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This year's Olympics will see companies competing for coverage on social media sites. But is it worth all the effort? Plus technology news and website reviews.

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spectacular summer may soon be over. -- a change is in the air.


Now on BBC News it is time for Clique.


This week, we are racing to see what is happening online during the


most social Olympic Games of all time. Which companies are making


their presence known on social media? Is it worth the effort? And,


A Room With A View, but will this and is based in Berlin fostered the


next successful start-up? We will run rings around the Olympic sites


for you in Webscape. Welcome.


Unless you have been living in space, you will probably know there


is a little sporting event starting in London next week. As well as


hopefully a world record or two the 2012 Olympic Games are set to


feature quite a few firsts, 3D, super high vision, and since


Twitter hit critical mass around three years ago, hash tax. How will


our compulsive sharing shaped the game's? We explore what happens


when you mix big events with shows at -- with social media. Roll-up,


Cashin, the 2012 Olympics are in town. Fun for all to be had,


spectators, competitors and not least, the big brands. Who this


time around are intent on luring us into their money-spinning merry-go-


round. Of course, this year's Olympics and paramedics are set to


be one of the most talked about the events on the planet, and in less


than one week one-seventh of the world's population will tune in to


see who crosses the finish line first. Technically speaking it was


us three years ago. That is the finish line right there. Now, much


of the �2 billion London 2012 will cost will come from advertising in


the form of partnership and sponsorship. There is an array of


different partners. You have Beattie, providing the network.


Cisco are putting the network equipment in. Eight tossed to the


integration. And make you do the results and scoring systems.


Airwave provide a remote mobiles Easts service. Samsung the


televisions. The past athletes would wear sponsored close or


Branson who pay to have the Olympic logo on their products.


But with the rise of social media, advertisers are moving away from


traditional methods of broadcasting messages to a passive audience.


Nowadays we are expected to engage with the product in ever more


creative ways. Take Samsung, one of this year's top here sponsors. It


has released a free application headed by David Beckham. The idea


is for every mile you cycle, walk or run, Samsung will also donate �1


to charity up until the end of the Olympic Games. There are raised


over �150,000 so far. You have to let them have your location and


your -- and have you GPS on. And the capital's very own wheel is


harnessing the power of social media. EDF Energy's London I will


use 640 likes to translate positive and negative Twitter mentions into


art. Facebook has become over eight times bigger since the last


Olympics. They have lodged explore 2012, a Facebook wall of fame,


where fans can communicate with their favourite at 8, or engage


with a sport, not just during the Olympics, but after. It becomes


their communication platform. It is how they share their training


regimen. They share photos with their families and friends. What is


happening in their lives. Connecting during the Olympics is


really important because the legacy lives on after the Olympics.


hang on. Doesn't this at extra pressure to be sporting legend? We


don't expect them to talk. We expect them to win. Boris Becker,


one-time Olympian and full-time social media mogul, reckons it is


great to be one click away from your adoring public. What you hear


from personal friends is usually boring. It is never the truth. They


have to speak. I am the same. Everybody says the same thing. But


when you are in the middle of a conversation with your fans, you


have to be honest about it, otherwise they go away. It is an


athlete and honest and direct access to the world. -- it gives.


That is very sexy. Sexy it may be by some athletes might not quite


have the social graces of social media down yet. For example this


Australian swimmer posted a picture of insults and a team-mate with


guns on Facebook. The Australian Olympic Committee promptly told


them to remove it. But even if you're afraid to put that -- do


behave, can brands using social media really take gold with their


extravagant campaigns? Surely it is all a bit of a gamble. In terms of


demonstrating return on marketing investment in social media, Twitter


campaigns, Facebook pages, it is more difficult to establish that


return of Investment for companies at the moment. The companies that


have a reasonably obvious fit to the Olympics will tend to be the


ones that benefit the most. The ones that have a less obvious fit


in the minds of the public, those are the ones that will have to work


harder to get people talking about them with in social media. And with


hundreds of thousands of visitors expected in London for the Olympics


that is a lot of talking and a lot of trending. We have to understand


how people are communicate and the impact. When we have a story, when


something happens, the way the tone of the story, the pace of, the


direction of the story, gets said in social media. We have to


understand how that's all operating for us to be able to respond to the


rhythm of the story as it develops. And that is the real white-knuckle


ride for everyone's Games campaigns. Companies can no longer fully


control their brand's message, because we can't help joining in.


