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Click examines a new kind of hybrid car engine, visits a virtual car showroom and looks at how small business owners make technology work for them.

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problems. -- she said. That's the summary. Now on BBC News, it's time


Sorry, we're closing now. This week, Click is haring down the


road towards greener transport. We will look at the new hybrid car


that is turning heads and not just because of its looks. We will also


the dough -- visit the kasha run that has virtually no Mac models or


vehicles. And running your own business can be tough so we look at


how technology can help the boss stay in charge. And whether you are


the boss or just a new employee, we have an app to make filing expenses


as simple as spending the cash in the first place in Webscape.


Welcome to Click. I'm Spencer Kelly. The car industry is not shy of


technology. Bodies are designed and aerodynamic tweaks using super


technology. Even this show ring is fully digital. Over the last few


years, more technology has been applied to the problem of the


missions and dependency on fossil fuels. This man lives and works in


LA which used to be Smog Central and he has found that even though


the streets are still full of gas- guzzlers, the city has spawned a


number of hybrid roadsters and even the odd new car company.


As a red-blooded American male, it is like constitutional right or


duty to drive the biggest, fastest and sexiest car on the road. But I


also live in southern California where being eco-friendly is a way


of life. How do I juggle the list two? Maybe with one of these? The


Fisker Karma -- Fisker Karma. It has a -- has a 52 gallon drunk and


a totally unique hybrid mechanism. To understand this to the car, it


helps to understand the man. And why BMW's former top designer


believes the world is ready for his company. There is a whole new


generation of people that truly feel like, I want a different type


of vehicle to project to I am and what I believe in. And that is what


we are trying to create. It's a whole lifestyle brand. You can


drive and environmentally friendly car but it can look cool and the


fast and fun. Most new cars are first created with a visual style


in mind. That style evolves and changes as the car becomes a model.


To accommodate the mechanics. But not so with this one where design


is key. Henrik Fisker grinned up the perfect automobile and told the


engineers to make it work. The result is an American car that is


as visually stunning as any European exotic. That is because


the car is designed by a top-notch car designer. Mr Fisker is an


expert. He is one of the best in the world and it shows up in the


car. Whether you like electric cars or don't, no matter what your


attitude and perspective is, when the Carmen mac goes down the street,


everybody's take turns. -- the karma. But beauty is skin-deep. We


petrol heads tend to find numbers. 405 horsepower. It goes to a top


speed of 125mph. And is the route to 60 in under six seconds. Not bad


for a hybrid. But forget numbers. How does he drive? In the name of


journalism, I had to verify this claims. Off I went in search of


wide open roads, promising that my insurance was up-to-date and that


that would take better care of the car or than the camera. Yes... When


you get in the karma, if you did not know that it was an electric


car, you probably would not know without driving, especially when


the engine is on. You get that motor noise you are used to. That


separates it from a lot of the environmentally friendly


competition, which asks drivers to sacrifice sporty feel for saving


the world, because going faster takes energy. Lots of it. That is


what all electric and hybrid cars are trying to conserve. But the


fiasco has been engineered differently from any other hybrid.


You get to choose which mode you driving. Electric, stealth mode or


sports mode, using gas. You can choose between the two using this


panel on the side of the steering wheel. Uniquely, the driver has


control over the road. It has a range Extender. In stealth mode,


the battery provides power to the wheels and is good for about 50


miles. When it is out of Jews or the driver switches to sports mode,


the four cylinder kicks in. But instead of driving the wheels


directly like every other car on the road, the petrol engine acts as


a generator, recharging the batteries and powering the rear


wheels. The benefits? Sports car- like performance. But the trade-off


is that the engine only gets 20 miles per gallon. Not exactly world


class for a hybrid. If you have an engine running a generator, that


electricity is eight change of form of the energy that has to go


somewhere else and then go to the road or battery. There are losses


in the entire process and that is why the car is getting 20 miles per


gallon, as a gas car. That is a disappointing number. If the car is


far as the more efficient in all- electric mode and the fiscal wants


to be seen as a truly progressive company, it begs the question, why


not ditch the motor altogether? Even today, with the lithium ion


batteries, there is a limit to how far you can go. They have to say,


how much will people really drive every day? The average commuter is


a lot less than 50 miles. If you can put a battery in that is about


40-50 range and that you can charge overnight but then you have a range


extend or so that when you really want to go far, you can still get


to work. Despite the sporty looks and performance, it is working hard


to sell that it go from the image. With leather free interiors, a


solar panel on the roof for a bit of extra power. Even a touch screen


to let you know how all of that energy is officially being used.


