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Paperless Special

Click inspects prototype flexible display technology that could spell the end of glossy magazines. Plus, will we ever work in a paperless office?

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by a police officer who was close Time for Click.


OK, where is my arm? Where does This week, we owe on a mission to


use pixels instead of print outs. The next generation of flexible


displays that could send the end of glossy magazines. Why do we still


have any way? The answer might be in the national archives. How much


of a lives can we put in the digital domain?


Welcome to Click and welcome to Cambridge. This is Trinity College,


which houses almost 300,000 volumes in its library. Perhaps it is at a


lake at Cambridge could soon be at the forefront of the paperless


revolution. But why has this not happened yet? You would think 1,000


years of a would look bigger. This over to the Government to building


its up was London house the National Archives. Britain's


winding Cabinet. It is one of the largest archives in the world.


Inside, 180 kilometres of shop space and 11 million records. Most


original documents. Less than 8% of here hives being due to ties to --


digitised. We work out what it would cost not just to reduce the


amount of April we work and use it every day and it came to 215 �9


million. We have nowhere near that amount of money. Neither does the


private sector. There is enough of an appetite for


online consumption for private companies to put some of the bill.


In the basement, he was there she lists give fragile sheets they make


over to get ready for their close up. Millions of pages I scanned


into the system one at a time. It takes one Alex's gang in a whole


book. -- one Allah sees down in a whole book. Whit paper, what you


see is what you get. But a fire or a computer has a digital date


attached. We have got to create met to date. Him, what, where and when.


It is more than scamming. If you scan a document, that is just a


photograph. You cannot search for it. We have got to take at Sandown


and create a digital object. matter how rich that they did, up


until recently, Peter has been seen as more authentic and add it to


make records. The concert of evidence to what it was down to how


the libel court thinks it document its. If you have he document that


he's the kind verses a document that is signed and witnessed by


that party. The second document would have more evidential weight.


It someone sends him I'll -- and e- mail saying they accept, that would


have best evidential weight than a signed document. You may be


disclosing were inadvertently in an electronic document. There may be


previous copies. An electronic history to document. For those who


are prepared to vote be simple signature, electronic signature


companies popped up over recent years. This one holds 60% of the


market. Companies can do if I knew I hear you saying you are by


contacting you in person. You can choose your own reward for one on a


tablet device. A few years ago, people were not aware of it. On May


the will perspective, that is what has brought in big corporations in


it was closed. His signature is the last process that has not been


automated in most businesses. have still got to wait for


companies to what seemed to an e- signature surface. Current laws to


allow full sun and it to make interactions but they are asked to


run the under way is to pay for it. Here is this idea that the law


requires hard copies of a rigging. For example, caught at the end it


to the attention of documents... Disclosure documents. There are so


to exceptions such as could dealing with land or wills. Eagle is a


clear as to what you can do that bit when it week. Potentially you


can but there are no cases on that wood. It will be another there are


two years before paper stocks come into the system. They had made


arrangements accordingly. The oxygen level can be turned down,


there are better preservation issues. It should be permanent.


From its it, possibly, but there is no ideal way to keep digital


archives-. Until there is a truly reliable way to support a to


securely, at least for the next few decades, our precious paper passed


will be filling the shelves. Could this display the what wind


and sea paper off? Owners of any Windows operating


system will be able to upgrade to the best version of Windows 8 for


only $40 or the equivalent in local currency. This makes its


Microsoft's cheek as upgrade since Windows Millennium, which was best


forgotten. The cost is in line with Apple, who also have a receipt of


history of offering cheap upgrades. The buyer of its browser is to form


the basis of a new mobile operating system to compete with Apple and


Google. Ms sealer has teamed up with various partners and make it


operators to create know to be afraid handsets, the first of which


will be available in Brazil the next year. Apps will be based on


HTML 5. Reports that Apple is planning to build on the success of


its eye the release of the so- called iPad Mini later this year.


