it is time for Click.


So you want to change the world? Could this be the new way to do it?


This week, Click heads to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil to find that its


social networks can help save the planet. We take a fresh look at


Google's very own tablet, the big game titles of the summer are


reviewed, and we had some top tips to keeping contacts even if you


have lost your phone. We love a bit of social networking.


The occasional tweet, all liking of a friend's post, has become part of


everyday life. We also know that these platforms can help to change


things, whether it is opposition to close down an ad campaign, or the


rallying of people to topple -- topple a regime. The latest issue


is sustainability. We went to Rio de Janeiro to see if been so sure


could help save the planet. -- being so sure.


This is one way to get your message across to the politicians,


attending the Rio+20 summit. Or you could do it in true Copacabana


style. But the beaches are not just a place to play volleyball. They


are a place where people come to during lunch time, or at the end of


the day, to have a chat. People from all different social


backgrounds. For one day, the rest of the world is invited as well.


This is where Rio got so sure. Inside, a debate, we just a few


minutes given to each panel to inspire those watching book with


ideas for action. Others ask questions through Facebook or


Twitter. Governments come together to try to come to some agreement


about what they are going to do about global climate change and


sustainability. The promises are made and they are not kept. We hope


this will start people connecting online, they will form groups, they


will form hashtags, and they will start connecting and having a


conversation online. Even the UN Secretary General had a video


message recognising the power of social networks. Now, people around


the world came connect like never before. We are trending globally.


People around the world are taking part in this conversation. We are


live streaming in three languages. It is not just a bigger


conversation, we do not measure it in numbers, it is better


conversation. The tools we have now are so much more powerful than a


generation before. Inside, corporate leaders were invited to


join the conversation. Sir Richard Branson and meeting that big


business had to listen to what its customers thought, as well as what


they wanted to buy. In the spirit of digital inclusion, Ericsson been


dubbed a school in the arrives on rainforest to the event. -- linked


up a school in the Amazon. They switched up wi-fi in one of Rio's


huge slum areas. The gap between the haves and have-nots is more


stark in Rio than in most cities around the world. There are fears


that the gap is widening. But while many people are happy to call this


place home, they did not actually want to leave, they do want to be


heard. Introducing wi-fi he will help educate the next generation,


allow residents to have their say, and to persuade local politicians


to find a similar schemes elsewhere. -- to find. Back in the conference


hall, a light stream was buzzing with comments about band Linkin


Park. There was word that they had made a new music video especially


for the event. They will also video link to the event, to talk about a


project to bring sustainable energy to Africa, encouragingly the was


online to take action personally. - - the viewers. This is something


that is easy to do, it is a matter of spreading the word. The power of


social networks may mean louder voices and direct action, but


should our politicians follow the crowd? It is not about politics


getting wrong, it is to see how we can solve the problems jointly. It


is a huge opportunity. But people need to understand that online it


is speedy, it is easy to say something, but politics takes time.


There may sometimes be a conflict. The social media is speeding up a


lot of things. The ability to change things through social


networks was perhaps most prominent in the Arab Spring uprising. Was


this an attempt to mobilise the social networks again? If it was,


the Co organiser Pete Cashmore were shy to say so. It is not top down,


it is a bottom up system. It is not about saying, these are the issues


you must talk about, it is about saying, what are the issues that


are important in your community? You are focusing the conversation?


We are starting it. Those inside see more open to the idea of the


bed shaping online chatter. We are gathering interesting people around


relevant themes. I think you have to organise. That is why they


emphasise the importance of hashtags. There are 250 million


tweets a day. It is overwhelming. You have to find a signal through


the noise. 20 years ago, at the a regional summit, a 12-year-old girl


spoke passionately about what was Her words, 20 years later, this


time, were beaten from comments posted on Twitter and Facebook. --


were beaten. Two days ago, I was one goal, speaking to one room.