Now look at this week's technology news. Skype has been busy rolling


out a fix for a bug this week after users complained their instant


messages ended up being sent to the wrong recipients. Skype said the


problem only affected a small number of users, though with over


500 million registered that could amount to being quite a few. I


guess it is lucky people don't use instant message for anything


private, right? Skype is going to be integrated into outlook for the


latest version of Microsoft Office. The 23rd teen version of the


productivity suite has been redesigned and is more mobile and


touch-friendly. But it only works on Windows seven and Windows 8. A


cut down free version is also available designed to compete with


Google apps. Yahoo's search for a new executive is over. Marisa


Paredes here is that 37-year-old who worked her way before being


poached in the latest of the CEOs appointed to try to reverse the


company's ailing fortunes. And Google's latest maps excursion has


taken into the Antarctic. Images of the huts used by Sir Ernest


Shackleton and Robin falcons got have been posted online. The cabins


were built last century and used as bases for their attempts to reach


the south pole. Every city wants one, but few can


manage it. A thriving start up seen in a sparkling new technology hub.


But as we saw in London last week the conditions for a dynamic start


obscene are difficult and expensive to create. Unless, that is, you are


Berlin. We sent our correspondent to the Pervin capital to witness


the accidental birth of the start- up. Vacant, large industrial space


in Berlin. It is a cool CD. easiest way to put it, it is a


start up itself. Spacious interiors with views of the former Berlin


Wall. People I meet described Berlin as New York City in the


1980s. The potential for the Berlin is huge. Ideal to house the


burgeoning start-up sector. Somewhere more affordable, but more


in Bodmin, great atmosphere and great energy, and young talent.


People willing to do interesting things. In Europe, that is Berlin.


This is what happens when this much optimism and enthusiasm is turned


into square metres. The factory is planned to be Berlin's start-up


Central, housing the city's technology hub. We are hoping to


bring together companies in different stages. Even though


working remotely has become common and fashionable, I still think that


working together in one place and having attacked during lunch over


the latest development really helps developing products. So is the


optimism justified? Berlin already has a number of success stories,


including the audio sharing site sound cloud, which aims to move


into the factory itself. It has cheap real estate, thriving


alternative scene, great for people who want to start something new.


Berlin is the place to be. It connects and marries the arts with


technology. In terms of sound creation it has become so much


easier for people to do. Bans and people recording, doing pop cast,


technology has enabled them to remove the barriers are starting to


create something. The notional starting something and really


quickly getting ratification for what you do by sharing it,


receiving feedback, is very much a replica of what you find in Berlin


as a city. Sheringham getting feedback is why many technology


wannabes come here, to meet and work. What is nigh as about the


start-up seen here is that he's had taken root. -- what is nice. Others


are starting. They do house is a place where they come to share


ideas. The coffee is not too bad either. It started in early 2009,


providing her working office space. Now there he in Cologne, and soon


Sophie and Barcelona. We are focusing a lot on start-ups, trying


to connect them with the right developer and investor, the right


coach and mentor. It is not hard to get in touch with the big guys will


stop you meet them at the bar, and at least for me, it is very open.


Which is why everyone has their SPL at the ready. You never know when


you might get a chance to make a pitch. Like Justine, with a new


style of online recruitment. helps people and companies find


cultural fit. We are an early stage start-up trying to solve the


problem of finding work you enjoy. It is not just about a pay cheque.


It is about feeling like you can make a contribution and do


This looks like how people work. Listening to Justin, himself from


Australia, and his talk of cultural fits, it is obvious Berlin has


become a cultural fit for many. It is the most international of cities.


Just take a look at the team from another Berlin start-up, Readmill.


We are eight people in our team right now and we have five


different, this would have never been possible to create in


Stockholm, where I am from. Readmill is all about unravelling


what is between the covers of books. It means sharing highlights from


passages from books you are reading with friends. When you find a


passage that you really like, you highlight it very simply, you can


add a comment to that, and you click OK and you're done. Berlin


sounds like start-up heaven, but does its investment climate measure


up? UPcload has devised a system that they believe will increase


online clothes sales by accurately measuring body shapes. They got


their initial funding from the German state. We are having fun,


but everyone is looking for a return investment. Once the


economics has proven itself, the investment will start coming.


the moment it is budding, it is not quite where it should be, but in


another year people from the valley are curious, so my job in a PR


position is to attract these investors, get them curious and


bring them over and get them acquainted with the right start ups.


It has been said that Berlin is a city of frustrated possibilities.


But with its vibrant start up seen, perhaps now there's good reason for


optimism, perhaps maybe even 10,000 square metres worth.


David Reid surveying the vibrant start-up seen in Berlin. We asked


the question last week, is innovation in Europe any match for


Silicon Valley? Or Asia? It is also a question Richard Taylor put


recently to Europe's top policy- maker on all things technology,


Commissioner nearly Kroes. When I think of innovation I think of


Silicon Valley, Asia, Japan, Korea, China. I don't think of Europe.