But that trade-off means you don't have the true leather-bound luxury


we are used to seeing in other cars sporting a $100,000 price tag. It


seems this green variety does not come cheap. And that could be what


-- one of the biggest obstacles. The market for a big-budget hybrid


is only so big at the moment. There is already stiff competition from


well-established hybrids like the Toyota clears and more recently


from Tesla, another 21st century start-up which, only a few years


ago, was itself redefining the market with its super cool of all


electric road stir and which just started delivering its new model,


the cheaper form a successor. But it is not just its competitors it


is fighting. It is also fires. This one in California have happened in


early August and another one in Texas back in May that


investigators say started inside the car and spread to its owner's


home, causing $100,000 in damage. They are still investigating the


cause of this devastation but released a public statement on the


latest blaze, saying that independent investigators concluded


the cause of the fire was not the battery or engine components but


instead a faulty fan provided by an outside supplier. As a result, the


company has announced a full recall of the Carmen mac in an effort to


keep them fire free. -- the calmer. Assuming they can allay fears over


the fires, the company is already looking ahead to its next model.


The Atlantic. It will benefit from lessons learned and come with a


cheaper price tag. But this car will not hit the road until at


least 2013. So, until then, it can use all of the Kama it can get.


Next, a look at this week's Tech News.


Next generation 40 mobile services are to be launched in the UK it


sooner than originally thought. -- 4G. Ofcom has allowed Everything


Everywhere, the company behind Corrigin and T-Mobile, to change


its existing bandwidth. It is not clear when the new service which


promises faster downloads will begin. But not everybody is happy.


Many existing devices will not be compatible and operators Vodafone


and oh to have expressed their disappointment, saying their


customers will be excluded from the first wave of digital services.


Ofcom is to auction 4G to other providers next year. Nikon has


produced the first compact camera to be powered by Google's android


operating system. The Coolpix S800c is being marketed as a social


imaging device. The new operating system lets people take high-


quality pictures and upload them to social networks using certain


Alfred apps. It is seen as a Nikon's attempt to regain some of


the ground lost in recent years due to the popularity of smartphones as


cameras. Electronics brand LG has released the world's biggest UD TV,


that's all true definition. It is the largest screen to support the


advanced 4K picture format. But be warned - the 84 inch screen,


offering four HD TV is put together, will cost a whopping �14,000 to


have in your room. South Korea is the first to see them go on sale.


The rest of the world will get their next month. And the auction


site eBay is to bang the trading of fortune-telling, witchcraft and


what it says his other intangible advice, including curses and


blessings. It said it was due to the high number of conflict between


buyers and sellers that became hard to resolve. It starts at the end of


August and has upset many users who started a petition. But while


thousands of people have signed up, others argue the move offers solid


consumer protection. We have looked at a new type of car


engine. Now it is time to have a quick look around a new type of car


showroom. This is Audi City - the digital show room in the heart of


London. It is completely digital and almost completely virtual, in


that there are hardly any real cars here. The idea is you can check out


the collection on these massive floor to ceiling screens.


And how do you navigate this virtual library? Not using sat nav,


you use your feet. A Xbox Kinect motion sensors catch your moves


that and tracked you as you step in and out of different venues. But if


you feel more comfortable behind a desk, you can drive the software


using these tables. Here, you customise your car and control what


is shown on the screens with a tap. The tables in the consultation


rooms downstairs also have built-in sensors which recognise any


materials you place on them and register them to your customised


car. Once you fully design your car, if you don't want to buy it there


and then, perhaps you need to go home and save more money, they will


give you your car on a US beef/drive Richard Todd into your


computer at home and when you are ready you can come back and it


brings up your design there and then. -- USP drive. But can you


really put up with being tantalised with this technology without riding


in the real thing? You may as well crews the selection from the couch.


But then you would need a 180 inch We are living through tough times.


A worldwide recession has forced millions from their comfortable


corporate cubicles. If you have lost your job, one solution is to


reinvent yourself as self employed. These days, there is a plethora of


gadgets and applications to help you do that. These energetic self-


starters use technology in the everyday cut and thrust of small


business. Running your own business can be a double edged sword. Yes,


you can sleep in late, but you also have to keep up with the


competition, staying on top of technology that is constantly


involving -- evolving. Jacob is a freelance fight choreographer for


shows on Broadway. These moves might make it into an upcoming


version of Cyrano de gauche Iraq. Every cut and thrust must be


approved by the director miles away in London, long before the cast


comes together. That used to mean filming on a video camera, editing


on a PC and then sending a DVD discs. Now, it is being recorded on


mobile phone, giving everyone else a much easier time. Before we even


leave the rehearsal studio, I came Edit pieces together, put


commentary on it. If we are watching it, I can suggest things


that did not happen in the rehearsal. I can of load it to file


sharing websites light YouTube and get feedback immediately.