Produces arguing up to make Taperoo devices with an eight inch screen


market and the tame it screens it has reduced recently. Google has


introduced a seven inch tart it well under $200. Two years later


than planned, the youth you internet television service has


been officially launched. It combines free-to-air television, a


digital recorder and video-on- demand service. The set-top box?


Initial price tag of �299 plus the growing number of you to get her


that she sets that offer some of functionality may dampen its impact.


I mentioned at the beginning of the show at Cambridge could be where


Kate Ricketts upgrade it. Each of these these sheets contains half a


million transistors to recoup from today until every day plastic. In


this case, they are combined with a layer of e-ink to showing the Dio.


These will be ready by next year. Commercial manufacture is done in


the Dresden factory but to do it, I am in Cambridge. If you are


wondering, this is how it is named. Take a sheet of glass, applying


sticky plastic and metallised plastic substance on top. Now, at


Patten is scraped into the net. It is that he did a few times, and in


semiconductor but he was. Game it is the bays or elation. That


effectively rules holes into thing to put patterns. The finished


structure is what is there on the media. In this case, an electronic


hoping to stay low. This is one went to take advantage of its next.


Here, and handle it were be sending pictures PDF files that are Wi-Fi


to a free-standing display. Tully text becomes more readable on a


large screen. If manufacturers are willing to take on new products


like this, it will be one more step towards but Allah pay this future.


-- a low kick and this feature. This means that over the last few


years, we were been looking at how we can but plastic transistors


universally. The other aspect is to do with working with plastic and


then you meet in plastic. There are lots of challenge is a long way if


we have overcome them. Of May thinking about flexible displays at


all? This is we can carry eat three per around -- e-for a round that is


durable and light weight. This is an excellence it's a thin voice


smartphone. It is all very well having these as a display but


something has got to generate the video. At got to be a palace walls.


Where are you going to put VAT? We are working with related companies


as partners to work on a solution for that. We are looking at having


the edge of the display includes yet it for next week and activity.


This does not just apply to plastic, does it? You could use this on


anything? Anything could be electronic. There could be an


electronic display on a table, and cheer. You can her the deal and


It's incredible to think this 32gb MicroSD card can hold as much tax


as the entire library at Clare College here, that's about 30,000


books. Despite the success of this kind of technology there something


about paper we humans just loved. Is it a habit that we just can't


kick? Back to LJ Rich, who for the past month has been on a quest to


go completely paperless. By the looks of things she needs all the


help she can get. My life on paper. Around 25,000 sheets of school


reports, rejection letters and admin. Nifty technology can store


photos, music and video electronically, but paper seems to


have been forgotten in the digital revolution. Obviously some of this


is worth keeping for historical or sentimental reasons, but there are


a few. -- few documents that are best kept on paper. Like certain


records and contracts. In fact if you're not sure about getting rid


of any original's then check with the relevant organisations first,


for example the insurance company or tax office. If you work for


yourself chances are you're going to have to keep at least six years


of records, possibly more, of Records. But keeping those things


electronically is a viable alternative if you're willing to


put the time in to get it all up and running. Paul Holstein runs a


block about getting organised. -- blog. The sellers are in their 80s.


