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Guide to the latest gadgets and computer industry news. Click is at London's Silicon Roundabout, now dubbed TechCity, to check out some of the new ideas coming from the area.

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clubs voted to relegate them to the lowest here. Now, it is time for


Click. Now let's see, how about the toilet roll hat?


Or, the motors -- motorised ice- cream kind? Or, the telephone


dumbbell, gives you exercise in the office, genius. This week, Click


looks at some of the ideas that might actually make it as we visit


London's ever-expanding start-up cluster, Tech City. We retreat to


the English countryside enjoying the aristocracy in the hunt for the


next big thing. The latest techniques, and if your computer is


struggling under all of its software, we have a great way on


how to wipe the slate clean. Welcome to Click. This week, we are


wrinkly's home town, central London, the largest city in Europe and the


most cosmopolitan as well. Over 300 languages are spoken year and maybe


that is why every year, thousands flocked to London in search of


wealth and power. But quite a few of them end up over there, London's


quite famous painting Harb, the one that everyone really loves at the


moment. They now, a new type of business is starting to steal the


limelight and he is all happening here, less than a mile north of the


financial district and yet the centre of it all is this -


roundabouts. Yes, it is a roundabout and not a pretty one


either. This part of town, officially dubbed Tech City is


where Britain's young technology brains come to turn their ideas


into million-dollar businesses. In the shadows of the city's high-


flyers, this less glamourous part of town has become a hotbed for


tech talent. So much so that locals began to refer to the area as the


silicon roundabout. But as it began attracting real money, it also were


track did real attention. -- attracted. The Tech City is the


same, a great part of tech businesses and we can create


something really grates in east London. But, no matter where you


are based, being a successful take start-up can be a bit of a puzzle.


And you need to fit several pieces together to make it all work. A


good idea would be to start with a good idea. And the founders of


Tictrac think that they have had one. Their website is designed to


pull together the enormous amount of data that we create every day as


we him now, tweet, post and even Jock and presented back to us in an


easy to digest, like a personal Statistics report. This


proliferation of personal data, has enabled a world where we can pull


that information in a way that is important to us and start


understanding ourselves and our has other things about ourselves that


we never knew. Examples like crossing your runs with the weather


and seeing that you run better on days when it is 18 degrees. And


maybe you had that affected by your diet. Once you have had your you


read the moment, you will need to minor ties it. Potential investors


want to see that you have a business plan. Tictrac is trying to


sell a Norman at -- Anonymous, comprehensive statistical data at


two companies said they can they advertise their products. But until


it hits the big time, Tictrac is combine to the corner of a share of


the space. There is one location in London where fledgling


entrepreneurs can potentially put together two more pieces of the


puzzle, at Google Campus. The only condition for entry is a keen


interest in technology. Strange as it may sound, Google itself was the


start of just 14 years ago, working out of a garage in California. This


campus is apparently its way of giving something back to the


community that it once belonged to. This place is all about bringing


the right mix of people together under one roof, somewhere that the


next generation of the Incas and to increase can intervene to network,


innovate and more importantly, find a way to get noticed and funded.