Technology has already changed many aspects of running a small business.


Managing Client bookings by e-mail and text message is old hat. There


are specially created platforms for running be employed -- appointment


only businesses. Heidi uses this Apple for mobile devices, which


makes it easy for customers to book appointment, especially last minute


ones. The air is less time spent on both ends and they can change it at


any time. They also get a reminder of the night before. If they have


made an appointment and they forget, they get a reminder automatically.


It is not something I have to think of. We show the new the Doxie Go


scanner a few weeks ago. In the context of a mobile workforce, this


device is causing in the revolution. It is self-contained. We do not


need a computer to use it. You can also get a Wi-Fi enabled s the card.


All documents and receipts can be up loaded to the cloud instantly.


Connectivity, productivity and speed. A self-employed person's


dream. Invoicing can be made much easier. Now, there are many


companies offering online invoicing with the ability to capture every


service, product and expense in real time on a smartphone. Many


also offer the ability to send out reminder notices to forget for


clients at frequent interviews -- intervals. Freelances are also able


to collect money electronically, a change that can make all the


difference. Out of the people surveyed, we found that people who


excepted electronic payment for their invoices were paid twice as


fast as the normal invoices going through other processes. This is


the early days of what we are dealing with electronic invoicing.


There is a lot of opportunity for interconnectedness and removing


friction. Collecting payments on the spot


with mobile devices is one of the most requested services from three


lasses. In America, it is still early days, but Jack Dorsey, one of


the founders of Twitter, has already turned his start up into a


billion-dollar business because each transaction costs much less


than many other methods. A small device floods into a phone and can


be used everywhere there is a signal.


Except in mobile payments would not even have been possible a few years


ago. There are times when cash, especially large notes, can be a


problem. We realised that we needed to take credit cards. We did lots


of research of different point of sale systems. Every proposal we


received was complicated. Monthly fees and charges for equipment.


This is the beginning of a revolution in payments. Square is


pushing automatic transactions for businesses. A customer's face


appears at the checkout when he walks in with a phone. The shop


owner or business man confirms his identity visually. One, the company


has already agreed to start using it this year. -- one coffee-making


company. What do you do when you're small


business becomes a huge success? Personally, I always fancy buying


myself a plot of land somewhere warm, sunny and privacy.


Coincidentally, that is what Kate Russell has been doing in Webscape.


I have never taken a trip down under before, so when I heard there


were plot of land being snapped up free of charge to build what ever


you like on, how could I resist? Luckily, I did not have to fly 24


hours to get there, as this Australia is on the internet. And


all the buildings are made with Lego bricks. At the moment, and you


can only get yourself a plot of land in Australia and New Zealand,


as this project has been launched to celebrate the 50th anniversary


of the Lego brick in Australia. I felt like Captain James Cook


exploring the deserted hills and beaches. Also, I am pretty sure he


did not have a sackful of Lego bricks. It would have been nice to


see some of the special pieces like people and wheels. I hope they


expand the project to involve more elements and countries in the


future. You won't incur any travel expenses


visiting your Lego brick holiday home, but if you travel for real


and have a smartphone, Checkout this website to keep your receipts


in order. Scammed to record and enter the details. Why is it that


so many people hate filling their expenses? Turning in your travel


receipts means getting reimbursed for money you have spent. And yet,


I know so many people, including myself, who put it off for weeks


and weeks until they come to it and find they have lost all of their


receipts. That is not a problem with his application. SmartScan


works relatively well, although it has trouble identifying different


currencies. You can get 10 free SmartScan uses a mile if, after


which point in time, you have to pay. Once all of your receipts are


stored, head over to the dashboard for sorting and reporting options.


It is a truth universally acknowledged that a Facebook user


in possession of a good game will have a jolly good time playing it.


Not quite up to Jane Austen's standards, but I do believe she


would have enjoyed this latest adventure. Players must find a


Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy, who have let out of the pages of the


book and run off somewhere to hide. Facebook games are generally not


that sophisticated. Some might call them boring. But they have been


designed to entertain you for a few minutes during your lunch break,


rather than drag you into an extended narrative for days at a


time. This is a good example of the genre and it has some nice touches


in the art work. With various hidden objects and games in the


seas of Jane Austen's novels, this is a charmingly literary journey


that does not tax the old grey cells too much. With a record to


get sales, the 20 top Paralympic Games start on Wednesday. But if


you do not need a ticket to keep up with all the action, life. The


official website will be streaming 780 hours a across five channels,


using a brand new technology that synchronise information like real-


time results and biographies in cite the player window. There will


be daily weather log entries and, throughout the opening and closing


ceremonies, reporters will be commentating on the events as the


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