Well then I have to blame you. There's a lot of research and


innovation here. There's excellent opportunities, but also examples in


which we can prove that we are doing quite well. We are too modest.


That's number one. We are not combining all those efforts. We


should talk about the digital single market without boundaries


and barriers, and there is quite a bit to do. Having said that, and I


am sometimes talking with those big guys from the West, but also from


Asia, from the People's Republic of China, and so on, and I'm asking


that question. Are we are less intelligent? Are we less research


orientated? Are we less in the mood for inventions? That's not true! It


is absolutely fascinating what is at stake. But number one, you


should make it more visible for everyone that is fascinating. Of


course when we are talking about Silicon Valley, we should say that


we should not want to copy Silicon Valley. We have our own identity,


and it is a fascinating identity with fascinating research efforts


and so on and so fourth. Then we should make a silicon Continent.


But with our own stamp on it. what is Europe's strength?


Nanoelectronics. Micro electronics. There are a lot of issues, very


impressive in the health, we can prove that we are the leader in


this. -- e-health. We should combine our efforts. It is not


talking about 27 efforts in the European digital market, it is a


combined effort. In my portfolio I have quite a bit of money for


research and innovation connected with ICT and with those fields. So


we should do far more than we are doing already. But at the end of


the day, and that is also very important, if we're talking about


the future economy, growth of the economy, creating jobs, it is not


the government or a commission that is creating jobs, or is pushing the


economy, it is the business world, it is the start-ups, it is SMEs,


they are very important, and we should take the initiative more


than we are doing at the moment to give them more they pushed.


-- a push. You can see more of that interview at a website.


Next week we are heading Stateside to look at how another way of


funding start-ups is making its way across the waters to Europe.


Earlier in the programme we looked at how big companies are taking


advantage of the Web during the Olympics, now it's time to see how


you can as well. Whether you're planning a trip to London or you


want to follow the events from your armchair, there's an app or a


website for that. Kate Rosol investigates in Webscape.


The Olympic Games are also upon us and whether you're planning a trip


to London or just want to follow the event from your armchair,


It's more than a sporting event, it's a huge piece of history. You


can brush up on your Olympic pop quiz knowledge at the National


Archives online Olympics collection where they have made available


hundreds of historic documents and images relating to the Games.


Some of the documents are free to download, the others you will have


to pay for if you want to keep. But if you want to sit at your desk and


rifle through Olympic history you are free to explore the archives


online. The timeline section has a nice walk through from the start of


the Olympics to present day, giving background information on each


event and highlighting key documents in the collection. With


links to other national archive collections that at context to the


global picture, I think this is a great sight for amateur historians


to get completely lost inside the With so many people visiting the


city, getting around could prove a challenge. Even if you live in


London! Get ahead of the games .com -- getaheadofthegames.com. This


offers news and advice. Including travel ticket advice and a


Spectator's travel planner so you don't miss a moment of the action.


1 billion people use the London Underground each year and that is


even without the Olympic Games adding to the madness. Google Maps


now give you real-time alerts using official data streams, but in the


end you might find the best idea is to just get on your bike.


Boris bikes as they are known after the colourful mayor who was in


office to launch the scheme, can be hired by the hour, picked up and


dropped off across the capital. If you decide to go green, while blue


actually, you can find these apps most helpful. For iPhone, London


Cycle, and Android, Cycle Hire Widget Lite. Both use official live


data to reveal the closest available cycle, and have maps and


cycle safety guides to help you along your way. Talking of getting


around, a good location app can save a lot of stress. Visit


Stratford is free on iPhone and Android and will tell you


everything you need to know when visiting the Olympic Village area.


It is constantly updated with images, news, restaurant reviews,


events, live travel information, maps, shopping, audio tour guides,


the list goes on and on. It is pretty much a must have if you're


heading into Stratford. Not everyone can make it to London for


the Games but don't worry, there are loads of other ways you can


keep up with the action. Smartphone apps will be there of every flavour


looking around, alive results, highlights, behind the scenes


footage and more. The BBC has its own free app for Android and iPhone


broadcasting video, in-depth data and social features. International


features needn't feel left out as BBC Worldwide has launched a free


and unpicks smartphone app. There's no streaming video but you get text


commentary, including top stories based on your location. Another


good example is the Eurosport at that runs on i O S and Android, but


you will need the latest operating systems that have the ability to


stream live video. It is free to download but you will need a


monthly subscription if you want to keep watching live and European


sports coverage from the Eurosport family of channels. If you are in


the mood to be a bit more social with your sporting heroes, check


out the official Olympic athletes Club for a quick and easy way to


connect with your favourite athletes' social accounts and gain


access to exclusive owners' material for your trouble.


Kate Rosol there. All of those sites and apps are at our website.


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