Eze Vidra is the man in charge here and he is the only Google person on


the campus. The campus has been around for two-and-a-half months


and it is the first time that Google has done anything like this


anywhere in the world. It is a building filled with start-ups and


it is a non-profit activities. Their great benefits, 25% of the


London Office volunteer to help a Google Campus. We have developer


relations people supporting entrepreneurs and their arch using


Google technology is whether giving them the tools and support. It is


the right or reality that these start-ups will use Google's


technology to build their businesses rather than anyone


else's. I would not say that is an intention, it is a side effect. If


you like choosing to use Google, by Virgil are the fact that you will


be based in campers, you can speak with the people that are developing


crime and android. Growing the system will benefit Google and


other internet companies. We need to build successful internet


businesses and that will benefit Google in the long run. Some stars


are seen the campers opt for more than just free access to the cafe,


super-fast wi-fi and a host of them. Here is an idea, you are


driving somewhere and it is just you, see you have three spare seats


in the car, so why not rent them out? Found a Drummond Gilbert is


paying for one of the 90 per minute spaces available here which is


something that he finds invaluable. -- permanent. One of the things


that is really useful is that when you are working in isolation, you


can come up with ideas that you think are really good but the most


important thing is to have feedback from other people, are you taking


this in the right direction? There is a whole start up mentality,


changing ideas, learning from your mistakes, learning from the


feedback of customers. It is just trying to get into the start a


mentality, and to speak to other people in start-ups and to have


done it before, that is really valuable. Users log on to the site


using their Facebook ID, so fellow passengers can get to know each


other before a trip, which should ensure that you do not hitch a ride


with anybody with unsavoury habits. How low. Agreeing on a road trip


play list may be more tricky. not sure that I can pay you for


this. Oh, the 70s, remember them? What do you mean no, how old are


you? Another piece of the start a puzzle is technology itself. If


current technology is not yet up to the job, your right you will just


have to wait and that is something that the founders of MakieLab know


all too well. Users come to their side to create their own bespoke


dolls which then get produced by a 3 D Printer. Each body part is


printed separately and then put together later. Even the tiny


outfits are hand-made in one corner of the office but 3 D printing is


still very expensive and the message in what it can produce.


the moment, with nylon powder, it is porcelain white, so it literally


a AMY develops in white, so we need to work with the manufacturers. You


cannot just go and buy coloured plastic powder, which is weird. It


is in traditional A B S plastic, for instance, which is the plastic


used in led her -- Lego, you can have in colour you like. That needs


to change and the prices need to come down. MakieLab now has funding


but for many start-ups, the last piece of the puzzle may be the


hardest to find. Investors want big returns for their cash so your BYD


will need to be popular enough to attract lots of users or any show


enough to attract large fees from just a sea view. But once a


business grows up, London's Tech City faces yet another challenge.


Unlike Silicon Valley, this is a densely popular area of their --


widow room for expansion of any kind. The government has suggested


that everyone migrates to the Olympic Park, if, and it is a bee


is, it's the Tech City start-ups don't mind leaving central London,


and after all, wasn't that the point of being there in the first


place? Do you think that London really can compete with Silicon


Valley? Why not let us know. You can even send us a letter if you


really want to. Although quite frankly, I have absolutely no idea


where the post comes in. This week's tech news. Microsoft putts


boss Steve Ballmer says that Windows aid will be available to


consumers at the end of October. During its partner conference, he


said that Microsoft would fight Apple on all fronts they refused to


be drawn on where they his company would make its own smart phone.


Here is a fight that Apple has already last -- Samsung's Galaxy


Tab can be sold in Britain. A UK High Court judge rejected Apple's


claim that the Galaxy two closely resembled the iPad, and he said it


does not have the simple and understated design. Myer are


gaining is making the leap from small screen and sets to big-screen


TV is. A $99 huggable games console raise $2 million in investment in


just two days with the help of a crowd funding side which this week


announced that it is launching in the UK later this year. The set-top


box will sport a quad Cork graphics processor and run a version of the


Android smart phone operating systems. Clubs which help hearing-


impaired people communicate, have won Microsoft's Imagine Cup, they


talked Wace might find out which translates data into automated


speech. They are the invention of three Ukrainian students, which saw


of three off -- salt 350 competitors to take gold at the


annual event. Now, we have already seen a few rabbits looking to


establish a foothold on the ladder of entrepreneurial success. But


there are not know it -- many others that are a few rungs up.


They just need to get on the ladder. There are some unconventional


avenues to pursue. Forget cramped office space and a big city, they


are the real deals, this is the real deal, the so-called founders


Forum. The setting, a quintessentially English retreat


and on a quintessentially English summer's day, it is indoors that we


find the main event, a kind of networking Super summit. In the


inner sanctum, the first-class lounge, the established a lead of


the business and Digital Media World, start the day on digital


progress, where is bubbling and where to invest next? They want to


look down the corridor, for the first time on the -- in history,


the place where they share the stories and battle scars of start-


up life. They're Kia precisely because they have already shown


their mettle. Start-ups they may be, upstarts they are most definitely


She need an outgoing down there and someone who was doing something


interesting. And companies you're the right stage. Usually one to a


heading towards that similar problem of growth and how to cope


with it. Mid-morning, a chance for investors and invest used to mix.


It is a potent cocktail of skill and experience, raw ambition and


drive. This is that working on an exclusive scale. From tech royalty


through to bona fide loyalty. -- loyalty to. And many recognisable


names in between. I wanted the sort of event where I would personally


be intimidated. With the cover of People is fantastic. That was one


of the aspirations. -- where the car lot of people. This kind of


event Wells down to two things. Relationship building and big ideas.