Today, a phrase book, Revolution and technology, social media, each


of us, each of you watching this, as a megaphone, that carries an


connects our voices in every part of the world. But given that


everybody now has a megaphone, I asked the gel who may change the


world, whether we may all simply end up defend. We have to take


responsibility. We cannot allow the ease of communication to allow was


to write everything we want without thinking about it. There is a real


risk about that. Will it make a difference? Reactions were mixed.


It is doubtful whether the like button will replace the ballot box,


but if this event does not make an impact overnight, no-one is too


worried. There will be many more of them to come, plenty more fish in


the sea. He raises a good point. To think


that social media campaigns should be led by high-profile figures? Is


it a danger that they end up driving the agenda?


A look at this week's technology in use.


Google has shown off some of its new hardware. It has unveiled its


very own tablet, to rival Amazon's Kindle Fire. The Nexus 7 is linked


to a personal assistant feature to take on Apple's Siri. It is called


Google Now. We also got a closer look at Google's augmented reality


glasses. Developers get to play with them next year. Microsoft has


pledged more than $1 billion on the social networking site Yamal. It


has 5 million users and is a cross between Facebook and Twitter, but


with added security for the corporate world. It now joins


Microsoft's office division, which suggests it could be integrated


into future office products. Facebook has had a poke around its


members' profiles, replacing the original email addresses with the


one provided to users on its own systems. It is thought to be aimed


at increasing traffic on its page. It has angered many users.


As promised, more on the tie-up between Google. Richard Taylor is


one of the first people to get its hands on the new device. This is


the Nexus 7. Have do Google offered us a device of deliberative


proportions, or a slice of black magic? The hardware, it feels


pleasant to hold, slim and lighter. With a bright responsive and


toughened glass screen. On the outside and, it had a power was


which, a fall pin connector. -- power switch. But it is the insides


that mark this out from the crowd. It is the first device to sport a


jelly bean, and incremental update to its existing Android operating


system. The emphasis is on smooth and navigation, and with the quad-


core and video processing, it feels very much the case. Movie playback


is smooth and gaming should be a better experience. The 1.2 mega


pixel camera is a bit low resolution, but useful for video


conferencing. Under $200 for the eight gigabyte version, it may


attract a different market to the iPad. The most obvious comparison


that is being made is with this thing, the Kindle Fire. Amazon have


had this out for a while in America, odd though it has not shipped to


other places. I have to say that the Nexus 7 comes the fire in every


regard. Its resolution is better, it has got a fundraising camera, it


has got Bluetooth. -- front facing camera. It is a far bigger piece of


technology. -- better. It has got NFC. Apple finally has


some serious competition. It is in the form of Google's artificial


intelligence for his assistant. It can find you a local curry house,


to giving you the weather forecast. One of the main reasons Google is


pushing these tablets so hard is to be remote its integrated on lines


Goodall for media and apps. -- is to promote. It has not gained


traction with developers and contact providers their Google has


Now, every year, Hollywood becomes a haven for blockbusters as the


video games industry to sense on the LA Convention Centre for the


annual retreat video games expo. We had a look at the press releases


and the hype to seek out the best games at the E3 2012. The


Electronic Entertainment Expo it can't -- attracts 40,000 games


industry types to goggle, Jie rates and played the very latest video


games. While the multi-million dollar stands, covered in tiny


screens, pumping out East shattering audio as glitzy as ever.


It seems to have lost some of its lustre. It is not the fault of


their show, but the fault of Microsoft and Sony by making the


world wait for its home console -- home consoles, which would they


will announce next year. It has packed to the rafters with safe,


salads and explosive sequels and franchise this set for release.