They didn't have a computer. There's no way they themselves try


to accept something that is why this or paperless, they needed that


paper to sign. We dealt with our side electronically and they dealt


with their side on paper and it worked out fine. Getting stuffed


into digital form is not too hard. The PDF format is preferred for


records retention. Your multi- function printer probably has a


scanning functions included and may be able to scan both sides, have a


look at the settings to check, but this method takes time if you have


a lot to get through. More expensive dedicated scammers to


both sides simultaneously, and take out blank pages. Most include


software like optical character recognition that converts a picture


of text into readable and searchable text. For road warriors


they are portable scanners that can scan internal memory from and St


card if you don't have a computer with you. But you don't know if it


has worked until you plug into a computer. You can even turn your


smartphone into a scanner with apps that take advantage of a camera


function. Or you can just simply take a photo. But now you have scan


everything there's a problem. Yeah, a load of files. There's no point


scanning it in if you can't find anything. The professionals say


choose a method or naming convention and settle on it, for


example, date, client's name, project name. There's no worldwide


standard on this. There's no-one single way of doing it. Whatever


you decide you must do it consistently. You keep at it. That


takes discipline. You can make your own fault a structure in a


reference file do so it works like a physical filing cabinet -- --


folder. Some programmes promise to organise for you, adding tax or


even guessing what to name your file. I have worked out I only need


to keep a fraction of my paper life, just one box. Next I will have to


make a full back-up and shred anything confidential. Next I have


got all this to do. Not exactly paperless, but less paper. After


that it is a question of keeping my devices charged up with portable


power. The next challenge is convincing everybody else. LJ Rich,


who by the way insisted we all go paperless this week, nobody escapes,


including me. Anyway, no matter how far you have got with perching your


space you will still need to get some online and mobile apps to help


keep it paper free. Kate Rosol has been leafing through her book marks


for a special paperless Webscape. Question, when was the last time


you backed up? If the answer to that is anything more than a couple


of days ago then you're probably not ready to go paperless, because


if you lose your computer, you lose everything. Luckily we are spoiled


for choice when it comes to back-up services, so to help you choose the


best one for you, here's a wrap up of the four for runners. Backblaze


Is a good solution. Data is heavily encrypted and you retrieve it as a


zip file, or by ordering a USB from the company. You can try the


unlimited service for 15 days, after which there is a monthly


subscription. Crash plan is an interesting service that let's you


back out free to and always on computer at home or with a family


of friend. Available on Mac, Windows, Linux and open Solaris,


there are also well priced open storage plans if you don't have any


spare people. If you want to back things up like documents and photos


drop box is an old favourite that gives you to gigabyte streak going


up to 16 gigabytes by referring friends. It is available for Mac


and PC with IRE West and smart phones covered. And for $10 a month


you can upgrade to 50 gigabytes of storage. Sugar sink is worth a


mention as well as it let's you back up any folder on your computer


in real time. It also includes apps for Windows seven, Scythian, and


the Kindle Fire. With five gigabytes free it is good


competition for drop box. And Google Drive might be the new kid


on the block but integration with the other' cloud offerings makes


this a could kick. You get five gigabytes free with competitive


pricing for upgrades. Once you're sorted for back-up, Checkout fresh


books to organise your cashflow. The browser interface is a pleasure


to use and one sure clients and contracts are in the system it


really speaks up dealing and invoicing. You get to drive the


full service for up to 25 clients free for 30 days, with $20 a month


thereafter. You can add expenses, assign them to a client, and even


make up estimates that can be turned into an invoice with a


single click. With EC exports, for tax and accounting, this is a


powerhouse of this tool that has got all the tedious stuff blinked.


Contract workers to build by the how will appreciate time tracking


and integration with coverage Sion and base camp makes this a great


way to keep on top of time sheets. There's an iPhone app but it comes


from a third party and the fourth and version is a bit pricey. The


lighter version works great for expenses but you can only access


three clients. Support from the developer is and always great. But


they are telling me they are fully behind and will offer support where


they can. And when you carry your office in your smartphone you had


better be fully aware of what the actual downloading will do with the


Commission's Hugh Grant. -- the permissions you Grant. Clue for


from security specialist split defender is a paid at that analyses


your downloads keeping you informed of what's being done with your data.


Apple does has high standards when it comes to reading out malicious


apps, but when you're giving permission to access your contacts,


e-mail, Callander, location and social networks, well it's good to


know there's an independent pair of eyes looking at your privacy. And


not to let down all you Android uses, there's one in development


for you as well. Kate Rosol. And as we said, LJ Rich challenged the


programme team to make this week's programme entirely paperless, that


was fun, let me tell you! To see how we did go to the website. Quite


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