A place for the entrepreneurial aristocracy to shed the public mask


and commune on a more personal setting. And with the young bucks


hope to get fast-track into the major league. One way of doing that


is by showcasing their inventions. On display, everything from


portable printers to tablet controlled balls. More useful


mobile services include something that brings was guided services.


For its creator, simply being here is toppled. It is a great way to


tell people what we do and for other businesses to learn about us.


Even here, there is the opportunity to be first among equals. This


person created a service for automated complaints. This is an


immense opportunity. I could not dream of coming here. Thanks to the


founders Forum, I got the opportunity. I'm very pleased.


about the founders? What is in it for them? Of this man created a


company you may have heard of. Surely, he would be advocating the


use of Wickham's? Apparently not. There are many people I am only


meet once a year. If there is a business deal and need to do with


that person, it is much easier to e-mail them will call them, but you


also make new contacts. You can make sure you establish a contact


with a person, perhaps an entrepreneur or away -- an investor.


But there is also serendipity to meet a random person at the lunch


table. It could lead to an investment. Some success stories


here were beneficiaries of people who invested in them. Like this man


who started a media sharing side. It is always good to sit back,


relax and reflect. Sometimes you spend too much time in the Optus


and you may not be necessarily heading in the right direction. But


coming to events like this, they can help you realign your thinking.


For the start-ups, that is good enough. Plenty of inspiration and a


goodie bag to bank the memories of a day will spend.


And -- well spent. We will be examining the start-up seen from


many different angles. If you are a tinkerer when it comes


to your computer, you may often be like flattening your hard drive and


starting again. Reformat in the hall -- whole thing and spending


ages reinstalling everything. If you're faced with that in the next


few weeks, spend a few minutes' listening to Kate Russell.


No-one looks forward to a clean and re-install. But there are ways you


can make it less painful. I'm not talking about a pillow on the desk.


When it comes to reinstalling all those bits of software no computer


can do without, this is a beast. Tickle the programmes you want and


the website will make an installer that will take care of it for


Europe. -- fled Europe. It checks for update each time you run it. It


is like having an insanely efficient IT guy living inside your


computer. It beats sitting there for Alice clicking dialogue boxes


yourself. -- will alleys. The list of software is quite comprehensive


for the Windows version and there is a slender collection for Linux


users. There is an enterprise upgrade if software management is


your business, and if you don't mind paying $10, you can get a


widget. With so much spare time on your


hands, you might want to go out one of them. -- more often. This is a


recommendation based in Jinnah filled with augmented reality


labels for all the best pubs, clubs and entertainment venues. Augmented


reality recommendation apps are everywhere right now. But this is a


contender for the favourite. It is very easy to use and these are


generated ratings are useful when it comes to sniffing out good


quality. It is free to download on all smartphones. By linking to your


friends, you can track them in real time, presumably to make it easier


to meet up at them. -- with them. That summer in full bloom, British


Gardens are looking stunning. Why not, and pitch a tent in one of


them? -- why not come. At this website, you'll find a community of


happy gardeners only happy -- too happy to oblige. You will find


places to stay all over the world, including New Zealand, Indonesia,


Mexico and Bolivia. There are photographs and information about


what is going on in the area and some very recession friendly


pricing. Search for a place based on location or an event you want to


go see and check out the services they offer, like toilets, hot water


and power points. Remember, these are people's Gardens, so do not


expect to get all the camping MoD The QWERTY keyboard was designed in


amazing amazing we're still using it today.


Especially Especially lty touch mobile devices, way you can easily


try out new layouts with a few screen taps. Enter this and treat


keypad replacement app which aims to transform the way you text and


tight, making it faster, more accurate and fully adaptable to


suit left and right handed thumb and finger Tigers. Downloaded free


to try it out yourself. If you prefer your Android in a


more traditional flavour, how about jelly bean? The latest operating


system is rolling out to the public this week. With 4.0 still only


usable on around 10% of devices, you might have to wait until you


upgrade or get your hands on a nexus seven tablet, which will be


the first device to the shift -- ship with the new operating system


installed. That's it for this week. Check out


Click is at London's Silicon Roundabout, now dubbed TechCity, to check out some of the new ideas that are coming from the area. Plus the biggest names in the tech industry in their quest to invest.

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