Among those sequels, and should to be the number one selling console


game come Christmas is Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. The latest


instalment in the hugely popular first-person shooting juggernaut


rolls on which the action shifting to a near-future setting. The


staples are there, the globe- trotting storyline, sniper Rev --


sniper's, and jump jets which can be operated by the player. The


developers, try a Arc, say some of the action will seem less scripted,


less on rails, with some options taking on a sand -- sandbox


approach. -- Treyarch. Electronic Arts has long covered said the


crown of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. They would try to take it with


Medal of Honour Warfighter. They go about their dead the business in


the same way of first-person shooter games which had existed


since the launch of Doom. You were should Mangun sat on Linea


opponents. -- you will be sure it more dance took online opponents --


mould dance. Not wanting to miss out, motorsport is represented by


F1 20 told. The family of one game, by developers code Masters, is a


great experience with Railtrack cent real teams lining up on the


grid. With the addition of realistic wed that and handling,


the sea is not poll cattle races. There F1 aficionados, this is the


closest they will get two smiling burnt rubber on the paddock. Among


ICC cause and franchises, there are a couple of games which


Aboriginality. Games which do not feature any digitally and it --


engine needs gang Starr or soldier. -- digitally engineered gangster.


Her it is an open world game where players can hack any device around


them as they investigate a shadowy government IT conspiracy. This is


one to watch. It is cold Watch Dogs. Spells where giant Nike has gone


into bed with mock -- Microsoft to produce a fitness title girl


expands 360's Kinect. -- expects 360. We take information and data


and turn it into motivation. We create services. Nike is moving


from being a product only company to be a product and service company


where the service is a deeper connection with deeper meaning.


While most of the bars on the floor is concern games, one PC title deed


Qatari their -- attention. Clare car is a game which allows people


to going to a giant robot suit. The idea is not stunningly original bus


stop it would be free to play online. It will probably be massive.


-- it will be free. In his own pixelated playground.


Ever lost your contacts, here is how a lot of you misplace your


address book. These days, you can store your contacts on your


smartphone, there is a chance that your phone has backed those


contacts up online. There is also weight charts that it has not. Kate


Russell has an old friend to keep you in touch with wed scape.


Madden smart phones have a back-up option and you would be silly not


to use it. Sometimes third-party tools had added benefits. His XL


smartphone app allows you to exploit your contact list to your


Excel which can be enough to a computer or saved to a microSD card.


There is a reversion to try. If you want is a poor love your contacts,


you one need to upgrade to the Pro version. The thing about a back-up


is that you did on my seat until you really need it. By then, it is


often too late. Using all lock your contacts could be a major pain in


the handset. This is a quick and easy remedy to that. The


spreadsheet can be edited and your contacts imported to other offers


applications which are compatible with Excel. Not bad for a no-frills


way of keeping all your data together in a safe place. Karaoke


gets social next, if you have heard me singing, you would think it is


an oxymoron. Enjoykaraoke .com goes well with Facebook to bring your


doors it turns to the web. Pick a song and get singing. It will cost


you. You can and it is low when painful way or for a cat Pascoe


quick fix. There are a range of tunes to select. It would be nice


to search by name before buying. I like the social side of his


application, I'm not afraid of making a full of myself. You may


have noticed in previous musical reviews. If you are shy, they


remind this application go tell everyone what you are singing along


to. Stick clear of Britney Spears if your friends are musical snobs.


They were not get to hear it unless you choose to share it with them.


You can to it by recording a single Earl shooting a video. You will lab


into YouTube, that is where you'll warbling will be posted. You have


been warned. If you prefer your music a little


more polished, uwall.tv is a fresh looking site which allows you to


pick up a YouTube of BDO based on your feeling. -- video. Buys not


know how the algorithm works, to be honest I do not know much about


music. Hard to believe given my karaoke performances. This site is


consistently played to me, the perfect line-up on my mood. I have


discovered a couple of new art says that I really like, you cannot ask


formal. I am happy enough listening to these tracks as a work at my


desk, but you could also said the player to full-screen and leave it


as background visuals for a party. When people ask where you got those


brilliant tracks, just tell them the internet is the DJ. (MUSIC


PLAYS) that's it that this week. If you would like to read or watch


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